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Issue 110 - Dec Info Bulletin


									      Agreeing a common                                                  Amongst the recommendations arising are that:

   approach on temporary
                                                                         •   Posters should have a bold heading of ‘Engineering
                                                                             Work’ – as this is the term most people are most

        timetable changes
                                                                             familiar with.
                                                                         •   The dates, times, and geographical extent of the
                                                                             disruption should be presented, along with a map
Passengers increasingly obtain information about                             showing the affected routes and alternative services.
changes to the timetable via newer media such as SMS,                    •   No timetable information should be presented if
email alerts, and websites. However, recently published                      there is only space for one poster, as people can get
RSSB research has demonstrated that 40% of people do                         this from other sources.
not seek journey information ahead of their actual journey,              •   If space allows, a combination of two poster types –
and rely on getting relevant travel details at the station.                  including one with timetable information - and at
                                                                             least two locations would be the most effective.
timetable changes is a recently published piece of                       This research supports ATOC in sharing with its
T693 Providing better information about temporary

               RSSB-managed research for the                             members the merits of a ‘one design’ approach. ATOC
               Association of Train Operating                            in partnership with Passenger Focus is intending to take
               Companies (ATOC) and Passenger                            on board the recommendations of the report and will
               Focus, to assess the suitability and                      gladly offer support to the member TOCs.
               usability of posters as a means of
                                                                         For further information contact Michael Woods, head of
               communication – to give notice of, and
                                                                         operations research on 020 7554 4604 or email
               for use during, planned disruption –
               and to agree a common format of

                                                                                               Standards News
               poster for display across the network.
This study comprised several stages, including an initial
literature review, in depth interviews with the
management of train operating companies (TOCs),
                                                                         RGSonline Website
                                                                         RGSonline is the website providing free access to all
consultation with people with disabilities to understand
                                                                         current (and many withdrawn) Railway Group
their needs, and then six focus groups with rail users at
                                                                         Standards, Railway Approved Codes of Practice
locations across Great Britain, to explore customer
                                                                         (RACOPs), Guidance Notes (GNs) and Railway Industry
information needs in more depth.
                                                                         Standards (RISs).
As a result of this qualitative phase, four poster designs
were created with the aid of a design agency, which took                 RSSB has been developing an upgrade of the site and
into account customer preferences for content and                        this will give a fresh look and feel to its presentation. It is
layout. The posters conveyed the same information                        expected that a trial of the new site will be launched in
about engineering work and associated temporary                          April/May with the new site to go live in June 2008. More
timetable changes, each in a different way - exploring                   information will follow in the April issue.
different variables such as timetables and route
diagrams. These poster designs were then tested in a
                                                                         Changes to Standards
                                                                         Documents for publication in the April RGS Catalogue
series of quantitative hall tests.
                                                                         •   GE/RT8073 - Issue 1 (Was GE/RT5214 &
The research found that generally people want a poster                       GM/RT2493) Requirements for the Application of
to capture basic fundamental information including what                      Standard Vehicle Gauges
part of the route is affected, when the works are                            GE/GN8573 - Issue 2 Guidance on Gauging
happening and how long they will last, what alternatives
                                                                             GM/GN2460 - Issue 1 Guidance on compliance
are available, and where more information can be
                                                                             with noise and vibration legislation in the railway
obtained.                                                                    environment

ISSUE   110    March 2008
                                                        Rail Safety and Standards Board Evergreen House 160 Euston Road London NW1 2DX
                                                 Enquiry desk telephone: +44 (0)20 7904 7518 Facsimile: +44 (0)20 7557 9072
                                                                      •   GO/RT4003 - Withdrawal Safety Validation of
                                                                          Organisational Change
                                                                      •   GO/RM3420 – Withdrawal Dangerous Goods-Rail
                                                                          Acceptance and Carriage Manual
                                                                      •   GE/GN8510 – Withdrawal Railway Group Safety
                                                                          Performance Monitoring – Definitions and Guidance
                                                                      For more information contact Marie Marks, head of
                                                                      standards management on 020 7904 7588 or email
    GM/RT2160 - Issue 3 Ride Vibration and Noise

