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     The Annual Parish meeting will be held at 7.30pm on
    Monday, 18 April 2011 at the Carter Institute, Main Street
                    Report by the Chairman of the Parish Council
                    Cllr. Glyn James
                    Future developments at RAF Brize Norton
                    Group Captain David Houghton
                    Policing in Clanfield
                    Thames Valley Police
                    Report by Clanfield Primary School Headteacher
                    Ms Jane Lloyd
If you wish to add an item to this agenda, please contact Lynda Scott, acting Parish
Clerk on 01367 810771 or by email at

                           COME ON JOIN IN
Take the plunge, help the village by joining the Parish Council. Now is the time to step
  forward. It’s not difficult, just call Lynda Scott on 810771. People of all knowledge's
   and experience are needed, particularly those with time to help. The nominations
 have to be in by April 4th but if you see this note after that date still apply as you can
                 be co-opted. Do come and be a Councillor, apply now.

The Carter Institute
                           The Carter Institute needs you!
Come and have your say in how the Carter Institute is run. Our AGM will be on 12th
April 2011 at 8pm when we will be reviewing the different events and groups that
used the Carter Institute this past year and considering the decisions to be made
about rates charged to users and on-going maintenance. We are also considering
different ways of using the Carter Institute to provide services to the community of
Clanfield: these include installing a number of internet-enabled computers, along
with free advice on how to use them. Another suggestion is to start a book
Please let us know your opinions either by coming to the AGM or by contacting
Adrian Hillier (810474 or
The Carter Institute is a spacious, airy and recently refurbished village hall, with
toilets and a well-equipped kitchen. It is available for hire at very competitive rates
for parties, functions and meetings. Contact Kate on (01367) 810440 for more
information about bookings.
                                                                         Adrian Hillier

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                    Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
                                Tel 01993 850350
I’m down to earth again – I think! My
thanks to all the village folk who
helped make my 90th birthday
memorable. John and Nancie
graciously hosted my party, Mary
made the cake and the W.I. caterers
provided a delicious array of finger
I was surrounded by friends – my
Clanfield Family (my own live too far
away for a brief visit). In my lounge I
have four large party balloons and a
pile of beautiful cards so I shan’t
forget Wednesday for a long time –
                             Ruby Riches

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                 CLANFIELD FESTIVAL 2011
                                  (Provisional calendar)
           Art Exhibition                        Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June
                                                 Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July
           Village/School Fete                   Sunday 25th June
           Rounders                              Friday 1st July
           Scarecrows                            Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July
           Walking Treasure Hunt                 Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July
           Cowbridge Male Voice Choir            Saturday 9th July
      Next Committee meeting Monday 4th April at The Carter Institute 7:30pm
                              EVERYONE WELCOME !!

Clanfield Festival 2011
Minutes of meeting held at the Carter Institute on Monday 14th March 7.30pm
Those present:
Glyn James, Heather Clark, Simon Andrews, Melanie Andrews, Melvyn Cole, Fiona
Massie, Karina Hooper, Peter Farley, Jane Lloyd, Linda Cowling.
1. Clanfield Festival Objectives adopted unanimously without any changes
      The Objective
Clanfield Festival exists to improve the quality of life in the Village and Parish of
Clanfield and to build a stronger sense of community. To achieve this the Clanfield
Festival will:
- promote and organise events within the village, which will enrich the lives of the
- award discretionary grants to organisations and individuals to assist them in their
  goals which are for the benefit of the village
2. The committee agreed the constitution with few changes
The Constitution
a.   This is an initial constitution, which can be added to during the life of the
     Clanfield Festival by agreement of the current committee
b.   The committee will consist of people of the village and parish of Clanfield
c.   The committee will elect a secretary annually
d.   The committee will elect a chairman annually
e.   The committee will elect a vice-chairman annually

