gd multi-project status report 2010-08-13

					Multi-Project Status Summary – Period 7/17/2010 to 8/13/2010

Portfolio For: Graduate Division                                           Status Date: 8/13/2010                    = Executive Attention Needed

Note: If a project has slipped, you will see the new date in an additional column “Estimated Completion Date”.

Projects In Progress

       Project Name              Project       GD Area        Start Date      End Date     Status / Issues
 1     Extramural Funding        Eric          Finance                        TBD          Description: Enhancements to support departmental and GD staff in
       Details in FWA &          Taggart                                                   specifying and managing details of extramurally funded fellowships in
       GradAid                   (David                                                    FWA and GradAid. Ensure compliance with financial accounting and
                                 Goenawan)                                                 other regulations regarding proper use of funds.
                                                                                           Status: ET/David/Ben are now meeting to plan the implementation of
                                                                                           these enhancements. David has completed analysis of the current
                                                                                           FWA application which will likely need to be fully rewritten (using a
                                                                                           more modern approach) to support these enhancements. An OIT
                                                                                           Project Enhancement Request has been submitted and design work
                                                                                           for the modified FWA system is now underway.
 2     Graduate Student          Eric          Finance        12/10/2009      Ongoing      Description: Generating various data on graduate students required
       Data for Training         Taggart                                                   for submitting NIH Training Grant Proposals. Collaborative project
       Grant Proposals                                                                     with OR (Jacob Levin).
                                                                                           System(s): SQL Server, MS Access Queries
                                                                                           Status: Sample initial queries are now being developed and will be
                                                                                           reviewed with Lily/Robert/Cassandra/Jason. Next steps are to
                                                                                           develop a user interface to gather required inputs for each related NIH
                                                                                           Proposal Table so GD staff can run queries directly.
 3     Automated Forms           Ben Duong     Enrolled       3/9/2010        Revised      Description: Convert the existing In Absentia and PhD Form II paper
                                                                                           forms into electronic forms using Kuali Workflow and eDocLite. These
                                                                                           will set a design and implementation pattern for the conversion of
                                                                                           other Grad Division paper forms.
                                                                                           Status: A working prototype created to demonstrate key components
                                                                                           has been presented to OIT-OR colleagues and Grad Division Sr
                                                                            Managers. A required dependency (a role-based authorization service)
                                                                            has been identified. We met with Sr. OIT leaders and discussed the
                                                                            issue. A proposal for this service has been created and submitted for
                                                                            approval. Requirements are being gathered in collaboration with DDM
                                                                            and other OIT staff. The proposal has been approved and a more
                                                                            detailed Software Requirements document and Project Plan are now
                                                                            being written to guide ongoing work. Development work is continuing
4   Admissions System     Eric        Admissions   8/1/2009     5/31/2010   Description: Numerous enhancements to improve multiple grad-
    Enhancements          Taggart                               Delayed -   admissions systems in support of new Federal/UCOP/UCI
                                                                Appvd by    requirements and an overall smoother admissions process.
                          Goenawan)                                         System(s): OGSA, DAVAD, GradAdm
                                                                            Status: Development in progress. Various items already deployed –
                                                                            more on the way. David is continuing to work on more items. Work
                                                                            has slowed on these items so that David and Eric can focus more
                                                                            attention on other projects.
5   Student Case          Eric        ORR          3/29/2010                Description: Develop a simple system for GD staff to use in
    Management System     Taggart                                           managing individual student case files. Start by using an Excel
                          (Vance                                            Summary file with underlying Word doc templates for each case
                          Cagle)                                            (modeled after the current GD Master Projects List system). Consider
                                                                            a web-based, database driven system in the future after there’s been
                                                                            some experience with a simpler approach.
                                                                            System(s): New (Excel/MSWord)
                                                                            Status: Initial system completed 4/8/2010 and Carlos is now working
                                                                            with it to suggest further revisions. Ongoing work has uncovered
                                                                            further requirements re: privacy/security. Eric and others are
                                                                            investigating issues and short/long-term solutions. 6-15-2010 The
                                                                            “Advocate” system in the Ombuds office as well as systems in Student
                                                                            Health and the Counseling Center are being reviewed. “Advocate”
                                                                            looks to be the best solution – Working with Edgar Dormitorio to
                                                                            determine plans for including Graduate Division in UCI’s campus
                                                                            implementation of Advocate.
