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February 2009 Newsletter - February Newsletter


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									          Lancaster & District Group of Lodges and Chapters
   Volume 5 Issue 7                     NEWSLETTER                                                       February 2009

                                                                                                       IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                         New Lodge
                                                                                                       Banner Dedicated

                                                                                                         Pages 1 & 2
ON THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12, Pilling Lodge held a Ceremony of Banner                                            Page 3
dedication in the presence of Worshipful Brother F.P.Gardner PAGDC, Assistant
Provincial Grand Master, at Wyrebank, Garstang.                                                        Freemasons In The
After conducting the Regular business of the Lodge, The Worshipful Master, Br. Don Atkinson, opened       Community
the Lodge in the Third Degree. The Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies was admitted and          Page 5
announced the arrival of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master.
After entering in procession with his officers, the APGM accepted the gavel from the Master of the      Wyreside Panto
Lodge and occupied the Chair, before appointing Provincial Grand Officers to assist in the ceremony.     Story & Pics
Salutations were given under the direction of
the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of                                                                     Page 5
Ceremonies before labour was resumed in
the First Degree.                                                                                       18th Century
The Assistant PGM then gave a most                                                                        Initiation
interesting and stimulating address to the                                                              Demonstration
brethren regarding the purpose of the                                                                      Page 6
ceremony and some history on the use of
banners through the ages.                                                                              Poulton-le-Sands
Following an anthem sung by the Provincial                                                               Installation
Choir, the APGM called upon the PDGDC
to form a deputation to carry the Banner into                                                               Page 6
the Lodge and as the Banner was collected
and processed around the Lodge the                                                                      Prostate Cancer
Provincial Choir sang the Opening Hymn.                                                                    Research
Whilst the Banner was held on display to the                                                              Campaign
brethren assembled the Provincial Grand                                                                     Page 7
Chaplain delivered the Dedication Prayer
after which it was carried to the East by                                                                 Provincial
command of the APGM.                                                                                     Grand Draw
The APGM then delivered the Banner into
the keeping of the Master who accepted the                                                                 Results
Banner on behalf of the Lodge and requested                                                                Page 7
permission to have it placed in the East.
The Provincial Choir sang a psalm, followed                                                              A special 50
by an oration by the Provincial Grand                                                                    Year event
Chaplain. This was extremely interesting and                                                               Page 8
expanded upon the theme of Banner history
previously touched upon by the APGM.
The closing hymn was sung and the Provin-                                                                   City of
cial Grand Chaplain pronounced the                                                                         Lancaster
Patriarchal Benediction before the APGM              From left: W.Bro F. Philip Gardner P.A.G.D.C.,       Installation
invited the Master to reoccupy the Chair.               Bro Don Atkinson W.M. Pilling Lodge,                Page 8
              More on Page Two                      W.Bro James Wilson P.A.G,D.C. Group Chairman
Page 2                                                Lancaster and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 7. February 2009

Continued from Page One:

                                         THE PILLING LODGE BANNER
W.Bro R R Kippax, PPrJGW, a well-known local farmer was initiated into Pilling Lodge on February 13, 1964, and held many
offices until he was called to the Grand Lodge Above on May 9, 2002. In his will he bequeathed money to the Lodge and it was
decided that a Lodge Banner be commissioned for display in the newly-built Garstang Masonic Hall.
Bro. T Moss, a member of Pilling’s Mother Lodge, Scorton, and art teacher at Garstang High School, skillfully designed the Banner
and Mrs J Files of Grimsargh, a member of the Guild of Quilters exquisitely crafted it.
The main feature of the Banner is the local landmark, Pilling Mill, though now, sadly it is without its sails. Above the mill can be
seen the ‘Pilling Pig’, the engine of an ancient Pilling Railway. On either side of the mill scene are the two great pillars supporting
the celestial and terrestrial globes. These serve to remind us of our Masonic Principles. Above all these items are the square and
compasses, whilst below them is the red Lancashire Rose.
All these items are surrounded by a deep blue frame which in turn is mounted on a pale blue background. The Banner is trimmed on
all four edges with gold braid and a tasseled trimming along the lower edge.

                                               DEDICATION BANQUET
Some 100 members and guests enjoyed the Dedication Festive Board when the Charity Steward reported that a magnificent total of
£562.42 had been raised for Charity.
The APGM gave the toast to The Lodge which was responded to by the Worshipful Master before presenting W.Bro Gardner with a
beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mrs Gardner.

