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                       550245 - SIBIU Lector street no. 3 ROMANIA
                            Phone:0040269431481Fax: 0040269211170;

                               COMPANY PRESENTATION

        Formerly known as MECANICA SIBIU, SIMEROM was set up in 1921 and started
its activity by producing machinery and spare parts for the textile industry.
        In early 60’s, the company specialized in the design and production of machinery
for cold processing of metals and ten years later, the first machinery for plastic and rubber
processing were produced here.
        From 1991, the company changed its name to SIMEROM but the goal in improving
its activity both as quality and variety of the machines, in order to meet the client’s
requirements, remained the same.
        Having more than 80 years experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing
machine tools for cold processing of metals, our company presents its clients a wide range
of individual machine tools and complete technological lines for metal processing, as

   Cold metal working machinery:
      1. Hydraulic guillotine shears (capacity of material 0,3 - 16 mm and lengths up to
          4000 mm);
      2. Hydraulic press brakes (force between 25 - 300 tone and bending lengths
          between 2000 - 4000 mm), CNC press brakes;
      3. Hydraulic shears for profiles (force between 40 - 100 tone);
      4. Expanding hydraulic shears;
      5. Mechanical and hydraulically presses (up to 100 tone);
      6. Eccentric presses with force between 4 - 100 tone;
      7. Pipes bending machines;
      8. Complete lines for processing materials up to 4 mm thickness and up to 1500
          mm length;
      9. Tooling and accessories for cold metal working machinery;
      10. Various machinery and accessories on request;
      11. General revisions and modernizations
   Spare parts for plastically processing machinery;
   Spare parts on client’s request.

       Our desire is to offer our clients complete solutions, therefore we design and
produce stations for metal processing, which include, but not limited to, hydraulic
ironworkers (with up to 4 workstations), complete automatic lines for plates shearing and
bending and garbage compacting hydraulic machines.
       We also carefully assist our clients in fullfiling his requirements, from setting in
function, training, service in warranty and post-warranty period to delivering a whole
range of spare parts.
        Quality assurance is a main goal for us, therefore our hydraulic guillotine shears
and press brakes are certified according to the European Standards by the authorized
body KEMA in Holland.
        Others certifications include:
• EC TYPE EXAMINATON (KEMA Holland - C 98/37/EEC nr 97.566.01)
• Pressure equipment Directive 97/ 23 EG (TÜV INDUSTRIE SERVICE GmbH TÜV SÜD
• Comprehensive Quality Requirements DIN 729 – 2 (TÜV INDUSTRIE SERVICE GmbH TÜV
        Around 50% of the SIMEROM machine tools production is exported to the
European Community, in France, Greece, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Belgium,
Cyprus, Norway.
        As a machine-tools manufacturer, our company has a large range of technological
means of manufacturing, and has also different equipment, whose technical features are
listed below:


   1. LATHES

             1.1. Longitudinal lathes. Maximum features:
                 - Maximum processing length between points: 5000 mm (16.4 ft)
                 - Maximum processing diameter:              1260 mm (4.13 ft)

      Note: 1. The firm has also parallel lathes numerically controlled, which allow
      processing of pieces with complex profile. There are also copying lathes on which you
      can manufacture pieces upon pattern.
              2. For a mass production manufacture, our firm has also turret automatic
      lathes, with the following maximum features:
                 - Maximum processing diameter:                    80 mm (3.14 in)
                 - Number of places in tool storehouse:           16

             1.2. Vertical turning lathes. Maximum technical features:
                 - Max. diameter of piece:                    2.100 mm (6.88 ft)
                 - Max. height under cross-rail:              1.500 mm (4.92 ft)
                    - Max. weight on the plate:               12.000 kg

             1.3. Parallel lathes with device (whirl) processing
             Our firm owns this special machine for worm processing, which makes part of
             the injection machines produced by our firm. The main technical features of
             this machine and of its manufacture process are as follows:
                  - Worm max. diameter:                             120 mm (4.72 in)
                  - Screw pitch, left/right:                        2/20
                  - Max. processing length between tips:            4.000mm(13.12 ft)

      1.4. Machines for manufacturing long holes
      Our company owns this type of machine, with the following technical features:
                - Through hole processing:                 75 mm (2.95 in)
                  - Adjusting:                              150 mm (5.9 in)
                  - Boring out:                             245 mm (9.64 in)
                  - Max. length of hole:                    4.000 mm (13.12 ft)
                  - Max. diameter:                          620 mm (24.4 in)


              2.1. The firm has a range of drilling machines, such as:
                 - Table drilling machines
                 - Column drilling machines
                 - Standard drilling machines
                 - Radial drilling machines
                 Maximum technical features of radial drilling machines are as follows:
-Max. diameter of full drilling: 80 mm (3.14 in), piece material:OL                         60
-Max. thread that can be processed: 3" M75
-Minimum and max. diameter of holes circle: 1.560,5.580 mm ( 5.11¸18.3 ft).