6   GD Website Redesign   Rizza       Communic     12-15-2009               Description: Redesign of the GD website and plan for conversion to
                          Barnes      ations                                the campus Cascade Server Content Management System.
                                                                2010        System(s): GD Website
                                                                            Status: Project in progress. New initial sitemap has been accepted
                                                           and is being expanded for completeness. Wireframes are being
                                                           developed. Supporting IE in creating the site and related
                                                           programming in Cascade Server CMS
7   RSS Feeds for News   Eric      Communic   02-01-2010   Description: Implement RSS news feed format for News-Notices and
    & Calendar           Taggart   ations                  Events-Calendar so that respective items can feed Facebook sites,
                                                           ZotPortal and be available as general purpose RSS feeds.
                                                           System(s): Excel/VBA
                                                           System(s): Development finished – waiting for GD website redesign
                                                           project to be completed before deployment can be finished.
Pending Requests

    Project Name           Project   GD Area      Priority   Status / Issues
1   Graduate Admission               Admissions   High       Description: Create a new campus-wide graduate admission system for
    System                                                   applications, recommendations, supporting-document ingest, application reviews,
                                                             academic & financial offers, applicant communication, and other functionality.
                                                             Leveraging/consolidating existing systems, adding more capabilities modeled on
                                                             those at UCD, UCSC, UCSD, & UCR.
                                                             Consider whether an initial step might be providing faculty with easier online access
                                                             for reviewing only the individual applications they are to review and recording their
                                                             decisions. This would be different than DAVAD where DAVAD currently provides
                                                             access to all applications for a given major.
                                                             Status: ET’s scheduling a meeting for Frances, Court, Dana & Carmen to discuss
2   Fellowship                       ORR &        High       Description: Develop a new web-based system for handling fellowship
    Management and                   Finance                 applications/nominations, managing underlying data, on-line committee reviews, and
    Review System                                            award notification.
                                                             Status: Ben and ET are hoping the new Electronic Forms work may be able to
                                                             support improved fellowship management/review processes and will investigate
                                                             further as the eForms project continues.
3   Academic Program       Eric      Academic                Description: Online support for facilitating a smoother process as faculty develop
    Proposal Checklist     Taggart   Programs                proposals for new academic programs.
                                                             Status: ET/Ruth and continuing discussions on process, requirements and potential
                                                             system functionality. Next steps will include discussion with Academic Senate staff
                                                             and possibly other OIT reps. Once a new process has been developed, use of
                                                             restricted Wiki-space may provide sufficient support for organizing initial submission
                                                             and review workflow. 8-4-2010 Wiki-space and a template were created for initial
                                                             support in tracking new proposals. Oana will build-out the site information and
                                                             tracking template. Further work on developing an online system is dependent on the
                                                             Academic Senate clarifying the program submission/review process.
4   Electronic Files for             Academic     Medium     Status: The UCI Distribution and Document Management office’s ExFiles (Executive
    Grad Council                     Programs                Files) project is being investigated to see if it may be a services that could serve
    Agendas, Minutes and                                     Grad Division’s document management needs in this area. The May 14 meeting to
    Division/Dean                                            review ExFiles was very positive and services may be available for Graduate
    Correspondence                                           Division use by early Fall 2010.
5    Academic Policy                      Academic     Medium   Status: This may be supported via the UCI Distribution and Document Management
     Document                             Programs              office’s ExFiles (Executive Files) project.
6    Unified                  Ben Duong   Commence              Description: Over the summer, Ben will work with Erik Olsson (Student Affairs) to
     Commencement                         ment                  integrate enhancements for Graduate Commencement into the school-based
     Registration System                                        commencement system so that in the future there will be a single system supporting
                                                                all commencement ceremonies. A project proposal is being drafted and submitted to
                                                                OIT in collaboration with colleagues in Student Affairs.
7    LOR File Upload                      Admissions            Description: Add features to support uploading letter of recommendation document
8    Allow GD Admissions      David       Admissions            Description: Develop new features so that authorized Grad Division Admissions can
     staff to manage lists    Goenawan                          modify appropriate information for each major regarding: showing as available in
     of application majors,                                     OGSA, hard application deadlines, second-application cycle availability, contact
     application deadlines,                                     information, departmental website URL, email contacts (for admission emails), and
     contact emails, and                                        other key information – including managing lists of student application numbers that
     other details.                                             are allowed to submit their apps after the hard deadlines. This will improve the
                                                                efficiency of staff processing so that IT staff don’t have to update data manually.