                                          THE DEDICATING OFFICERS

                                           Worshipful Brother F. P. Gardner, P.A.G.D.C.,
                                Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Province of West Lancashire

                                                          Assisted by:
                                       W.Bro G.R. Jones, Provincial Senior Grand Warden
                                      W.Bro D. J. Winder, Provincial Junior Grand Warden
                                       W.Bro Rev. G Halsall, Provincial Grand Chaplain
                             W.Bro J. R. Clipsham, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies
                         W.Bro K. S. Kemp, P.Pr. J.G.W., Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies
                               W.Bro A. Jenkinson, P.Pr.J.G.W., Provincial Grand Deacon (Acting)
                                W.Bro A. Stafford P.Pr.J.G.W., Provincial Grand Deacon (Acting)
                                          W. Bro D. K. Tattersall, Pr.G.Org., Organist
                                     W.Bro S. Lawrenson, P.Pr.D.G.Supt.Wks., Inner Guard
                                      W.Bro D. Wearden, P.Pr.G.Supt.Wks., Banner Bearer
                                     W.Bro W.G. Bullough, P.A.G.D.C., Provincial Chorister
                                     W.Bro A. Ford-Giltrap, P.A.G.D.C., Provincial Chorister
                                       W.Bro J. Hindle, P.Pr.S.G.W., Provincial Chorister
                                 W.Bro C. J. Knowles, P.Pr.D.G.Supt.Wks., Provincial Chorister
                                     W.Bro T.J.B. Whiteley, P.Pr.J.G.W., Provincial Chorister

                                                    LODGE OFFICERS
                                              Bro R. J. Bradshaw, Senior Warden
                                             W.Bro J. E.A. Barclay, Junior Warden
                                  W.Bro L.A. Robinson, P.Pr.A.G.Swd.B., Director of Ceremonies
                                               Bro P. Pemberton, Senior Deacon
                                                Bro J. D. Eccles, Junior Deacon
                                     W.Bro W.B. Bamber, Assistant Director of Ceremonies
                                               Bro B. W. Armistead, Inner Guard
                                                    Bro G. Kirkham, Tyler
Lancaster and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 7. February 2009                                 Page 3

AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH I attended Pilling Lodge to support our Assistant Provincial Grand Master as he
conducted his first Banner Dedication Ceremony assisted by the Provincial Senior and Junior Wardens and the Provincial
Choir and Chaplain. And what a splendid evening it was!
The proceedings were conducted with great dignity and professionalism by our Assistant who gave the Brethren an accomplished
explanation as to the purpose of the meeting and then went on to dedicate the Banner, followed by a marvellous oration by the
Provincial Grand Chaplain the Rev. Graham Halsall. Rev Graham is a member of Lodge Amounderness - the Lodge recently
transferred into our Group and who will shortly be meeting at Garstang. It really was a joy to listen to.
The Banner was in memory of W.Bro Raymond Kippax whose bequest to the Lodge enabled it to be purchased and it was indeed a
fitting memorial for the long and distinguished service he gave to Pilling Lodge.
This year’s Royal Arch Forum was held at the Meeting of Scorton Chapter where an Exaltation Ceremony was carried out followed
by an overview by Ex.Comp.Peter Mason and a question and answer session by our Assistant to the P.G.Principals, Ex.Comp.
Michael Davies. This proved to be an interesting and informative night but unfortunately the attendance by Companions Exalted in
the last 5 years who these meetings are aimed at was disappointing. Perhaps those companions could discuss with our Vice Chair-
man what type of evening they would like so that in future these meetings might be better attended.
Our Provincial and Group Web Master W.Bro Chris Butterfield held a computer workshop which covered a variety of topics and
explained to Secretaries how to convert their precepts to P.D.F. files so other Secretaries would have no problem in receiving them.
Any Secretary who did not take advantage of this meeting, however computer literate they may be, missed a golden opportunity of
finding out from an expert how a computer can make a Secretary’s life much easier. I think it is fair to say that we all learnt some-
thing from this meeting. Chris certainly knows his stuff and a booklet was issued to enable us to work on things at home. Chris
hopes to hold another meeting in the future to work through any problems we have found. I would recommend this meeting to all
Secretaries and Scribes as I am sure they will find it time well spent.
As I visit round the Group I am starting to see the badges being worn in support of the Prostate Cancer Research Campaign
sponsored by Bro.Peter Pemberton, the S.W. of St.Michaels Lodge, and who now assists Jim Hamilton in the preparation of the
Group Newsletter. Peter has designed and commissioned the badges and has included in this issue of the Newsletter an explanation
about the campaign. I hope you will all give it your full support as I am sure we all know someone who has been touched by this
terrible disease and none of us know what the future holds for us.
Whilst attending Lune Installation I had a conversation with their new Worshipful Master Gary Wright about a sponsored walk he
and two other Brethren from Lune Lodge will be undertaking between Friday May 1 and Monday May 4, also in support of Prostate
Cancer. The walk is 58.5 miles from Preston to Kendal following the route of the canal. Whilst Gary is only seeking sponsorship
from his own Lodge members, I am sure he would appreciate support from any Brother in the Group and can be contacted through
his Lodge Secretary, David Roberts.
This years Group Ball is to take place on Saturday May 16, in the new banqueting suite at the University of Cumbria - formally St.
Martin’s College in Lancaster. There is ample free parking on site and the function room has fantastic views over the City of
Lancaster. Lodges should now have received full details from our Group Social Secretary, W.Bro Alan Procter, and I hope Masters,
Brethren and their Ladies will, as in the past, give this event their full support.
Brethren I wish you all well for the future.