f.    The committee will elect a treasurer annually
g.    The accounts of the Clanfield festival will be audited by a competent independent
      person annually
h.    The financial year of the Clanfield festival will be in the first year Mar 1st to Mar
      31st 2012 and thereafter 1st April to 31st March
i.    The committee will appoint the competent person to audit the accounts annually
j.    The committee will set up an awards sub-committee which will decide on the
      awarding of the discretionary grants. This sub-committee will consist of 5
      persons. These persons must reside within the Parish of Clanfield, their
      appointment will be via Nomination and Seconding , ongoing after serving 2
      years the first two positions will be put up for election, and then the remaining
      three positions will be elected in the third year. The awards sub- committee have
      the power to award discretionary grants without referral to the main committee.
k.    The committee will retain £500 within its account as working capital
l.    The figure in k. above will be agreed on an annual basis
m. The Clanfield Festival committee can only constitute a meeting with a minimum
   of 5 being present including one of the Clanfield Festival
3. The following officers were appointed by the committee
       Secretary – Linda Cowling
       Chairman – Glyn James
       Vice Chairman – Peter Farley
       Treasurer – Melvyn Cole
4. Appointment of competent accountant – Mel was asked to talk to and,                      if
possible, appoint Peter Barratt
5. Appointment of Clanfield Festival Awards Committee – Simon Andrew, Peter
Farley, Liz Stevens, Peter Barratt, Anne Harris. Existing committee will serve for one
year from 2011, then in 2012 two members stand down and two new appointments
are made. In 2013 the three other committee members stand down and another three
appointments are made. This pattern of change then continues each year.
6. It was agreed that the members in the room were NOT an exclusive number and
that any villager was welcome to attend and participate
7. Discussion of events for 2011 - See below
8. Next meeting Monday 4th April – 7.30 at Carter Institute
9. Events and Diary dates for Summer Festival in 2011 (Dates to be confirmed)
     Art Exhibition (Peter Farley) 24th and 25th June, 2nd and 3rd July
     Village/School Fete 25th June
     Scarecrows (Mel Andrews) 2nd and 3rd July

    Walking Treasure Hunt (Simon Andrews) 2nd and 3rd July
    Cowbridge Male Voice Choir (Glyn James) 9th July
    Rounders: 1st July was agreed but Tim Cowling is unavailable for this date. He
    would be very happy for someone else to run it on that date but would also be
    available to do it himself either Friday 24th June or Saturday afternoon 25th June.
    The Fete at the School: The School feel strongly that they have lost financially by
    allowing the Festival Committee to run the Fete. Much discussion took place as to
    how the fete should be organised to get the ideal division of the finances. There
    was also discussion on the changing of the day from a Sunday afternoon to a
    Friday evening - this was not thought to be viable and a date of Sunday 25th was
    provisionally agreed. Jane Lloyd and Katrina Hooper would go back to the PTA for
    a decision from them as to what they were going to do and then report back to the
    Clanfield Festival Committee at their next meeting where a further discussion
    would take place.
10. Other thoughts, ides etc.
    Clanfield Nostalgia – Peter to talk to Sue. Other ideas on this topic included
    photographs of an individual’s own house in the past for a true reflection of the
    village years ago, a collage, in different mediums, of places in the village as it is
    today, a photographic record of everyone’s house now, as it is a Census year.
    Decorate your car – Village Parade
    Beat the Goalie at the football club
    Steel band activity day
    More activities for children
Ideas for Autumn/Winter/Spring are needed as the Committee would like to organise
things at different times of the year. Ideas so far include a Pumpkin Competition,
Halloween and Guy Fawkes. The Committee are also aware of the need to avoid any
clash with the Produce Show.
11. The meeting ended at 9.00pm

