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      John Wesley Neill, B.S.A., M.C., Ph.D. (Hort.),
         John passed away at his Victoria
      apartment in July. He was eighty-
      three, and had suffered for some
                                                  instrumental in getting this pacific
                                                  coast maverick group, to agree to
                                                  vote to join the CSLA as a
                                                                                         made up of street tree managers,
                                                                                         park superintendents and private
                                                                                         arborist companies like Davey and

      years with MS. He was a patriarch           Component of the National newly        Barlett who both advertised them-
      of Landscape Architecture in the            federalized body. In 1979 John         selves as tree experts, along with
      Province of British Columbia. A             became the Chair of the program        university professors who taught
      Fellow of the Canadian Society of           in Landscape Architecture at UBC,      arboriculture. When the Shade
      Landscape Architects, John held             having led the process of establish-   Tree Conference got into tree evalu-
      membership Certificate No. 2 in             ing the degree program and             ation, the system required that
      the British Columbia Society of             curriculum that he and Philip          ornamental trees needed to be
      Landscape Architects.                       Tattersfield with Vic Runeckles, the   regionally value classed. An
         Born in Ontario in the middle of         Chairman of Plant Science, and         extreme example: the Palm tree

      the years of World War I, he was            others, had worked to realize over     Phoenix canariensis would have
      a Guelph graduate in ornamental             the previous half decade.              the lowest or no value at all in the
      horticulture just prior to the start of       When John retired as head of         Pacific Northwest region while the
      World War II. Major Neill served            the Landscape Architecture             Flowering Cherr y in the PNW
      in the European theatre from 1943           Program in the Plant Sciences          region would have a class I or II
      to 1945 as a tank commander. Three          Department at UBC in 1986, the         value depending on variety. This is
      years after war’s end he came to            BCSLA modestly honoured his            sometimes a very subjective judge-
      UBC to taker over the positions that        service to Landscape Architecture      ment. However, John produced the
      had been held by the then emeritus          and linked it to his other great       first tree species list for the
      Professor’s Frank Buck 1, as the            love, trees. The award of the John     PNW Region. John’s knowledge of
      UBC campus Landscape Architect              Wesley Neill Medal to the top          ornamental trees was unsurpassed.
      and professor of ornamental horti-          graduate in the LA program each                              continued on page 2
      culture and floriculture.                   year has a 500 dollar travel award
         John Neill was jointly responsi-
      ble with Philip Tattersfield for initiat-
                                                  and a year’s membership in the
                                                  regionally organized Nor th
                                                                                          Tribute          1
      ing, presenting and defending 2
      the Private Members Bill passed at
                                                  American wide International
                                                  Association of Arboriculture (ISA).
                                                                                          Learning Grounds 3
                                                  The travel award can be used to
      the 1968 sitting of the BC legisla-
      ture that gave legal authority and          get to the ISA Annual Conference
                                                                                          F.Y.I.           6
      the responsibility to the BCSLA to          or spent on other travel.
      examine and qualify Landscape                 The ISA, which now qualifies
                                                                                          Sketch Book      8
      Architects in the province. John            Arborists and Urban Foresters as
      was our first BCSLA president when          professionals, was formed out
                                                                                          Notice Board     8
      the Society was formed in 1966.             of the National Shade Tree
      He served as president for the first        Conference. John was a member
                                                                                          Market Place    10
      five formative years, and was               ver y early on. The NSTC was

          BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy                OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS
                                                                       John Wesley Neill Tribute

                                                                       . . . continued

    SITELINES•10•99                                                    Gerald Straley gives John the credit      50’s to voluntary in the 60’s to
                                                                       due him in his now classic book,          mandatory in construction contracts
                                                                       Trees of Vancouver. In 1988 during        in the 70’s. This was due in no
                                                                       his early retirement years in our         small par t to the Roadside
                                                                       province’s capitol, John edited a         Development Conferences. The
                                                                       tree book of the close to 300             Highways engineers were always
                                                                       historic trees of Greater Victoria        the stumbling blocks. Since John
                                                                       that had been inventoried by Gerry        came from academia he was per-
                                                                       Chaster, BCSLA, D.W. Ross,                ceived not to stand to gain from

