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Feb 26, 2009 3:00:09 PM - PBS - CR20 JOHN PALFREY BORN DIGITAL

00:02 - knoble
    Here we go!

00:30 - Lisa Francine
    Me too about Twitter...

00:35 - Jeanne
    Loved the book!!

00:41 - John Palfrey
    thanks, Jeanne!

00:48 - digiduchess 1

01:06 - digiduchess 1
    heard on twitter too

01:09 - knoble
    D'aaaawwww. :D

02:21 - Nancy Bergvall
    much better ..thanks

02:37 - Gina
    Brandi, I work in Mpls in Adult Basic Ed, live in St Paul

04:32 - Mary
    Mary in New Jersey

04:50 - Kelly
    Am I the only one in Alaska?!

05:07 - Brittany

05:12 - digiduchess 1
    what part of alaska

05:15 - knoble
    Well, my dot is in the general vicinity of my city....

05:18 - KB
    someone else from cincinnati?

05:18 - Laura

    puerto rico

05:22 - Kelly

05:34 - Lorraine Leo
    Newton, MA, USA

05:34 - Kathy Schrock
    Cape Cod, MA 35 degrees

05:34 - Jeanne
    Laguna Niguel CA 78

05:35 - Meg GSU
    Atlanta 61

05:36 - Laura
    puerto rico 85 F

05:36 - digiduchess 1
    I loved it was there two summers ago

05:38 - samantha Dieterman
    Cypress, CA 76

05:38 - patty
    near fort worth tx 85 degrees

05:38 - Lois Cox
    Onalaska, WI - 30 degrees

05:39 - cathy ikeda
    Hilo, HI 69

05:39 - Melissa K
    Phoenix, clear and 75

05:39 - bran
    NY 21 degrees F

05:40 - Tess
    CT 35

05:41 - Sherri McKendree
    Georgia -65

05:41 - harold yoder
    Canton Ohio 45

05:41 - Nina
    Sarasota Fl, 70

05:41 - Jen
    CT 35

05:42 - HReid
    Cleveland, Oh 41 and Rainty

05:42 - Forrest Sherman
    Virginia 60F

05:42 - Chelsea P
    Pittsburgh PA (go steelers!) 50

05:43 - Allyn
    providence, RI 26F

05:43 - Dixie M Davis
    Tallahassee 56F

05:43 - digiduchess 1
    best vacation

05:43 - jllarsen
    State College, PA 38 C

05:44 - claire fontaine
    brooklyn 42

05:44 - Nancy Bergvall
    Midlothian, TX 85 F

05:44 - Kari 1
    Hartford County, CT - balmy 40

05:44 - Luis
    NY 35 f

05:44 - Sr. Janice Novak
    New Jersey 50

05:45 - KB
    Cincinnati, OH 45

05:45 - Sharon Carter
    69 Valdosta GA

05:45 - Rose
    Kansas 60

05:46 - Karen
    Boston 46

05:46 - Laura 1
    Laura: Brandon, VT, 40 degrees

05:46 - Kelly
    Cold, snow, cold. I no longer look at temps. :)

05:46 - MaryBeth Applegate
    Connecticut 40

05:46 - Travis
    Travis: West Virginia, 65F

05:46 - Jenna
    Singapore, about 28 celcius (88F?)

05:46 - tshreve
    Who else from northeast OH?

05:47 - Brittany
    OH, 40s, Rainy

05:47 - Sandra
    Oklahoma 70

05:47 - dmmacallister
    indianapolis 46

05:47 - Tiffany
    Boone Iowa 30 degrees

05:47 - Diane Smoot
    St. Louis, MO 66 degrees

05:47 - Laura
    puerto rico 85 F

05:48 - Peter L
    Honolulu 75

05:48 - Mike LoMonico
    New York

05:49 - lstryker

    Fryeburg, Maine 22F, clear

05:49 - jane.arcaya

05:50 - Michelle
    Indianapolis 30F

05:50 - Christine
    Santa Monica, CA 70

05:51 - Roxann
    Green Bay, WI where a HUGE blizzard is happening!

05:52 - sallenharris
    Cleveland, Oh 30

05:52 - maria teresa
    miami fl 70 degrees

05:52 - Brooke
    hey now steelers fans - calm down

05:53 - Sara
    Berkeley, CA 54 and a bit cloudy

05:53 - Lynn McCollum
    The Woodlands TX 73 degrees

05:53 - Molly M
    Albany, Or         50 degrees

05:54 - pat walsh
    Williamstown, NJ 50degrees

05:55 -
    albuquerque 60

05:56 - digiduchess 1

05:58 - Gina
    St Paul 24 and snowing

05:59 - katerha
    Cedarville, Mi 29 degrees blizzard 10 inches of snow predicted

05:59 - Kerry Armstead
    Kerry Armstead: San Antonio, TX 87 degrees

06:00 - EliseT
   Ohio 48

06:00 - Chelsea P

06:00 - rrobe1
   Seattle WA - about 40F - rainy of course!!

06:00 - Susanne Lercher
   susanne lercher newyork 40's

06:00 - Shoe
   Athens, GA 50

06:01 - Lisa Francine
   Maynard, MA 37 degrees

06:01 - digiduchess 1

06:03 - Lynn
   Green Bay WU snow, sleet and thunderstorm 22 degrees!

06:03 - Tracey
   Go Stillers!!

06:04 - Brandi 1
   Madison, WI cold and thunderstorming

06:06 - Janie
   Otsego Michigan 45

06:07 - mpwooten
   Greensboro, NC 57F, was a gorgeous day

06:07 - kpartridge
   New York, 34

06:07 - Camille
   Brooklyn 30's

06:07 - Kari LaPoint
   Mashpee MA 44 cloudy

06:07 - Donna Frank
   South Texas 75 degrees+

06:07 - Ginger Bechtold
    Atlantic, Ia windy, 31

06:08 - sghet
    pittsburgh 48

06:08 - jan
    Grand Island, NE 46

06:09 - Kari
    Naples FL 70

06:09 - Steve Hargadon
    Wow. The chat is FAST!

06:10 - carole
    Vermont 40 degrees

06:10 - Amy Ulen
    Snowy in Yelm, WA today!

06:11 - Diane Smoot
    St. Louis, MO 66 degrees

06:13 - mvbell
    CCorpus Christi, Tx 78 and gorgeous

06:14 - Chelsea P
    There you are dr. johnson

06:14 - maureen
    Cummington, Ma 29°

06:15 - Kari 1
    Go Athens GA!

06:21 - claire fontaine
    hi Istryker in Fryeburg - I'm from Maine!

06:21 - Lindsey McCarter
    Chattanooga, TN 60

06:22 - Lisa Francine

06:23 - Karen
    Boston 46

06:23 - Tracey

    Hi Chelsea!

06:25 - Brooke
    e-a-g-l-e-s- eagles

06:26 - anigram
    San Francisco 56 degrees

06:27 - Patty Jones
    Albuquerque 70

06:28 - John
    John: Charlottesville, Va - nice and mild

06:31 - karen d
    Karen D RI clear 38degrees starry

06:37 - digiduchess 1
    Kari we are almost neighbors

06:37 - Jennifer L
    Hi, everyone! In Knoxville, TN, it is overcast and cool in the low 60s.

06:40 - digiduchess 1

06:42 - Bruce Tan
    Kunming,China, temp. 60f, 9am Friday

07:05 - katherine Heilman
    Pittsburgh, PA balmy 50

07:08 - Chris
    London temp 9 degrees C (48 F???) 1am here

07:19 - claire fontaine
    the volume just got quite low for me

07:24 - Brooke
    same here

07:25 - Chelsea P

07:29 - becky
    not me

07:36 - Tom Riley
    It is fine for me

07:37 - patty
    me too

07:40 - Janie
    good here

07:42 - Amy Ulen
    John's volume is much lower than Jenny's

07:44 - Subhra 1
    can u please be a little louder

07:45 - Gail Newfield
    me too

07:52 - tshreve
    turn it up with the speaker icon

07:54 - Lynn McCollum
    did get too low for me also

07:56 - Camille
    low here

07:59 - Pam Shamel
    Gainesville, FL 60 and sunny

08:05 - becky
    reg here

08:05 - Alicia McDermott
    got really low

08:14 - knoble
    Pittsburgh, PA, 50% and a bit overcast.

08:20 - claire fontaine
    my speaker icon is all the way up in elluminatte as well as computer

08:22 - katherine Heilman
    Hi Chelsea! Nice to see another Steeler Fan!

08:34 - Chelsea P
    ohhh yah baby, sixburgh

08:48 - Ariel Poss
    Chattanooga, TN 60

08:49 - Tiffany
    hi katherine-iowa transplated steelers fan here!

08:55 - Lynn McCollum
    All volume controls are completely up but it is still too low

09:01 - Nancy Bergvall
    Anyone here from Midlothian ISD?

09:06 - claire fontaine
    wait - i should blame my boyfriend who is playing FIFA in the room!

09:11 - digiduchess 1
    NIna live in sarasota teach in manatee

09:16 - Chris
    if you have headphones it will be louder for you

09:30 - knoble
    You have my sympathy, Claire.

09:31 - Chris Shamburg
    he's up to 176

09:46 - Laura 1
    Please turn up the mic??? I have headphones, but others want to listen

09:49 - Bob
    Chris, here from the Folger

09:56 - Jason
    There was a discussion in Australia recently questioning the term "digital natives" Is
    it an accurate term? What do u think?

10:06 - joann Heffernan
    i'm having problem hearing, too!

10:07 - Chris

10:09 - claire fontaine
    @knoble - at least he isn't doing the interactive gaming at the moment!

10:15 - Tiffany
    I adjusted the sound volume along the bottom of the screen and it helped with the

10:24 - knoble
    Ooooh, Claire, what kind of game does he play?

10:39 - Gail Newfield
    why do we hear 2 people talking?

11:22 - claire fontaine
    @ knoble - one zombie game in particular - left for dead

11:26 - ronia
    ok how do I put green or red?

11:36 - katherine Heilman
    How do you show checks, Immigrant obviously

11:39 - cathy ikeda
    ronia: it

11:42 - sue
    click the x or check on the slide

11:49 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    ronia- top left of your screen green check or red x

12:00 - Lisa Francine
    Do you mean create original works or repost other works

12:13 - Gina
    i don't see a check mark next to my name

12:22 - ronia
    thanks. at very top'

12:25 - knoble
    Uh, by social network, do you mean, like Facebook?

12:31 - Tom Riley

12:32 - carinac
    yep facebook.

12:32 - Jeanne
    any SNS

12:33 - Lisa Francine
    Yes to Facebook

12:40 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    facebook, twitter, pbs teachers as social networks....

12:46 - Judy Pederson
    facebook & twitter

12:47 - knoble
    Does LJ count?

12:48 - katherine Heilman

12:55 - Sharon Carter
    thanks on check mark location

12:58 - John Palfrey
    LJ counts!

12:59 - Brandi 1
    what is a virtual world?

13:01 - Jeanne
    yay SL

13:05 - Amy Ulen
    Who has time?!

13:08 - knoble
    Ah, well, I answered right then. :D

13:08 - Brandi 1
    What is second light?

13:12 - Jason
    @Brandi second life is biggest one

13:12 - Lorraine Leo
    Second Life

13:13 - katherine Heilman
    what is second world?

