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									To reach to the top, you need the
                        right solution.
“PMI helps Revenue Managers (and hotel
  managers in general) shift their focus to
  Total Profitability Management. PMI is
  used as an integrated solution to
  disseminate the Revenue Management
  culture to all levels of the operation.
  Besides its strong forecasting
  capabilities, PMI transforms data into
  actionable Marketing Intelligence.
  - Marc Emmanuel, Director of Pricing and Distribution | Hyatt International EAME
What tool are you using for
                       forecasting and
           daily revenue
          productivity management?
PMI is a daily   revenue forecasting and
                       productivity management software.
  Yearly incremental financial benefits as
  a result of PMI: $ 5,400,000
  for 50 properties.

“Rica Hotels paid down the PMI
  investment for the first 16 properties
  with the labour cost saving in
  Housekeeping at Rica Oslo Hotel the
  first 12 months.
  - Jørund Lie, VPO | Rica Hotels
Why is PMI an efficient tool for
                           forecasting and
               daily revenue
              productivity management?
Don’t just
give me a

             Involving and
               heads of
                             but teach
                             me to fish!
“Food cost has dropped more than
  $ 308,000 after 12 months of the PMI
  - Ernst Høva, Owner | Radisson SAS Lillehammer Hotel
How does PMI work in the
         daily revenueforecasting and
         productivity management?
                                                             Head/Regional Offices

                                                           Consolidate   Benchmark

Source            Revenue              Resource
Systems          Forecasting           Planning

          Feed                 Drive              Report

                                                           General Manager’s Cockpit
“We have reduced the labor costs by
  $ 120,000 since we installed PMI
  (3 months) and the activities have
  increased compared to same period
  last year.
  - Frode Hof stad, GM – Britannia Hotel
              Our guarantee:
              If 500% ROI not
              reached w ithin
              12 months, we
              sha ll ref und.

      By targeting
   the right Manager
with the right Information
    in the right Way
   at the right Time…

      you’ll get the

   right results.
“Simplicity        can only be achieved
b y t h o s e w h o u n d e r s t a n d c o m p l e x i t y,
competitive advantage can be achieved by those
who solve complex problems with simplicity.
- d2o consulting | | +47 900 80 123
Annex: About d2o™

Established March 2000, d2o is a consulting firm for hotel and catering industries, with strong growth.
d2o focuses on:
     • Operating efficiency                                                     Team d2o®
     • Quality assurance – DoT-QaP®
     • Change management related to system integration
     • Development of innovative solutions
d2o has:
     • Over 300 hotels and restaurants as customers
     • Over 1.500 managers using PMI daily
     • PMI | PMI Task | PMI GoGreen | PMI Planning
     • Lost 8 hotels due to takeovers
d2o’s competence:
     • Hotel and restaurant operation management
     • Training and E-learning
     • System integration

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