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Number 55 March 2002
                                                                            FORUM                Published by Downes Murray International

Staying ahead of the pack in 2002
Fundraising Forum
approached leading                              D ecreasedin online gift funding,
                                                    a surge

                                                expansion of monthly
                                                                     giving, the
                                                                         clubs and
fundraising practitioners
                                                the need for superlative donor care
around the world for their                      are some of the trends to look out for
predictions for 2002. This is                   this year.
what they had to say ...                              That’s the word from fundraising
                                                practitioners approached for their
                                                predictions for 2002.
                                                      ‘The world economic downturn,
                                                precipitated by the events of
                                                September 11 last year, will make
                                                2002 a tough year for the non-profit
                                                sector,’ says Terry Murray, President of
                                                DVA Navion in South Africa.
                                                      Rising interest rates and the
                                                devalued Rand will result in a drop in
                                                disposable income which was used to               q   ‘The international stage has become more
                                                support favourite charities, he said.                 and more relevant. Fundraising with
                                                      ‘The corporate sector will further              national boundaries alone, limits returns.
                                                reduce donation budgets and focus on                  Organisations with no structured plan to
                                                more partnerships offering a quid pro quo             promote bequests, will miss out badly.
                                                and a return on investment.’                          Major gifts fundraising will remain a ‘must
                                                      Murray added that the situation in              do’ in fundraising plans. Total development
                                                Zimbabwe and the South African                        strategies integrating all types of budget,
                                                government’s attitude to that and other               capital and endowment fundraising are a
                                                impending crises, are likely to spark a               must for every annual fundraising plan.
                                                further rush of emigration by wealthier               Needs must be well reasoned, urgent and
                                                members of the ‘giving’ population.                   compelling, in order to be funded, and
                                                      But past events have proved that                must capture the imagination of people
                                                donors continue to be incredibly generous.            and motivate them to help. Their gift must
INSIDE                                          He said that while the number of donors               be recognised, and their interest nurtured.’
                                                may drop, the average donation of those
INFORMATION                                     who continue to give often increases.
                                                                                                         Michael Downes, DVA Navion, Australia.

                                                      So, people with real wealth still retain    q   ‘Successful fundraisers must continue to
Why should I support you?........ 2             it in hard times and often give more when             focus on the basics: listening to donors,
                                                made aware of the increased need.                     satisfying their needs and remembering to
It’s a dog’s life.......................... 4         ‘Fortunately bequest income continues           ask. E-mail will grow as a way to bond
                                                to rise dramatically and remains the fastest          donors to a mission, but if used improperly,
Enhance your CEO’s image ...... 5               growing source of fundraising income.                 it will alienate them. Monthly pledge
                                                And it is one source of income that is                programmes will expand much faster than
Seven persuasion techniques ..... 5             totally unaffected by recession!’ said                other forms of fundraising, because donors
                                                Murray.                                               like them, and non-profits raise much
A monthly giving club could                           Other predictions for 2002 include:             more money at a lower cost.’ (See page six).
be just the ticket for you ............ 6                                                                     Harvey McKinnon, President of Harvey
                                                q   ‘Smart organisations will focus on joint                   McKinnon and Associates, Vancouver.
An ‘A’ in penmanship –                              strategic planning between their
handwritten notes are working .. 7                  fundraising, communications and               q   ‘2002 will see online fundraising coming
                                                    programme departments for maximum                 of age. Now that fundraisers can see
Stay focused on bequests .......... 8               synergy and to maximise net revenue.’             examples of success, they’ll want to
                                                                 Gwen Chapman, senior vice            maximise revenues online.’
Should callers ask ‘is this                                      president, Mal Warwick and                Marc Nohr, Managing Partner, Kitcatt
a good time?’............................8                         Associates Inc. California.                Nohr Alexander Shaw Ltd, London.