13:13 - Jeanne
    second life

13:14 - Brooke
    does doing it tonight in class for the 1st time count? :-P

13:15 - Lindsey McCarter
    What is that?

13:16 - Tiffany

    second life

13:17 - knoble
    We're doing that later in the semester.

13:17 - ronia
    move hand on slide

13:20 - Nancy Bergvall
    I've seen it, but don't get it

13:27 - Roxann
    the checks and x's are at the top left of your Elluminate screen

13:32 - Amy Ulen
    Lord of the Rings Online...I'm a hobbit!

13:43 - katherine Heilman
    No time!

13:43 - Brandi 1
    does bejeweled count?

13:44 - Jeanne
    SL is great for the virtual libraries, ISTE, ALA, etc.

13:46 - knoble
    I used to play Ragnarok Online.

13:48 - Lynn
    Who has time to play in the world of IT?

13:49 - knoble
    Not anymore, though.

13:57 - Laura
    hey im going to serach for myself now....

14:12 - Milobo
    Interesting to see what comes up in a search for your name!

14:14 - Michelle
    Also my children, would be suprised what teens are up too.

14:18 - ronia
    agree, who has time, mainly kids

14:27 - katherine Heilman
    transplant 26 years ago! from CT

14:44 - Subhra 1

14:56 - Lindsey McCarter
    err..frozen screen when I was searching the chat log

15:15 - Gail Newfield
    we can't hear John

15:32 - Nancy Bergvall
    hi, t-kay and martha

15:47 - T-Kay
    hey nancy...where's martha?

16:01 - Nancy Bergvall
    she's here

16:03 - knoble
    Yeah, I was curious of that, because I pretty much grew up without computers.

16:05 - T-Kay
    i loved the virual question...educators don't have time, we are preparing for TAKS!

16:06 - amy
    have they said if the presentation will be online afterwards for sharing with

16:12 - Tiffany
    it will be

16:13 - Tom Riley
    any one from Wake Tech here?

16:20 - amy
    thanks tiffany

16:23 - Tiffany
    the previous session is availble also

16:24 - Nancy Bergvall
    let's chat on facebook when this is over

16:26 - Tiffany

16:31 - ronia
    as a teacher, it is surprising how many don't have computers/internet at home

16:34 - T-Kay
    kk for me

16:35 - knoble
    My first contact was in first grade with a first-gen Macintosh.

16:37 - eslteach
    I'm from Fayetteville Tech

16:39 - Kip Sparkman
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't hear John.

16:47 - Brittany
    Ronia - you're right, but most have access somewhere

17:00 - Chelsea P
    same here, oragon trail was my first incounter with comps

17:01 - Gail Newfield
    we can hear John now

17:07 - claire fontaine
    me too, born in 1980

17:10 - Brooke
    i was born in 83.....but sometimes I feel like a digital immigrant!

17:10 - Laura 1
    Sound is much, much better now! Thank you.

17:11 - claire fontaine
    the cusp

17:12 - Chelsea P

17:14 - ronia
    but if you have it only intermittently are you realy a native, or just a visitor

17:30 - amy
    i think i must be a visitor

17:37 - Shoe
    born in 1946

17:43 - lizastro
    I'm from UTSA

17:44 - knoble
    I think I consider myself an immigrant. I can remember my life without technology.

17:46 - harold yoder

17:50 - ronia
    it is how they use it though, I know more about how to use "business" apps though
    born in 66

17:54 - Luis

17:54 - Brittany
    Ronia - I think that's a good question. I know some people have said that it's a
    generational thing, though clearly from this discussion it's not necessarily so

17:58 - Tiffany
    I think its a state of mind...

17:59 - mpwooten

17:59 - Laura 1
    I'm born in ' is the new educational platform...finding myself reinvigorated
    through digital potentials!

18:00 - patty
    I am DSL (digital as a second language)

18:11 - T-Kay
    definitely a state of mind

18:12 - Tiffany
    and technology dependant

18:12 - Brandi 1
    I like that

18:12 - Brooke

18:13 - Nancy Bergvall
    i love DSL

18:14 - Lisa Francine
    centipide, millipede, spyhunter, tapper, and pac man were my first and favorite
    arcade games (pre-computer game era)

18:15 - Steve Hargadon
    "Participation Gap"

18:20 - MM
    I teach in HS an am surprised at how many are facile with their phone but not facile
    with productivity software.

18:21 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    born in 1974 and used computer in elementary school

18:23 - claire fontaine
    oregon trail!!!

18:30 - Rose
    born '48-definitely a state of mind

18:32 - ronia
    useful technologies or entertianment technology

18:34 - Kip Sparkman
    born in 54, but have been involved in technology related fields since the 10th grade

18:36 - lizastro
    I also love DSL

18:39 - T-Kay
    like that term" participation Gap"

18:43 - Lois Cox
    Hadn't hearn DSL--love it.

18:44 - amy
    move on

18:45 - Travis
    Travis: I was born in 1951 and still trying to learn as much as I can so I can be a
    more effective teacher.

18:45 - Molly M
    DSL       l like that too

18:49 - Susanne Lercher
    for all us digital immigrants out there, it sure helps to have offspring who are digital
    natives and can help us adjust to technology

18:57 - Kelly
    YES< it is a state of mind! :)

19:00 - Chris

    i believe it's an overstatement that today's generation of children are all digital
    natives - I teach many children who are just as scared and intimidated by technology
    as many adults

19:02 - knoble
    I agree with that.

19:04 - Sandra
    I agree. I was born in 46

19:05 - Laura 1
    I like the distinction! Suggests that digital can cross generation gap

19:06 - tshreve
    what is the role of the teacher vs the school in getting technologically involved?

19:07 - ronia
    Is it more about accomplishing something with technology or just comfort with and
    "sophistication" with technology

19:10 - Gina
    computers have become more like an appliance than a true technology?

19:10 - Jeannine 1
    We are 5 Immagrants and 6 Natives in our class

19:15 - Subhra 1
    so from 1980-2009 is a long range. should we put them in the same category?

19:21 - jllarsen
    Do the "natives" see older teachers as invaders?

19:22 - BethU
    I definitely agree it's a state of mind. I was born in 47 and use more technologies
    than my son born in 1988

19:40 - Kelly
    MySpace harassment suicide?

19:44 - John Palfrey
    BethU: I think it's also a culture as well as a state of mind

19:45 - katherine Heilman
    becoming literate in technology

19:47 - T-Kay
    nancy, love the last paragraph on this slide!

19:52 - Allyn

    look at facebook, and all the data there

19:54 - amy
    do any of you know of free email for kids at school?

19:55 - MM
    Me to - bonr in 44 and use more than my daughter .

19:59 - knoble
    I sort of grew into technology.

20:02 - cnelson
    it is not volume - it is comfort with

20:05 - Tom Riley
    Do you think the Dateline people are monitoring this?

20:05 - Nancy Bergvall
    good point

20:07 - Kelly
    John, not really. I am the only techie in my family and friends.

20:11 - Allyn
    birthdates etc

20:15 - ronia

20:17 - Luis
    We just got you Tube back Yeah!

20:21 - Susanne Lercher
    many students are searching online without parental supervision

20:31 - cnelson
    I use more technology but it takes longer to learn

20:33 - KB
    social networking doesn't make one competent on a computer

20:33 - Sharon Carter
    as older teacher I feel my digital natives are very friendly, helpful, I count on them

20:40 - ronia

20:44 - Brooke

    if we block things from kids - they're just going to find it anyway with a proxy - we
    need to teach them how to use the web appropriately

20:44 - Martha Lackey
    I also love that last pararaph

20:45 - katherine Heilman
    Patty, I like that one, DSL, you must have ESL students

20:55 - Tiffany
    they get "search" they dont get "REsearch"

20:59 - Nancy Bergvall
    our teachers would love this format of staff development

20:59 - Brandi 1
    I think educating kids on how to use the technology in a safe way is important.
    Didn't we all have good touch bad touch programs?? Kind of like that, but safety for
    internet usage.

21:02 - Kelly
    Ronia, do you know that all caps means shouting?

21:05 - Jeannine 1
    I agree with you Brooke:)

21:06 - Jen
    i agree with Brooke

21:09 - Nina
    I think validity and reliablilty of information is more important to learn than to worry
    about safety

21:13 - digiduchess 1
    we need to be giving them something to do rather than block

21:14 - Laura
    Oh in PR there was an article that wah tyou publidh in Facebook is their property

21:15 - ronia

21:18 - Laura 1
    so, I think you are saying...if we create motivating, educational reasons to use
    on-line info/resources/tools...the more involved we will become in their digital
    explorations...the more we can guide/facilitate.

21:21 - Jeanne

    SNS use d/n make them good researchers

21:22 - Michelle
    I believe it is impossible to protect teens from internet. They need protection from
    themselves, EX provocative pics of themselves.

21:23 - Sandra
    Some of us in my school district are considering a Parent University on just this sort
    of thing. Parents need to know as well as students.

21:24 - digiduchess 1
    we need teach them how to be out ther

21:29 - Laura
    I put too much info on the pages

21:33 - Ptarrant
    I see kids taking more responsiblity for their own safety.

21:49 - Chelsea P
    I agree with ptarrant

21:50 - BethU
    Define using technology...     Social networking, conferencing, bookmarking, what?

21:51 - RDlugosz
    i'm worried about the lack of sensory learning time for very young children - some as
    young as 4 and 5 are online somewhat already - can they spare the time

21:51 - Brittany
    Great point!

21:52 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    do your school districts have policies against cyberbullying? mine does but many
    don't so am curious

21:57 - Travis
    Travis: I believe we worry about this too much, sometimes. Certainly children
    need to be taught and reminded frequently of the dangers. But we also need to
    trust them while protecting them.

21:58 - Susanne Lercher
    I agree with Sandra - you have to keep the parents aware of what is out there

22:03 - knoble
    I never put my full name out on the WWW, unless it's in an educational setting like

22:09 - jllarsen

    #1 lesson for kids on use of online world--Learn to be skeptical. Not only as relates
    to sexual predators, but also intellectual predators--like misinformation,

22:12 - Jeanne
    they don't scroll - 24/7 pervasive always on immediate gratification

22:14 - Laura
    that what you publish on facebook in their property

22:15 - Michelle
    I have 2 year olds online already

22:22 - becky
    it starts young

22:24 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    what about protecting kids against their peers like where cyberbullying is concerned
    esp through social networking sites like facebook?

22:34 - cnelson
    I am in a room full of strangers

22:39 - becky
    i teach three yr olds who already know their way around a computer

22:47 - katherine Heilman
    I agree, many are intimidated children

22:47 - KB
    there are educational search engines that can filter out all the inappropriate stuff

22:54 - ronia
    Know their way around the computer, but what can they accomplish?

22:55 - KB
    like nettrekker

22:57 - Tiffany
    good point travis--they way to teach them isnt to block it...its to teach them to act
    responsiblity and wisely

22:57 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    many school districts filter

22:59 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    do our students really understand their digital footprint?

23:01 - knoble

    That happened with my little brother...

23:05 - cnelson
    thing youth find more connections online than in real life

23:07 - jllarsen
    filters don't get misinformation.

