Southern District Communities

					            Southern District Communities

♦   R.M. of Piney - (office in Vasser)
    Communities: Middlebro, Piney, Sandlilands,
    South Junction, Sprague, St Labre, Vassar, Wampum, Woodridge
♦   R.M. of Stuartburn - (office in Vita)
    Communities: Arbakka, Caliento, Gardenton, Lonesand,
    Sirko, Stuartburn, Sundown, Vita
♦   R.M. of Franklin - (office in Dominion City)
    Communities: Arnaud, Dominion City, Rosa,
    Roseau River, Tolstoi, Ridgeville, Woodmore
♦   Buffalo Point First Nation
♦   Unorganized Territories

                          Southern District
                                                   Education & Training
                                                   Elementary, Junior & High
Churches & Religious
                                                   Blue Clay Colony School
Organizations                                      SW 9-4-3E Box 59
                                                   Arnaud ROA 0B0
Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian                        427-2315
Orthodox Church                                    K-12
Arbakka (Mail to: Box 202                          Literacy programming includes: Literature
Vita R0A 2K0)                                      Circles; Guided Reading; Speech &
425-3669 Earl Falk                                 Language Services; E.I.R.; Precision
334-6297 Rev. Fr. Miron                            Reading; Academy of Reading; Pre-
Pozniak                                            school program March-June; Form of pre-
Special occasion services only.                    school during summer months; Book
(Check Carillon News for dates & times.)           Bags coming soon.

Health & Wellness                                  Festivals & Annual
South Eastman Health/Santé
Sud-Est Inc.                                       Canada Day Celebrations
Public Health Nurse                                July 1
425-5024                                           Health & Wellness
For more information please refer to
                                                   South Eastman Health/Santé
                                                   Sud-Est Inc.
                                                   Public Health Nurse
  Arnaud                                           Vita/St. Pierre-Jolys
                                                   425-5024 or 433-7636
                                                   For more information please refer to
Churches & Religious                               Vita/St.Pierre-Jolys.
                                                   Sports & Recreation
Arnaud Mennonite Church
41 Smith Ave. E. Box 3                             Arnaud Park & Ball field
Arnaud R0A 0B0                                     120 Smith Ave. W. Box 70
427-2263                                           Arnaud R0A 0B0
Sunday School (child -adult) 9:45 am,              427-2487 Maren Mueller
Sunday services 10:45 am.

                                       Southern District
  Buffalo Point                                      Caliento

Cultural Arts                                      Churches & Religious
Buffalo Point Tourist Centre
Marina Rd. Box 1037
Buffalo Point R0A 2W0                              Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
437-2133                                           Mary Ukrainian Catholic                             Church
Tipi shaped building, interpretive                 Caliento (Sopiwnyk)
displays, works by First Nations artists,          668-6011 Father Gregory
free admission. Skating rink, cross-               Zubacz
country-skiing, fishing, ice-fishing, hiking       Special occasions & Sunday services
trails, beaches.                                   (Check Carillon News for dates & times)

Health & Wellness                                  Nativity of St. John the Baptist
                                                   Ukrainian Catholic Church
South Eastman Health/Santé
                                                   832-0436 (res.)
Sud-Est Inc.
                                                   668-6011 Father Gregory
Public Health Nurse
                                                   Special occasions & Sunday services
437-7216/ 437-7211                                 (Check Carillon News for dates & times)
For more information please refer to
                                                   Health & Wellness
Sports & Recreation
                                                   South Eastman Health/Santé
                                                   Sud-Est Inc.
Buffalo Bay Marina
                                                   Public Health Nurse
Box 1007
Buffalo Point R0A 2W0
                                                   For more information please refer to
Open Mar. to end of Sept. Camping,
Bait and Convenience store & beach.

Eastshore Recreation Field
Thunder Bay Dr.
Buffalo Point
Basketball, tennis, horseshoes, firepit,
playground, picnic shelter, ball diamond &