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St Stephen’s Church
Friday 4th March was the annual Women’s World Day
of Prayer and a number of us joined together at St.
Michael’s Church, Stanton Harcourt, to sing the songs
chosen by the Christian women of Chile and to hear
their thoughts about the many rich resources of their
country and the need for all of us to share what we
have with those around us who are in need, being
wise stewards of all that we have been blessed with.
It was a lovely service and we enjoyed lovely
refreshments afterwards – thank you to everyone who
provided the yummy cakes!
Thursday 14th April is the annual parochial meeting at 7.30pm at the Carter Institute,
Clanfield. This is the AGM for the whole parish where we celebrate all that has
happened in our churches in Bampton, Aston, Lew, Shifford and Clanfield in the past
year and look forward to all that is planned for the year to come. Please do come
along and join us – it would be lovely to see as many people there as possible.
Easter Sunday is, of course, the major event that we as Christians are looking
forward to this month. We will be joining together on Good Friday to commemorate
Jesus’ death on the cross and on Easter Sunday to celebrate his defeat of death.
You are all welcome to come and join us at both services – details are below.
Services in April
Sunday 3rd April:      10.30am Mothering Service Family Service led by Judith
Sunday 10th April:     9.15am Holy Communion led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 17th April:     10.30am Family Service led by Rev. Ian Duffy.
Good Friday 22nd       April: 2pm Last Hour service led by Rev. David Battersby.
Easter: 10.30am        Holy Communion led by Rev. David Battersby.
Sunday 1st May         10.30am Family Service led by Judith Hillier.
Dates for your diary
Mondays: Delicious lunches available 12noon to 1.30pm every week at the Carter
         Institute, Clanfield. Come along and enjoy a bowl of home-made soup
         and a roll, followed by tea/coffee and biscuits. If you are interested in
         making soup or helping to serve, please contact John or Nancie Greatrex
         on (01367) 810609 for more details.
Thursday 14th April: 7.30pm Annual Parochial Meeting at the Carter Institute.
                                                                         Judith Hillier

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West Oxfordshire Cats Protection have a number of cats & kittens looking for
new families. Can you help? If you are able to offer them a home or if you can
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We also need volunteers to help out at our many fund-raising events which can be fun and
rewarding. For information visit or please contact the
Branch on 01993 831350 or email

Clanfield WI March meeting
The March meeting was the Annual General Meeting at which we heard
reports about the activities over the past year and those of financial matters.
Membership is over 40 which is a very good number for a small village and we have
been attracting women from surrounding villages and towns to our Institute, so we
must be doing something right!
This year Pauline Burbidge and Gwyneth Morris are retiring from the committee
where they have been very long-standing members. They have both also been
presidents at some time. Their skills, loyalty and dedication will be missed, but we
are pleased to welcome new members to the committee. Heather Clarke was voted
by members to continue as our President.
Jean Hammond, one of the county W.I. Advisers, attended the meeting and took
questions from members about the running of the county and national federations. A
quiz and puzzle game followed the formality of the meeting and this was greatly
Our next meeting is on Tuesday 12 April at 7.30 pm. The speaker will be Jean
McGiffin about the children of Chernobyl. Unfortunately nuclear disasters will be very
much in our minds with the events in Japan. For further details on Clanfield WI see
our website or contact Heather on 01367 810655.
                                                                         Liz Stevens
                      Visit to Palace of Westminster
                           Tuesday 26 April 2011
Clanfield WI are organising a visit to the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday 26 April.
  The coach will leave The Tavern at 8.00am and drop us off at Westminster. It will
then pick up at 3.00pm for the homeward journey. The cost for non-members will be
                £15. The trip will be free from gender discrimination!!
          If you are interested in joining us on this trip please contact either
                   Heather Clark: 810655 or Carol James: 810569

Thrips …
Last month’s WHAT? highlighted the problem of thrips, thunder flies or whatever you
call them, getting themselves behind the glass in picture frames, amongst other
I find the best way to deal with this problem is to seal in the picture, print or photo by
using a good quality adhesive tape (one that will not dry out). Stick it to the glass so
that it does not show once the glass is inserted in the frame and then fold over the
excess of the tape around the back of the picture mount or photo to seal it in. Then
see if the little b’s get in on the picture!
                                                                              Peter Farley
            Clanfield Summer Festival 2011
                           Art Exhibition
                             Call for Artists
We will again be having an exhibition of art at the Carter Institute as part of
                      the Clanfield Summer Festival.

  The exhibition will take place on the weekends of 25th – 26th June and
       2nd – 3rd July with handing in of pictures on Friday 24th June.

   If you would like to take part this year please contact Peter Farley on
              810604 or email;

        Help make this exhibition bigger and better than last year!

