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									              DRAFT MINUTES OF

Programme Implementation Committee (PIC) Meeting

                19th March 2009
                 09h30 – 17h00

                Kopanong Hotel
ITEM                DISCUSSIONS                                               PERSON               RESOLUTIONS / TASKS
1. Welcome &        At 09h30 the Chair welcomed all members present.                         According to the adopted SANAC
   introductions    He indicated that the present attendance did not form                    procedural guidelines if the meeting
                    a quorum and asked that the meeting formally start at                    did not form a quorum within an hour
                    10h30. At 10h30 the sector attendance was                                of the starting time of the meeting,
                    confirmed as sufficient to form the quorum.                              then the meeting has to be postponed
                                                                                             by a week or two. Subsequently, the
                                                                                             postponed     meeting    would    be
                                                                                             convened at the same venue and time
                                                                                             irrespective of whether it formed a
                                                                                             quorum or not.
2. Attendance &     (Annexure A)
3. General
3.1 Extension of    The SANAC Plenary meeting of 28 November 2008             PIC Co-Chair Review the SANAC Procedural
Term of Office      resolved that the term of office for SANAC civil                       Guidelines and the minutes of the
                    society members be extended by one year. At the                        Plenary meeting of 28 November
                    PIC meeting of 5 February 2009 there was confusion                     2008.
                    over the hand-over period for civil society members
                    as to whether the Plenary resolution suggested a 6-       PIC Co-Chair Develop one-page document which
                    month or a 1-year extension to the term of office. It                  will clearly sets out the date for expiry
                    was then resolved that the PIC Co-Chair will develop                   of term, the date for commencement of
                    a one page document that will clearly set out the                      the handover period and the date for
                    expectations for PIC members.                                          formal induction of new members.

3.2 PIC Members        PIC members will record the resolutions that apply to               All PIC members to take responsibility in
Responsibilities       their sector and those that are for their own                           recording resolutions applicable to
                       responsibility.                                                         their respective sectors instead of
                                                                                               waiting for minutes.
                       PIC co-chair will send a note to each sector
                       representative not present asking why they were           PIC Co-Chair Ensure attendance of all civil society
                       unable to attend and request that in future either they                sectors
                       or their alternate be present at the meeting.

                     The PIC Chair reported that the issue of government            PIC Chair Ensure attendance of all government
                     participation was discussed at the Social Cluster                        representatives.
                     meeting and it was resolved that it is critical to have
                     full participation of government Departments as
                     outlined in the SANAC Procedural Guidelines. He
                     informed the meeting that the Director General for
                     Social Development will join the meeting late as he
                     was held up at a staff memorial service.
3.3 PIC Professional Ms Dlamini reported that a professional minute taker          Ms Dlamini Professional minute taker at an
Minutes Taker        has been permanently appointed for PIC meetings.                         Assistant Director level will start work
                                                                                              on 1 April 2009. More staff will be
                                                                                              appointed to capture minutes for other
                                                                                              SANAC structures.
3.4 Adoption of        The draft agenda (Annexure B) was adopted.                          All Agenda adopted with no additions.
draft agenda
                                                                                           All Members were requested to submit
                                                                                               the agenda items timeously.
3.5 Adoption of        The minutes of 5th February 2009 were adopted with        Prof Setswe / Adoption of minutes moved by Prof
minutes of 5           the following corrections:                                 Ms Mtambo Setswe and seconded by Ms Mtambo.
February 2009

                      Page 44 to change the third paragraph that reads,                     All Members were encouraged to read the
                      “The meeting noted that Dr Kgosi Letlape was                              minutes prior to the meeting.
                      attending the PIC meeting for the last time as he is no
                      longer the chairperson of the Health Professions          PIC Co-Chair / A two-page resolution and actions
                      Council” to read as “The meeting noted that Dr Kgosi         Ms Dlamini emanating from the meeting will be
                      Letlape was attending the PIC meeting for the last                       circulated to the members for inputs.
                      time as he is no longer SAMA representative in the
                                                                                 PIC Co-Chair PIC     Co-Chair   to    develop    a
                                                                                              spreadsheet to monitor implementation
                                                                                              of PIC decisions.
3.6 Matters arising
from meeting of 5
February 2009
3.6.1 Launch of       Dr N Dlamini was not in the meeting therefore no              Dr Dlamini Prepare a detailed progress report
DOH accelerated       progress could be reported.                                              which will include the integration of the
roll out of PMTCT                                                                              accelerated roll out and the social
                                                                                               mobilisation campaign.

