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					St Mary the Virgin
                 The Church of
                St Mary Merton
November 2009      Church Path
                   SW19 3HJ
                                    MILITARY WHIST
                                   MONDAY 9 NOVEMBER

                                           7:30 PM

     FOR HOUSE                   LEAR THE PIA O OR
    CLEARANCES                       ORGA ??
                                Karl Dorman is looking to
                                expand his private pupilage..
                                If you would like lessons in
                                Piano, Organ Theory or Gen-
                                eral Musicianship, beginners
  ALSO SMALL ITEMS              to advanced level call him on:
 FOR DONATION COL-              07870 938167
       LECTED                   (Karl is willing to travel)

Contact: Chris Spencer of
              St Mary’s                                      contents
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                                                           Prayer Calendar 11

Magazine published monthly by                              Spirituality          13
St Mary the Virgin
Church Path, SW19 3HJ                                      November              16
Parish Office 020 8542 1760                                Crossword             23
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 8:00 to 12:00                                   Children's Page 25
Outside these hours by appt
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Communications Coordinator                                 Directory
Carline Vago-Hughes

Editor                Alan Morris            020 8542 5086
Spirituality Editor   Hubert Bradbury        020 8540 3464

Prayer Calendar       Brenda Richards        020 8540 4769
Compositor            Sue Warner             020 8540 0305
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Advertising Manager   Doris Dean             020 8542 3972

                         Vicar’s letter

T    hank you if you were among
     those who made a response
to the question of a curate, which
                                         giving generously. All contribu-
                                         tions are welcome and appreci-
                                         ated - thank you. If you can help
was a great help to the PCC in           in some practical way, possibly
coming to its decision on 24th           assisting those organising events,
September to fund and welcome            please consult the tower notice-
a curate here in training next           board in due course where re-
year. It was encouraging to re-          quests for help will be posted. I
ceive 70 replies, all supportive,        would like to hear from anyone
of which 38 indicated a willing-         who has further ideas or worked
ness to 'give or organise some           out plans, so we can begin to pro-
fund raising to help'.                   duce a diary of events and try to
                                         ensure they are evenly spread
Clearly we do not want to lose           throughout the year.
the momentum of this. Some en-
ergetic ideas have already               The prospect of helping to train a
emerged which will generate in-          priest for the future is not only an
terest, activity and necessary           opportunity for the parish to
funds. To date these include:            share its wealth of experience but
                                         can also introduce a more youth-
   ● a dinner for 40 -50 people          ful dynamic and a fresh approach
   ● curry evening with enter-           to parish life. I hope we gladly
     tainment on Saturday 6th            welcome both these aspects of
     February                            training a curate as we restore St
   ● spring sponsored walk               Mary's once again to being a par-
   ● musical recital on Thursday         ish recognised, not only for the
       22nd April                        origins of John Innes compost,
   ● parish BBQ in the glebe             but as a good training ground for
     during July                         a succession of priests for the
                                         future. The Bishop of Southwark
while others are making dona-            thinks we are well placed to offer
tions or increasing their planned        a training post, having many of

the ingredients needed to provide
a broad grounding within a tradi-
tion which has had a valued place
in the C of E in the past and
should continue to do so into the                 MOTHERS’ UNION
future, helping to maintain a
theologically diverse and bal-
anced Church.                                    Tuesday 3rdNovember
                                                    1.45pm for 2pm
Answers to points raised                          Mr Michael Mortley
                                                     Title “JAZZ”
In recognition that the benefits of
a curate are not just to the host                     All welcome
parish but also to the wider C of
E, this parish is not bearing all
the costs. The stipend (salary of
the curate) and council tax costs
are being met by the diocese in           no extra cost to you. The gift aid
addition to its contribution of           envelopes in the pews enable you
£4400 towards the accommoda-              easily to make tax efficient con-
tion costs. The cost to our parish        tributions both for this purpose
is £13,000 per annum and the              and for general giving to the
PCC is anticipating a substantial         Church.
part of this sum being raised by
additional fund raising events             As the Lord God has put into
and donations by June 2010, be-               our minds good desires,
fore supplementing it, as neces-          so by God's continual help, may
sary, from allocated reserves.             we bring the same to good ef-
Thank you to those who have                             fect,
given already.                            through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Cheques should be made payable                         Amen
please to 'St Marys Merton
PCC' with a note 'for the Curate
Fund', not forgetting that dona-
tions given by or raised from tax-        From John
payers can be gift aided, thereby
increasing its value by 25%, at
        Profile of guest preachers at 9.30am on
                 Sunday 15th ovember