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Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society
The Reverend David Lloyd held an audience of well over 100, a clear record for the
society, gripped by his well-planned talk on and in St Mary’s church, the oldest
extant building in Bampton.
This was the first meeting to be held in Bampton since what was for the previous 49
years the Clanfield Historical Society combined this season with its neighbouring
town, and could not have been more successful.
It had been billed as ‘The History of St Mary’s Church’, but as this stretches back
nearly a thousand years it was, of necessity, as David said ‘A bit of the history’ – with
the talk neatly divided into three sections. The first was on the history of the church,
from its early association with St Beornwald to being now the parish church of St
Mary; the Minster Enclosure which was more or less the whole of Bampton; and
adjacent important sites on the east-west axis from St Andrew’s hermitage to the
Lady Well and Bampton Castle.
Then we were treated to a survey of some of the architectural features of the church,
which were enhanced by diagrams and explanations on leaflets which David had
thoughtfully prepared and distributed.
And finally some tales of his predecessors, under the aegis of the Dean and Chapter
of Exeter to whom it a gift from Edward the Confessor. For many years Bampton had
three vicars, some of whom never appeared in the town – including one, Thomas
Middleton, who was also vicar of Clanfield and the (truant) headmaster of Bampton
After the talk, all were encouraged to inspect the church in more detail for
themselves, and no doubt found aspects of it that would have escaped notice
without both the talk and the accompanying leaflet.
The society’s next meeting, the last for the season, will be on April 19, in the Carter
Institute, Clanfield, at 7.30pm, when Simon Townley, editor of Victoria County
History, Oxfordshire, will talk about ‘A Cotswold Wool Town: Burford and its
                                                                             Alan Smith

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Together we could share/swap ideas, equipment and spur each other on, maybe even
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Clanfield Produce Show Cups
The Teresa Wrangham Children’s Cup was given in 2001 in memory of Mrs
Wrangham who lived at Pond House, the last house that you see on the left hand
side of the Bampton Road as you leave the village. We usually award it to the best
entry in the Children’s cookery section. She is remembered as a very lovely lady
who lived in a lovely house with lots of lovely old antique furniture. I certainly can
remember her lovely polished parquet floor in the hallway. Although she was a
relatively private person and ‘kept herself to herself’ Teresa was a school governor, a
President of the W.I. and a member of St Stephen’s congregation. She was involved
in making the church hassocks which are still in use today. During the war she had
lived up in Scotland with her five children and numerous nieces and nephews. She
certainly had a love of children and so her family thought it appropriate that the cup
was awarded for children’s entries.
The Ferguson/Crisp Challenge Cup for the longest runner bean was introduced
back in 1996. There was a man from Witney, Keith Durham who grew whopping
runner beans which were unbeatable but Brian Ferguson and Alan Crisp used to try
to compete and so had a ‘side bet’ if you like and tried to outdo one another even if
Mr Durham usually left them standing. There is often controversy about the longest
bean and whether it’s straight or measured on a bend. One year I recall Derek
Farmer, I think it was, entering one that was two ends sellotaped to another bean in
the middle.
There have been many heroic winners so why don’t you get growing and watering
and see if you can add your name to the list. Beans like plenty of moisture at their
roots. The key is well-dug water retaining soil, do not add additional nitrogen. The
best way to grow them is over a trench of well rotted manure and they are not an
acid lover so a sprinkle of lime doesn’t go amiss. Many gardeners swear by
preparing a bean trench in the winter and filling it with the rotted contents of the
compost bin. They appreciate full sun, sheltered from wind. There is obviously a lot
of debate about the variety if you are going for the longest beans as under normal
circumstances beans are picked regularly and length is not an issue. I will leave that
debate to the experts listed below. Maybe you can get one of them to share their
1996 winner      Keith Durham                2004 winner       Julie Horne
1997 winner      Keith Durham                2005 winner       Julie Horne
1998 winner      Record lost                 2006 winner       Tom Horne
1999 winner      Keith Durham                2007 Cancelled because of flood
2000 winner      Derek Farmer                2008 winner       Jeremy Lane
2001 winner      Derek Farmer                2009 winner       Alan Crisp
2002 winner      Derek Farmer                2010 winner       Mary Buckingham
 2003 winner     Sadie Rose
Down Langley Lane in the 1940's
About a week ago, I received a most interesting letter from a gentleman called
Gerald Page. He had recently paid a visit to Clanfield searching for recollections of a
Miss Hendrick and a Miss Drake and Miss Hendrick's father, Walter who has been a
sign writer. No one seemed to remember them but I do. At least I remember the two
ladies, Walter had died before I arrived on the scene.
Back in the 1940's I used to wheel my first baby in his pram from Grafton along to
the cottage and sit and chat and, it has to be admitted, smoke one of Miss Drake's
Turkish cigarettes. I never met Walter because he had died a few years earlier. I
loved that little cottage and its overgrown garden which in springtime was full of
snowdrops and daffodils and then in the autumn the old apple trees which were
laden with fruit, several varieties, some boughs touching the ground.
Miss Drake had been nursemaid to Mary Lutyens, daughter of the well known
architect, who among other great buildings designed the cenotaph in Whitehall, and
from time to time would visit her old nurse in Langley Lane.
The cottage and its garden and the two old ladies have long since gone but for me
the memory lingers on.
                                                                         Dorothy Wise