                                                                                Dr Dlamini / Ms Report to be made available to
                                                                                       Dlamini members, stakeholders / role-players
                                                                                                via the SANAC website before the next
                                                                                                PIC meeting.

                                                                                     PIC Chair At the next PIC meeting it should be
                                                                                               enquired from Dr Dlamini if it was
                                                                                               possible to have a quarterly or monthly
                                                                                               update on the accelerated roll out of

3.6.2 Reflecting on    Dr N Dlamini was not in the meeting therefore no        Dr Dlamini / Ms Circulate a progress report per District
progress at District   progress could be reported.                                    Dlamini to all PIC members before the next
and national level                                                                             meeting.

                                                                                               Report to be uploaded on the SANAC
                                                                               Dr Dlamini / Ms website as well.
3.6.3 Restructuring    The RMC Deputy Chair was not in attendance                RMC Deputy Matter to be put on hold until June
of the SANAC Trust     however, the PIC Co-Chair reported that currently the            Chair 2009.
                       RMC was focussed on preparing the Round 9 Global
                       Fund Country proposal, which is due for submission           PIC Chair The new Cabinet to approve the
                       in June 2009. Therefore, RMC resolved that the                         transfer from the current Trust to the
                       matter be put on hold until June 2009.                                 new Trust.

                                                                                    PIC Chair The new Trust to be created and
                                                                                              should be different from the existing
3.6.4 Budget for       The Chair requested that sectors and the Technical                 All Sectors to submit their proposals no
Sectors                Task Teams (TTTs) should submit to the Secretariat                     later than the extended deadline of 2
                       their budgets proposals, workplans, and requests for                   April 2009.
                       support staff. It was explained that the sector
                       meetings that were convened at ad-hoc basis would
                       in future not receive financial support from the
                       Secretariat. Only Treatment, Care and Support TTT
                       has submitted its proposed budget. Sectors were
                       informed that funds were available from the
                       Secretariat, DFID and Royal Netherlands Grant. The
                       PIC Co-Chair availed herself to assist sectors with
                       drafting their proposals.

3.6.5 Department   (a) Timeframes set for the development of Male
of Health          Circumcision policy

                   Dr Kalombo reported that the DOH has developed a
                   concept paper on male circumcision and is reviewing
                   policies that exist in provinces. It was further reported
                   that a consultant has been appointed to conduct cost
                   implications and the impact of Male Circumcision. It
                   was stated that the appointment of the consultant was
                   part of working group process.

                   It was proposed that the Communications TTT and             Communication Communication TTT to develop a
                   the working group should jointly develop the Male                    TTT communication strategy.
                   Circumcision communication strategy, which should
                   be finalised by end of March 2009. It was noted that
                   there were confusing messages within communities
                   regarding the Male Circumcision related issues.

                   In light of the existing mixed messages, the
                   communication strategy will have common and clear
                   messages about the relationship between male
                   circumcision and HIV prevention as well as the
                   hazards of unsafe male circumcision.
3.6.6 SANAC
Secretariat        (a) SANAC meeting documents and bags

                   Ms Dlamini reported that meeting documents have                       All Sectors  to  forward  outstanding
                   been uploaded on the website.                                             documents to be uploaded on the

The documents have been divided according to
SANAC Plenary, PIC and TTTs.

She reported that work was in progress with regards
to the procurement of bags.

(b) SANAC email addresses and SANAC Instant

Individual email addresses have been created for all
SANAC Plenary, PIC, RMC and TTT members. The
list of created email addresses and set up guides for
Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird were
distributed to members. Annexure C.

The instant messaging system has also been setup
linked to the SANAC website allowing communication
between SANAC members through the SANAC
website. The Instant Messaging (IM) system runs on
a private secure network, where members can be
able to chat online in real time. There is an option of
voice for conference purposes. All SANAC
representatives will have access to the chat room.
There is an option for new users, for people who are
not represented on SANAC e.g. scientists, members
of the community, etc.