23:13 - Brooke
    no - i don't think they do - we need to teach them

23:13 - Allyn
    how many of you can change the ribbon on a typewriter

23:14 - Martha Lackey
    Martha Lackey also loves the last paragraph

23:15 - Jen
    many know how to get around the filter

23:21 - Brooke
    what's a typewriter?

23:25 - cathy ikeda
    home is not filtered, so are the parents here too?

23:25 - KB

23:25 - becky

23:26 - Brooke

23:28 - tshreve
    digital footprint is a tough concept even for teens

23:30 - knoble
    We also had filters that filtered really innocuous stuff. It was frustrating when we
    tried to do research.

23:31 - cnelson
    still looking for the dial on my phone too

23:31 - carole
    young people definitely have seen more because of online access

23:34 - Amy Ulen

    What's probably worse is that they are creating the harmful/pornographic content by
    sending nude photos of themselves to their friends.

23:36 - Brittany
    What are you feelings about filters on schools, John?

23:36 - Jeanne
    I have a large digital footprint. gave up trying to control it. I show kids in my classes.

23:37 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    nettrekker employs teachers to review sites that are included in searches

23:38 - Michelle
    you can block all you want, friends, library, cell phones whith teens it is if there is a
    will there is a way

23:43 - patty
    i can change a ribbon! I still call the enter key the return key!

23:47 - Travis
    Travis: I still remember. Thank God I haven't had to do that since the 70s!

23:48 - Kip Sparkman
    unfortunatly they tend to filter out needed info as well. I'm presently blocked from
    youtube due to our state educational server

23:57 - knoble
    Kip, same here!

23:58 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    even some adults don't understand digital footprint- who is to teach the kids

24:03 - knoble
    My HS had a problem with Bess.

24:04 - becky
    i get youtube in my school

24:05 - Allyn
    IM bullying

24:05 - Laura 1
    Well, I do think we will continue seeing ways we can link direct/kinesthetic
    experiences with on-line experiences. Wii is a great example...first game system I
    have ever allowed in my house (kids ages 12 and 15)...definitely gets you moving,
    doing real time I think more digital experiences will complement and
    interface with real/direct experiences

24:08 - carinac

    @allyn: it's funny- lots of students are afraid of analog technologies but will jump on
    digital ones with little fear

24:12 - KB
    i understand those types of computers

24:14 - becky
    i use it in circle time to reinforce concepts

24:14 - KB
    and filters

24:15 - Allyn
    fights in one school I worked at

24:16 - Brooke
    good question pam

24:22 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    can you unblock the filters where you teach

24:30 - tshreve
    the trouble with filters is they make "blanket" eliminations

24:41 - cnelson
    agree nice format

24:43 - Sandra
    I think we have to keep reminding students about their digital footprint. Teens will
    always think they are not in danger - driving or surfing.

24:43 - Jeanne
    My fav chapter is 7 on quality

24:48 - patty
    i can't unblock but all the kids know about I like your

24:48 - Martha Lackey
    Martha needs to read this book

24:48 - Brittany
    I teach composition I and II in the college level and you'd be surprised how many
    students write papers about how things like BESS don't work and how the limitations
    their HSs put on the computers are hindering their learning

24:59 - KB
    nettrekker is a little different

25:01 - Brittany

    It seems like we need to teach students how to act responsibility online rather than
    limitting them

25:03 - casterline
    many Euro countries rely on the filters "in the kids"

25:26 - casterline
    too bad e-rate funding is tied to filters

25:26 - katherine Heilman
    Facebook damaging to teacher's reputation 7 misconceptions. More and more older
    friends, parents, 50's 60's joining Facebook. Uncle 83 years old!

25:35 - cnelson
    don't look behind the curtian!

25:37 - KB
    i guess the filtering would matter what age they are

25:37 - Brooke
    caterline - where are you from

25:39 - Tom Riley
    I think they plagiarize more than other populations because it is so EASY. Just cut
    and paste.

25:46 - Brook Taylor
    wait, so is it a myth that DN's are more endangered? The text there doesn't
    suggest so...what did John just say?

25:46 - jackiegerstein
    First we need to teach the teachers

25:48 - kas
    we need Wrinkle Facebook

25:51 - KB
    plagiarisim is much easier to catch, too

25:52 - casterline

25:57 - Jeanne
    we just had 60 juniors plagiarize in December

25:58 - Shoe
    casterline, say more about European methods of "filtering within." Thanks.

26:00 - Tom Riley

    That is true KB

26:01 - Sherry
    wrinkle facebook, that's funny

26:09 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    were just blocked on sites like hulu - was shocked - I try to work around filters all the
    time - there is such great info out there

26:12 - Kari 1
    casterline - good point about Europe... they give teens more credit than we do here!

26:19 - patty
    i like wrinkle facebook

26:21 - tshreve
    do they plagiarize because they are lazy or because we don't teach them about what
    it is?

26:22 - Milobo
    more interesting to me is that students don't see it as wrong to share music

26:23 - Kip Sparkman
    my students are surprized i catch pagiarism so fast

26:24 - cnelson
    if the assignments are boring - students will create poor work

26:30 - Steve Hargadon
    iTunes has really complicated the discussions around copyright!

26:32 - BethU
    Their definition of plagarizism and ours might be different.

26:36 - KB
    we do need to teach them what is right and what is wrong

26:36 - Jeanne
    I think they feel freer to take because they create

26:40 - cnelson
    look for ways to post without doing the work

26:40 - Susanne Lercher
    it is just too easy to copy and paste from the Internet - just like with cyberbullying,
    users think that they are "invisible" and will not be discovered

26:48 - digiduchess 1
    part of the problem with copyright is no one is talking about with them.

26:50 - KB
    and keep them accountable for it

26:50 - Jeanne
    they need to be taught exactly how to paraphrase and cite

26:55 - Laura
    KB what is the site or program to catch plagiarism

26:57 - casterline
    @shoe-student responsibility and no Internet filters...will look for a link to great

26:59 - Brittany
    Digiduchess - completely!

27:01 - jackiegerstein
    Maybe we need to teach - both adults and kids - how to effectively use creative

27:03 - Kip Sparkman
    their definitition wasn't the same , I had to teach it

27:03 - becky
    copy paaste does not equal cheating to kids today

27:06 - digiduchess 1
    absolutely Jeanne

27:07 - Jeanne our HS uses

27:08 - tshreve
    or do we need to create better assignments, more fit for the digital age, than we
    used to?

27:12 - cnelson
    you can't cut and paste project based assignments

27:13 - becky
    us yes

27:16 - Tom Riley
    Safe Assign is a good program with Blackboard

27:17 - Shoe
    Thanks, casterline!

27:20 - KB
    turnitin is great for catching plagiarism

27:22 - Chelsea P
    yah tshreve

27:23 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama is an online subscription plagiarism service

27:28 - KB
    it is like safeassign

27:32 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    using turnitin as a trial in my school = going to do research in a few weeks

27:33 - Sandra
    Ditto to cnelson's comment.

27:33 - digiduchess 1
    we can not just block sites

27:36 - KB
    but for other programs than BB

27:37 - Laura 1
    I think we have to come up with new terms--plagiarism...don't we want students to
    bring together different resources and use these resources to confimr/refute/create
    arguments? I totally agree we must guard against blatant "cut and paste" and
    calling it mine; Perhaps it has more to do with the kinds of questions/assignments
    we give them.

27:38 - ronia
    but now copyright in America is life of creator +90 years?!?!

27:41 - Jeanne
    new teachers also need help in designing assignments to lower events of plagiarism

27:48 - cnelson
    let students create original work they are proud of

27:50 - Tom Riley
    Sometimes I just google a suspicious phrase from their paper

27:50 - Brandi 1
    I agree with what John says about copyright

27:52 - Susanne Lercher

    I am a Library Media Specialist and in my grade 3-5 classes, we do talk about
    copyright and really have to discuss these topics in regards to
    research and use of materials from the web

27:56 - KB
    the more they work together, the less plagiarism there is

28:00 - jackiegerstein
    Copyright systmes needs to be re-conceptualized

28:07 - Brandi 1
    there are several artists that promote the use and sharing of their work

28:09 - cnelson
    context over content

28:15 - Gina
    i don't think we have made the distinction between sharing and copyright

28:15 - Brittany
    I have one

28:31 - MM
    Great site - Temple University fair use -

28:33 - Kip Sparkman
    if you require citations in all projects, and accept no work without the citations, it's
    easy to catch

28:43 - Kelly
    John, What about Danger Mouse, and the Grey Album?

28:49 - Tess
    how does the fair use guideliness for education apply?

28:54 - Brittany
    I wonder what your thoughts are, John, about how to get students to experience
    remixing in the classroom

28:55 - John Palfrey
    say more, Kelly?

28:59 - Jeanne
    I did a works cited survey and was able to spot numerous issues

29:12 - digiduchess 1
    Tess google it there are many out there

29:19 - digiduchess 1

    Library of Congress

29:22 - Kelly
    Isn't that the issue you're referencing, with creating new items from existing
    copyrighted ones?

29:22 - digiduchess 1
    saw today

29:26 - knoble
    Okay, here we go!

29:29 - knoble
    Thank you!

29:33 - Brandi 1
    yes remixing is exactly that

29:37 - Roxann
    Check out a fair-y use video:

29:40 - KB
    googling parts of papers or suspicious sentences can usually be found easily

29:43 - connie weber
    who's read Remix, has that been discussed? sorry I came in late

29:50 - knoble
    Creative Commons is AWESOME.

29:57 - joycevalenza
    zero licensing just started!

30:00 - Roxann
    Yay CC!

30:08 - Brandi 1
    we aren't just talking about papers, we are talking about vidding and music and
    original videos

30:09 - Nancy Bergvall
    Love CC

30:26 - Brooke
    yes CC is great

30:28 - Bob
    Brittany, there's a great tutorial on the Folger Shakespeare Website
    (includes a podcast showing students remixing Shakespeare

30:31 - connie weber
    it's about having a participatory culture

30:44 - Milobo
    Our music students are learning to remix their own content as a class - such as
    creating ringtones this week.

30:52 - connie weber
    with rights going to creators, in a hybrid blend

31:00 - Tiffany
    milobo-thats awesome

31:14 - Kelly
    Repeat: Isn't that the issue you're referencing, with creating new items from existing
    copyrighted ones?

31:17 - connie weber
    current music students seem to be very permissive about their own work

31:25 - digiduchess 1
    got to love GaragBand for kids making there own musci

31:27 - digiduchess 1

31:39 - Laura 1
    John, please discuss the role of digital platforms with respect to student motivation...

31:47 - Brittany
    Thanks! I think that really helps and was a great answer. I think that remixing is
    an important experience to get students thinking about how knowledge is created.

32:00 - ronia
    but what about people really being able to make a LIVING from books, movies,

32:06 - Milobo
    connie weber - agreed - students want to share!

32:06 - sallenharris
    I just bokmarked CC. Looks awsome

32:07 - katherine Heilman
    Twenty somethings think they are not in danger. It is knowldedge and being smart
    about your choices

32:07 - knoble

    I've seen this a lot with fanfiction. Generally, fans tend to respect the wishes of
    authors who do not want their works to be part of fanfiction.

32:12 - Gina
    great point brandi

32:15 - Chris
    john - what do you see as a solution to modernising the current copyright laws?

