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					                                               California State University, Fullerton
                              Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Magazine


           the     INDICATOR

Fall/Winter 2008
Mihaylo Hall
                   A Spectacular New Era
                   The spirit of collaboration results in a world-class business
Souvenir Issue
                   school building.
                   A Big Vision Requires Ambitious
                   and Successful Leadership
                   Mihaylo College supporters exceed $50 million in fundraising.
                   Expanding a Community Asset
                   Dean’s Advisory Board members invest in the future.
DEAN’S MESSAGE                                                                                             THE INDICATOR MAGAZINE
                                                                                                           Kathleen Drake
                                                                                                           Contributing Writers
                                      We’re Home.                                                          Cathi Douglas
                                                                                                           Cynthia Long
                                      I had to be there in the middle of it all, so I                      Pam McLaren
                                      stood in the Grand Foyer of the new Steven G.                        Laurie McLaughlin
                                                                                                           Ann Shepphird
                                      Mihaylo Hall and watched and talked with
                                      students streaming into their new home for the                       Graphic Design
                                      first time on the first day of class. Of course,                     Brenda Buffalin; Bb’s Creative LLC
                                      students new to the university were impressed,
                                      but they will always know this as their home.                        Photography
                                      The second group, students returning to campus                       Lawrence Anderson; SGMH Exteriors
                                      following their summer break, these were the                         Benny Chan, Fotoworks; SGMH Interiors
                                                                                                           Kelly Lacefield
                                      people whose reactions were the most exciting
                                                                                                           Lana Johnson, Daily Pilot
                                      to see – their gradual realization that we indeed                    Special thanks to HOK
                                      built this for them, and from this point on, their
                                      experience as a student at Mihaylo College of                        Mihaylo College
                                      Business and Economics will be a completely
                                      new one.                                                             Dean
                                                                                                           Anil Puri
Of course, despite the thrill of seeing these enthusiastic reactions, I have from the            
very beginning said that buildings are great, but they don’t teach by themselves.                          Associate Deans
Learning and teaching are done by students and faculty, and what we do with the                            Joni Norby, Administration
building and all it has to offer is what’s going to count. So, while the journey to              
creating this new building is complete, we’re now at a new beginning.
                                                                                                           Mark Hoven Stohs, Academic Programs
If one really thinks about it, education is the most radical of ideas because it is about                  and Faculty Development
changing how people think about things and how they behave.We are in the business
of education and we have a very important role to play – Mihaylo College makes a                           Assistant Deans
transformational change in our students’ lives, and therefore, in our society’s future.                    Robert Miyake, Academic Services
I think the best spaces in Mihaylo Hall are
                                                                                                           Emeline Yong, Student Affairs
the areas created for teaching, learning and                                                     
exchanging ideas – classrooms, the James D.
Woods Grand Foyer, self-study rooms, the                                                                   Director, Principal and Major Gifts
tutoring center and the student club areas.                                                                Marcia Harrison
We put a lot of thought into creating each                                                       
of these spaces and furnishing them for the                                                                Director, Community Affairs
exclusive goal of providing a comfortable but                                                              Ginny Pace
inspiring setting for the college’s students,                                                    
alumni, staff and faculty.                                                                                 Executive Director, Alumni Relations
                                                  Right at home in the new, spacious and state-of-the-     Dianna Fisher
If you’ve not visited yet, please let me know     art Mihaylo Hall, students dig right into both 
when you are in the neighborhood. It would        academic and social activities on the first day of the
be my pleasure to show you around our new         fall semester.                                           Marketing Specialist
home.                                                                                                      Kathleen Drake

                                                                                                           Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
                                                                                                           Steven G. Mihaylo Hall, Suite 3100
                                                                                                           California State University, Fullerton
                                                                                                           P.O. Box 6848
Anil Puri, Dean                                                                                            Fullerton, CA 92834-6848
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics                                                                  Phone: 714-278-4652
California State University, Fullerton                                                                     E-mail:

   F E AT U R E S
   A Spectacular New Era ……………………………………2
   A Big Vision Requires Ambitious Leadership …………… 8
   Expanding a Community Asset ……………………10
   Insuring the Industry’s Future ……………………………11
   It’s All in the Family ………………………………………12
   Helping Future Entrepreneurs ……………………………12
   Long-term Value …………………………………………13
   Taking the Lead …………………………………………14

   Breaking Into the Investment Business……………………16
   Election Season, Philip S. Schimmel ’76…………………17

   L O C A L LY G L O B A L
   From Pharmaceutical Science to Economics ……………18
   Mihaylo College Students at the World Bank …………… 18
   Global Wine Market, Jack Kidwiler ’74 …………………19

   FA C U LT Y
   Lessons Learned, Irene Lange …………………………… 20
   Keeping Up With Faculty ……………………………… 21
   Welcoming New Faculty …………………………………24

   Entertainment and Tourism Management ………………25
   New Joint Emphasis in Accounting in Finance ………… 25

   2008 Outstanding Student ………………………………26
   Journey from Women’s Shelter to a Business Degree ……27
   President’s Associates Award Recipient……………………27

   CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE                 …………………28

   New Business Alumni Chapters …………………………29
   Character Forged by Adversity, Joseph R. Moderow ’70 … 30
   Economics and Law, Daniel P. Hann ’77………………… 30
   Alumni Updates ………………………………………… 31

   EVENTS        ………………………………………………32

                                                               Fall/Winter 2008   the INDICATOR   1
    A Spectacular New Era

           rom the chairs to the stairs, every   characters. First, it has a more business-   Of course, the first step into the James
           detail within the new Steven G.       like appearance and generous entrance        D.Woods Grand Foyer is impressive,
           Mihaylo Hall is the result of an      on the public side toward the street.        and Michael Smith calls it the heart of
    all-encompassing collaboration.              Second, toward the campus side, it has a     Mihaylo Hall.“It is the cornerstone in
    Students, faculty, staff, alumni,            university scale and several avenues and     making this building not only unique
    administrators, architects, contractors      crossroads where students can walk           but pleasurable. It’s not like anything
    and friends of the college all weighed in    from different corners of the campus         else on campus,” says Smith, director of
    on creating a world-class home for Cal       straight through this complex of             the Office of Design and Construction
    State Fullerton’s Steven G. Mihaylo          buildings. People are encouraged to          for Cal State Fullerton.“It’s the great
    College of Business and Economics.           interact with each other and exchange        meeting space to collaborate in.”
                                                 ideas.We organized the building to
    “The very social process of exchanging       facilitate that.”                            “The overall design by HOK
    ideas for this building was something I                                                   Architecture was a home-run for Cal
    really enjoyed,” says Ernest Cirangle,                                                    State Fullerton,” says Scott McKee, the
    AIA, design director of the project for                                                   project executive from Turner
    HOK architecture firm in Los Angeles.                                                     Construction Company, the
    “The ideas that came out of this                                                          construction management firm for this
    collaboration were really productive.”                                                    project.“Clearly, this is a new landmark
                                                                                              building for both Cal State
    Four years from start to finish, the three                                                Fullerton and Orange
    buildings that make up Mihaylo Hall                                                       County.
    stand as a flagship at the southeast
    entrance to the campus at the
    intersection of Folino Drive and
    Nutwood Avenue.This theme of
    “intersections” was an intentional
    element throughout the design, says
    Cirangle.“The building has two

2   the INDICATOR           Fall/Winter 2008
And, I had the opportunity to make many lasting
friendships as our company and the university
worked side by side to complete Mihaylo Hall.”
In fact,Turner Construction Company became
one of the major supporters of Mihaylo Hall by
naming the second-floor mezzanine that
overlooks the Woods Grand Foyer.

“It stands for more than a building. It is indeed
the symbol of the progress that Cal State
Fullerton has made in the first 50 years and the
march into the future,” says Cal State Fullerton
President Milton A. Gordon.“I consider it now       Mihaylo Hall, August 2008
the front door to the campus, and it will indeed
be that symbol of the university as it moves into
the future.”

                                                                                Fall/Winter 2008   the INDICATOR   3
     A Spectacular New Era

    The Student Club Center is home to Mihaylo College's 13 business clubs including the Finance   The Turner Construction Company second floor
    Association and the Accounting Society.This large, airy room faces the central courtyard.      mezzanine overlooks the James D.Woods Grand Foyer.

                   ihaylo Hall is a showcase
                   of cutting-edge technology
                   – from teaching tools to
       office furnishings.With an eye
       toward society’s priorities in the
       future, Mihaylo Hall was also built
       with strong environmental
       considerations – from the use of
       renewable building materials to
       maximum exposure to natural light.
       “We integrated sustainability from
       day one, because the modern
       expectation is to construct buildings
       differently,” says Smith.“It’s no longer
       just putting up brick and mortar.The
       building is energy efficient and built
       with a socially responsible design.”

       With the dedication of Turner
       Construction Company, HOK
       architects, Dean Puri and his team,
       and the Office of Design and
       Construction – a combined group
       that traveled the nation visiting a
       variety of buildings to gather ideas –

4   the INDICATOR                Fall/Winter 2008
                                         James D. ’67 and Jeannette Woods,
                                         the donors who named the Grand
                                         Foyer, are pictured above in the foyer
                                         on a “Hard Hat Tour” during
this four-year, $90 million project
arrived on schedule for the start
of the fall 2008 semester and            The James D.Woods Grand Foyer
functions as a true home to all of       pictured at left, is the heart of the
the people who learn, teach and          Mihaylo Hall building complex.
work within the spectacular              Filled with seating and meeting
structure.“It is a really interesting    areas, students now have a
intersection of both a corporate         place to study and collaborate
building and a hall of education,”       between classes.
says Cirangle.“We saw the
merging of these two worlds –
business and education – and
knew we could make a good

                                        The new College Tutoring Center has more than
                                        doubled its space and has eight computer work stations.

                                        Fall/Winter 2008            the INDICATOR             5
    “It takes more than a handful of people to have a successful

         Kevin Costner ’77 hosted a dinner for the         Balloons filled the sky as the last steel beam
         Campaign Cabinet in 2003; pictured above are      was placed during the Topping Off
         Paul and Daranne Folino with Costner.             Ceremony in December 2006.

         At the Groundbreaking Ceremony in October 2005,    Steve Mihaylo ’69 visits the construction
         Paul Folino, Rick Muth, Joseph ’70 and Karen       site in September 2007.                         A completed Charton Family Lecture Theatre hosts more
         Moderow, and Robert ’67, ’73 and Nancy Taylor.

         John Summerfield, Ron Stein,Tom Summerfield,      A quick tour in January 2008 revealed the
         Rick Muth and Frank Greinke at the                progress toward outfitting the 250-seat
         Groundbreaking celebration.                       Charton Family Lecture Theatre.
                                                                                                            Mihaylo Hall boasts nine computer labs; alumni
                                                                                                            and friends sponsored student computer stations
                                                                                                            through the Be A Part Of History Campaign.

         The enormous steel frame silhouettes the          A view from the fifth floor shows the Terrace
         skyline as Mihaylo Hall begins to take shape.     below and the East Pavilion.

