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									Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

                                Course Description
                          Division of Energy Engineering

Humanities and Skills –
                                   Compulsory 16 Units

HUM 101 History of Ene rgy Engineering                                     2 Units
Definitions-history of technology and engineering in it's different branches-historical
interconnection between science and technology-examples on the development of
different engineering activities.

HUM111 Technical English Language                                           2 Units
Developments of students knowledge in English technical language and ability for
reading and understanding – developing of listening and speeches abilities of students
- writing technical topics – reading in scientific books and technical documentations –
methods of search. Case study exercises related to scientific topics.

HUM 112 Technical Reports Writing                                              3 Units
Techniques of report writing: organisation - objectives, background, method, results,
conclusions, appendices, etc. Achieving clarity and conciseness. Writing steps – page
design - presentational aspects - figures, graphs, tables, literature references, etc - -
Other forms of writing articles, letters, brochures, posters, CVs, etc.

HUM 202 Human Rights                                               2 Units
Social human behavior principles study – Work force – Social control – social
environment of working sites – relationship among livelihood, society and

HUM 303 Industrial and Engineering Legislation                               2 Units
Industrial legislation – Characteristics of manufacturing – Industrial safety legislation
– Labor legislation – Insurance law – Environmental law – Financial systems – Tax
law – Different degrees of prosecution – Capital and small projects and the legal
commitments – The legal regulations for the workers in engineering projects.

HUM 404 Environmental Sciences                                               2 Units
Introduction to environmental sciences – Sources of environmental pollution (Air,
water, and soil) – Environment & Development – Environmental services project such
as paving road, improving water supplies & facility sustaining – Evaluation of
environment effects for industrial projects – Laws and regulations of the environment.

HUM 423 Engineering Economics and Project Management                        3 Units
Part I: Industrial cost – Cost analysis and benefit – Capital investment cycle –
deprecation and replacement- raw material optimization – technical feasibility study –
performance evaluation – case study.

                                                                               Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Part II: The objective of this part is to study the planning, control and management of
projects at both the strategic and the operational levels. Students are expected to
develop conceptual and analytic skills in the following areas in project management:
project nature and the project life cycle; key roles and responsibilities (the client and
the project manager); the use of mathematical models; network-based project
management methodology; time-scale planning techniques; resource scheduling;
modeling uncertainty in activity durations; project cost control and time-cost trade-
offs; use and evaluation of project management software from both a theoretical and
practical viewpoint- case study.

                                   Elective 8 Units
Student should select 4courses

HUM 213 Oral Communication                                        HUM 111 2 Units
Organization of technical presentations: objectives, background, method, results,
conclusions. Presentational aspects: preparation of visual material (choice and amount
of information, clarity). Timing and pacing. Speaking technique. Use of multi media-
visual aids . Responding to questions. Handling interruptions, nervousness. Other
forms of presentation: identification of audience. Speeches, meetings, interviews.

HUM 214 Effective communications                                HUM 111 2 Units
Human behavior analysis – communication skills – The relation between human
motivation and human behavior in communications – Encouragement methods to
achieve effective communication – effective listening skills – effective oral skills –
Culture categories and their effect on personal communication – Oral and body langue
analysis for dealers – prediction and brain analysis skills – Satisfaction and
convincing skills -     Refuse and objection treatment to solve different opinion
problems – brain control methods in personal communication.

HUM 221 Accounting                                                          2 Units
Introduction. Accounting in the engineering context. The distinction between
financial and management. The balance sheet-Equity and trading-Profit
determination-Stock valuation-Provisions and the valuation of fixed assets-Types of
ratio-Ratio analysis and further analysis of accounts-The cash flow statement-The
nature and roles of management accounting-Management accounting / engineering
interface.-Basic cost concepts-Product costing systems-Activity-based costing (ABC)
systems-Short-run decisions-Investment decisions: DFC and other techniques-
Investment decisions: information needs and organisational issues-Budgeting-
Variance analysis.

HUM 222 Applied Statistics                                                     2 Units
Sampling - Probabilities – Probability tables - Random variables - The binomial and
Poisson models - Probability density functions - The uniform, exponential and normal
models- The central limit property - Reliability - Estimating the expected time to
failure and the hazard function-The Weibull model- The reliability of devices in series
and in parallel- The expectation and variance of the sum of two random variable-
Covariance - Linear regression - Sampling distributions - Maximum likelihood
estimation -Testing for model fit - Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
                                                  2                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

HUM 505 The environme ntal management System                              2 Units
What is ISO14000 – interpreting ISO14000 system requirements – implementing an
environmental management system – meeting environmental editing requirements –
performing internal audits and self-assessment – overviews of the Egyptian
environmental law 4/94 – environmental classification of enterprises – guideline of
environmental impact analysis (EIA) for black list enterprises .

HUM 506 Occupational Safety Engineering                                         2 Units
Safety management – standards , cods , and other documents – management a its
responsibility for safety – changing roles of safety personnel – hazard types and their
controls – manual materials handling hazards – acceleration , fails , falling object ,
and other impact – mechanical injuries – heat stress – pressure hazards – electrical
hazards- fires and fire suppression explosions and explosives – hazards of toxic
materials – radiation – vibration – noise – accident investigation and safety analyses.

HUM 524 Marketing                                                               2 Units
Marketing system - information system – consumer behavior – product policy – price
policy – promotion policy – distribution policy – advertising policy – selling.

HUM 525 Managing People and Organisations                                    2 Units
The aim of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to solve practical
managerial and organisational problems which an engineer is likely to meet in a work
context. The course covers a framework for understanding the key elements which
contribute towards organisational effectiveness, the importance of business strategy,
effective work design, the impact of structure and culture on organisational
performance, and the importance of systems, skills, staff and style.

HUM 526 Risk Analysis and Management                                           2 Units
Introduction - Treatment of uncertainties - Decision analysis - Value of information -
Basic tools for risk analysis - Risk assessment with probability distributions – System
evaluation - Expert judgment in Risk analysis - Organizational factors in Risk

HUM 527 Negotiation Skills                                                    2 Units
Nature and objective of negotiation processes- preparation for negotiation processes-
negotiation systems- characteristics of the effective negotiator- Detection methods for
the orientation of different negotiation process members- risk analysis – obstacles of
the negotiation processes – writing the strategy of negotiation – finishing the
negotiation processes and write down the - negotiation results evaluation.