        siteLines                                                      Forester, and Herb Warren,
                                                                       Victoria’s Parks Supt. John corre-
                                                                       lated and linked the intimate and
                                                                       detailed histories and locations of
                                                                                                                 any highway landscaping work so
                                                                                                                 he was always our front man.
                                                                                                                     John gave a presentation at the
                                                                                                                 Sixth Roadside Development
                                                                       these trees into a tree compendium        Conference held at Totem Park
        #110-355 Burrard Street                                        and field guide. Since there is no        in June of 1969. Under the title
        Vancouver, BC V6C 2G8
        Tel: 682-5610                                                  legislative protection for Heritage       “A look At Massed Planting
        Fax: 681-3394
        Email:                                         and Landmark Trees, Trees of              Techniques” (a great action type
                                                                       Greater Victoria: A Heritage              title) John talked about the types of
                                                                       creates awareness and recognition         ground cover plants that had

        President:           Andrew Wilson         822-0450
        President Elect:     Patricia Campbell     437-3942            of this landscape legacy.                 proved most successful in the test
        Past President:      Kevin Connery         946-3351                In the freewheeling highway           plots he had set up on the Burnaby
        Registrar:           Adrienne Brown        986-9058
                             Margot Long
                             Crosland Doak
                                                                       building days when Kamloops’              401, (then called the Trans Canada
                             Julie Hicks
                             Barry Potvin
                                                                       Fly’n Phil Gaglardi was our               Highway), on the Stormont over-
                             Judy Walker       250-339-2142            Province’s Minister of Highways,          pass slopes. He then went on to talk
                             Liz Watts             224-6707
        Associate Rep:       Grant Brumpton        738-4118            John led the way with Graham              about the aesthetics of massed
        Exec. Administrator: Klaudia Brhlik        682-5610
                                                                       Drew of UBC’s Extension                   plant textures and colours and rated
                                                                       Department and a few others like          a number of locally used shrubs as
                                                                       BCSLA members Michael Pope, Phil          groundcovers for highway use on
        Graphic Design and Page Layout by Susan Fisher at
        Archetype Print Ltd. • #459 – 409 Granville St., Vanc., B.C.   Tattersfield and Gerry Chaster in         the aesthetic of viewing landscape
        Ph: 604 • 602 • 0282               Fax: 604 • 602 • 0283       putting together an annual confer-        from a vehicle of speed.
                                                                       ence called the Western Canadian              At the time when John was UBC
        Sitelines is published 6 times a year: February, April,
                                                                       Roadside Development Conference.          planner he worked from a well-
        June, August, October and December, by the British             There were at least six of these          stocked campus nursery that he
        Columbia Society of Landscape Architects and is
        mailed to all BCSLA members; registered landscape              CRDC’s held. Since the word beau-         had set up so that he was able to
        architects, associates and affiliates.
                                                                       tification was a ‘dirty’ one before       raise and plant out on campus a
        The editorial deadline is the 8 th and advertising
        deadline is the 16th day of the intervening months.            Lady Bird Johnson made it                 number of rhododendron groves.
        Advertising rate information is available on request.
                                                                       respectable in her Beautifying            One in particular that stands out in
        Inquiries regarding editorial, advertising or other
        issues should be addressed to the Sitelines Editor, c/o        America campaign; we had to               memory is west of the Law building
        The BCSLA at the above address.
                                                                       choose a word that steered clear of       and north of the Buchanan build-
        Sitelines Group                                                ar ty connotations and implied            ing. He was always very proud to
        Jean Kindratsky      Interim Editor        Email Address:      direct action for the series of confer-   show a large espaliered Medlar,
                                                                       ences that were held to persuade          Mespilus germanicus, beautifully
        Klaudia Brhlik       Advertising Editor     Ph: 682-5610
                                                   Fax: 681-3394       the highways department’s engi-           displayed against the garage wall
                                                                       neers to include landscaping of           of Cecil Greene Residence. When
        The purpose of Sitelines is to provide an open forum           roadways as an integral and neces-        the nursery was decommissioned in
        for the exchange of ideas and information pertaining
        to the profession of Landscape Architecture. Individual        sary (not a frill) part of highway        later years, the many large species
        opinions expressed are those of the writers and not
        necessarily those of the BCSLA.                                development. Landscaping of the           rhododendrons and other Asian
                                                                       provincial highways gradually went        plants were dug and moved into
                                                                       from not being necessary in the                                  continued on page 3

