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					                                  2011 PRISM AWARDS

Date:                  27 January 2011
Client:                Cadbury South Africa
Product:               Cadbury Dairy Milk:
                       A Glass and a Half Full Production
Category:              Consumer public relations for existing product
Submitted by:          Susan Brunner & Olivia Hansen
                       Plato Communications cc (Cadbury in-house PR department)

Opening statement:

In August 2010, Cadbury South Africa took their flagship Dairy Milk brand to bold new
heights with the launch of their first locally-produced television advert – a blockbuster
from “Glass and a Half Full Production”. The advert saw an Ostrich – a traditionally-
flightless bird – experiencing a moment of joy as he took to the skies for the first time,
mirroring the sense of joy one feels when eating Cadbury Dairy Milk.

“Ostrich” exceeded expectations and gained international recognition: a finalist at the
Cannes Awards and won a Gold Award at the Golden Hammer International Advertising
1. Statement of problem / opportunity:

   The problem:

Various challenges were posed to the PR team:

1. To reinforce the “Glass and a Half Full of Joy” positioning shift from functional to
2. “Show” rather than “Tell” to illustrate the concept of “Joy”
3. Ostrich was released in summer whereas chocolate purchases traditionally increase
   in winter
4. A national campaign was required to reach Cadbury Dairy Milk consumers
5. Create an impactful campaign following the hugely successful first installment from
   A Glass and a Half Full Production, Gorilla, in 2009

   The opportunity:

Cadbury Dairy Milk needs to continually stimulate category and brand growth to remain
market leader. We had the opportunity to keep the momentum of winter chocolate
consumption through to the summer months. A 360 degree support campaign for
Ostrich was required to continually emotionally connect with consumers. The insight:
what could be more joyful than someone doing what they were born to do?

2. Research:

What we knew from the launch of the Gorilla TV commercial in South Africa:
   •   360 degree campaigns create awareness and affinity
   •   Consistent messaging builds brand clarity
   •   8.4 million views of the commercial on the 5th April 2009
   •   Dairy Milk experienced flat growth in difficult economic circumstances
   •   15% value growth was achieved during the campaign period (April – August
   •   Gorilla drove spontaneous awareness of Dairy Milk to an all-time high
   •   Claimed media awareness rose to an all-time high
   •   Dairy Milk showed better-than-expected levels of conversion into the brand
       bought most often by consumers
   •   “Joy” was the strongest takeout of the Gorilla commercial, followed by “glass
       and a half of milk”
   •   PR achieved R4,5 million in coverage

Key learnings:

The success of Gorilla showcased the potential to drive the emotional connection of the
“Joy” aspect.

3. Execution:

Cadbury SA launched the locally-produced “Glass and A Half Full Production” with a 360
degree campaign, of which PR formed an integral part.

Treating the advert as a major feature film, intrigue was created in the period leading up
to the launch with a teaser campaign on radio and in print. A exclusive ‘premiere’ was
held for selected media to view the commercial and the ‘making of’, prior to the
roadblock screening on all national TV channels 15 August 2010 from 7:59pm.
Key PR activities included:
With an intense media driven campaign the five key activities which delivered the most
PR are outlined below.

-   Phase 1:
Behind the Scenes:
The award winning lifestyle TV show, Top Billing, was secured to shoot a 5-minute
behind-the-scenes feature of the commercial which was broadcast on SABC3. The
exclusive for COUP (online magazine) at the teaser shoot resulted in a four page spread
in their launch issue in the “Behind the Ad” feature.

Teaser Press Kits:
A ‘Coming Soon’ DVD and VIP pass were delivered to key media to invite them to the

Media Launch:

Media were invited to attend a press conference at Nu Metro Hyde Park, where they
were the first to see Ostrich on the big screen, along with the ‘making of’.

Press kits included press release, DVD with the commercial and behind the scenes
footage, a generous supply of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and a beaded Ostrich with
branded purple parachute.

-   Phase 2:
Radio Activations:
Dairy Milk gave three regional radio DJ’s the opportunity to experience a moment of Joy
by undertaking an activity which they were born to do. A week of on-air promotion
followed, calling for listeners to explain what they were born to do, with cash prizes and
hampers up for grabs. The activations provided content for their shows and the DJ’s
took ownership of the concept, resulting in free on-air exposure.