                                                  3                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Basic Sciences
                                   Compulsory 30 Units

BSE 111 Math (1)                                                              3 Units
Algebraic and non algebraic functions - Derivative – Applications on derivative –
Mean value theorem – Curve sketching – Convexity and concavity – Extreme of
functions – Approximation of functions – Indefinite integrals – Methods of
integration – Definite integrals - The fundamental theorem of calculus – Improper
integrals – L' Hopital rule – Applications on integration – Areas – Volumes of solids
of revolution – Are length and areas of surfaces of revolution – Numerical integrator.

BSE 112 Math (2)                                                               3 Units
Theory of equations – Matrices – Matrices and linear system – Determinants and
linear systems – Eigenvalues and eigenvectors – Applications on matrices and
determinants –Sequences and series – Vectors – Polar, cylindrical and spherical
coordinates – Equations of the second degree – Parabola – Ellipse – Hyperbole –
Translation and rotation of axes – Equations of pairs of strict lines – Equation of
sphere and surfaces of revolution – Equations of straight lines and planes in space.

BSE 121 Physics (1)                                                            3 Units
Properties of matter – Physical quantities – Units and dimensions – Properties of
mech. and electric materials – Gravitational field and its applications – Fluid statics –
Fluid dynamics – Viscosity – Elasticity – Sound waves – Waves in elastic media –
Heat and thermodynamics – Heat transfer – Molecular motion of gasses – First low of
thermodynamics – Entropy and the second low of heat dynamics – Applications the
first and second law of thermo dynamics.

BSE 122 Physics (2)                                                         3 Units
Electricity and magnetism – Charge, matter and electric field – Gauss low – Elec.
potential – Capacitors and insulating materials – Current, Resistance, and Elec. Field
– Magnetic field – Amper low – Savant and biot lows – Faraday's low – Magnetic
properties of materials – Maxwell's equations – Integral form – heat effect of current
– Optics – Properties of optics – Electromagnetic waves – Optical phenomena
deviation of optics – Mirrors – Lenses – Optical fibers.

BSE 131 Che mistry                                                          3 Units
States of matter – Solutions – Phase rule – Chemical equilibrium – Electrochemistry –
Water treatment – Building materials – Pollution and its treatments – Other chemical
industries – Mineral fertilizers – Dyes – Polymers – Sugar and starch industries –
Petrochemicals – Semiconductors – Oils, Fats, Soaps and Detergents.

BSE 141 Mechanics                                                        3 Units
Static – Vectors Algebra and Applications – Resultant and Moments of a Force
System – Equivalent Force Systems – Equilibrium of Particles – Friction – Hinges
and Pulleys –Center of Gravity – Moment of Inertia – Product of Inertia Moment –

                                                  4                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Inertia Moment Transfer Theories – Mohr's Circle – Distributed loads – Cross

BSE 213 Math (3)                                                   BSE111 3 Units
Complex Numbers – Functions of complex variables – Cauchy-Reimann equations –
Analytic functions – Elementary functions – Comformal mapping – Complex
integration – Cauchy theorem – Applications of complex integration – Complex series
and Laurent series – Series solution of differential equations – Special functions
Fourier Integrals and Fourier Transformation – Partial differential equations.

BSE 214 Computers                                                         3 Units
Introduction – Computer language and programming – Data base – Using programs to
find approximate solutions for equations – Solution of algebra – linear and non–
linear equations – Numerical integration – Solution of differential equations –
Engineering applications – Case study program design - Use of ready packages.

ENE 301 Numerical Analysis                                       BSE 112 3 Units
Numerical solution of linear systems - numerical solution of nonlinear equations –
interpolation - numerical integration and differentiation - curve fitting-optimization -
numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations - Probability and
statistics - discrete and continuous random variables - frequency tables - deviation
measures - data analysis - optimization techniques.

MDE 101 Engineering Drawing and Projection                                       3 Units
Drawing technology and skills, engineering operations – Projection theory: Projection
of a point, line, and plane simple bodies – Assisted projections. - Intersection of plans
and surfaces - Unfolding body surfaces steel connections - Principles of architectural

                                   Elective 9 Units
Student should select 3 courses

BSE 215 Interfacing and Data Processing                                     3 Units
Methods for interfacing instruments to computers; software for interfacing - Methods
for processing of recorded data; software for data processing - Examples of industrial
applications and appropriate data acquisition and processing - Identification of
measurement requirements in thermofluids applications - Principles of experimental
methods in thermofluids applications - Demonstrations of measurements and data
processing in selected laboratory experiments - Practical work: measurement of time
varying quantities, selection and application of appropriate data processing methods,
assessment of findings.

BSE223 Physics (3)                                                                         3 Units
Waves and vibrations– Harmonic vibration in mechanical and electrical                     systems –
Geom. representation – Interference – Damped vibration – Fourier analysis                 of damped
vibration – Types of waves – Wave velocity – Velocity of sound waves                      in fluids –

                                                  5                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Wave measurements – Doppler effect – Electromagnetic waves – Optics – Optic
interference – Newton ring – Deviation – New concepts – Quantum mech. – Electro
optical phenomena – Laser – Applications of sound waves – Applications in mech.

BSE224 Laser Technology and Industrial Applications                       3 Units
Physics and Laser Technology - Introduction to Laser Processes - Atomic Models.
Energy Levels - Absorption of Energy - Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission -
Inversion of Population. Laser Oscillation - Optical Resonant Cavity - Properties of
Laser Beam. Spectroscopy. Pumping – Circuits - Materials for Lasers - Laser
Applications - Industrial Applications – Cutting – Welding - Thermal Treatment of
Materials - Applications on Electronic Field (Doping, Annealing, Metal Contacts,
Etching) - Reference to Medical Applications - Safety: Dangers and Precautions:
Interaction of the Laser Beam with Human Tissue (Skin and Eyes) - Organization of
the Laser Working Environment.