We look forward to hearing about the work of CMS, one of the
charities we support.

John and Gillian Robinson are CMS mission partners in training, pre-
paring to go out to Bangkok in Thailand in early 2010 with their chil-
dren Leah, Natalie and Joel.

John’s first book, Nobody’s Child, was translated into Thai several
years ago, and last year he was invited to travel to Thailand to speak in
the prisons as the book had been so well received by the prisoners.

One prisoner came up to John in tears and told him that since reading
Nobody’s Child he had prayed every day that somehow he could meet
him, and he was so overwhelmed that God had answered his prayer.
When John shared his story of hope in Jesus Christ, over 100 inmates
committed their lives to Christ. The prison ministry asked John to con-
sider coming to Thailand with his family to do long-term mission work
with these searching prisoners, as well as out on the streets of Bangkok.

After much prayer, the family are answering God’s call to go out to this
country where help and hope for those on the edge of society is so lim-
ited, sharing the love of Christ and the hope of the gospel.

John has previously been working in the prisons and young offenders’
institutions doing chaplaincy work, and on the streets of Manchester
sharing the gospel. He is also a trained Youth and Community worker.
His second book, Somebody’s Child, tells some of the stories of the
teenagers who committed their lives to Jesus on the streets, and he is
currently writing his third book, Street Smart. He has spoken widely on
youth issues as well as sharing his testimony across the world.

Gillian is an ordained Church of England minister and has been a vicar
and a leader of churches for over 16 years, where she has seen the
power of the gospel bring new life to people from all walks of life. She
has particular experience in children’s ministry, as well as ministry to
the most vulnerable in society.

For more information contact:

Links Adviser, Church Mission Society, Watlington Road,Oxford OX4 6BZ

Tel: 01865 787400Email:

Registered Charity No. 220297

        Bishop rescues boy from threat of blinding

 'Following our Dedication Festival celebrated with a joyous Te Deum
on 18th October, you might like to read the story about the day the
Bishop came to dedicate St Mary's Church nearly 900 years ago:

I  n 1114 Gilbert, Sheriff of Sur-
   rey, built (or rather re-built)
Saint Mary’s for the purpose of
                                          Winchester, William Giffard
                                          came to Merton for a service of
                                          dedication. On the way he came
establishing an Augustinian mon-          across a boy who as a punishment
astery and for about 2 years Mer-         for stealing was going to be de-
ton Priory was situated at Saint          prived of his sight. The Bishop
Mary’s Merton.                            stopped this threat with his crozier
                                          and the boy was released.
However the Prior wanted to
move to a better site by a river          This action was seen as an omen,
(in fact the Wandle), and Gilbert         ‘’that in the place which he came
generously financed the new               to consecrate, many should be
buildings and development on              rescued from darkness, and be
the new site which became the             brought to the light of justice’’.
famous Merton Priory completed
in 1117.                                  This story is illustrated in one of
                                          the windows at the east end of the
During this period the Bishop of          church.