9    OGSA: Handle             David       Admissions            Description: Enhance the OGSA so that hard application deadlines (and exceptions
     restricting              Goenawan                          allowing individual students to submit late applications) are controlled by data in the
     applications after                                         database. Hard application deadlines are currently specified by IT staff directly in
     individual program                                         the ColdFusion pages.
     deadlines using data
     in the database
10   Immediate SIR            David       Admissions            Description: Design and implement an improved SIR process where applicants SIR
     Process                  Goenawan                          for all admit offers at one time, and immediately reflect SIR decisions in the database
                                                                (eliminate the current 5pm SIR reconciliation process). David completed analysis
                                                                and documentatino of the current SIR web application in preparation for it’s
                                                                eventually rebuilding as part of the Application Progress Review/Letter of Rec
11   GSS Datawarehouse                    Finance               Description: Create a Graduate Student Support datawarehouse that provides
                                                                authorized departmental faculty and staff with student-specific and aggregate
                                                                information from GD data sources (demographic, academic, gss, etc.) and General
                                                                Ledger, Payroll, Registrar, and Financial Aid.
12   Prospect System                      ORR                   Description: Develop a new online system for collecting, storing, managing and
                                                reporting information related to prospective UCI graduate students - including
                                                prospect/GD-staff messaging and integrated with the graduate admission application
                                                system so prospects can be tracked through admission and beyond.
                                                Status: Steve Franklin from OIT met with Raslyn and Eric on July 8 to discuss
                                                Student Case Management as well as Customer Relations Management (including
                                                prospects) needs across campus. OIT is investigating campuswide services in both
                                                of these areas.
13   Alumni System        TBD                   Description: Develop new online capabilities for communicating with and tracking
                                                information on UCI advanced-degree alumni.
14   SQL Server 2008      OIT          Medium   Description: Migrate all current development and production databases and related
     Database Migration                         services to MS SQL Server 2008 on the new development and server computers –
                                                including establishment of a testing/quality-assurance database.
15   SFTP Windows 2000    OIT                   Description: Convert Graduate Divisions SFTP servers to utilize a newer SFTP
     Server Conversion                          server so the old Windows Server 2000 system can be decommissioned. Change
                                                any fs27 or references to \\rgs\db\sftp\gd and contact campus
                                                users to reference
                                                Status: Aakash has identified the new server and is waiting for ET to coordinate
                                                movement of services. 3/24/2010 David has identified all software references to the
                                                old SFTP server and will coordinate on updating them. Eric has set all related,
                                                scheduled SQL Server jobs to direct output to both servers to handle the transition,
16   International        GRC                   Description: Develop functionality to support better tracking of participants in the
     Mentor/Mentee                              International Mentoring Program.
     Program Tracking
17   Committee Member     Enrolled              Description: Provide students with secure, online features to view the membership
     System                                     of their thesis/dissertation committee.
18   UCINetIDs for        Admissions            Description: Change the application creation process so that applicants first get a
     Applicant Login                            UCINetID and then create their application using that for authentication. Need new
                                                way to handle multiple applications for the same person. Consider allowing
                                                applicants to request a FERPA block when they get their UCINetID.
Maintenance / Support Projects / Ongoing work

    Project Name            Project     GD Area      Priority   Status / Issues
1   GD Data Analysis        Eric        Finance                 Description: Ongoing weekly and ad-hoc meetings with Grad Division data analysis
    Staff Training          Taggart                             staff to help them do more complicated database queries, write especially
                                                                complicated queries, and plan for new queries/reports needed by Grad Division
2   Allow Fellowship        David       Finance                 Description: Enhance FWA to allow departmental staff to enter fellowship requests
    Entry in FWA for        Goenawan                            for future years and handle the back-end processing in GradAid. This is being
    Future Years                                                investigated for handling along with the enhancements for specifying Extramural
                                                                Funding Sources.