32:22 - knoble
    I do know JKR is fine with it.

32:24 - Jenny Bradbury

32:26 - Kelly
    Interesting, thank you for the insight, John!

32:29 - becky
    i wish this chat window was bigger

32:34 - connie weber
    @ronia, the students feel that getting their name out will help them make a living

32:34 - John Palfrey
    sure, Kelly!

32:40 - Roxann
    For completely copyright free digital photos, check out:

32:57 - kearnsville
    I am a special education teacher. Media has really levelled the playing field for my
    students. Not only that, because they are typically 'hands on' learners, they really out
    perform their peers in this area.

33:03 - joycevalenza
    have you seen Temple's fair use code?

33:04 - knoble
    Oh, is that a stock photo site, Roxann?

33:10 - harold yoder
    kelly repost

33:11 - connie weber
    oh my gosh it's going so fast

33:12 - PeggyG

    @Becky-you can change your view to wide layout to get a bigger chat window :-)

33:13 - cnelson
    a native!

33:23 - Nancy Bergvall
    what is temple's fairuse code?

33:25 - Rob
    @JoyceValenza Yeah, Temple's fair use is good.

33:30 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    anyone used

33:37 - joycevalenza
    oh my!

33:44 - John Palfrey
    I learned multitasking from our students

33:46 - connie weber
    we've got forums going on about that on Fireside

33:47 - jllarsen
    They said the same thing about Sesame Street.

33:48 - Brittany
    I'm sorry, who said that?

33:49 - digiduchess 1
    I saw that article

33:49 - kim caise
    i love glogster @pam

33:52 - becky
    thank you

33:55 - Lisa Francine
    Love the looks of glogster, but have not used it yet

34:01 - Donna Frank
    Are we preparing children for the world they live in or for the world we grew up in?

34:02 - Tiffany
    remember that article (grrr)

34:03 - connie weber
    Is that person reputable?

34:05 - kim caise
    very simple and easy to use

34:05 - maureen
    I read that article- did not see the research, if any, behind it.

34:06 - knoble
    I will say that I do think I have a shorter attention span than I used to.

34:11 - cnelson
    I cannot sit for 80 min blocks either

34:13 - Sandra
    Glogster is fun and can be used in so many ways.

34:18 - Brandi 1
    I think one of the most valuable experiences can be found in a public historical

34:27 - Michelle
    I dont know about social websites, but I gain a lot of information from the net.

34:29 - knoble
    But then again, considering the brain's elasticity, maybe we can re-train ourselves to
    lengthen said attention span.

34:31 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    used glogster on a Twain unit and the American West = was great = coupled it with

34:32 - Tiffany
    didnt they say the same type things about the chalkboard?

34:35 - jllarsen
    A book was published on how Sesame Street and other fast cut tv was wiring young
    brains in different ways...but is that a bad thing?

34:35 - cnelson
    we are an instant society

34:35 - connie weber
    the neurscientists are getting a lot of good stuff going going now, just don't know
    what to make of it

34:40 - maureen
    I do wonder if kids multitasking is rewiring their brains- or future brains.

34:53 - Brittany

    I think it was in the Atlantic this summer, the article called "Is Google Making Us
    Stupid" (or something close to that) -- it's fascinating to think about

34:54 - Kelly
    I've seen reports that kids today will learn more information in years, than previouse
    generations learned in their entire lives!

34:59 - Michelle
    we are an instant society. I love google.

35:01 - connie weber
    @mauree, I think rewiring is always going on

35:08 - Brandi 1
    Google is open-ended

35:13 - Lisa Francine
    I wonder if all this multitasking is rewiring my almost 45 year old brain!

35:13 - Nancy Bergvall
    looks like the email we got from Kirk today

35:14 - jackiegerstein
    Much rather kids on the computer than sitting in front of the TV for 5 hours
    -computers are more interactive

35:23 - connie weber
    @maureen, and how do we know how it affects kids developmentally

35:24 - maureen
    @connie- more change in the last 10 years than I have seen in my long life

35:31 - Steve Hargadon
    I always click on Wikipedia as well.

35:35 - Jeanne
    their deep reading and writing skills are suffering

35:36 - knoble
    Maureen, another question to consider is if this is a bad thing.

35:37 - Brittany
    Me too!

35:37 - knoble
    I read that too, Brittany!

35:38 - cnelson

    Wonder if the farmers thought the same about the industrialists in the 1900s - darn

35:39 - tshreve
    Brittany- good article in the Atlantic - you can get it online at

35:43 - connie weber
    @maureen, agreed, fast change

35:44 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    it is amazing to hear how students are using technology such as Google in the
    classroom for positive learning experiences

35:46 - knoble
    Wikipedia is a good starting point for research, though.

35:49 - carinac
    this is entirely true from what i've seen in college research- the google as first point
    of service-- then wikipedia

35:49 - becky
    the problem with digital age is kids want everyhting now now now

35:51 - becky
    no patience

35:52 - knoble
    As long as it is well-cited, I think.

35:54 - Jeanne
    The example in Chap 7 about wikipedia is something I have taught at my HS

36:01 - Tiffany seeing @maureen and @connie using twitter format

36:02 - knoble
    But I use EBSCO most of the time.

36:03 - becky
    and they cannot research the old fashioned way if they had to

36:04 - carinac
    let's hope they don't STOP there..!

36:06 - Brittany
    I had students read the Atlantic article and the students really liked it, though
    strugled getting through it ;)

36:19 - digiduchess 1

    how about cross referencing

36:20 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    the assignment is on my teacher page - you can reach it through --
    it's under my long last name

36:23 - Travis
    Travis: I love Wikipedia and tell the students to check it out first to get an overview
    of a topic before they begin their research.

36:26 - digiduchess 1
    with Wikipedia

36:27 - stephen c
    Multi-tasking is a myth. The brain can shift quicly from task to task but the brain only
    does one thing at a time.

36:32 - Michelle
    don't need to research the old fashioned way.

36:33 - Camille
    We should use 30 Rock to teach about Wikipedia.

36:37 - maureen
    @connie- I don't know. And is it a good/bad thing? We'll see. Brain Rules says we
    cannot really multi task- I wonder if we will be more effective at doing this later

36:38 - Brittany
    Nearly every scholar I know admits to wikipedia - but as John is saying, there are
    many sources and we must read beyond

36:42 - Kelly
    Wikipedia is just a starting point, and the creator says that often. :)

36:45 - Jeanne
    I show them to look at the references on wikipedia articles

36:51 - EliseT
    Thank you Stephen.

36:52 - cnelson
    google picture postcards in the 1930s - it also changed communication patterns

36:54 - Martha Lackey
    Martha agrees with Michelle...we want it RIGHT now

36:55 - jllarsen
    we need to teach kids to filter/be skeptical about all internet resources...especially in
    the sciences where the internet gives free reign to pseudoscience.

36:56 - Chelsea P
    Jeanne, i was just about to say that

36:57 - Jeanne
    Jimmy Wales has said himself not to use Wikipedia as an academic source

36:58 - digiduchess 1
    good idea jeanna

36:59 - carinac
    here it is: the difference and tie-in between TECH literacy and INFO literacy!

37:01 - Laura 1
    As a literacy teacher--feel the goal is authentic and transactional networking provides a platform for dialog--as long as there is
    trust between users and clear expectations.

37:01 - Brittany
    Exactly, it's a starting point - just like a print-based encyclopedia

37:03 - connie weber
    @@stephen, aren't we multitasking now, dividing our brains to follow everything?

37:04 - Jeanne
    haha Chelsea

37:05 - becky
    anyone in here from southern for class

37:08 - casterline
    Don Tapscott's book Grown Up Digital also mentions many of those quotes about
    dumbest generation p. 3-7

37:19 - Brittany
    I have students in spring semester who are first-year students who still aren't sure
    where the library is

37:23 - Brittany
    on campus that is

37:24 - joycevalenza
    you don't get it. the library has no walls

37:24 - becky

37:31 - Rob
    "cringe" that kids only go to a libray on a field trip!

37:32 - joycevalenza
    library resources are wall-free!

37:32 - Chelsea P
    wow, thats bad

37:38 - maureen
    @ connie- I don't listen well when I am typing and reading the chat

37:42 - jackiegerstein
    Socrates didn't believe in the "written word"! For Socrates speech should
    understand the nature of the soul in order to persuade it to justice. According to
    Socrates the written word is incapable of this task.

37:43 - knoble
    Our library is pretty out in the open.

37:46 - joycevalenza
    the databases students take for granted are library resources

37:47 - MaryBeth Applegate
    I found that the Wikipedia aticle on our own town had many inaccuracies so I had
    the kids research it and actually make the corrections to the site! They learned a lot
    about critical thinking from this.

37:48 - cnelson
    my 12 year old is smarter than when I was 12

37:50 - Kelly
    I would LOVE to see Harvard's library.

37:50 - knoble
    It's actually right across from my dorm.

37:58 - Nina
    no longer called library.."media center"

37:59 - Brittany
    Great point, Jackie!

38:05 - Tiffany
    doesnt it depend on how you define "intelligent" if they are more or less.../

38:07 - Tiffany

38:07 - joycevalenza
    libraries provide the ebooks students use too

38:12 - joycevalenza
    and advice

38:15 - connie weber
    @cnelson, but does your child know nature? :-)

38:15 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    wow! our kids love our library -we actually have advid readers right now and I can
    read and discuss books with a lot of different types of students - makes me feel good
    as an English teacher

38:15 - joycevalenza
    and pathfinders

38:18 - cnelson
    and we have contests about being smarter than a 5th grader!

38:20 - harold yoder
    it was called media center in 1988

38:24 - Chelsea P
    Yes maureen, this is really distracting... for a first time elluminate user, reading the
    chat, looking at the slid, and listening to the speaker... no wonder why we have a
    short attention span

38:25 - ronia
    brains are always being re-wired

38:31 - Laura 1
    Agree with John that Libraries are changing their look with respect to tools used, but
    not their purpose of providing information

38:37 - becky
    there may be a time when maybe power out or something they should learn the
    original way and digital way

38:41 - digiduchess 1
    sorry there is just something about falling in love with a good book

38:42 - casterline
    read iBrain...also talks about digital overload

38:43 - tshreve
    @cneslson - your 12year old is more knowledgeable that you - not smarter

38:46 - Kari 1
    Thanks for giving us these great book titles... I want to read them at the end of this

38:52 - Sharon Carter
    Our Georgia performance standards require our students to read 25 books a year -
    yep! it's surprising to see them "rediscover" books

39:02 - Brandi 1
    I am guilty of what John is talking about. However, I really loved spending time in
    the library when I was a kid. It just became hard to learn later on in life that some of
    the books I read were so incorrectly biased and outdated...this is what turned me off
    and turned me on to computers.

39:03 - Jeanne
    and librarians provide instruction on how to use those databases which are not user
    friendly sometimes but designed for academic research

39:04 - kas
    our librarian continues to buy hard copies of the brand new, already outdated
    encyclopedia sets

39:10 - knoble
    Chelsea - to help out with that, I just try to filter as much as possible - like waiting to
    see if someone is responding to what I say.