             “This building would not be here if it were not for the
             collaboration of our alumni, faculty, staff and the business
                                                     —Milton A. Gordon
                                          President, Cal State Fullerton

6   the INDICATOR             Fall/Winter 2008
                                                                                                          C A M PA I G N
campaign.” — Dean Anil Puri
                                                                                            Steven G. Mihaylo ’69           Gregory D. Waller ’72, ’78
                                                                                            Campaign Chairman               Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                            Founder and CEO                 Universal Building Products
                                                                                            Inter-Tel Inc. (retired)
                                                                                                                            James D. Woods ’67
                                                                                            Paul F. Folino                  Chairman Emeritus &
                                                                                            Campaign                        Retired CEO
                                                                                            Vice Chairman                   Baker Hughes
                                                                                            Executive Chairman
                                                                                            Emulex                          Mitchell J. Zehner ’83
                                                                                                                            Senior Vice President
                                                                                            Steve Charton ’71               Voit Commercial Brokerage
                                                                                            The Charton Group

                                                                                            James E. Gutmann ’80            Ex-Officio Members
                                                                                                                            Dr. Milton A. Gordon
                                                                                            Wood Gutmann & Bogart
                                                                                            Insurance Brokers
                                                                                                                            California State University,
                                                                                            Joseph R. Moderow ’70           Fullerton
than 200 incoming graduate students in August 2008.
                                                                                            Senior Vice President and
                                                                                                                            Pamela C. Hillman
                                                                                            General Counsel
                                                                                                                            Vice President, University
                                                                                            UPS (retired)
                                                                                            Richard Muth
                                                                                                                            Paul M. Carey
                                                                                                                            Associate Vice President,
                                                                                            ORCO Block Co.
                                                                                                                            University Advancement-
                                                                                            Geoffrey S. Payne ’80           Development
                                                                                                                            Marcia K. Harrison
                                                                                            Tahiti Partners Real Estate
                                                                                                                            Campaign Director
                                                                                            Development Corporation
                                                                                                                            Mihaylo College of Business
   The Woods Grand Foyer offers a place to meet.      Steven G. Mihaylo Hall,August 2008.                                   and Economics
                                                                                            Dr. Anil K. Puri
                                                                                                                            Ginny J. Pace
                 Mihaylo Hall: By the Numbers                                               Mihaylo College of Business
                                                                                            and Economics
                                                                                                                            Director, Community Affairs
                                                                                                                            Mihaylo College of Business
        • 1,065,000 linear feet of                     • 2,942 chairs                       Kim G. Redding ’80              and Economics
           copper wire                                 • 344 donors                         Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                                            Victoria E. Scott ’07
                                                       • 65 subcontractors                  Brookfield Redding LLC
        • 100,000 drywall screws                                                                                            Development Coordinator
                                                       • 32 classrooms                                                      Mihaylo College of Business
                                                                                            Christopher G.
        • 52,000 square feet of                        • 27 months                          Schmidt ’81                     and Economics
           exterior glass                              • 6 tables with umbrellas            President and Chief Operating
                                                                                                                          Lissette M. Correa ’08
                                                                                                                          Development Assistant
                                                                                            Moss Adams LLP
                                                                                                                          Mihaylo College of Business
                     Bottom line:                                                           Robert M. Taylor ’67, ’73 and Economics
         1 world-class business school facility                                             President
                                                                                            The REMM Group

                                                                                                               Fall/Winter 2008       the INDICATOR        7
    C A M PA I G N V I S I O N A R I E S

    A Big Vision Requires Ambitious and Successful

    At the Topping Off Ceremony are campaign visionaries Paul F and Daranne Folino, Steven G. Mihaylo ’69, Dean Anil Puri, President Milton A. Gordon and James D.Woods ’69.

                hen the Campaign for the College of Business and                         university and our community, and people really understood
                Economics was launched five years ago, its $15                           that from the get-go. It wasn’t a hard sell, but it took time
                million goal was the first ever for the business                         because there are so many other worthwhile projects in the
    school.“You’ve got a big vision.You’re aggressive, and I like                        community being funded at the same time,” adds Folino.
    that, because I feel that there’s someone at the wheel of a
    place I’ve been to,” said Kevin Costner ’78, actor, director and                     Soon after the campaign was launched, distinguished alumnus
    producer, to Dean Anil Puri when the campaign was                                    Mihaylo learned about the campaign and Dean Puri’s vision
    announced. Costner earned his bachelor’s degree in business                          for the future of the business school. It was Mihaylo’s fervent
    administration from Cal State Fullerton in marketing, and                            belief in education and its transformational effect on young
    added,“The alumni, it is safe to say, have all moved on in their                     people that led him to his gift of $4.5 million to support the
    lives, but back behind us Fullerton is raising the bar.”                             college and name the proposed new business school building,
                                                                                         Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.
    That bar was indeed set, and the $15 million goal was
    surpassed in 2006 and increased to $20 million with the                              With the thriving progress of the campaign and the incredible
    dedication, the commitment and the vision of those who led                           generosity of the alumni, business community and university
    the Campaign Cabinet: Steven G. Mihaylo ’69, Paul F. Folino                          administration, Mihaylo recently said yes when asked to add
    and James D.Woods ’67.                                                               his name to the College of Business of Economics.With an
                                                                                         extraordinary commitment of $30 million, the largest
    “Orange County is a great place to raise a family, grow a                            accredited business school in California is now named Steven
    business and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But, that is only                       G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.“The reason
    possible because of the great philanthropists before us who                          I’m supporting the college the way that I am is because I
    took the lead in building our community. Now, it’s our turn                          honestly believe that the only way we can make a change in
    to leave a legacy for those that follow us,” says Folino,                            the world is to help young people get ahead, and the only
    executive chairman of Emulex Corporation in Costa Mesa. It                           way they can get ahead is to get an education,” says Mihaylo,
    was Folino, founding member of the Dean’s Advisory Board,                            who earned a degree in business administration with
    who launched the campaign with a landmark gift, and with                             concentrations in accounting and finance in 1969. He is the
    his enthusiastic energy and remarkable leadership, served as                         founder and retired CEO of Inter-Tel.“The more educated
    the vice chairman throughout the campaign.“This project has                          our society is, the more we can compete in the world
    been successful because it adds great value to both the                              market,” he adds.
8    the INDICATOR               Fall/Winter 2008
                                                              C A M PA I G N V I S I O N A R I E S

 Prominent and successful
 alumnus Woods credits his                   THE $50 MILLION CAMPAIGN FOR MIHAYLO COLLEGE
 achievements to his years as a
                                                        OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
 student at Cal State Fullerton,
 where he earned his degree in                                       MAJOR DONORS AS OF SEPTEMBER 30, 2008
 1967.“I tell people that the         Principal Benefactors                              Robert Mayer Trust             Elizabeth & Marlan M. Merhab ’64
                                                                                        Eric L. Openshaw ’77               Linn ’01 & Andy Mihaylo ’73
 California State University                 Daranne & Paul F. Folino
                                                                                       Pacific Life Foundation                    Moss Adams LLP
 system is one of the better               Steven G. Mihaylo ’69 Family
                                                                                    Suzanne and Loren Pannier               Jean and Maurice Myers ’64
 bargains available for individual     The Estate of Michael Reagan ’67, ’69
                                                                                Theresa ’82, ’83 & Dean Samsvick ’81              P2S Engineering
                                              Gale & Frank Robitaille
 growth. I am an example of a             Jeanette & James D.Woods ’67
                                                                                       Philip R. Schimmel ’76                 PricewaterhouseCoopers
 person who worked his way                                                             States Logistics Services                Sharon and Anil Puri
                                                                                    Tangram Interiors/Steelcase                Laurie A. Resnick ’77
 through school mostly attending              Benefactors                            Antonio J.Vasquez ’67, ’68                Kerri M. Ruppert ’82
 in the evenings for a very              Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic          Mitchell Zehner ’83 Family                     Alan Safahi ’83
 modest enrollment fee,” says                       Foundation                                                          Chuck ’72 and Janet Shellenberger
 Woods, chairman emeritus and              Charton Family Foundation            Cornerstone Society                          Kathy ’82 and Chris Taylor
                                             The Kresge Foundation                                                                 Oli Thordarson
 retired CEO of Baker Hughes                                                           Linda & Michael Ames
                                                Rick Muth Family                                                                   Bill Tutton ’80
 Inc.“As a result, my education                                                   Sally Anderson and Tom Rogers
                                            Scott O’Brien ’77 Family                                                           National OilwellVarco
 gave me the opportunity to                                                              Bala Balkrishna ’78
                                                                                           Bank of America                        Arthur P.Villa ’87
 succeed in business, advancing to            Pacesetters                            Maria & Dino Basdakis ’77
 CEO of a Fortune 500                        Greinke Family Foundation           Corinne ’84 and Kevin Baughman                  Patrons
 company, and I am indebted to          Patricia Stone & James Gutmann ’80          Joan & Richard Becktel ’77                     Rose Barres
 the business school for my                                                              Boris Bugarski ’97                    Michael T. Biehl ’83
                                          Leadership Gifts                         Shirley ’85 and James Cadwell                Jack W, Coleman
                                       Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association      Peggy and Kevin Calcagnie ’77           Vicky and Terry Dickens ’67
                                           Armstrong/Robitaille/Riegle                  T. Christy Enterprises            Michael Hefner Family ’83, ’88
 “I have to believe in luck having
                                      Automobile Club of Southern California    Shannon Cook ’00 & Scott Coler ’85         Dorothy ’71 and Bill Heide
 these three outstanding                            Dan Black ’67                              Deloitte.                          Stewart Long
 individuals as my friends and            Theresa & Richard K. Davis ’83              Mary Hadley Devine ’81                  Gordon MacLean ’86
 that of the college,” says Dean                  Terry M. Giles ’70                  Annette Feliciani ’80 and            Mihaylo Family Foundation
 Puri.“Each one cares about              Hill Brothers Chemical Company                 Bryan Fitzpatrick ’78                   Sean Peasley ’88
                                                    George Joseph                    Ferruzzo & Ferruzzo LLP                    Steven Weinstein
 education and young people and
                                                     KPMG LLP                                GBS Linens
 is simply delighted to help us in           Mercury Insurance Group                 Kenneth W. Guchereau ’74                     Donors
 what we do. Personally, I am                 Joseph R. Moderow ’70                  Pamela & Daniel Hann ’77                 Steven Bromberg ’84
 deeply strengthened by their                   Geoffrey S. Payne ’80                    Wally Hicks Family                Diversified Builder Services
 confidence in me, and it                       Kim G. Redding ’80                        David G. Hirz ’96                  Gary Lisenbee ’73, ’77
                                            Christopher G. Schmidt ’81          Mary Louise ’80 and Edward Hlavac                Robert Kehiayan
 motivates me to do my best.”
                                                     Stein Family                             Hydraflow                      Stefan Markowitz ’83
                                      Daniel C. Struve ’71 Family Foundation                Irene L. Lange                      RSM McGladrey
 The Mihaylo College of Business
                                              Summerfield Foundation                        Richard Lewis                   Robert McKennon ’82
 and Economics Campaign                      Robert M.Taylor ’67, ’73               Debra ’80 and Emmit Luther                  Jeffery Morris ’82
 Cabinet, listed on page 7,                     Grant Thornton LLP                          Manek Family                           ROHL, LLC
 contributed extraordinary time,          Turner Construction Company                Michael L. McKennon ’83                      TonyValentine
 remarkable leadership and                     Jeffrey S.Van Harte ’80              Rosa & Henry Mendoza ’81
 tremendous generosity to ensure        Diana ’76 & Gregory Waller ’72, ’78
                                            Zenith Insurance Company             In addition to these campaign donors, Mihaylo College would
 the astounding success of this $50                                              like to express its deep appreciation for the ongoing support of
 million effort.We are gratefully            Special Gifts
 appreciative of each of these                   Ernst &Young
                                                                                            President Milton A. Gordon
 exceptional individuals for their             Robert B. Grant ’66                     California State University, Fullerton
 limitless commitment to this                    ISCINA, LLC                                  The State of California
 history-making campaign.
                                                                                                              Fall/Winter 2008          the INDICATOR       9
     C A M PA I G N F O R M I H AY L O C O L L E G E

     Expanding a Community Asset

“O            ne of the greatest gifts we can give is an affordable
              education, and that’s what motivated me at the
              beginning,” says Scott O’Brien’77, a stalwart
                                                                             presidents and managing partners.The board’s guidance
                                                                             provides valuable insights earned through years of experience
                                                                             by business leaders at the top of their industries.
     supporter of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
     whose contribution named the Scott O’Brien Family                       Three of these board members, including O’Brien, Steve
     Innovation Center in Mihaylo Hall.“It’s a legacy that makes             Charton’71 and Frank Greinke, provided significant support
     me proud,” he says of the center.“The most satisfying part of           to the college’s campaign and the creation of Mihaylo Hall.
     [the new building] was the first day students walked in and             Charton is a general partner of Islands Restaurants and
     had a state-of-the-art facility to learn in.”                           president of The Charton Group in Irvine. Loyal and
                                                                             dedicated contributors to the college since 1980, Charton
                                                                             and his wife, Kris, named the 250-seat classroom, the
                                                                             Charton Family Lecture Theatre.
 ‘It is critical for the continued
 success of the business community,                                          One of the reasons these board members support and invest
                                                                             in the business school is to create a talented workforce, says
 which relies on the students                                                Greinke, CEO of SC Fuels in Orange.“I believe that Cal
 coming out of the university,                                               State Fullerton is a tremendous community asset for Orange
 to help support the school.’                                                County, and it is critical for the continued success of the
                                                                             business community, which relies on the students coming out
                              — Frank Greinke, CEO,                          of the university, to help support the school.”
                                 SC Fuels in Orange                          Greinke, a long time friend and supporter of the college,
                                                                             named the 120-seat classroom in Mihaylo Hall the Greinke
                                                                             Family Foundation Lecture Hall.“The technology used for
     O’Brien, president of BAE Systems Products Group, is among              presentation in the lecture hall is impressive, and I really like
     the forward-thinking members of the Dean’s Advisory Board,              the flow and open feeling of the entire complex,” he says.
     which is dedicated to making Mihaylo College the premier                “Our firm has benefited by having a number of graduates
     business school in Southern California. Board membership is             from the college join us, and I wanted to, in a small way, give
     limited to top business executives including chairmen, CEOs,            back as well as make an investment in the future.”

