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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fall 2009 Edition

     Radial Revolutionizes the Lunchbox
      The Workhorse™ is a lunchbox frame that
incorporates full mixing capabilities to a stereo bus,
monitor output and headphones. It features 8 slots
that are backward compatible to previous API
formats while adding greater I/O connectivity.
      According to Radial lead engineer Kevin Burgin:
“While researching this project, we looked at all of the
current rack-frame lunch-boxes and found that they
all fell short: All they do is provide power for the
modules and 48V phantom for mic preamps. We felt
that for $1000, it just did not add up to real value. So
we took the initiative to redesign the concept and                         WORKHORSE MASTER OUTPUT                                          CARD SLOT-8         CARD SLOT-7         CARD SLOT-6         CARD SLOT-5          CARD SLOT-4        CARD SLOT-3          CARD SLOT-2          CARD SLOT-1
                                                                                                                                                  INPUT               INPUT               INPUT               INPUT                INPUT               INPUT               INPUT                INPUT

bring forth features that would better address the                 LEFT

                                                                                                                             RIGHT                          FEED                FEED                FEED                FEED                 FEED                FEED                FEED

desk-top nature of today's recording environment.”                                              OUT

                                                                          INSERT    1/4” TRS - TIP SEND / RING RETURN   INSERT

      Each slot is equipped with male and female XLR               LEFT                                                      RIGHT
                                                                                                                                                MAIN OUT
                                                                                                                                                                    MAIN OUT            MAIN OUT
                                                                                                                                                                                                            MAIN OUT             MAIN OUT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     MAIN OUT            MAIN OUT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              MAIN OUT

with parallel ¼” TRS for direct to module input and                                              OUT

output connections. A new and unique feature called                IN     LEFT      OUT
                                                                                                                 IN     RIGHT     OUT
                                                                                                                                                OMNI-PORT           OMNI-PORT           OMNI-PORT           OMNI-PORT            OMNI-PORT           OMNI-PORT           OMNI-PORT            OMNI-PORT

Omniport™ is module-specific whereby a mic                                                     BUSS
                                                                                                                                        8                   7                   6                   5                    4                   3                   2                    1
preamp may use the 1/4” TRS Omniport for a guitar                  Made in Canada

                                                                    SPLIT VOLTAGE
                                                                                                                                        INPUT   MAIN OUT    INPUT   MAIN OUT    INPUT   MAIN OUT    INPUT   MAIN OUT     INPUT   MAIN OUT    INPUT   MAIN OUT    INPUT   MAIN OUT     INPUT   MAIN OUT

input or an insert, while a gate or limiter may use the             POWER SUPPLY

connector as a key. The Workhorse's open                                                                CHASSIS         CIRCUIT

architecture allows other manufacturers to adapt the                                                       GROUNDING                        SUMMING MIXER INPUTS 1 ~ 8                                        DIRECT OUT 1 ~ 8                                                INPUTS 1 ~ 8

Omniport into future products so that they in turn, can
bring innovative new products to market. For added             The Workhorse master section features level and                                                                          recording systems. And to add icing on the cake, the high
convenience, all 8 modules may also be connected           pan control for each module with individual master,                                                                          performance mixer can also be used as an 8 channel analog
via 25-pin D-subs which can also serve as a separate       monitor and headphone outs. An expansion bus allows                                                                          summer box for those that prefer to combine tracks in the
split out for live recording systems.                      multiple Workhorses to be combined for larger                                                                                analogue domain. Target price is $1299.00 US retail.

New J+4™ Line Driver                                                       Brand new rooms with Primacoustic
 The Radial J+4 is a                                                                                                                                                                                   Nathan’s home studio features Broadway panels
 stereo interface                                                                                                                                                                                      tightly clustered around his room with several
 designed to accept                                                                                                                                                                                    panels creating a cloud above the work area.
 consumer level -10dB
 unbalanced high
 impedance signals
 and convert them to
 +4dB balanced low
 impedance signals for
 easy manipulation in
 professional level
 environments such as                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          NATHAN EAST
 broadcast, recording
 studios and live
 touring. Careful
 attention has been paid to eliminate noise by combining the
 advantages of active signal buffering with transformer
 isolation. The J+4 delivers better than 85dB signal to noise
 while ensuring hum and buzz caused by ground loops,                                                                                                  TOMMY LEE
 along with spurious noise from clocking, does not pollute
 the signal path. The Radial J+4 balanced line driver delivers
                                                                            Tommy’s new studio is a complex with several
 exceptional sonic performance, plenty of headroom and
                                                                            rooms. This is the drum room and behind, the live
 ultra low noise making it the ideal companion in today’s
                                                                            room. Broadway panels are employed
 more demanding professional audio systems.