39:10 - connie weber
    steve, we need a way to slow the written conversation down

39:15 - casterline
    twitter is much faster for news

39:16 - Kip Sparkman
    according to a neuro surgeona collegue of mine was talking to last week, they are
    finding that children being born into this computer age are not getting as fast of
    growth in the frontal lobes. this causes the transfer from left to right brain to be more
    difficult. it explains observations we have been seeing with our eighth graders that
    are tech savy but have extreme difficulty in creative or critical thinking in which the
    answers are not wrote

39:17 - knoble
    That way, I can stay at least somewhat focused.

39:20 - Susanne Lercher
    librarians are now involved with helping users make sense of all the online resources
    and to help them evaluate the info sources they use

39:20 - tshreve
    we just talked in class about how little newspaper reading there is anymore

39:20 - Tiffany

   sharon-does it have to be a tactile book?

39:22 - connie weber
   or display it differently,

39:24 - Brooke
   any way to make this window wider??

39:26 - Jeannine 1
   we check our readers!

39:27 - Michelle
   I love books too. But when I need research or info there is no better place than the
   web for me. Better, faster and more convenient.

39:39 - Jeannine 1
   We are really reading:0

39:40 - maureen
   @ Chelsea- I've used elluminate a lot and when the chat is moving so fast- it is hard
   to keep up- even if I wasn't trying to read the slide and listen as well

39:40 - tshreve
   how little tv news viewing there is by students

39:41 - Sharon Carter
   Does not specify

39:42 - cnelson
   @tshreve we have great conversations that are beyond just facts - strong
   awareness of the world

39:44 - katherine Heilman
   How reliable are any news networks?

39:45 - Nina
   many kids in my area go to book stores in the place of libraries.. They sit and read
   books there

39:48 - connie weber
   steve, slower, bigger, with more display of conversation

39:48 - Nancy Bergvall
   should librarians only purchase fiction

39:49 - pam marchewka-cornwell
   Funny we just had a conversation on twitter about how we're not reading the paper
   but on twitter and other networks - paper is on the table

40:01 - becky
    @brooke go to view and change layout option

40:02 - connie weber
    steve, it could all be "forumized" afterwards

40:05 - Chelsea P
    Good point.. i had to close my eyes

40:08 - MaryBeth Applegate
    Why do you think the newspapers are going bankrupt?

40:08 - digiduchess 1
    I agree Michelle

40:11 - Susanne Lercher
    the web is fine but we need educators and librarians to help users to search more
    efficiently and effectively

40:17 - Tiffany
    sharon-would be interesting to know how the kid consume the book
    or digital method

40:20 - Laura 1
    I do agree that books still need to bet in people's hands--but "books" will also take on
    other forms...take 'kindle'...seems like this will continue to evolve. Still I love the feel
    of a real book in my hand...timeless books

40:27 - cnelson
    would you warm up with a kindle?

40:27 - Brittany
    The internet makes research more up to date - while there needs to be some
    rhetorical thoughts behind the use of internet sources, by removing the publishing
    process more "current" research is made available

40:29 - Bob
    Hey, Chris. Yes, it's me.

40:30 - Brandi 1
    libraries may stay current; however the internet is so instant. Through
    random-clicking you can learn so much from various sources on a topic.

40:31 - katherine Heilman
    I agree context is much more important, even at the younger years

40:32 - knoble
    I love books so much.

40:45 - knoble
    I grew up reading. I can't imagine reading any other way.

40:46 - digiduchess 1
    good point cnelson

40:47 - jackiegerstein
    Kids develop their own personal learning networks

40:59 - becky
    libraries are evolving

41:07 - kas
    I love the stories; the format from which I read them doesn't matter

41:10 - knoble
    They certainly are, Becky.

41:12 - Jeanne
    and librarians have evolved

41:13 - Allison Carpenter           24/7 real live librarian to chat with and assist
    anyone in their quest for information.

41:14 - maureen
    I can't imagine giving up books, but I bet folks couldn't imagine giving up the horse
    for transportation either

41:16 - Jen
    @knoble-i agee. i love books!

41:17 - Gina
    John, I am concerned about adult students who are falling way behind in technology
    know how. There is so much to teach them. What would you see as being the most
    important areas I should be teaching them?

41:20 - cnelson
    @knoble I loved my sony walkman too

41:23 - katherine Heilman
    NEA just put out an article how multitasking is not efficient, and we need to consider
    the task and expectations

41:24 - Tiffany
    I love a book :)

41:26 - Sharon Carter

    tactile book was my interpretation - i required them all to check out 1 book - they
    loved it, was novel for many (also many of my students don't have acess to digital

41:30 - Jeanne
    text a librarian

41:31 - Nancy Bergvall
    some nonfiction is out of date the minute it is published

41:33 - casterline
    Blooms is Back!

41:42 - Kip Sparkman
    i'm having success in geting my students to watch news on-line with various sources
    and question why the same stories are reported differently

41:43 - digiduchess 1
    okay cnelson time for an iPod

41:47 - knoble
    Cnelson: I'm actually more of an iPod person.

41:51 - cnelson

41:55 - Brook Taylor
    some nonfiction has a depth of detail and opinion that is hard to find on the web

42:00 - knoble
    My nano has served me faithfully for, like, three years.

42:03 - Laura 1
    I love learning new digital from my mp3 player...

42:05 - BethU
    who remembers Googlezon and it's take on what will happen with the news

42:09 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    there is definately a need for both the book and then the technology - mixing the two
    is fun - all of my book reports have take on a form of a message board instead of
    paper -

42:11 - connie weber
    metacomment: the conversation is like a garden growing in fast-forward

42:12 - becky
    i love new technology too

42:13 - jackiegerstein

    Second life has a huge library presence - very innovative things going on

42:15 - Susanne Lercher
    librarians are evolving - I've been a LMS for ten years and things have certainly
    changed re my priorities...I spend more time discussing effective information
    retrieval than describing types of sources such as almanacs, encyclopedias

42:22 - Kelly
    What about the Federal Register? Is it online?

42:23 - becky
    adult toys

42:26 - becky

42:31 - tshreve
    the ipod touch seemed to be the default gift over the holidays - soo many students
    now have them

42:32 - katherine Heilman
    I struggle with this format, soo much info to process. I need to focus on speaker
    now. Can't do both. We would reprimand a student, not being focused!

42:36 - knoble
    @becky - I chuckled. :D

42:38 - Susanne Lercher
    fed reg is online

42:41 - Sandra
    Amen to Susanne

42:42 - becky
    not thatr way

42:43 - BethU

42:48 - digiduchess 1
    careful becky

42:49 - becky
    dirty minded people

42:52 - casterline
    Howard Gardner talks about the 5 minds of the future and 1 is disciplined
    thinking...thinking like a lawyer

42:53 - becky

42:56 - ronia
    QUESTION? how will history be taught in the future? With continually updating data,
    will we ever really have a snapshot of an event circa 2012? or by 2015 will it have
    been wikied, blogged, and updated until there is no actual sense of what 2012 really

43:02 - Susanne Lercher
    thank you sandra but I am modest

43:06 - knoble
    @tshreve: I was going to get an iPod touch. And then my nano started working

43:10 - jllarsen
    As an environmental educator, I think it'simportant to include in the "deep dive" to
    open the door and go's one thing to read about environmental issues on
    line and another to experience it. Nabhan in his book on the geography of childhood
    points out that Native American kids know more about endangered species in far
    away lands (via internet) than they do the plants and animals right outside their door.

43:16 - maureen
    What ever would we do without librarians?

43:25 - patty
    are there any virtual worlds that allow kids and adults second life has a teen version
    but it's not for adults. I want to build a virtual classroom

43:37 - mrsdurff
    the crux of the matter - the whole enchilada - or however you want to say it

43:42 - connie weber
    @jllarson, let's talk more about nature education

43:43 - maureen
    @ patty yes- there are lots of them

43:46 - Sharon Carter
    jllarsen you are exactly right

43:49 - Nancy Bergvall
    i'm having a hard time focusing on both formats. Is it becaue i am a DSL?

43:52 - Susanne Lercher
    I wish that many school districts could see your comment Maureen, thanks for the

43:57 - knoble
    Aaah, overload.

44:00 - Jeanne
    Patty teen SL you have to get approval to go in as an adult with a class

44:01 - Brooke
    oh my.......

44:07 - Mary Del Bianco
    has any one tried google lively?

44:07 - Brittany
    No, Nancy. I'm a digital native and it's difficult

44:12 - jackiegerstein
    Things evolve - film projects and overhead projectors in classroom was looked down
    upon at one point - I don't understand the resistance to evolving teaching/learning

44:13 - Chelsea P
    hahah knoble

44:14 - patty
    thanks jeanne

44:16 - Brittany
    200+ people chatting is difficult

44:20 - casterline
    overload can really cause a digital depression

44:21 - Nancy Bergvall
    Thanks for your comment

44:24 - PaulFromKenosha
    Sorry, I was late, but what book are we talking about? TIA

44:25 - Laura 1
    I think what John is saying right now is evidence that instructors must also "google"
    topics/see what's out there...truly know what we're trying to teach--so that we can
    provide a structure/graphic organizer/blank outline ... for students to understand the
    scope/sequence of their research topic. Information explosion is real...won't go
    away...if we accept it, then we'll learn to navigate it.

44:39 - Jeanne
    Patty and those zones are locked down. only for that particular class.

44:39 - digiduchess 1
    are they real or is it just different

44:42 - knoble
    Haha, I would disagree with that. I was anti-social even before I had a computer.

44:43 - patty
    i'm so visual icould follow this better if i could see john

44:45 - cnelson
    balance is everything in life

44:49 - katherine Heilman
    New diagnosis exists called Nature Deficit due to all the techonology

44:49 - jllarsen
    Best advice I ever got: open the door, let them out from Freeman Dyson

44:51 - Jeanne
    most of them.

45:01 - maureen
    @Susanne- I love my school librarian, my town librarian, and now I get online
    librarians- joycevalenza et al ...

45:11 - Tom Riley
    Students are more likely to be blunt and demanding to teachers in an online
    environment as opposed to a seated environment.

45:14 - tshreve
    bullying - we just had a student suspended for online bullying

45:17 - Susanne Lercher
    bullies succeed if they get responses from their victims....whether in person or online

45:17 - becky
    it does make people more social but less social in person

45:20 - Nancy Bergvall
    long live Joyce V!

45:20 - connie weber
    @katherine, I don't know about "due to" but associated with, yes: nature deficit

45:26 - Kelly
    Isn't the digital world eroding social skills for younger people?

45:31 - becky
    yes kelly

45:32 - Steve Hargadon

45:37 - Michelle
   yes kelly

45:40 - maureen
   @ Kelly

45:43 - Laura 1
   what is disinhibition?

45:44 - connie weber
   @not necessarily

45:44 - Lynn
   Kelly, I agree with your comment.

45:45 - kas
   we need to teach etiquette for the new tools and culture

45:46 - pam marchewka-cornwell
   @amy Ulen - sure            let
   me know if this works

45:46 - harold yoder
   yes kelly

45:47 - cnelson
   24 hour rule - never reply until the next day!

45:57 - knoble
   I'm not sure how I feel about that, Kelly.

46:04 - Chris
   I'm guilty!

46:05 - katherine Heilman
   E-mails can misinterpret tone of e-mail

46:05 - maureen
   @ Kelly- my MS kids would disagree- they feel more connected- 24/7

46:20 - Tom Riley
   Yes Steve - They "tell me" to do something ... and these are often 30-40 yr adults.

