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It's a Record_


									                                                                                                                       • SPRING 2004

                  It’s a Record!
It’s the first Newsletter of the year and time to say THANK YOU to all our clients
and staff for their continued support and hard work. Last year we were able to
push through the £20 million sales mark for the first time ever, quite an
achievement in another global roller coaster of a year for Business Travel.

Having bucked the sector trend, we now have the opportunity in 2004 to capitalise on
this momentum. Due to our growth, suppliers such as airlines, hotels and rail
companies are keener than ever to work with us and we will continue to do
everything possible to ensure that we deliver to our clients the best possible range of
travel solutions, at highly competitive prices.

Changes in the way we are paid simply reinforce what we have always done which is
to work hard on behalf of our customers, rather than represent the needs of suppliers!

Staff Update
Congratulations go to Richard Boyd who has been appointed             Welcome aboard to Monica Marzouki who has joined the
Team Manager and now has a deserved opportunity to lead              Sales Team as a Business Development Manager (BDM).
his own team of Business Travel Consultants. Many of you will        Monica was previously at Uniglobe Total Travel for 2.5 years
already have benefited from Richard’s technical wizardry and         where she was awarded BDM Rock of the Year for 2003 (UK
customer service skills of the highest quality. Richard’s Team       and Ireland). Monica speaks five languages English, Arabic,
will work alongside Toni Preston’s, Simon Watts and Steve            French, Spanish and Italian (so its probably best not to get
Gibbs’ existing Teams in our Operations Section. As we               into any kind of linguistic debate with her, as you are bound
continue to grow, our aim is to add more Teams.                      to lose!).

New Out of Hours Contact Details                                         My Trip and More
Please note that we are changing our Out of Hours service            As airlines continue to push E-tickets (more about this in our
provider from Monday 3rd March. Depending on where you               News Brief section), it makes even greater sense for travel
are calling from, the new numbers will be:                           bookers and travellers to access their itinerary information
                                                                     using our website.
Location of Caller          Out of Hours No.
Inside the UK               0870 160 2143                            It’s very easy to use, simply:
Outside the UK              +44 870 160 2143                         q   Ask for the Passenger Name Record (PNR) when making
Inside North America        (360) 756 2943                               a booking.
The new numbers will appear on your itineraries.
Please call your dedicated Business Development Manager              q   Log onto our website
on 020 7802 2131 if you have any questions.
                                                                     q   Click on Check Itinerary (under Useful Travel Links).

g-bulletin                                                           q   Type in the PNR and surname of the traveller

In response to client demand, we have begun an email                 q   A detailed itinerary is
service to customers. This is intended to cover time sensitive           then displayed, ready for
information that we feel will be of use to travel bookers and            printing or emailing.
their travellers.
                                                                     q   If an E-ticket has been
Content will include areas such as major service disruption,             set up just click on the
security issues, terminal changes and supplier                           E-ticket Record link to
promotions……etc.                                                         access the Electronic
                                                                         Ticket Record and print.
If you wish to be added to or removed from the distribution
list, please email us at
putting g-bulletin in the subject box.

                                Grosvenor Travel Management - 46 Gillingham St, London SW1V 1HU
      Tel +44 20 7233 9494 • Fax +44 20 7233 9495 • Email: • Website:
                        URGENT STOP PRESS Re E-Tickets
                        As of 1st April 2004, some carriers including       ticketing, we will continue to provide our
                        British Airways will penalise those travellers      customers with the full range of ticketing
                        who choose paper tickets on routes where E-         options and allow them to decide their own
                        ticketing is available. Customers will be           preferences. We will advise customers of the
                        charged an additional £25 per ticket by the         cost implications, prior to ticketing.
                        airline. Whilst there are advantages to E-

                        What is an E-ticket and what are the advantages?
                        q   E-tickets are paperless electronic tickets.      q   You cannot lose an E-ticket nor have it
                        q   We make the booking in the normal way
                            and issue an E-ticket confirmation receipt       q   The refund procedures are quicker and
                            along with an itinerary. These are usually           simpler.
                            sent to you by email.                            q   Travellers can choose to check in using the
                        q   E-tickets are easy to amend and may be               normal check-in desk or use the Self-Service
                            altered up to 30 minutes prior to departure          check-in, saving even more time.
                            (subject to the minimum check-in time and
                            any fare restrictions).