                   Frank Greinke, SC Fuels            Steve Charton ’71, Islands Restaurants   Scott O’Brien ’77, BAE Systems
                                                                                               Products Group

10    the INDICATOR            Fall/Winter 2008
                      C A M PA I G N F O R M I H AY L O C O L L E G E

Insuring the Industry’s Future

                  Frank Robitaille,                    James Gutmann ’80,Wood Gutmann &    George Joseph, Mercury General Corp.
                  Armstrong/Robitaille/Riegle          Bogart Insurance Brokers

         bout four years ago, Frank                                                             The current chairman of the center’s
         Robitaille was invited to                  ‘Students not only                          board of directors is Gabriel Tirador,
         campus to speak to a business                                                          president and CEO of Mercury
class, and soon after, he began providing
                                                need to study insurance                         General Corporation.The company has
scholarships for students interested in a        and business, but they                         made significant gifts to the center’s
career in insurance.Today, he’s a               also need a global view.                        campaign.
principal contributor to Mihaylo
College of Business and Economics’               Our business partners                          Additionally, James Gutmann ’80,
fund-raising campaign and has                     care about educating                          partner with Wood Gutmann & Bogart
generously led the charge for support                                                           Insurance Brokers, is a founding
                                                   the next generation                          member of the Center for Insurance
of the college’s Center for Insurance
Studies.“In addition, he and his                      of employees.’                            Studies. Adds Lu:“Jim Gutmann was
partners at Armstrong/Robitaille/                                                               the one who led the way and
Riegle funded a conference room in                                                              compelled us to start the center.”
                                                  — Weili Lu, director of
our center,” says Weili Lu, director of                                                         From across the industry, supporters
the Center for Insurance Studies.“He                      the Center for
                                                                                                have enthusiastically contributed to the
really cares about insurance education               Insurance Studies                          center, including Pacific Life Insurance
and about our students in particular.”                                                          Company and Robert G. Haskell,
Celebrating its 10th anniversary this           These business partners include George          senior vice president of public affairs for
year, the Center for Insurance Studies is       Joseph, founder and chairman of the             the company; Zenith National
the largest and most active insurance           board of Mercury General                        Insurance Corp. and Stanley R. Zax,
education program west of the                   Corporation, parent company of                  the company’s chairman of the board,
Mississippi.The 2007-08 academic year           Mercury Insurance.“Mr. Joseph has               president and director; and Auto Club
brought a total course enrollment of            visited our campus to speak to students         Enterprises and Thomas V. McKernan,
1,020 students, reflecting the increasing       on a couple of occasions.The students           president and CEO.“Our supporters
interest in the industry.“Students not          are impressed with how much he                  have so much passion for the center, the
only need to study insurance and                knows about the industry and how he             students and the future of the industry,”
business, but they also need a global           built Mercury starting with just $1,500.        says Lu.“We are very fortunate to have
view,” says Lu.“Our business partners           And, Mercury hires about 50 Mihaylo             the guidance of these outstanding
care about educating the next                   College graduates a year,” says Lu.             leaders at the top of the field.”
generation of industry employees.”
                                                                                                  Fall/Winter 2008           the INDICATOR    11
     C A M PA I G N F O R M I H AY L O C O L L E G E

                               It’s All in the Family: $1.5 Million
                                Endows Rick Muth Family Chair
                                in Family Business
                                                   business community it serves.With           family business, Muth is currently
                                                   substantial support from family-business    president of ORCO Block Co.The
                                                   owners, the council created the Rick        company has six manufacturing plants
                                                   Muth Family Chair in Family Business        in Southern California. He is the
                                                   in the Mihaylo College of Business and      second founding member of the Family
                                                   Economics.“This is the first endowed        Business Council, and says he likes the
                                                   chair at Cal State Fullerton,” says Mike    size and social aspect that this council
                                                   Trueblood, director of the Family           provides.The feeling is mutual, and in
                                                   Business Council.“We are near our           2007, Cal State Fullerton presented
                                                   goal of $1.5 million needed to establish    Muth with the Orange County Titan
                                                   this chair, and the funds have been         Award at the university’s Front &
                                                   raised primarily with the support and       Center Gala.
                                                   generosity of members and sponsors of
                                                   the Family Business Council, and the        “So many people who run successful
                                                   Muth family in particular.”                 family businesses contributed to this
                                                                                               endowment, and they are an important
                                                   “We support the FBC because we have         part of the good work we do at that
                                                   two daughters we’d like to see in the       council,” says Trueblood. Those
                                                   next generation of our business,”           contributors include John and Tom
     Rick Muth, ORCO Block Co.
                                                   says Rick Muth, who launched the            Summerfield, co-presidents of Cascade
                                                   endowment campaign with a leadership        Pump in Santa Fe Springs.The
                                                   gift in addition to naming the council      Summerfield Foundation has named the

             tudents, staff, faculty and friends   director’s new office in Mihaylo Hall.      Department of Management
             of Cal State Fullerton often          “It’s nice to be involved in something      Conference Room.They are charter
             comment about the sense of            like the FBC that’s positive and handles    members of the FBC and Tom
     “family” within the institution, so it        all sorts of subjects specific to our       participates in the college’s Professor for
     comes as no surprise that the familial        family business needs.”                     a Day program.
     ties are very strong between the Family
     Business Council (FBC) and the                A second-generation owner of the            The Stein Family, including Ron and

     Helping Future                                            From the moment Dan Struve ’71 finished his degree in business
                                                               administration at Cal State Fullerton, he was making his mark in the
                                                               work force.“My senior project class gave me the tools to differentiate
     Entrepreneurs                                             myself in the employment process. I captured a sales position with a
                                                               Fortune 250 company with no actual sales experience during a period
     through the                                               of layoffs and an economic downturn,” says Struve.Today, he’s founder,
                                                               chairman and CEO of Helpmates Staffing Services in Irvine.

     Center for                                                In addition to his generous support of the Campaign for the College of
                                                               Business and Economics, Struve and his company are active sponsors of
     Entrepreneurship                                          Mihaylo College’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and each semester, he
                                                               spends a Saturday serving as part of a professional panel evaluating
12    the INDICATOR            Fall/Winter 2008
                     C A M PA I G N F O R M I H AY L O C O L L E G E

June and their two sons Russ and            Long-term Value
David, of Principal Technical Services,
                                            ALUMNI AND COMPANIES ARE A BIG
are also dedicated members of the
college family. In addition to his          ASSET TO THE COLLEGE AND THE
participation with the FBC, Ron Stein       ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT
has been a guest professor in the           Accounting alumnus Christopher Schmidt ’81, president and
Professor for a Day program and             COO of Moss Adams LLP, was an early contributor to the
mentors students in the college’s           campaign and inspired others to do the same.“My education
Entrepreneurship Program.                   at Cal State Fullerton cost me so little yet provided me with a
Ron Hill of Hill Brothers Chemical          career and a life for which I am deeply grateful,” says Schmidt,
Company was a guest at the college’s        who is a member of the Campaign Cabinet. He is joined by                       Christopher Schmidt ’81,
                                            fellow Campaign Cabinet member Greg Waller ’72, ’78 and                        Moss Adams
First Day of School program and
visited the classroom that he and his       his wife, Diana ’76, both of whom are accounting graduates
company named. A 10-year member of          and enthusiastically support the college financially and through
the FBC, Hill says,“The root of my gift     participation in events, including the annual SEC Conference
to the college is to pay back the value     and the Dean’s Summer Golf Classic scholarship fundraiser.
that I’ve received from the Family          While their college days are well behind them, five business
Business Council.”                          school alumni – all of whom have established successful careers
Other contributors to the endowed           at KPMG LLP– together made a significant contribution to
chair include Mihaylo College alumna        the campaign and named the Department of Accounting office
Shirley ’85 and Jim Cadwell of Reel         suite in Mihaylo Hall.“We all feel loyal to Cal State Fullerton
                                            for providing us with a great start to our careers,” says Dean                 Diana ’76 and
Lumber; Robert Mayer Sr. and R.J.                                                                                          Greg Waller ’72, ’78
Mayer of Service Robert Mayer               Samsvick ’81, managing partner of the Orange County office
Corporation; Pravin Mody, founder of        of KPMG LLP, which provided matching funds for the gift.
GBS Linens; Rich Lewis of Orange            Samsvick (and his wife,Theresa ’82, ’83) are joined by Michael
County Erectors; Cathy Monson of            Biehl ’83, Steven D. Bromberg ’84, Gordon MacLean ’86, and
States Logistics Services; Jon Christy of   Jeffrey Morris ’82 in underwriting the office suite.Additional
T. Christy Enterprises; Cindy Ayloush       support for the building campaign was provided by Robert
of Hydraflow; council sponsoring            Grant ’66, retired managing partner of Deloitte & Touche, and
partners Tom and Jim Ferruzzo of            Phil Schimmel ’76, a partner at KPMG LLP in San Francisco.
Ferruzzo & Ferruzzo LLP; council            As a preferred recruiting school for the region’s accounting
sponsoring partner Maryellen                firms, the college is also generously supported by Ernst &
Galuchie ’80 of RSM McGladrey Inc.;         Young, Deloitte, and Grant Thornton, under the leadership of                    Dean Samsvick ’81
Louis Rohl of Rohl LLC; and,                                                                                                KPMG LLP
                                            partner Gary Wilson, which underwrites the Grant Thornton
ISCINA LLC.                                 Thought Leadership Seminars in Accounting.

business-plan presentations by students.“I remember when I             Dan ‘71 and Bobbie Struve and their daughters, Kristan and Lauren, visited
had those ideas but no professional audience to give me the                                              Mihaylo Hall on the first day of classes.
appropriate feedback about my ideas, plans and dreams.
Given this opportunity, I probably would have started my
own business much sooner – it took me almost 11 years after
graduation to do so.”

Other contributors to the Center for Entrepreneurship
include the Stein Family, Linda and Michael Ames, Kenneth
Guchereau ’74, the Manek Family, Laurie Resnick ’77, Alan
Safahi ’83, Oli Thordarson and Arthur Villa ’87.

                                                                                                Fall/Winter 2008             the INDICATOR           13
     C A M PA I G N F O R M I H AY L O C O L L E G E

     Taking the Lead                                                        IN BUILDING A PREMIER BUSINESS SCHOOL

                               Joseph R. Moderow ’70,           Robert M.Taylor ’67, ’73,    Geoffrey S. Payne ’80,       Kim G. Redding ’80,
                               UPS (retired)                    The REMM Group               Tahiti Partners              Brookfield Redding

                    he Mihaylo College of               Robert M. Taylor ’67, ’73 is the                His commitment to his alma mater

            T       Business and Economics
                    owes a debt of gratitude
     to the many people, businesses and
                                                        founder and president of The REMM
                                                        Group, an accredited real estate
                                                        management consulting firm, and serves
                                                                                                        includes membership on the Dean’s
                                                                                                        Advisory Board and Campaign Cabinet.
                                                                                                        Redding started KG Redding in 2001,
     organizations that helped the college              as chairman of its Asian affiliate, REMM        an investment management company of
     achieve its $50 million campaign goal.             China.Taylor is a long-time member              North American and global real estate
     The following remarkable alumni and                and past president of the college’s             securities. He sold that company in
     friends continue to make a high quality            Executive Council, guest professor of           2007 to Brookfield Asset Management
     business education possible for                    the Professor for a Day program and             Inc., and it became Brookfield
     thousands of students:                             dedicated member of the Campaign                Redding LLC.
                                                        Cabinet. His support and generosity
     Joseph R. Moderow ’70, retired senior              make him a stellar ambassador for his           Dan Black ’67, founder and president
     vice president, general counsel and board          alma mater.                                     (retired) of Advanced Medical Nutrition
     member for UPS, is an enthusiastic                                                                 Inc., earned a degree in physics from
     member of the Campaign Cabinet and                 Geoffrey S. Payne ’80 is president of           from the university and applied his
     serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board.“As            Tahiti Partners Real Estate                     entrepreneurial spirit to founding two
     we entered into our comprehensive fund-            Development Corporation, a general              businesses. He established the Dan Black
     raising campaign to construct a new                partner of Tahiti Partners and a principal      Scholarship in 1998 for physics majors,
     business building, establish innovative            and manager of numerous real estate             and in 2000, he funded the Dan Black
     programs and build an endowment,                   partnerships. He serves as a loyal              Program in Physics and Business. Black
     Moderow was one of the first to make a             member of the Campaign Cabinet, the             is known for his philanthropy across
     leadership commitment. His support has             Dean's Advisory Board and as a member           campus and recognized as a university
     helped to enhance and promote the
                                                        of the college’s Real Estate and Land           citizen; and in March 2006, the science
     college’s first-rate business program that
                                                        Use Institute Advisory Board. He has            laboratory center was renamed in his
     not only serves our students, but also
                                                        contributed his time, talent and treasure       honor and is known as Dan Black Hall.
     strengthens the connections the business
                                                        to the college’s campaign and the Dean’s
     school has with the corporate                                                                      In addition to support of the college’s
     community,” says Dean Puri.As one of               Summer Golf Classic scholarship
                                                        fundraiser.                                     comprehensive campaign, the Michael
     Cal State Fullerton’s most successful                                                              A. Reagan Graduate Scholarship was
     alumni, Mihaylo College congratulates              Kim G. Redding ’80 is chief executive           established after Reagan’s bequest of
     Joe Moderow as a recipient of the                  officer of Brookfield Redding LLC in            more than $3 million was received by
     2008 Horatio Alger Award.
                                                        Chicago and is a dedicated advocate of          Mihaylo College. He earned both his
                                                        Dean Puri’s vision for Mihaylo College.         undergraduate degree and MBA at the
14    the INDICATOR           Fall/Winter 2008
                         C A M PA I G N F O R M I H AY L O C O L L E G E