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        Oxfordshire, OX18 2JH
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Clanfield 85 Football Club
It seems to be a very long time since we began our Season with our first League
Match on Wednesday, August 11th 2010 with a 2 - 2 draw against Lydney Town but
here we are approaching the middle of March and for the First Team it is still all to
play for.
For the first time in their history the Club entered the FA Challenge Cup. This is a
competition open from our level upwards to Manchester United and Arsenal, etc.
and the Final will be played at the new Wembley Stadium in May. Obviously a Club
like ours stands no chance of being in the Final but it is with great pride that we took
our place in the first qualifying round on August 14th 2010. This was our debut in the
competition. The draw was not kind to us and we were drawn away to Fareham
Town who play at a level above us and in the Wessex League. We took the lead and
led at half-time but eventually lost 3 - 1.
Also on the National scene we entered the FA Challenge Vase. In this we made
some progress. In the first qualifying round we were drawn at home to Warminster
Town whom we beat 2 - 1 which gave us a further home game in the second
qualifying round against Fairford Town who play in the Premier Division of our
League. We won that match as well qualifying for the first round proper where we
were beaten at home by Bemerton Heath Harlequins by 3 - 0. However our victories
in the first two matches secured some much needed finance for the Club.
In the Oxfordshire Senior Cup which is the Blue Riband of Oxfordshire Football we
managed to beat Freeland by 3 - 1 but were defeated in the second round by Thame
United by 4 - 0. That was a disappointing result for us because although we
conceded 4 goals we created many more chances than that and the popular view
was that we could have won!
Our progress in the UHLSport Hellenic League Floodlight Cup in the past seasons
have been restricted to the first round only but on this occasion we travelled to one
of the favourites for promotion from the League Premier Division, Shortwood United,
where we grafted out a dramatic 1 - 0 win. Unfortunately we could not continue the
challenge in the Second Round and were beaten by local rivals Witney United by 3 -
0. Again however it is a progression to at least make the second round in a
competition where most of the Clubs play in the Premier Division, the League above
We also managed to get through one round of the League Challenge Cup where we
beat Newbury 2 - 1 before eventually being defeated by Shortwood United by 3 - 1
in the second round. Those Clubs who are knocked out of the Challenge Cup in the
early rounds are placed in the Supplementary Cup but again the draw was not good
for us and we were drawn away to Premier Division Old Woodstock Town where we
again acquitted ourselves well but lost by 6 - 4.
It is however all to play for in the League. At the time of writing these notes we were
are placed third in the League Table. Fellow Oxfordshire side Headington Amateurs