                Tickets £12.50 From Keith Lamb - Jim Hamilton - Neil McGill - Barry Robinson - Alan Robinson
Page 4                                               Lancaster and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 7. February 2009

        WAY - ASK A RANGER!
BROTHER PETER PEMBERTON of St Michael’s-on-Wyre Lodge 8348 can be found out and about
every other weekend as a Volunteer Countryside Ranger with the Lancashire Countryside Service.
Within the Lancashire Countryside Service it is the Ranger Service that manages the Country Parks, picnic sites, long distance foot-
paths and access areas.
Volunteer Rangers form an integral part of this work by: safeguarding the countryside sites and access areas by encouraging good
behavior and reporting on the need for remedial actions; offering information and guidance to visitors; and dealing with, or assisting
with, any emergency that might arise.
‘Having been a keen fell-walker for many years, the Volunteer Ranger Service gave me an opportunity to use my love of the
outdoors to the benefit of others once I had retired from full-time work,’ said Peter.
Lancashire County Council’s Countryside Service is intensely proud of the professionalism of its Volunteer Ranger Service and puts
great store by the comprehensive training given to its volunteers.
This training includes such items as: navigation, radio procedures, countryside law, visitor management and emergency procedures;
together with first aid and rescue and emergency care. Trainees must achieve a minimum pass mark in all areas in order to be ac-
cepted into the Service.
Volunteers can also request training in Advanced Navigation techniques. Sometimes referred to as micro-navigation, this involves
being trained in, and proving competence in, the ability to navigate to an EIGHT figure grid reference (ie to within 10 metres) using
map and compass only. This aspect of training is conducted on Clougha Fell over six consecutive Sundays in the depth of winter
with competence being proven by a full day practical examination in the field. Peter said: ‘There is no doubt that the advanced
navigation course is both challenging and gruelling, but also very satisfying. The qualification is essential for all Rangers who wish
to work on upland areas or lead guided walks.’
Peter can be found out on patrol on Beacon Fell every other Saturday and on and around Pendle Hill on Sundays.
In addition to his duties as a Volunteer Ranger, Peter is also a Magistrate on South Ribble Bench sitting at Leyland and Chorley.

                                       Bro Peter in his role as Volunteer Countryside Ranger
Lancaster and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 7. February 2009                  Page 5

THE BRETHREN OF WYRESIDE LODGE with the help of one or two outsiders have again staged
their annual
On Friday January 30
and the following
Saturday they per-
formed “Babes in
The Wood” and they
did so to a full house
on both occasions.
The panto was again
written by W.Bro
Frank Hodgkinson
and produced by his
brother W.Bro. Tom
Hodgkinson. The
audience in Cabus
Vilage Hall was
treated to hilarious
performances on both
evenings, and
showed their appre-
ciation throughout.