Dan Black ’67,               Annette Feliciani ’80, President,   Richard K. Davis ’83,     Col. Patrick J. Gough ’80, CSUF   Terry M. Giles ’70
Pro Thera                    CSF Philanthropic Foundation        U.S. Bancorp              Alumni Association President      Tekniko Licensing Corp.

   university and founded the CPA firm                submitted to the foundation.                   alumni as well as fostering networking
   Reagan and Associates in Tustin.                                                                  opportunities which are so valuable to
                                                      In addition to serving as the contractor       all its graduates. Mihaylo College is
   The Cal State Fullerton                            for the construction of Mihaylo Hall,          grateful for the generous contribution
   Philanthropic Foundation and its                   Turner Construction Company                    from the Alumni Association, which
   Board of Governors support all areas of            made a generous donation to the                funded the Honor Wall of Donors in
   the university, including Mihaylo                  building and named the second floor            the James D.Woods Grand
   College.The Philanthropic Foundation               mezzanine. Turner's support of the             Foyer.
   is the officially recognized gift-                 college also includes being an active
   processing auxiliary of the university,            participant in the dean's annual golf
   and it supports the university’s programs          tournament scholarship fundraiser,          Remarkable alumni
   through the pursuit, acquisition and               serving as the 2008 title sponsor.
   stewardship of private support, oversight
                                                                                                  and friends have helped
   and management of philanthropic funds              Richard K. Davis ’83 is the chairman,
                                                      president and CEO of U.S. Bancorp           Mihaylo College achieve its
   and advocates the university’s needs and
                                                      (the parent company of U.S. Bank), the
   successes.The Cal State Fullerton
                                                      sixth largest commercial bank in
                                                                                                  $50 million campaign.
   Philanthropic Foundation was
   instrumental in helping to complete the            America, and is a staunch advocate and
   funding required to build Mihaylo Hall.            supporter of the university. Davis made        Terry M. Giles ’70, a highly
                                                      possible U.S. Bank’s sponsorship of the        successful attorney since 1975,
   The Kresge Foundation is a private                 last two university performing arts            is a past recipient of the Horatio Alger
   foundation that supports communities               seasons and U.S. Bank’s title sponsorship      Award and currently a board member of
   in the United States and around the                of the college’s annual Economic               the Horatio Alger Association of
   world by strengthening the nonprofit               Forecast Conference.As philanthropists,        Distinguished Americans. He owns
   organizations – including Mihaylo                  the Davis family has contributed               Tekniko Licensing Corp., a company that
   College of Business and Economics –                significantly to Mihaylo College’s             licenses intellectual properties to
   that serve these communities. Kresge               campaign.                                      businesses throughout the world.
   awarded a $500,000 Challenge Grant                                                                Giles recently made a significant gift to
   that encouraged alumni, faculty, staff and         The Cal State Fullerton Alumni
                                                      Association works to build lifelong            the campaign, providing “seed” money
   friends to contribute to the construction                                                         to establish the Center for Leadership
   costs of Mihaylo Hall.The challenge                alumni relationships by contributing to a
                                                      positive university image and by               Development, the newest Center of
   was successful and at the time of this                                                            Excellence in Mihaylo College.
   writing, a final report was being                  promoting the accomplishments of its

                                                                                                       Fall/Winter 2008          the INDICATOR         15

     Breaking into the Investment Business
     Currently the chief investment officer      He also worked as a securities analyst               courses in basic finance theory as well
     for the Focus Growth Equity team at         and trader for Transamerica Investment               as securities analysis and portfolio
     Delaware Investments in San Francisco,      Services, which he joined in 1980,                   management.
     Jeffrey S.Van Harte ‘80 has been            the same year he earned his
     managing portfolios and separate            bachelor’s degree in finance from                    How did your education at Cal
     accounts for more than 20 years. He’s       Cal State Fullerton.                                 State Fullerton help you achieve
     responsible for large-cap growth, all-cap                                                        success?
     growth, and mid-cap growth portfolios.      Van Harte is an enthusiastic supporter
                                                 of the Mihaylo College of Business and               The largest return on capital that I ever
     Before joining Delaware Investments in      Economics, and his Leadership Gift to                got in my life was the capital I spent to
     2005,Van Harte was a principal and          the college includes the naming of a                 go to Cal State Fullerton.The amount
     executive vice president of Transamerica    75-seat classroom in Mihaylo Hall.                   of education I got per dollar of expense
     Investment Management.                                                                           had to be higher than any other
                                                 In a recent interview with the                       university I could have attended, given
                                                 INDICATOR magazine,Van Harte                         that I focused my advanced course
                                                 shared his thoughts about his career,                studies in my major on investments. By
                                                   how students may enter the industry                the time I finished my undergraduate
                                                    and his support of the college:                   work, I was way ahead of the typical
                                                                                                      MBA student.
                                                    What about your work is most
                                                    rewarding and most                                Your Leadership Gift to the college
                                                    challenging?                                      includes a 75-seat lecture hall. Why
                                                                                                      are you interested in the success
                                                       What is most rewarding is                      and growth of Mihaylo College?
                                                      competing at the highest level of
                                                    institutional investing and                       I sort of have a chip on my shoulder
                                                   succeeding. Most challenging is the                about the huge financial resources
                                                   constant assault of chaos the markets              private schools possess.We manage
                                                  offer up on a daily basis.Volatility is             money for some of them, and it’s
                                                 not for the faint of heart, but even if              shocking how much money they have
                                                 you have a stomach for it, it’s not very             compared to Cal State Fullerton. So it’s
                                                 fun some days.                                       a way to help level the playing field and
                                                                                                      give back to an institution that gave so
                                                 What advice would you give to                        much to me.
                                                 students following the same career
                                                 path?                                                What makes support from people
                                                                                                      like you so important?
                                                 You won’t find a standard entry level
                                                 job in investment management, so you                      The assumption that public schools
                                                 have to network and learn about                           don’t need private funding is one of the
                                                  various firms and positions. It’ll take                  biggest fallacies that exist in education. I
                                                    you more time to find the right job                    don’t think the great state of California
                                                     than it would in other financial                      is ready to allocate more money to the
                                                      fields where there are standard                      Cal State system.That’s why it’s so
                                                      entry level jobs, like banking or                    important for those of us that have the
                                                       insurance. It also helps to take                    means to do so to give generously to a
                                                                                                           university like Cal State Fullerton that
                                                       Jeffrey S.Van Harte ’80 navigates the institutional gave us so much for a more than
                                                       investing world and gives back to his alma mater. reasonable cost.
16      the INDICATOR         Fall/Winter 2008
                                                              LEADERS IN BUSINESS

 Join Us For The
 14th Annual Economic
 Forecast Conference
 • Anil Puri, economist and Mihaylo
   College dean provides crucial economic
   indicators to facilitate development of
   successful business and industry strategies

 • Mira Farka, economics research
   associate will discuss the national
   economic outlook

 • Joseph Otting, vice chairman of U.S.
   Bancorp offers an in-depth look at the
   future of U.S. financial markets

 Sponsored by U.S. Bank, the conference is
 presented jointly by the Mihaylo College of
 Business and Economics and the Orange
 County Business Council.

 Thursday, October 30, 2008 from 11:30 a.m.
 to 1:30 the Hyatt Regency Irvine.
                                                 Anil Puri, dean of Mihaylo College and co-director of the Institute for Economic and Environmental
 Register online at or contact      Studies, and Mira Farka, professor of economics and research associate of the institute, presented the
 Ginny Pace at 714.278.2566 or email             annual Midyear Economic Forecast on April 29 at the Hyatt Regency and announced the next                            Economic Forecast to be held October 30, 2008.

Election Season
Philip R. Schimmel ’76, a senior partner in the San Francisco
office of KPMG LLP, was recently elected to the firm’s
board of directors. He serves as the global lead partner for
several major multinationals in the technology and health
care sectors and is an SEC reviewing partner, KPMG’s
designation for its top technical partners.

An ardent supporter of Mihaylo College of Business and
Economics, Schimmel was honored with Cal State Fullerton’s
2003 Vision & Visionaries Distinguished Alumni Award for his
professional achievements – a career that now spans more than
30 years – and his continued involvement with the university. He
was instrumental in forming the college’s Executive Council, has
participated as a guest professor in the Professor for a Day
program, supported the college’s annual golf tournament and
is a founding member of the Dean’s Advisory Board.
                                                                         Philip ’76 and Julia Schimmel
                                                                                                    Fall/Winter 2008            the INDICATOR             17
     L O C A L LY G L O B A L

     From Pharmaceutical Science to Economics:

                                                                        would be in                    but his background in pharmaceutical
                                                                        graduate-level classes         sciences – with a 4.0 grade point
                                                                        without the benefit            average during this bachelor’s degree
                                                                        of studying some of            program – shows that he can succeed in
                                                                        the basics of                  any area in which he is interested.”
                                                                        economic theory.”
                                                                                                       Motwani completed his master’s degree
                                                                          What Motwani                 at Cal State Fullerton in January 2008,
                                       Jitu Motwani ’08 is recognized by  discovered was that          and during his student days, he served
                                       Phi Beta Delta for helping achieve
                                       global understanding.              faculty members in           as president of the university’s chapter
                                                                          the Mihaylo College          of Phi Beta Delta and the student
     When Jitu Motwani was accepted into                                  of Business and              Economics Association. He also worked
     the master’s program in economics at             Economics were more than happy to                part time as a graduate assistant,
     Cal State Fullerton in 2006, he was a            assist him.Two years later, Motwani              tutoring others in economics.
     little concerned. Not only would he be           became the sixth student at Cal State
                                                      Fullerton to receive recognition from            “Economics is often seen as very
     leaving his home in Mumbai, India, to
                                                      Phi Beta Delta, the Honor Society for            difficult, but when you think about it,
     study abroad, but his bachelor of
                                                      International Scholars. He received the          the whole world is based on
     science degree from Mumbai
                                                      David Merchant International Student             economics,” he says.“It’s all cost/benefit
     University wasn’t in economics – it was
                                                      Award for Achievement from Phi Beta              analysis – if I do this, then this will
     in pharmaceutical science.
                                                      Delta for helping achieve global                 happen. It teaches you to think
     “The transition was difficult,” Motwani          understanding.                                   rationally. Economics principles
     admits.“But I was always interested in                                                            underlie everything we do; we just
     economics, and my goal was to blend              “Jitu is one of these brilliant students         don’t recognize that. People see charts
     the two subjects – pharmacy science              you meet a few times in a decade,” says          and graphs and terms they don’t
     and economics.When I was accepted to             Vincent Dropsy, professor of                     understand. But once you sit down and
     Cal State Fullerton, I was very happy,           economics.“He has a bright future                read about them, it all makes sense. It
     but also worried because I knew I                ahead of him in economics and finance,           becomes enjoyable.”

     Mihaylo College Students Invited to ATHGO Conference
     At the World Bank Headquarters
     Anh Tran ’08, ’10 and Baban Pal Singh ’07, ’09 attended the Third
     Annual Global Forum of ATHGO, an organization that provides young
     people with applied entrepreneurial education to develop human
     capacity and launch socially conscious initiatives. The three-day forum
     was held at World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C. in July. Tran
     was particularly excited to participate in the conference this year; the
     forum’s topic, Miracles of Growth: Good Governance and Capacity
     Building, struck a chord with the native ofVietnam. “Vietnam is
     considered a rising star; however, the country is facing double-digit
     inflation, a widening gap in income levels and a reluctance on the part
     of the authorities to adapt to the new [economic] environment,” says
     Tran. She plans to use her knowledge to contribute to the solutions to
     these issues inVietnam and other developing countries.
                                                                                Anh Tran ’08,’10 attends capacity building and social entrepreneurship forum at
18      the INDICATOR          Fall/Winter 2008                                 World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
                                                                               L O C A L LY G L O B A L

                                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy Lana Johnson/Daily Pilot
                                                                                                        Jack Kidwiler ’74 at a wine tasting
                                                                                                        in Newport Beach.