BSE 242 Continuum Mechanics                                             3 Units
Introduction to continuum mechanics - the concept of continua, elements of vector
and tensor calculus, forces acting on solid and motion of a continuum element -
Conservation laws (of mass, energy and momentum) and basic constitutive

ENE 300 Modeling and Simulation                                            3 Units
Introduction – Scaling and similarity criteria – Model design and techniques –
Mathematical modeling - Finite element analysis and applications -Theoretical
principles of the finite element method. model generation, analysis and results post-
processing. Modeling and analysis of real structural problems - Case study using soft

                                                  6                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Basic Engineering Sciences - 53 Units
ECE 301 Electronic Engineering                                    BSE 122 3 Units
Introduction – Review of power connection – Dual linkage – Electronic circuits –
Amplifiers – Counters – Stabilizers – Output signals – Transistors – Logical circuits –
Digital to analog and analog to digital circuit – Signal summing system – Circuit
applications for angular speed – Stepping motor – Ignition and electronic injection in
the internal combustion engine – Other applications – Introduction to robots.

ENE 200 Thermodynamics                                          BSE 121 3 Units
Basic fundamentals and definitions – Energy concepts – First law of thermodynamics
– Closed systems – Energy equation for closed systems – Continuity equations –
Energy equation for open systems – Steady and unsteady flow through open systems
– Properties of pure substance – Ideal gas model – Reversible processes – Irreversible
processes – Second law of thermodynamics – Carnot cycle – Heat engines and
efficiency – Entropy – Entropy change – Properties of gas mixture and vapors –
Enthalpy and internal energy of gas and vapors mixture.

ENE 201 Advanced Thermodynamics                                   ENE 200 3 Units
Availability – Air standard cycle for energy generation – Gas turbines – Vapor power
cycles – Reversed cycles – Reversibility – Combined cycles for electricity generation
- Relation between thermodynamics properties and effect of real gases – Introduction
to the principles of stiochiometry and applications – Combustion reaction for mixtures
and applications of first and second laws of thermodynamics – Principles of chemical
and phase balance.

ENE 202 Fluid Mechanics (1)                                       BSE 121 3 Units
Introduction – Fluid Principles Definitions – Fluid statics – Fundamentals of fluid
motion – Fluid kinematics – Principal equations for mass continuity, energy
conservation, and momentum in integral formula – Applications – Dimensional
analysis and similarity – Laminar & Turbulent flow – Laminar flow cases – Steady
flow in pipelines – Friction coefficient and losses – Minor losses – Methods of nets

ENE 203 Fluid Mechanics (2)                                    ENE202 3 Units
Differential form of continuity and motion – Approximate and Analytical solutions –
Flow through boundary layer – Potential flow theory – Flow around immersed bodies
– Unsteady flow – Introduction to flow control – Introduction to computational fluid

ENE 204 Heat Transfer                                             ENE 202 3 Units
Introduction to heat transfer – One dimensional heat transfer – Heat transfer with
internal heat generation elements – Continuous heat transfer in two dimensions –
Unsteady one directional heat transfer by conduction – Convection heat transfer –
Free convection relations – Forced convection relations – Mixed convection heat
transfer – Fins and extended surface – Heat transfer with phase change.

                                                  7                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

ENE 302 Engineering Measure ments                               ENE 200 3 Units
Operating performance of measurement devices – Measurement system elements –
Fixed and variable errors – Measuring error treatment – Digital measuring technique –
Force measurement – Torque measurement – Pressure measurement: manometers –
Dynamic device for pressure measurements – Electric device for pressure
measurements – Flow measurement device: orifice, nozzle, ventury, rotating turbine
and rotameter – Velocity measurement: pitot tube – Hot wire – Laser – Angular
velocity measurement – Temperature measurement – Thermometer, and bimetal
sensor – Variable resistances – Semiconductors –Thermocouples – Radiometer –
Measurement of gas exhaust components – Sensors – Analysis of exhaust gases.

ENE 303 Gas Dynamics                                            ENE 203 3 Units
Compressible flow – Properties of flow in variable area ducts – Introduction to shock
wave – Normal and oblique shock wave – Flow in pipes of constant area with and
without friction – Flow over surfaces – Compressible flow in two dimensions.

ENE 304 Control of Mechanical Power Systems                          ECE 301 3 Units
Introduction to automatic control – Assessment of automatic control systems –
Classification of automatic control systems – Basic elements in automatic control
systems – Signal conditioning – Kinds of automatic control systems – Applications of
mechanical power automatic systems. Hydraulic control: Hydraulic fluids; Control
elements – Working elements – Experimental applications. Pneumatic control:
Compressed air; Control elements – Working elements – Experimental applications –
Design of control circuits: electronic; electric; electro-pneumatic.

ENE 306 Heat and Mass Transfer                                     ENE204 3 Units
Types of heat exchangers – Performance of heat exchanger – Heat radiation – Heat
transfer by radiation from gases and flames – Radiation and environment – Mass
transfer in solids, liquid, and gases – Application of mass transfer – Methods of heat
transfer improvement.

ENE 405 Introduction to Mechatronics                          ECE 301 3 Units
Data processing in mechatronic systems. Input/output analog and digital data.
Connection of mechanical tools. Sensors and actuators in mechatronics. Data
collection systems. Types of cards. Simulation of mechatronic systems. Design and
use of computer program. Sensor modeling. Actuator modeling. DC motors. Step
motors. Hydraulic and pneumatic motors. Interfacing; computer interfacing

EPE 201 Electrical Engineering                                   BSE122 3 Units
Electric field – Magnetic field – Electric circuits – Elements of electric circuits –
Sources of electric voltage – Electric current sources – Elements of resistances –
Capacitors and induction coils – Methods of analysis for continuous current circuits –
Node analysis – Method of superposition – Circuits theories – Sine concept –
Applications on theory of oscillating current electric circuits.

                                                  8                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

MDE 202 Mechanical Drawing                                 MDE 101 3 Units
Sketching, Assembly drawing, Working drawing. Surface finish symbols. Fits and
tolerances. Auto Cad program. Drawing and editing commands. Three–dimensional
drawing. Multi layer drawings. Sorting and editing.

MDE 303 Mechanics and Strength of Material                    MRE 102 3 Units
Stresses and Strains – Testing machines and strain gages – Engineering material
behavior under tension, compression, and cold bending – Direct and transverse shear
– Torsion – Fatigue – Hardness – Toughness and impact stresses – Experimental part:
Mechanical tests – Static tests: Tension, compression, shear, bending, torsion, and
hardness – Dynamic tests: Fatigue, impact.