                                                                               June 2008 Rule Book
    Environment inside Railway Vehicles

    GO/GN3676 - Issue 1 Guidance on the Carriage of

    Dangerous Goods by Rail
•   GO/RT3421 - Issue 2 Dangerous Goods - Rail
    Conditions of Acceptance
•   GO/RT3437 - Issue 5 Defective On-Train Equipment                  RSSB will be reissuing several Rule Book modules in
    GO/RC3537 - Issue 3 Approved Code of Practice:                    April 2008 to come into force on 7 June 2008. Key
                                                                      changes include:
    Defective On-Train Equipment
•   RS/516 - Issue 1 Cab secure radio general                         •   Updated instructions on propelling which outline the
    operating instructions                                                principles for a shunter controlling a movement not
    GE/RT8000/TS1 - Issue 4 General Signalling                            driven from a cab at the leading end of a movement
                                                                          (modules SS2, TW1 and TW7).
    GE/RT8000/TW1 - Issue 7 Preparation and                           •   New instructions to allow drivers of trains to examine
                                                                          the line following an ‘overline’ bridge being struck
    movement of trains: General
    GE/RT8000/G1 - Issue 3 General safety                                 (modules TS1 and TW1).
                                                                          Changes to the reporting of defective or isolated on-train
    responsibilities                                                  •
    GE/RT8000/S4 - Issue 3 Trains or shunting                             equipment which have been driven by the review of the
                                                                          high level requirements contained in GO/RT3437,
    movements detained, or vehicles left, on running
    lines                                                                 ‘Defective on-train equipment’ and the associated code
    GE/RT8000/SP - Issue 3 SP - Speeds                                    of practice GO/RC3537 (module TW5).
                                                                          Separation of level crossing instructions into two
    GE/RT8000/TW6 - Issue 2 Working single lines with                 •
                                                                          separate modules. Instructions for drivers and level
    or without a train staff or token
                                                                          crossing attendants will remain in TW8. A new
    GE/RT8000/TW5 - Issue 3 Preparation and
                                                                          module, TS9, has been introduced for the
    movement of trains: Defective or isolated vehicles
                                                                          instructions for signallers (TS9 and TW8).
    and on-train equipment
•   GE/RT8000/TW8 - Issue 4 Level crossings                           The full list of reissued publications is:
•   GE/RT8000/TS9 - Issue 1 Level crossings –                         • AM Amendments module, issue 6
    signallers instructions                                           • G1 General safety responsibilities, issue 3
•   GE/RT8000/TW7 Issue 2 Wrong-direction                             • S5 Passing a signal at danger, issue 2
    movements                                                         • SP Speeds, issue 3
•   GE/RT8000/SS2 – Issue 2 Shunting                                  • SS2 Shunting, issue 2
•   GE/RT8000/AM – Issue 6 Amendments module                          • TS1 General signalling regulations, issue 4
•   GE/RT8000/Index – Issue 7 Rule Book index                         • TS9 Level crossings - signallers instructions, issue 1
•   GE/RT8000/Issue – Issue 11 Rule Book issue                        • TW1 Preparation and movement of trains, issue 7
    history card                                                      • TW5 Preparation and movement of trains: Defective
•   GE/RT8000/S5 – Issue 2 Passing a signal at danger                    or isolated vehicles and on-train equipment, issue 3
•   GE/RT8000/RBBL – Issue 15 Rule Book briefing                      • TW6 Working single lines with or without a train staff
    leaflet                                                              or token, issue 2
                                                                      • TW7 Wrong direction movements, issue 2
                                                                      • TW8 Level crossings, issue 4
Documents for withdrawal
•   GO/GN3626 – Withdrawal Guidance on Dangerous
    Goods - Rail Carriage Arrangements and Risk                       Electronic versions of the modules and a briefing
    Management                                                        presentation of the changes can be downloaded from
•   GO/GN3674 – Withdrawal Guidance on Dangerous                      the RSSB website:
    Goods - Rail Served Facilities                          
•   GO/RT3422 – Withdrawal Explosives - Rail                          The amended Rule Book modules will be available to
    Conditions of Acceptance and Carriage                             buy from Willsons Printers from the end of March 2008.
•   GO/RT3423 - Withdrawal Radioactive Materials -
    Rail Conditions of Acceptance and Carriage