The next time you sample a wonderful Australian wine and            get to this point. First were the vineyards in Tasmania.
wonder who helped bring it to your table, that person might         “Tasmania is known as the ‘Holiday Isle’ in Australia,” says
just be Cal State Fullerton alumnus Jack Kidwiler ’74.              Kidwiler.“It’s the only true cool climate growing area in
Kidwiler is the owner of Frogmore Creek, a winery and               Australia and best suited for pinot noir, chardonnay and
vineyard in Tasmania.                                               Riesling.”

The winery is not the first of Kidwiler’s international             Once the site was located in 1996, it took another two years
holdings. He got his start in 1986 in Perth in the business of      of building infrastructure – putting in roads, electricity, dams,
row crop farming to export to markets such as Singapore and         etc. – before the planting could get started.Three years later
Hong Kong. Kidwiler notes that in those early days it was the       the grapes were ready and they bought an existing winery to
distance that was the biggest hurdle.“We did not have fax,          create the first vintage in 2002. Now, Frogmore Creek has
e-mail, cell phones or text messages,” he says. On the other        four certified wine makers creating wines in the Burgundy
hand, Kidwiler points out, the global markets were often            style under two labels (Frogmore Creek and 42 Degrees
following the United States.“We knew what was going to              South), and the wines have won gold or better in every U.S.
happen in other countries, and this created an unlimited            competition they’ve entered.
market for selling and for sourcing products and
manufacturing.”                                                     Although he enjoys the wines, Kidwiler said that his passion is
                                                                    in providing a financial environment in which the
Kidwiler has parlayed his knowledge of international markets        winemakers can excel.“I am an accountant. I love the
to business holdings in various industries in countries and         numbers,” he says.“I find the best people I can find to make
territories that also include the Philippines, Hong Kong and        all of the calls.They are the ones responsible for the award-
China. In these dealings, Kidwiler often finds the biggest          winning wines they produce.”
challenge is avoiding the swings that come with fluctuations
in exchange rates.“Building the structure to avoid this can get     Kidwiler said his time at Cal State Fullerton helped build a
quite involved,” he adds.“But you learn from the mistakes.”         solid foundation for him – although he appreciates the
                                                                    changes he’s seen there over the years.“Today, the university
Although Frogmore Creek now produces more than 70,000               offers the more diverse disciplines now needed,” and, he adds,
cases of wine a year that are sold not just in Australia but also   “The new business building offers quite a different experience
in the U.S., Korea, Japan and Canada, it was a long process to      from taking all of my business classes in the library.”

                                                                                             Fall/Winter 2008           the INDICATOR                                                   19
     FA C U LT Y

     Lessons Learned: For Four Decades, Marketing Professor
     Irene Lange Has Shaped a Generation of Business Leaders
                                                          “I guess I do a good enough job of taking         involvement with the International
                                                          care of the students and faculty that they’ve     Marketing Association of Orange County,
                                                          wanted me to stay on,” says Lange, with           where she has served in positions that
                                                          typical modesty, as she definitely does much      include program director, executive director
                                                          more than “good enough.” Lange’s passion          and president.There she is also able to
                                                          lies in the study and teaching of international   interact with innovative business people
                                                          marketing and her “taking care” of students       who can then provide new practices for use
                                                          and faculty has involved helping grow the         in her classes, serve as guest speakers and
                                                          Center for International Business, which          provide internships and career opportunities
                                                          involves raising funds that help stimulate new    for her students.This is something Lange
                                                          research and conferences and creates              wants to continue in the years to come,
                                                          opportunities for international travel for both   through building The Sales Leadership
                                                          students and faculty, all things she’s been       Center, adding more programs to the
                                                          recognized for over the last four decades.        Center for International Business, and
                                                                                                            possibly down the line, getting involved
                                                          Many former students come back and tell           more in service-learning and social
                                                          Lange about something she said in a class         entrepreneurship projects.
                                                          that they’ve since applied in their business
                                                          lives.“They remember things that I don’t          Lange’s passion for education is one of
                                                          even remember,” laughs Lange, who notes           the reasons she chose to make a
                                                          that while demographically the students           significant gift to Mihaylo Hall. “In one
                                                          may have changed, many are still the first        sense, I believe in education and like to
                                                          in their families to go to college.               contribute as much as I can,” says Lange.
                                                                                                            She has a more personal reason as well:
                                                          Lange’s tenure at Cal State Fullerton
                                                          began as assistant professor of marketing
                                                          in 1965, and she has seen the college
                                                          grow from a brand-new department at a               Many former students
                                                          young state college into a world-class
                                                          business school.The most obvious change
                                                                                                              come back and tell
                                                          is in the size of the school itself. “There         Lange about something
                                                          were a couple thousand students when I

      Irene Lange is passionate about international
                                                          was first here, and now there are 36,000,”          she said in a class that
                                                          she says. She points out that with the
      marketing, her faculty, and having a lasting
      impact on Mihaylo College students.
                                                          growth of the campus, support systems               they’ve since applied in
                                                          have been consistently implemented to take
                                                          care of the students.And, once heavy on             their business lives.

            ong after they’ve received their              theory, the college’s business education now
            diplomas and are years into their             employs a more applied approach.“I try to
            careers, the former students of Irene         relate to students and make sure that it’s        “Over time, this new building will be
     Lange, professor of marketing, can still             relevant to them and contributes to their         important to the future and I want to be
     quote the lessons learned in her classroom.          current job or career preparation,” she adds.     a part of it.” In recognition of her gift, a
     As chair of the marketing and business                                                                 faculty office in the Department of
     communication department at Mihaylo                  Although serving as department chair,
                                                                                                            Marketing will be named in her honor.
     College of Business and Economics since              Lange makes sure to stay connected with
                                                                                                            Additionally, her name will be displayed
     1975, Lange’s also an administrator who              her students by continuing to teach an
                                                                                                            on the Honor Wall of Donors in the
     consistently and purposefully takes care of          international marketing class, and stays at
                                                                                                            Woods Grand Foyer.
     her faculty.                                         the forefront of the field through her

20      the INDICATOR                  Fall/Winter 2008
                                                                                                                 FA C U LT Y

Highest Honor: ISDS Professor
Receives the CSU Wang Award
Zvi Drezner, professor of information systems and decision             A member of the faculty since 1985,
sciences, is a recipient of the prestigious California State           Drezner’s research, methods and models
University Wang Family Excellence Award. Drezner, renown               have been recognized by peers
for his teaching and research, was selected from universities          throughout the world. He was honored
throughout the 23-campus CSU system and will receive a cash            in 2005 with the Lifetime Achievement Zvi Drezner is recognized
award of $20,000.                                                      in Location Analysis Award from the      with the CSU's highest
                                                                       Institute for Operations Research and honor for faculty.
“I’m overwhelmed,” said Drezner, who added that he was                 the Management Sciences, and received
elated to be so honored. He thanked the “Wang family and the           Cal State Fullerton’s Outstanding Professor Award in 2006.
California State University for their generous support.”

With Energy to Burn: Professor Robert Michaels
Embraces a High-voltage Industry
Robert Michaels is an expert on the electricity and natural gas        are changing, because environmental
industries, and he laughs a bit when he says he can’t believe his      issues are changing,” says Michaels. He has
good luck – to be immersed in one of the most important                published numerous articles, and some of
industrial transformations in history.“The natural gas industry        his pieces spark debate within the field – a
is bigger than the airline, broadcasting and fast-food industries      dialogue that he eagerly embraces. He’s
put together, and electricity is three times the size of natural       testified before a subcommittee in the          Robert Michaels is a
gas,” says Michaels.“And here I am on the edge, and it’s               U.S. House of Representatives, repeatedly       professor of economics
moving forward.”                                                       presents at national and international          and expert in the
                                                                       conferences, is a correspondent on energy       energy industry.
Michaels is a professor of economics at Mihaylo College of             issues for National Public Radio and writes
Business and Economics, and he is the first recipient of the           a bi-weekly, industry-related column.
Daniel P. Hann Distinguished Faculty Fellowship, which was
created by Daniel P. Hann ’77 to further academic research in          “Electricity is going from monopoly to competition, from an
the area of economics and law (see related story page 30).             environmental problem to a whole new mix of power sources
                                                                       and new polices,” he says. “You couldn’t want anything more
“[The electricity and natural gas industries] are being changed        than that in a research career.”
dramatically because technologies are changing, because markets

Teaching Outside the Classroom: Mihaylo College
Executive Council Honors Chiranjeev Kohli
Emphasizing a balance between the classroom and the business           A professor of marketing at Cal State
world, Chiranjeev Kohli gives students the opportunity to              Fullerton for 17 years, Kohli’s research
collaborate with businesses in the region. His “students as            focuses on the creation, measurement and
consultants” and sponsored-projects programs impressed the             management of corporate and brand
members of the Mihaylo College Executive Council, and they             identity, and because of his dedication to
                                                                                                                  Chiranjeev Kohli chosen for the
honored Kohli with their 2008 Outstanding Faculty Award for            this field, he also received the college’s Outstanding Faculty Award by
the second time in nine years.                                         2008 Scholar Award a year ago. As an       the college’s Executive Council.
“We look at the way teachers interact with students and the business   instructor, he has developed what he calls
community,” says Gary Crouch, audit partner for Link, Murrel &         a “quality control” learning environment. The Executive
Company CPA firm and chair of the council’s award selection            Council is an advisory group made up of executives in the
committee.“[Professor Kohli] is very high-energy and active with       region who work to increase Mihaylo College's visibility in the
students, and he has phenomenal credentials as a researcher.”          business community.
                                                                                                   Fall/Winter 2008         the INDICATOR            21
     FA C U LT Y

     KEEPING UP WITH                     Faculty
                                                      In addition, a second                             Faculty Award. Barry Pasternack, professor
         Department of Accounting
                                                      paper Lacour-Little co-                           of ISDS and chair of the ISDS department,
     Robert Miller,professor of accounting,is the     authored,“Determinants                            had his article,“Optimal Pricing and Return
     recipient of the Ernst &Y  oung Excellence in    of Home Equity                                    Policies for Perishable Commodities,”
     T eaching Award.Fatima                           Extraction by                                     republished in the journal Marketing Science,
     Alali, professor of                              Homeowners: 2000-                                 Vol. 27, No. 1, January-February 2008.
     accounting, attended                             2006,” won the prize for
     PricewaterhouseCoopers                           best paper from the                                  Department of Management
     University for Faculty, a                        American Real Estate
                                                                                    Lacour-Little       Dmitry Khanin, professor of
     training program for                             Society Foundation
     professors, deans and                            (ARES).                                           management, presented “Between Proteus
     department chairs similar to                                                                       and Prometheus, Between Apollo and
                                     Fatima Alali         Department of Information                     Athena: Devising an
     the PwC Partners
     Training program.                                           Systems and                            Appropriate Flexibility
                                                           Decision Sciences (ISDS)                     Strategy” at the April
     Mo Sharifi,professor of accounting and faculty                                                     2008 Atlanta
     advisor to BetaAlpha Psi                         Joseph Sherif, professor of operations            Competitive Advantage
     (BAP) honor society for                          research and MIS; Michael Newby,                  Conference.The same
     financial information students                   professor of MIS; and ThuyUyen                    month, Khanin delivered
     and professionals, was                           Nguyen ’05, lecturer                              “Family Business
     honored by the                                   in ISDS, are the                                  Survival: Member           Dmitry Khanin
     international organization                       recipients of the                                 Intention to Continue
     as one of six                                    Emerald Literati                                  Business”at the Babson College
     Outstanding Faculty                              Network 2008 Award                                Entrepreneurship Research Conference at the
     Advisors among the               Mo Sharifi      of Excellence for their                           University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill.
     275 chapters.                                    paper entitled
                                                      “Strategies for                                              Department of
         Department of Economics                      successful CRM           Joseph Sherif,ThuyUyen
                                                                                   Nguyen ’05, and                Marketing/Business
                           Morteza                    implementation,”                                             Communication
                                                      published in                  Michael Newby
                           Rahmatian professor
                           of resource and            Information Management &                            Katrin Harich, professor of marketing,
                           environmental              Computer Security, Vol. 15,                         was honored by the
                           economics,has been         No. 2, 2007. Ofir Turel,                            Marketing Educators’
                           named the acting chair     associate professor of ISDS,                        Association (MEA) for
                           of the economics           is the recipient of the                             Outstanding
                           department.                Mihaylo College Spring                              Scholarship; the paper
          Morteza                                     Scholar Award for his                               she co-authored was
         Rahmatian                                    article,“In Justice We                              selected as Conference
                                                      Trust: Predicting User           Ofir Turel                        ear
                                                                                                          Paper of theY by the
           Department of Finance                                                                                                      Katrin Harich
                                                      Acceptance of E-                                    MEA. Harich is also
                                                      Customer Services,”                                 the recipient of Mihaylo College’s
     Michael Lacour-Little presented the              published in the Journal                            Instructional Innovation Award for a
     paper,“Alternative Mortgage Products             of Management Information                           student-consulting project that teamed
     and Housing Consumption,” at the                 Systems. Nimer                                      students from the college, Germany and
     midyear meeting of the American Real             Alrushiedat, lecturer in                            Finland with a German bank. Daryle
     Estate and Urban Economics Association           ISDS, is a recipient of                             Nagano-Krier, lecturer in business
     in Washington, D.C.The paper was co-             Mihaylo College’s                                   communication, is a recipient of the
     authored by finance professor Jing Yang.                                       Barry Pasternack
                                                      Outstanding Part-time                               Outstanding Part-time Faculty Award.

