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 GENERAL DIRECTOR                                       Ioan IANCU

 TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                                     Marius OPREA

 FINANCIAL DIRECTOR                                     Mihaela PIRVU

 QUALITY DIRECTOR                                Alin VRABIOIU

 PRODUCTION DIRECTOR                                    Georgel MARINOAIA

 COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR                                    Ramona CRACIUN

                        Reference persons for future contacts

 Company Secretary:      Phone No.   : +40.244.401 119
                         Fax No.     : +40.244.517 725
                         E-mail:     :
                         Web site    :

          Marius OPREA                               Alin VRABIOIU
         Technical Director                          Quality Director

Phone No. : +40.244. 401192                 Phone No. : +40.244. 401171
Fax No. : +40.244. 517725                   Fax No. : +40.244. 517725
E-mail    :            E-mail   :

                              Ramona CRACIUN
                              Commercial Director

                     Phone No. : +40.244. 401198
                     Fax No. : +40.244. 517725
                     E-mail   :
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                      HISTORICAL BACKGROUND
                             & PROFILE

 Founded in 1904 under the name of “KLEIN” Works, as a Company specialized in
 weapons and military vehicle repairs.
 Starting from 1953, the works has reoriented its activity to Diesel engines and
 repairing of railroad containers for hazardous liquids, oil drilling equipment and
 other equipment for geological researches.
 In 1959, the works has initiated the fabrication of pressure vessels for chemical and
 petrochemical industry and started the building of new areas: Heavy Boiler Shop
 finalized in 1961 and Mechanical Forging Shop finalized in 1966.
 Since 1962 the works has been known as “UZUC” - Chemical Equipment Works,
 From 1969, the works has continued the building of new areas, like: extension of
 Heavy Boiler Shop, Machining Shop, Special Bearings Shop, Sandblasting Shop,
 Painting, Warehouses, yard storage areas and endowment of works with specific
 facilities: bending rollers, cutting, turning, milling, grinding, drilling machines,
 presses, welding equipment, heat treatment facilities, non-destructive equipment
 For solving the technical matters, in 1970 has been created the engineering dept.
 UZUC S.A. has assimilated and delivered equipment for the pilot Heavy Water
 Plant and has delivered for IRNE - Pitesti (actual RENEL - I.C.N. Pitesti)
 auxiliary equipment for the research nuclear reactor, under an US license.
 Also, UZUC S.A. was the main supplier for the chemical and petrochemical
 industry, producing equipment like the Stripper for Urea Plants (under
 STAMICARBON license), Heat Exchangers for the Ammonia Plants (under
 KELLOGG license), equipment for the Ethylene, high pressure and low pressure
 Polyethylene Plants.
 After 1980, UZUC S.A. has began the fabrication of nuclear equipment for NPP
 Cernavoda, from early stages, assimilating new technologies and materials,
 delegations from AECL, and other companies (General Electric, Babcok and
 Wilcox, 3-L Filters, Ansaldo a.s.o.) have visited UZUC S.A., issuing favorable
 reports. Then have been arranged the "White Rooms".
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   After '80's year has been developed and implemented a Quality Assurance System
   in order to provide full compliance with customer's requirements.
   For facilitating the relationships with the existent refineries from country, in 1998
   has been built near the works a distribution station for petrol and diesel oil.
   Starting with February, 2002 we are fully private joint-stock company, being a part
   of Romanian Commercial Services (S.C.R.) Group.

                       GENERAL INFORMATION

COMPANY NAME                    :UZUC S.A. "Chemical Equipment Works" - Ploiesti
ADDRESS                         :16 Depoului Street, Ploiesti, 100335,ROMANIA
TELEPHONE NO.                   : 0040.244. 401119
FAX NO.                         : 0040.244. 517725
ESTABLISHED YEAR                : 1904
TRADE REGISTER NO.              : J 29 /11/1991
FISCAL CODE                     : RO1343554
LOCATION                        : Both offices and production facilities are located at
                                 Ploiesti, a town about 60 km north of Bucharest.
PLOIESTI has the advantage of being one of the main railroad junctions in
UZUC S.A. has its own rail connection directly from its factory to the Romanian
National Rail Network and this facility is frequently used for deliveries to our clients.
Our Company has excellent connections for sea and river freights, being only 250 km
far from the main Romanian seaport of Constanta at the Black Sea and about 125 km
far from the Danube River ports.
Oversized equipment can be dispatched by trailer to various destinations.

