Effective Provision for Gifted Talented

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					Effective Provision for
  Gifted & Talented
          R Wilson
     Lead Teacher – G&T
 The Grammar School for Girls
     Our Learning Objectives:
• To be able to identify Gifted and Talented
• To improve our classroom provision for
  Gifted and Talented Learners.
• To learn new activities/teaching styles for
  use in the classroom.
   “Right Brains” at the ready!

How many different uses can you
think of for….

              A Brick
           Philosophy for Kids
Sort the cards in order:

Definite                         Not sure
Certain                          Uncertain
           The greatest bookmark
                in the world!
Remembers what page you were on, even if it falls out.
Recaps the story so far.
Remembers which bits you liked best.
Recommends other books.
Illuminates the page for night time reading.
Holds the book and turns the pages for you.
Explains words you don’t understand.
       It can only be described as the   bookmark of the FUTURE.

       Coming soon……school uniform….school
                  memory stick...
                   AT LAST! THE WHEEL!

SCIENTIST PROPOSES “Connecting 2 computers.”

  What would be the most
  amazing headline in the
     news tomorrow?
        Identifying G&T

The QCA suggests that G&T learners

       ….and then lists 14 “traits”.

           What are they?
                    Identifying G&T
1) think quickly and accurately;
2) work systematically;
3) generate creative working solutions;
4) work flexibly, processing unfamiliar information and applying knowledge,
   experience and insight to unfamiliar situations;
5) communicate their thoughts and ideas well;
6) be determined, diligent and interested in uncovering patterns;
7) achieve, or show potential, in a wide range of contexts;
8) be particularly creative;
9) show great sensitivity or empathy;
10)demonstrate particular physical dexterity or skill;
11)make sound judgements;
12)be outstanding leaders or team members;
13)be fascinated by, or passionate about, a particular subject or aspect of the
14)demonstrate high levels of attainment across a range of subjects within a
   particular subject, or aspects of work.
Classroom Provision

What‟s good and what‟s bad?
Bloom‟s Taxonomy
•   Knowledge: arrange, define, duplicate, label, list, memorize,
    name, order, recognize, relate, recall, repeat, reproduce
•   Comprehension: classify, describe, discuss, explain,
    express, identify, indicate, locate, recognize, report, restate,
    review, select, translate,
•   Application: apply, choose, demonstrate, dramatize, employ,
    illustrate, interpret, operate, practice, schedule, sketch, solve,
    use, write.
•   Analysis: analyze, appraise, calculate, categorize, compare,
    contrast, criticize, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish,
    examine, experiment, question, test.
•   Synthesis: arrange, assemble, collect, compose, construct,
    create, design, develop, formulate, manage, organize, plan,
    prepare, propose, set up, write.
•   Evaluation: appraise, argue, assess, attach, choose
    compare, defend estimate, judge, predict, rate, core, select,
    support, value, evaluate.
Encourage Inquisitiveness

Why do WE ask all the
                       Rich Tasks
• Develop from a common core of knowledge or skills
• Encourage exploration of a topic
• Allow a range of „start‟ and end points
• Have an element of open-endedness
• Can be accessed by pupils of widely varying abilities.
• Encourage and provide for higher level thinking
• Ask questions that encourage critical thinking
• Encourage creativity
• Have an element of choice (either in the task or in the response)
• Are interesting and motivating for the pupil
• Provide varying levels of challenge – including very high challenge –
  to all
• Provide opportunities for able pupils to show what they are capable
  of achieving
          Get inspired!

(…..or nick some from a website.)
      Magic Letters

Can you put the numbers 1-5 into
these circles so that each arm adds
up to the same amount?
Creating Challenge in the


Red Pen

Green Pen

• Write down three things you learned
• To be able to identify Gifted and Talented
• To improve our classroom provision for
  Gifted and Talented Learners.
• To learn new activities/teaching styles for
  use in the classroom.
• Write down one activity you plan to use.

• Write down what you think you need to
  learn next?

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