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What are casement replacement windows?


Install America is the leading manufacturer of replacement windows also offer double hung, slider & casement windows in NJ, PA, MD Philadelphia & Baltimore.

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									           What are casement replacement windows?
A casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. Casement windows are used
single or in a pair within a common frame. They were used before sash windows were
introduced and generally they contained leaded glass.

To get the best replacement windows there are many things that should be considered. There are
many types of casements available in the market, that can be installed according to individual
choices. One may find fiberglass, wood clad, vinyl, steel and aluminum casements in market to
choose from. Each carries its own pros and cons. It depends on you and your needs, which is best
for you. If you thinking of energy efficient windows then vinyl, wood and fiberglass are the best
to choose from.

You can say they are the best choice in any season. The construction of glass should be
considered as with double pane construction extreme temperature can be avoided from entering
your home especially in warm seasons. It works the other way around as well as it keeps heat
from moving out in cold seasons.
While choosing the panes right for your home one must pay attention to the R-factor, which is
the    effectiveness     of    the     panes     to    insulate,   and     U-factor   as    well.
If you need your glass to help retain heat in or outside your house then you may get an E-coating
done. Also you can get your panes injected with krypton or argon to make them more effective.

In the case of new windows, the easiest to install are vinyl windows. Depending on the look you
are hoping for you can decide the appearance by factors like if you want the most natural look
then wood is the best and aluminum gives a very crisp, clean look.

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