3   Develop a new Non       Eric        Finance                 Description: New report of NRT (and other self-payer) payment information for use
    Resident Tuition        Taggart                             by Grad Division management/analysts and the upcoming Extramural Funding
    Report to be run each                                       Committee.
    academic quarter
                            Goenawan)                           Status: Lily and ET planned initial report details – Targeting April 2 for completion.
4   Improve Admit Emails    David       Admissions              Description: Add additional information for US Veterans and International students
                            Goenawan                            when appropriate. Display more accurate details on specific provisions for
                                                                provisional admits. Add more information regarding UCINetIDs.
                                                                Status: Waiting for text from Admissions group
5   Improved Data                       Admissions              Description: After the new “immediate” SIR process has been established, provide
    Extracts for Housing                                        Housing with real-time information on applicants and SIR status. Consider using the
                                                                new OIT Enterprise Service Bus as an underlying mechanism for synchronizing data.
                                                                Status: Not yet started. Need to wait until new SIR process is deployed.
6   Fix                                 Finance                 Description: Update the nightly database process that loads updated UCI
    Division/Subdivision                                        Datawarehouse data on divisions and subdivisions to automatically add new
    data in Nightly UCI                                         division/subdivision entries. Currently the process breaks when new data is provided
    Data Download                                               and must be fixed manually by an authorized IT person.
                                                                Status: Not yet started
7   OGSA Double                         Admissions              Description: Add logic to prevent an applicant from applying to the same major at
    Applicants to Same                                          both the Masters and doctoral level (with two separate applications).
                                                                Status: Not yet started
8    Prospective Student     ORR          Description: Post information Grad Division has collected on prospective students
     Info                                 (from recruitment information cards) in a secure manner that authorized
                                          departmental faculty and staff can access.
                                          Status: Not yet started
9    Collect Official GMAT   Admissions   Description: In October of each year (after the prior application cycle has been
     Scores from Merage                   completed) collect and store official GMAT scores on all newly enrolled Merage
     School                               School students. Display official GMAT scores in GradAdm and DAVAD.
                                          Status: Not yet started
10   Identify Denied Soc     Admissions   Description: Create a weekly sweep that identifies any Social Ecology applicants
     Ecol Applicants Who                  who’ve been denied so GD staff can consider emailing them information on applying
     May Seek DASA                        to the Demographics and Social Analysis program.
                                          Status: Not yet started
11   PostDoc                 Employme     Description: Add a compensation data element to the appointment distribution line
     Compensation            nt           of a postdoc employment to track for reporting purposes. This is to track salaries for
     Element                              postdocs who aren’t paid from UCI but are paid from a stipend (UCI Grad Aid) or an
                                          outside agency. GD needs to track this, and it might be helpful for future systemwide
                                          reporting to UCOP.
12   Retry Previously        Finance      Description: Update the various monthly check run processes to automatically pick-
     Flagged Students in                  up and retry students and postdocs who were not paid in the prior month due to
     Monthly Check Runs                   missing tax and/or FAFSA documents.
                                          Status: Not yet started
13   Processed               Finance      Description: Add the “Processed Fellowships with Different Submitters for the Same
     Fellowships Report                   Major” report to GradAid so that GD staff can more easily track potentially
                                          problematic fellowship award requests.
                                          Status: Not yet started
14   Improve Bulk Transfer   Finance      Description: Make improvements to the Bulk Transfer of Remission process per
     of Remission                         Lily’s recommendations
                                          Status: Not yet started – 09-10 Fiscal Close was simpler this year.
15   Bulk Transfer of        Finance      Description: Add the ability to move money for remission that hit particular accounts
     Remission after FY                   after fiscal close occurs. This has to be a function after fiscal close because TFRS
     Close                                will undo any transfers that occur before fiscal close.
16   GD Database Failover    OIT          Description: Establish a generic GD DB Server name, point it to FS28, find/change
                                          all FS28 references to the generic, establish a process for handling failover to
                                          another server (development) in the event of an emergency.
                                          Status: Not yet started
17   GradAid Fund            Finance      Description: On Aid Sent to SBS, add an indicator of fund switch so that GD staff
     Switches                             can more easily identify which transactions are involved in a fund switch.
                                          Status: Not yet started
18   Enrolled System         Enrolled     Description: Withdrawals and Lapses with a subsequent readmission don’t get
     Lapses                               tracked properly in a number of processes.