are 9 points clear at the top and with the best will in the world we are unlikely to
overtake them. Lydney Town are second. They are 2 points ahead of us but we have
a game in hand and our game against Lydney Town away on April 16th could, if things
go well for us, be a crucial match. Our near rivals Bicester Town are fourth and they
are equal on points with us but they have played a game more.
No-one at the Club dares mention the word ‘promotion’ but the Joint Managers Jason
Court and Peter Osborne have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure
that the Club has a competitive First Team and their hard work has been justified by
the results this Season. The weather has not assisted the momentum because we
have had a number of matches postponed, both home and away, due to ice and snow
and waterlogged pitches.
Off the field the Clubhouse has undergone a transformation and for this thanks go to
Gary Jones, Alan Howard, Ian Barrett and Gordon Kane who have carried out the
work and it really is an improvement to that which we had previously. We would like to
think that this hard work will be rewarded by higher crowds at our matches and by
increased attendances at functions held in the Clubhouse.
Anyone interested in coming along to the matches can usually find details in the
Oxford Mail or the Oxford Times or Witney Gazette. Midweek matches are usually
played on Wednesday evenings and kick-off at 7.45 p.m. whilst Saturday matches
kick-off at 3 p.m. whatever the time of the year because we have floodlights.
The Reserve Team have had a frustrating season. They have however finished in
second place in their Section of the President's Reserve Cup and will be playing in the
Quarter Final on a knockout basis in the near future. In the Oxfordshire Intermediate
Cup the Reserve Team progressed by two rounds beating Chadlington and Oxford
Irish but then sadly fell at the next hurdle to Bletchingdon. This again is progression
because for many years the Club's first round match has usually been their last for
that season.
The Reserve Team have a number of matches to play in the League before the end of
the Season. Postponements and lack of opponents have created a stop/start feel to
the Season. For example a few weeks ago the Reserve Team travelled to Cricklade
Town where they won 6 - 0 with Callum Miller scoring 4. The next weekend Cricklade
Town announced that they were withdrawing their Reserve Team from the League so
their record was expunged from the League Table and our Reserve Team lost the
benefit of a 6 - 0 win and Callum Miller the benefit of 4 goals in the Goal Scorers
Table. All very frustrating.
Ian Barrett who is one of the senior players presently playing in the Reserve Team
and his colleague Gordon Kane are the Managers of the Under 12 Team which plays
in the Witney & District Boys League under 12 section. This team plays on Sunday
mornings and home games are played at Radcot Road. Why not pop along and watch
these young lads enjoy what we all hope will be the start of a long and successful
association with the Club and with football in general? Anyone interested in playing for
this Team should contact Ian Barrett at the Club.

For those who are less interested in football but more interested in bingo the Club
runs a bingo session every Monday evening "eyes down" at 8 p.m. and all would be
welcome. There will shortly be a quiz night in the Clubhouse the date for which is
presently unknown and on Easter Saturday, April 23rd there will be a disco which will
commence at 8 p.m. All will be welcome. Clanfield Football Club are very grateful to
all of those who support them and particularly our sponsors Silver Pear Weddings but
help both physical and financial is always welcome at the Club and if you are
interested please get in touch with Chairman, John Osborne on 01993 771631.
                                                                          Trevor Cuss

Clanfield Football Club - news and update
     May 7th           Freefall - live band 8:00pm
                       Adults       £5.00 (accompanied children free)
     May 20th          Bikers weekend - plenty of bikes, beards and beer!
     June 4th          Race night - all welcome
     Monthly           Quiz night - call in for details
     May 7th           Men’s six-a-side 10:00am start
     Friday nights     7-8:00pm Football skills training (5yrs old upwards)
                       £3.00 fee per child
     Tuesday nights 7-8:00pm Youth football training
     Sundays           2:00pm matches played
Are you aged 12yrs, born between 01/09/98 and 31/08/00 and want to play football
for Clanfield? Please attend a training session or contact an on 07875767343
Aunt Sally commences on Thursday 24th March 8.00pm - All supported welcome

                                                          MALC NEWMAN
The Club would like to take this
                                                 FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
opportunity to again say a big thank you                    TRACKS ETC
to those that continue to work hard on the        VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
building and to those that work hard in             BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
raising the percentage of ale that is                     TEL: 01367 810558
consumed!                                                 MOB: 07984 602093
           THANK YOU.                                OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                                                   (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )

 residential sales & letting

  Abbey Properties
Re-opened the Bampton office
     Please drop in to see
       Rupert or Lynda
      Call 01993 851881
for any property related matter