                       MY VIEW … BY TERRY A MURRAY

Why should I support you ?
                           Not‘buzz phrase’years ago, theUnique Selling
                                that many
                                            was ‘USP’ –
                                                         Corporate                The answers to the first question ‘What
                                                                            makes us different?’ will give you the points of
                                                                            difference which you can emphasise in your
                                 Coined by the late Rosser Reeves of the    organisation’s marketing, publicity and
                           Ted Bates Advertising Agency, the Bates          fundraising efforts.
                                       Agency even made the phrase its            These are the unique features that will
                                       own USP worldwide and went           help to make you stand out from other
                                       about gaining clients by showing     organisations in a similar field of endeavour –
                                       them how to develop a USP and        and particularly those whom you know are
                                       then use it in their marketing and   competing directly with you for funding.
                                       advertising programmes.                    By answering the question ‘Why do we
                                             Simply put, a USP in the for-  exist?’ you’ll arrive at a clear statement of the
                                       profit sector set out to answer the  benefits you are providing, and you’ll create
                                       question: ‘Why should the consumer   the opportunity to review the relevance of
                                       or customer choose to buy our        those benefits to the beneficiaries of your
                                       product or service, over that of our services.
                                       competition?’                              In these times of rapid and constant
                                             And the exercise of finding a  change, it is often surprising how something
                                       USP for a product, a service, or a   which was so relevant and important just a few
                                       whole company serves to create       years ago, has now become outdated and may
                                       focus on benefits to the customer,   even be obsolete.
                                       and satisfying consumer needs              Looking closely at the question, ‘Why
                                       better than the next organisation.   should people support us?’ is an essential pre-
                                             In these highly competitive    cursor to successful fundraising.
                                       times with the vast proliferation of       It focuses attention on the needs of the
      Terry A Murray is    non-profit organisations throughout the world    donor, so important in these days when so
   Founder and former      and ever-increasing competition for the          many people (especially in the Corporate
   Chairman of Downes      attention and interest of donors, this same      sector) are asking the question, ‘What’s in it for
  Murray International     concept can be extremely beneficial to           me or my organisation if I support you?’
  and President of DVA     members of the non-profit sector.                      By putting on the donor’s hat for a while
 Navion in South Africa.         I remember reading an article in one of    and brainstorming what your potential donors
                           the International                                                      might want in return for
                           Fundraising Journals                                                   their financial support, you’ll
                           last year, which                                                       find that the answers help
                           referred to the non-              ‘Looking closely at the              you to develop many new
                           profit USP as a Unique question, ‘Why should people ideas for donor
                           Serving Proposition –                                                  acknowledgement and
                           a very clever and apt         support us?’ is an essential recognition.
                           switch of words.                 precursor to successful                     As importantly, you
                                 To find a USP for                 fundraising.’                  may be able to find ways of
                           your organisation, you                                                 developing closer
                           need to get together a                                                 relationships between donors
                           small group of key                                                     and your organisation and
                           people representing your various                 perhaps find some lucrative ‘Cause Related
                           constituencies.                                  Marketing’ opportunities or ways of attracting
                                 Ideally, you might have your Director, the ‘in kind’ donations of goods, services or
                           person in charge of fundraising, the person      valuable expertise in the form of executive time.
                           who heads up your provision of services, your          Starting to think like a donor rather than
                           Board Chair and one or two representatives of    just accepting that the worthiness of your cause
                           your donors and your beneficiaries, if this is   deserves automatic support, is often the first
                           appropriate.                                     step to a whole new level of support for Non-
                                 Organise a two or three hour workshop      Profit organisations.
                           session with these key players and then set out        So, in conclusion, why not take a leaf out
                           to answer three key questions:                   of the corporate for-profit book and conduct a
                                                                            USP workshop for your organisation?
                           q   What makes us different?                           The results could generate renewed
                           q   Why do we exist?                             enthusiasm amongst staff and board members
                                                                            and give you some valuable new fundraising
                           q   Why should people support us?                and marketing tools for years ahead.              s