22       the INDICATOR             Fall/Winter 2008


                                                    The MBA program in the
                                           Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
                                             will give you the competitive advantage
                                                  necessary to be a strong leader
                                           in today’s dynamic market-driven economy.

            PROGRAMS OFFERED:                                          WE OFFER:
• Master’s of Business Administration            • Flexible full- and part-time programs at the Fullerton
                                                   and Irvine campuses
• MS in Information Systems, MS in Accountancy
  and MS in Taxation                             • Financial aid through Michael A. Reagan Graduate
• MA in Economics                                  Scholarships

• Online MS in Information Technology            • A faculty of veteran professionals and industry experts
                                                   who come from diverse backgrounds

                                                 For more information, visit or
                                                      call 714-278-3622 for a personal consultation

                                                                         Fall/Winter 2008     the INDICATOR     23
     FA C U LT Y

WELCOMING NEW                       Faculty                      MEMBERS

      MIHAYLO COLLEGE IS                              information systems from Rutgers             research areas of
                                                      University in New Jersey.                    interest include
     PLEASED TO WELCOME                                                                            investments, asset
     THE FOLLOWING NEW                                                   I                         pricing and
                                                          Department of Economics                  behavioral
       FACULTY MEMBERS:                                                                            finance. He
                                                      Larry Howard joins the college as            earned his Ph.D.
                                                      an assistant professor of economics. His     in finance from
                           I                          research interests are in public economics   Virginia Tech.             Ajay Bhootra
         Department of Accounting                     with a specific focus on applied
                                                      microeconomic analysis of issues relating                         I
     Jose Miranda-Lopez joins the college as                                   to health,             Department of Information
     an associate professor of accounting.                                     education and        Systems and Decision Sciences
     Previously, he was an assistant professor and                             welfare. He
                             director of the                                   earned his Ph.D.    Daniel Soper joins the college as an
                             finance                                           and M.A. in         assistant professor of information systems.
                             undergraduate                                     economics at the    His research interests include inter-
                             program at                                        University of       organizational knowledge-sharing security,
                             Tecnologico de                                    Houston.                                       decision support
                             Monterrey, Campus                                                                                systems, and
                             Guadalajara, Mexico.                                                                             automatedWeb
                             His research interests    Larry Howard                                                           intelligence
                             are in financial                                                                                 systems. He earned
                             accounting,              Sherif Khalifa joins the college as an                                  his Ph.D. in
 Jose Miranda-Lopez          international            assistant professor of economics. He                                    information
     accounting, investment decision analysis                                  was previously a                               systems at Arizona
     and financial statement analysis. He received                             lecturer in                                    State University.
     his Ph.D. in business administration                                      economics in            Daniel Soper
     (accounting) fromTexasTech University.                                    Mihaylo College.
                                                                               His areas of                             I
      Wei Jiang also joins the college as an
      associate professor of accounting. He                                    research include       Department of Management
      comes to the college from The State                                      development
                                                                               economics,          Lori Muse joins the college as an
      University of New York at Old
                                                                               macroeconomics      associate professor of management.After
      Westbury where he was an assistant
                                                                               and labor           practicing as a CPA with Arthur
                           professor. His                Sherif Khalifi
                                                                               economics. He                               Andersen and
                           research interests
                                                                               earned his Ph.D.                            Co., she earned
                           include financial
                                                      and M.A. in economics at The Johns                                   her Ph.D. in
                           reporting, corporate
                                                      Hopkins University in Baltimore.                                     human resource
                           governance, auditing
                                                                                                                           management and
                           and accounting
                                                                         I                                                 organizational
                           information systems.
                                                           Department of Finance                                           analysis and
                           He received his
                                                                                                                           change from
                           Ph.D. and MBA in
        Wei Jiang           accounting and            Ajay Bhootra joins Mihaylo College as
                                                      an assistant professor of finance. His            Lori Muse          Most recently,

24    the INDICATOR             Fall/Winter 2008
                                                                     ACADEMIC PROGRAMS

                                                 Entertainment and Tourism
                                                 A REVISED BUSINESS
                                                 ADMINISTRATION CONCENTRATION
she taught human resource management at
Western Michigan University. Her research        AT MIHAYLO COLLEGE
interests include employee/employer
relations, work-family conflict and              This fall, Mihaylo College debuts a revised business
work-life benefits.                              administration concentration for undergraduates in
                                                 entertainment and tourism management – a burgeoning                Mihaylo College now offers a
Wayne Jones joins the college as an                                                                                 unique undergraduate program on
                                                 industry in need of a business-savvy workforce.
assistant professor of management and                                                                               the business of entertainment
director for International Programs with         “Mihaylo College is the largest business school west of the        and tourism.
                            the Center for       Mississippi,” says Harold Fraser, a lecturer in the management department at Mihaylo
                            Entrepreneurship.    College and a former senior vice president at Paramount Pictures.“If you look at that
                            Previously, he was   and you look at the entertainment industry, which is approximately 10 percent of the
                            an assistant
                                                 Southern California business environment, then it says that we have an opportunity and
                            professor of
                                                 obligation to the community to make sure the students interested in that particular
                                                 industry are prepared.”
                            at Roosevelt
                            University. His      Doing business in the entertainment and tourism management arenas is different than
                            research interests   other businesses, adds Fraser.“There are questions like how does that DVD get into
                            include              Wal-Mart? How does that film get up on the screen at your local cinema? How is it
      Wayne Jones
                            entrepreneurial      that you can get movies on your iPhone? There are a lot of things, for example, in the
strategies in transitional economies,            accounting world of the motion picture business that differ from the typical accounting
organizational learning and knowledge
                                                 methods … the whole marketing program around a film, the new release, the way
management, international new ventures,
                                                 revenue is accounted – it’s all very different in this industry.”
cross-cultural decision-making and
cognitive mapping and information                Fraser and accounting department lecturer Kim Tarantino, a CPA, have explored
technology strategy. He earned his Ph.D.         programs at other universities, and “we haven’t found another one like it in the
in international organization and strategy       undergrad arena anywhere,” says Fraser.“This program is unique.That’s not to say that
from the University of Hawaii.                   people who work in entertainment can’t have a broad-based business background, but
                                                 we’ve really tailored the program to this industry.
                      I                          “It is an industry that is trying to feed people’s emotions, but at the end of the day,
      Department of Marketing                    there is a lot of business that goes behind it. It is the wheels that bring the product
                                                 or service to people, and that is what we are about.”
Ray Benedicktus joins joins Mihaylo
College as
an assistant                                      NEW JOINT EMPHASIS IN ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE
professor of
marketing. His                                   Designed in response to the need that accounting firms have for students who understand
research                                         both accounting and finance, Mihaylo College has launched a joint emphasis – or major – in
interests                                        the study of both disciplines. “It gives the student a strong background in both areas and
include services                                 makes him or her more attractive to a number of employers who need employees with this
                                                 dual expertise,” says John Erickson, chair of Mihaylo College’s Department of Finance. “It is
marketing and
                                                 particularly beneficial to finance students who want jobs in corporate finance or in security
consumer trust.
                      Ray Benedicktus            analysis and investment banking since it opens up these opportunities when a simple finance
He earned his                                    degree would probably not.” Having debuted this fall, the new major comprises 30 units,
Ph.D. in marketing from Florida                  which is more than either the accounting or finance major requires, but less than necessary
State University.                                for a double major in accounting and finance.

                                                                                                    Fall/Winter 2008         the INDICATOR            25

                                                                                                               Rachel O'Banion '08 is
                                                                                                               recognized by the college's
                                                                                                               Executive Council for her
                                                                                                               drive and her academic and
                                                                                                               public service accomplishments.
                                                                                                               Pictured are Greg Arbues,
                                                                                                               president of the Executive
                                                                                                               Council, Dean Anil Puri,
                                                                                                               Rachel O'Banion, and
                                                                                                               Associate Dean Mark Stohs.

            lacing herself in the city that she calls the “center for   Executive Council’s Outstanding Student Award last spring.
            people and multinational companies from all over the        “Rachel had her career plans the most thoroughly mapped
            world,” Rachel O’Banion is currently working on her         and had already established an impressive groundwork of
     master’s in finance at the University of Amsterdam in the          achievement in reaching her goal,” says Jan Mittermeier,
     Netherlands.                                                       senior vice president with Cofiroute USA in Anaheim and
                                                                        first vice president of the Executive Council.“It was apparent
     “I have studied abroad twice before, and I learned such a          to the committee that Rachel’s determination and focus
     great amount about the world and myself during these               would get her where she wanted to go. Although Rachel
     experiences. I knew that going abroad for both graduate            worked, as did all of the candidates [who were considered for
     school and for my career was the next step for me to reach         the award], she had also demonstrated a willingness and ability
     my goal of working in the field of international finance,” says    to dedicate a significant amount of time to helping others
     O’Banion. She graduated from Mihaylo College last May              through volunteer efforts.”
     with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a
     concentration in corporate/international finance.                  After graduate school, O’Banion plans to build a career in
                                                                        international finance.“The field of international finance is
     As a student, she participated in the Business in Europe Study     really appealing to me not only due to its complexity and the
     Tour in 2005.“[This] completely changed my life and steered        constantly changing environment but also to the excitement
     me onto the international business track,” she says.“When I        of working in such a competitive environment,” she adds.“Cal
     studied in Finland in 2007, it further convinced me that           State Fullerton put me on an ideal track toward a career that I
     working internationally was what I am meant to do. If I could      am passionate about and brings out my best qualities.”
     give one word of advice to anyone, it would be to study
     abroad and see the world.”                                         In addition to O’Banion, the Executive Council recognized
                                                                        semifinalists Heather Perkins ’08 and Ahn Tran ’08, ’10 for
     In recognition of her considerable academic and public             their achievements.
     service accomplishments, O’Banion was honored with the
                                                  BETA ALPHA PSI DOES IT AGAIN!
     The Mihaylo College chapter of the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)            BAP members are selected from accounting
     Accounting Honor Society has been recognized for the sixth         majors with a GPA of 3.5 and are required to
     consecutive year as a Superior Chapter, the highest level of       perform 35 hours of professional and
     recognition for the society. Accomplishing Superior status         community service activities before they are
     brings with it student scholarship funds provided by KPMG.         initiated into the chapter.
26      the INDICATOR          Fall/Winter 2008
                                                             STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS

Julia Patricia Torre ‘08:
As a young girl growing up in Mexico, Julia PatriciaTorre dreamed           The jobs she worked didn’t pay
of becoming a businesswoman. She would set up a “shop” in front of          the rent,and she knew she needed
her house and sell candy, gum and drinks to her friends and                 to complete her education if she
neighbors.                                                                  wanted to get out of the cycle of
                                                                            one dead-end job after another.
Y later, she completed a bachelor’s degree in international                   orre
                                                                            T began applying for
business from Mihaylo College, receiving numerous honors and                scholarships ...and getting them.
scholarships along the way, including the university’s International        With the help of Project Self-
Understanding Award in May, and she began work on her MBA at                Sufficiency in Huntington Beach,
Cal State Fullerton this fall. But,Torre’s journey from Mexico City to      she moved with her daughters
Mihaylo College was a long and tough road.                                  into a student apartment.
WhileTorre was living in Mexico City, she met an American                   And in the fall of 2005, she
businessman who would eventually bring her to the United States             began classes at Cal State Fullerton. Julia Patricia Torre ’08 sets an example
and become her husband and the father of their two daughters.“My            “The faculty was so helpful,” she for her daughters.
husband was in sales, so we would move as he was promoted,” she             says.“They motivated me, listened to me, offered advice, helped me
says.“It was a very isolating time for me because I missed my family        apply for scholarships and were great teachers.Their support meant
in Mexico, and I had problems with English. In Mexico City, I had           the world to me.”
been working and going to college. Now, I was following my
husband.”                                                                   Torre concentrated both on her studies and on networking and was
                                                                            involved in the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International
Torre’s marriage disintegrated, and her husband was abusive and             Scholars, the Golden Key International Honor Society, the Latino
traveled frequently.                                                        Business Student Association and the Finance Association. During an
While living in Huntington Beach, her husband went on another               internship with the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, she
business trip, and she took her daughters and moved intoThe                 helped organize a business leaders’ trip to China and was able to
Sheepfold, a shelter for women and children.                                accompany the group.