                                                                                                    The Panto Cast

                                                                                                     Two Lovely
                                                                                                     Black Eyes!
                                                                                                     Peter & Jim
                                                                                                  somewhat worse for

                           Some ideas for new regalia?

Together the two evening performances raised well over £2,000 for
charity, and a full list of the Lodge’s charitable giving is listed in the
report on the Lodge’s Installation which is also in this issue, and
represents a remarkable achievement by the Lodge and its master
Andrew Cookson.
In addition to the brethren of Wyreside the cast also included W.Bro
Harry Parker of Scorton Lodge who is in his third year as a fairy, though
this year he was in green and not pink. There was also a special guest
performance by W.Bro Peter Mason and W.Bro Jim Hamilton. They
appeared at the end of each act and as the pictures show seemed to fall
out, with both ending up the worse for wear.
Page 6                                             Lancaster and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 7. February 2009

VALE LODGE No. 5256 continued with its resurgence this month.
They held an Old English Lunch on the February 28. It could not be an Old English Night as they meet on Saturday lunch time! The
WM. Graham Liddy welcomed W.Bro. F.P. Gardner PAGDC PrGM to the Lodge together with the members of Brigantes Lodge
No 9734 Demonstration Team. The team consisted of: W.Bro. Richard Johnson, W.Bro. Douglas Lowe, W.Bro. Philip Cragg,
W.Bro. Bob Thompson, W.Bro Dennis Whicker, W.Bro. Geoff Waters, W.Bro. Ron Thexton, W.Bro. Philip Rampling, W.Bro.
Paul Johnson, W.Bro. B. Erett, and W.Bro. B. Hampson.
The ceremony was entertaining, educational and full of humour showing an Initiation Ceremony and Charge for an Entered Appren-
tice in 1777.
With almost 75 Masons dining, the Fines
Master W.Bro. Norman Mitchell raked in a
considerable amount of cash and the raffle
raised £340. As previously agreed this was
given to the team from Brigantes Lodge.

                                                    Above: Members of Brigantes Lodge watched by Vale members & guests

                                                They then promptly donated half of it back to Vale to give to the 2010 Festival.
                                                The afternoon’s entertainment was provided by W.Bro. G. Waters and Bro. Nigel
         Above: Fines Master W.Bro Norman       Parrish.

              Poulton-le-Sands Installation
ON WEDNESDAY February 25, close to 120 Masons attended Poulton-le-Sands Lodge Installation.
The representative of the RW Provincial Grand Master was W.Bro. David Winder, the Junior Warden of The Province and he was
accompanied by a veritable galaxy of Grand Officers. Poulton le
Sands Lodge is the mother Lodge of the Past Provincial Grand
Master RW Bro Colin Penty Wright who was also in attendance. It is
also the mother lodge of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master
W.Bro Phil Gardner and due to a change in the guideline on protocol
he was also able to attend. This and the attendance of others of high
rank made for an interesting afternoon for the Lodge Director of
Ceremonies W.Bro Keith Lamb, one which he coped with very well.
The ceremony itself was a match for the occasion and saw W.Bro
Norman Howarth install his successor Bro Ken Maunder into the
Masters Chair. It has been a long wait for Brother Ken to reach the
chair as a career in the Merchant Navy has kept him at sea and away
from the Lodge for many years. His return to land a few years back
has allowed him to resume his interest in Masonry and in Rotary and
he was recently the president of Lancaster Loyne Rotary Club.
The festive board was at the Lothersdale Hotel which coped superbly
with the large attendance.
Lancaster and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 7. February 2009                                                                                                         Page 7

Freemason Bob’s call could be a lifesaver
IN 2003 BOB MONKHOUSE (himself a Freemason) died from Prostate Cancer, a disease which is now
killing one man every hour in the UK.
Shockingly, although it is almost as common as breast cancer, it gets just a fraction of the funding. Over 30,000 men were
diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK last year - a figure which is increasing each year.
Bro. Peter Pemberton is endeavouring to both raise awareness of the disease amongst our members and funds for research into
treatments. He has commissioned a special badge incorporating the colours of Craft and Royal Arch together with the square and
compasses and will be selling these as he visits Lodges throughout the Group - and indeed further afield.
So - Give A Few Bob. You might save someone’s life.