46:20 - Lynn

    Why is it when teens are together at a table and all have an ipod, zune, or phone
    they are using instead of talking!?

46:21 - connie weber
    networked students can learn a lot

46:26 - cathy ikeda
    Katherine: I agree!

46:29 - Jeanne
    the latest study done by UC Berkeley & UCI shows that gaming doesn't erode social

46:30 - digiduchess 1
    yes kelly and they want to talk about it

46:30 - Tiffany
    @maureen have heard some argue the quality of the content

46:30 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    @Amy Ulen - click on the English 11 button

46:31 - Milobo
    Kelly, Not eroding, but changing what it means to be social, maybe?

46:34 - jackiegerstein
    It is the same phenomina with cars - anonymouse behind the wheel of a care

46:34 - connie weber
    in a healthy way, learn a lot

46:35 - knoble
    Maybe that's just because I feel like I can speak better on the computer.

46:35 - digiduchess 1
    they know is out there

46:42 - Brandi 1
    These problems are age old, it is just now more public with less accountability. Is
    this something that teachers can help moderate through their curriculum, or is this
    something deeper?

46:45 - ronia
    What will we have to for the past? WW2 letters home to loved ones VS text
    messages, e-mails, and phone calls from Iraq.

46:47 - Chelsea P
    Lynn, read Feed

46:51 - katherine Heilman
    Parents often misunderstand a simple note, and get quite upset. I make phone

46:51 - becky
    i speak better on the computer too

46:53 - stephen c
    Glut: Mastering Information Through The Ages by Alex Wright

46:54 - knoble
    It's easier for me to type my thoughts than speak them. Because I have time to
    process what I want to say.

46:54 - cnelson
    still more bully at the bus stop than online

46:56 - Laura 1
    Like face-to-face interactions, there are miscommunications. I think it has to do a
    great deal with temperament of child...

47:08 - jackiegerstein
    Not meaner - just more widerspread given the tools

47:09 - Travis
    Travis: Speaking of a global culture, is anyone familiar with iEARN?

47:14 - Luis
    I think is more about the difficulty of making a living this days, parents working more
    than ever

47:16 - becky

47:18 - Tiffany
    mean girls have always been mean girls

47:18 - knoble
    I remember boys in 6th grade asking to go out with me.

47:23 - maureen
    @Tiffany I would agree with you re content- but the kids don't. They enjoy both f2f
    and have an active online life

47:23 - Susanne Lercher
    people think that they are "invisible" in digital media environments...we need to have
    examples to show users that this "invisibility" is a myth and there are ways to find out
    who the bully is

47:24 - Brittany
    That's a great point! There is no way for students (those being bullied) to escape

47:25 - knoble
    I never realized that they were bullying me.

47:28 - Brooke
    typing is also misinterpreted vs hearing someone's voice

47:29 - cnelson
    eliminate buses and bullying will decrease

47:30 - Steve Hargadon
    Digital photography seems have have made it "easier".

47:31 - Lynn

47:32 - Mary Del Bianco
    maybe we will end up nicer....

47:34 - Lorraine Leo
    I'm wondering how I can teach students in the K-6 environment ways to protect
    themselves from cyberbullying

47:35 - kas
    Used pbwiki log to track down a bully to match him to his comment. Worked well and
    everyone felt comfortable with the result

47:42 - katherine Heilman
    Books are always number one. I need to print out info on paper to truly process
    detailed info, mark comments, etc

47:45 - Lindsey McCarter

47:48 - Lindsey McCarter

47:51 - Jeanne
    Letters to a Bullied Girl is a great book about cyberbullying

47:55 - Chelsea P
    agreed Brooke, im guilty with that when texting

48:01 - Lisa Francine
    Feed by M.T. Anderson

48:01 - Laura 1
    I am worried about the amount of sexualized innuendo/images students are putting

48:02 - Nina
    And more people see and comment on the bullying

48:05 - Brandi 1
    teach them what bullying does to somebody and teach them accountability.

48:11 - becky
    i remeber having a beeper and having to find a phone to use and that was intrusive
    now there is constant communication no matter where you are or what you are doing

48:12 - Chelsea P
    yes lisa francine

48:12 - cnelson
    like adult toys?

48:24 - becky

48:43 - Nancy Bergvall
    my superintendent might be leary about using web 2.0 because it could lead to

48:52 - Tiffany
    wow...I think cnelson actually made the room quiet for 10 seconds

48:59 - Brooke
    i check my facebook/email/twitter when i wake up........and usually first when i get
    home from school

49:00 - becky

49:00 - Laura 1
    what if school's could capture facebook enthusiasm??

49:03 - Chelsea P

49:04 - maureen
    @Laura- I would agree with that worry- little girls are sexualizing their photos- not
    Shirley Temple- my role model when growing up- and Liz Taylor in National Velvet

49:11 - Brittany

    Nancy - I don't think it leads to bullying. Bullying is happening, web 2.0 or not

49:14 - digiduchess 1
    I feel that way about my facebook account

49:15 - Brooke
    just to "catch up" - make sure i didn't miss anything

49:17 - lizastro
    Unfortunately, the digital divide still exists and is getting wider for minority,
    low-income individuals.

49:21 - casterline

49:24 - mrsdurff
    disconnected from their friends - we felt the same way, we just connected differently

49:27 - Brandi 1
    I think both the bullying AND the sexualized images are something a bit deeper that
    these kids are going through. Like we talked about earlier. You can put a lot out
    on the internet and not be truly accountable for it.

49:30 - Gina
    Wikis in the schools can act like a social network

49:30 - John Palfrey
    nice, casterline! yes, that's it!

49:32 - becky
    its addicting after awhile-myspace, fasccebook

49:36 - Susanne Lercher
    Lorraine, you have to get the students aware that they should seek an adult
    immediately if bullied or harrassed instead of responding back to the bully
    online....teachers and parents must reinforce this to students....because anyone who
    responds negatively to a bully online can be construed as a cyberbully themselves

49:38 - becky
    u find yourself addicted

49:47 - Gina
    I do

49:49 - Roxann
    Can John repeat that last resource?

49:50 - Tiffany
    totally agree becky

49:53 - Brandi 1
    its almost like sarcasm in everyday conversation...its safe, but it is borderline

49:59 - Lorraine Leo
    @Susanne Lercher thanks

50:00 - Kelly
    @Casterline, thanks for the link!

50:03 - connie weber
    question, who's on line here, are students here?

50:05 - John Palfrey
    Roxann -- see Casterline's post above, the Digital Youth student

50:05 - Chelsea P

50:10 - Tiffany

50:12 - Brooke

50:12 - Peter H.
    great question

50:12 - mrsdurff
    i'm an invader?

50:12 - Brittany
    It depends

50:15 - becky
    i ahve to check my all the time it started out maybve once a week

50:17 - becky
    now daily

50:18 - ronia

50:22 - connie weber
    I think it's a real good question

50:27 - connie weber
    things evolve

50:30 - Chris
    John - what is your suggested solution to updating copyright laws?

50:34 - Susanne Lercher
    my pleasure Lorraine - my daughter has been cyberbullied so I can say that I've
    been there......done that!

50:35 - maureen
    "Creepy treehouse" is what I have heard

50:37 - Brooke
    not invaders - just unskilled!!! (some of them)

50:41 - Brittany
    Why would we want to be "friends" with our students

50:46 - connie weber
    read remix for suggestions for copyright law evolution

50:46 - Brooke
    where do I click???? please

50:50 - digiduchess 1
    good one chris

50:55 - Brook Taylor
    regarding myth 2, was John saying that DN's are not more endangered, or are?
    Understand from the text that they need guidance.

50:58 - Laura 1
    ah, maureen...I loved Shirely Temple...of course, perhaps she was considered
    somewhat sexualized in her day...?

51:06 - Lisa Francine
    Digital Citizenship for Teens

51:09 - maureen
    @ Laura- naw!

51:10 - Tiffany
    brittany-one of my students didnt understand why I wouldnt friend them...privacy talk

51:13 - lizastro
    It appears that they have expectations for older teachers, "what do you mean you
    don't text,....?"

51:14 - carinac
    john: question: is the scan-and-click browsing affecting students' abilities to read
    longer passages carefully? is traditional text-based literacy being affected here?

51:15 - Chelsea P
    Even though they are invaders, they can find the skills to evolve, but they still have
    an attidue about being an invader

51:20 - connie weber
    I was one of the first adults to ask to come into the student facebook world

51:27 - Sharon Carter
    No, the natives are very helpful, but don't go to their world with an open mind

51:30 - Tom Riley
    John - I've had students want to add me as a friend on Facebook? What does that
    say about how they see generational boundaries?

51:39 - connie weber
    it was weird then, now it's more normal. things evolve

51:42 - jackiegerstein
    Kids need to their own space - kids used to do it in the schoolyards - now it is online

51:45 - tshreve
    students are, as a whole, very knowledgeable in some areas, yet very weak in
    others. My students have no knowledge of rss feeds, for instance.

51:49 - connie weber
    yes, let young people be your guide

51:50 - Brooke
    i'm a native and everyone at school thinks i'm "amazing" because I just know the
    right places to click........

51:53 - mrsdurff
    my learners invite me in

51:57 - becky
    i have taught many natives around the compyuter

52:07 - Laura 1
    Gina, I am constantly setting up you can set them up for students who
    don't have e-mails.

52:09 - Kelly
    Reciprocal learning is a great idea, John. :)

52:12 - Brittany
    Tiffany - I think that students don't understand that always. I have colleagues who
    are "friends" on facebook with their students and then have very personal accounts -

    If I were to friend a students I would have to have a professional profile (though I'm
    25 and my students are 1st year college students).

52:15 - Jeanne
    I showed some juniors SL the other day and none of them knew what it was

52:18 - mrsdurff
    they don't view me as an invader

52:21 - Susanne Lercher
    I think that all adults should become aware of social networks and teachers should
    become familiar with Facebook/MySpace and the like

52:22 - ronia
    oops, slip: QUESTION: Are we creating no permanence? case in point, letters from
    WW2 vs phone calls from Iraq. or Star Wars, the version we (40+ saw and
    remember is different then the version currently available

52:28 - connie weber
    yes, ask them to show us

52:36 - mrsdurff
    juniors in highschool?

52:39 - Gina
    Laura, yes I use pbwiki

52:43 - Jeanne
    yes MrsDurff

52:47 - Lorraine Leo
    Are there international standards for social networks (age requirements) or are they
    controlled by each country?

52:54 - molly

52:56 - Laura
    So if we are to change our way of teaching then schools have to have the
    infrastructure for us to work with technology, which we don't have

52:58 - Jeanne
    I took them to a virtual library on infoisland

53:01 - Laura 1

    John...What is the best first step for a school to take to equalize the digital
    platform--for teachers at different comfort levels, as well as for students?

53:07 - digiduchess 1
    agree mrsdurff

53:08 - mrsdurff
    wow - my 7th graders know what SL is

53:11 - Kelly
    Many areas are in a state of flux due to the digital age advent: business, media and

53:19 - connie weber
    Steve, could you imagine a forum like this? whew

53:26 - katherine Heilman
    @ connie, yes I agree with you, tough to type and form a clear thought and listen.
    Good point.