                                          Status: Not yet started
      rd     th                                                                           rd            th
19   3 and 5 Week            Enrolled     Description: Automate the generation of the 3 week and 5 week rosters in the
     Rosters                              Enrolled System.
                                          Status: Not yet started
20   Automatically Encrypt   Admissions   Description: After they are processed, automatically encrypt and archive GRE,
     GRE/TOEFL/PPI                        TOEFL and PPI score data.
21   Appointment             Employme     Description: Develop a new report for GD staff that shows Spring appointments that
     Changes After 6/30      nt           have changed after June 30 . This is to help GD Employment staff identify
                                          appointments (crossing-FY’s) changing after fiscal close that may require changes to
                                          Status: Not yet started
22   No “Arrears” for        Finance      Description: Don’t allow a user to check the “Arrears” box on stipends if the award
     Block or USAP                        type is BLOCK or USAP.
                                          Status: Not yet started
23   frmLoanRegDate          Finance      Description: Add 2010 and 2011 as year references in the combobox on
                                          Status: Not yet started – Updated to ensure completion by Sept 1, 2010
24   Change “OGS” to         All          Description: Search for and change any remaining “OGS” references in GSS, SIR,
     Graduate Division                    FWA and other systems to be “Graduate Division”
                                          Status: Not yet started
25   XNet Packet Job Error   Enrolled     Description: The Packet Job changing a student from full-time to part-time status
                                          sometimes puts a blank in the Class Level Code data sent to Xnet and causes an
                                         error that has to be fixed manually by an authorized IT person.
                                         Status: Not yet started
26   OGSA Breaks When       Admissions   Description: Whenever the Campus Credit Card System is down, OGSA displays
     CCCS is Down                        ColdFusion errors. Determine and implement an automated mechanism to not allow
                                         credit card payments of application fees when the UCI CCCS is unavailable.
                                         Status: Not yet started
27   Diversity Student      ORR          Description: Develop appropriate and effective communications channels (email
     Communication                       lists? Sns?) for communicating with prospective and current diversity students (at
     Channel                             large and for focused needs). Possibly establish and track a “communications
                                         coding” – can be set initially via data and over time refine it based on personal
                                         contacts and program participation.5Status: Not yet started
28   Annual Security        OIT          Description: Annually review UCINetIDs authorized for FWA, SS & DAVAD access
     Authorization Review                to remove any people no longer with departments.
                                         Status: Not yet started
29   GradAid Code Tables    Finance      Description: Give GD Financial staff control over managing the rgs_award_type and
                                         newop_translation data in uci_ogs via a GradAid function.
                                         Status: Not yet started
30   Automated              Enrolled     Description: Implemented a more automated process for placing enrollment holds
     Enrollment Holds                    on students at or near max time to degree (Ruth will determine details) – Also
                                         consider other holds (and funding restrictions for Doc2A?)
                                         Status: Not yet started
31   Existing Degree –      Enrolled     Description: Masters Conferral letters from the Reports menu work correctly, but do
     Conferral Letters                   not show Process Date when they are run using the Conferral Letter button on the
     Button Broken                       Existing Degree form – Degree tab.
                                         Status: Not yet started
32   Auto-Deny Late         Admissions   Description: Automatically deny Merage School applications not admitted after the
     Merage Apps                         3 week of classes. See 11/14/08 emails re: “changes to GSM file”
                                         Status: Not yet started
33   Add Campus_ID          All          Description: Add the campus_id data element across the various systems as
                                         appropriate and integrate into extracts and other data interchanges.
                                         Status: Not yet started
34   Store Multiple           Admissions   Description: Store multiple GRE and TOEFL test scores when importing ETS data
     Imported ETS Scores                   (not just the most recent scores). The GRE button in GradAdm needs to update
                                           gapp_id and gas_id when it links test scores.
                                           Status: Not yet started
35   Email Reminders to       Admissions   Description: Each month email all admits who have not yet SIR’d until they respond
     Non-SIR Admits                        – remind them of their username/password for the SIR process.
                                           Status: Not yet started
36   Manage Deceased          Admissions   Description: Determine how to manage deceased applicants so they are counted
     Applicants                            properly, but don’t receive any communications. Consider a new action code.