Less than six hundred peoples are employed in the company, divided in technical &
administration depts., quality assurance & quality control, workshops for
manufacturing and assembling pressure vessels, auxiliary shops etc.
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                              INFORMATION ABOUT


UZUC S.A. Ploiesti is one of the main Romanian suppliers of pressure equipment for
the oil refineries, chemical industry, electric power plants.
The range of products comprises:
       - various types of shell & tube heat exchangers acc. to TEMA Standards;
       - pressure vessels (volume bottles, separators, drums)
       - columns;
       - steel structures for vertical vessels manufactured in UZUC;
       - autoclaves for building materials industry ( aerated autoclaved concrete)
During the past 35 years our company has manufactured pressure equipment using
various grades of materials from Carbon steel ones to Cr-Mo Alloy steels, Stainless
steels, Heat Resisting steels, Alloy-Clad steels.


          Max. diameter  :           3800       mm
          Max. length    :          12000       mm
          Max. thickness :             65       mm
          Weight         :             85        mt (Urea Stripper-130 mt)

         Assembling of tube                      Stacked heat exchangers
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       Stacked heat exchangers                   Urea Stripper - 130 mt

      COLUMNS :
     Max. diameter               :    3600   mm
     Max. length / height        :   40000   mm
     Max. thickness              :      50   mm
     Weight                      :      90   mt (without trays)

      VESSELS :
     Max. diameter               :        6000       mm
     Max. length / height        :       30000       mm
     Max. thickness              :          80       mm
     Weight                      :          70       mt

PRODUCTION CAPACITY: approx. 2000 tons / year.
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The main fabrication shops are:
      • Preparatory Shop - for plates processing: cutting, beveling, rolling, welding;
      • Machining Shop - drilling, milling, turning;
      • Forging Shop - forming of heads and forging of flanges;
      • Light Boiler Shop - assembling of equipment up to 10 tons;
      • Heavy Boiler Shop - assembling of equipment over 10 tons;
      • Sandblasting; Painting; Heat Treatment areas.
UZUC incorporates also, the following testing and inspection laboratories:
      • Metrology;
      • Chemical Analysis ;
      • Destructive Examination and Metallographic Investigations as Micro or
      • Non - Destructive Examination for welds
A special note for: Beleq equipment for PMI- positive material identification; Everest
videoendoscope with optic fiber; Charpy pendulum for impact test, qualified by NIST
USA, range: - 196°C to + 20°C

Shops endowment includes:
     • Plasma Cutting Equipment;
     • Shears for plates from 2 mm to 25 mm in thickness and 3000 mm in width;
     • Cutting and Edge Preparation Machines for plates up to 35 mm in thickness
       and 12000 mm in length;
     • Bending Rollers for plate material of max. 80 mm in thickness;
     • Angle Bending Machines for plates of max. 16 mm in thickness and max.
       4250 mm in length;
     • Turning, Milling and Grinding Equipment;
     • Radial Drilling Machines for maximum hole diameter of 85 mm;
     • Numerical Drilling Machines for tubesheets of max thickness of 1000 mm ;
     • Presses for hot or cold forming of heads (in one piece up to a max. diameter
       of 2400 mm and a thk. of 25 mm);
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     • Lifting devices ( up to 32 tons)
     • Automatic TIG Machines for tubes to tubesheet weld and orbital weld;
     • Converters, Inverters, TIG, MIG/MAG, Microplasma, Submerged Arc
       Welding Machines
     • Welding Equipment for stainless steel overlay (by strip or wire);
     • Torque Controlled Expanding Equipment, hydraulic or mechanic;
     • Heat Treatment Facilities (electric or gas) for normalizing, solution annealing,
       stress relieving etc.
        For PWHT of vessels, there are two Furnaces of 66 sm (4200 mm x 4200 mm
       x 15800 mm), one of 25 sm (3000 mm x 3000mm x 8000mm) and also
       Electric Resistance Local Heat Treatment facility.