The SANAC Secretariat will be able to record all the
communication for security reasons and for

(c) SANAC exhibition stall at the SA AIDS

At the conference there will be no standalone SANAC
stand. Instead, all the SANAC documents will form
part of the Khomanani exhibition. All SANAC sectors
to exhibit their promotional material at the DOH stall.
Sectors to give material to the Secretariat for

An application for the satellite session has been         Dr Coovadia Treatment, Care and Support TTT
submitted. UNAIDS showed interest in reviewing the                    should continue engaging with CellLife
NSP implementation progress. In light of that,                        and should update the Secretariat on
SANAC, DOH, and UNAIDS will make inputs.                              progress.

(d) Use of the SANAC website as a central                    TTT / Ms The evidence based information on
repository and early warning system                           Dlamini male circumcision to be uploaded on
                                                                      the website and be classified under the
Mr Skosana reported that the outcome of an                            TTTs.
investigation to have an SMS system linked to the
SANAC website shows that the website cannot have          Prof Setswe Presentation on the evidence based to
an SMS system directly integrated in it.                              be made available to sectors that
                                                                      would like to make use of the

However two possible options were recommended to
SANAC:                                                        TTT Co- The classification of documents and
                                                            Conveners the uploading on the website is the
Option 1: Run a dedicated SMS server which can be                     responsibility of the TTTs co-
administered independently from the SANAC website.                    convenors.
Option 2: Have a client application directly installed
on the administrator’s or the assigned person’s               TTT Co- TTTs co-convenors to be accountable
desktop. The administrator will alert the Secretariat       Conveners for the uploaded documents.
about communication received

Mr Skosana reported that he was engaging with
CellLife and other service providers in order to identify
available systems that could be linked to the website.

Dr Coovadia informed the meeting that the
Treatment, Care and Support TTT has approached
CellLife to assist them to send text messages and to
communicate with TTT members.

Prof Setswe raised concern about the uploading of                  All The issue to be discussed under item
male circumcision information on the SANAC website                     8.
as agreed at the PIC meeting in July.

(e) PIC meeting at the SA AIDS Conference

At the PIC meeting held on 5 February 2009, a
proposal was tabled to have a PIC meeting at the SA
AIDS Conference as previously envisaged.

4. PIC Chair Report   Annexure D
4.1 PIC Delegation    The PIC Chair reported that on 11 March 2009, the            Chair / PIC delegation to meet the KwaZulu-
meeting with          PIC delegation had consultative discussions with the   Co-chair / Ms Natal House of Traditional Leaders on
National House of     National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL).               Dlamini 31 March 2009.
Traditional Leaders
                      The outcomes of the meeting included amongst             Ms Dlamini Other visits will be announced as they
                      others the following:                                               are confirmed.
                       • The NHTL supported the development of policy
                         but emphasised the sensitivity towards cultural
                         practices; and
                       • A number of recommendations were made which
                         will be taken into consideration.

                      The meeting of 11 March 2009 resolved the following;

                      • PIC delegation to meet with the Traditional
                        Leaders Chairpersons Forum and to visit all the
                        Provincial House of Traditional Leaders;
                      • Research to be conducted in provinces;
                      • Health promotion issues relating to male
                        circumcision to be upheld; and
                      • Two nominees per province to work with PIC to
                        preclude unintentional insensitivity.

4.2 Approval of ARV   Dr Kalombo reported that the treatment guidelines       Dr Kalombo To inform the PIC once approval is
treatment             have been presented at the NHC. He informed the                    granted.
Guidelines by the     meeting that to implement the guidelines, an
National Health       estimated amount of R800 million will be needed.

                     He said the Minister of Health has not approved the                         Dr. Kalombo and Dr. Coovadia to
                     guidelines because there are lots of policies that go to                    discuss how the DoH can make the
                     provinces and are not budgeted for. He further                              most of the expertise that resides
                     indicated that the Department has overspent                                 within the Treatment TTT and to
                     therefore a costing model will assist in identifying                        ensure that the clinical and financial
                     other sources of funding. The DG informed the                                                    s
                                                                                                 expertise of the TTT' is accessed on
                     meeting that the approval of the new ART guidelines                         an ongoing basis.
                     was not a matter of funding but an administrative
                     difficulty that the Minister was having in getting all of
                     the MECs to hold an NHC meeting as provinces shift
                     into election mode. The PIC Chair clarified that it is a
                     procedural necessity for the NHC to ratify the ART
                     guidelines and that the DoH had anticipated a
                     decision at an NHC meeting scheduled for three
                     weeks earlier that was cancelled at the last minute.
                     He informed the meeting that the Minister is keen to
                     proceed with the guidelines but that the challenge is
                     the availability of possible outgoing political heads. He
                     however, said another NHC meeting has been
                     tentatively scheduled for 27th March and that the
                     approval of the guidelines is the major issue on the
                     agenda and the TTT will be invited.