MDE 304 Stress Analysis                                             MDE 303 3 Units
Equilibrium of simple mechanical elements – Normal and shear forces – Bending and
torsion moments – Stresses in loaded elastic bars: Axial, bending, torsion – Strains –
Rigidity – Strain energy – Stresses in combined loading: Eccentric loads, inclined
bending and torsion – Two dimensional stresses: Principal stresses, Mohr circle,
theory of failure – Applications: Thin and thick cylinders, springs, Frames, and Finite
Experimental part: Strain measurements, Whitestone Bridge, principal strains, strains
in thin and thick cylinders, stress concentration factor, elastic failure, and deflections
of beams.

MRE 101 Production Technology                                              3 Units
Introduction to engineering material (ferrous & non-ferrous) – Polymers – ceramic –
Composite materials: types and characteristics – Forming: Casting –Forging – Rolling
– Drawing – Fastening & joining – Riveting – Welding –Hand operations. Cutting:
machine tools – Machine operations – Turning – Shaping – Drilling – Milling –
Grinding – Measurement tools –Vernier caliper – Micrometer – tool life & tool wear
measurements and factors affecting tool life – measurement of surface roughness –
measurement of machined surface – Theory of metal cutting – economics of metal
cutting– introduction to the use of computers in manufacturing workshops –
CAD/CAM – components of NC machine tools – types of NC machines – steps for
NC machining.

MRE 102 Material Technology                                                                  3 Units
Metallic and non–metallic materials – Crystals – Mechanical properties –                       Relation
between crystals and properties – Material codes and standards – Alloying                    theory –
Heat treatments – Polymers – Composites. Ceramics – Material selection                        – Non–
destructive tests.

MRE 403 Principles of Maintenance                                        2 Units
Maintenance definitions – Maintenance department functions – Maintenance types –
planed maintenance – manual maintenance forms – Use of computer in maintenance
planning – Maintenance forms via computer – Spare parts via computer – Statistical
analysis in maintenance. Maintenance cost – Oil and lubrication.

                                                  9                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Applied Engineering Sciences
                       Compulsory 26 Units

EPE 302 Electric Machines                                         EPE 201 3 Units
Types of electric machines – Direct current machine – Multi-phase alternative current
system – Electric transformers – Induction machine – Synchronizing machine – Small
power engines – Electric distribution systems – Cables and their properties – Electric
machine safety – Electric transformers safety – Laboratory tests.

ENE 307 Introduction to Combustion                             BSE 131 3 Units
Fuel and its chemical composition - Introduction to combustion process; combustion
thermodynamics; combustion kinetics - Major factors influencing the combustion
process. Combustion transport - Flame types - Flammability limits, detonations,
deflagrations and flame stability - Combustion aerodynamics.

ENE 400 Mechanical Powe r Laboratories                                       2 Units
Experiments in: Engineering measurements - refrigeration and air conditioning – fluid
flow - turbo machinery - internal combustion engine - continuous combustion
experiments – heat exchanger.

ENE 401 Principles of Turbo Machinery                             ENE 203 3 Units
Basic thermodynamics and fluid mechanics for turbines – Classifications of turbo
machinery – Euler’s equation – Losses – Efficiencies – dimensional analysis and
similarity – One dimensional flow – Two dimensional flow – Axial, radial and mixed
turbines – Axial, radial and mixed compressors and pumps – Performance curves -
Effect of viscosity, compressibility, and cavitations – Three dimensional flow steady
and unsteady flow – fans and blowers- water turbines.

ENE 402 Principles of Refrige ration and Air Conditioning ENE 200 3 Units
Refrigeration methods – Compression refrigeration systems – Refrigerants –
Absorption refrigeration systems – Air refrigeration systems – Introduction to
psychometric chart – Air conditioning systems (summer, winter, and annual) –
Refrigeration and heat loading – Air conditioning equipments – Air ducts – Air duct

ENE 403 Internal Combustion Engines                               ENE 307 3 Units
Introduction – Principles of internal combustion engines – Fuel and air cycles –
Actual cycle – Performance of internal combustion engines – Properties of fuels –
Combustion in spark ignition engine – Combustion chambers of SIE’s – Combustion
in compression ignition engines – Lubrication and friction – Engine indicators.

ENE 404 Fire Fighting                                               3NE 203 3 Units
Fire Detection – thermodynamics of chemical process and flame propagation –
resistance of different materials for fire – flame dynamics and heat transfer from
flame – fire from electrical instruments – self combustion of materials in stores and
industry – fire protection – fire protection system designs – standard specification and
practice code – applications
                                                 10                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

ENE 405 Energy Saving                                            ENE 201 3 Units
Energy and civilization – energy sources – fields of using energy – efficiency of
utilization – Basic fundamentals for energy saving and increase the efficiency of
utilization – Fields and methods of saving – Energy saving in industrial fields –
Practical applications for energy saving – Accounting of energy systems.

MDE 405 Mechanical           Design      and      Transmissions MDE 304 3 Units
Part I: Introduction to design and creativity - Design considerations and factor of
safety – Axis and rotor shaft design – spring design - General gear design methods.
Dynamic and kinematic aspects of gears, belts and chains - Tooth forces, inertia
forces, etc., for bearing design - Vibrational aspects, torsional stiffness considerations
and gearbox noise effects - Materials and heat treatment of gears in relation to
contact mechanics and bending stresses - Rolling element bearings - Selection and
design of rolling element bearings - Lubrication and lubricants - Failure modes in
rolling and sliding contacts related to lubrication and contact conditions - Seals and
sealing - Design belts, chains, couplings, clutches and brakes.
Part II: Transmission types: gearing, continuously variable transmissions, belts and
chains, fluid power systems and electrical systems - Contact mechanics and tribology
in the transmission of power - Reliability assessment methods and condition
monitoring techniques for transmissions.

                                                 11                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Applied Engineering Sciences
                                            Elective 30 Units
Student should select 10 courses.