                                                     Rail Safety and Standards Board Evergreen House 160 Euston Road London NW1 2DX
                                              Enquiry desk telephone: +44 (0)20 7904 7518 Facsimile: +44 (0)20 7557 9072
                                                                           RSSB, Network Rail and other sources has been used and
                                                                           a HAZOP was held in January 2008.
                                                                           TOM SC approved further work on 5 February on the
                                                                           following options:
                                                                             (a)   moving trapped trains under one authority (ie not
                                                                                   requiring a new authority to pass each signal)
                                                                             (b)   allowing a Network Rail competent person to

  Cab secure radio (CSR)
                                                                                   travel in the cab to secure points
                                                                           TOM SC also approved further work on an alternative to

     Handbook (RS/516)
                                                                           Temporary Block Working, the existing procedure for
                                                                           authorising and controlling train movements during
                                                                           extensive signalling failures, for use once trains trapped
Cab secure radio (CSR) instructions are currently                          by the failure have been cleared safely.
produced in booklets specific to a geographical location,                  Industry workshops with signallers and drivers and
the Sectional Appendix and other local instructions.                       simulator trials are scheduled for April and May, aiming
Unfortunately with changes in the industry there is no                     to complete the assessment by August. Depending on
formal means of updating these various instructions.                       the industry’s views and decisions, the changes will
RSSB has now produced generic instructions on behalf                       come into effect in 2009.
of Network Rail and any train operator who uses CSR
equipment. There are no changes to what is already                         A rule change aimed to get trains moving more quickly
published for signallers and drivers in CSR areas                          after incidents and failures, which will take effect later
currently. This new booklet simply consolidates good                       this year and is currently undergoing consultation, will
practice, presently published in various sources, into a                   allow signallers and drivers to agree that a train can
single document.                                                           enter an occupied section to reach a station, allowing
                                                                           passengers to alight instead of being kept in the train for
The CSR handbook will be published as an A5 colour                         a long time.
booklet RS/516 similar to the COSS Handbook
(RS/502).                                                                  A second change to improve recovery in ‘small’ failure
                                                                           scenarios by allowing signallers to authorise drivers to
RS/516 will be available to buy from Willsons printers                     pass more than one signal at danger under the same
from March 2008.                                                           authority, instead of passing one at a time and having to
For more information contact: Bill Graham, project                         obtain another authority at the next signal, will also be
manager, national operating publications on 020                            assessed.
7904 7601 or email                              For more information please contact Gillian Pitter,
    Got an issue with a Railway Group Standard?                            project manager on 020 7904 7608 or email
  Call the RSSB Enquiry Desk on 020 7904 7518 or

                                                                                         World Congress on

    Train service recovery                                                                Railway Research
 from extensive signalling
                                                                           The World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) will
                                                                           take place in Seoul, Korea from 18 to 22 May 2008.
                                                                           Under the theme of “Towards a Global Railway”, around
The first project to evaluate rules changes for service                    700 delegates from all over the world will gather to share
recovery after signalling failures (‘driving on sight’),                   their expertise and experience in railway research and
completed last August, showed higher risks and lower                       development. One of the best networking events of the
performance benefits than anticipated, after analysis of                   railway calendar, WCRR draws delegates from across
safety, human factors and operating performance data                       the railway sector at all levels, including those from
and simulator trials. TOM Standards Committee agreed                       operating companies, the supply industry, research
to support work on further options which had been                          institutions and governmental organisations.
identified, and this work is now being managed as a
                                                                           RSSB is a member of the Organising Committee of the
research project (T758).
                                                                           congress and has worked with its international
The first part of the project has been completed on time                   colleagues to develop an exciting and diverse
and reported to TOM SC in February. Several options have                   programme. 186 high quality papers have been selected
been evaluated for dealing with the two stages of recovery:                for presentation, along with a further 100 posters, from
clearing trapped trains from the affected area and achieving               nearly 700 submissions. These papers cover topics from
a sustained throughput of trains once trapped trains are                   across the railway, ranging from traditional engineering
clear, using alternatives to the existing rules (Temporary                 subjects to research on sustainable development
Block Working – TBW). Safety and performance data from                     strategy and on human factors.

