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The 102-P Fabrique Drum Pendant feature eleven standard fabrics and                                                                                                  Type
multiple mounting options.                                                                          Catalog #



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Material/Mounting                       Glasgow Flax (GFX), off-white,                         Ballast
Cold-rolled steel and aluminum          tight weave background with a                          Integral electronic HPF, multi-volt
wire body, painted white. Cold-         random beige horizontal/vertical                       120/277V (347V Canada), thermally
rolled steel frame. Matte white         pattern. Many additional stock                         protected with end-of-life circuitry
acrylic bottom diffuser with one        fabrics are available as a MOD,                        to accommodate the specified
finial, standard. Optional slotted      contact the factory for details.                       lamp wattage. Contact factory for
matte white top cover.                                                                         347V IEM.
                                        Finish (Stem, canopy and
Single Stem (Standard): 5" cast
canopy with a 1 1/2" swivel ball.       finial)                                                Lamp/Socket
One 1/2" stem with a standard           Standard: Natural Aluminum (NA)                        24": Three (3) 26 or 32 (GX24q-3)
hang height of 24" (OA), minimum        [Sustainable Design].                                  triple CFL lamps or three (3) 60W
18" (OA). Maximum overall hang          Premium: Matte White (MW),                             A-19 lamps.
height for one piece stem               Lacquered Satin Aluminum (SAL),                        30": Three (3) 26 or 32 (GX24q-3),
assembly is 8' (OA). 9' to 30' (OA)     Satin Chrome (SC), Polished                            42W (GX24q-4) triple CFL lamps or
stems are supplied in multiple          Chrome (PC), Satin Brass (SB),                         three (3) 60W A-19 lamps.
sections. Supplied with a swivel        Polished Brass (PB), Oxidized Brass                    36": Four (4) 32 (GX24q-3), 42W
canopy which will accommodate           (OBRS), Satin Copper (SCP),                            (GX24q-4) triple CFL lamps or four
up to 45 degree adjustment.             Polished Copper (PCP), Oxidized                        (4) 60W A-19 lamps.
                                        Copper (OCP), Satin Nickel (SN),                       42": Four (4) 32 (GX24q-3), 42W
Suspension Options                      Polished Nickel (PN), Gun Metal                        (GX24q-4) triple CFL lamps or four
Single Stem Aircraft Cables             (GNM) or Custom Color (CC).                            (4) 60W A-19 lamps.
(1SAC): One 1/2" stem and 3-3/32"       Note: Mounting hardware for                            CFL socket injection molded
cables with a standard hang height      Surface mount luminaire is                             plastic. INC socket fired ceramic
of 24" (OA), minimum 18" (OA).          pre-painted white.                                     rated for 660W-250V. Lamps
Maximum overall hang height is          Contact factory for multi-finishes                     furnished by others.
25' (OA). 8' to 25' stems are           i.e., MW finial with SC
supplied in multiple sections.          stem/canopy.                                           Installation
Contact factory for lengths above                                                              Supplied with either a circle strap
                                                                                                                                                 102-P SERIES
25' and multi-drums.                                                                           mounting canopy or bar strap that
                                        Standard: Shantung White (SWH)                         mounts to a 4" J-box or plaster
Fabric Shades                           Premium: Shantung Eggshell                             ring. Integral safety cable provided.
Solid cold-rolled steel construction.   (SEG), Chintz Chocolate (CCT),                         Shaper luminaires are designed for                        Pendant Luminaire
Fabric on heavy translucent white       Chintz Onyx (CXH), Linen Brussels                      interior installations only.                                       Fabrique
styrene. Chintz White (SWH),            White (LBW), Shantung Beige                            Cleaning recommendation: Use a                  Fabric Luminous Fabric Drum
delicate linear weave with random       (SBG), Cinnamon Stick (CNK),                           soft clothes brush or a vacuum
"slubs"; Shantung Eggshell (SEG),       Apex (APX), Criss Cross (CCS),                         brush to dust the outside of the
delicate linear weave with random       Jibe (JBE), Glasgow Flax (GFX) or                      lamp shade and a clean soft white
"slubs"; Shantung Chocolate (CCT),      Customer Supplied Fabric (CSCC)*.                      flannel cloth for the inside of the
small weave without "slubs";            Many additional stock fabrics are                      lamp shade.
Chintz Onyx (CXH), small weave          available as a MOD, contact the
without "slubs"; Linen Brussels         factory for details.                                   Options
White (LBW), textured open weave;       *Shaper can accommodate                                CFL Dimming Ballast: Advance
Shantung Beige (SBG), delicate          "Customer Supplied Fabric" (CSSC)                      (DMA7) or (DMA10) or Lutron
linear weave with random "slubs";       orders. Please contact your                            (DML) - Contact factory for
Cinnamon Stick (CNK), cinnamon          representative for details and                         alternate ballast options. Single
& olive tight weave, slight sheen       minimum quantities. Natural                            Stem with Aircraft Cable (1SAC),
with raised decorative bars; Apex       materials and textiles are subject                     Matte White Acrylic Top Cover
(APX), formal tight weave, slight       to inconsistency on color/pattern,                     (TC), Sloped Ceiling Adaptor (SCA)
sheen with raised stitched "X"          texture, shape and may vary from                       [Specify up to 45 degrees], Integral    Shaper now offers a wide variety of
                                        dye lots. They may also change in                                                              architectural fabric luminaires. All of
pattern; Criss Cross (CCS), milk                                                               Emergency Battery (IEM),                the shades have been designed to have
chocolate slightly textured tight       appearance over time.                                  Economy Fabric Shade with Trim          minimal or no visible hardware or
                                                                                                                                       structural trim, and are available with
weave with chocolate and wine                                                                  (EFS). Contact factory for NFP701       the latest in lamp and ballast technology
colored raised diagonal decorative      Optics                                                 Fire Resistent or Stain Guard fabric    (T5/CFL with dimming ballasts).

