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					Changing with the times…
Diversification—a term we hear             shares Sommer. “We have proudly         to the area and emphasizes its
more and more often. During the            served the state of Texas for           commitment to policyholders
2000 census, state officials began         more than 110 years and we are          by providing financial strength,
noticing a dramatic change in the          committed to continue this service      family traditions and claims service
demographics of Texas. According           for many years to come.”                24/7. “Germania Insurance is
to Texas State Data Center and The                                                 proud of its Texas heritage and as
Office of the State Demographer            Advertising                             the times change so do we,” says
by 2010, Texas is likely to have 25        As you drive down the highway           Foerster.
million people and by 2040 could           you will notice an abundance of
have more than 51.7 million people.        billboards    and     advertisements    Enhancements
Germania is proud of the fact that         from various companies. Germania        Germania values its policyholders.
our insureds are made up of a diverse      recently introduced a new advertising   That’s why management is always
group of families. However, to keep        campaign that includes newspaper        looking for new ways to provide
up with the changing times we are          ads, policyholder mailers and           you with more valuable services
broadening our market presence             billboards. “The new campaign is        and products. During the past
across Texas.                              prominently displayed on billboards     12 months we have enhanced our
                                           across the state of Texas,” states      services by adding a Companion
Expansion                                  Rodney Foerster, assistant vice         Life Discount, a Claims Free
Germania’s goal for the past several       president of Marketing/Training for     Discount, Identity Theft Recovery
years has been to expand its services      Germania Insurance. The “Measure        Coverage, Enhanced Personal
to underserved and unserved areas of       Carefully” campaign asks you to         Computer Coverage and the
Texas. During the past year we have        take a good look at the coverages,      Germania Advantage program
added five new agents and six new          deductibles and service, and make       that provides a wide variety
satellite offices to address these areas   sure they really measure up.            of discounts on products and
and to keep up with the population         In addition to this campaign,           services.
growth of Texas. With the shift in the     Germania continues to promote “The      No matter how much Texas
demographics of the state, Germania        Insurance Texans Trust” campaign in     changes over the next 110
is also actively recruiting agents in      newspaper ads and billboards in new     years, Germania will be there for
strategic markets in the Rio Grande        strategic markets—the Rio Grande        its    policyholders—continually
Valley and El Paso. “Our goal is to        Valley and El Paso. This campaign       providing a wide range of
ensure that Texas homeowners have          introduces              Germania        insurance      products       and
access to dependable, professional                                                 exceptional customer service.
Germania agents,” shares David
Sommer, president of Germania
With the average age of Texas
homeowners becoming younger,
many families are in search of the
American dream. New families are
looking to purchase their first home
while growing families upgrade to
larger homes. “Germania continues to
be The Insurance Texans Trust—the
insurance of choice for homeowners,”
     A Message from the President
     Growth is a critical component to maintaining success in any business.
     Steady, well-managed growth has always been important to the success
     of the Germania Group. In fact, “growth” is one of the six focus areas
     defined in our corporate strategic plan.

     In this issue’s featured article Changing with the times… we share
     information about what experts are predicting for Texas during the
     next 25 years. It is incredible to even imagine that we could see more
     than 50 million people living in our great state in the next couple of      GERMANIA FARM
     decades.                                                                   MUTUAL INSURANCE
     Germania’s directors and management team are always mindful of                   507 Hwy. 290 East
     this information as we make decisions that will affect our companies           Brenham, Texas 77833
     and policyholders for many years to come. As Texas grows, so must
                                                                                        David Sommer
     Germania.                                                                            President