Cakes                     Brenda Richards            020 8540 4769
Christmas Florals         Sheila Martin              020 8542 8979
Jams and Chutney          Elaine Fender              020 8542 8740
                          Hilary Yates               020 8542 5082
Gifts                     Barbara Clayton            020 8542 5050
Plants                    Gloria Ball                020 8540 5362
Books                     Chris Abbott               020 8286 8099
Toys                      Kate Charles               020 8543 9186
Good as New               Marjorie Hickerton         020 8544 1875
Jewellery                 Barbara Moreland           020 8542 3427

Bric a Brac               tba    Raffle             tba
Children’s books          tba    St Mary’s Goods    tba

                  For Service
                     Contact: -
    9 Quintin Avenue
Wimbledon SW20 8LD
  Tel: 020 8543 1758
    Malcolm Davids
Established in the industry since 1967

Registered with the Institute of Plumbing

               ST MARY’S ADVE T FAIR
W      ith little more than a month to go, the preparations for St Mary’s
       annual Advent Fair are well underway. It will take place in the
church hall on Saturday 05 December from 11.00 am ‘til 2.00 pm, and
we urge all to note the date now.
The church hall will be splendidly decorated for the occasion, courtesy
of Penny Leslie and her team, following a theme of ‘winter.’ With this
in mind, Alison Cowie is arranging a magnificent display of Christmas
and winter photographs. Musical entertainment will be provided, and
there will be an abundance of activities for children, including face
painting, competitions and games.
Once again, a highlight of the event will be Bruce Robertson’s working
model railway, a 16mm to the inch scale model of the Lynton and
Barnstaple railway, powered by real, gas fired steam engines. This has
proved a highlight of previous fairs: a real treat for kids of all ages.
Stalls will include the customary fare of bric a brac, good as new,
cakes, books, plants and toys. There will be Christmas gifts and jewel-
lery stalls and Sheila Martin will be bringing to bear her outstanding
skills with flowers, which we enjoy in church every Sunday, by offer-
ing Christmas flower arrangements. Following the Christmas theme,
there will be a special stall dedicated to jams, chutneys and preserves.
Our dedicated kitchen team, ably led by Cherry Bushell, will keep fair
goers well fed, and Marcus Amery, once again, will be serving mulled
wine and mince pies. Bring your friends for an excellent lunch!
St Mary’s fairs have become a highlight of the church’s social calendar
and help us reach out to a much wider community who come along and
enjoy these events. Please come and enjoy the fair if you can.
                                                               Alan Hay

Answers to last month’s crossword: Across: 1.Autumn 4.Copes
8.Demon 9.Confirm 10.Celeste 11.Stye 12.Elf 14.Asti 15.Orbs 18.Cob
21.Idol 23.Introit 25.Timbrel 26.Tacho 27.Rehab 28.Spring
Down:1.Abduct 2.Temples 3.Monastic 4.Cant 5.Paint 6.Summer
7.Scree 13.fooTstep 16.Bronchi 17.Winter 19.Bible 20.Strong
22.Oomph 24.Arab
                 ovember Prayer Calendar
Please pray:
1. ALL SAINTS’ DAY For the saints of our own generation
2. ALL SOULS’ DAY Giving thanks for the lives of those we have loved
    who have died
3. For the work of the RSPCA
4. For our national orchestras, giving thanks for the gift of music
5. For the Salvation Army giving thanks for its work worldwide
6. For all who work in the media
7. For all who are enduring the effects of being made redundant
8. REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY Giving thanks for the peace and freedom
   we enjoy & remembering those who fought and died to make this possible
9. For ancillary staff in our hospitals
10. For all who work so hard to protect and enhance our Glebe
11. For all work in the mental health field
12. For our nationwide library service
13. For the Royal Horticultural Society and all horticulturalists
14. For the Wolfson Rehabilitation Centre in West Wimbledon
15. THE SECOND SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENT For mercy on the victims
    of famine and natural disasters
16. For the wise counsel of the PCC, meeting tonight
17. For those who suffer epilepsy and their families
18. For those in the immigration department
19. For all who work in the control towers at our airports
20. For all sports therapists
21. For fun and fellowship at our Barn Dance tonight
22. CHRIST THE KING That we dedicate our lives to His service
23. For all who work under the umbrella of the Merton Volunteer Bureau
24. For all who work at the Moorfields Eye Hospital
25. For deep sea fishermen
26. For all in the probation service
27. For St Raphael’s Hospice and all who work in the hospice movement
28. For all the preparations for our Advent Fair next week
29. THE FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT Teach us to look for the sign of
    your will and to be always ready for your calling
30. ANDREW THE APOSTLE That we may share the good news of our
     salvation with those whose lives cross our paths

                  Parish Players


          The Wizard of OZ
                         The Panto 2010
Join us for an incredible evening…the classic tale of
Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion in their journey along
the Yellow Brick Road in a pantomime by John
Morley, given the PP twist.