2                                                                      BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy                  OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS
John Wesley Neill Tribute
. . . continued

the forested Asian Garden compo-     and serves as a source of inspira-             SITELINES•10•99
nent of the UBC Botanical            tion for faculty and students in Asian

Gardens. In the days before John     Studies, Fine Arts, Architecture,
was head of the LA Program he        Landscape Architecture and other
gave a course annually to archi-     University Departments . . . It is a
tects on ornamental plant I.D.       favourite spot for relaxation and        2. John relates: that the Architectural
John’s campus walkabouts identify-   contemplation . . . for it is truly a    Institute of British Columbia
ing trees, shrubs and groundcovers   ‘Japanese Japanese Garden in             objected to the BCSLA using the
were legendary and persuaded         Canada.’ “                               word architect as they, the AIBC,
more than one would be building         John leaves us this legacy of         claimed exclusivity over it. John did
architect to change and become a     beauty and service. May we all,          a bit of diligent digging and at the
landscape architect.                 give as much and serve our profes-       preliminary hearing he pointed out
  John Neill also gave service to    sion as long.                            that the act of the BC legislature
landscape architecture or garden                                              setting up on the AIBC as the
art that came in another way, when                                            licensing authority for Architects,
he worked to bring about the         With great respect:                      passed in 1921 or thereabouts,
Nitobe Gardens onto the campus.      Clive L. Justice, LMBCSLA, FCSLA         contains a section with provision,
As he wrote some 10 years after,                                              that reads something like: ‘save
in “Nitobe Memorial Garden                                                    and except for Naval Architects
—Histor y and Development.”                                                   and Landscape Architects.’ Gave
Appearing in the second issue of     1. The late Frank E. Buck was first      over! The BCSLA act was passed
Davidsonia, the Journal of the UBC   a full grandfather member of             the next day.
Botanical Gardens: “The Nitobe       BCSLA and then became the
Memorial Garden . . . is used by     Society’s first Honourary Member.

                    In an effort to find out the latest news and issues of concern to our
                    membership, we are inviting members from communities throughout the
                    province to share their perspective.
                    If there are burning issues in your community, or solutions to the chal-
                    lenges that face us all, please send us 500 – 750 words (and photos!)
                    for inclusion in our future issues.

                    In addition, we will be actively soliciting articles, and look forward to
                    your enthusiastic response!

                    In this issue, Kevin McFarland tours us through Whistler’s public art
                    initiatives and Judy Walker shares her life in the Comox Valley.
                                                                                                      continued on page 4

 BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy             OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS                                                                 3
                                                           the major public amenity funded by
                                                           the development of Village North.
                                                           The park network is linked by a
                                                           water channel, use of public art,
                                                                                                       community birdhouse building project
                                                                                                       for Centre Park, and interpretation
                                                                                                       of the area’s natural and cultural
                                                                                                       history, the Village Park network
                                                           and by a remarkable path. Each of           will offer diverse experiences within
                                                           the parks that comprise this linear         a relatively compact, central area.
               Landscape                                   system is distinct in character. The           As suggested above, public art
               Architecture &                              completed East Park is an urban
                                                           plaza, the Centre Park is a forest
                                                                                                       has been fairly integrated into our
                                                                                                       way of doing things. From small
               Public Art in                               remnant, and the West Park has a            projects, such as an artist’s involve-

                                                           more ornamental character. Along            ment in the creation of a spray
               Whistler                                    this network of parks, a series of          pool, to a prominent, interactive
                                                           small gathering places is being             project within Village Park East, the
                                                           created. Public art and community           public art program has grown
                                                           projects are being integrated with          steadily since its inception a few
                                                           development of these gathering              years ago. A volunteer Public Art
                                                           places. For the West Park, an artist        Committee was established by
                                                           has been commissioned to create a           Council, and a Public Art Policy
                                       by                  Stor yteller’s Chair to sit atop a          has been adopted. The public art