                                       Southern District
                                                 Education & Training
  Dominion City
                                                 Elementary, Junior & High
Churches & Religious                             Glenway Colony School
Organizations                                    SE 2-3-3E Box 291
                                                 Dominion City R0A 0H0
Dominion City United Church                      427-2223
2 Centennial Dr.                                 K-12
Dominion City R0A 0H0                            Literacy programming includes: Guided
427-2829 Church                                  Reading; Speech & Language Services;
427-2884 Tammy Anstett                           Colombia Learning System; Academy of
Regular Sunday services at 11:00 a.m.            Reading; Summer Nursery School.
Sunday school, Nursery program.
                                                 Roseau Valley School
                                                 190 Franklin Ave. W. Box 176
Community & Economic                             Dominion City R0A 0H0
Development                                      427-2143
                                                 Kindergarten-Grade 12
RM of Franklin                                   Literacy programming includes: Speech &
115 Waddell Ave. E.                              Language Services; Plato Learning
                                                 system; E.I.R.; Precision Reading;
Dominion City R0A 0H0
                                                 Columbia Learning System; Observation
427-2557                                         Surveys; Preschool Library; Summer
                                                 Reading program.
Cultural Arts
                                                 Festivals & Annual
Dominion City Mom’s Club
Box 45
Dominion City R0A 0H0
427-2914 Carol Brad (pres.)                      Summerfest
Summer Arts and Crafts club. Also plans          427-2557 RM of Franklin
occasional fundraising activities for            July
community events.
                                                 Health & Wellness
Franklin Museum
42 Centennial Dr. Box 201                        South Eastman Health/Santé
Dominion City R0A 0H0                            Sud-Est Inc.
427-2481 Shirley Berrington                      Public Health Nurse
Pioneer museum in historic church.
                                                 For more information please refer to

                                     Southern District
                                                 Ages 6 -12, Sept to Oct
Resource Centres                                 Park & Ball Fields
                                                 Waddell Ave. E.
Franklin Craft Club                              Dominion City
116 Waddell Ave. E. Box 29                       Playground, picnic shelter, campground,
Dominion City R0A 0H0                            horseshoes, ball diamonds.
427-2377 Peter Kohut
Book lending library open to the public.         Southern Minor Baseball
                                                 Box 148
                                                 Dominion City R0A 0H0
Sports & Recreation
                                                 427-3762 Jason Mateychuk
                                                 Ages 4-18 May-July
Dominion City Arena
152 Waddell Ave. Box 36                          Southern Steelers Minor
Dominion City R0A 0H0                            Hockey
427-2577 winter only                             @ Dominion City Arena
427-2884 Mike Anstett                            152 Waddell Ave. Box 36
Skating reservation
                                                 Dominion City R0H 0H0
                                                 427-2884 Mike Anstett
Dominion City Community Hall
31 McKercher St. Box 218
Dominion City R0A 0H0
427-2771 Hall                                      Gardenton
427-3971 (res.) Jennifer
Hall rentals                                     Churches & Religious
Dominion City Figure Skating
@ Dominion City Arena                            Ukrainian Orthodox Church of
152 Waddell Ave. Box 41                          St. Michael, Gardenton
Dominion City R0A 0H0                            PTH 209 Box 68
427-2308 Kendra                                  Gardenton R0A 0M0
Maxymowich                                       425-3501 Linda Shewchuk
Ages 3 & up                                      334-6297 Rev.Fr. Miron
Dominion City Swimming Pool                      Special occasion services only
Waddell Ave. E.                                  (Check Carillon News for dates & times).
Dominion City
Open July and Aug. Outdoor pool, beach           Cultural Arts
entry, swimming lessons, slide, diving.
                                                 Ukrainian Museum & Village
Dominion City Recreational                       PTH 209 S. Box 88
Soccer                                           Gardenton R0A 0M0
@ Roseau Valley School                           425-3072
190 Franklin Ave. W.                             425-3501 Linda Shewchuk
427-2884 Tammy Anstett

                                     Southern District
Preservation, display & interpretation of          Self-guided walking trails, picnic area,
materials and history of the Ukrainian             field trips. Year-round guided tours for
people who settled in the area.                    groups of 6 or more. Annual Prairie Day,
                                                   2nd Sat. in Aug.
Festivals & Annual
Events                                               Lonesand
Ukrainian Festival
425-3218 RM of Stuartburn
                                                   Churches & Religious
Health & Wellness
                                                   Protectress of the Blessed
South Eastman Health/Santé                         Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic
Sud-Est Inc.                                       Church
Public Health Nurse                                Lonesand
Vita                                               668-6011 Father Gregory
425-5024                                           Zubacz
For more information please refer to               Special occasions & Sunday services
Vita.                                              (Check Carillon News for dates & times)