Wed 6th – Sat 9th January 2010
Tickets £4 for students on Wed 6th and Children at Matinee on Sat 9th,
all other tickets £8
Booking opens 24th November 09
Box Office Number 07546 065 267

There’s a storm brewin…

The Secret of Holiness.
‘How do we live if we want to be holy?
It is by not thinking about it, by not even asking the question, because holi-
ness is part of self-consciousness, it is being so involved in the reality of
God that you’re not wasting your time thinking, “Am I being holy?” and
the awful thing of course is you can’t do that by trying. You can’t say,
“Right, today I’m not going to think about being holy I’m going to think
about God because that’s the way I’m going to be holy…” We’ve just got
to let ourselves somehow be overtaken by God’s surprising-ness and God’s
glory, and that’s how holiness happens. It happens when you’re not look-
ing. One great early Christian teacher said “You’re really praying when
you don’t realise your praying”. And that’s worth thinking about and then
holiness becomes just like that; being unselfconsciously at home with God
in such a way that something of God comes through, and that’s why holi-
ness is different from just ‘goodness’…
Holy people make you feel better than you are because they convey some-
thing of God, something of love, acceptance and promise – that’s the dif-
ference. But the awful truth is, it doesn’t come by trying to be holy. It just
comes by God being real, and there are things you can do about that, like
being quiet with Him and making sure you go on absorbing the Gospels
day by day, and doing those ordinary duties towards one another which our
vision of humanity compels you to do.’
The Archbishop of Canterbury‘s answer to a question put to him by a pupil
at Westminster School.

‘Silence is letting what there is be what it is, and in that sense it is pro-
foundly to do with God. When we experience moments when there is noth-
ing we can say or do that would not intrude on the integrity and beauty of
what is before us, that is a silence that takes us in to God.’
Extract from Rowan William’s book ‘Silence and Honey Cakes’.

His disciples said to Him: When will the Kingdom come? : Jesus said it
will not come by expectation; they will not say: “See here”, or: “see there”.
But the Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth and men do not see
it.                                                      Hubert Bradbury

          I B WETHERELL

   Telephone & Fax: 020 8393 6119
        Mobile: 07860 613873

           NOVEMBER DIARY 2009

      8:00am   Holy Eucharist Rev 21:1-6a           John 11: 32-44
     10:00am Parish Eucharist with baptisms         Matt 5: 1-12
              Occasional Singers required for this service
      6:30pm All Souls            Ps 96
              I Peter 1: 3-9      John 5: 19-25
3    9:00am    Holy Eucharist, Richard Hooker, Priest
5    10:30am Holy Eucharist
      8:00am   NO SERVICE
      9:00am   Nelson Hospital Service
     10:00am Parish Eucharist + Act of Remembrance
              Hebrews 9: 24-end Mark 1: 14-20
     12:00pm Remembrance Lunch, Parish Hall, see pew sheet for details
     6:30pm   Evensong Ps 46
              Isa: 10.33-11:9     John 14: 23-29
10   9:00am    Holy Eucharist, Leo the Great, Bishop of Rome
     10-12pm Bell ringing, training event
11    8:00pm   New Initiatives, 21 Church Lane
12   10:30am Holy Eucharist, Martin, Bishop of Tours
     8:00am    Parish Eucharist
     9:30am    Parish Eucharist Hebrew 10:1-14 Mark 13: 1-8
     6:30pm    Evensong Ps 95
              Dan 3: 13-end       Matt 13: 24-30, 36-43
16    8:00pm PCC meeting, The Small Hall
17   9:00am    Holy Eucharist, Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln
19   10:30am Holy Eucharist, Hilda, Abbess of Whitby
21    7:00pm   Barn Dance, Parish Hall
     8:00am    Parish Eucharist
     9:30am    Parish Eucharist Rev 1: 4b-8          John 18: 33-37
     6:30pm    Evensong            Ps 72: 1-7
              Dan ch 5            John 6: 1-15

