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									           ABOUT THE SYMPOSIUM                                   SYMPOSIUM STRUCTURE                                              KEY DATES

An ambitious target has been understood when           The Symposium technical program is structured in        February 15th, 2008
promoting this symposium: to involve technicians,      parallel sessions, which will be held over three        Abstract submission - postponed
scientists, public administrators, associations and    days.                                                   March 15th, 2008
institutions in a debate on the role of aerosols in    The Symposium topics will be treated in invited         Information to Authors on abstract acceptance
atmospheric pollution, the actions which should be     plenary lectures, selected oral presentations and       April 15th, 2008
adopted and the limitations proposed by the actual     poster sessions. Posters will stay on for the whole     Manuscript submission
regulations. Although more than two decades have       Symposium promoting author presentation and             June 15th, 2008
been dedicated to these subjects in an extremely       spontaneous discussion.                                 Information to Authors on paper acceptance and
abundant literature and in several meetings, the                                                               format of presentation
distance of the clear understandings and the little               ABSTRACT SUBMISSION                          September 15th, 2008
appreciations of the proposed actions seem vanify                                                              Registration deadline for authors to have the
any optimistic forecast for the next future.           Participants wishing to present a contribution are      paper included in the programme and
Therefore the Italian Association of Chemical          asked to prepare an abstract (1 page A4 format)         proceedings
Engineering (AIDIC) sponsored by the major             The paper shall indicate the complete addresses         October 15th, 2008
Industries, Universities and Institutions invite all   and e-mail of each author. Authors are also             Registration deadline for non speakers
the specialists to a three days symposium where        required to indicate the topic which the paper
the above theme will be put under discussion from      belongs to.
all the possible different perspectives.                    Papers can only be submitted through the
                                                                     symposium web-page:
                                                                                                               The AAAS08 Conference will be held at
             SYMPOSIUM TOPICS                      
                                                                                                               Centro Congressi Ateneo Federico II
                                                                    PUBLICATION POLICY                         36 Via Partenope, Naples - Italy
The Symposium topics will mainly deal with the
following aspects:
     • Fundamental Aerosol Chemistry &                 The full set of accepted papers (in the form of short
        Physics                                        papers of 6 pages) will be published in one volume
     • Anthropogenic and Natural Aerosol               of Chemical Engineering Transactions (AIDIC
     • PMx and Urban Aerosol                           copyright/ISBN) which will be distributed at the        The Conference Centre of the "Università
     • Combustion and Materials Processing             Symposium desk. A CD format of the proceedings          Federico II di Napoli" is in the center of Naples
     • Instrumentation & Control Technology            will be also published.                                 on the seafront. It is convenient linked with the
     • Remote Sensing and Satellite Aerosol                  A copy will be available in advance for           international airport Capodichino and the central
        Observations                                              consultation on AIDIC web site.              railway station.Naples is an ancient city: its
     • Aerosol Modeling                                                                                        origins dates back to the 9th Century B.C. when
     • Legislation & Health Related Aerosols                                                                   the city of Parthenope was founded on the site
     • Ultrafine and nanoparticles aerosol                                                                     where Castel dell'Ovo now stands. In the 6th century
     • Anthropogenic and natural emission                                                                      B.C., this city was abandoned and was given the
        sources                                                                                                name of "Palepolis" (old city) and the new city of
                                                                                                               "Neapolis" was founded next to it. Today Naples is
                                                                                                               the third biggest town in Italy, is a major
                                                                                                               Mediterranean seaport and has retained much of
                                                                                                               its ancient beauty.
           ORGANIZING COMMITTEE                                     SYMPOSIUM SECRETARIAT                         Promoted and organized by

Chair                                                      All correspondence should be addressed to                                The Italian Association of Chemical
Sauro Pierucci (Politecnico di Milano; AIDIC)              AIDIC Secretariat                                                        Engineering
Members                                                    Attn. Manuela LICCIARDELLO
R. Del Rosso (Politecnico di Milano)                       Via G. Colombo 81/A
R. Maderna (AIDIC - Milano)                                20133 Milano (Italy)
G. Poli (AIDIC- Milano)                                    Phone: +39-02-70608276                                   CALL FOR PAPERS
E.Ranzi (Politecnico di Milano)
                                                           Fax: +39-02-59610042
                                                           e-mail: a a a s 0 8 @ a i d i c . i t

Antonio D’Alessio (Università Federico II Napoli; Italy)
Eliseo Ranzi (Politecnico di Milano; Italy)

National Members                                                                                                         Advanced
U. Arena (Seconda Università di Napoli)
M. Camatini (Università Milano Bicocca)                                                                              Atmospheric Aerosol
S. Caserini (Politecnico di Milano)
A. Ciajolo (IRC CNR Napoli)                                                  You may visit
A. D'Anna (Università Federico II Napoli)
T. Faravelli (Politecnico di Milano)
S. Fuzzi (ISAC CNR Bologna)
M. Giugliano (Politecnico di Milano)
                                                           - to submit abstract and manuscript
G.P. Gobbi(ISAC CNR)
G. Lanzani (ARPA Lombardia)                                - to register
G. Martini (JRC ISPRA)                                     - to read the program
S. Pierucci (Politecnico di Milano)                        - to find information about the venue
D. Steiner (Tecnosol, Milano)                              - to see the updates                                               9-12 November, 2008
L. Tognotti (Università di Pisa-IFRF)                                                                                              Naples, Italy
R. Vecchi (Università di Milano)
G. Viviano(Istituto Superiore di Sanità)                                      SPONSORS
International Members
U. Baltensperger(Switzerland)                                                                                     In collaboration with
                                                           Companies and organisations willing to support
H. Bockhorn (Germany)
G. De Leeuw (UK)                                           the Forum are invited to contact the Secretariat for
A.Gomez (USA)                                              further information. Participants from industry are
E. Derom (Belgium)                                         welcome.
J. Lighty (USA)
A. Prevot (Switzerland)
                                                                                                                           Politecnico di Milano
A. Sarofim (USA)
J. Smolik (Czech Republik)
E. Swietlicki (Sweden)


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