Sports & Recreation                                Health & Wellness

Gardenton Hall                                     South Eastman Health/Santé
1st. St.                                           Sud-Est Inc.
Gardenton R0A 0M0                                  Public Health Nurse
425-3025 Sandra                                    Sprague
Hall rental                                        437-7216/ 437-7211
                                                   For more information please refer to
Gardenton Park & Campsite                          Sprague.
PTH 209 S.
Gardenton R0A 0M0                                  Sports & Recreation
Ball fields, picnic shelter, playground,           Lonesand Hall
modern facilities, campground                      NW 15-3-9E Box 9
                                                   Sundown R0A 2C0
Tall Grass Prairie Preserve                        425-3910
Prairie Shore Interpretive Trail                   425-3885 John Meda
2 ½ km east of Tolstoi on                          Hall rental
PTH 209
Agassiz Interpretive Trail
6 km west of Vita on PTH 201
follow the signs
Box 65
Gardenton R0A 0M0
425-3229 Laura Reeves

                                       Southern District
                                                   Middlebro Exercise Group
  Middlebro                                        @ Middlebro Community Hall
                                                   Main St. Box 63
                                                   Middlebro R0A 1B0
                                                   437-3208 Nell Brabant
Churches & Religious                               Tues and Thurs, 7-8 pm, all ages
Organizations                                      welcome, free admission

Middlebro Christian Family                         RM of Piney Minor Baseball
Church                                             Box 27
Main St. Box 46                                    South Junction R0A 1Y0
Middlebro R0A 1B0                                  437-2393 (res.) Holly Bremault
437-2089 Rita van Kooten                           (contact evenings only)
Sunday service 11am, Friday Night Youth            T-Ball & Little League
Group 7pm.

Festivals & Annual                                   Piney
                                                   Churches & Religious
Fall Supper
Middlebro Community Hall                           Organizations
Main St.
Weekend after Thanksgiving.                        International Christian
                                                   Fellowship-The Border Church
Health & Wellness                                  Hwy 89-Canada/USA Border
                                                   Box 13
South Eastman Health/Santé                         Piney R0A 1K0
Sud-Est Inc.                                       423-2180 (res.) Len & Elaine
Public Health Nurse                                Friesen
                                                   Regular Sunday services,
                                                   Sunday School (Ages 3 & up)
437-7216/ 437-7211
For more information please refer to
                                                   Piney Community Church
                                                   Main St. Hwy. 89 Box 115
                                                   Piney R0A 1K0
Sports & Recreation                                423-2184 Lillian Anderson
                                                   1st and 3rd Sunday each month 2:30 p.m.
Middlebro Community Hall
Main St. Box 30
Middlebro R0A 1B0
437-2378 Hall
437-2437 Jared Meek
Hall rentals, ball diamond, playground,
picnic area

                                       Southern District
Education & Training                               423-2053 Bob Zarn
                                                   Hall rentals & curling rink
Elementary, Junior & High
                                                   Piney Recreation Grounds
                                                   Blueberry St.
Pineland Colony School
                                                   423-2053 Bob Zarn
Hwy 89 3 m. South of Piney                         Ball diamonds, campground, picnic
NW 8-1-12E                                         shelter, playground
Box 39
Piney R0A 1K0                                      RM of Piney Minor Baseball
423-2069                                           Box 27
K-12                                               South Junction R0A 1Y0
Literacy programming includes: Speech &            437-2393 (res.) Holly Bremault
Language Services; Precision Reading;
                                                   (contact evenings only)
Plato Learning System; Home reading
                                                   T-Ball & Little League
program K-4; Summer Nursery School;
Preschool Feb-June, daily in the morning.

Festivals & Annual                                   Ridgeville
                                                   Churches & Religious
Fall Supper
Piney Community Hall                               Organizations
First Saturday after Thanksgiving.
                                                   Universal Free Church of
Mother’s Day Tea                                   Jesus Christ
Over 40 Club                                       (Mail to: Box 82
Saturday before Mother’s Day                       Roseau River R0A 1P0)
Health & Wellness                                  427-2304 Ken Nedohin
                                                   Regular Sunday services
South Eastman Health/Santé
Sud-Est Inc.                                       Education & Training
Public Health Nurse
Sprague                                            Elementary, Junior & High
437-7216/ 437-7211                                 Schools
For more information please refer to
Sprague.                                           Ridgeville Colony School
                                                   SE 5-2-4E (Mail to: Box 10
Sports & Recreation                                Dominion City R0A 0H0)
Piney Community Centre                             K-12
                                                   Literacy programming includes: Guided
Main St. Hwy 89
                                                   Reading; Precision Reading; Later
Piney R0A 1K0                                      Literacy; Speech & Language Services;
423-2332 Hall