             2.2. Machines for inside vertical threads. Main technical features:
                - Max. diameter of the inside thread on OL 60:M16
                - Max. length of thread:63 mm (2.48 in)

              2.3. For holes of high precision, our firm has jig drilling machines, some of
              them are classic, others are numerically controlled, with a positioning precision
              of ± 0.008 mm and swinging tables. Their max. technical features are:
                 - Useful table surface: 900 x 1.400 mm (35.4in x 4.59ft)
                 - Longitudinal shifting the table: 1.120 mm (3.67 ft)
                  -Side motion of table: 710 mm (27.95 in)

        3. PLANING
              Max. technical features of planing machines are:
- Planing length: 6.000 mm (19.68 ft)
- Planing width: 1.600 mm ( 5.24 ft)
- Planing height: 1.250 mm ( 4.1 ft)
        4. SLOTTING
              Max. features:
                  - Max. slotting length
                  - Max. longitudinal motion of the table: 630 mm (24.8 in)
                  - Max. lateral motion of table: 560 mm (22.04 in)

      5. MILLING

             5.1. Regarding the milling method, the firm has universal milling machines,
             horizontal and vertical milling machines, but also longitudinal portal milling
             The maximum features for longitudinal double column milling machines are as
               - Maximum gauge dimensions: 7.136 x 1.270 mm x mm (23.41 x 4.16 ft x ft)
               - Max. motion of table: 6.460 mm (21.19 ft)
               - Max. stroke of table: 1.400 mm (4.59 ft)
      5.2. For some certain copying works, for pieces with a complex space profile
      or punching, molding works, we use milling machines numerically controlled or
      copying machines, with means of reading the quote and number of passing.
          - Max. features of copying machines, are:
          - Max. weight of piece: 3.500 kg (7,716 Lbs)
          - Turning tables support surface: 600 mm (23.62 in)


      6.1. Milling machines for gears, using the rolling method
         Max. technical features:
         - Max. modulus of gears: 12 mm (0.47 in)
         - Max. diameter of milled notching wheels: 1.250 mm (4.10 ft)
         - Max. width of gears: 350 mm (13.77 in)

      6.2. Gear shaper, using the rolling method
           Max. technical features:
      - Min. and max. diameter of wheel for the outward toothing:
                 10 , 250 mm (0.39¸9.84 in)
      - Min. and max. diameter of wheel for the inward toothing:
                30 , 250 mm (1.18¸9.84 in)
      - Max. module: 4 mm (0.15 in)

      6.3. Planing machines for gears, using the rolling method
           Max. technical features:
          - Max. diameter of wheels: 500 mm (19.68 in)
          - External max. module: 10 mm (0.39 in)
          - Max. width of gear rim: 80 mm (3.14 in)

      6.4. In order to grind the gears, our firm has gear grinders which use the
           NILES proceeding, with the following main technical features:
          - Min. inward diameter of gears:                   50 mm ( 1.96 in)
          - Max. outward diameter of gears:                  500 mm (19.68 in)
          - Max. tilting angle of teeth:               45o
          - Normal min. module:                               2 mm (0.07 in)
          - Normal max. module:                       10 mm (0.39 in)
          - Min/max number of teeth: 12 ¸ 140 (cogs)
          Features for MAAG proceeding:
          - Min inward diameter/max outward diam. of wheel:
             20¸300mm (0.78¸11.81 in)
          - Min/max number of teeth:                 10/120
          - Min/max module:                          1.5/10


Max technical features of boring and milling machines are as follows:
- Max shifting of slide on machine bed:                     9.800 mm (32.15 ft)
- Max shifting on vertical (axle Y):                       1.900 mm ( 6.23 ft)
      - Diameter of arbor which has to be bored:                150 mm ( 5.9 in)

NOTE: The firm owns boring and milling machines of small and medium size, produced in
Germany, Switzerland and Chech Republic, with a special processing precision and supplied
with optical read out for quote, or numerically controlled. The equipment of these machines
allows a space processing (simultaneous order of 3 or 4 axis).

       8. GRINDING
       The firm has grinding machines of different types, and you have their max. technical
features listed below.