                        Using Self-Service Check-In is easy, so how do I do it?
                        q   Travellers insert their BA Executive Club            Those with just hand luggage can go
                            Card into the machine, or credit card if this        straight to the gate.
                            has been provided to us as a Form of ID          q   For those with check-in baggage, there is
                            during the booking process.
                                                                                 normally a dedicated check-in desk to

                        q   If you use your credit card as a Form of ID,         speed this part of the process.
                            we can still issue the E- ticket on Account.     q   E-tickets are currently available on over
                            The Form of ID and the Form of Payment
                                                                                 75% of all British Airways routes. This
                            remain completely separate.
                                                                                 figure is growing and should soon
                        q   Travellers simply follow the instructions in         approach 100%.
                            order to print out their boarding pass.

                        A Reminder on Refunds!
                        q   Where an E-ticket is refundable, it’s essential that you let us know if an E-ticket hasn’t
                            been used, as we have no other way of knowing.
                        q   We can then contact the airline and apply for a refund.

                        Singapore Airlines has made E tickets                on certain SQ routes where E tickets are
                        mandatory from 1st March 2004 on certain             available will be charged an additional £25
                        routes. Customers who require paper tickets          per ticket by the airline.

                        KLM is also to apply a £25 surcharge paper tickets from 1st April 2004. Please check with your
                        Business Travel Consultant when booking.

                        News Briefs
                        US Visas - a reminder to all those intending        Biometric data, something that the UK
                        to fly to the US that they must have machine-       Passport Office is
                        readable passports by October 26th 2004.            unable to provide!
                                                                            Another good
                         Whilst most UK passport holders will already
                                                                            reason to get your
                        have these, for those who are likely to visit
                                                                            passport renewed
                        the US and whose passports are due to expire
                                                                            now, a service
                        shortly, we recommend procuring new ones
                                                                            which we can offer.
                        now rather than waiting for the summer
                        scrum at the UK Passport Office.                    More details are available at
                                                                   As the US remains
                        An added complication is that the US
                                                                            our busiest long haul destination, we will
                        Authorities want all new UK Passports issued
                                                                            keep you posted on any future amendments.
                        after the 26th October 2004 to include
British Airways is planning further terminal changes from 28 March 2004. Long haul flights
changing from T4 to T1 include Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Moscow & Athens.
Short haul flights switching from T1 to T4 include Brussels, Geneva, Lyon, Copenhagen, Oslo,
Vienna & Zurich.
To support these additional long haul services, a major programme of infrastructure
improvements is taking place at T1 including a new premium check-in concourse, a new Arrivals
Lounge, a new Departures Lounge and an upgraded Economy Check-In area.

Virgin Atlantic has moved its JFK operation to    Virgin has also unveiled its new Clubhouse at
Terminal 4, offering passengers access to the     JFK. Situated opposite the check-in area, it
newest, most efficient and technologically        boasts views of the terminal and runway. The
advanced terminal at JFK.                         Clubhouse is open daily from 3:30 pm until
                                                  11:30 pm.

Star Alliance (whose 15 member airlines
include bmi, Lufthansa, SAS, United Airlines)
has launched a range of additional benefits
for UK frequent flyers.
Star will match the tier status of customers
from non-Star Alliance member frequent flyer
programmes who can register via a dedicated
website from 1st
February to 15th May 2004. Additionally
during that period, Star Alliance Gold or
                                                  bonus on completed travel and standby
Silver members will be awarded a 5,000 mile
                                                  upgrade certificates good for use on
point bonus.
                                                  participating Star Alliance carriers across the
New and existing UK Star Alliance Gold and        network. Effective 1st February through to 28
Silver members will receive priority check-in,    February 2005.
lounge certificates (Silver only), a 25% tier
Iberia is introducing a short haul Pay on Board catering product from 1st March 2004. This will
affect Economy passengers on most of its operations throughout Europe, including all BA
codeshare services between the UK and Spain.
Congratulations to Joanna Duerden from the Carlyle Group who was the winner of our last
newsletter competition entitling her to two return tickets to New York with Continental
Airlines - happy shopping Joanna!