Combustion Branch
ENE 411 Burners Technology                                        ENE 307 3 Units
Fuel types – Burners classifications- – Principles design of burners – Aerodynamic
combustion control – Burner ignition systems- Fuel and air supply systems- Fuel
preparation for combustion – Flame detection systems- Burner performance –Types
of burners- Criteria for burner selection- Burner operation; start up and shutdown –
Burner maintenance.

ENE 412 Combustion Instrume ntations                           ENE 302 3 Units
Flame visualization and recording- Measurements of burning velocity –Flame
temperature measurements- Composition measurements in flames- Probe sampling
from combustion systems- Laser diagnostics- The analysis of flame data- Gas tracer
flow metering- Electrochemical sensors for emissions control.

ENE 413 Fuels and Chemical Kinetics                             BSE 131 3 Units
Fuel types- Properties of fuels – Fuel applications- Background of chemical kinetics-
Kinetic theory of laminar premixed flames- Kinetic model and computational
methods- Combustion stiochiometry for different fuels- Chemical kinetics and
equilibrium- Kinetic theory of gases- Chemical kinetic aspects- Reaction kinetics-
Case Study.

ENE 414 Incineration Technology                                ENE 307     3 Units
Combustion processes – Waste classification – Waste characterization – Combustion
systems enclosures- Fluid flow consideration in Incinerator applications – Materials
Preparation and Handling – Incineration systems – Air pollution aspects and control
for Incineration processes –Incinerator selection and design.

ENE 415 Sustainable Fuels for I.C. Engines                         ENE 403 3 Units
Need for sustainable fuels - sustainable fuels for C.I engines - sustainable fuels for S.I
engines - Performance and emissions of sustainable fuels for C.I engines -
Performance and emissions of sustainable fuels for S.I engines- Standards for
sustainable fuels- Pollution control from sustainable fuels.

ENE 416 Pressure Charger Engines                                  ENE 403 3 Units
Pressure charging - Radial and axial flow machines – Pressure-charging the
compression ignition engines - Pressure-charging the spark ignition engines - Systems
and practical considerations - Transient response of pressure charged engines -
Variable geometry pressure chargers - Turbo - charged engine performance.

ENE 417 Engine Performance and Maintenance                 ENE 403 3 Units
Performance and operating variables for S.I. engines – S.I. engine combustion
                                                 12                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

chamber design effects on performance – Performance and operating variables for
C.I. engines – C.I. engine performance, efficiency and emissions – Pressure charged
engine performance – Load acceptance of S.I engine and C.I engines – Engine
Friction and Lubrication – Engine testing equipment – Maintenance.

ENE 418 Propulsion                                          ENE 401 3 Units
Classification of propulsion engines – Main components of an aircraft propulsion
engine- Thrust – Turbo machinery fundamentals- Burners: Combustion fundamentals
– Axial turbines – Axial Compressors – Ancillary equipment.

ENE419        Special topics-1- in combustion                                              3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course teacher according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course teacher.

ENE 511 Natural Gas Technology                                ENE 203 3 Units
Natural Gas and other energy sources in Egypt - Use and application of natural gas -
Gaseous hydrocarbons and natural gas composition - Thermo-physical and transport
properties of pure hydrocarbons and mixtures - Prediction of pipeline behavior in
transport processes - Distribution network design and computational simulation -
Specifications and safety rules - Environmental impact - Specific applications in
industrial processes.

ENE 512     Thermal Equipment Emissions Control and ENE 413 3 Units
            Exhaust Gas Treatment
Pollutant emissions- Pollutants characterization- Particulates agglomeration, control
& removal systems- UHC, CO, Sox, Nox, Soot and halogenated compounds
formation & oxidation mechanisms and control.

ENE 513 Thermal Equipment Auxiliary Systems                     ENE 201 3 Units
Fuel tank storage- Steam traps- Soot blowers- desuperheaters- air preheaters-
economizer- boiler blowdown- air ejector- lambda control system.

ENE 514 Numerical Modeling in Combustion                      ENE 301 3 Units
Finite elements methods for one-dimensional flame propagation problems – Finite
element methods in turbulent combustion – Computational spray combustion – Use
of advanced software packages in combustion modeling – Case study.

ENE 515 Design Principles of Industrial Furnaces                   ENE 306 3 Units
Ignition theory – Combustion efficiency – Fuel combustion equipments – Heat
transfer through furnaces – Industrial furnaces – Electrical furnaces – Flame furnaces
– Furnaces applications (metal melting – cement – glass – ceramics) – Furnaces and
Environmental pollution.

ENE 516 Modern Spark Ignition Engines                         ENE 403 3 Units
Direct injection gasoline fuel system - Combustion chamber geometry and in-cylinder
mixture dynamics - Combustion chamber and control strategies – Combustion process

                                                 13                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

and control strategies– Fuel economy and emissions - Specific combustion systems
and control strategies.

ENE 517      Pollution and Pollution Control in the I.C. ENE 403 3 Units
Clean air requirements – Pollutants and their harm to health – Pollution formation
(NO x , CO, CO2, HC, particulates….etc) – Exhaust gas treatment – Acoustic
pollutions – Vibration – New fuels and pollution – Legislation.

ENE 518 Promising Engine Technology                        ENE 417 3 Units
Dual fuel engines – Alternative fuels and their use in SI and CI engines –
Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines – Hydrogen as an engine
fuel – Hybrid electric vehicles – Fuel cells.

ENE 519 Internal Combustion Engine Modeling                     ENE417 3 Units
Ideal models of engine cycles – Flow processes in cylinders – Calculation of non-
steady flows using filling and emptying methods and quasi-steady flow methods –
Heat transfer in the cylinders – Simple mathematical models in compression ignition
engines – Simple mathematical models in spark ignition engines.

ENE51X        Special topics-2- in combustion                                              3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course teacher according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course teacher.

                                                 14                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Fluid Transportation Branch
ENE 421 Piping and Pressure Vessels                             ENE 203 3 Units
Process Plant Pipe; Definitions and Sizing-Pipe Specifications-Storing Pipe-
Calculations to Use. Transportation Pipe Lines; Steel Pipe Design -Gas Pipe Lines -
Liquid pipe Lines. Pipe Line Condition Monitoring; Pig-based Monitoring Systems-
Coupons-Manual Investigation-Cathodic Protection. Pressure Vessels; Stress Analysis
Failures in Pressure Vessels-Loadings-stress-procedure 1: General Vessel Formulas-
Procedure 2: Stresses in Heads Due to Internal Pressure-Joint Efficiencies (ASME
Code)-Properties of Heads Volumes and Surface Areas of Vessel Sections-Maximum
Length of Unstiffened Shells Useful Formulas for Vessels-Material Selection Guide.