     I am very proud of the growth in our companies over the past few                     Paul Ehlert
     years. An excellent agency force combined with constant improvement              1st Vice President
     in customer service has been key to generating this growth in
                                                                                         Ron Rhodes
     policyholders. And as the number of policyholders has grown, so has              2nd Vice President
     our financial strength.
                                                                                        Derrell Krebs
     The constant bombardment of advertisements on television clearly                Secretary/Treasurer
     demonstrates that growth is important to our competitors also. The
                                                                                        Lori Krolczyk
     “caveman” and the “lizard” are two examples that quickly come to mind
                                                                                       Managing Editor
     when one thinks of the aggressive marketing efforts presently in our
     industry.                                                                         James Pharaon
     Germania doesn’t have any fancy commercials airing on television. To
     grow, we place our emphasis on our deep-rooted values and strong
                                                                               Vol. 33, No. 2 ♦ Summer 2007
     customer service proving we are in the business to take care of your
     insurance needs. Our slogan, The Insurance Texans Trust, is one we       Germania Today (USPS 086230)
                                                                              Published quarterly by Germania Farm
     take to heart. We are Texas born and Texas proud!                        Mutual Insurance Association, 507 Hwy.
                                                                              290 East, Brenham, Texas 77833, for
                                                                              its policyholders. Periodical postage
                                                                              paid at Brenham, Texas and additional
                                                                              mailing offices.

                                                                              Subscription price is 50 cents per year
                                                                              included in yearly premium.

                                                                              POSTMASTER: Send address changes
                                                                              to GERMANIA TODAY, P.O. Box 645,
                                                                              Brenham, Texas 77834-0645



2	      For the good things in life...Trust Germania
  FISCAL YEAR ENDING            Discounts offered by Germania and Texas Heritage
  DECEMBER 31, 2006             Depending on the property covered, you may be eligible for one or more of
                                Germania’s premium reducing discounts, if you qualify. These include:

                                Companion Auto Policy Discount               All Steel Roof Discount
                                By insuring your *home, personal             This five percent discount is
                                liability and auto with Germania you         available for all insured dwellings
                                can save 10 percent on your home             and manufactured/mobile homes,
                                premium and 15 percent on your               without regard to occupancy
                                auto premium. (*To qualify for these         status. The entire roof must be
                                discounts, you must have your primary        steel. The metal must be 26 gauge
                                owner-occupied dwelling, liability and       or thicker, and installed with
                                auto insured with Germania.)                 roofing screws.
                                Companion Life Policy Discount               Hail Resistant Roof Discount
                                You may be eligible for a                    The Hail Resistant Roof Discount
                                Companion Life Policy Discount               is available for all insured dwellings
                                when you choose life and home                and manufactured/mobile homes,
                                insurance from Germania. Whether             without regard to occupancy
                                you are considering a Germania               status. The entire roof must be of
                                home insurance policy or you                 hail resistant material. Discounts
                                already have one, just add a                 can be up to seven percent,
                                qualifying Germania life insurance           depending on material used.
                                policy and enjoy a valuable 10
                                percent discount on your home                Central Burglar/Fire System
                                premium. (Discount applies to home           Discount
                                premium only, and the life policy            This five percent discount is
                                owner must also occupy the insured           available for owner and immediate
                                dwelling.)                                   family occupied dwellings, church
                                                                             parsonages and manufactured/
                                Claims Free Discount                         mobile homes. Documentation
 In Memory of...                This discount is available for owner         must be provided showing that the
                                occupied dwellings, manufactured/            system is connected to a central
                                mobile homes and unscheduled                 monitoring station and is activated
Patsy Booher, former            personal property. Insured must              to receive this discount.
secretary of Local Chapter      be claims free for three years. The
#1, Riesel, Texas.              Claims Free Discount is equivalent
                                to the number of years the insured
H.D. “Doyle” Fowler, former
                                is claims free beginning the third
director and former secretary
                                consecutive loss free year until
of Local Chapter #252,
                                obtaining the maximum discount
Big Spring, Texas.
                                of 10 percent. For new or existing
                                business three years or less with us,
                                the maximum discount available
                                is five percent.