                     The meeting requested that the DoH make better use
                     of and interact more frequently with the expertise that
                     resides in SANAC' TTTs.
4.3 Drug Stock-out   Dr Kalombo reported that communication has gone to          PI Chair / PIC PIC Chair and Co-Chair to prepare a
process              all clinics explaining the issue of drug stock-out.             Co-Chair full report for the next PIC meeting.
                     Communication on drug issues has also been made
                     available to the broader community.                                   All

He informed the meeting that the Minister of Health      All government Departments and civil
visited the Free State province to communicate the       society sectors to submit information
issue of drug stock out to all stakeholders. He said     on shortages to PIC.
the DOH was expecting to receive funding from
PERFAR by the 10th of April 2009. In the meantime
DOH will ensure that there is no drug stock out in the

He informed the meeting that the DOH had
anticipated the drug stock out in Free State. A
Cabinet memorandum requesting R1 billion was sent
to Treasury however only R300 million was received.
The number of patients seen per month in the Free
Stare has increased from 1000 to 3000.

The meeting was advised that the IDASA AIDS
budget unit is working to track changes in AIDS
budget specifically for ARVs.

Dr Kalombo reported that the DOH has a system to
track the number of patients that are on the waiting
list. He said the demand for services has increased in
all provinces and the drug stock out could have also
affected the Eastern Cape if the provincial
Department of Health did not allocate additional R100
million to the ARV program. He reported that the HOD
in the Free State requested additional budget from
Treasury. He reminded the meeting that the funding
for ART is through a conditional grant.

                     Dr Kalombo informed the meeting that the DOH has
                     exceeded the NSP targets in the provision of ARVs.
                     He said there are systems in place to monitor how
                     money has been spent. By September it could be
                     known whether the Department is overspending or
4.4 Appointment of   The current government co-convenor has indicated      Chair Social   Cluster   Chairperson,  Mr
a co-convenor of     her withdrawal to serve in the Communication TTT            Mseleku and Mr Madonsela to provide
the Communication    The Co-Chair informed the meeting that the TTT was          name of the new co-convenor.
                     planning a satellite session at the AIDS conference    TTT
                     for mapping of communication activities and

5. PIC Co-Chair      5.1 Meeting between SANAC Chairperson and
Report               sector leaders – Annexure E

                     The PIC Co-Chair reported that the Deputy President
                     convened a meeting with sector leaders to discuss
                     among others the following issues:
                     • Strengthening      of   sector   leadership   and
                        engagement in SANAC;
                     • Ensure effecting functioning of SANAC; and
                     • Review SANAC structures

                     Prof Rees said there is a need to consider the
                     inclusion of new sectors e.g. transport, sex-work,
                     lesbians, gays, media / communication, etc

5.2 Male Circumcision working group
(with Dr Benson)

The matter covered by the report by Dr Kalombo and        Prof Rees / Dr The working group to collate all
presentation by the Chair – items 3.7.5 and 4                   Benson research (published and unpublished)
                                                                         material as well as information on
The PIC Co-Chair reported that Dr Benson and                             current MC pilot projects.
herself were mandated to form a working group. She
reported that during the working group teleconference     Prof Rees / Dr The working group to work with the
it was agreed that a small group of technical people            Benson Communications TTT to develop the
were identified to put together all research and                         communication strategy and SANAC
current activities around male circumcision and                          messaging on male circumcision.
highlighting what is happening nationally. She
informed the meeting that the working group has            Prof Setswe Prof. Geoff Setswe, on behalf of the
appointed a person to conduct a costing as well as an                  Research TTT, to develop a set of
impact assessment of a national roll-out of MC                         PowerPoint culturally sensitive slides
services.                                                              outlining the key take-home messages
                                                                       that can be used in generic SANAC
The communication TTT has not progressed very far                      presentations.
with the issue of developing male circumcision
communication strategy.                                             All Sectors to send more details to the
                                                                        Secretariat in order produce a list of all
5.3 Satellite Meeting at SA AIDS Conference: Male                       activities and accordingly circulate to
Circumcision and SANAC                                                  all SANAC members.
The following were listed as satellite sessions to take
place during the SA AIDS Conference in Durban:
                                                                    All Details to be sent on email to the
   a) Male Circumcision consultation with the KZN                       Secretariat no later than morning 20
      House of Traditional Leaders                                      March 2009.
   b) Communications TTT mapping meeting