ENE 422 Incompressible Flow                                       ENE 202 3 Units
Continuum mechanics – vector calculus and index notation – kinematics of local fluid
motion – basic laws – Newtonian fluids and Navier-stokes equations – some
incompressible flow patterns – dimensionless analysis – incompressible flow – some
solutions of Navier-stokes equations – stream functions and the velocity potential –
vorticity dynamics – flows at moderate Reynolds numbers – characteristics of high
Reynolds number flows – kinematic decomposition of flow fields – ideal flows in
plane – axisymmetric and three dimension ideal flows – boundary layers – low
Reynolds number flows – introduction to stability and transition.

ENE 423 Introduction to Turbulent Flow                              ENE 203 3 Units
The nature of turbulence - Methods of analysis - The origin of turbulence - Diffusivity
of turbulence Length scales in turbulent flows - The Reynolds equations - Elements of
the kinetic theory of gases - Estimates of the Reynolds stress - Turbulent heat transfer
- Turbulent shear flow near a rigid wall - Kinetic energy of the mean flow - Kinetic
energy of the turbulence- Vorticity dynamics - The dynamics of temperature - Almost
parallel, two-dimensional flows - Turbulent wakes - The wake of a self-propelled
body - Turbulent jets and mixing layers - Comparative structure of wakes, jets, and
mixing layers - Thermal plumes - The problem of multiple scales - Turbulent flows in
pipes and channels - Planetary boundary layers - The effects of a pressure gradient on
the flow in surface layers - The downstream development of turbulent boundary
layers - The probability density - Fourier transforms and characteristic functions -
Joint statistics and statistical independence - Correlation functions and spectra - The
central limit theorem.

ENE 424 Non-Newtonian Fluids                                          ENE 203 3 Units
Introduction – Linear viscoelasticity – viscosity in a uniaxial liquid – a theory of flow
birefringence – flow alignment : a general approach – non-Newtonian effects in
polymeric liquids – non-Newtonian effects in suspensions – flow phenomena in liquid
crystals – plasmas in magnetic fields – liquid helium.

ENE 425 Transient Flow                                     ENE 203 3 Units
Introduction - Review of Fundamental - Manifold Flow - Pipe Network Analysis -
Design of Pipe Networks – Extended Time Simulations and Economical Design -
Introduction to Transient Flow - Elastic Theory of Hydraulic Transients (Water
                                                 15                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Hammer) - Solution by the Method of Characteristics - Pipe System Transients -
Pumps in Pipe Systems - Network Transients – Transient devices and procedures.

ENE426        Special topics-1- fluid transportation                                       3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course teacher according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course teacher.

ENE 521 Compressible Flow                                        ENE 33    3 Units
Compressible Flow—Some History and Introductory Thoughts - Integral Forms of the
Conservation Equations for Inviscid Flows – One Dimensional Flow - Oblique Shock
and Expansion Waves - Quasi-One-Dimensional Flow - Differential Conservation
Equations for Inviscid Flows - Unsteady Wave Motion - General Conservation
Equations Revisited: Velocity Potential Equation - Linearized Flow - Conical Flow -
Numerical Techniques for Steady Supersonic Flow - The Time Marching Technique:
With Application to Supersonic Blunt Bodies and Nozzles - Three-Dimensional Flow
- Transonic Flow - Hypersonic Flow - Properties of High-Temperature Gases - High-
Temperature Flows: Basic Examples.

ENE 522 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)                        ENE 301 3 Units
Numerical analysis tools for flow field prediction. Parabolic, Elliptic and Hyperbolic
differential equations. Finite differences and finite element methods. Method of
characteristics and method of lines. Grid generation techniques. Transport properties
estimation techniques for fluids. Steady and unsteady flow in pipes and complex
networks. Boundary layers, free jets and wakes. Computational analysis of multiphase
flows. Application of existing computational codes.

ENE 523 Two-Phase Flow                                          ENE 203 3 Units
Gas - Liquid flow in pipes. Flow regimes in vertical horizontal and inclined pipes.
Pressure drop and void fraction modeling for specific flow regimes. Pneumo transport
and Hydro transport of solids in pipes. Two-phase flow boundary layer analysis.
Modeling of interaction forces. Air-Lift Pump modeling. Gas - Liquid -Solid three-
phase flow.

ENE 524 Fluid Transportation Systems Technology                  ENE 202 3 Units
Piping Fundamentals - Introduction to Piping - Piping Components - Piping Materials
- Manufacturing of Metallic Piping - Fabrication and Installation of Piping - Bolted
Joints – Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe and Fittings - Grooved and Press fit
Piping Systems - Generic Design Considerations - Hierarchy of Design Documents -
Design Bases - Piping Layout - Stress Analysis of Piping - Piping Supports - Heat
Tracing of Piping - Thermoplastics Piping - Fiberglass Piping Systems.

ENE 525 Design of Pipeline Systems                          ENE 203                          3 Units
Water Systems Piping - Fire Protection Piping Systems - Steam Systems                        Piping -
Building Services Piping - Oil Systems Piping - Gas Systems Piping -                          Process
Systems Piping - Hazardous Piping Systems - Slurry and Sludge Systems                        Piping -
Wastewater and Storm water Systems - Plumbing Piping Systems - Ash                           Handling
                                                 16                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Piping Systems - Compressed Air Piping Systems - Compressed Gases and Vacuum