         Neighbourhood Management Update
          Bampton and surrounding villages
Bampton Market Square has come to our attention regarding people playing loud
music whilst sitting in their vehicles. Whilst the individuals doing this may see it as
harmless entertainment the local residents need to be considered. With this in mind
patrols around the area will continue and if the anti social behaviour continues then
patrols will be stepped up and appropriate action taken. This can ultimately result in
the owner losing his or her vehicle - you have been warned.
In addition, some of the local youths decided to spend a few nights playing “knock
and run” on elderly residents’ doors. It appears that the same youths have been
climbing on the village hall roof and possibly causing some damage. Unfortunately for
them, they were identified and spoken to in the presence of their parents. Since then
there have been no further instances.
Youth Facilities
There is still a lot of confusion about the provision of youth facilities in the
neighbourhood and it is hoped that these issues will be resolved shortly.
The team has liaised with parish councillors regarding areas of concern around
speeding. One issue raised is the Clanfield to Bampton Road and the team is working
with other authorities to see what calming measures may be put in place.
Other News
On Wednesday 26 January Operation Coachman was carried out by members of the
team and representatives of VOSA. This entails checking school coaches as they
drop children off. Several vehicles were found not to be completely roadworthy and
dealt with appropriately.
On Thursday 10 February an operation was carried out at Carterton market where a
substantial amount of tobacco was seized as no UK duty had been paid on the items.
On Tuesday 22 February an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) operation
was carried out on the A361. Several vehicles were stopped for various offences and
one was seized for having no insurance.

                           Body Talk
                                    Beauty Salon
                                   The Retreat
                                  Harvest View
                                 Buckland Marsh
                                  01367 870444

  At ‘Body Talk’ we promise that our treatments are the best available locally.
We can be found situated within the most tranquil of settings, and our friendly
 and professional staff guarantee you will receive a calm, restful, soothing and
                              relaxing treatment.
                          April and May Offers
Throughout April, indulge in some well deserved relaxation with one of our Decleor
                    facials. All facial treatments are 25% off!
Treat yourself during our magical massage month of May. Come and find out about
        our different massage treatments and enjoy one of them for 25% off!

                        New to Body Talk – Eynsham
 We are very excited to announce that Racoon hair extensions are now available at
 our Body Talk hair and beauty salon in Eynsham. Using the most superior quality
 hair, Racoon hair extensions are fabulous for not only creating length and volume
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                        Don’t forget your Easter gifts.
         Vouchers make the ideal present and are available at Body Talk!
                   Body Talk, for all you hair and beauty requirements.

             To everyone who was born in the
      1920’s, 1930's 1940's, 50's, 60's and early 70's !
First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they
carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos.
They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads of bacon and processed
meat, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes or cervical cancer.
Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based
We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode
our bikes, we had no helmets or shoes, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking.
As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.
We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.
Take-away food was limited to fish and chips; no pizza shops or MacDonalds.
Even though all the food shops closed at 6.00pm and didn't open on the weekends,
somehow we didn't starve to death!
We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and no one actually died
from this.
We could collect old drink bottles and cash them in at the corner store and buy
toffees, gobstoppers and bubble gum. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter
and drank soft drinks with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because......WE
We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back
when the streetlights came on.
No one was able to reach us all day. And we were O.K.
We would spend hours building go-carts out of old prams and then ride down the hill,
only to find out we forgot the brakes. We built tree houses and dens and played in
river beds with matchbox cars.
We did not have Playstations, Nintendo Wii , X-boxes, no video games at all, no
SKY, no video/dvd/films, no mobile phones, no personal computers, no Internet or
Internet chat rooms..........we had friends and we went outside to find them!
We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no lawsuits from
these accidents. Only girls had pierced ears.
We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us
forever. You could only buy Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns at Easter time.
We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and knocked on the door or rang the
bell, or just yelled for them!

Rugby and Cricket had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't
had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!! Getting into the team was
based on merit.
The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually
sided with the law!
We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with
it all.
And YOU are one of them!