                                       Southern District
Colombia Learning System; Academy of               Ukrainian Orthodox Church of
Reading; Summer Nursery School.                    St. Peter & Paul, Rosa
                                                   427-2480 Jarvis Chubey
Health & Wellness                                  334-6297 Rev. Fr. Miron
South Eastman Health/Santé                         Special occasion services only.
                                                   (See Carillon News for dates & times)
Public Health Nurse
Vita                                               Health & Wellness
For more information please refer to               South Eastman Health/Santé
Vita.                                              Sud-Est Inc.
                                                   Public Health Nurse
Sports & Recreation                                Vita
Ridgeville Ball Park                               For more information please refer to
Hwy 218
712-5391 Denise Seward                             Sports & Recreation

Ridgeville Centennial Hall                         Shevchenko Ukrainian Centre
Main St. Box 28                                    19 Church Rd. Box 42
Ridgeville R0A 1M0                                 Rosa R0A 1N0
373-2013 Carol Wilkinson                           427-2265 Hall
373-2077 Kathy Giesbrecht                          427-2243 Ron Mihaychuk
Hall rental                                        Hall rentals

  Rosa                                               Roseau River

Churches & Religious                               Churches & Religious
Organizations                                      Organizations

Holy Eucharist Ukrainian                           Roseau River Baptist Church
Catholic Church                                    Box 83
15 Church Rd.                                      Roseau River R0A 1P0
Rosa                                               425-7790 (res.) Sandra
668-6011 Father Gregory                            Tuurenhout
Zubacz                                             Regular Sunday services, Sunday School
Special occasions & Sunday services                for all ages.
(See Carillon News for dates & times)

                                       Southern District
Festivals & Annual                                 Health & Wellness
                                                   South Eastman Health/Santé
                                                   Sud-Est Inc.
Gospel Music Festival
                                                   Public Health Nurse
427-2667 Dave Reimer
2nd weekend in August                              Sprague
                                                   437-7216/ 437-7211
                                                   For more information please refer to
Health & Wellness                                  Sprague.

South Eastman Health/Santé                         Sports & Recreation
Sud-Est Inc.
Public Health Nurse
                                                   St. Labre Community Club
                                                   Box 35
                                                   Woodridge R0A 2N0
For more information please refer to
Vita.                                              429-2218 Leonard Vandale
                                                   Hall rental, picnic area, playground

Sports & Recreation

Roseau River Park &
Recreation Grounds
Hwy 59 Box 60
Roseau River R0A 1P0                               Health & Wellness
425-3964 Harvey Nickel                             South Eastman Health/Santé
Hall, play structure, ball diamonds,               Sud-Est Inc.
swimming, skating, change area,                    Public Health Nurse
washrooms, campground.                             Sprague
                                                   437-7216/ 437-7211
                                                   For more information please refer to
  St. Labre                                        Sprague.

                                                   Sports & Recreation
Churches & Religious
                                                   Sandilands Park
Organizations                                      End of Sandilands St.
                                                   Playground, picnic shelter, firepits,
St. Benoit Joseph Labre                            washrooms, ball field.
Catholic Church
St. Labre (Mail to: Box 129                        Sandilands Provincial Forest
La Broquerie R0A 0W0)                              Hwy 210
424-5332 (office) Father                           Woodridge, Sandilands,
Albert Frèchette, Giséle                           Marchand
Verrier - Secretary                                Playground and picnic area, ski trails,
Mass every second Sunday 9:00 am                   snowmobile trails

                                       Southern District
                                                   Health & Wellness
                                                   South Eastman Health/Santé
                                                   Sud-Est Inc.
Churches & Religious                               Public Health Nurse
Organizations                                      425-5024
                                                   For more information please refer to
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of                       Vita.
the Nativity of St. Mary
373-2685 Iris Wachna
334-6297 Rev. Fr. Miron
                                                     South Junction
Special occasion services only.
(Check Carillon News for dates & times)            Churches & Religious
Health & Wellness
                                                   Our Lady of Assumption
South Eastman Health/Santé                         Parish
Sud-Est Inc.                                       Hwy 12 Box 39
Public Health Nurse                                South Junction R0A 1Y0
Vita                                               437-2338 Father Isidore
425-5024                                           Igwegbe
For more information please refer to               Alternating 9:30 am Sunday services with
Vita.                                              Vassar

                                                   Festivals & Annual
  Sirko                                            Events

                                                   Family Ball Tournament
Churches & Religious                               437-2284 RM of Piney
                                                   Second last Saturday in July
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of
St. Elias, Sirko                                   Health & Wellness
(Mail to: Box 66 Sundown
R0A 2C0)                                           South Eastman Health/Santé
425-3820 Martin Chobotar                           Sud-Est Inc.
334-6297 Rev. Fr. Miron                            Public Health Nurse
Pozniak                                            Sprague
Regularly scheduled Sunday services.               437-7216/ 437-7211
                                                   For more information please refer to