53:27 - ronia
    laura: amen, we have schools that do not allow us to teach in a digital way

53:31 - Tiffany
    brittany-exactly--all for collaborating, but when and where Im confortable and feel its

53:31 - Gina
    Molly, I agree

53:37 - casterline

53:42 - Travis
    Travis: I do have some students who are my "friend" on Facebook, but I limit
    current students - I am only "friends" to students whose parents I know really well
    socially outside of school and students who attend the same church as I do.

53:43 - Kari 1
    Do you think kids should be allowed access to technology during the school day
    (i-Pod, cell phone) or do you think it is too distracting?

53:55 - becky

53:55 - knoble
    All right, it let me back on again.

54:03 - Chris
    love it. It's exactly what I have believed would be a decent solution to the copyright

54:06 - Sharon Carter
    way too distracting

54:07 - knoble
    I hope it doesn't do it again. D:

54:09 - Sherry

54:10 - Gina
    I am interested in trying to engage sts in the arts with technology

54:14 - digiduchess 1
    that is my role too Travis

54:21 - Kip Sparkman
    I had a student start a myspace for me last year and I get more information about
    them personally and what is going on that it is unbeleivable, i'm 55 and considered a
    cool teacher, there is a line that a teacher has to be careful not to cross, but the kids
    are much more willing to express their ideas and question mine in that environment
    and later we seem to develop a more trusting classroom relationship. because I
    teach social studies, disscussion is an important part of the class and kids need to
    learn by model and involvement how to express and respect the expressions of

54:24 - Judy Pederson
    Lots of research going on right now about how to use cell phones in classroom.

54:24 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    @Amy Ulen - let me know what you think - email me from the homepage I am
    intersted in feedback

54:25 - kas
    I agree that young adults need their own space to be themselves. The teaching
    comes before they enter these places as we can't always be watching. I was serious
    about Wrinkle Facebook as people my age want the same benefits as facebook but
    don't want to be "friends" with our students or our own children. We have different

54:29 - ronia
    distraction, what about google sms, or even smart phones with full Internet acess

54:29 - connie weber
    there is a new literacy

54:30 - Nancy Bergvall
    i would like to see students bring their phones to school

54:31 - maureen
    I have a ning for my gr 7-9... but the kids really connect on fb. They are just learning
    how to use a social network for educational purposes. I kind of like to keep my
    worlds separate.

54:36 - connie weber
    people learn to think in links

54:38 - digiduchess 1
    why not use ipods and cellphone for school

54:41 - mrsdurff
    why can't literacy evolve?

54:45 - digiduchess 1
    become the distraction

54:46 - jackiegerstein
    I have thought a lot of this question - I have always skimmed newspapers like I skim
    the internet

54:47 - connie weber
    new reading technologies can really help students

54:48 - Kelly
    Exactly, Connie!

54:54 - Judy Pederson
    I use cell phone tech in my classroom

55:04 - Sharon Carter
    we use the stopwatch on our cell phones in science labs

55:06 - knoble
    Pfft, if the Twilight phenomenon is any indication, of course it won't stop them from
    reading long format.

55:07 - Laura
    I pods don't let me tech!!!!!!

55:08 - mrsdurff
    and why must text based be valued above all?

55:08 - Jen
    i notice students write the way they text

55:09 - cnelson
    The why are there so many people at barnes and noble every weekend?

55:13 - tshreve
    we have two teachers with a grant to use ipods in the classroom - so far so good

55:19 - Brandi 1
    What is digital island?

55:20 - Laura 1
    I really like cross generational aspect of facebook...

55:21 - Emily
    John, what do you think about recent news reports that smart phones are being
    introduced into classrooms to take advantage on companies' parts of billion dollar
    tech industry

55:23 - Brittany
    MRSDURFF: I think literacy has and is evolving.

55:25 - knoble
    @ cnelson: GREAT store.

55:25 - Sherry

55:29 - Kelly
    Laura, Alaska Natives here are using iPods to learn their traditional languages.

55:32 - molly

55:32 - Nancy Bergvall
    my son got hooked on warcraft

55:35 - cnelson
    harry potter was over 10000 pages!

55:37 - jackiegerstein
    The use of blogs have actually increased my students' writing- both pleasure and

55:37 - Tiffany
    thats a great point, john

55:37 - Laura 1

    Also, is a great site and could encourage reading/writing/digital

55:50 - ColetteC
    Newspaper reporter that her editor told her to make her articles shorter and add
    more bullet points b/c we skim better than we used to

55:51 - Emily
    ... can students benefit from use of smart phones in classrooms as well?

55:52 - mrsdurff
    @Brittany how do you see literacy evolving? to ?

55:54 - Tiffany
    they HAVE attention to things they want to pay attention to

55:55 - BethU
    In an confernce recently heard about a student that turned in a college paper in text
    and had trouble writing it in standard English when he was asked to.

55:57 - cnelson
    think many children read more than we give them credit

56:00 - carinac
    @john- thank you for the response :)

56:01 - maureen
    @jackiegerstein- I skim way more now than I ever did before, whether this is lack of
    time, too much info to look at , I'm getting better at getting the gist by skimming or ??
    I don't know

56:01 - Roxann
    It's unfortunate that people are equating short attention span with ADD. The lines are
    becoming too blurred and negating a real disability that many people really do

56:06 - Gina
    Susanne, I agree. It brings them into contact with what their sts are into

56:10 - Travis
    Travis: I battle cell phones and texting practically everyday. Our policy is that the
    teacher confiscates the phone, it turned in to the principal and is returned after 48
    hours only if a parent comes in to pick it up. Too bad if they get caught on
    Thursdays or Fridays.

56:22 - Brandi 1
    What is digital island?

56:22 - John Palfrey

    thanks, Chris! it's in Promises to Keep by Terry Fisher

56:38 - knoble
    I really don't think that technology like that should be used in the classroom.

56:40 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    we really need ideas on how to manage all the learning networks - NING, Twitter,
    wiki ect. can get overwhelming - how would we do this

56:40 - jackiegerstein
    See my 4th and 5th grade students' Shelfari's - they are still reading!

56:53 - knoble
    Shoot, that came out wrong.

56:56 - cnelson
    enjoyed that chapter

56:59 - Brittany
    @MRSDURFF: many professional organizations are speaking/publishing about how
    we, as teachers, need to prepare our students to interact in digital spaces because
    they are important (I'm having problems thinking and writing and listening - ha)

57:01 - mrsdurff
    indeed! cellphones & iPods are verboten at ours

57:05 - knoble
    I mean, not personal devices.

57:05 - Sharon Carter
    we also use the cameras on phones to record observations during science expts fun

57:08 - Brooke
    phew knoble - i was worried!

57:11 - connie weber
    there was a great discussion about this on the Britannica blog--steve, you were part
    of it

57:13 - Roxann
    I cringe when I see schools with "no cell phone" policies...handhelds are AMAZING
    tools, not toys. We need to teach students that they can be tools.

57:16 - Laura 1
    ah, oh...what is SL??

57:18 - cnelson
    hotspots for all my friends!

57:20 - knoble
    Oh, heavens no, Brooke.

57:21 - digiduchess 1
    I have had the same experience with blogs jackie

57:28 - Brandi 1
    What is Digital Island?

57:29 - knoble
    Cellphones were essential when my school had a gas leak.

57:33 - ColetteC
    teachers need to change their teaching practice to incorporate these devices

57:34 - knoble
    We had to get in touch with our parents.

57:37 - Brittany
    But there are so many ways to use the technology the students are brining to class
    without making it a distraction

57:45 - knoble
    Its just...I think there should be obvious limits.

57:46 - Kelly
    And for school safety issues as well, @Knoble.

57:53 - Lindsey McCarter
    Yes, Yes, Yes

57:54 - knoble

57:56 - mrsdurff
    @Brittany I wonder/question myself often whether I am doing just that

57:57 - ronia
    digital divide. in classrooms not all students have it and schools can't afford it

57:57 - Tiffany
    knoble...totally agree

58:00 - digiduchess 1
    amen Roxann- I am sorry I don't have more

58:01 - Tiffany
    teach the limits...

58:02 - cathy ikeda
    Thank you John - we need to go back to our pedagogical goals!

58:02 - Nancy Bergvall
    good point, John

58:05 - Martha Lackey
    I love the way he keeps bringing up the question...what are our pedagoloy goals

58:11 - cnelson
    NYTimes survey - people would give up almost everything before putting down their

58:12 - Lindsey McCarter
    Planning goals....What do we want them to learn? How we will know they have
    learned it?

58:12 - Laura 1
    pbwiki has really been great....

58:12 - patty
    pedagogical goals? to pass the test.. you know : No Child left untested!

58:16 - Laura
    KellyBut here in PR we dont have an equipped classroom students bring there Ipods
    and tune me out when Im teaching

58:20 - Travis
    Travis: I recently attended a workshop for teachers where the presentor asked
    teachers to find information on the Internet in 5 minutes. They could call a friend, or
    use the Internet on their telephone. There are ways to incorporate this in the

58:22 - bran
    incorporating technology is my professional goal for this year

58:22 - Kelly
    Tech should be adapted to strenghthen basic teaching. :)

58:23 - becky
    @patty lol

58:25 - knoble
    But The other side of it is that it leads to things like texting and not paying attention.

58:25 - Meg GSU
    Agreed Ronia. What about urban/high poverty schools?

58:31 - Rob
    But, how do you define a "good" socratic teacher :-)

58:32 - Susanne Lercher
    For those students who are not as literate as others, digital audio books like
    playaways are one way to attract those who do not have the attention spans to read
    long passages of text. Books on CD or tape or playaways are probably great for
    auditory learners

58:35 - Brittany
    @MRSDURFF: I think that's good though - questioning our role is important

58:37 - cnelson
    How would I take this webinar if I did not have my laptop?

58:38 - maureen
    I think we have to think about distractions of tech should be dealt with like any other

58:44 - Laura 1
    Thank you, John. There is a time and a place--for technology, face-to-fact, books in
    your hand, or ipod. Eclectic.

58:47 - Michelle
    What is the earliest age you feel is appropriate to begin using the computer?

58:48 - knoble
    It's funny. I got nearly all As and one B while using my laptop in the classroom.

58:48 - tshreve
    John - I agree!

58:49 - Emily
    thank you very much for you thoughts

58:52 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    Kelly- that sums it up

58:53 - cnelson
    Students should seek information anytime!

59:00 - jackiegerstein
    But is would still use the internet to find argumnets re: the Socratic method for
    supporting arguments

59:02 - Kelly
    Thank you very much, Jenny, Steve and John!

59:04 - Brandi 1

    I have a question

59:11 - Lindsey McCarter
    Well, if they are doing something else in class...then maybe the teacher is not
    engaging them in learning

59:12 - John Palfrey
    jackie, sometimes that's true

59:14 - maureen
    This wenr way too fast. Have to follow up on the links!

59:16 - John Palfrey
    but not always

59:18 - knoble
    Thank you all so very much for everything you've done.

59:22 - knoble
    I had great fun tonight.

59:24 - John Palfrey
    many students find themselves

59:24 - casterline
    wow! this hour flew by! Thanks John...lots to think about

59:24 - Steve Hargadon
    Many, many thanks to John!

