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IoDSA Governance Assessment Instrument by gyvwpsjkko


    Governance Assessment Instrument           

                         Custodians of Corporate Governance. 
   Currently the King Report on Corporate Governance in Southern Africa, 2009 (King III) together
   with relevant legislation, sets the standard and principles for corporate governance in South Africa.

   There is however no credible and generally accepted national standard available for measuring how
   various organisations are performing against the appropriate standard.

   The Governance Assessment Instrument (GAI)
   The IoDSA has developed a governance assessment instrument in the form of an automated web-
   based tool that will serve as both a measure and an enabler of good corporate governance
   structures, policies and procedures.

   The design of the instrument is such that it can be employed towards different intents, including:
      • Implementation of King III
      • Assessment of implementation and
      • Reporting on application of King III and other relevant governance standards.

   The assessment criteria in the GAI are based on the Principles and recommendations contained in
   King III and those provisions of the Companies Act, 2008 and the JSE Listing Rules that pertain to
   governance. Each assessment criterion has an appropriate answer set and weighting attached to it
   which takes account of the relative impact that it has on the overall governance at an organisation
   in relation to the other criteria. The benefit of this is that skewed results are avoided.

   On completion of the assessment questions, the GAI generates reporting that consists of the
        • An overall result
        • A traffic light indicator and dashboard per assessment category and
        • Narrative reporting with various degrees of detail depending on the requirement of the user.

   The current live module has been developed for “Public and Large Private Companies”. However, a
   unique feature of the GAI is that it will consist of different modules customised to cater for the needs
   of also SMEs, non-profit organisations, medical aid schemes, retirement funds and the various
   types of government entities. These additional modules to the GAI will therefore, in essence entail
   tailoring King III for application by each of these sectors. The additional modules will become
   available for use during the second half of 2010.

   Due to the independent verification capability thereof and the fact that it will, over time, establish
   standards and a statistical benchmark for different sectors and industries, the IoDSA foresees that
   the assessment instrument will evolve to become an enabler of transparent, credible and
   measurable reporting to stakeholders.

Custodians of Corporate Governance.

   Founding Partners
   The IoDSA would like to thank the following Founding Partners for their financial support and pilot
   feedback in the development of the GAI.

Custodians of Corporate Governance.

   The Subscription Process
   The web link to the tool is accessible via the IoDSA website -

   Organisations interested in using the GAI may follow the following processes:

   Option 1 – Obtaining user license
       1. Complete registration form and forward to
       2. Accept and sign User License Agreement
       3. Within 1 working day, a username/password will be forwarded to the designated contact
       4. On initial log in, user will be required to change username/password for security purposes
       5. Invoice will follow for payment by either,
              a. Monthly billing in advance, or
              b. 1 year annual subscription upfront with 10% early settlement discount

   Option 2 – Registering for trail of product
       1. Complete registration form and forward to , indicate trail version
       2. Within 1 working day, a username/password will be forwarded to the designated contact
       3. 30 day trail provide with 5% of GAI to assess suitability and functionality
       4. Should the organisation then wish to covert to the full license, steps 2-5 of Option 1 will

   Supporting Documents
   Included herewith, please find the following, for further information:
       • Registration form
       • User License Agreement

   Costing Model & Terms
   Contract Period
   The contract period is ONE YEAR. Thereafter the notice period is one month.

   Licensing and Terms
   The licensing terms are set out in detail in the licensing agreement.
   Monthly subscriptions entitle the licensee access and use of the GAI. The license fee is payable
   monthly in advance (1st of the month) or an annually in advance by choice of the licensee.
   Payments are to be made by EFT, and or deposits are referenced with your account number or
   fund registration number. Fees quoted are EXCLUSIVE of VAT.

Custodians of Corporate Governance.

   Annual Discount
   Where a Licensee has the preference for one annual invoice and payment, an early settlement
   discount is offered of 10% of the annual value.

   Pricing – Module: Public and Large Private Companies


            COMPANY                                MONTHLY LICENSE FEE (unlimited users)
            Holding Company / Single entity        R1 900
            Subsidiary (2nd to 5th)                R1 000 per subsidiary
            5 Company License Fee bundle           R5 000
            Subsidiary (6th onwards)               R 500 per subsidiary
            20 Company License Fee bundle          R10 000
            Subsidiary (21st onwards)              MINIMUM R 200 per subsidiary


            COMPANY                                MONTHLY LICENSE FEE (unlimited users)
            Holding Company / Single entity        R 950
            Subsidiary (2nd to 5th)                R 500 per subsidiary
            5 Company License Fee                  R2 500
            Subsidiary (6th onwards)               R 250 per subsidiary
            20 Company License Fee                 R5 000
            Subsidiary (21st onwards)              MINIMUM R 200 per subsidiary

   Pricing for other modules and types of companies on request.

Custodians of Corporate Governance.

   About the IoDSA
            The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) is the only organisation in southern
   Africa that represents directors, professionals and business leaders in their individual capacities.

   As the primary decision-makers in the private and public sectors, directors hold a special position of
   leadership and trust and are responsible – both legally and morally – for determining the company’s
   strategic direction and for the control of the company. The company is integral to society as the
   creator of wealth and employment, and the role of the directors vitally important.

   The purpose of the IoDSA is:
      1. To be the role model for good governance, leadership and integrity;
      2. To be the custodians of corporate governance; and
      3. To develop and enhance professional directorship.

   The IoDSA provides forums where decision-makers can network and exchange ideas for the
   advancement of business and public affairs. The IoDSA also places a great emphasis on
   encouraging members to improve their personal competencies through education and lifelong
   learning. Boards and directors benefit from the Centre for Corporate Governance, whereby
   interventions are offered, which will assist in improving a Board’s efficiency and effectiveness as a
   whole. The center also offers well-researched and independent opinions and advice on technical
   governance matters, and the advertising of non-executive director vacancies to our membership
   base to assist with board appointments.

   Internationally, the IoDSA maintains contact amongst business leaders and associations at the
   highest level. These associations and affiliations represent a global network of directors and senior
   executives reaching every corner of the business landscape. In southern Africa, membership
   currently exceeds 4000 and is widely representative of commerce, industry, government and the
   business professions, and spans the full spectrum of business from the largest public companies to
   the smallest private enterprises. IoDSA members hold positions on the boards of many of the
   companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

    The profile of IoDSA members vary from directors of privately owned companies or professionals to
   directors of publicly listed companies, leaders of parastatals as well as senior position holders in
   the public sector.

   The IoDSA’s goal is to properly represent all decision makers that ensure the success of private
   and public enterprise, with a particular emphasis on increasing member diversity.

   Although membership is limited to individuals, the IoDSA has valued patrons, endorsers and
   partners. These are organisations that align themselves to the aims and objectives of the IoDSA by
   supporting the Institute’s vision.

   For further information on IoDSA services, please visit

Custodians of Corporate Governance.
   Contact Information

   Angela Oosthuizen                             Ansie Ramalho
   Chief Operating Officer                       Director: Centre for Corporate Governance
   Tel: 011 430 9900                             Tel: 011 430 9900
   Cell: 084 606 4444                            Cell: 083 309 2343
   Email:                    Email:

   Natasha Bouwman                               Michael Lasch
   Supervisor: Centre for Corporate Governance   Governance Assesment Instrument (GAI)
   Tel: 011 430 9900                             GM: GAI Operations
   Email:                   Cell: 083 377 0559

Custodians of Corporate Governance.
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Custodians of Corporate Governance.

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