                                       Southern District
Sports & Recreation                            Cultural Arts

RM of Piney Minor Baseball                     Sprague and District Historical
Box 27                                         Museum
South Junction R0A 1Y0                         Corner of May and Simensen
437-2393 (res.) Holly Bremault                 Box 123
(contact evenings only)                        Sprague R0A 1Z0
T-Ball & Little League                         437-2342 Mary Stewart
                                               427-2209 Betty Culleton
South Junction Community                       History of Sprague and area, lumbering
Club and Park                                  industry, pioneer life, schools and
Fraser Ave. Box 51                             churches, railroad.
South Junction R0A 1Y0
437-2343 Mitch Gobeil                          Daycares/ Nursery/
Ball diamond, playground, picnic area
                                               Pre-School/ Child Care

                                               Little Rascals Nursery School
  Sprague                                      @ Ross L. Gray School Box 8
                                               Sprague R0A 1Z0
                                               437-2175 School
Churches & Religious                           437-3193 Charmaine Paquette
                                                Education & Training
Cleansing Wave Gospel
Church                                         Elementary, Junior & High
Main St. N. Box 40                             Schools
Sprague R0A 1Z0
437-2543                                       Ross L. Gray School
437-3250 Herman and                            Canham Ave. Gen. Del.
Helena Funk                                    Sprague R0A 1Z0
Regular Sunday services 10:30 am               437-2175
Children’s Church                              Kindergarten-Grade 12
Sprague Baptist Church                         Literacy programming includes: Letter
Main St. N. Box 51                             Land; Guided Reading; Companion
Sprague R0A 1Z0                                Reading; E.I.R.; Plato Learning System;
437-2084 Church                                Precision Reading; F.A.S.T.; Speech &
437-2739 Pastor Bernie                         Language Services; Book Bag program;
Wiens                                          Reading on the Way; Pre-school; Rock &
Regular Sunday services, !0 am                 Read. Internet Services available to the
Sunday School, summer daily Vacation           public.
Bible School

                                   Southern District
Festivals & Annual                               RM of Piney Minor Baseball
                                                 Box 27
Events                                           South Junction R0A 1Y0
                                                 437-2393 (res.) Holly Bremault
Fall Supper                                      (contact evenings only)
437-2284 RM of Piney                             T-Ball & Little League
Second Sunday in November.                       Silver Birch Resort
                                                 Lot A - Park Rd. (Mail to:
Western Festival                                 Box 117 Sprague R0A 1Z0)
437-2284 RM of Piney                             Moose Lake Prov. Park                       
Last weekend in August                           437-2443
                                                 Cabins, fishing, water sports, boat rentals
Health & Wellness
                                                 Sprague Community Rec.
South Eastman Health/Santé                       Centre
Sud-Est Inc.                                     Main St. N.
East Borderland Primary                          Sprague R0A 1Z0
Health Care Centre                               437-2538 Centre
Hwy 12 & 308 Box 11                              437-2080 Doris Hovorka
                                                 Hall rental, ball diamonds, picnic area
Sprague R0A 1Z0
437-3015 Reception
437-7211 or 437-7216 Public
Health Nurses                                      Stuartburn
Physician services, community health
nurses, public health, mental health,
home care and health corner.                     Churches & Religious
Sports & Recreation
                                                 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic
Birch Point Provincial Park
and Campground
PR 308 (Go through Moose
                                                 668-6011 Father Gregory
Lake Prov. Park, follow the
signs)                                           Special occasions & Sunday services
437-2348 Manitoba                                (Check Carillon News for dates & times)
On Lake of the Woods, boat launch,               Stuartburn Sommerfeld
                                                 Mennonite Church
                                                 NE 14-2-5E Box 86
Moose Lake Provincial Park
                                                 Stuartburn R0A 2B0
and Campground
                                                 427-2159 Church
PR 308 (follow the signs)
                                                 425-3119 Pastor Bill Nickel
437-2348 Manitoba                                Sunday services 10am, Sunday School
Conservation/Sprague                             10 am (3 years & up) & Friendship Circle
Campsites, beach, boat launch & store.           for Women.

