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A Rising Star Equestrian Center


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									                                              A Rising Star Equestrian Center
                                                   9470 Indiana Street Arvada, CO 80007
2007 Summer Horsemanship Camp
Camp Outline:
Each day is an adventure in equine education, and fun is the key. Starting with safety
on the ground, students will learn how to catch, halter, lead, groom and tack up their
horses. Every day includes a group horse-back riding lesson, when students gain a
strong foundation with well-balanced riding. As well, students will learn what a horse
eats, how to clean stalls, what to do if a horse gets sick, and other horse care
information. Visits from veterinarians, farriers, and other special guests add to the
knowledge gained from experienced instructors and counselors.

Camp Hours:
Sessions run each week from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM.
You are welcome to pick up you child after 2:00 PM.

Cost: $350 per child, per session     Ages:      5 and up

A Rising Star Equestrian Center
9470 Indiana Street, Arvada. Just south of the intersection of Indiana St. and 96th.
Ten minutes from I-70 at Ward, and ten minutes from the Boulder Turnpike at

Camp Session Dates:
       June 4 – 8                       July 16 – 20                     August 6 – 10
       June 18 – 22                     July 23 – 27                     August 13 – 17
       June 25 – 29                     July 30 – August 3

  Boots or shoes with a heel are required. No open-toed shoes permitted.
  Shorts are permitted for the class portions of camp, but long pants like jeans (not
       capris or wind pants) are required for riding.
  Dress your child appropriately for the weather, but remember that Colorado
       weather can be unpredictable and send extra clothing just in case.
  Sunscreen and a hat with a brim are recommended.
  A sack lunch each day.

Call A Rising Star Equestrian Center at 303-431-4675.
                                                 A Rising Star Equestrian Center
                                                     9470 Indiana Street - Arvada, CO 80007

2007 Summer Horsemanship Camp
Registration Form

   Camp Fee is $350 per child, per session.
   A deposit of $175 is due with this registration form to reserve your place.
   The balance of $175 is due on or before the first day of camp.
   Please make checks payable to A Rising Star Equestrian Center.

Name of Rider: ____________________________________________________________
Age of Rider: __________ Birth Date of Rider: __________________

Camp Session(s) Desired: ___________________________________________________

Name of Parent or Guardian: _________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ______________________ Work Phone: __________________________
Cell Phone: ________________________      Other Phone: __________________________

Emergency Contact Name and Number (if other than Parent/Guardian):

What is the student’s riding level?
    □   Beginner (little or no riding experience)
    □   Intermediate ( comfortable at a walk and trot)
    □   Advanced (comfortable at a canter)

Please list any allergies (food/environmental), medical information, or special needs we might
need to know about: _____________________________________________________

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