   c)   SANAC / UNDAIDS satellite meeting
   d)   Children around the NSP
   e)   Department of Health – various programmes
   f)   Department of Transport / ILO
   g)   Department of Social Development on Civil
        society capacity building 31st March 2009
   h)   Disability sector will host four posters
   i)   Social and behavioural interventions for
        HIV/AIDS - 29th - 31st March 2009 (The Royal
   j)   Two paediatric Treatment related sessions – 1
        April 2009 Treatment and Care and ART
        treatment, 2 April 2009 Draft Road to Health
   k)   Children sector & UNICEF - children and NSP

5.4 Condom Stock out
                                                         PIC Co-Chair A consolidated report will be tabled at
The PIC Co-Chair reported that there was still                        the next PIC meeting.
concern about the distribution of condoms and the
number of condoms distributed has diminished
significantly. She said there is a logistic management        Sectors Sectors    and    TTTs    that     have
of condoms that is non- functional. She also raised                   information should forward their inputs
concern about the female condoms tender.                              to the PIC Co-Chair to consolidate the
Prof Rees also raised concern about the contract of
the logistics manager offering technical assistance to           DCS Department of Correctional Services
the DoH within the Logistic Management Information                   (DCS) to report on the distribution of
System (LMIS) which was terminated in 2007 and                       condoms to prisons at the next PIC
that the post has remained vacant for over a year.                   meeting.

Mr Brad Mears said there is a Public /Private                       DOE Condoms in schools will also form part
Partnership in the distribution of condoms. He                          of the report to be tabled at the next
reported that SABCOHA was distributing 1, 2 million                     PIC meeting.
condoms a month, because of the stock out they are
now 996 000 condoms down.                                  Dr Benson / Dr DoH to investigate the termination of
                                                                Kalombo contract of Logistic Management
5.5 Free State Drug Stock out                                             Information System (LMIS) technical
The PIC Co-Chair reported that there has been a
number of teleconference between the DOH, SANAC
Deputy Chair, PIC Co-Chair and Treatment Care &
Support TTT Co-Convener. However, there were
ongoing challenges for the Free State people to
access ARVs. She informed the meeting that there
were reports coming through from the civil society
saying there is still drug stock out.                              TTT     The AIDS Helpline be popularised in
                                                           Communication   communication campaigns.
Prof Rees said the communication strategy has not
been tackled adequately as requested by the civil          Dr Benson / Dr The NDoH to investigate the
society during the teleconferences. A rapid                     Kalombo possibilities to use the AIDS Helpline
communication strategy to patients and health care                        as a reporting mechanism for drug
providers was needed to inform them about the                             shortages.
situation and what to expect. She said the civil society
had offered to draw the communication strategy
however, the DOH had said they will use their own
mechanism to get the communication going.

Prof Rees said the Minister of Health has started a
province wide initiative to look at the core issues that
has driven this particular crisis.

She said the Minister was also negotiating with
Treasury for more funding to purchase ARVs.

Prof Rees informed the meeting that the Treatment
Care & Support TTT was tasked to urgently develop
draft task shifting document and expedited treatment
guidelines. The expedited treatment guidelines have
been sent out and task-shifting document is still under

There was a view that an Ombudsman should be
appointed for members of the public and health
workers to report drug shortage.

Mr Cyril Sadiki of Khomani representing the
Communication TTT reminded the meeting that there
is an AIDS Helpline where people can report any
issue on HIV and AIDS.

5.5 Prevention Strategy
Dr Kalombo reported that DOH has organised a
Prevention research workshop, which is open to PIC        All Sectors invited to the meeting.
members, to be held on 30 March 2009. The
workshop will be evidence based and the outcomes
of the workshop will add on the prevention policy that
is being developed by the DOH.