                                                                         Visit us at        5
     VALUABLE A$$ET$                                                                              destruction of business property like
                                                                                                  buildings and equipment. Often, you
                                                                                                  may even find it prudent to insure the
     Germania Life Insurance Company                                                              life of the key employee. This is where
                                                                                                  Germania Life can help.
     can safeguard your most valuable asset                                                       A key person life insurance policy is
                                                                                                  not very different than life insurance
     Do you own or manage a business?                   as more valuable. However, if you
                                                                                                  owned by most individuals to protect
     Can you name your most important                   have a key employee in your business,
                                                                                                  their families. The business submits
     business asset? Many employers                     you know he or she may be more
                                                                                                  an application for the policy as owner
     would say people. Employees that                   valuable because without this person
                                                                                                  and beneficiary with the key person
     arrive every day and get the work done             your business might be less profitable.
                                                                                                  as named insured. Because individuals
     are important assets. Business owners              Key employees typically have one
                                                                                                  cannot be insured without their
     and managers already recognize this                or more talents or attributes that
                                                                                                  knowledge, the key employee must
     simple truth—people are the key to a               add irreplaceable value to your
                                                                                                  sign the application. This signature
     successful business. Most employees                business. Perhaps an exceptionally
                                                                                                  grants permission to the insurance
     realize, like their employers, that                talented engineer, programmer or
                                                                                                  company to medically underwrite
     some individuals are more valuable                 account executive routinely makes
                                                                                                  the policy and demonstrates to
     than others. Very likely, you have at              a significant contribution to your
                                                                                                  the insurer that the employee is
     least one key employee. Germania                   bottom line. If you have invested
                                                                                                  cooperating with the purchase of a
     Life Insurance Company can help you                time and money to train or educate
                                                                                                  policy that may ultimately benefit
     protect this valuable asset.                       this employee, the value added by
                                                                                                  their employer.
                                                        this education is often worth many
     It may seem insensitive        to describe         times the expense. Whatever the           Let Germania Life help you and your
     one employee                                       specific role this individual plays, it   business with key person life insurance.
                                                        is apparent that without this person      In addition, we have other products
                                                        your business would be much less          available for all employees through
                                                        successful.                               our Worksite Plus life insurance
                                                         Germania Life encourages you to
                                                         consider the value of key employees      To learn more about using life
                                                        as you evaluate risk management           insurance to achieve your business
                                                        and insurance programs. Measure           goals or to purchase a Germania
                                                        the potential financial impact of         Life insurance policy, contact
                                                        losing a key employee just as you         your agent or Germania Life at
                                                        measure the financial impact of the       1-800-392-2202, Ext. 1942. We
                                                                                                  can help.

6	       For the good things in life...Trust Germania
                   With Germania Advantage
                   you, as a policyholder of a
                   Germania company, are
                   automatically eligible for
                   special discounts and
                   opportunities on a wide
                   variety of goods and services.

                   Best of all, there is no cost to
                   you and no enrollment is
                   necessary. No catch. Simply
                   start saving!

                   On the next page is a list of
                   companies which have
                   partnered with Germania to
Live a little...   give you the Germania
                   Advantage by offering special

                   discounts or incentives just for
                   being a Germania Companies

                   So, thank you for trusting the
                   Germania Companies for your
                   insurance needs. We sincerely
                   hope you enjoy the Germania

                   For more information on the
                   Germania Advantage program,
                   please visit
                   and click on the “Policyholders
                   Only” link or call