Radial Engineering Ltd. · 1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5 · Tel (604) 942-1001 · Fax (604) 942-1010 · email: info@radialeng.com
        Radial launches avalanche                                                         JDV™ Instrument DI + Preamp
          of 500 series modules                                                                 The Radial JDV LB is a 100% discreet
                                                                                          class-A instrument direct box with a unique
                                                                                          feed-forward design that does not employ
     AES New York is the launch site for 8 new Radial lunchbox products. These            any form of traditional negative feedback
include the Workhorse 5000 rack and mixer plus seven innovative modules.                  phase cancellation techniques whatsoever to
     According to Radial President Peter Janis: “Radial has specialized in producing a    stabilize the input circuit. This innovative
complete product range around small metal boxes that are filled with high performance     design captures the very essence of
electronics. What folks do not necessarily realize is that when parts are brought close   instrument and delivers the natural tone
together, noise from radiation between parts, traces and grounding present a serious      without artifact.
challenge. Larger boxes are much more forgiving as you can spread parts away from               Like the original JDV, the LB version is
each other. Who is better equipped at making small audio boxes than Radial? We do         equipped with instrument input plus a
this all day long and pride ourselves in both providing exceptional audio quality and     buffered thru-put that can be used to drive 50
value. We will bring this same philosophy to the lunchbox world and plan to establish     feet of high-Z cable to the amplifier. Radial's
ourselves as a market leader.”                                                            innovative Drag™ Control load correction
     Word from engineering is that there are 24 modules being considered that will        allows the user to apply the desired load on
span all types of audio applications. The following are the first seven to be offered..   the pickup for the most natural rendering.
                                                                                          This can be bypassed for a 4 meg-ohm input
                                                                                          for finicky piezo pickups.
                                                                                                The JDV-LB is augmented with an
                                                                                          adjustable high-pass filter designed to
                                                                                          remove low-end resonance to help clean up
                                                                                          the mix. The JDV Omniport™ is set up as a hi-
                                                                                          Z output to drive a tuner, a second amplifier or
                                                                                                This makes the JDV the ideal front end
                                                                                          interface for bass guitar, acoustics and any
                                                                                          other direct to recorder instrument you may

   Reactor™ amp and speaker DI                                                            Phazer™ phase adjust tool
     The Radial JDX is a guitar amp and speaker                                                The Radial Phazer LB is a phase
interface that is designed to capture both the                                            alignment tool that is primarily used to time-
sound of the head plus the back-                                                          align the fundamental frequencies of two
electromagnetic impulse of the loudspeaker via                                            sources. This could be two microphones, two
a reactive load. For the recording engineer, this                                         direct boxes or combinations. For instance,
provides a very consistent tone which is both                                             combining a mic'd guitar cabinet with a direct
repeatable and easily re-patched as needed.                                               feed from say a Radial JDX can deliver huge
     Part of the magic is the tone shaping filters.                                       fat tones or the type of mid-range signature
This is designed to emulate a 4x12 half stack                                             reminiscent of Tom Schultz's Bostonian hits.
mic'd with a Shure SM57. The Reactor can be                                                    Where things can get really interesting is
configured for 100 watt or 300 watt guitar amps                                           when you combine two sources and use
and the frequency can be extended for bass                                                phase cancellation to move instruments in
use. During listening tests, we found that the                                            and out of the mix.
Reactor worked best when used with a premium                                                   Unlike digital delays or chip based phase
mic preamplifier such as the Radial PowerPre or                                           adjustment devices, the Phazer employs
a tradition Neve 1073 mic pre. Fizz™ control                                              100% discreet, class-A, 'old-school' type
was introduced as a means to round out the                                                electronics to deliver the warm, natural tone.
harmonic generation and improve the sound                                                 This lends more of an organic rendering to
when using the Reactor with lower cost mixing                                             the tone which can be very pleasing.
consoles and entry level mic preamps.
                                                                                               The Phazer features a variable 180º
     Standard features include transformer                                                control plus a polarity reverse that reaches
isolated output, polarity reverse and ground lift.                                        the entire 360º phase shift range. This is
The Workhorse Omniport™ is implemented as a                                               supplemented with a separate low-pass filter
guitar-level direct out to feed a second amplifier,                                       that enables the engineer to focus the effect
effect device or signal splitter. And to further                                          on the more audible low frequency spectrum.
expand possibilities, you can connect a guitar
                                                                                               The Phazer’s Omniport is used to deliver
directly to the Reactor by selecting the recessed
                                                                                          a direct (un-processed) output to allow multi-
front panel switch. This allows the Reactor's
                                                                                          unit patching and experimentation with
great sounding cabinet emulation filters to be
                                                                                          phase cancellation as an alternative to
used on virtually any source to add realism.
                                                                                          regular equalizer for tone shaping.

