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                                                                                                   Dr Hessa Al Jabor, Secretary
                                                                                                   General, ict Qatar

                                     AMBITIOUS PLANS FOR ICT
                                     ictQatar, is the policy mak-      What is the vision of       opportunities for small and
                                     ing and regulatory body        ictQatar? Do you have a        medium-sized businesses,
                                     for information and com-       master plan for ictQa-         or deepen the technical
                                     munication technology in       tar? And if there is, are      skills of a professional, we
                                     Qatar with a mission to        you proceeding accord-         are committed to bringing
                    “We support      promote the development        ingly or are there any         Information and Com-
                     our nation’s    of an advanced ICT society     hitches in your path?          munication Technology

                        vision by    through infrastructure and
                                     human capital develop-
                                                                    At ictQatar, we sup-
                                                                    port our nation’s vision
                                                                                                   to people of all ages and
                                                                                                   income levels.
                      connecting     ment.                          by connecting people             Our goals are far-reach-
                   people to the        It is also concerned with   to the technologies that       ing – we see a day when
                                     the delivery of e-services     will enrich their lives and    every school in Qatar is
                   technologies      and the establishment of       inspire confidence in the       connected, every student

                 that will enrich    a regulatory environment       future. We are implement-      has an individual com-
                       their lives   that benefits all users.        ing programmes that will       puter, and every citizen has
                                        IctQatar Secretary          make conducting business       the skills to access online
                      and inspire    General, Dr Hessa Al Jaber     and living life easier, more   information and services.
                  confidence in      speaks about the ambi-         efficient, for those who        After two years, some pro-
                     the future.”    tious plans that ictQatar      live and work in Qatar.        grammes are underway to
                                     has premeditated for Qatar     Whether we help make the       making this vision a reality,
                     Dr Hessa Al     with goals that are            classroom experience more      and we look forward to
                            Jaber    ambitious.                     creative, increase business    launching many more over
the next few years.            the expressions of inter-      opment of ICT in any
  In infinite ways, ICT will    est in our market. Several     country?
propel Qatar to a position     companies from around          Any country that aspires to
of economic leadership         the world participated in      thrive in the global econ-
and make possible the          the initial consultation.      omy of the 21st century
personal and professional      We are on schedule to          must develop its ICT sector.
dreams of individuals.         issue by the end of 2007, a    Leaders understand that
                               license to operate a public,   ICT supports and deepens
As a regulator, how do         land-based mobile network      every aspect of national
you hope to implement          and provide mobile ser-        life; education of children
international best prac-       vices, as well as a license    and adults, the health of
tices in the country?          to operate a fixed telecom-     everybody from infant to
At ictQatar we are ab-         munications network and        octogenarian, economic
solutely committed to          provide fixed services.         opportunities for all-sized
transparency, fairness, and                                   businesses. ICT’s potential
openness. That imprimatur      You have recently              is truly boundless.
is the starting and ending     launched the i-Gov pro-
point for the best practices   gramme. When do you            The e-Education pro-
we will implement from         intend to streamline           grammes are making
the experiences of coun-       all the services of the        impressive develop-
tries around the world.        government? Looking            ments. How have the
                               at the i-Gov programme         benefactors, the schools
What kind of changes           of the country, do you         and the students
do you foresee with            think that the services        reacted? Do you plan
the liberalisation of the      are on par with the            to integrate the whole
telecom sector, espe-          global governmental            education strategies of
cially since mobile tele-      portals?                       the country into one
phony market is already        Our i-Gov programme is         connected network?
saturated?                     ambitious. Over four years,    When will the connec-
The experience of coun-        we will build on Qatar’s       tivity needs of other
tries throughout the world     existing e-government plat-    schools, which are not
has proven that when           form to provide important      under the Supreme
providers compete with         information and services       Council of Education,
one another, consumers         to the people of Qatar.        be addressed?
win. Choice will bring to      In four phases, we will        We are collaborating with
customers in Qatar – as        connect all government         the Supreme Education
it has to other markets        agencies to one another        Council to bring the world
– improved service, lower      and to the public, increas-    into classrooms in Qatar.
rates, spurs investment and    ing the effectiveness and      Some programmes, such
innovative new products        responsiveness of govern-      as eSchoolbag – individual,
and services.                  ment. We will learn from       content-crammed comput-
                                                                                                 “The experience
                                                                                                                     ICT TODAY 2007

All this will make Qatar an    the experiences of leading     ers that help students learn
even more attractive place     e-government portals, and      independently and cre-             of countries
to do business.                with transparency and cre-     atively – are still in the pilot   throughout
                               ativity as our guide, Qatar    phase.
How soon can we ex-            will take its place among         Others, like Knowledge          the world has
pect a second operator?        those leaders, especially in   Net, benefit many teachers          proven that when
How has the response           the region.                    and students who partner           providers compete
been to the call for con-                                     online with classrooms
sultation last month?          According to you how           across the country to              with one another,
We were delighted with         important is the devel-        deepen and expand learn-           consumers win.”

                 ing. Our goal at ictQatar        with ministries and councils       Since ICT is critical to
                 is to make sure that every       throughout the government.      public service, it is only a
                 classroom has equal access       For example, together with      matter of time before we
                 to ICT to make learning          the Ministry of Municipality,   work with every agency.
                 vibrant, creative, and long      we established three wireless   We look forward to this.
                 lasting. We also seek to         Internet parks in Doha. Now,    We at ictQatar are indeed        “As we stand on
                 connect parents to teachers      people living, working, or      fortunate to play a role in
                 so they play an active role in   visiting Doha can open their    helping our country attain
                                                                                                                   the threshold

                 their children’s                 laptop and access the world     its aspirations. As we stand     of a new
                 education.                       – at no cost.                   on the threshold of a new        century, Qatar’s
                                                     For i-Gov, we are working    century, Qatar’s possibilities
                 How are the other agen-          closely with the ministries     seem limitless – and ICT’s
                                                                                                                   possibilities seem
                 cies in the Government           of Finance, Economy,            life-changing potential is       limitless – and
                 cooperating in the en-           Interior and Municipality to    infinite. That combination is     ICT’s life-changing
                 deavours of ictQatar?            bring government services       history in the making.
                 We have already partnered        to our citizens in the most        We are thankful to be
                                                                                                                   potential is
                 on programmes and projects       efficient way possible.          part of it                       infinite.”

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