   FREE ESTIMATES                         GUTTER REPAIRS

                                            LEAD/ASBESTOS/CAST IRON GUTTERING
   CLANFIELD (01367) 810380                 & DOWN PIPES FOR HOUSES/FACTORIES.
   SWINDON (01793) 527171                   DUTCH BARNS/BARNS & FARM
                                            BUILDINGS MAINTENANCE OR
   CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151                 REPLACEMENT OF
   WITNEY (01993) 841193                    ROTTING FASCIAS, BARGE BOARDS
                                            OR SOFFITS
   OXFORD (01865) 724127
                                            MAINTENANCE FREE UPVC


                     WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school                         Belly Dancing
For children in the age range 2–5 at the    Every Sunday evening in the Clanfield
Methodist Church Hall. Open every           Football Club from 7.30-8.30pm –
Monday to Friday from 8.45am - 2.45pm       exercise with a difference! Suitable for all
during term-time. Call Jane Brown on        abilities; bring soft shoes and a sense of
01367 860848 (home) or 01367 810365         humour!! Call Karen on 810680
(pre-school) for details
                                                Monday Drop-in Lunches
     Clanfield Baby & Toddlers
                                            Drop in at the Carter Institute every
Every Wednesday at the Carter Institute     Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
from 9.30am until 11.30am. Contact          Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
Fiona 01367 810534'                         of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
     Women’s Institute                      and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
                                            Contact John Greatrex - 810609
Meetings are held every second
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in            Historical Society
the Carter Institute. Notices giving        Meets on the third Tuesday of the month
details of the meeting will be on display   between October and May at 7.30 pm at
in the Post Office and village notice       the Carter Institute.
boards. All welcome. Contact Heather
Clarke, 12 Manor Lane, Clanfield 01367          Carter Institute
810655.                                     For bookings contact Mrs.             Kate
     Mobile Library Service                 O’Donnell on 01367 810440

The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield         Art Classes
every other Thursdays; by the Church        Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens           details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm                   810553
     Bell Ringing
Practice night each Wednesday from
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.
New ringers always welcome. Contact
Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367
810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
01367 810587
      Snooker Club
6 pm – 10 pm every Tuesday, Thursday
& Friday evening, upstairs in the Carter
Institute. Contact Tony Harrison on
WHAT? To Trade                                            Advertising Rates
                                                           (as from April 2006)
Advertise for FREE anything you’d like to     Full page   (128 x 190 mm) £24.00
sell or give away - from children’s clothes   ½ page      (128 x 85 mm)    £12.00
& toys to books & DVDs; furniture to          ¼ page      (128 x 40 mm) OR
surplus garden plants.                                    (60 x 85 mm)     £10.00
Adverts should not be longer than 20          Eighth page (58 x 40 mm)     £6.00
words and must include a contact                  Adverts can be sent by email in either
telephone number.                                 MS Word, MS Publisher or as a JPEG.
This offer is only open to residents of         Email letters and articles to:
     Glass wine-making demijohn                Deliver Handwritten Articles to:
        Holds 4 litres (7 pints)               Caroline Crisp, The Grange, Bourton Road,
        5 available, £2.00 each                 Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
            01367 810206                      (all handwritten articles must have a contact
                                                      name and telephone number)
                                                   Jan Smith, 12 High House Close,
JON LODGE & SON                               For general queries please contact:
                                                    Liz Gaertner    01367 810465
   General Builders                                 Caroline Hudson 01367 810452
                                                    Charles Willmer 01367 810206
 Extensions, driveways,
  patios, fencing, upvc                       The WHAT? would like to remind
                                              readers that it does not accept
  windows+doors, roof                         responsibility for the content of
    repairs, laminate                         any article printed. Views printed
                                              are solely those of the contributor.
                                              The WHAT? will publish all
  27 years experience                         contributors’ names unless
                                              a n o n ym i t y i s s p e c i f i c a l l y
   01367 810189 or                            requested. Anonymous articles
     07870 196178                             and or letters will not be printed.
                                              The WHAT? reserves the right to
                                              edit any article, where
                                              appropriate, according to the
                                              available space.
       Spring into Spring and visit
               The Plough
               Gin Pantry now arrived.
     22 different Gins (and growing) with lots of
                  interesting tonics.

         Why not try them all (not at once of course)

         Bar and Restaurant menu available
        From casual dining to private dining
              Children’s menu available
        Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

             The Plough Hotel and Restaurant
                 Bourton Road, Clanfield
                     01367 810222


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