59:25 - cathy ikeda
    Thanks Jenny, Steve and John

59:26 - ronia
    Also, how often can schools update technolgoy when computers should be updated
    every 2-3 years, IPods 2-3 years, how can we afford to teach if each classroom with
    30 students has 30 computers, 30 ipods, 30 iphones, and they are replaced every
    2-3 years? SHOW ME THE MONEY

59:27 - Milobo
    But by whose standards would you disallow it?

59:29 - John Palfrey
    distracted by the tech

59:30 - alicebarr
    Where will this be archived?

59:31 - tshreve

    John - the book was great and I access the wiki periodically.

59:32 - digiduchess 1
    it has been an hour

59:32 - Kelly
    Thank you to all the participants. ;)

59:37 - Steve Hargadon
    Alex is from Boston College.

59:39 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
    wow, this was absolutely wonderful. Thank you John, Steve, and Jenny!!!

59:40 - Brooke
    i'm on widescreen mode - but if there's any way to widen this text screen for next
    time that would be great

59:48 - Jeanne
    that's CUE

59:50 - John Palfrey
    thanks everyone!

59:54 - Susanne Lercher
    thanks to Classroom 2.0 and PBS - this is my first webinar and it has been a great

59:56 - Milobo
    If a teacher can't see a way for tec to enhance, but student can, should tech be

59:57 - jackiegerstein
    Can you put the links in the chat - for direct access?

1:00:02 - Brittany
    Thanks so much, John! This was great.

1:00:03 - Gina
    Judy, can you point me to some of the research?

1:00:07 - John Palfrey
    Diana and Alex are amazing -- definitely join Steve for that one

1:00:07 - kim caise
    @brooke, if you click on view and then layouts you can unlock and resize the

1:00:07 - John Palfrey

    will be much better than mine...

1:00:07 - mrsdurff
    this char is too fast

1:00:07 - Jeanne
    Thank you John. Excellent presentation.

1:00:08 - connie weber
    thank you, keep going Steve and everyone, you're making a difference

1:00:12 - knoble
    eeeee shakespeareeeee :D

1:00:13 - becky
    thank you

1:00:16 - Lisa Francine
    Appreciate your sharing tonight John!

1:00:18 - Brooke
    ooh darn.....thanks kim! an hour too late haha

1:00:19 - Chris Shamburg
    That shakespeare one sounds cool.

1:00:22 - sue
    Thanks everyone

1:00:23 - Ana MarÃ-a
    very interesting!

1:00:24 - Tracey
    Watch it @knoble....

1:00:32 - Brandi 1
    I am interested in using Skype in the classroom. Does anyone have any
    suggestions how to ingtegrate this?

1:00:35 - digiduchess 1
    thanks john, steve .......

1:00:37 - Lorraine Leo
    Thank you John! Very interesting presentation.

1:00:46 - Tiffany
    Thanks John!

1:00:46 - cathy ikeda

    John: thanks for trying to keep up with the backchannel. I know it's very difficult.

1:00:47 - Ana MarÃ-a

1:00:49 - Brittany
    @BRANDI: have you considered office hours with students through Skype?

1:00:52 - Steve Hargadon

1:00:52 - Sara
    Thank you, John, and all!

1:00:59 - Jeanne
    Steve you are broadcasting from CUE?

1:01:00 - kpartridge
    I agree that the chat was way too fast. I even had to block it out with a piece of
    paper so I wouldn't keep losing focus.

1:01:05 - kim caise
    @brandi check out our show site: for skype in the
    classroom resources

1:01:06 - Juan Ca

1:01:07 - Nancy Bergvall
    thanks for providing this experience. i learned a lot

1:01:08 - Travis
    Travis: A great experience! Thanks for providing this kind of learning environment
    and discussion!

1:01:08 - Nina
    how do we access this info after we log off

1:01:08 - Susanne Lercher
    thank you john for your presentation

1:01:09 - Martha Lackey
    martha loves these webinars!!!!

1:01:10 - pam marchewka-cornwell
    John - this was great- it really confirms a lot of conversations we are having at my

1:01:12 - Kari 1


1:01:17 - jllarsen

1:01:19 - Renee
    how can we get the transcript of these webinar?

1:01:23 - Brandi 1
    Thank you Kim!

1:01:34 - digiduchess 1
    ditto on Renee

1:01:39 - kim caise
    @nina will have the show's recording

1:01:43 - kim caise
    you are wecome brandi

1:01:44 - Lisa Francine
    Added PBS widgets to our library wiki

1:01:54 - Shoe
    Bravo! Well done, PBS Teachers group!

1:01:56 - Brooke
    Thanks John! I can't wait to read the rest of your book

1:01:57 - Milobo
    I added to my blog!

1:01:59 - kim caise
    seedlings mentioned these activity packs tonight

1:02:09 - Susanne Lercher
    will PBS have a booth at next week's Channel 13 conference?

1:02:10 - maria teresa
    i loved this webinar and plan to atttend more

1:02:12 - digiduchess 1
    thanks kim

1:02:21 - mrsdurff
    url for all this?

1:02:26 - Brandi 1
    This is my first webinar and I really enjoyed it!!

1:02:28 - Laura
   I see science teachers have good ideas on how to use the cell phones

1:02:30 - Brandi 1
   Thank you John!

1:02:34 - Nancy Bergvall
   keep it free, PBS. Great resource.

1:02:36 - kim caise
   you are welcome @digiduchess

1:02:41 - knoble
   Mine as well! This was great.

1:02:44 - Tamera
   yes. PBS will be at Celebration

1:02:45 - mrsdurff

1:02:46 - Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
   To join PBS Teachers:

1:02:48 - Chelsea P
   Dr. Johnson... get that response paper up so I can get it done before the weekend

1:02:50 - John Palfrey
   Thanks, PBS and everyone who came out tonight

1:02:50 - Susanne Lercher
   kudos to steve for classroom 2.0

1:02:53 - Martha Lackey
   martha agrees with

1:02:58 - mrsdurff
   PBS url?

1:02:59 - Susanne Lercher
   thanks for the info tamara

1:03:00 - Jeanne
   Is PBS at CUE next week?

1:03:16 - Steve Hargadon

1:03:20 - mrsdurff

1:03:22 - BethU
    great session than you all for participating and PBS for hosting

1:03:30 - Nancy Bergvall
    t-kay o martha see you on first class chat

1:03:33 - Megan Sutton
    This has been great - a little overwhelming with the chat and the talk, but I'll work on
    absorbing it all.

1:03:48 - carinac
    thank you!!!

1:03:49 - Lorraine Leo
    survey was filled in.

1:04:00 - Laura
    I agree with rinia not everyone has digital devices

1:04:01 - Kelly
    I did the survey, have a great night, goodbye :)

1:04:03 - knoble
    Thank you!

1:04:05 - bran
    thank you

1:04:05 - Chelsea P
    thanks everyone, this was neat

1:04:14 - Steve Hargadon
    Thanks, everyone!

1:04:14 - jackiegerstein
    Great information - love all the the energy from the chat room and the speakers!

1:04:16 - Laura 1
    thanks again! great!

1:04:21 - Steve Hargadon
    Great work, Jenny!

1:04:25 - Chris
    This was my first webinar too - and I am very impressed with the quyality of the
    speaker (John) and the moderators! Thank You!

1:04:26 - Susanne Lercher
    good night

1:04:27 - Steve Hargadon
    Thanks again, John.

1:04:30 - Laura 1
    where's the survey?

1:04:34 - kasmith
    Nice job Jenny and Steve!

1:04:35 - Steve Hargadon

1:04:37 - John Palfrey
    thanks, Chris!

1:04:37 - Brook Taylor
    anyone else having trouble closing the elluminate survey window?

1:04:41 - Brandi 1

1:05:12 - Michelle
    so, How do I prove I was here?

1:05:13 - kim caise
    you won't be able to close the elluminate window unless you are moderator - it will
    close when you exit the session

1:05:24 - Brook Taylor
    thx Kim

1:05:27 - kim caise

1:05:57 - Steve Hargadon
    OK, in five minutes I have to throw everyone out of the room to get the recording to

1:05:58 - Steve Hargadon

1:06:10 - Brittany
    I can't get hte survey to submit

1:06:11 - Steve Hargadon

    You can file > exit or just close down Elluminate.

1:06:20 - John Palfrey
    bye all! thanks again, Jenny and Steve and all participants

1:06:28 - Chris
    hehe back to bed for me now! 2.06am

1:06:28 - Steve Hargadon
    @brittany: in our window or did you open your own?

1:06:35 - Gina
    Do I just quit elluminate?

1:06:36 - Brittany
    In your window

1:06:38 - Steve Hargadon
    Thanks for being up with us Chris.

1:06:44 - mrsdurff
    what was that PBS url?

1:06:51 - Steve Hargadon
    @brittany... sorry, I don't know.

1:06:57 - Jenny Bradbury

1:07:03 - Steve Hargadon
    Can you try the regular link in your own browser?

1:07:04 - Brittany
    Ok - thanks anyway

1:07:08 - Brittany

1:07:16 - Steve Hargadon
    @brittany: thanks!

1:07:18 - mrsdurff
    thanksx - wonderful preso, thank you - & nite

1:07:25 - Gina
    Thanks do I just quit elluminate?

1:07:34 - Steve Hargadon

    Yes, Gina.

1:07:39 - Gina

1:07:48 - Steve Hargadon
    Thanks, all!

1:07:49 - mariaelena Rodriguez
    no questions - thanks much

1:07:57 - Martha Lackey
    Thanks Steve for providing this webinar

1:07:57 - Steve Hargadon
    In three minutes I'm clearing everyone out!

1:08:07 - prof-ice
    I didn't get to listen to the whole webinar, but I was impressed with the part I was
    here for. This was my first webinar; I am sure I will participate in more. Thank you!

1:08:10 - Steve Hargadon
    My pleasure. And thank to PBS for the real work!

1:08:21 - Travis
    Travis: If PBS doesn't do it, who will?????

1:08:45 - Peter H.
    John Palfrey just co-authored an article in ASCD's journal Educational Leadership
    that came out this week.

1:08:52 - Jenny Bradbury
    I'd say that Steve did just as much work as I did. It's a true collaboration, which is
    what makes it so much fun!

1:08:57 - Peter H.
    "Mastering Multitasking"

1:09:15 - Peter H.
    The whole issue is called "Literacy 2.0". Very clever

1:09:15 - Steve Hargadon
    OK, one minute to clearing the room!

1:09:24 - Steve Hargadon
    don't worry--if you don't leave, I kick you out!

1:09:27 - Diane Smoot
    Thank you, PBS and Elluminate.

1:09:50 - katherine Heilman
    How do you professional profile?

1:10:16 - jan
    Great speaker! I would also like to do this format with a person like David Pogue,
    Dan Schmidt, Alan November, Peter Reynolds. Have they ever done anything like
    this before?

1:10:48 - Steve Hargadon
    Jan: send me an email at and I'll invite them to my interview series.

1:10:56 - jan

1:11:26 - jan
    That would get my whole group to come.

1:12:17 - Steve Hargadon
    OK, I'm clearing the room! :)

1:12:29 - Jenny Bradbury
    Good night, all!

1:13:06 - Steve Hargadon
    John: you have to log yourself out since you're a moderator!

1:13:07 - Steve Hargadon

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