5.6 Task Shifting
The matter was dealt with under the Treatment Care
& Support TTT report.

                    5.7 SANAC CEO and senior managers interviews
                    The PIC Co-Chair informed the meeting that
                    interviews were conducted on 18 March 2009 for the
                    CEO and other senior managers. The 2nd round of
                    interviews will be held on 31 March 2009. She said
                    the reconstituted Secretariat will be funded by
                    Swedish International Development Cooperation
                    Agency and the ongoing support provided by DFID.
6.1 Resource        The RMC Chair was not in attendance, therefore no             Item deferred to the next meeting.
Management          report was tabled.
6.2 Reports from
the PIC Technical
Task Teams (TTTs)
6.2.1               The TTT Co-Convenor was not in attendance as a           TTT A mapping meeting of all
Communication       result the PIC Co-Chair reported on behalf of the TTT.       communication activities and
                    She informed the meeting that a satellite meeting at         campaigns to be convened in Durban.
                    the AIDS conference is planned to take place to
                    perform a mapping of all communication activities and    TTT TTT to provide specifications that
                    campaigns.                                                   should be incorporated to the new
                    At the PIC meeting of 5 February 2009 the TTT had
                    proposed that Khomanani be the voice of SANAC.
                    The PIC Chair informed the meeting that Khomanani
                    cannot be the voice of SANAC as it was appointed on
                    tender for government AIDS campaign. The tender
                    was expiring at the end of May 2009.

                  The Chair requested the TTT to provide specifications
                  that should be considered for incorporation to the new

                  The PIC Chair informed the meeting that mass
                  mobilisation has to be driven by SANAC. He
                  reminded the meeting that a position of the
                  Campaigns, Advocacy & Communication Manager
                  exists in the SANAC Secretariat structure and is in
                  the process of being filled.
6.2.2 Research,   Prof Setswe reported that the RMS TTT is now                Prof Setswe Request to be forwarded to strategic
Monitoring &      functioning. The team consist of 12 members, 2 Co-                      sectors asking for participation.
Surveillance      Convenors, 4 persons nominated by government, 6
                  nominated by civil society.                                          All Names of participants to be submitted
Annexure F                                                                                 to Prof Setswe.
                  The Terms of References (TORs) have been clarified.
                  The TORs are no longer biased towards research and                 TTT TTT to proposed Terms of Reference
                  cover    monitoring,     evaluation     and     research               for the Mid Term Review.
                  adequately. The team has planned to hold a full day
                  meeting in the next 2 or 3 weeks to deal with urgent               TTT TTT to report progress on            the
                  issues. Currently there are about 10 issues that need                  establishment of the M & E Unit.
                  to be dealt with urgently one of the priorities being the
                  establishment of the SANAC M&E Unit.                               TTT TTT to report progress on how to
                                                                                         delineate the M & E responsibilities to
                  Prof Setswe tabled two requests;                                       be performed by the Department of
                     1. Replacement for the government                 Co-               Health and the SANAC.
                     2. Mid term review of the NSP

To confirm the composition:
Government representation
   o Dr Sipho Senabe
   o Ms Lulama Sulupha

The PIC Chair announced the appointment of Mr
Nhlanhla Ntuli as the Co-Convenor on behalf of

   o   Civil Society representation
   o   Prof Setswe (research sector)
   o   Prof Rees (research sector)
   o   Ms Sonja Giese (children sector)
   o   Ms Dianne Cooper (research sector)
   o   Ms Meera Levine (children sector)
   o   Dr Shaidah Asmal (higher education)

The PIC Chair was concerned that the TTT continues
to be constituted by researchers. He informed the
meeting that at the meeting with SANAC Chairperson,
the Women and People Living HIV and AIDS sectors
raised concerns on sector representativity in SANAC
structures. The PIC Co-Chair offered to withdraw from
this committee to afford other sectors an opportunity
to participate. It was further reported that the TTT is
assisting with the establishment of the SANAC M & E
unit. Mr Ntuli informed the meeting that the SANAC M
& E framework outlines the process for conducting
the Mid Term Review.

