Intimus PacMaster S/B Warehouse Cardboard Shredder Manual by monomachines


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                         Turn old boxes into FREE packaging material in just one pass!

                                   EW !
                      Single pass saves
                                                                                         PacMaster S (Item# 347904)
                       time & money!
                                                                                          Shred Type           Grid-cut

                                                                                          Shred Size           5/32" x 4 3/8"

                                                                                          Capacity             (2) 2-ply boxes

                                                                                          Speed                35.4 ft. per minute

                                                                                          Cutter Feed Width 16 3/4 inches

                                                                                          Cutter Feed Ht.      13/16"

                                                                                          Power Supply         220v, 3 Phase

                                                                                          Dimensions        39"H x 27.25"W x 18.75"D

                                                      Dust Extractor                      Weight               386 lb. est.
                                                      and accessories
                          Economical and reliable: the special PacMaster technique converts empty corrugated
                          boxes, which cost money to dispose of, into "free" large-volume filler material suitable for
                          packing even sensitive goods for transport. Best of all - it's EASY TO USE!

                          The working surface has standard size guides marked on it so that accurate cutting is
                          guaranteed. With one pass of the corrugated the excess is trimmed off and the packaging
                          material is formed.

                          We recommend using a dust extractor, Model# 78819 for sufficient dust control.

                                                                                          251 Wedcor Ave. • Wabash, IN. 46992

                                                                                          Ph: 800•225•5644 - Fax: 260•563•4575


                      *Specifications & pricing subject to change without notice                                              Revised 4/12/10

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