                                           Status: Not yet started
37   GRE Analy Writing        Admissions   Description: Include the official GRE Analytical Writing Percentile value in GATS
     Percent in GATS                       extracts.
                                           Status: Not yet started
38   Leave of Absence &       Enrolled     Description: Develop better ways for GD staff to track and report on students on
     In-Absentia Tracking                  Leave of Absence, In-Absentia, and other leaves
                                           Status: Not yet started
39   Third Party Delegates    Admissions   Description: Determine whether any system changes or additional communication
     for Grad Students                     is needed regarding Guest Access UCINetIDs (web site or admit emails?)
                                           Status: Not yet started
40   Workflow                 GD-Ops       Description: Develop a Graduate Division workflow assessment and tracking
     Assessment/Tracking                   system.
                                           Status: Not yet started
41   Travel Tracking          GD-Ops       Description: Develop a system for tracking Graduate Division staff/management
                                           Status: Not yet started
42   Postdoc Identification   Employme     Description: Identify the most appropriate way to accurately identify Postdoctoral
                              nt           Scholars for various Graduate Division and other campus-wide systems.
                                           Status: Not yet started
43   Application Fee          GD-Ops       Description: Enhance the current Application Fee reports by linking them more
     Report & General                      closely with General Ledger data to help track and resolve unpaid fees and refunds.
                                        Status: Not yet started
44   Change FS28/dbsetup   OIT          Description: Change any references to fs28/dbsetup to reference //rgs/grad/dbsetup
                                        Status: Not yet started
45   Issue Checks from     Finance      Description: Add support in GradAid to issue an Immediate Check that draws from
     Prior FY                           the prior fiscal year
                                        Status: Not yet started
46   Joint PhD Programs    Admissions   Description: Determine better ways to handle more programs like MD/PhD,
                           & Enrolled   especially as the Law School begins creating various JD/PhD programs.
                                        Status: Not yet started
47   GradAdm Bug re: S     Admissions   Description: GradAdm cannot save an application with an Application Code value of
     Application Code                   S
                                        Status: Not yet started
48   Admission Report      Admissions   Description: Adjust the vertical spacing on the “Admissions Summary Roster”
     Layout                             reports to make them more compact – like Foreign vs Women and Non-Res.
                                        Status: Not yet started
49   In-Absentia Fees      Enrolled     Description: Implement support for the new In-Absentia fee policies
                                        Status: Not yet started
50   Academic Probation    ORR &        Description: Develop a report and/or process that will identify students on or
                           Enrolled     nearing academic probation.
                                        Status: Not yet started
51   Improve Time to       Enrolled     Description: Improve reporting and tracking of Beyond Normative Time to Degree
     Degree Tracking and                (BNT) process. Automatically send Beyond Normative Time to Degree (BNT) letters
     Processes                          each quarter to students (and cc their epts..) rather than printing and mailing them
                                        Also send emails when beyond maximum time to degree.
                                        Status: Not yet started
52   GD VB Apps on OIT     OIT          Description: Configure Grad Division Visual Basic & Crystal Reports-based
     Standard Desktops                  information systems to run under an OIT standard desktop configuration – including
                                        custom software updates. This configuration will help reduce the possibility of Grad
                                        Division desktop computers getting infected by viruses, trojans and other malicious
                                          Status: Configuration has been developed and deployed onto more recently
                                          purchased or rebuilt computers. As of 7/7/2010, the OIT Desktop Group is planning
                                          for the roll-out of this configuration to all GD Desktop Computers.
53   GSM SIR Import Bug      Admissions   Description: GSM SIR Import is reporting non-matched SIR items that were
                                          previously processed as OK – after a copygapp was done for a deferral (3 students
                                          Status: Not yet started
54   New Race/Ethnicity in   Admissions   Description: Incorporate the new Race/Ethnicity information from applications into
     GradAdm                              the GradAdm system
                                          Status: Not yet started
55   Add Complete App        Admissions   Description: Display all application information in GradAdm’s SNOOP and Print
     Data to SNOOP                        Electronic Application features.
                                          Status: Not yet started
56   Batch Student ID        Admissions   Description: Improve the Student ID generation process (interfacing the Registrar’s
     Generation                           RNA system) to automate direct matches and make it easier for GD staff to handle
                                          close matches and new requests.