                                                              Rail Safety Standards Board Evergreen House 160 Euston Road London NW1 2DX
                                                   Enquiry desk telephone: +44 (0)20 7904 7518 Facsimile: +44 (0)20 7557 9072
                                                                        South West Observatory. The South West Observatory
                                                                        is a network of experts and resources that work towards
                                                                        the common aim of promoting the better use of high
                                                                        quality evidence in policy making within the South West
                                                                        region. For more information visit
                                                                        If you would like more information regarding the
                                                                        Sustainable Rail Programme then please contact
                                                                        Rachel King at and Kathy
British expertise is well represented in the programme,                 Findlay at

with presentations from RSSB, Network Rail and several
British universities and suppliers, along with a keynote
speech from Andrew McNaughton of Network Rail on
“The impact of technology to improve capacity and
                                                                            Date         Name of event                 Location
efficiency”. The technical programme will be
accompanied by a commercial exhibition, technical visits                 22 May 2008 Safety Legislation       Central London
and a social programme.                                                               Update Seminar

Full details of the programme, sponsorship and                           3 - 4 July   Risk Management         Nottingham University
                                                                         2008         Forum
exhibition   information  can  be   found   at
                                                                        For more information on these events contact Stella

   RSSB joins South West
                                                                        Okezie, conference manager on 020 7904 7934 or

     Trains’ Environmental                                                                                        Spotlight
    Awareness Roadshow                                                  SMIS Vision
                                                                        RSSB, on behalf of the industry, is initiating a major
                                                                        programme over the next two years to upgrade and
                                                                        enhance the industry’s Safety Management Information
                                                                        System (SMIS). This programme will be known as SMIS
                                                                        One of the main drivers for SMIS Vision is the need to
                                                                        replace the current hosting infrastructure. There is also
                                                                        a requirement to ensure that data extraction queries run
                                                                        by SMIS users do not impact data entry performance (a
                                                                        known issue that currently impacts the performance of
                                                                        SMIS). This project will be known as SMIS 8 and is
On 28 February, members of the Sustainable Rail
                                                                        planned to be implemented by the end of this year.
Programme travelled to Salisbury train care depot to
take part in an Environmental Awareness ‘roadshow’                      The final deliverable of SMIS Vision is to provide the
event organised by Mark Starkey, the Environment                        Industry with all validated safety data from one source.
Manager for South West Trains (SWT). The day was                        To be able to achieve this, a number of improvements
the first in a series of similar events that SWT plan to                need to be made to the current SMIS application and its
hold across its network.                                                related business processes. These include:
The aim of the day was to raise awareness amongst                       •    Improving the flexibility and performance of SMIS,
staff of what SWT and the wider rail industry is doing to                    specifically for data entry inputs.
promote sustainability and improve environmental                        •    Agreeing with the industry what the core and
performance. The day also provided staff with the                            optional (company-specific) data requirements are
chance to step back from their day-to-day roles and find                     for collecting and recording safety-related data.
out more about sustainable issues, within the workplace                      Improving the quality of data being entered into
and at home.
A wide range of the SWT workforce attended the                          •    Ensuring that key data is validated and only available
roadshow, including depot staff, station staff, traincrew                    from one source.
and managers.                                                           To find out more see
                                                                        Or contact Jeff Brewer, smis vision project manager
South West Observatory
The following day, the Sustainable Rail Programme
                                                                        on 020 7904 7509 or email
exhibited and attended the 5th annual conference of the

                                                         Rail Safety Standards Board Evergreen House 160 Euston Road London NW1 2DX
                                              Enquiry desk telephone: +44 (0)20 7904 7518 Facsimile: +44 (0)20 7557 9072

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