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									LOBOSLLC Teams with Kynetx to Develop
Applications for the Live Web
March 23, 2011 11:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

SALT LAKE CITY--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--LOBOSLLC today announced a professional services
partnership with Kynetx,™ a cloud-based application development provider. The relationship will enable
LOBOSLLC, the developer of popular browser apps such as HoverMe and Personal Block, to provide custom-
built applications on the Kynetx platform. As a result, both companies will help their users leverage the value of the
Live Web, a new way of experiencing the Internet that dynamically correlates event, data streams and context—and
subsequently, the information for the user.

Kynetx on Tuesday announced a new version of its AppBuilder, with Kynetx browser extensions that enable
developers like LOBOSLLC to create and distribute “browser apps,” a new type of application that enhances
existing Web experiences. Kynetx browser apps are cloud-based, event-driven applications that seamlessly run in
Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

“Kynetx is unlike any other application development platform as it enables developers like me to readily provide
real-time information from the Web to the customer, tailored to the customer needs,” said Ed Orcutt, CTO,
LOBOSLLC. “These new enhancements help develop professional, event-driven applications and services that
shape the new Live Web and make end user experiences more contextual and relevant.” 

LOBOS has already had success using Kynetx to create HoverMe, a browser app that enables users to show all the
current social media networks a person belongs to by simply hovering over their picture or name on Facebook or
Twitter. Their latest app, Personal Block, surpassed Google’s Personal Blocklist by letting users “block” domains of
search results they don’t want on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and the top three search engines, not just
Google and Chrome.

“Ed and the LOBOSLLC team have invested countless hours learning the nuances of the Kynetx platform and how
it can be used to create and deliver the new Live Web,” said Phil Windley, co-founder and CTO, Kynetx. “His
HoverMe and Personal Search Blocker browser apps, to name a few, are truly reshaping the users’ web
experiences to give them the information and context they need and want at any given time.” 


Founded in 2009, LOBOSLLC provides software development, currently specific to the Kynetx environment. The
company provides an integrated approach to Kynetx application development that will allow clients shape the Live
Web to their needs by developing applications that take user context across to any web-enabled device. For more
information, please visit lobosllc.com.

About Kynetx

Founded in 2007, Kynetx provides the premier development platform for the Live Web. The Kynetx platform
provides easy-to-use development tools to create browser apps that are context-aware, event-driven and cross-
platform. Kynetx apps re-shape the Internet experience for users by connecting their context, data, and interests in
the right place at the right time. For more information, please visit http://www.kynetx.com

Laura Orcutt
Wanlass PR for Kynetx
Kelly Wanlass

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