                                          Status: Not yet started
57   Maximum TA Units        Employme     Description: Add a report to the GradAid System identifying students who are at or
     Report and Email        nt           over 15 units of TAship. Add a new function that will email those students with a
                                          standard email.
                                          Status: Eric is meeting with Ruth to get the details
58   Doc2A Report            Employme     Description: Add a report to the GradAid System identifying students who are
                             nt           Doc2A and therefore not eligible for employment.
59   64 Character            All          Description: Add support for 64 character UCINetIDs across all database and
     UCINetIDs                            applications. This also coincides with increasing email addresses to 256 characters.
60   Handle Failed Packet    Admissions   Description: Display list of failed packet job (assessment actions) after run.
     Job Assessments
61   Transmit new            Admission    Description: Send new race/ethnicity data (including multiple selection detail) and
     Race/Ethnicity and                   new veteran status information to the Registrar’s Office and other campus
     Venteran Status info                 constituents via XNet
     via XNet
                                          Status: Not yet started
62   Email New Students      Admissions               Description: Send an automated email to new students whenever Grad Admissions
     When Provisions                                  staff clear a provision.
                                                      Status: Not yet started
62   Fall 2011 Application   Admissions   9/15/2010   Description: Change various prompting text to improve clarity per Grad Admissions
     Cycle Changes                                    Staff and Registrar’s. Expand Veteran Status prompt responses per UCOP directive.
                                                      Expand Race/Ethnicity values/prompting per UCOP directive.
                                                      Status: Not yet started
Completed Projects/Items

    Project Name           Project    GD Area      Start Date   End Date    Status / Issues
1   New Waiver Types via   Eric       Finance                   7/21/2010   Description: Whenever a new Waiver Type is created in the financial
    SBS Break GradAid      Taggart                                          system and a new SBS transaction happens elsewhere on campus
    Processing                                                              using that waiver type, Grad Division’s background GradAid
                                                                            processing (synchronization with SBS) fails until the new Waiver Type
                                                                            is manually entered into a code table by an IT person.
                                                                            Status: New Waiver Types are now automatically transmitted to Grad
                                                                            Division’s database and processes whenever they occur without IT
                                                                            staff intervention
2   Convert GD Website     Eric       Communic                              Description: Move the current Grad Division website to run on OIT
    to OIT Hosted Server   Taggart    ations                                server computers (under Apache instead of IIS), update necessary
                                                                            HTML syntax across the site for Apache vs IIS), change Calendar and
                                                                            News from client-side to server-side scripting.
                                                                            Status: This work is now being handled with the Grad Division
                                                                            Website Redesign project.
3   AppProgress/LOR        David      Admissions                            Description: Bug fixes and minor improvements to smooth the
    Fixes                  Goenawas                                         Application Progress Review and LOR processes, including improved
                                                                            “Forgot Password” functionality.
                                                                            Status: Completed
4   Add support for the               Admissions                            Description: Enhance OGSA, AppProgress, GradAdm, DAVAD, and
    new ETS PPI                                                             GATS to support collecting and communicating information regarding
                                                                            the new ETS Personal Potential Index (PPI) data and reports.
                                                                            Status: The ETS PPI data will continue to be handled by GD
                                                                            Admission staff emailing reports to departments. This data won’t be
                                                                            integrated into the Grad Admission database at this time since few
                                                                            reports are coming-in and there’s not yet substantial faculty interest in
                                                                            this information.
5   GRE Subject Tests in   David      Admissions                8/13/2010   Description: Add support for applicants specifying the Test
    OGSA                   Goenawan                                         Registration Number for GRE Subject Tests in OGSA. Update
                                                                            GradAdm’s ETS Score Matching functions to use that Test Reg #.
                                                                            Update the Application Progress Review System to allow applicants to
                                                            specify and updated GRE Subject Test Registration Number after
                                                            they’ve completed their application.
                                                            Status: Added to OGSA 6/25/10 – App Progress completed by David
6   Handle Incomplete   Eric       Admissions   8/11/2010   Description: Determine a better way of handling apps that don’t get
    Apps                Taggart                             processed after the normal app cycle closes.
                                                            Status: ET figured out a preferred process and worked with Joanna’s
                                                            team to implement it. ET & David made some software changes along
                                                            the way (including DAVAD and GATS extract mods) to make sure the
                                                            data is handled cleanly.

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