                          QUALITY SYSTEM


   ASME Sect. III class 1, 2, 3, MC
   ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1, Div. 2
   API 650, 660
In 2002 our company started to produce equipment following PED 97/23/EC.


UZUC Ploiesti guarantees the quality of its products by using the latest control
technology in the field and a high standard of professionalism in the fabrication.
The quality control personnel checks permanently the materials and welding by both
destructive and nondestructive methods.
Starting with 1980 UZUC has developed, implemented, certified and continuously
improved a Quality System in order to provide full compliance with customers'
requirements and all applicable Standards/Codes/Norms.
In 1993, UZUC has been the first Romanian Company who obtained the Certificate of
Approval for its Quality System in accordance with the International Standard ISO
9002, from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. In 1999, by implementing the strict
quality assurance requirements also for design activities, UZUC has certified its
Quality System in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:1994.
Actually, the activity in UZUC is carried out on the basis of the Quality Manuals
prepared as per Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 &
ISO OHSAS 18001:2007) and ASME.
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One of the main reasons why UZUC Ploiesti is currently selected as a business partner
by world-famous companies, is that it is recognized as a qualified manufacturer of
pressure equipment having and applying a Quality System certified by:
      - ASME - "U" and "U2" Stamps;
      - NATIONAL BOARD - Certificate of Boiler & Pressure Vessel;
      - TÜV- ÖNORM EN ISO 3834-2;
      - SELO - China License;
      - KGS - Korea License;
      - ISCIR- National Board for Boilers and Hoisting Equipment, Std. C4-ISCIR
          Collection for Pressure Vessels;
      - CNCAN - National Committee for the Control of Nuclear Activities;
      - ISCIR- National Board for Boilers and Hoisting Equipment, Std. ISCIR
          NC1-81, NC2-83;
Now, in UZUC are applied more than 200 Fabrication and Control Procedures.
Our NDE staff can perform complete examination of welds acc. ASNT-TC-1A, EN
473 and National Authority (ISCIR), having authorized inspectors for Radiographic,
Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrating Examinations.

             - See attached main UZUC’s certificates:
                           ISO 9001:20008; ISO OHSAS 18001:2007; ISO 14001:2004
                           ASME – “U” and “U2” Stamps
                           National Board
                           TÜV- ÖNORM EN ISO 3834-2
                           Manufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China
                           Korea authorization
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                               MAIN CLIENTS
Our previous experience includes contracts with world famous companies, like:
 ABB LUMMUS Germany                             LURGI Germany
 BECHTEL UK                                     MES Japan
 CHIYODA Japan                                  PEERLESS UK
 DU PONT USA                                    PERRY EQUIPMENT UK
 EMS Germany                                    QE INTERNATIONAL Holland
 GE OIL & GAS Italy                             SAMSUNG Korea
 GE INTERNATIONAL INC. USA                      SELAS LINDE Germany
 GEEPE France                                   SNAMPROGETTI Italy
 Holland                                        SULZER Switzerland
 HYUNDAI CORPORATION Korea                      TEC Japan
 IHC Holland                                    TECHNIP Italy
 JGC Japan                                      THOMASSEN Holland
 JOHN BROWN UK                                  TRACTEBEL Germany
 JOHN ZINK Luxembourg                           ZIMMERMAN & JANSEN Germany
 KOMPAFLEX Switzerland

For completion of orders, UZUC has applied during the design and fabrication
activities along with clients' standards and technical specifications also its own ones.
As recognition of the quality and in time delivery for its products, UZUC has been
nominated in 1998 and 1999 as "Most Improved Supplier for Central and Eastern
Europe” by GE Power Systems U.S.A.
Following several Quality Audits, UZUC is included on the Accepted Supplier List by
worldwide known companies like: MOBIL, SHELL, KNPC, KOC, ARAMCO,

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