“The Sheepfold had rules for its residents,and one of the rules was         At commencement last May, her daughters – ages 7 and 9 – cheered
you had to get a job,” she says.“I didn’t have a degree or speak English,   her on.“I want them to be educated women, and I want to set an
but every morning,I would get on the bus and go looking for work.”          example,” she says.“Don’t wait for ‘Prince Charming.’ Go and make
                                                                            your own life. I want them to be proud of me.”

As a student leader and top scholar, Deanne Huang readily admits            of my capabilities.”
that she is continually seeking knowledge – whether to further her
academic achievements or to successfully develop a creative                 Huang’s career goal is to become
communications company with her sister.                                     a chief financial officer, and she
                                                                            earned a bachelor’s degree in
“I always knew college was in my future,” says the La Mirada                business administration with
resident, who graduated summa cum laude in May and was one of               concentrations in accounting and
four Cal State Fullerton students to receive a prestigious President’s      finance. She plans to pursue a
Associates Award.                                                           master’s degree in accounting,
                                                                            and adds:“Since I obviously
“Most people don’t know this, but I was diagnosed with scoliosis in         cannot pursue a physical job,
high school, limiting my occupational options,” says Huang, who also        college was the obvious route to
received the Dean’s Advisory Board Outstanding Honors Student               go in order to push my mental              Overcoming physical challenges, Deanne
Award.“I think I’ve tried harder since then, trying to push the limits      skills.”                                   Huang ’08 graduates summa cum laude.

                                                                                                          Fall/Winter 2008           the INDICATOR              27

     Mihaylo College’s 14 Centers of Excellence address issues and needs in the community, provide an
     array of services to business and government sectors, and provide academic and practical learning
     environments for our students. These centers are supported by research grants and private donations.

     CENTER FOR CORPORATE REPORTING                                               Mihaylo College students.A
                                                                                  forthcoming proposal includes
            AND GOVERNANCE                                                        short-term faculty exchanges
                       Center Joins a Select List of Schools                      for teaching and research
                          with Prestigious Designation                            collaboration, furthering the
                                                                                  college’s commitment to
                                                                                   global perspectives in
                                                                                  business education.A three-
                                                                                  week summer course would
     The Center for Corporate Reporting and Governance is now                     take students to universities in
     accredited by RiskMetrics/ISS as an Accredited Corporate Director            China for a combination of
     Education Program.The center joins a list of select schools and programs     seminars and lectures, field trips
     that have earned this prestigious designation.Corporate directors of         to corporations, and cultural        At Shanghai University of Finance and
     public companies participate in educational conferences like the center’s    learning via sightseeing and         Economics, CIB directors Bruce Xiao and
     highly regarded annual SEC Conference.“Having a well-educated                participation in cultural events     Katrin Harich met with university officials to
     board of directors increases the quality of oversight and financial          and programs.
                                                                                                                       plan faculty and student exchanges.
     reporting,reduces litigation,and lowers the [the corporation’s] cost of
     capital.It also helps their stock price,” says center directorVivek Mande.   For more information, please contact Katrin Harich at 714-278-4674,
                                                                        , or visit
     The center’s 7th Annual SEC Conference was held on September 19 at
     the Irvine Marriot.More than 350 directors of corporate boards,auditors,
     and accounting,finance and legal professionals from Southern California
                                                                                          THE FORUM FOR ADVANCED
     were in attendance.Updates from the SEC,FASB and PCAOB as well as                  SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES (FAST)
     changes in US GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley were presented by speakers
                                                                                  The Forum for Advanced Security
     including Craig Olinger,SEC;Greg Fletcher,PCAOB;George Curtis,
                                                                                  Technologies (FAST) was established
     SEC;and RobertWilkins,FASB.In the planning stage is a conference to
                                                                                  to research and develop computer
     be held in Shanghai,China,in spring 2009.
                                                                                  technologies and associated processes to
     For more information, please contact Vivek Mande at                          enhance the security of the United States.
     714-278-7659,, or visit                                 This includes software applications to                                          automate homeland security as well as the
                                                                                  development of processes associated with
                                                                                  implementing secured software and
              CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL                                                                                           FAST Director Rahul
                                                                                  computer infrastructure. Clients of this       Bhaskar
                      BUSINESS                                                    Mihaylo College Center of Excellence are
                         Faculty Exchanges and                                    both public and private and are part of the economic
                  New Summer Study Programs in the Works                          infrastructure, first responders and industries such as
                                                                                  biotechnology and medical services. “Cyber security and
                                                                                  technologies developed by the FAST Center will help
                                                                                  Wisconsin law enforcement agencies respond to any cyber
                                                                                  threat to our infrastructure,” says Special Agent Smith,
                                                                                  Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation. Current projects
                                                                                  of FAST involve securing the patient information database
     Center for International Business Director Katrin Harich and Associate
                                                                                  of one of the largest health care providers in California and
     Director Bruce Xiao spent the summer months traveling to northeast
                                                                                  similarly, securing the customer and products database of a
     China where they met with university representatives and corporate
                                                                                  Southern California biotechnology firm.
     executives in Beijing,Tianjin, Shanghai and Xian.They discussed
     student and faculty exchanges and a summer study program for                 For more information, please contact Rahul Bhaskar at 714-278-3328,
                                                                        , or visit

28       the INDICATOR                 Fall/Winter 2008
                            REAL ESTATE AND                                                                         JOIN THE
                           LAND USE INSTITUTE
    Real Estate Program Receives Funding for Training and Scholarships                                  BUSINESS TITANS!
                                                                                                       All Mihaylo College of Business and
The Real Estate and Land Use Institute (RELUI) at Mihaylo College
recently received funding from the Real Estate Education Fund (REEF)
                                                                                                       Economics alumni are invited to join the
to provide faculty training on ARGUS software.The software system,                                     brand new Business Titans Alumni
donated to the college by ARGUS Software Inc. earlier this year, is a                                  Chapter, the business chapter within Cal
widely used application for analyzing real estate investment and financing                             State Fullerton’s Alumni Association
decisions. “ARGUS is the gold standard in terms of real estate investment                              chapter program. More than 265 business
property analysis. Many investment properties are marketed today not with                              alumni have already joined the Business
an old-fashioned paper prospectus, but with an electronic ARGUS file.                                  Titans, making it the largest alumni
Thanks to this program, students at Cal                                                                chapter at Cal State Fullerton! Becoming
State Fullerton will have the opportunity                                                              a member of this alumni group will offer
to become ARGUS-certified, providing                                                                   opportunities for networking with fellow
them with a competitive advantage in                                                                   alumni and allow alumni to reconnect to
the job market,” say Michael LaCour-                                                                   their alma mater. Membership in the
Little, co-director of the institute. In                                                               Alumni Association offers many benefits,
addition, REEF donated $22,500 in                                                                      including access to all 23 CSU libraries;
scholarship funds to support students                                                                  three complimentary, one-day parking
studying real estate. “Our real estate                                                                 passes to Cal State Fullerton; alumni
program is the number one recipient                                                                    newsletters; and invitations to special
of real estate scholarship funding in the                                                              alumni events.Visit the Business Titans
Cal State system,” states co-director of                                                               Alumni Chapter Web site to learn more
the institute, Don Valachi.               ARGUS Software donated real estate
                                                      investment analysis software to RELUI.
                                                                                                       about this chapter and to sign up online
For more information, please contact Michael LaCour-                                                   at
Little at 714-278-4014,, or visit

                                                                                                                 CALLING ALL
                                                                                                         MBA ALUMNI …
            Insurance Studies Looks to Expand to an MBA Concentration

       The Insurance Education program at Mihaylo College, directed                                    Mihaylo College’s MBA Alumni recently
        through the Center for Insurance Studies, continues to grow and                                enjoyed a networking mixer with the
        expand. “The need for talent with insurance and risk                                           college’s Executive Council, a group of
        management background continues to grow,” says center                                          more than 65 business executives that
        director Weili Lu.To meet that demand, the center is in                                        serve the college in several capacities. If
      the process of developing a new concentration at the MBA                                         you are interested in attending
  level in Risk Management and Insurance. “The industry                                                networking gatherings and other similar
leaders on our advisory board work closely with us; we are                                               activities, please consider joining
responsive to the marketplace and its needs,” adds Lu.The center                                         Mihaylo College’s new MBA Alumni
recently collaborated with the college’s marketing department to                                        Chapter of Cal State Fullerton’s Alumni
offer two symposia and a course in insurance marketing and                                              Association.To learn the details on
entrepreneurship. Student course enrollment and industry-sponsored                                      becoming a founding member of this
scholarships reached a record high during the 2007-08 academic                                         dynamic group, please call Ginny Pace at
year.“We foresee growth in enrollment and financial support based
                                                                                                              714-278-2566 or e-mail
on the quality and reputation of the Mihaylo College insurance
studies program,” says Lu.
For more information, please contact Weili Lu at 714-278-3679, or visit

                                                                                                        Fall/Winter 2008      the INDICATOR          29

     Character Forged by Adversity:
                                                                                       the first in his family to attend college.

                                                                                       He began his 35-year UPS career as a sorter and unloader
                                                                                       while attending Cal State Fullerton. In 1970, Moderow began
                                                                                       a six-year stint in the Army National Guard while attending
                                                                                       law school at night. He was promoted to a supervisor at UPS
                                                                                       and continued to succeed within the company and eventually
                                                                                       served as a member of the UPS board of directors from 1988
                                                                                       to 2004.

                                                                                       Moderow and his wife, Karen, assist young people through
                                                                                       education, training and health initiatives. Among the many
                                                                                       organizations he generously serves, Moderow is a member
                                                                                       of the Campaign Cabinet for Mihaylo College.“Joe has
     Joseph R. Moderow ’70, member of Mihaylo College’s Campaign Cabinet, is           been an extraordinary, giving alumnus,” adds Puri,“willing
     pictured with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after receiving the Horatio
     Alger Award.
                                                                                       to volunteer his time and his expertise in support of the
                                                                                       college and the university.”

          oining an elite group of national and international
          community leaders, Joseph R. Moderow ’70 was
          recently inducted as a lifetime member of the                                Economics and Law:
     Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans                              DANIEL P. HANN ‘77 ESTABLISHES HANN
     during ceremonies in Washington, D.C.                                             DISTINGUISHED FACULTY FELLOWSHIP

     The honor is bestowed upon individuals who have overcome                          “The interrelationship between the two disciplines of law and
     adversity to achieve great successes through the American free                    economics is very important for making sure that as we pass
     enterprise system.                                                                and change laws that they make good business or economic
                                                                                       sense,” says Daniel P. Hann, who graduated from Cal State
     “I’ve known Joe for five years since he joined the Dean’s                         Fullerton in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and
     Advisory Board,” says Anil Puri, dean of Mihaylo College of                       went on to earn a master’s in economics and a law degree.
     Business and Economics.“Joe has overcome unusual hardships                        “You want to make sure that good public policy is also good,
     in his life to reach the pinnacle of success, serving as chief                    sound business policy.”
     counsel and board member of UPS.”
                                                                                       With this notion, Hann has turned to
     “My path seems to have been not only unusually challenged,                        his alma mater in order to encourage
     but also incredibly blessed,” said Moderow in response to the                     continued research in the area of law
     award.“If there’s one thing that all I’ve been through has                        and economics and recently established
     taught me, it is that a person’s life cannot be defined in terms                  the Daniel P. Hann Distinguished Faculty
     of accomplishments, but by the character forged by both the                       Fellowship.“I had a remarkable
     blessings and adversity of living.”                                               experience during my four years
     Moderow was born in Kenosha,Wis., in 1948. On his first                           at Cal State Fullerton, and
     birthday, he was stricken with polio, but recovered with few                      every class I had in the school
     side effects. During his childhood, Moderow’s father created                      of business was taught by a
     constant tension in the home, telling his son he would never                      dedicated professor.
     amount to anything.When Moderow was 16, his father
     stopped speaking to him, a situation that continued for the                       The experience really
                                                                                                                    Daniel P Hann ’77 wants to ensure that
     remainder of his father’s life. In spite of it all, and with a                    shaped what I did after      students have the same opportunities he had
     determination to amount to something, Moderow became                              I graduated.”                while at Cal State Fullerton.