Radial Engineering Ltd. · 1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5 · Tel (604) 942-1001 · Fax (604) 942-1010 · email: info@radialeng.com
X-Amp™ dual output re-amper                                              EXTC™ guitar effects loop
     The Radial X-Amp is the most popular                                     The EXTC is an effects loop processor
re-amplifying device on the market today.                                that converts +4dB balanced signals to HI-Z
Re-amping basically allows a prerecorded                                 guitar effects pedals and then reconverts
track such as a clean guitar to be sent from                             them back so that they can easily be
the recording system to the X-Amp where the                              manipulated in the pro-audio environment.
signal is both unbalanced and the impedance                                   The EXTC begins with separate send
is converted from lo-to-hi to properly interface                         and receive controls that enable the engineer
with a guitar amplifier or pedals.                                       to adjust levels as needed. These are
     The advantages of re-amping are                                     supplemented with a mix/blend control that
numerous: The guitarist need only                                        allows the original signal to be blended with
concentrate on the performance. This                                     effects to achieve the perfect balance. This is
eliminates arduous repetition while the                                  particularly important with bass as most
engineer attempts to move the microphones                                guitar effects are focused in the mid range
to get the right tone. With the X-Amp in the                             which invariably cut off the important bass
system, the prerecorded track is captured                                frequencies when processed. One merely
using a direct box like the Radial J48 and then                          adjusts the mix between wet and dry signals
mic placement, amp selection and tonal                                   for amazing results.
balance is fine tuned as the production                                       An important feature on the EXTC is the
advances.                                                                180º polarity reverse. Most folks do not
     The X-Amp LB adds extra spice to the                                realize that guitar pedals often reverse the
mix with two class-A buffered outputs each                               phase of the signal as it passes through the
with its own level control that can drive                                effect. This is only noticed when combining
upwards to 50 feet of high-Z cable.                                      dry and wet signals when they cancel each
Transformer isolation and ground lift help                               other out. The phase reverse function solves
eliminate hum & buzz caused by ground                                    the problem by inverting the polarity and
loops while a 180º polarity reverse assures                              brings both the wet/dry signals back into
both amps play in phase. The X-Amp                                       absolute phase. The EXTC’s Omniport™ is
Omniport™ is configured with a high                                      configured to work with a traditional patchbay
impedance guitar input allowing a guitar to                              using a TRS tip-send and ring-return format.
drive two amps at the same time further                                  This enables the EXTC to quickly be patched
expanding the creative options.                                          into any signal path as needed.

Komit™ auto-track comp-limiter                                           PowerPre™ mic amplifier
      The Radial Komit is a powerful dynamic                                  The PowerPre™ is a high performance
processor designed to provide high resoltion                             microphone amplifier that was designed from
VCA compressor-limiter functionality while                               the ground up to deliver exceptional audio. It
opening the door to creativity, depending on                             combines ‘old-school’, discreet components
how it is used. As with any compressor, the                              for optimum signal transfer with careful part
Komit features a typical compression ratio                               selection to deliver a low noise rendering.
control. This is enhanced with a 'smart' three-                          This provides a solid foundation for the
position feed-forward, auto-tracking mode                                microphone before it is processed.
that sets the response time to slow, medium                                   Unlike most preamplifiers that make you
or fast to control the ballistics.                                       choose to either flatter the performance or
      Stereo linking is possible by switching                            deliver a flat response, the PowerPre breaks
the link function on the Workhorse rack. This                            the rules by introducing a 3-position 'voice
is augmented with a unique sync function that                            control' that essentially changes the way the
employs a time constant instead of voltage to                            output transformer renders the audio. This
synchronize the compression so that multiple                             allows the character of the preamp to be
units may be locked together for greater                                 optimized to deliver added warmth in the low
accuracy. This is particularly advantageous                              end for female voice, clinical accuracy for
when recording in 5.1 surround.                                          traditional instrument recording and added
      A separate 20:1 limiter provides a                                 air when recording an acoustic guitar or a
dynamic ceiling to ensure signals do not                                 male voice needs to cut though the mix.
exceed the recording system's maximum                                         Front panel XLR provides easy
input settings. This great sounding vintage                              connection for desk-top use while traditional
style, diode bridge circuit delivers smooth                              patching is supported via the rear panel.
confident performance at one end and when                                Standard features include ground lift and
driven hard by the make-up gain control, it                              180º polarity reverse while 48V phantom
can sound downright nasty for generating                                 requires depressing a recessed switch that
creative effects. The Komit's Omniport™                                  prevents it from being turned on by mistake
provides a key input for ducking, automatic                              when the PowerPre is used with ribbon
level control, de-essing and when combined                               microphones. The Omniport™ is designated
with an EQ, frequency dependent                                          as a high-Z input for instruments with a
compression.                                                             switching jack that goes on when plugged in.