              NOVEMBER DIARY 2009

24 9:00am   Holy Eucharist
26 10:30am Holy Eucharist
    8:00am Parish Eucharist
    9:30am Parish Eucharist       Jer 33: 14-16      Luke 21: 25-36
    6:30pm Evensong               Ps 9: 1-8
           Joel 3: 9-end           Rev 14: 13-15:4

1      9:00am Holy Eucharist, Charles de Foucauld, Hermit
3     10:30am Holy Eucharist
4      1:30pm Wedding: Charlotte Morton & Adam Mommsen

       8:00am Parish Eucharist Baruch ch 5      Luke 3: 1-6
       10:00am Parish Eucharist with Baptisms   Matt 11: 2-11a
       6:30pm Evensong             Ps 75
               Isa 40:1-11         Luke 1: 1-25

     For further information please contact either the wardens or the
parish office.

                   F r o m the R e g i s t e r s
    BAPTISMS           DEATHS                    WEDDINGS
    Joshua Dibden      Frederick Corner Halligan
    Jack Jarvis
    Sophia de Azevedo Jefferies
    Njemile Salandy

                     Travels with my Trolley
A transcript of Patricia Burrow’s talk to the Mother’s Union on 1st October

I  t was one beautiful sunny morn-
   ing, when I gazed out of my win-
dow and saw a clear blue sky and
                                             Lord Tenn yson lived at
                                             ‘Farringford’ a large Edwardian-
                                             styled house, set in palatial
yearned to smell salt-air, watch             grounds, and a favourite place to
wonderful white waves and to see             visit to see an exhibition staged this
gulls floating on the streams of             year as it is the bi-centenary of his
warm air in the sky. So I sallied            birth. Further down towards Fresh-
forth and got my four-wheeled trol-          water Bay stands ‘Dimbola Lodge’,
ley out and, having managed to               the one time home of the pioneer-
book a small rented cottage, I began         ing photographer, Julia Margaret
to pack in haste. I do not have a car        Cameron, who photographed both
and certainly cannot drive!, so my           Tennyson and also Queen Victoria,
trolley serves as an excellent means         who had a home at East Cowes,
of travel for not only my belongings         namely Osbourne House.
but also my Cavalier King Charles            The island was at one time occu-
spaniel, ‘Gemma’                             pied by the Romans, hence the lo-
At the base of my trolley I placed           cal buses are named ‘Vectis’ and
two changes of clothes, one set on           the coastal road is named the
and one set on the line, which I             ‘Military Road’, which winds for a
know awaited me at the cottage,              long distance to all places on the
which was equipped with all mod-             Island.
cons including washing machine.              Carisbrooke Castle at one time was
‘Gemma’s’ feeding bowls and of               the prison of Charles I, as he
course her favourite chicken por-            awaited being transported to Lon-
tions and biscuits.. On top of all           don for his execution. This castle
this ‘stuff’ was placed a soft cush-         lays on the outskirts of Newport,
ion for ‘Madame Gemma’! to sit on            which is the capital of the Island
in the course of travel.                     and nearby sits Brading, which
I have known the west side of the            houses a wonderful example of a
Isle of Wight over a good many               Roman Villa, with mosaic flooring
years, when holidays were spent              still intact, a truly exciting find.
with Mother and Father and a vari-           The Churches on the Island are of
ety of dogs throughout that time.            particular interest, especially Whip-
Freshwater is where he poet Alfred           pingham Church wherein are buried

members of the Mountbatten
family. Also Quarr Abbey, home
to a Benedictine order of monks.
As well as an ideal place to holi-
day, sun abounds, because the
Island is so far south. The coast
                                                     020 8540 9600
in this part is looked after by the
National Trust and the wonderful
health benefits are in abundance,
and only approximately three
hours from Wimbledon Station.              Bargain Art Centre
Next to Merton Park Freshwater
Bay is my second spiritual home
– a place of peace and solitude,
with time to contemplate in a
timeless environment.