30       the INDICATOR                 Fall/Winter 2008

                                                                                                 ALUMNI UPDATES
“Dan has always remembered his education here at Cal State
Fullerton, and he wanted to support this field of research,          Shirley (Diamond) Frazier ‘65 (business            to joining Sheppard Mullin, Mercer was with
which has become very important,” says Robert Michaels,              administration) retired in July as director        Duane Morris LLP in San Diego.
professor of economics in the Mihaylo College of Business            of budget and finance after 33 years of
                                                                     service with the C.I.F. Southern Section.          Joanna Keating-Velasco ‘87 (management)
and Economics, who is the first recipient of the fellowship.                                                            has released her second book, In His Shoes –
                                                                     The C.I.F. Southern Section manages
More than 30 years ago, says Hann,“I had a couple of classes         high school athletics for 570 Southern             A Short Journey Through Autism. Keating-
                                                                     California high schools.                           Velasco has been with the Placentia Yorba
with Professor Michaels, and I’m very pleased he is the first to
                                                                                                                        Linda Unified School District for the last eight
receive this fellowship. He’s one of those professors with an        Lawrence Goswiller ‘75 (finance) was               years.
infectious enthusiasm for the discipline he teaches.”                appointed senior vice president, Acquisition
                                                                     Due Diligence at CORE Realty Holdings              Randall Baumberger ‘92 (MBA) has been
Hann is currently an executive consultant for business               LLC in Newport Beach.                              named president of Paramount Pictures’
development and strategic planning at Biomet Inc., a medical                                                            studio group. Previously, he was the president
device manufacturer primarily focused on orthopedic implants         Nancy Russell ‘80 (management) was named           and COO of the Colorado-based consumer
in Warsaw, Ind.                                                      FinancialServicesChampionoftheYearbythe            electronics retail chain, Ultimate Electronics.
                                                                     Santa Ana District Office of the U.S. Small
Following his undergraduate years, Hann earned an M.S. in            BusinessAdministration,whichservesOrange,          Timothy Wennes ‘96 (MBA-international
economics from the University of Illinois, taught economics at       RiversideandSanBernardinocounties.Russell          business) joins Union Bank of California as a
Franklin College in Indiana and Indiana State University, and        is the vice president and regional sales           senior executive vice president and head of
                                                                     manager at Comerica Bank in Costa Mesa.            RetailBanking.Previously,hewasthepresident
went on to earn a law degree from Indiana University School
                                                                                                                        and COO of Countrywide Bank, FSB.
of Law. His practice focused on corporate law, intellectual          Steve Jennings ‘84 (finance) has joined Salt
property and commercial litigation, and he joined Biomet as          Creek Grille of Laguna Niguel as chief financial   Deep Patel ‘06 (entrepreneurship) started
its first general counsel in 1989. By 2006, Hann was serving as      officer. He was previously the chief financial     Gogreensolar, an online directory firm that
the company’s interim president and CEO, and helped guide            officer of Ruby’s Diner.                           helps consumers find renewable energy
the sale of the Nasdaq company in an $11.4 billion private                                                              providers and financiers.
equity transaction.                                                  James Mercer III ‘86 (MBA-finance) recently
                                                                     joined the San Diego/Del Mar office of             Nicholas Arciniaga ‘07 (accounting) finished
                                                                     Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP as a       first among American entrants for the 112th
“I want to make sure that other students coming up through
                                                                     partner in the firm’s corporate practice group.    Boston Marathon and finished 10th overall.
the ranks have all the opportunities I had,” says Hann.“The                                                             Arciniaga finished 17th at the U.S. Olympic
best way to ensure that is to maintain a top-flight faculty, and     Mercer practices in the area of corporate law,
                                                                     representing emerging growth companies in          Trials in New York, which qualified him for the
certainly anything that myself and others can do to support                                                             Boston Marathon.
                                                                     securities and mergers and acquisitions. Prior
faculty advancement is worthwhile.”

Mihaylo College Visits the Windy City
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics traveled to Chicago, Ill.,
in March 2008 for an alumni reception, hosted by alumnus Kim G.
Redding ’80, CEO of Brookfield Redding LLP. Cal State Fullerton
President Milton A. Gordon and Mihaylo College Dean Anil Puri
joined an enthusiastic group of alumni living and working in the
Chicago area. Discussed were the different career paths of those in
attendance and how their Cal State Fullerton experience was a driver
in their climb to success in their professions. Host Redding discussed
the global real estate environment and Dean Puri talked about trends
and factors affecting the economy. For future Mihaylo College alumni
events, visit In the planning stage is
                                                                               At the Chicago alumni reception, Kim Redding ’80, John Webber ’98,
a new alumni chapter for Chicago area alumni.                                  and Kate Kaufman ’91.
                                                                                                            Fall/Winter 2008                  the INDICATOR                31

     Vision & Visionaries:
                                                                                                        sale of the company in an $11.4 billion
                                                                                                        private equity transaction. Hann has
                                                                                                        participated in the Mihaylo College
                                                                                                        Professor for a Day program and
                                                                                                        received the college’s Salute to Business
                                                                                                        Leaders Award. He established the
                                                                                                        Stewart Long Award for Outstanding
                                                                                                        New Graduate Student and the Daniel P.
                                                                                                        Hann Distinguished Professor Fellowship
                                                                                                        in addition to his support of the
                                                                                                        campaign for Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

                                                                                                        Debra F. Luther ’80 (B.A. business
                                                                                                        administration) is currently president of
                                                                                                        Exceptional Restaurant Co. In 1998,
                                                                                                        Luther and her partner, Jerome Thomas,
                                                                                                        formed ERC; today, it is the largest
     2008 Distinguished Alumni honorees from Mihaylo College include Richard K.Davis ’83,
                                                                                                        franchise for Taco Bell Corp. in the
     Debra F Luther ’80 and Daniel P Hann ’77.
            .                       .                                                                   Atlanta market.The company currently
                                                                                                        owns and operates 28 Taco Bell,
     Reflecting a spectrum of professional                  seasons; title sponsorship of the Mihaylo   Kentucky Fried Chicken, Long John
     achievements – including banking, law                  College of Business and Economics           Silver and Pizza Hut Express
     and the restaurant industry – three of                 Annual Economic Forecast Conference;        restaurants. Previously, she was vice
     the five honorees at the spring 2008                   naming a classroom in Steven G.             president of equipment operations for
     Vision & Visionaries Distinguished                     Mihaylo Hall; participation in the          PepsiCo, and before that, worked for
     Alumni Gala are Mihaylo College                        college’s Professor for a Day program;      Deloitte & Touche and NCR. Luther is
     alumni.                                                and he was honored with the college’s       a member of the Taco Bell Corp.
                                                            Salute to Business Leaders Award.           Franchise Advisory Board and vice
     Richard K. Davis ’83 (B.A. economics)                                                              president of the Taco Bell Atlanta
     is currently chairman, president and                   Daniel P. Hann ’77 (B.A. economics) is      Marketing Association – where she
     CEO of U.S. Bancorp, and prior to                      an executive consultant for business        chairs its Committee for Community
     joining the company in 1993, Davis was                 development and strategic planning at       Involvement. Luther is an active
     an executive vice president of Bank of                 Biomet in Warsaw, Ind. Hann has served      member of the Cal State Fullerton
     America and Security Pacific Bank. His                 in a variety of capacities at Biomet, a     Alumni Association, a recipient of the
     support of Cal State Fullerton includes                medical device manufacturer, over the       Salute to Business Leaders Award, and is
     U.S. Bank’s sponsorship of the                         past 19 years, including a term as          a donor to the campaign for Steven G.
     university’s last two performing arts                  interim president and CEO during the        Mihaylo Hall.
                                                                                                                                    Over 2000
                                                                  The Executive Council                                             Mihaylo College
                                                                  of the college met at                                             students graduated
                                                                  Scott’s Seafood Grill in                                          during our 50th
                                                                  Costa Mesa for a little                                           Anniversary
                                                                  networking, hors                                                  Commencement
                                                                  d’oeuvres and wine.                                               Ceremony. Keynote
                                                                  Pictured areYolanda de                                            speakers were
                                                                  la Paz, Joe Cervantes                                             Vikki Vargus ’81
                                                                  and Corinne                                                       of KNBC and
                                                                  Baughman ’84.                                                     former U.S. Labor
                                                                                                                                    Secretary Robert
32       the INDICATOR              Fall/Winter 2008

Fun on the Fairways!
The Annual Dean’s Summer Golf                                                                   Added to the sponsorship list this year
Classic, now in its 14th year, maintained                                                       was PricewaterhouseCoopers and
its position as Mihaylo College’s                                                               managing partner Knute Kurtz, while
premiere fundraiser by breaking all                                                             Mimi’s Café and its market partner Tom
previous records in support of                                                                  Patterson once again generously served
scholarship funds for the college's                                                             as our lunch sponsor and banquet wine
business students!                                                                              sponsor.

Held on June 9 at Marbella Country                                                              Thanks, too, to our Titan Sponsors,
Club in San Juan Capistrano, the                                                                auction donors, and all who donated
winning foursome hailed from                                                                    their time and resources to creating
Helpmates Staffing Services with a low                                                          such a tremendously successful
                                            1st Place foursome from Helpmates Staffing
score of 55.The Deloitte foursome           Services, Greg Palmer, Steve Kul, Dan Struve ’71    tournament, including our dedicated
came in second, and the third place spot    and Jason Gwin.                                     planning committee, chaired for an
was taken by Cal State Fullerton’s                                     Turner Construction      amazing 13th year by Dennis Ciolli ’76.
University Advancement foursome.                                       Title Sponsor
                                                                                                As the university celebrates 50 Years of
This was also a record-breaking year for       Comerica Bank and assistant vice president       Excellence in Education, Mihaylo
                                               Dustin Marshall
sponsorships of the golf tournament,                                                            College faculty, students and staff joined
and the college extends its appreciation       Emulex Corporation and executive chairman        the festivities.
                                               Paul Folino
to Turner Construction for serving as
the 2008 title sponsor.We are grateful         Helpmates Staffing Services and chairman
                                               and CEO Dan Struve ‘71
to the dedicated, top-level sponsors
who have supported this event for              Islands Restaurants and partner
                                               Steve Charton ‘71
many years (see sponsor list at right).
                                               Metropolitan West Capital Management
     “FUN ON THE FAIRWAYS”…                    and president Gary Lisenbee ‘73
   DOVE CANYON COUNTRY CLUB,                   The Pension Group and president
       MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2009.                   Peter Stephan ‘78
                                               Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers         2nd Place foursome from Deloitte, Greg Waller ’72, ’78,
                                               and partner Jim Gutmann ‘80                     Dave Cuffia, Eric Openshaw ’77 and Adam Openshaw.

at the
As part of Cal State Fullerton’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics published a book
focusing on the outstanding achievements of more than 50 prominent alumni. In May 2008, a dinner was held at the Richard
Nixon Presidential Library to honor these leaders.“We are very proud of our alumni and the contributions they have made to
the community,” says Anil Puri, dean of the college. “This recognition and dinner allows us to celebrate the growth and quality
of our college and programs.” Meet these alumni at
                                                                                                  Fall/Winter 2008            the INDICATOR              33
Upcoming events
OCTOBER 30 | 14th Annual                               NOVEMBER 19 | Ninth Annual                             JANUARY 10 | Accounting Alumni
Economic Forecast Conference                           Family-Owned Business Awards                           Association’s Second Annual Wine and
Hyatt Regency Irvine                                   Hyatt Regency, Irvine                                  Beer Tasting
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.                                 For more information, please contact Robbin Bretzing   For more information, please visit
Anil Puri, dean of Mihaylo College presents            at 714-278-4182 or  
analyses of the local, regional and national
economies.The conference is sponsored by
U.S. Bank and presented in partnership with                                                                   JANUARY 23 | Executive Council
the Orange County Business Council. The                                                                       Breakfast Meeting
guest speaker is Joseph Otting,Vice                                                                           Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport
Chairman of U.S. Bancorp.                                                                                     For more information, please contact Alice Rodriguez
For more information, please contact Ginny Pace at                                                            at 714-278-4229 or
714-278-2566 or

NOVEMBER 5 | “The Basics of                                                                                   BEST 296 BUSINESS
Estate Planning”                                                                                              SCHOOLS
Family Business Council Workshop                                                                              Based on surveys of students enrolled
For more information, please contact Robbin Bretzing
                                                                                                              at universities that offer MBA
at 714-278-4182 or
                                                                                                              programs accredited by the American
                                                       U.S.NEWS &
NOVEMBER 12,13 | Professor                                                                                    Association of Colleges and Schools of
For A Day                                              WORLD REPORT RANKINGS                                  Business (AACSB), the Mihaylo
Orange County business leaders                         Cal State Fullerton is ranked No. 10                   College of Business and Economics
trade the boardroom for the classroom,
sharing their experience and insight                   among the nation’s Top Public                          has been included in the 2009
with future business leaders.                          Universities-Master’s Institutions in                  edition of Princeton Review’s
For more information, please contact Mark Stohs,       the West by U.S.News & World Report.                   “Best 296 Business Schools.”
associate dean, 714-278-4652.

                                                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
  California State University, Fullerton                                                                                                            Permit 1635
                                                                                                                                                   Santa Ana, CA
        Fullerton, CA 92834-6848

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