                                     Southern District
Stuartburn Gospel Chapel                           668-6011 Father Gregory
Gov't Rd. Allowance E. Box 41                      Zubacz
Stuartburn R0A 2B0                                 Special occasions & Sunday services
425-3383 Mark & Jennifer                           (Check Carillon News for dates & times)
Regular Sunday services. Sunday School             Ukrainian Orthodox Church of
(no Sunday School in summer months),               Sts. Peter & Paul, Sundown
Children’s Church & Awanas program.                Hwy 201 Box 24
                                                   Sundown R0A 2C0
                                                   425-3547 Blaine Alexiuk
Education & Training
                                                   334-6297 Rev. Fr. Miron
Elementary, Junior & High                          Special occasion services only.
Schools                                            (Check Carillon News for dates & times)

Borderview Christian Day
School                                             Health & Wellness
2 miles n of 210 & 59 Junction
Box 11                                             South Eastman Health/Santé
Stuartburn R0A 2B0                                 Sud-Est Inc.
427-2932                                           Public Health Nurse
Grades 1 - 10                                      Vita
                                                   For more information please refer to
Health & Wellness                                  Vita.

South Eastman Health/Santé
Sud-Est Inc.
                                                   Sports & Recreation
Public Health Nurse
Vita                                               Sundown Community Hall
425-5024                                           Railway Ave. S.
For more information please refer to               Sundown
Vita.                                              425-3032 Hall
                                                   425-7765 Peter Petrash
                                                   Hall rentals
  Sundown                                          Ukrainian National Home
                                                   Hwy 201 Box 24
                                                   Sundown R0A 2C0
Churches & Religious                               425-3547 Blaine Alexiuk
Organizations                                      Hall rentals

Ascension of Our Lord
Ukrainian Catholic Church
Cedar Crescent
Sundown R0A 2C0
425-7765 Peter Petrash

                                       Southern District
                                               Health & Wellness
                                               South Eastman Health/Santé
                                               Sud-Est Inc.
Churches & Religious                           Public Health Nurse
Organizations                                  425-5024
                                               For more information please refer to
Borderview Mennonite Church                    Vita.
NW 26-2-5E Box 139
Tolstoi R0A 2E0                                Sports & Recreation
427-2074 (res) Don Brandt
Regular Sunday services, Pre-school
Sunday School.
                                               Tolstoi Recreation Area
                                               Hwy 59 S.
Holy Ghost Ukrainian                           Tolstoi R0A 2E0
Orthodox Church                                427-2898 Annie Hildebrandt
Hwy. 209 E Box 44                              Picnic shelter, play structure, ball
                                               diamonds, volleyball, tennis, skating.
Tolstoi R0A 2E0
427-2852 Dianne Lazaruk
334-6297 Rev. Fr. Miron
Pozniak                                          Vassar
Regularly scheduled Sunday services.
(Check Carillon News for dates & times)
                                               Churches & Religious
Holy Trinity Roman Catholic
Church                                         Organizations
Hwy 59 Tolstoi
(Mail to: Box 39 South                         Sacred Heart of Jesus
Junction R0A 1Y0)                              Catholic Church
437-2338 Father Isidore                         Beaudry Ave. Vassar
Igwegbe                                        (Mail to: Box 39 South
Call for time of services.                     Junction R0A 1Y0)
                                               437-2338 Father Isidore
Sacred Heart of Jesus                          Igwegbe
Ukrainian Catholic Church                      Alternating 9:30 am Sunday Services
Railway Ave.                                   with South Junction
668-6011 Father Gregory                        Community & Economic
Special occasions & Sunday services            Development
(Check Carillon News for dates & times)
                                               RM of Piney
                                               Gov’t Rd Allowance N.
                                               Vassar R0A 2J0

                                   Southern District
Health & Wellness                                  St. Demetrius Ukrainian
                                                   Catholic Parish
                                                   314 Main St. N.
South Eastman Health/Santé
                                                   (Mail to: 18 Arbor Grove
Sud-Est Inc.
                                                   Winnipeg R2G 3R2)
Public Health Nurse
                                                   668-6011 Father Gregory
437-7216/ 437-7211
For more information please refer to               Zubacz
Sprague.                                           Special occasion & Sunday services
                                                   (Check Carillon News for dates & times)

Sports & Recreation                                St. Isidore Roman
                                                   Catholic Church
RM of Piney Minor Baseball                         Hwy 201 Vita
Box 27                                             (Mail to: Box 39 South
South Junction R0A 1Y0                             Junction R0A 1Y0)
437-2393 (res.) Holly Bremault                     437-2338 Father Isidore
(contact evenings only)                            Igwegbe
T-Ball & Little League                             Sunday services 11:45 am (winter)
                                                   Call for time of summer services.
Vassar Community Centre,
Swimming Pool &                                    Vita Bible Church
Campground                                         Hwy. 201 West Box 306
Beaudry Ave. Box 41                                Vita R0A 2K0
Vassar R0A 2J0                                     425-3081 church
437-2214                                           425-3677 (res.) Pastor Jim
437-2580 Ovid Coté                                 Mack
Overnight camping, playground, picnic              Regular Sunday services, Religion
area, ball diamonds.                               Classes, Pre-school Sunday School, Kids
                                                   Clubs & Children’s Church.

