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Fusion IS


									                                                                       Oracle Accelerate
                                                                       Oracle Accelerate brings comprehensive, easy-to-own,
                                                                       industry-focused applications to growing companies.

Oracle Accelerate Enablers for                                         Key	to	Oracle	Accelerate	is	the	availability	of	applica-
                                                                       tion	bundles	that	can	be	quickly	implemented	and	that	
Consumer Products                                                      provide	a	wide	range	of	industry-specific	functionality.	                   Growing Companies
Software Configured to Support
                                                                       To	be	eligible	to	deliver	an	Oracle	Accelerate	solution,	
the Required Business Processes
                                                                       a	partner	must	be	a	member	of	the	Oracle	Part-
     Integrated	processes	are	configured	to	comply	with	
     SCOR™	process	framework.                                          nerNetwork	at	the	Certified	or	Certified	Advantage	

                                                                                                                                   Fusion IS
•	   Tools	to	support	the	optimisation	of	Supply	Chains	which	         Partner	level.
     maximise	revenue	and	increase	margins.
•	   Increased	visibility	and	control	of	the	supply	chain	to	          With	Oracle	Accelerate	solutions,	partners	are	provid-
     comply	with	strict	retailer	requirements.                         ing	to	customers	solutions	that	are	easy	to	own	with	       Oracle Accelerate Provider of
                                                                       industry	best	practices,	giving	them	the	choices	they	
Support for all Company Business Processes
                                                                       need	for	today	and	tomorrow.
                                                                                                                                   Consumer Products Solutions
•	   Financial	system	is	configured	to	ensure	Compliance	to	
     International	Financial	Reporting	Standards	(IFRS).
•	   Manage	the	Cash-to-Cash	Cycle	in	accordance	with	the	
     company’s	strategic	goals.
•	   Eliminate	rework,	configure	pricing	and	distribution	and	         For more information contact:
     become	a	world	class	supplier.
                                                                       Fusion	Information	Services	(Pty)	Ltd
•	   Achieve	manufacturing	excellence	be	it	repetitive,	batch	or	      The	Business	Centre	Design	Quarter
     processes.                                                        Leslie	Avenue,	Fourways,	2055
•	   Operate	a	complete	procure	to	pay	process.                        Trevor	J.	Allman,	CEO
                                                                       Phone:	+27	83	653	0007
Rapid Time to Value
                                                                       Fax:	+27	86	672	1929
•	   Pre-configured	solution	enables	shortened	testing	cycles.
•	   Gain	benefits	quickly	from	Oracle’s	experience.
•	   User	Training	is	integrated	into	the	solution	making	it	quick,	
     complete	and	reuseable.
•	   The	solution	is	flexible	to	cater	for	business	changes	over	
                                                                       Unlimited Possibilities for Limited Budgets
“For a long time, mid-size businesses have                   Why FusionIS?                                                      Why Oracle Accelerate?
 not been in a position to afford or use
                                                             Experience                                                         Only Oracle Offers You a Choice
 comprehensive business solutions that they                  •	   Experienced	consultants	dedicated	to	implementing	the	        of Applications That Are Easy to Own

 so desperately need. Now, for the first time                     Oracle	JD	Edwards	EnterpriseOne	product	line.                 •	   Bundle	solutions—You	decide	what	you	need	and	
                                                             •	   Experience	in	mid-size	businesses.                                 when	you	need	it.
 in South Africa, Oracle Accelerate and our                                                                                     •	   Award-winning	support—Upgrade	on	your	terms	and	
                                                             •	   Experienced	in	business	and	process	improvement.
 Consumer Products industry experience brings                •	   Skilled	in	project	management	as	well	as	applications	and	
                                                                                                                                     protect	your	investment	with	lifetime	support.
                                                                                                                                •	   More	capability—More	choice	for	today	and	tomorrow.
 these comprehensive business solutions to mid-                   technology.

 sized businesses.”                                          Consultancy Experience                                             Oracle Provides a Comprehensive Solution
                                                                                                                                For Growing Companies
                                                             •	   Certified	consultants	with	extensive	functional	experience.
 Trevor Allman, CEO, Fusion Information Services.
                                                                                                                                •	   Broad	industry	applications	with	built-in	industry-specific	
                                                             •	   Consultants	have	an	average	of	more	than	10	years	
                                                                  experience	each.
                                                                                                                                •	   Scalable	solutions	easily	integrate	with	existing	
                                                             •	   Consultants	have	consumer	products	and	supply	chain	
                                                                                                                                     applications	and	hardware	investments.
“The Supply Chain Council’s Business Process                                                                                    •	   Best-in-class	business	process	flows	enable	rapid	business	
                                                                                                                                     process	changes	to	meet	your	challenging	business	needs.
 Framework Model - SCOR™ , is an industry                    Leading Business Tools and Methods
                                                             •	   Financial	system	and	financial	reporting	is	fully	IFRS	
 recognised framework of processes, best                                                                                        Oracle Offers The Most Complete and Open Solution
 practices, metrics and supply chain risk                    •	   All	business	processes	in	this	Consumer	Products	solution	
                                                                                                                                •	   Proven	experience	with	thousands	of	growing	companies	
                                                                                                                                     and	government	entities	using	Oracle	Applications.
 mitigation mechanisms used by organizations                      have	been	designed	to	comply	with		the	SCOR™	process	
                                                                                                                                •	   Our	comprehensive	partner	network	delivers	deep,	
 worldwide who are involved in the physical                  •	   User	training	is	computer	based	with	on	line	assessments.
                                                                                                                                     industry-specific	functionality	and	best	practices.
                                                                                                                                •	   Solutions	are	built	on	open	standards	and	leverage	
 supply chain. Using this framework selecting
                                                                                                                                     third-party	solutions	and	add-on	applications.
                                                             Value Added Options
 and implementing software is more efficient and
                                                             •	   Change	management	of	the	organisational	dynamics	
 less risky.”                                                     during	a	project.
                                                             •	   Computer	based	training	and	on-line	user	assessments.
  Victor do Santos, Chairman - 2009, Supply Chain Council,
  South Africa                                               •	   Hosting	and	support	options	to	reduce	total	cost	of	
                                                             •	   Work	with	the	customer	to	select	and	integrate	additional,	
                                                                  complementary	software	to	ensure	continued	unlocking	of	
                                                                  solution	value.

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