Server-Based Computing Model Technology Platform by gjjur4356


									Server-Based Computing Model
XSellerator takes advantage of centralized computing for Windows, using Quorum’s DiStributortM
  hardware and network environment. Dealership applications are loaded on the server and existing
           PCs act as Windows terminals. Alternatively, dealers can purchase low cost, reliable
                                   “thin clients” instead of costly and difficult to support PCs.
                                             This model provides significant benefits to dealers:
        Lower Cost –            because the Windows Server does all of the work, this model significantly reduces
                                                                     the cost of purchasing and supporting PCs.
             More Secure –              automatic centralized backup, virus protection, security administration,
                      application access, disaster recovery and internet access and control provide a much more
                                                                           secure and reliable network platform.
                 Remote Access –                        allows remote sales, remote location and home-user connectivity
                                                          and use of the system — just like you were sitting at your desk!
                      Speed and Reliability –                     a local server allows the maximum application
                                    speed and system uptime without dependence on expensive WAN connectivity
                                                                                 (as required for ASP solutions).
                               Improved Support – Quorum can support your system users better
                                                     by “shadowing” their software sessions and guiding them through
                                                                              answers to their questions or problems.

                                       Technology Platform
                           XSELLERATOR offers full              The platform and systems               The underlying database for
                        integration with Microsoft’s         are highly scalable. In larger         our products is Microsoft SQL
                        Office Products including             organizations, a second server is      Server — a robust and scalable
                        Outlook for e-mail, Excel for        installed to separate the database     platform that permits the many
                        analysis and reports and Word        server from the application server,    benefits of our single database
                        for mail merges and document         thus maximizing performance. In        design and easy data access.
                        preparation.                         even larger installations, multiple
                                                             clustered and load-balanced               Quorum releases two updated
                           The system runs on Intel-         servers are implemented.               versions of XSELLERATOR every
                        based servers running Microsoft                                             year. The cost of the updates is
                        Windows Server Operating                Quorum’s DMS solution was           included in the monthly fees.
                        System and users access              developed using Powerbuilder
                        the software using Windows           Version 9.0, which is a true fourth-
                        Terminal Services and Quorum’s       generation, object-orientated
                        DISTRIBUTOR™ configuration.           Windows-based development tool.
                        Through the use of secure            Microsoft .NET technology has also
                        terminal services connections,       been used for many sophisticated
                        remote users can access the          integration functions.
                        system as if they were sitting at
                        their desks in the dealership.

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