  Vita                                             Community & Economic
Churches & Religious                               RM of Stuartburn
Organizations                                      108 Main St. N.
                                                   Vita R0A 2K0
Holy Trinity Ukrainian                             425-3218
Orthodox Church
Main St. Box 14
Vita R0A 2K0
425-3343 Morris Cesmystruk
334-6297 Rev. Fr. Miron
Regularly scheduled Sunday services
(Check Carillon News for dates & times)

                                       Southern District
                                           Literacy programming includes: Guided
Cultural Arts                              Reading program; Reading Recovery;
                                           E.I.R.; Later Literacy; Speech &
Susydka Dance Club                         Language Services; Plato Learning
(Mail to: Box 5 Stuartburn                 System; Home reading program with K-3.
R0A 2B0)
Vita                                       Festivals & Annual
425-7912 Larissa Bodz
(Ages 3-18)                                Events
Vita Scrapbooking Club                     Canada Day Celebrations
@ Shevchenko School                        July 1
100 School Ave. Box 290
Vita R0A 2K0                               Health & Wellness
425-3095 Denise Lubiansky
Meets Wed. in Home-ec. room.
Everyone welcome.
                                           South Eastman Health/Santé
                                           Sud-Est Inc.
                                           • Public Health Nurse
Daycares/ Nursery/                           Box 119
Pre-School/ Child Care                       Vita R0A 2K0
Crystal’s Daycare                            Works with individuals, families,
                                             groups and communities. Provides
128 Drull Ave. Box 132
                                             prenatal education, postpartum care,
Vita R0A 2K0                                 positive parenting support, Child
425-3944 Crystal Melnychuk                   Health Clinics (immunization, nutrition,
Infant-school age children.                  growth & development), Families First,
Mon. to Fri. 6 am – 5 pm.                    reproductive health (family planning),
                                             communicable disease information
Sandra Maxymowich Daycare                    and follow-up, promotes healthy
Box 417                                      school and community environments.
Vita R0A 2K0
425-3569 Sandra                              Vita & District Health Centre
Maxymowich                                   217 1st Ave. W. Box 160
Infant-school aged children.                 Vita R0A 2K0
Mon. to Fri. 6 am – 5 pm.                    425-3804
                                             Acute care facility, Physio-therapy,
Education & Training                         Occupational therapy, Personal Care

Elementary, Junior & High
                                           • Mental Health Services
Shevchenko School                            toll free: 1-866-762-0390
100 School Ave. Box 1000                     (Steinbach)
Vita R0A 2K0                                 Assessment, counselling, education
425-3535                                     and referral services are available to
Kindergarten-Grade 12                        children, teens and adults (when
English                                      mental health is a concern affecting

                               Southern District
  home, school, work or social life).
  Psychiatry and psychology
                                                Sports & Recreation
  consultations are available in region
  when necessary. Services are free             Ukrainian National Home
  and available in most community               (Hall)
  offices:                                      Main St.
  Steinbach, Ste. Anne, Niverville,             Vita
  Sprague, Vita, and St. Pierre.                425-3061 Hall
                                                425-3951 Orest Paciorka
• Mobile Crisis Services                        Hall rentals
  326-9276 (Steinbach)
  toll free: 1-888-617-7745                     Vita Arena & Community
  Mon. to Fri. 12 pm to 12 am                   Recreation Centre
  Sat. and Sun. 4 pm to 12 am                   225 Main St. N. Box 29
  Crisis line, Crisis Response Service,         Vita R0A 2K0
  Community Post Trauma Intervention
                                                425-3556 Jim Wiebe
Vita Medical Clinic
                                                Rec. hockey, curling, public skating, hall.
217 1st Ave. W. Box 208
Vita R0A 2K0                                    Vita Eastman Soccer
425-3372                                        @ Shevchenko School
General family practice. New patients
                                                100 School Ave. Box 290
                                                Vita R0A 2K0
                                                425-3095 Jerry Lubiansky
Libraries/Bookstores/                           Ages 5-17, May and June
Resource Centres
                                                Vita Minor Baseball
Shevchenko School Library                       Box 39
100 School Ave.                                 Vita R0A 2K0
425-3535 School                                 424-3534 Kelly Stadnyk
                                                T-ball, baseball
Open to public in evening during the
school year.
                                                Vita Recreational Hockey
The Family Room                                 @ Vita Arena 225 Main St. N
100 School Ave.                                 (Mail to: Box 115 Stuartburn
(Shevchenko School)                             R0A 2B0)
Vita                                            425-3970 Barry Kehler
425-3535 School                                 Ages 12 & under, 17 & under, 35 & over
425-3460 Iris
The Family Room is open every Wed.
from 9:30 - noon at Shevchenko School
in Vita. Parent/child activities include
song/rhyme circles, story time, crafts,
snacks, information for parents and a
lending library. This program is for
parents and pre-school children.