ENE 526 Pipeline Insulation                                       ENE 204 3 Units
Introduction – fundamentals of heat transfer – design parameters ; Controlling heat
loss on hot piping – Providing personnel protection – Providing personnel comfort in
commercial buildings – Reducing heat gain on cold piping – Limiting or retarding
surface condensation – Providing process control – Economic optimization or energy
conservation – Providing fire protection – Providing freeze protection – Providing
noise control – design conditions ; Indoors or outdoors – Conditioned space or
nonconditioned – Geographic location (coastal regions, northern climes, southern
climes, rainy, dry, etc.) – Long, straight runs or frequent bends – Personnel traffic
area or unaccessible – Aboveground or below ground – service considerations ; Hot
water and chilled water – Steam and condensate return – Heat-transfer fluids – Hot
oils – Liquefied gas (cryogenic service) - Sanitary and sewerage water – Materials ;
Calcium silicate insulation – Cellular glass insulation – Elastomeric foam insulation –
Fiberglass and mineral wool insulations – Perlite insulation – Phenolic foam
insulation – Polystyrene foam insulation - Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam

ENE 527      Internal Lining and External Coating for MRE 102 3 Units
Metal specification – materials (cement, epoxy , concrete , rubber) construction –
welding – metal preparation – internal linings – introduction – background, history,
and advantages of        linings and coatings – lining guidelines – lining selection
considerations - terminology –types of organic pipeline protection linings and
coatings – external coating – types of external coating – assembly , testing , inspection
and maintenance.

ENE528        Special topics-2- in fluid transport                                         3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course teacher according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course teacher.

                                                 17                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Power Generation branch
ENE 431 Compressors                                                ENE 303 3 Units
Introduction- Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics relations- Classification of
compressors- Dynamic compressors (Axial, radial and mixed): Performance, Stability
and instability, Rotating stall and surge , Auxiliaries , Maintenance and
troubleshooting – Positive displacement compressors (Reciprocating: Single acting
and double acting, Multistage, … etc. and Rotary: Screw compressors, Lobe
compressors, Scroll compressors, Vane compressors, … etc. – Performance and
Auxiliaries) – compressor selection- Cooling and lubrication of compressors- Sealing
of compressors – Methods of performance improving.

ENE 432 Steam Turbines                                            ENE 401 3 Units
Introduction – Classification – Impulse turbines – Reaction turbines- steam turbine
parts and Auxiliaries – Losses – Design and performance – Control of steam turbine-
Maintenance and troubleshooting of steam turbines.

ENE 433 Pumps                                                     ENE203 3 Units
Pumps classification – Centrifugal pumps: classifications (radial – mixed – axial) –
Pumps arrangements – Euler's equation – Effect of exit angle – Effect of vanes
number – Losses – Pumps performance – Similarity – Pump selection – Cavitation
[Thoma's factor – Net positive suction head (available and required)] – System curve
and operating point – Pumps in series and parallel connection – Pump control –
Priming – Impeller, diffuser and casing design – Auxiliaries – Troubleshooting –
Positive displacement pumps: Reciprocating pumps (lift and force pump- Diaphragm
pump) – Rotary pump (gear pump- screw pump- vane pump- lobe pumps) –
Applications – Pump performance- Auxiliaries – operation and maintenance -
Troubleshooting – Examples of industrial application.

 ENE 434 Boiler Water Treatment                                 BSE 131 3 Units
Introduction – Chemical and physical properties of water – water quality requirements
– Clarification and Softening methods – Oxygen control – Chemical scavenging
control – Internal treatment – Depositions control – Corrosion control – Chemical

ENE 435 Heat Exchange rs                                         ENE 306 3 Units
Introduction- heat exchanger classification –overall heat transfer coefficient – heat
exchanger principle design - heat exchanger analysis – heat exchanger calculation
methodology – compact types – fouling effect – heat exchanger code standers – heat
exchanger maintenance - case study.

ENE 436 Thermal Powe r Stations                                 ENE 201 3 Units
Classification of power stations – Analysis of load, storage and economy in power
stations – Daily load – Annual load – Performance parameters – Turbines selection –
Steam power stations: Cycles and components – Evaporators – Reheat and super
heaters – Economizers – Air pre-heaters – Condensers – Pumps, connections and pipe
lines – Boilers: its operations – Boiler performance and heat balance – Control
devices – New trends for steam generation - Binary power station- Gas power station
                                                  18                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

- Combined power station - nuclear power station - Operation and control of power
station - Environmental aspects of power generation.

ENE437        Special topics-1- power generation                                           3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course teacher according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course teacher.

ENE 531 Fans and Blowers                                          ENE 401      3 Units
Introduction – Axial fans and propellers ; fans applications – axial fans – fan stage
parameters – types of axial fan stages – propellers – performance of axial fans – types
of centrifugal fans – centrifugal fan stage parameters – design parameters – drum type
fans – partial flow fans – losses – fan bearings – fan drives – fan noise – dust erosion
of fans – Blowers ; Basic theory of blowers – classification and performance curves of
blowers – design of radial type blower stage – construction details of blowers –
blower applications – regulation of blowers – blower installation , operation and test –
disc stresses – critical speeds.

ENE 532 Gas Turbine Engines                                  ENE 431 3 Units
Introduction – Thermodynamic review – Gas turbine components and their
performance: compressor, turbine, combustion chamber, cooling system, lubrication
system, fuel system – Parametric Cycle analysis of ideal engines – Methods of
improving gas turbine performance – Examples of application.

ENE 533 Combined Powe r Stations                               ENE 201 3 Units
Introduction – Economics and performance of steam power station – Economics and
performance of gas power station – Thermodynamic Review – Combined cycles with
heat recovery boiler – The STAG combined cycle power plant – Combined cycle with
multi pressure steam – Combined cycle for nuclear power plants – Techniques of
improving the performance of combined cycles – Control and operation of combined

ENE 534 Nuclear Technology                                                     3 Units
Nuclear energy fundamentals – Nuclear reaction and radiations – Industrial
application of radioisotopes – Principles of reactor analysis – Nuclear reactor kinetics
and control – Nuclear energy removal – General principles of reactor safety –
Radiation protection and environmental effects - Elements of nuclear physics –
Nuclear fission – Fission reactors – Environmental impact and safety of nuclear
reactors – Fusion reactions and fuel resources – Experimental devices for nuclear
fusion – Fusion reactors.

ENE 535 Non-Conventional Powe r Stations                    ENE 201 3 Units
Introduction – Binary power stations-combined power stations-combined power
stations with solar energy-solar thermal power stations- Wind power stations –
Geothermal power stations- Energy from ocean – wave energy – fuel cells – Energy
storage (flywheel – pumped hydro – compressed air – Batteries … etc) –
Environmental aspects of power generation.