                 Patricia Burrows

             Christmas and Winter Photographs

    We are hoping to have a display of winter and
 Christmas photographs at St Mary’s Christmas Fair
   on Saturday 7th December. If you have any, and
  would be willing for us to show them, please send
 them to me by November 22nd. They do not need to
  be of local scenes. Please say if you do not want to
                       sell them.
 I would appreciate A4 or A5 prints, or send them by
      email to,
                    Tel: 8543 1695

                       Tillman & Tsoukkas
                Consulting Structural Engineers
                  Structural reports; Structural alterations
                 Subsidence claims; Party wall awards
                Planning Advice: Extensions
                Loft conversions: Basements
            Building Regulations: Calculations & Drawings

                 020 8944 7575; fax 020 8994 7676
             8 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1RF

                                • Free estimates
                                • Free carpet samples
                                • Available for measures / quotes evenings
                                 and weekends
                                • Made-to-measure rugs and runner service
                                • Quality carpet remnants at clearance

Suppliers and installers of
superior carpets and flooring

                       Contact Simon Puxty
         Mob: 07813 107619 Email:

                       The Homeserve Professionals -

                     French Fine cuisine
   185 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London
                SW19 1LH

           Café ~ Bistrot ~ Restaurant
                 Tel: 020 85431723

Opened in October 2008, L’Olive has become popular with a
clientele of locals who treat the place as their dining room.
 Located on the border of Merton Park and Wimbledon a
          short walk from the Wimbledon Theatre.

 L’Olive menu is constantly evolving based upon the season-
ality of produce and our artisan French Chef’s team. Open 7
 days a week, L’Olive is ideal French restaurant with reason-
                      able prices for all.

Monday lunches and Tuesday evenings for senior citizen
(OAPs) with a 15% discount. If you would like to take ad-
vantage of our offers and special events, please call us on
020 8543 1723 or leave a message with your request, and
we will get back to you à toute vitesse

              TIME OF NEED
  From advice on how to register a death to making all the arrangements,
we’re here 24 hours a day, offering a sympathetic and understanding service.

             FREDERICK W PAINE
        •   26 Crown Lane, MORDEN 020 8542 1214
                   (Funeral Director, Mr Bruce Haworth)
   •     6 Coombe Lane, RAYNES PARK 020 8946 1974
                 (Funeral Director, Mr Maurice Brumpton)

                         Part of Dignity plc. A British company

           1      2       3         4         5         6      7

           8                                  9

           10                  11                  12
                          13                  14
                  15                     16
           18                  19                  20 21
                          22                  23
           24                       25

           26                                 27

Clues across:                                 Clues down:
1. Islamic word for God (5)                   1. Prayer of belief (8.5)
4. Biblical people of Asia Minor (7)          2. Loaded (5)
8. Religious book (7)                         3. Clue! (4)
9. Object of reverence (5)                    4. Make holy (6)
10. Canvas dwelling (4)                       5. Weed (4)
11. Sacred in India (3)                       6. Of another religion (7)
12. Caliph (4)                                7. Cut off from the church (13)
15. Head of a chapter (4)                     13. Not of the clergy (3)
16. Secular (4)                               14. Veto (3)
18. French priest (4)                         15. Scorns (7)
19. Become publicly known (3)                 17. Sweet (6)
20. Hindu princess (4)                        21. Die down (5)
24. Older (5)                                 22. Malay canoe (4)
25. Musical composition (7)                   23. ‘---- us a child is born’ (4)
26. Notes sung above the melody
27. Fat(3)

The Forum is an open-ended non-political organisation
which allows the citizens of Wimbledon to play a full and
decisive role in the management of their community and to generate
solutions to Wimbledon problems.