                      It was reported that on the 26th - 27th March 2009 the
                      DOH is having a meeting on costing regarding HIV in
                      South Africa. Concern was raised that Treatment
                      Care and Support TTT was not formally invited to the
                      meeting and found out about this today 19/03/09. It
                      was indicated that there was no reason for the expert
                      task team given their responsibility for this to be
                      excluded from the meeting.
6.2.3 Human Rights    Mr Booth reporting on behalf of Ms Khumalo,                   TTT TTT to draft a response on behalf of
& Access to Justice   informed the meeting that the first meeting of the TTT            SANAC to the SALRC discussion
                      was convened on 28 January 2009.                                  paper.
Annexure G
                      This TTT is working on the National Stigma                    TTT TTT to monitor the implementation of
                      Framework and decriminalisation of sex work SANAC                 the provisions of the NSP in relation to
                      position paper. The draft of a National Stigma                    sex work specific programmes.
                      framework is not ready yet. Consultation with DOH
                      will be made with regard to the draft for comments.      PIC Chair DOH to conduct a national survey on
                                                                                         sex work as committed in the 2007-
                                                                                         2008 South African UNGASS report.

                                                                                    TTT TTT to design and implement specific
                                                                                        research into the barriers that sex
                                                                                        workers as a mobile and/or vulnerable
                                                                                        group face to protect themselves
                                                                                        against exploitation, ill-health and

                                                                                    TTT TTT to develop a SANAC discussion
                                                                                        document and programme of action on
                                                                                        decriminalisation of sex work.

               Ms. Laura Macu, an observer at PIC
           TTT on behalf of sex workers to participate
               in the developing the document and
               programme of action

               TTT to work with the drafters of the
           TTT National Stigma Framework to ensure
               that concerns highlighted and the
               recommendations made by the TTT
               are incorporated into the next draft

               TTT to invite the PLHIV sector
           TTT (Kenneth Sebati, NAPWA) and the
               Department of Social Development (Dr
               Connie Kganakga) to participate in the
               discussions of the TTT

               The     revised    National      Stigma
           TTT Framework should not only consider
               the stigma of HIV but also for TB

               TTT to contact the Centre for the study
           TTT of AIDS at the University of Pretoria.

     Dr Senabe Dr. Sipho Senabe to provide contact
               details on who has recently conducted
               extensive research into stigma.

6.2.4 Prevention     It was reported that the TTT is currently developing              TTT TTT to present the Workplace Model,
                     evidence based on National HIV Prevention Policy                      Know Your Epidemic and Mode of
Annexure H           and Epidemiology and its implication to prevention.                   Transmission studies at the next PIC
                     Dr Senabe also presented the TB Policy for Public                     meeting.
6.2.5 Treatment,     TTT noted that it has focussed heavily on treatment      Dr Coovadia / PIC established a working group
Care & Support       over the past year, to the detriment of care and            Dr Benson composed of Dr. Coovadia, Ms Carol
                     support and that there will be a greater focus on the                  Nuga-Deliwe, Dr. Frew Benson and Mr
Annexure I           latter part of 2009                                                    Nhlanhla Ntuli;

                     The ART Treatment guidelines were covered in item        Dr Coovadia / Working group to consider how to
                     4.2.                                                        Dr Benson proceed with Task Shifting;

                     The TTT circulated a one-page proposal on Task           Dr Coovadia / Working group to consider among
                     Shifting and requested support and direction from PIC       Dr Benson others challenges of down referrals;
                     on how best to take the Task Shifting work forward.
                     Please see Annexure J.                                   Dr Coovadia / Working group, DOH and DSD to seek
                                                                             Dr Benson / Dr convergence and a strategy on how to
                     The TTT reported that the Chronic Illnesses Grant           Kganakga jointly proceed with moving towards
                     (CIG) proposal will be finalised in April and be                       the implementation of task shifting as it
                     circulated to SANAC sectors.                                           is important for the ARV roll out.

                                                                             PIC Chair / Mr The Directors General for DOH and
                                                                                Madonsela DSD to work together on CIG and the
                                                                                            draft document will be placed on the
                                                                                            SANAC, DOH and DSD websites.
7. New Matters
7.1 TB-Integration   The item was differed as it was to be presented by
to SANAC             the SANAC Deputy Chair who was not in attendance.

