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mid-level benefits 2010


									OUR Benefits
Mid LeveL PROvideRs
For Mid Level Providers

ProTEcTIoN For you aNd your FaMILy

Coverage – After only one month of service regular full time employees are eligible to join Bassett
Healthcare’s flexible benefits plan. You may choose the type of benefit package that best meet the
needs of your personal situation and lifestyle.

We offer single, two person, and family coverage for you and your dependents. Dependents can
include spouse, domestic partner, and children.

Medical Plan - Our flexible benefits program offers you and your dependents four medical
options for comprehensive medical coverage. Covered services include physician visits,
preventive care, hospitalization, surgery, emergency care, and more.

Individual employee only coverage under Bassett Plus 20 or Bassett Plus 20 Lower Cost
option is provided at no cost to you

   Bassett Plus $15 (Bassett Network)
   $15 physician visit co-pay
   $50 emergency room co-pay
   NO well visit co-pay
   NO hospital inpatient deductible
   NO outpatient surgery deductible

   Bassett Plus $20 (Bassett Network)
   $20 physician visit co-pay
   $50 emergency room co-pay
   NO well visit co-pay
   $500 hospital inpatient deductible ($1500 annual max)
   $100 outpatient surgery deductible

   Bassett Plus $20 Lower Cost Option (Bassett Network)
   $20 physician visit co-pay
   $50 emergency room co-pay
   $50 ambulance co-pay
   $20 well visit co-pay
   $500 hospital inpatient deductible
   $500 inpatient rehabilitation deductible
   20% co-insurance or $200 outpatient surgery co-pay

   Bassett Plus EPO
   In-Network ($15 for routine physical, no routine eye or hearing exam coverage)
   The EPO Plan is an exclusive provider organization offering comprehensive coverage with no
   referrals. Through the BlueCard® program, you can access any Blue Cross Blue Shield
   participating provider anywhere in the country.

Dental Plan – We offer you and your dependents two dental plans. One provides overage for
preventive and minor restorative care (fillings, extraction, and root canals) and the other plan
provides additional coverage for major restorative work (crowns, bridges, and dentures) and
orthodontics. The Comprehensive Plan has a calendar year maximum of $2,000 not
including orthodontia.

        Covers 100% of two routine visits per year (check up, cleaning, x-rays)
        Covers 80% of Basic care (fillings, root canals, extractions, oral surgery, periodontal)
        Provides coverage for major dental work such as prosthetics, crowns, bridges and dentures
        at 60%
        Orthodontia coverage at 50% to a maximum of $2,000 (lifetime maximum)

        Covers 100% of two routine visits per year (check up, cleaning, x-rays)
        Covers 60% of basic care (fillings, root canals, extractions, oral surgery, periodontal) after
        an annual deductible

     Pharmacy Plan – Bassett’s Pharmacy Plan pays 60% of the cost of prescription drugs or refills.
     There is an additional 10% employee discount at the Bassett Outpatient Pharmacy.

     Eyewear Plan – You and your dependents receive an allowance towards the purchase of lenses
     or contact lenses, and frames at the Bassett Eyewear Center.

     Flexible Spending Accounts
        Health Care Spending Account – You may direct up to $5,000 of your pay into is account on
        pre-tax basis each calendar year. You can use this account to reimburse yourself for expenses
        such as health plan deductibles, coinsurance amounts, certain over-the counter drugs, and
        other expenses not covered by the medical, dental, and pharmacy plans

        Dependent Care Spending Account – This plan allows you to pay for certain child and elder
        care expenses with tax-free dollars. You may direct up to $5,000 of your pay on pre-tax basis
        into this account and use it for qualified dependent care expenses.

        The EBS FlexCard – This new, convenient way for you to pay for your Flexible Spending
        Account (FSA) Health Care and Dependent Care expenses. The EBS Flex Card automates the
        process of paying for your eligible FSA expenses by paying your provider at the point of
        service. This way, you avoid the traditional method of paying cash for your service, filling
        out and submitting your claim form, and then waiting for your reimbursement check to arrive.

     Short Term Disability – We provide coverage for those times when you are unable to work due
     to an illness, injury, or pregnancy. This plan provides a weekly source of income beginning on the
     eighth day of absence and may continue for up to 26 weeks

     Long Term Disability – Long Term Disability provides income replacement if you become ill or
     injured and are unable to work for 26 weeks or longer. Benefits are payable for as long as your
     doctor and the plan administrator agree that you are unable to work.

     Life Insurance – Bassett offers basic and supplemental term life insurance.
         Basic Life Insurance – Bassett pays the full cost of coverage for one times your annual
         base pay.

        Supplemental Term Life Insurance – You may elect an additional amount of life insurance from
        1 times up to 3 times your annual base pay at discounted group rates.

     Accidental Death and Dismemberment – AD&D insurance provides benefits for you and
     your family should you die or be severely injured in an accident. We pay the full cost to provide
     coverage of one times your annual base pay. Under the AD&D plan you can purchase additional
     coverage up to 3 times your annual base pay.

Voluntary Benefits through Payroll Deduction – There are several voluntary benefits that are
also made available through the convenience of payroll deduction. For example, through a single
vendor employees can sign up for auto insurance, homeowner’s and renters insurance. Voluntary
Short Term Disability and Cancer Care coverage (AFLAC) are also available through payroll
deduction along with Supplemental Life Insurance coverage through Security Mutual, Voluntary
Dependent Life Insurance through All State, and coverage for certain legal expenses through
Prepaid Legal, Inc.