                                         PHILANTHROPY IN FOCUS

            On-Target Observations in brief

Proofreading tip
      Review text with your eyes to see what
is printed rather than mentally vocalising the
text. You can also try reading the page from
bottom up and from back to front.
                      With acknowledgement to
                        Successful Fund Raising
                                 December 2001
Discontented constituents
deserve to be called upon
     Do you ever find yourself avoiding
constituents who might be angry with your
     Some development officers argue that               Filling days with hope
those discontented constituents make better
prospects than those who are indifferent
about your cause. Why? Because they care                Onoutside HouseisNumberandactivity. lot
                                                              a busy day the patio   parking
                                                                                   35 at McCord’s
                                                        Hospital in Durban a hive of
                                                                                                           For the past six years
                                                                                                           Sinikithemba Christian
enough to become upset in the first place.                                                                 Care Centre has been
     Don’t avoid constituents who you                          Men, women and their children
believe to be upset with your cause. Rather,            exchange chatter, offer advice and help each       giving hope, opportunity
meet with them to resolve past issues.                  other to solve problems.                           and dignity to people living
                    With acknowledgement to                    And all the while their hands are busy      with HIV/AIDS in and
                       Successful Fund Raising          ... creating beautiful beadwork in all shapes
                                                        and sizes – from Christmas decorations to          around Durban.
                                  October 2001
                                                        necklaces and key rings.
Rule of thumb                                                  Sinikithemba means ‘we give hope’ –
     Remember that every cultivation ‘move’             and to the people who come here, it does.
you make on a prospect is intended to bring                    Because AIDS sufferers – especially
him/her closer to the realisation of a gift. If it      women – are often left destitute when they
                                                        disclose their HIV status, enduring hours of        FU NDRAISING

doesn’t, you’re wasting your time.
                       With acknowledgement to          loneliness and despair, made worse by
                            Successful Fund Raising     unemployment and being unable to feed
                                   December 2001        their children.                                      Fundraising Forum is a regular
                                                               But this is all changing, thanks to           newsletter dedicated to the
E-mail press release tips: make your                    Sinikithemba. On some days, more than 300            enhancement of management,
subject line attention-grabbing                         people come here to do what they know                fundraising techniques and the
      Using e-mail to send out press releases for       best ... create vibrantly coloured works of art.     promotion of community
your organisation is an effective way to get your              The beadwork is sold locally, and is          service, welfare and not-for-
                                                        finding its way onto the international market.       profit organisations of all
message out to the media. The subject line of                                                                kinds.
your e-mail press releases is particularly              Sinikithemba also caters for corporates, and                It is published by
important. Since it’s the first thing the recipient     produces beaded company logos, in frames,            Downes Murray International
will see, make the subject line a compelling            on keyrings – and almost anything else.              and circulated, free of charge,
attention-grabber.                                             And for the people who work here,             to anyone with an interest in
                        With acknowledgement to         Sinikithemba offers dignity, hope, a sense of        the growth and improvement
                             Successful Fund Raising    shared community, and most importantly, an           of the non-profit sector and
                                            July 2001   income to support their families.                    those served by it.
                                                                                                                    In addition to regular
                                                               A percentage of the profits from the sale
Annual report tips                                                                                           features written by DMI staff,
                                                        of the beadwork goes towards supplying free          there are extracts from
     Include a ‘bounce back’ in your annual             medication, counselling, education, home-            worldwide fundraising
report that invites gifts for the current fiscal year   based care, and other services to patients           publications which are
and allows readers to ask for more information          visiting the centre. To contact Sinikithemba,        reprinted with acknowledge-
about available gift options.                           telephone (031) 268 5804/5718.                       ment to the publishers.
                         With acknowledgement to        (Readers are invited to submit                              We welcome
                              Successful Fund Raising   photographs, together with a brief                   submissions for publication
                                      November 2001                                                          from all writers involved in
                                                        overview of their organisation’s work,               not-for-profit work.
                                                        for inclusion in this regular feature). s