                                                 19                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

 ENE 536 Ope ration, Maintenance and Control of Boilers        MRE 403 3 Units
Steam generation – Boiler control systems – Start-up procedures – Boiler operation –
Shut down procedures – Water blow-down – Inspection types – Types of maintenance
programs – Failure prevention – Safe storage.

ENE 537 Hydro Powe r Stations                                   ENE 203 3 Units
Introduction – Basic relations – Euler’s equation – Efficiencies and losses –
Dimensional analysis and similarity – Specific speed – Cavitations – Water turbines:
turbine efficiency and losses – Thoma’s cavitations factor– Hydro power stations
components – turbine classification - impulse turbine (Pelton – Turgo – Banki) –
theory – design - performance. Reaction turbines: radial and mixed (Francis) - axial
(Kaplan) – theory – design – performance – selection of turbines – design of runner,
draft tube and casing – Power station economy – Micro hydro power stations.

ENE 538 Hydraulic Circuits                                         ENE 304 3 Units
Introduction to hydraulic circuits – Main components- Basic circuits (Filtration
circuits- Safety circuits –accumulator circuits – Sequential circuits –unloading circuits
... etc.) – hydrostatic transmission circuits (Cranes and elevator circuits – pressing
circuits – Plastic machines circuits - packing machines circuits- … etc.)               -
hydrodynamic transmission circuits: hydraulic coupling and torque converters -
relations and characteristics curve.

ENE539        Special topics-2- in power generation                                        3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course teacher according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course teacher.

                                                  20                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Branch

ENE 441       Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Loads                        ENE 204        3 Units
introduction -solar radiation- indoor and outdoor design condition- external thermal
loads ( through walls, ceiling, ground, infiltration and ventilation load)- internal
thermal loads (people, Light, equipment and motors, persons, processes ,product )-
Heat gain through air ducts- Heat transferred through contact surfaces- cooling load
calculation method- refrigeration and air conditioning loads application.

ENE 442       Air Distribution Systems                                        ENE 202        3 Units
Flow through ducts-pressure change through duct- friction pressure loss- friction
chart- correction factors- dynamic loss for fittings- air duct design methods- design
consideration of air duct- heat gain and loss- thermal insulation of air duct systems-
noise reduction- noise criterion curves- noise source- air outlet types- location of air
outlet- selection of air outlet- air cleaning methods- types of filters- selection of
filters- fans- fans laws- performance characteristics curves of fans.

ENE 443       Equipments         of     Refrigeration        and      Air ENE 402            3 Units
Refrigerant compressors- condenser and cooling towers– evaporators and defrost
methods - expansion device– auxiliary components of refrigeration system - cooling
and dehumidification process- Heating and Humidification process- air filters – fans.

ENE445         Special course-1-          in Refrigeration and Air                           3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course professor according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course professor.

ENE 541       Systems Refrigeration and Air Conditioning                      ENE 443        3 Units
Domestic refrigeration systems- commercial refrigeration systems- industrial
refrigeration systems- refrigeration systems in transportation- all air systems- air
water system- all water systems- direct air conditioning system.

ENE 542       Control and Protection Equipments of                            ENE 304        3 Units
              Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
Definition – Basic functions of control system-control theory - types of control
systems- Basic components of control systems and its symbols – design conditions of
the control of air conditioning system- Control of air temperature – Humidity control
systems- liquid flow control systems – air flow control systems – pressure control –
control of enthalpy-      partial and full control system- electrical control system-
automatic control system- special application of the Control and protection of
refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
                                                 21                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

ENE 543       Applications of Refrigeration                   and     Air     ENE 402        3 Units
              Conditioning Systems
Introduction- types and components of the cold stores- types and components of the
freezing tunnels- food preservations- ice manufacturing- gas liquefaction- air
conditioning for commercial, industrial and transport applications- other applications.

ENE 544       Ventilation Systems                                             ENE 202        3 Units
Aims of ventilation- classification of ventilation- air jets (types-circulation-behavior)
– gas suction- combined supply and extraction systems- ventilation equipment-
ventilation thermal load- determination of ventilation rate- optimum design of
ventilation systems- dust bags- structure considerations.

ENE 545       Design     Working     Fluid     Circuits  of                   ENE 203        3 Units
              Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
Function of piping system- piping materials- pipe joints- refrigerant piping system
(hot gas line- suction line- liquid line) - general design consideration- refrigerant
piping size- equivalent length of piping- piping size table- liquid line sizing- oil
separator- ammonia piping- liquid indicators( sight glass) – refrigerant dehydrators-
strainers- pressure relive valve- compressor service valve- receiver valve- sizing of
child water piping- sizing of cooling water piping- pumps- practical applications.

ENE 546       Economics    of   Refrigeration                and      Air HUM 423            3 Units
              Conditioning Systems
Introduction- terminology- types of economic analysis- benefits and costs- economic
analysis approaches- value engineering- initial costs- energy costs- maintenance and
repair costs- alteration and replacement costs- management consideration- case

ENE 547       Electricity  of   Refrigeration                and      Air     EPE 201        3 Units
              Conditioning Systems
Electric symbols- electric circuits (complete wiring diagram) for various refrigeration
and air conditioning systems- electric wires and cables-electrical insulation- types and
structure of electric motor (single and three phase) characterises of electric motor
(speed-power)- effect of voltage and amp on the motor characteristics- starting of the
motor-relays- capacitors- motor protection device- motor selection- technical data of
motor- voltage drop protection- practical application.

ENE 548       Operation and Maintenance of Refrigeration MRE 403                             3 Units
              and Air Conditioning Systems
Setting to work- calibration and final commissioning- commissioning records-
classifications of maintenance work- maintenance requirements – planning of
suddenly maintenance – major maintenance work- spare parts – planning of regular
maintenance for refrigeration and air conditioning systems – modern instrument and

                                                 22                            Energy Engineering
Helwan University                                                Faculty of Engineering- Mataria

testing devices – periodical inspection- troubleshooting of refrigeration and air
conditioning systems.

ENE549        Special topics-2 in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning                       3 Units
The special topics will be designed by course teacher according to national and
international market requirements as will as student capabilities. Prerequisite courses
will be chosen by course teacher.

                                                 23                            Energy Engineering

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