Childcare at Brookwood School - Bassett partners with a local provider to help employees
secure child care. Bassett Healthcare has reserved day care slots exclusively for children of Basset
employees. Bassett employees will receive a 10% discount from standards day care cost. As a
Bassett employee you may also pay your child’s tuition fee through a convenient payroll deduction.

Employee Assistance Program – This program is designed to help you assess and cope with
problems – marital, family, or financial difficulties, substance abuse, physical or mental illness –
that can affect both the quality of your life and your performance at work.

Clark Sports Center – Located within walking distance from Bassett, the Clark Sports Center
offers exercise, wellness, and nutritional education programs as well as a variety of fitness
equipment to promote a healthy lifestyle. Membership fees can be paid through payroll deduction.

Leatherstocking Region Federal Credit Union – The Credit Union is a member owned,
non-profit financial institution. It offers many services including payroll deduction saving plan,
Christmas Club, and loans (car, mortgage, home equity, and personal) at reasonable rates.
Checking accounts, direct deposit, and credit cards are also available.

Malpractice Insurance – Insurance for malpractice and general liability is provided through a
contract with Healthcare Underwriters Mutual Insurance Company (HUM). Professional Liability
coverage is $3M per occurrence and $7M aggregate. General Liability coverage is $2M for bodily
injury. Umbrella liability coverage is with AIG and has a $35M limit. Bassett Healthcare indem-
nifies members of its staff against any loss which they might sustain as a result of the assertion
against them of any claim arising out of or based upon any act or omission performed or commit-
ted by them while acting within the scope of their duties as an employee of Bassett Healthcare

Moving Expenses – Bassett pays approved moving expenses for new Attending Midlevels
who are moving to Cooperstown or to any of our affiliated centers from locations within the
continental United States. Normal household effects are covered up to $5,000. Details are
available in the Medical Staff Affairs Office.


Vacation – Midlevel providers are entitled to paid vacation leave in each calendar year of 15 days,
and after 5 years of service to Bassett 20 working days and after completing 15 years of service to
Bassett 22 working days. Per Diem providers and locum tenens do not receive paid vacation leave.

Sick Leave – Employees accrue twelve working days of sick leave each year, prorated during the
first year. Accrual begins after six months of regular full time employment. Sick leave is
unique in that it carries over each year until an employee reaches the 1,350 hours maximum.
Employees may use up to 2 days of their sick leave to care for ill family member.

Calendar Holidays – Bassett observes six paid holidays each year. When one works a holiday you
are allowed to take equal time off on another occasion.

Personal Days – Full-time employees receive 5 Personal Days (40 hours) year. Part-time
employee’s Personal Day accrual is prorated based on authorized FTE. Personal days may not be
carried over into the following year.                                                                  p3
     Family Medical Leave – Bassett offers leaves in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave
     Act and New York State regulations.

     Bereavement Leave – Bassett provides bereavement Leave of up to three days with pay for a
     death in an employee’s immediate family. Immediate family includes: spouse or domestic partner,
     parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, mother-in-law and father-in-law.

     PLaNNINg For your FuTurE

     Pension Plan – We realize the importance of providing a portion of your retirement resources.
     Bassett’s contribution to your pension plan is based on your length of service and level of pay
     (and attainment of age 21). Bassett contributes to your pension plan after two years of service,
     at which time you become fully vested in the plan:

        Years of Service         Bassett Contribution to Your Plan
        3-5 years                4% (+8% on salary above Social Security Wage Base)
        6-10 years               5% (+9% on salary above Social Security Wage Base)
        11-15 years              6% (+10% on salary above Social Security Wage Base)
        16+ years                7% (+11% on salary above Social Security Wage Base)

     TSA Savings Plan – This plan is offered in the form of a voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA),
     also known as a 403(b), to the employees of Bassett. This plan allows you to deduct money from
     your pay before taxes are withheld after one month of service, in order to save for retirement.

     EducaTIoNaL SuPPorT For you aNd your FaMILy

     Continuing Medical Education – Bassett pays expenses up to $2000 per year and provides 5
     working days per year for participation in continuing medical education activities, prorated for
     part-time regular staff. These expenses/days are approved by the Chief of Service.

     Library Services – Bassett’s Medical Library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offers
     both an extensive on-site collection as well as electronic access to journals.

     College Savings Plan –Bassett offers you the opportunity to save for educational expenses
     through payroll deduction to a section 529(c) plan. These plans allow employees to save money,
     tax-free, for secondary education expenses for themselves, their children, or other relatives. There
     are also state and federal tax incentives for enrolling in these plans.

     dIScouNT PLaNS

     Bassett provides a host of discounts, through the following organizations. These programs offer
     significant discounts and services that are specially packaged and customized for you.

     Cooperstown Campus Cafeterias       10% discount on all purchases
     Workplace Energy Program
     with Mirabito                       Offers Bassett employees discounts on gasoline, home heating
                                         oil, propane and kerosene.
     Verizon Wireless                    20% discount on access charges
     AT&T                                24% discount on access charges

Leatherstocking Region Federal
Credit Union                     The Credit Union offers many services including payroll
                                 deduction savings plan, Christmas Club, and loans (car,
                                 mortgage, home equity, and personal) at reasonable rates.
                                 Checking accounts, direct deposit, and credit cards are
                                 also available.
KeyBank                          Free checking with direct deposit. Discounted banking services
Office Max                       Special discounted pricing with Office Max Retail Connect Card
BJ’s Wholesale                   Discount on membership fees
Iroquois Healthcare Discounts    Membership in the Employee Services Program allows a
                                 health care organization’s employees to access significant
                                 discounts and services.

One Atwell Road • Cooperstown, NY 13326 • 607.547.3456
           1.800.BASSETT •


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