                                                          Prostate Cancer Research Campaign
                                                            Sponsored by Bro. Peter Pemberton St Michael’s-on-Wyre Lodge 8348

                                                                  Please buy our badge - wear it with pride - and help find better
                                                                 treatments for the disease killing one man every hour in the UK

                                                              The badge costs £5.00 (£5.50 by mail order) and now comes with a
                                                                special ‘Haynes Workshop Manual’ guide to Prostate Cancer.
                                                             Proceeds will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation

                                                                                                               Please contact:
                                                                                                              Peter Pemberton,
                                                                                                         Bushells Cottage, Mill Lane,
                                                                                                         Goosnargh, Preston PR3 2BJ.
                                                                                                             Tel: 01772 865057
                                                              Bob Monkhouse image reproduced by kind permission of Prostate Cancer Research Foundation Registered Charity 1117399 www.giveafewbob.org

                                 IN SUPPORT OF 2010 FESTIVAL
                   Held at Wellington Park Leyland, Friday, February 27, 2009
           1st Prize        £1,000: I Hammond (Eccles Group) Ticket No 18931
           2 Prize          £500:   A Bartley (Wellington Group) Ticket No 16516

           3rd Prize        “Deans” Masonic Bear: M W Cotterrall (Sandon Group) Ticket No 15533
           4 Prize          Gallon of Whiskey: G B Lee (South Fylde Group) Ticket No 04308

           5th Prize        6 Bottles Champagne: R Shuttleworth (Furness & South Lakeland Group) Ticket No 18151

           6th Prize        6 Bottles Wine: M Wiggins (Preston Group) Ticket No 16699

                                     The Draw raised £15,547.00 for the 2010 Festival
                                         Thank you to all those who took part
                                                           W. Bro B. Jameson PPrSGD (Promoter)
Page 8                                               Lancaster and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 7. February 2009

P.Pr.G.Swd.B (C&W), the organist of The City of Lancaster
Lodge, became Master of his Mother Lodge, Linacre No 4823 in
the Bootle Group at Liverpool.
W.Bro. Roy was initiated by his father in December 1957 and it has taken
him 51 years to become Master of this Lodge, although he has been Master
of other Lodges. Could this be a record? It would be difficult to find out.
W.Bro Roy has been Master of a Lodge on four previous occasions, his job
as an engineer with British Telecom saw him move around the county, but
wherever he went the took his Masonry with him, always joining a local
Lodge where possible.
As a result he has been Master of Lodges in Aylesbury in 1975, Carlisle in
2004, Lancaster in 2004 and 2005 and now in Linacre in 2009.
W.Bro. Roy’s grandfather was a founder member of Linacre Lodge in 1926
and Master in 1930. His first initiate was Roy’s father in 1930, and then
Roy’s father became Master in 1953. The Master’s collar which Roy can be
seen wearing was worn by both his Father and his Grandfather.
Could this be a record too?

                  CITY OF LANCASTER
ON THURSDAY FEBRUARY 9, The City of Lancaster Lodge held its Installation.
The Lodge, which was formed in 2006, welcomed W.Bro. Chris Butterfield into the chair. W.Bro. Chris is in the chair for the fourth
time, having initially been Master of Fraternity Lodge No 4072 in the Preston Group, of which he is still secretary. He then occupied
the chair of John’O Gaunt Lodge for two years in succession in 2002 and 2003. The John’O Gaunt Lodge amalgamated with The
Lodge of Fortutude to become The City of Lancaster Lodge in 2006, and W.Bro Chris has become its fourth master, in his fourth
year as a Master.
The representative of the P.G.M. was W.Bro Stuart Thornber who was on his second visit to the Lancaster & District Group in three
days having represented at Wyreside Installation on the previous Tuesday. W.Bro Thornber, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward,
                                                                                                                received a cheque for
                                                                                                                the 2010 Festival for
                                                                                                                £1,100. This took the
                                                                                                                total donated by the
                                                                                                                Lodge to the Festival
                                                                                                                so far to £5,100.
                                                                                                                W.Bro Thornber must
                                                                                                                have been impressed
                                                                                                                by the way the new
                                                                                                                Master was installed
                                                                                                                by W.Bro. Jack
                                                                                                                W.Bro Jack placed his
                                                                                                                successor in the
                                                                                                                Master’s chair, and
                                                                                                                presided over an ex-
                                                                                                                cellent ceremony that
                                                                                                                was attended by over
                                                                                                                90 masons.

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