It promotes public discussion on matters of importance including
Health, Transport, Education and Urban Design, and it works with
Residents Associations to give their voice greater weight.

For information on events and how to join see our website :

                        Children's Page

In celebration of our friends at Martin Way Methodist Church, here is
a puzzle

St Mary’s directory
VICAR           Reverend John Hayward                          Tel     020 8543 6192
                Merton Vicarage Church Path SW19 3HJ
HON.READERS     Mr Alan Morris                                 Tel     020 8542 5086
                39 Dorset Road SW19 3EZ                        Email
                Mrs Barbara Moreland                           Tel     020 8542 3427
                23 Melrose Road SW19 3HF                       Email   Barbara.moreland@
SOUTHWARK       Mrs Brenda Richards                            Tel     020 8540 4769
PASTORAL        73 Sandbourne Avenue SW19 3EH                  Email   eric.brenda@
CHURCH          Mr Neville Squires                             Tel     020 8542 5381
WARDENS         20 KenleyRoad SW19 8JQ                         Email
                Mrs Hazel Abbott                               Tel     020 8286 8099
                65 Poplar Road SW19 3JS                        Email
SUNDAY CLUB     The Church Hall 9.30 am
CRECHE          Mr Simon Hillson 24 Wilton Crescent SW19 3QZ   Tel     020 8543 5818
                The Church Hall 9.30am
DIRECTOR OF     Mr Karl Dorman 51 Bembridge House, Iron Mill   Tel     07870 938167
MUSIC           Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 2AQ              Email

ELECTORAL       Mrs Barbara Moreland                           Tel     020 8542 3427
ROLL OFFICER    23 Melrose Road SW19 3HF                       Email   Barbara.moreland@
SECRETARY TO    Mrs Kate Charles                               Tel/Fax 020 8543 9186
THE PCC         47 Poplar Road SW19 3JS                        Email
PAROCHIAL       Mr M Hackforth-Jones                           Tel     020 8543 6184
TREASURER       1 Church Lane SW19 3NY
PROMISED        Mr A Mills                                     Tel     020 8543 8302
OFFERINGS       36 Cranleigh Road SW19 3LU
TRANSPORT       Miss Margaret Plastow                          Tel     020 8542 2904

PARISH HALL     Mr Ray Ball                                    Tel     020 8540 5362
MANAGER         15 Quintin Avenue SW20 8LD
BOOKINGS SEC-   Mrs Krysia Williams                            Tel     020 8542 8687
RETARY          21 Church Lane SW19 3PD                        Email   krysia.willams@
CARETAKER       Mr & Mrs E Martin 13 Church Path SW19 3HJ      Tel     020 8540 2479

OFFICE. (TEL: 0208 542 1760)

ALTAR SERVERS                                    THE CHILDREN’S SOCIETY
Secretary Mr LD Morley                           Mr G Clark
26 Old School Close SW19                         62 Mostyn Road SW19
020 8542 2853                                    020 8542 9101

BELL RINGERS Monday 7.45pm Church                GUIDE COMPANY
Tower Captain Niki Tompkinson                    Rainbows 1st Merton Park Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm
29 Wilton Grove SW19 3QZ                         Martin Way Methodist Church Hall Martin Way Morden
020 8540 9059                                    Mrs Geraldine Ellis
                                                 22 Northway Morden SM4 4HF
                                                 020 8542 4758

Mr eville Squires                                1st Merton Park Tuesdays 6.00pm
20 Kenley Road SW19                              Allison Lister
020 8542 5381                                    64 Sandbourne Avenue SW19
                                                 020 8540 1620

CHOIR                                            6th Merton Park Mondays 5.45pm
Mr Karl Dorman                                   Martin Way Methodist Church Hall, Morden
Fridays 7.00-8.30pm Church                       Sally Holmes
Men Fridays from 8.00pm Church                   19 Fairway
                                                 Carshalton Beeches SM5 4HR