                                       Kevin               spiral mound. Within the Centre Park        program has grown through a
                                       McFarland           an intimate council ring enclosed by        series of successes. The Kip Jones /
                                                           trees and large, logger notched             Jennifer Macklem bridge artwork,
                                       BCSLA               stumps, has inspired both the               “Sightlines”, has proven to be a phe-
                                                           Library and Museum Society to               nomenal place maker. Throughout
                      The resort and community of          plan outdoor events, such as                the year, people stop and become
                   Whistler have been shaped by the        Halloween Ghost Storytelling.               involved with the twenty objects
                   work of landscape architects. That         Through development of at least          that comprise this ar twork.
                   influence remains strong, as land-      three other public art commissions, a                              continued on page 5

                   scape architects are integral to the
                   planning and design of some
                   notable private and public sector
                   projects. For example, over the
                   next few years Intrawest Resort
                   Corporation will transform the
                   Creekside commercial area, and
                   will develop a new South Whistler
                   neighbourhood. The consultant
                   teams for these projects feature sev-
                   eral landscape architects involved
                   in master planning, design and
                   public art administration.
                      On the public sector side, the
                   Municipality has landscape archi-
                   tects responsible for planning,
                   design and development review.
                                                                                                                                               Photo: K. McFarland

                   Currently, the Parks Planning group
                   is developing two of the park sites
                   that make up the Village Park
                   network. The Village Park network is                               Sightlines at Village Park East

  4                                                        BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy                   OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS
       Landscape Architecture and Public Art in Whistler
       . . . continued

       Unfortunately, this summer a thief      continue to meet the challenge of                    SITELINES•10•99
       became involved, and we are now         maintaining amenities that both

       replacing one stolen component.         inspire and delight the public,
          Another notable initiative is the    through accessible art.
       development of a new skateboard
       park to complement Whistler’s

       skatebowl. For this project, we
       have worked in partnership with a
       skateboarder, whose knowledge of
       the sport and design have enabled
       the creation of an extraordinary
       facility. The bowl, the new facility,
       and a future skate plaza are inte-
       grated with the existing forest and
       Valley Trail network.
          As these projects suggest,
       Whistler is still developing at an
       unusual pace for a small town.
       However, Whistler is approaching
       the limit set by a cap on develop-

                                                                                                                                      Photo: K. McFarland
       ment. With this change there will
       be a substantial shift in the
       management of the community and
       its parks and recreation system.                                      Village Park East, Whistler
       As the emphasis moves away                                     Paving — “Glacial Traces” by Celine Rich
       from development, Whistler will                             Lookout — “Sightlines” by K. Jones / J. Macklem


                                                  When asked to write an article            conserve. Ditto for the Comox Valley.
       From “Big                               for Sitelines regarding “small town”
                                               views I began reflecting on what, if
                                                                                            In one week, I toured a small
                                                                                            precious wetland, huddled beside
       Island, Small                           any, are the differences in land use         a mountain of fill. Alison Mewett
                                               issues here in the Comox Valley.             (BCSLA) of the Regional District
       Town”                                   Certainly in Vancouver you can               Comox-Strathcona and Maggie
                                               attend as many public hearings,              Heningman (MELP) joined me to
                                               open houses, lectures and rallies as         look at options for its protection. I
                                               there are days in the week. Ditto            worked with a small passionate
                                               for the Comox Valley. Not even the           group to search for the means to
                                               summer and the mayor’s holidays              purchase, restore and develop a
                                               will deter the turn-out for a contro-        long term business plan for a 1958
                          by                   versial change to an official com-           Arthur Erikson house on 7 acres of
                          Judy                 munity plan. I thought about issues:         spectacular bluff waterfront. That
                          Walker               in the Lower Mainland there are              same week, I spoke at a public
                                               wetlands to protect, heritage build-         hearing against a proposed
                          BCSLA                ings to save and greenbelts to                                        continued on page 6

           BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy            OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS                                                                                        5
       SITELINES•10•99                        and providing an opportunity for          clients and a government official
                                              lively debate, before some issue          that I work with regularly. It is hard
                                              became “too hot to handle”. We            to separate Judy “Larc at Large”
                                              had sessions on Big Box Retail,           and Judy “Citizen on Petition”. It is
                                              Ecovillages vs Suburban Sprawl            generally known that I have a
       “Big Island, Small Town”               and Green Housing. The topics and         Golden Retriever, that I had a large