             8.1. Plane grinding machines for guides
             - Grinding length:                     5.000 mm (16.4 ft)
             - Grinding width:                     1.250 mm ( 4.1 ft)
             - Max. height to be ground:           1.000 mm ( 3.28 ft)

             8.2. Inward rectifying machines
             - Max diameter to be ground:              400 mm (15.74 in)
             - Min diameter:                           30 mm ( 1.18 in)
             - Max length to be ground:                300 mm (11.81 in)

             8.3. Outward grinding machines
             - Max length to be ground:                     4.000 mm (13.12 ft)
             - Max diameter to be ground:                   630 mm (24.8 in)

             8.4. Threads grinding machines
             - Max diameter to be ground:                     254 mm (10 in)
             - Min diameter to be ground:                      19 mm (0.74in)
             - Max thread pitch:                               48 mm (1.88 in)

             8.5. Machines for grinding rectangular cotter channel
             - Max diameter to be ground:           125 mm (4.92 in)
             - Min diameter to be ground:           25 mm (0.98 in)
             - Max length of part:                  1.400 mm (4.59 ft)

               8.6. Machines for grinding profiles (numerically controlled)
               - Max length of part:                                250 mm (9.84 in)
               - Numerically controlled equipment.
       9. HONING
       The main technical features of these machines are:
       - Min diameter for honing:                            20 mm ( 0.78 in)
       - Max diameter for honing:                            130 mm ( 5.11 in)
       - Min length for honing:                              50 mm ( 1.96 in)
       - Max working length:                                 380 mm (14.96 in)
       For outward surfaces where is needed a surface rugosity of 0.2 m. Our company may
provide this type of device with the following technical features:
       - Max diameter of piece:                              400 mm (15.74 in)
       - Max length of piece:                                2.000 mm ( 6.56 ft)
                                   II. HEAT TREATMENTS
1. FORGE - features:
- Forging hammer:                                 250 kgf
- Maximum mass:                                   6 kg (13.22 Lbs)
- Minimum mass:                                   0.5 kg (1.10 Lbs)
- Maximum section for starting:                   70 mm2

      2.1. Hardening-tempering
      Maximum dimensions:
      - Max diameter:                              1.000 mm (3.28 ft)
         - Max length:                             4.000 mm (13.12ft)

      2.2. Ionitriding
      Maximum dimensions:
      - Max diameter:                             650 mm (25.59 in)
      - Max length:                                4.000 mm (13.12 in)

      2.3. Hardening through high frequency (current high frequency)
      Maximum dimensions of turning part :
      - Max diameter:                         1.000 mm ( 3.28 ft)
      - Max length:                           4.000 mm (13.12 in)

- Manual electrical welding for parts , weighting less then 8 tones.
- Welding with protecting gas: Ar +CO2
- Automatic welding, straight, under flux layer
- Argon welding for non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and refractory steel
- Installation for a head to head welding of bands 1.5 x 1.5 mm (0.05 x 0.05 in)

      3.1. Heat stress relief
          It is made in an oven with the following maximum dimensions:
         - 4.700 x 2.500 x 2.300 mm (15.41 x 8.2 x 7.54 ft)

      3.2. Vibrating stress relief
      It is made through a device, where the minimum weight of parts to be treated,
      of 50 kg (110.23 Lbs).

      3.3. Sand blasting
          Is made in equipment of the following dimensions:
          - 4.800 x 2.900 x 3.000 mm (15.74 x 9.51 x 9.84 ft)
          - Max. allowed weight for parts: 8 tons

                           III. METALIC COVERING

   - Charge gauge for covering:   1.600 x 500 x 250 mm (5.24ft x 19.68in x 9.84in)
   - Max weight:                                          120 kg (264.55 Lbs)
            - Max dimensions of charge: 1.200 x 300 x 300 mm (3.93ft x 11.81in x 11.81in)

         3. HARD CHROMING
            - Max dimensions of charge:      1.800 x 220 x 220 mm (5.9ft x 8.66in x 8.66in)

                                       IV. HEAT CUTTING
         Heat cutting with oxygen can be:
           - free cutting
           - following a mechanic pattern
           - following a pattern with optical read out, to which:
           - min/max size of drawing is 800 x 250 mm (31.49 x 9.84 in)
           - max size of plate sheet is     7.600 x 2.850 mm (24.93 x 9.35 ft)
           - reducing ratio:                1/5; 1/10

         Should our offer meet your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us to the address

                                   S.C. SIMEROM S.A.
                        550245 SIBIU, 3 Lector Street, Romania
                       Tel.: 0040/269/431102; 0040/269/431481
                                 Fax: 0040/269/211170

     We think that we could establish a close cooperation in benefit of both of our
     Looking forward to receiving your opinion, we remain sincerely yours,

                                                          MARKETING MANAGER

                                                          Eng. Claudiu Moldovan

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