PARISH SAFEGUARDING OFFICER                      GUIDES Wednesdays 7.30pm-9.00pm
John Combs                                       Martin Way Methodist Church Hall, Morden
23 Bournemouth Road SW19 3AR                     Mrs M Apted
020 8540 5230                                    13 Cannon Close SW20 9HA                            020 8540 5799
CHURCH FLOWERS                                   SCOUT GROUP 1st Merton Park
Mrs Sheila Martin                                Group Scout Leader Vicky Tullett
7 Church Path SW19 3HJ                           116 Brighton Road, Burgh Heath, Tadworth KT20 6AQ
020 8542 8979                                    01737 354130

MOTHERS’ UNION                                   EXPLORER SCOUTS
Mothers’ Union 1st Tuesday in the month 2.00pm   Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm
Joy Mills                                        Leader Clive Tullett
13 Andridge Court 2a Church Lane SW19            116 Brighton Road, Burgh Heath, Tadworth KT20 6AQ
020 8540 1515                                    01737 354130

VISITING SCHEME COORDINATOR                      SCOUTS Wednesdays 7.15-8.45pm
Kate Charles                                     Leader Mr M Clark
47 Poplar Road SW19                              5 Riverside Drive Mitcham Surrey CR4 4BR
020 8543 9186                                    020 8648 5043

ROAD WARDENS                                     Nelson Pack Thursdays 6.15-7.45pm
Mr G Clark & Mrs D.Cairns                        Leader Mrs J.Clark
62 Mostyn Road SW19                              5 Riverside Drive, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4BR
020 8542 9101                                    020 8648 5043

SACRIST and VERGER                               BEAVERS Mondays 6.00-7.15pm
Mrs A Simpson                                    Leader Carol Martin
14 Tybenham Road SW19 3LA                        13 Church Path SW19 3HJ
020 8543 3764                                    020 8540 2479

SIDESPERSONS                                     PARISH PLAYERS Tuesdays 7.45pm
Derek Cox                                        Secretary Clare Quinn
49 Tybenham Road SW19                            19 Shaldon Drive Morden SM4 4BE
020 8542 2174                                    020 8542 5045
ST MARY’S BADMINTON CLUB Thursdays 8.00pm        WHIST DRIVE 2nd Monday of Month 7.30pm
Mr Justin Pieris                                 Miss Joyce Clay
13 Keswick Avenue SW19 3JE                       137 Poplar Road South SW19 3JZ
020 8542 0132                                    020 8540 6578

             St. Mary’s Church Hall
                               The perfect venue for
            Weddings • Receptions • Dances • Birthdays
            Anniversary Celebrations • Children's Parties
                Nurseries • Playgroups • Film Shows
                 Whist Drives • Stage Productions
    St. Mary's offers you a large hall with a stage and a second smaller hall—
    both with access to kitchen, cloakrooms. tables, chairs etc. Plus disabled
    facilities and parking.

                        Marquees in St Mary's Merton Glebe

    We have a beautiful Glebe Field next to the Church of St Mary's. So if you
    would like a truly rural setting for your wedding reception, but still want to
    be married in London, then look at St Mary's Glebe Field.

    For more information, ring Krysia Williams, the Hall Booking Secretary, on
    020 8542 8687, contact her by email at
    or see our web page

                               STUDE T GRA TS
The Rutlish Foundation provides grants to assist young people at Universi-
ties or other places of higher education. To be eligible, students must:
•       be ordinarily resident or born within the boundaries of the Ancient
        Parish of Merton
[The ancient parish of Merton is about a quarter of the area of the London Borough of Merton
comprised of the present day parishes of St Mary the Virgin, Merton; St Saviour’s, Raynes
Park; St James’s, Merton; St John the Divine, Merton and Holy Cross, Motspur Park.]

•       or have attended Rutlish School for at least 3 years.

Applications should be submitted by 30th October for the academic year

Application forms and further information from:
Graham Mills, e-mail: or write to
Clerk to the Trustees, The Rutlish Foundation,
c/o Rutlish School, Watery Lane, Merton Park SW20 9AD