7.2 Creation of a     It was reported that Ms Bogopane-Zulu was Ms H             To circulate the documents to Mr
Parliamentary Joint   appointed as the chairperson of the Inter- Bogopane-Zulu   Heywood.
Committee on          Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee on HIV and
HIV/AIDS              AIDS. As a result of the IPU visit to South Africa in
                      January 2009, the National Assembly has resolved to
                      establish Joint committee on HIV and AIDS. One of
                      the key things that the committee will do is to examine
                      the performance of SANAC as well as oversight of its

                      All legislatures must create legislation on HIV and
                      AIDS related matters in all provinces. The committee
                      will also create oversight on budgeting, spending,
                      shortages, etc.

                      Law and Human rights sector will be one of the
                      sectors most affected by the committee as they will
                      have to work with anybody who does research on HIV
                      and AIDS. The sector will be accountable to the
                      committee and will work out its own programmes.

                      It was further said that SANAC resolutions (PIC,
                      Plenary and RMC) would be tabled before the Joint
                      Committee on HIV and AIDS.

                      Ms Bogopane-Zulu further stated that the Committee
                      would not begin working as an oversight body
                      immediately. As per Parliamentary procedures the
                      committee will spend its first year consulting and
                      interacting with levels of SANAC.

7.3 (Centre for      Ms Vadwa presented a detailed report on the CMRA                All   PIC to consider the relationship
Municipal Research   and Provincial AIDS Councils workshop held on 24 –                    between different levels of AIDS
Advice (CMRA)        25 February 2009 in Durban. Annexure K. The report                    Councils and also the Strategic Plans
Report back on       covered the following;                                                developed across these different
Provincial and          1. KZN Law Advisor challenges the legal standing                   levels.
Local AIDS                 of AIDS Councils (in terms of the Municipal
Councils                   Structures Act). KZN PAC requested that                   All   Creation of a SANAC structure to
                           SANAC urgently provide a clear directive on                     coordinate AIDS Councils at provincial
                           this opinion;                                                   and local levels.
                        2. The participants at the seminar called on
                           SANAC and SALGA to work together and to                  TTT    The Human Rights & Access to Justice
                           substantially improve communications;                           TTT to investigate the issue of the
                        3. SANAC to assist Provincial and Local AIDS                       legal opinion by the KwaZulu-Natal
                           Councils by providing detailed guidance on the                  State Law Advisor on AIDS Councils.
                           purpose, role and responsibilities of structures
                           at different levels; and                           Ms Dlamini   CMRA be formally requested to
                        4. The participants at the CMRA workshop                           provide SANAC with a document of
                           proposed that SANAC provides districts level                    information regarding existing AIDS
                           profiles on key HIV and AIDS related                            Councils in all provinces, districts and
                           information, including what this would mean for                 municipalities including an assessment
                           NSP targets.                                                    of    whether     the    Councils    are
                     Ms Vawda informed the meeting that most of the
                     issues and concerns raised echoed those raised at               All   PIC to follow up on resolutions taken
                     the May 2008 PIC Provincial AIDS Councils                             at the May 2008 workshop
                     workshop. There has been no follow-up on
                     resolutions taken at the workshop. She said ideally      Ms Dlamini   Details of AIDS Councils be added to
                     the resolutions should be developed into an '                         the SANAC website
                     oriented' communication that SANAC sends to all
                     AIDS Councils.

                      Ms Vawda proposed that the PIC establish an
                      additional PIC TTT responsible for coordination
                      across the levels of AIDS Councils. This TTT will
                      engage with these issues, oversee the legal analysis,
                      advise on the location of AIDS Council, support
                      coordination with Provincial, Districts and Local AIDS
                      Councils and provide a communications focal point
                      for these Councils. She also proposed that the legal
                      analysis of the status of AIDS Councils be prepared
                      by the proposed TTT or working group. Further, that
                      the CMRA work with SALGA, IDASA and any other
                      specialists to prepare a report for PIC on this matter
                      and include the DPLG.
7.4 Calendar of       See Attached Annexure L.
8. Date of the next   The next meeting will be held on 14 May 2009.            All   The calendar of meetings for 2009 was
meeting                                                                              adopted with two amendments;

                                                                                        1. Meeting of 2nd April 2009
                                                                                        2. Meeting of 12 November to be
                                                                                           confirmed on 17 September
9. Closure            The meeting adjourned at 17h00.


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