Each of the DJ’s activities were filmed and photographed for further exposure.

Guy McDonald (Good Hope FM) had always wanted to be an army helicopter pilot – so
he was given the opportunity to fly in a combat mission on a Huey chopper around Cape
Town’s coastline. His experience gained further coverage on News 24, Good Hope FM
and the People’s Post.

Barney Simon (Jacaranda) had always wanted to play in a Rock Band – so we gave him
the opportunity to play the guitar and perform at a gig with band Kinky Robot.

Damon Beard (East Coast Radio) had always wanted to be a TV presenter – we gave him
the opportunity to audition in the Top Billing Presenter Search.
Damon’s experience was uploaded to the Cadbury website and his audition was
broadcast on Top Billing.

-   Phase 3:
On-Pack Promotion – “Release the Joy Inside”:
The on-pack promotion drew over 700 000 entries. PR highlighted the winner by
arranging a stunning prize handover at Camps Bay beach with Guy McDonald. Coverage
was received in community papers and trade publications.

4. Planning:
Prior to the launch of the commercial, careful planning and consideration was paid to
highlighting the Ostrich’s moment of joy within a strict budget.

Marketing objectives included:
       Emotionally connecting consumers to Cadbury Dairy Milk
       Increasing chocolate consumption

PR Objectives:
       Entrench and bring “A Glass and a Half of Joy” positioning to life
       Create intrigue, excitement & talk-ability around “Ostrich”
       Amplify media channel strategies
       Focus on TV, radio, print and activations
       Have fun

The Cadbury Dairy Milk audience – females aged 25-49 who lead busy lives and have
families – was always top-of-mind when drawing up the media list for the campaign. Key
media were defined in two categories: marketing media for launch of the TV ad and
consumer media with relevance to the Dairy Milk consumer profile.

A 360 degree campaign was devised (TV, cinema, print, online, radio, point of sale, PR,
and on-pack promotion) with focus on the key message: ‘A Glass and a Half Full of Joy’.

The above-the-line campaign was leveraged for publicity purposes. We ensured that we
worked closely with relevant agencies at all times to keep a golden thread throughout
the campaign, resulting in all channels delivering on the insight and allowing consumers
to experience joy.
        Phase 1 – Teaser             Phase 2 – Launch TVC         Phase 3 – On Pack Promotion
     Anticipation & Build Up                Magic                    Reinforce Joy Message
       You Search for Joy              Discovering Joy                   You Find Joy
               July                        August                   September - November
    PR to support teaser           Media Launch                    On pack promotion PR
    campaign and tease the
    media with regards to
                                   •Press Kits
    next Glass and a Half          •Press Release                  •Press release
    Full Production
                                   PR Radio Activation             •Winner announcements
                                   Internal PR

Phase 1:
The teaser campaign was developed to create intrigue utilizing marketing media.
Interviews and media opportunities were arranged and Invitations to the “premiere”
event were delivered to key media.

Phase 2:
PR’s objective was to bring the brand to life through radio activations, stunts and
publicity relevant to the target market. We went with regional stations for the
activations due to our relationships with them and their reach.

Phase 3:
PR supported the on-pack promotion and the prize handover on Camps Bay beach
produced a nice photo opp. Community, online and trade media covered the
5. Evaluation
   7, 9 million viewers tuned into watch the first flighting of “Ostrich”
   “Ostrich” was the most-viewed ad on YouTube in the 2nd week of release, results
   show that this was purely driven by PR
   Creativity Online voted the commercial #1 ad, featured in AdCritic top 20 and Best
   Ads on TV voted “Ostrich” as one of its best TV ads
   34% increase in Dairy Milk sales vs Gorilla
   Brand Health recorded highest levels for Dairy Milk in terms of clarity, advantage,
   performance, relevance and presence
   This ground-breaking campaign entrenched Dairy Milk’s positioning statement
   Received over 700 000 entries for the on-pack promotion
   Second most read press release on Bizcommunity for 2010
   A total of R10 million in publicity was achieved
   An ROI of 23:1 was achieved
   Most successful PR campaign in the history of Cadbury Dairy Milk

Now that’s …