Radial Engineering Ltd. · 1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5 · Tel (604) 942-1001 · Fax (604) 942-1010 · email: info@radialeng.com
 Tech-File: Diaphragmatic Bass Traps                                                                                                   Notice the energy in the waveform. Figure A
                                                                                                                                       shows 50Hz, figure B shows 200Hz with way
                                                                                                                                       less. Figure C: 800Hz has virtually no energy
                                                          Bass traps are probably one of the most important elements to fixing the     compared to the lower frequencies. All the power
                                                     acoustics in a small room. But what few realize is that most bass traps on the    is in the bass. Bass is tough to manage!
                                                     market are ill-equipped to handle the task. The math is easy: If you have a          FIGURE-A 50Hz
                                                     room that measures 15 feet long, you will have a resonant peak at 75 Hz.
                                                     (Speed of sound 1130 / room length 15ft = 75Hz standing wave). Using ¼
                                                     wavelength calculations, you would need a bass trap that is roughly 24” deep               Energy
                                                     to fully absorb 75Hz and most commercial bass traps are simply too thin to do
                                                     the job.
                                                          The Primacoustic® MaxTrap™ employs a completely different approach
                                                     that can best be described as a huge microphone. For instance, say you
                                                     generate a test tone at 100Hz in your studio. Put up a microphone and the                            1 CYCLE

                                                     diaphragm will resonate at that frequency as it captures the sound. Add a
                                                     second tone at half the amplitude and the mic will once again generate both         FIGURE-B 200Hz
                                                     sounds via its sensitive design. The Max Trap incorporates a large and very
                                                     heavy mass-loaded 24” x 48” suspended diaphragm inside, behind the
                                                     acoustic panel . And just like a microphone, it resonates or vibrates following
                                                     the loudest frequency - or more precisely, the frequency that contains the
                                                                                    most energy. Low frequencies contain
                                                                                    significantly more energy than high
                                                                                    frequencies. Because it is a limp mass, it makes
                                                                                    no sound as it vibrates, basically sucking low         1 CYCLE

                                                                                    frequencies out of the room and converting
                                                                                    them into heat via a thermo-dynamic transfer.        FIGURE-C 800Hz

                                                                                         The results are amazing. The MaxTrap was
                                                                                    tested by Riverbank Labs and they had never
                                                                                    encountered a device that worked so well. In
                                                                                    fact the MaxTrap will deliver almost 300%
                                                                                    absorption at the resonant frequency and will
                                                                                    easily descend down to 50Hz for rooms that are
                                                                                    well over 20 feet long.

                  Dream Theater Records w/ Radial JD7
                    “On our latest CD, "Black Clouds and Silver Linings", I used a secret weapon for the first time in Dream

              Theater's 25 years together. Peter Janis at Radial lent me a JD7 in the studio and it turned out to be a really
              important recording tool. At times I wasn't sure which Boogie amp would be the best one for the job, so by going
              into the JD7 and recording the direct guitar sound at the same time as the mic'd amp sound, our engineer Paul
              Northfield and I were able to go back at our leisure and re-amp my performance through various rigs. That way,
              we were able to choose one sound or the other, or a combination of the two, or alternate between amps
              throughout the song without me having to replay the guitar parts. I even added wah-wah performances to some
              of the tracks while the recorded track was replaying through the amp! The Radial JD7 proved to be a real asset
              during the recording process and the best part was that my tone and the guitar's response remained true when
              plugging into the box. I purchased the JD7 from Radial after the record was done.”
                    John Petrucci, Guitarist - Dream Theater

    Jars of Clay                   "Radial Products have become a near bulletproof
                                   backbone for our live touring rig. Their products
                                   perform exactly how you would hope they would, so
                                   you can concentrate on the things that matter, like
                                   the music."

Radial Engineering Ltd. · 1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5 · Tel (604) 942-1001 · Fax (604) 942-1010 · email: info@radialeng.com

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