       . . . continued                        good speakers were readily avail-         pond dug last fall and that my
                                              able, but the program is temporar-        partner drives a Honda ST1100.
                                              ily on hold due to a lack of funding      For some of you this may seem too

        amendment to Comox’s Official         at the Institute. I would encourage       close for comfort, that potential
        Community Plan to allow for a         this format for all sorts of issues and   clients may discover your real
        large shopping mall to be devel-      for many scales — it works for a          passions (and it isn’t parking lots!).
        oped outside of the downtown core     neighbourhood or for a town.              But in caring about the environment
        and adjacent to Agricultural Land        I don’t think the actual issues are    and the quality of life in the Comox
        Reserve.                              different here, but it is how close       Valley and actively taking an
           Due to all the controversy that    the issues get to you. The issues         informed advocate position I
        seems to surround every land use      make you look at your values, your        become a better professional. I
        issue in the Comox Valley, a small    practice and your life. It gets           think small towns encourage that
        group of professionals along with     personal here, very fast. I can go        kind of involvement, perhaps even
        The Communities Institute began a     to the Cumberland Auction, an art         insist on it. It may be why the
        casual evening lecture / discussion   gallery opening, the SPCA garage          extremists seem to live in small
        series — we called it The Land        sale — any gathering, and I will          towns and on islands everywhere
        Use Café. We felt a forum was         know several people by reputation,        — you either become a recluse or
        needed for gathering information      several more by name, one or two          an activist!

       Report on
                                              of the BCSLA Committees should
                                              be directed to Klaudia Brhlik who
                                              will for ward the inquir y to the
                                              appropriate member.
                                                                                        meetings as required to review
                                                                                        applications for membership and
                                                                                        coordinate the pre-exam sections.

       by Yolanda M Leung,                    Standing Committees                       By-Laws Committee
       Associate Member                       are as follows:
                                                                                           More and more municipalities
       A short refresher                      Finance Committee                         are requesting Letters of Assurance
       course on existing                                                               from design professionals. Because
       committees.                              The Finance Committee has               the BC Building Code does not
       Opportunities for                      nothing new to report.                    recognize Landscape Architects as
       involvement abound!                                                              a registered profession, the existing
                                                                                        system of Letters of Assurance
          There are 5 required standing       Membership Committee                      requires the handwritten addition
       Committees that are staffed by                                                   of the word ‘landscape’ to the
       interested parties and BCSLA Board       The Membership Committee has            form. The By-Laws Committee has
       Members. Questions regarding any       minimum 2 meetings per year with                                 continued on page 7

 6                                            BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy                  OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS
    Report on BCSLA Committees
    . . . continued

    endorsed a standardized Letters          A separate BCSLA website has                SITELINES•10•99
    of Assurance for Landscape               been under construction for about

    Architects. Members are not              the past 2 years and continues to
    compelled to use these forms. The        be a work in progress. The frame-
    municipalities are receptive to a        work for the BCSLA website is
    consistent format and the use of the     ready and the contents are under      Call Klaudia or Bruce Hemstock for
    proposed Letters of Assurance            discussion. We look forward to log-   more information.
    should contribute to the profes-         ging on to our very own website!
    sion’s credibility. Other items of
    interest include a planned review                                              Sitelines Committee
    of the Code of Ethics. A meeting         Nominations Committee
    is tentatively scheduled later in                                                 Sitelines continues to develop as
    the fall.                                  Nominations for new Board           a tool for communication. Articles,
                                             Members will be accepted now.         photographs, ar t, opinions &
                                             Nominations must be submitted 60

                                                                                   information are always welcome.
    Public & Professional                    days prior to the AGM. Contact
    Relations Committee                      Klaudia Brhlik for nomination forms
                                             and review section 1.0 The            Environment Committee
       A career fair at the Vancouver        Profession Policies and Procedures
    Trade & Convention Centre is             in the BCSLA Professional Practise       The Environment Committee
    planned in May 2000. Individuals         Handbook 1998 for member              is preparing a comment on Burns
    interested in representing the pro-      responsibilities.                     Bog. This comment will be
    fession of landscape architecture                                              available for review through the
    are needed. Please contact                                                     BCSLA.
    Adrienne Brown or Klaudia Brhlik         Optional Ad Hoc
    for more information.                    Committees