                   The Insurance Texans Trust.
                        HOME • AUTO • LIFE
Germania Credit
Union Can Help
Protect You from
Warranty Woes
New car warranties range from the
traditional three-year or 36,000
miles, to a few brands that extend
drivetrain coverage to 10 years         bumper”
or 100,000 miles. For some car          warranty all at very
                                        affordable prices. Coverage is            you may also be entitled to
buyers, a long warranty will be                                                   additional reimbursement.
crucial—for others it is not as         available for new as well as pre-
important. If you plan to own your      owned vehicles and $0 deductibles         Tire road hazard protection
car for several years, you may want     are available for many models. “In        Your extended warranty offers tire
to consider purchasing an extended      addition, many plans offer a money        road hazard protection. If glass,
warranty made available through the     back guarantee and all plans are          nails or other road hazards damage
Germania Credit Union.*                 transferable to the new owner in          a tire on your vehicle, the tire will be
                                        the event you sell your vehicle           repaired. If the tire is not repairable,
Protect yourself from                   to another individual,” continues         it will be replaced with a new tire of
costly repairs.                         Barker.                                   like kind and quality.
Many individuals seek coverage for      Consider an extended                      Trip interruption
the more expensive repairs such as      warranty through GCU.*                    Being away from home and
transmission replacement, which can                                               experiencing a mechanical failure can
cost more than $2,000. Extended         Extended warranties sold through
                                                                                  be devastating. Fortunately, your
warranties sold through GCU*            GCU also provide:
                                                                                  extended warranty will reimburse
offer extensive drivetrain coverage     Nationwide protection                     you for meals and lodging for up to
for your automobile’s engine,           No matter where you may be when           three days if you are stranded more
transmission and driveshaft.            a covered breakdown occurs, the           than 100 miles away from your
                                        extended warranty made available          home due to a covered breakdown.
Select a warranty that is               through GCU will provide the
                                                                                  One deductible per visit and no
right for you.                          protection you need to get your
                                                                                  limit on claims
When comparing warranties, you          vehicle back on the road. Repairs
                                                                                  Should you happen to experience
must consider which repairs are         can be completed at any licensed
                                                                                  multiple mechanical failures all at
covered and how likely it is that you   repair facility in the United States or
                                                                                  once, you are only required to pay
will need them. Car dealerships will    Canada.
                                                                                  one deductible. Your warranty will
often try to sell you an extended       24-hour roadside assistance               also protect you no matter how
warranty at the time that you           As long as your vehicle is covered        many claims you may incur during
purchase your new or used vehicle.      by the extended warranty, you can         the term of your coverage.
“Extended warranties are a great        receive services that will not only
                                                                                  If you are considering extending
idea, particularly if you hate budget   tow your vehicle if it breaks down
                                                                                  the warranty protection on your
surprises, but don’t rush into          but will also send assistance if you
                                                                                  current vehicle or you are looking to
purchasing the dealer’s warranty,”      run out of gas or lock yourself out
                                                                                  purchase a new vehicle, consider an
shares C.W. Barker, president of        of the car.
                                                                                  extended warranty made available
GCU. “There are many different
                                        Rental vehicle assistance                 through GCU.* Give us a call today
products on the market and              If you suffer a mechanical breakdown      at 1-800-392-2202, Ext. 7506.
coverages can vary a great deal, as     covered by your extended warranty,        * Germania Credit Union (GCU) offers extended
can price.”                             you will be reimbursed for alternate      warranties underwritten by the Mercury Insurance
GCU offers a wide range of              transportation expenses according
coverage choices from the most          to the schedule of your agreement.
basic to a complete “bumper-to-         If repairs take longer than expected,
                                                                                   Visit us at 	           7
                               Mouth-watering Shish Kabobs

      1 pound beef sirloin
      2 bunches green onions
      24 cherry tomatoes
      24 mushrooms
      1 red bell pepper
      1 yellow bell pepper
      1 green bell pepper

      • Cut the meat into 2-inch cubes and slice the peppers.
      • Marinate the meat in your favorite marinade for 30 minutes.
      • Clean and remove tops of the green onions.
      • Place a cube of meat, onion, tomato, mushroom and yellow pepper on the skewer and then
          place another piece of meat, onion, tomato, mushroom and red pepper on the same skewer,
          then repeat process again ending with the green pepper this time.
      • Cook over the BBQ grill until meat is brown and vegetables are tender. Makes 4 to 6 kabobs.

Germania Farm Mutual
 Insurance Association
   invites policyholders
  to the 111th Annual
Meeting on Wednesday,
      July 18, 2007
beginning at 9:00 a.m.
in the Boardroom of the
Germania Home Office,
 507 Hwy. 290 East,
     Brenham, Texas.

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