Bargain Business Class Fares
   London to            Normal Business Class              Cheapest Quality Business Class
   New York             £3956                              £1724
   Miami                £4272                              £4272
   Toronto              £3390                              £1529
   Rio De Janeiro       £4582                              £1767
   Bogotá               £3553                              £1631
   Nairobi              £3842                              £1604
   Delhi                £3374                              £1148
   Hong Kong            £4371                              £1705
   Tokyo                £5306                              £1837
   Beijing/Peking       £4540                              £1203
   Brisbane             £4882                              £2369
As always, fares do not include tax and maybe subject to restrictions including cancellation
charges and fees to change. Fares correct as at 01/03/04.
Competition Time -
Win a pair of return tickets
to Paris, courtesy of Air France!
        NEW! Air France launches ‘DEDICATE’, a tailor-made offer for professionals
Designed for professionals travelling to construction projects,    equipped with a PC
production sites and other major areas of economic activity,       socket enabling
'Dedicate' is a new service featuring scheduled routes and         passengers to work
direct flights to the most remote areas of the world,              should they wish
particularly suited to the expectations of customers in the oil    to, and, for those
and gas industries.                                                who prefer to
                                                                   relax, they can
Air France has inaugurated 'Dedicate' by launching two new         enjoy video
destinations on 28th January: Pointe Noire in the Republic of      programmes
Congo and Malabo in Equatorial Guinea.                             broadcast on
                                                                   screens in each row
                                                                   of l'Espace Affaires, and every three rows in Tempo.

                                                                                                                    But it’s not
                                                                                                                    only the
                                                                                                                    network that
                                                                                                                    comes highly
                                                                                                                    with Air
                                                                                                                    France; it is
                                                                                                                    also the
                                                                                                                    quality of its
                                                                   in-flight meals with a French touch. The gourmet food is as
Over the coming months, five other 'Dedicate' destinations         impressive as what offered on a traditional long-haul flight,
will be offered: Kuwait City, Doha (Qatar), Kish Island (Islamic   and, among other things, passengers will be offered a hot
Republic of Iran), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Atrium                epicurean dish always served in both cabins, and a second
(Kazakhstan - subject to granting traffic rights).                 meal offered depending on the flight duration.
Scheduled to fly from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, 'Dedicate'-         With 'Dedicate', customers will benefit not only from the
branded routes will connect these destinations to the global       complete array of Air France services but also from the
Air France and Sky Team alliance network.                          benefits of its Fréquence Plus and Petroleum Club frequent
The flights are operated using 82-seat Airbus A319s offering       flyer programmes. Passenger ‘Dedicate’ flights enable Air
28 seats in l’ Espace Affaires (Business) and 54 seats in Tempo    France customers to earn Miles that can subsequently be
(Economy) cabins.                                                  transformed into free tickets on the SkyTeam airline of their
Seats in l'Espace Affaires are equipped with leg and footrests,
and a headrest that can be adjusted for height and angle.          For further information or to make a reservation, please
The seat back reclines 12 inches and the seat pitch is 48          contact the Grosvenor Travel Operations Team
inches. In both l'Espace Affaires and Tempo cabins, seats are      on 020 7233 9494.

                                       C O M P E T I T I O N

          Here is your chance to win two return Economy tickets from London Heathrow to Paris.
                   Simply answer the questions below and email you answers back to us
                       on by Monday 29th March:

                          1. Which new destinations did Air France inaugurate on 28th January 2004?
                                     2. Name two of the forthcoming Dedicate destinations?

            Flights must be completed by 31st December 2004 and are subject to availability and capacity control.

        In future, we will be emailing out our quarterly newsletter. If you require a hard copy as well, or wish to
            be removed from our distribution list, please drop us a line at:

                               Grosvenor Travel Management - 46 Gillingham St, London SW1V 1HU
     Tel +44 20 7233 9494 • Fax +44 20 7233 9495 • Email: • Website:

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