                                    Southern District
    Wampum                                           Woodmore

Churches & Religious                               Churches & Religious
Organizations                                      Organizations

Salem Evangelical Lutheran                         Greenridge United Church
Church (Mail to: Box 47                            NW 21-2-4E (Greenridge
Vassar R0A 2J0)                                    Road) Gen Del
Wampum Ave.                                        Woodmore R0A 2M0
Wampum                                             427-2276 Bev Ward
437-2362 (res.) Larry Lee                          712-5152 (cell)
Services the 2nd and 4th Sunday each               Sunday service 11am, Sunday school
month. Vacation Bible School.                      (ages 2-16) 11am, Vacation Bible School
Health & Wellness
                                                   Health & Wellness
South Eastman Health/Santé
Sud-Est Inc.                                       South Eastman Health/Santé
Public Health Nurse                                Sud-Est Inc.
Sprague                                            Public Health Nurse
437-7216/ 437-7211                                 Vita
For more information please refer to               425-5024
Sprague.                                           For more information please refer to
Sports & Recreation
                                                   Sports & Recreation
RM of Piney Minor Baseball
Box 27                                             Woodmore Community Hall
South Junction R0A 1Y0                             Rd 24 E, off Hwy 201
437-2393 (res.) Holly Bremault                     Gen Del
(contact evenings only)                            Woodmore R0A 2M0
T-Ball & Little League                             427-2942 (res.) Candace
Wampum Community Club                              Hall rental, ball diamond
Main St. (Mail to: Box 21
Piney R0A 1K0)
437-2283 Ruth Thompson

                                       Southern District
                                                   Literacy Services &
  Woodridge                                        Programs

                                                   LOLA (Little Ones Learning
Churches & Religious                               with Arborgate)
Organizations                                      Woodridge Community Hall
St. Alexandre Catholic Church                      424-9713 Phyllis Demasson
PR 210 (Main St.)                                  (Facilitator)
Woodridge                                          424-5607 Elaine Wilson
(Mail to: Box 129                                  (Principal of Arborgate School)
                                                   LOLA is preschool fun & learning, with
La Broquerie R0A 0W0)
                                                   parent participation. Children aged 3-5
424-5332 (office) Father Albert                    enjoy book lending from our library,
Fréchette, P.H.                                    learning computer skills, crafts, group
Gisèle Verrier –Secretary                          activities, gym time, snacks & more.
Mass every second Sunday 9:00 am                   Parents gain access to library materials,
                                                   help prepare your child for school &
Health & Wellness                                  interact with other families in the
                                                   community. Available Thursday mornings
South Eastman Health/Santé
Sud-Est Inc.
Public Health Nurse                                Sports & Recreation
437-7216/ 437-7211                                 M.A. Community Park
For more information please refer to               Denis St
Sprague.                                           Woodridge R0A 2N0
                                                   429-2025 Irene Donnelly
                                                   Ball diamonds, picnic shelter
Festivals & Annual
Events                                             Sandilands Provincial Forest
                                                   Hwy 210
Fall Supper                                        Woodridge, Sandilands,
Third Saturday in September                        Marchand
                                                   Playground and picnic area, ski trails,
Family Fun Day & Ball                              snowmobile trails
Canada Day, July 1                                 Wagon Wheel Campground
                                                   Hwy 210 Box 35
                                                   Woodridge R0A 2N0
                                                   429-2027 Office
                                                   429-2218 Residence
                                                   Play structure, RV hook-ups, fire pits,
                                                   laundromat, ATV trails

                                       Southern District
Woodridge Community Club
Denis St. Box 126
Woodridge R0A 2N0
429-2344 Hall
429-2025 Irene Donnelly
Rentals, Family Recreation Night, Tues.
and Thurs., 7-9pm., all ages welcome.

                                   Southern District

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