       The Design Lab at Gladstone                                                 Continuing Education
    Secondary School will display            (additional Ad Hoc Committees are     Committee
    work by local firms, Philips             listed on 1 – 35 of the BCSLA
    Farvaag Smallenberg and Durante          Professional Practice Handbook           The results of the Continuing
    Kreuk, until the end of October.         1998)                                 Education Sur vey (Sitelines
       As par t of the c o n t i n u i n g                                         February 1999) have been com-
    public access program, the                                                     piled. Many topics of interest have
    recently renovated website               Standards Committee                   been identified. Strategies to
    at                                                      provide continuing education shall
    currently lists a number of our mem-       The BCSLA in conjunction with       be developed and it has been
    bers on a site designed to promote       the BCLNA is working to make the      suggested that a credit system be
    the design professions to the            Landscape Standards available in      established and that continuing
    public. Design Access is part of         a PDF format. Stay tuned.             education be a requirement for
    the Career Preparation Program of                                              licensure. Please write, fax or
    the Vancouver School Board and is                                              e-mail your comments regarding
    a coordinated effort among the           Design Panel Committee                this suggestion.
    Apparel Designers, the BC
    Industrial Designers Society, the          There are always opportunities to
    Interior Designers Institute, the        volunteer as a member of a design         World Wide Web Watch
    Society of Graphic Designers (BC         panel. There is currently a request
    Chapter) and the BCSLA. The Design       from the Municipality of Maple                 . . . see page 8
    Access Web site can be found             Ridge for a Landscape Architect                    for details
    at               to sit on their design panel.

        BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy             OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS                                                           7

                                                          “From the
                                                            of . . .

              Claude Monet created his gardens at                                           Auguste Renoir also created a garden in the
                Giverny as a source for his famous                                         south of France, which appeared in his paintings.
                       waterlily paintings.                                                    Derek Fell has written a new book called
                                                                                                       “Renoir’s Garden”.

                                                     World Wide Web Watch

                        As we move into the new millennium, it can be tough to keep track of new resources.
                                       Web watch is here to list sites of interest on the internet.
                    If you discover a site you’d like to share, please email or
                                    and we’ll include your sites and site reviews in the next issue.

                                                           A starting point . . .

     — The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects site. Includes history, publications,
                        awards, employment, information on the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation
                                          and links to provincial association websites!

              — The Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects site
                           is a bit slow to load (be patient). This site includes a useful explanation of services
                                  that LA’s can provide, as well as links, news, members and education.

     — The American Society of Landscape Architects site offers a free screensaver, in
                   addition to a bookstore, buyer’s guide, events, jobs and information on continuing education.

                                   Watch this space for the launch of our very own BCSLA Web site!

 8                                                    BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy            OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS


             Articles / Reviews / Opinions / Events / Photographs / Cartoons

                   If you have something to share with our membership, such as:

          A great book, an excellent lecture, a new plant, a new baby, a job opportunity,
        an issue that makes you hot under the collar, a place that refreshes and delights you,
           new knowledge or a way to save the world (like a chicken in every backyard)!
                                Coming soon in our February issue.

              Write it, shoot it (with a camera), draw it, express it, and send it to us,
        and we’ll discover the wealth of individuals and their ideas that make up the BCSLA!


                                      The Vancouver Art Gallery
                         will see the millennium out with an exhibit titled
                                       “Out of This Century”.

         Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, has the honour of being one of six guest curators
                                who will select and interpret works
                       from the VAG’s permanent collection for this exhibit.

                    Join Cornelia and poet Robin Blazer, for a Curator’s Talk
                       on Thursday, October 28th at 7:30 pm at the VAG.

               The show runs from October 23, 1999 to February 27, 2000.


                                 A UBC student correspondent,
                           to keep Sitelines and our readers informed
               (and occasionally invited?) of academic activities on and off campus.

                 Call Jean directly at 731-7891 or email

BRiTiSH COLUmBiA SOCiETy         OF   LAnDSCAPE ARCHiTECTS                                              9

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