bars; Jibe (JBE), sophisticated light   Refer to                        coatings.
beige weave, slight sheen with          for complete photometrics.
nutmeg squares and dots;                                                                                                                         DESIGN

                                                                                                                                       Shaper has a long-standing history of
                                                                                                                                       offering environmentally-friendly fixtures.
                                                                                                                                       The copper and bronze alloys used in our
                                                                                                                                       exterior luminaires feature up to 98% re-
                                                                                                                                       cycled content, contribute less undesirable
                                                                                                                                       air emissions compared to painted alumi-
                                                                                                                                       num and are easy to recycle.

                                                                                                                                       Refer to the Icon Legend
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                                Specifications and Dimensions subject to change without notice.                                                           ADS081835_102P
                                            Consult your representative for additional options and finishes.                                         02/14/2009 3:27:58 PM
                                                                                                                                                         102-P FABRIC PENDANT LUMINAIRE

 U.L. and C.U.L. approved for indoor and damp location. See options for damp location finishing requirements. Shaper’s DL option is for
 interior applications (only) that more than average moisture (i.e. bathroom, laundry room, etc. but are not UL listed for pool, sauna, shower,
 whirlpool, and any exterior applications (i.e. covered garage or building entrance) with exposure to weather elements such as rain, wind, etc.

 Shaper's skilled craftspeople with their depth of experience offer the designer the flexibility to modify standard pendant luminaires
 for project-specific solutions. Contact the factory regarding scale options, unique finishes, mounting, additional materials/colors, or
 decorative detailing.


 Sample Number: 102-P-24-CFL/3/32-277V-OCP-CNK-24

 Series                                   Lamp                        Finish                              Fabric                     Options                                  Suspension
                                                   1, 2                                                                                                                       Height
 102-P = Fabric Drum                      CFL/3/26                    Standard                            Standard                   1SAC = Single Stem with Aircraft Cable
         Pendant                          CFL/3/32
                                                   1, 2
                                                                      NA =Natural Aluminum                SWH = Shantung White       DMA7 = Dimming Ballast                   24" Dia. = 24” OA
                                                   3, 4                                                                                                        5              30” Dia. = 28” OA
                                          CFL/4/32                    Premium                             Premium                            (Advance Mark 7)
                                                   2                                                                                                                          36” Dia. = 34” OA
 Size                                     CFL/3/42                    CC =Custom Color                    SEG = Shantung Eggshell    DMA10 = Dimming Ballast 5
                                          CFL4/42 3, 4                                                                                                                        42” Dia. = 40” OA
                                                                      GNM=Gun Metal                       CCT= Chintz Chocolate                (Advance Mark 10)
 24”                                      INC/3/60 1, 2                                                                                                                       or specify
 30"                                                                                                                                 DML = Dimming Ballast (Lutron) 5
                                          INC/4/60 3, 4               MW=Matte White                      CXH = Chintz Onyx
 36"                                                                                                                                 EFS= Economy Fabric Shade with Trim
                                                                      OBRS =Oxidized Brass                LBW= Linen Brussels
 42”                                                                                                                                 IEM = Integral Emergency Ballast
                                         Voltage                                                               White
  Notes:                                                              OCP =Oxidized Copper                                                                         6
                                          120V                                                            SBG = Shantung Beige       SCA = Sloped Ceiling Adapter
                                               5                      PB =Polished Brass                                             TC = Matte White Acrylic Top Cover
      Available in 24".                   277V                                                            GFX = Glasgow Flax
      Available in 30".                        5                      SC= Satin Chrome                    CNK = Cinnamon Stick
  3 Available in 36".                                                 PC = Polished Chrome
  4 Available in 42".
                                                                                                          APX= Apex
                                                                      PCP =Polished Copper                CCS = Criss Cross
  5 Available with CFL only.
  6 Specify up to 45°.
                                                                      PN =Polished Nickel                 JBE= Jibe
  7                                                                   SAL =Lacquered Satin Aluminum       CSCC = Customer Supplied
      Shaper can accommodate
      “Customer Supplied Fabric” orders.                              SB =Satin Brass                            Custom Color 7
      Please contact your representative for
      details and minimum quantities.                                 SCP =Satin Copper
                                                                      SN =Satin Nickel

                                                      Specifications and Dimensions subject to change without notice.                                                                   ADS081835_102P
                                                          Shaper Lighting • 1141 Marina Way South • Richmond, CA 94804 • ph 510.234.2370 • fax 510.234.2371                        02/14/2009 3:27:58 PM

            24"                                                         [71 cm]
          [61 cm]
                                                                                  10" [25 cm]
                     8" [20 cm]

                         24" [61 cm] Ø                                                     30" [76 cm] Ø

                    102-P - 24" STANDARD                                            102-P - 30" STANDARD

  34"                                                                    [102 cm]
[86 cm]
                                                                                     14" [36 cm]
           12" [30 cm]

                      36" [91 cm] Ø                                                              42" [107 cm] Ø

              102-P - 36" STANDARD                                                         102-P - 42" STANDARD


              101-S                       102-S                            103                          104                             105

                                         Specifications and Dimensions subject to change without notice.                                           ADS081835_102P
                                          Shaper Lighting • 1141 Marina Way South • Richmond, CA 94804 • ph 510.234.2370 • fax 510.234.2371   02/14/2009 3:27:58 PM

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