It’s a dog’s life!
                          B ritain is a greatyou’re ato live ...
                              especially if
                                British mutts are taken everywhere
                          by their owners – to the park, on trips to
                          the shops and even the pub, where they
                          are fawned over by all the women and
                             treated with fond indulgence by men
                             who happily queue six deep for their
                             drinks, rather than disturb a sleeping
                             dog at the foot of the bar.
                                   Britons are famous for their
                             devotion to creatures great and small.
                             So it’s no surprise to find that
                             (according to a list published by
                             CharitasData) the British public
                             donated a heartwarming £55,6 million
                             to the RSPCA in 2000. A further £44
                             million was given to the RSPB (Royal
                             Society for the Protection of Birds)
                             while the People’s Dispensary for Sick
                             Animals attracted £32,5 million.                 of some brave new world, was naïve, to say
                                   But this generosity does not extend to     the least. Especially, given the events of last
                          their fellow beings! Help the Aged, a well          September 11, the on-going violence in the
What gives in Britain?    known, established organisation providing           Middle East and, the recent gunning down of a
From her new home in      accommodation, food, heating and other              young Catholic postman in Ireland.
                          essentials to the nation’s frail and poverty-              People are realising that to change the
Edinburgh, Scotland,      stricken elderly, garnered only £26,6 million       world, we must all strive to change our own
Sheila McCallum reports   during the same period – less than half the         attitude ... to replace hatred and dissent with
on trends from the UK.    amount donated to the RSPCA.                        love and understanding.
                                In Scotland, the top fundraiser was the              Following on from this comes my own
                          English National Trust, which already owns          dream for 2002: to resurrect the spirit of
                          vast tracts of the country – while Shelter, an      philanthropy.
                          organisation campaigning against homelessness,             Imagine if every able-bodied person in the
                          failed to make the top 30.                          world gave up just a few hours a week ... to
                                So, are the British a nation more concerned   rock an AIDS baby to sleep, clear litter in a
                          by the thought of a puppy being kicked than         polluted river, collect jumble for a charity fête,
                          an old lady freezing to death? Not necessarily.     or even perform mundane administrative tasks
                          Because, of course, this is the land of the dole    for a welfare organisation.
                          and the National Health; Britons expect their              Imagine if we made a concerted effort to
                          government to look after the needy.                 teach young people the value of caring for
                                South Africans appear to follow the same      others. Many South African schools have
                          mindset – to some extent – as evidenced by          wonderful outreach programmes – everything
                          the current demand for government to provide        from visiting old-age pensioners and children’s
                          free anti-AIDS drugs for HIV-positive pregnant      homes to involvement in literacy and education
                          women, and land and low-cost housing to             programmes for their less privileged peers. But
                          disadvantaged communities.                          these programmes don’t go far enough. They’re
                                All well and good, perhaps; pay your          seen as fun extra curricular activities, not as a
                          taxes and let the government deal with the          way of life.
                          problems. But no matter how good the system,               Imagine the difference we could make if
                          there is surely no substitute for philanthropy –    we went back to that old Biblical system of
                          that instinctive spirit deep within us all, that    tithing – donating a percentage of everything
                          conditions us to unite for the common good.         we earn to help the poor and needy.
                                We are not built to operate in selfish               We might all experience for ourselves the
                          isolation. Since the dawn of time, human beings     truth of Rabbi Harold Kushner’s words:
                          have gathered together in communities, to                ‘When you carry out acts of kindness,
                          protect and help one another.                            you get a wonderful feeling inside.
                                There’s a feeling in the UK at the moment          It is as though something in your
                          that all the hype surrounding the arrival of the         body responds and says, Yes, this is
                          new millennium, and the anticipated dawning              how I ought to feel.’                        s


Enhance your CEO’s image
throughout the community
W hen yourisorganisation is raising funds –
                                                            events, especially the
     particularly major gifts during capital                galas and dinners
campaigns – it crucial that your CEO be                     where major donors
visible in the community, playing a top role in             are likely to be.
cultivating and soliciting leadership gifts, says
Linda Lysakowski, a consultant for Capital              q   Have them write
Ventures.                                                   letters to the editor
      A well-respected CEO can help your                    when issues affecting
organisation build credibility for its                      your organisation are
programmes and can be a tremendous asset                    in the news.
for your fundraising efforts, says Lysakowski.                                                        Linda Lysakowski, a
She gives this advice for getting your CEO              q   Look for opportunities for your CEO to    consultant for Capital
recognised and thought highly of by the                     be published in trade journals and
public:                                                     well-read publications.                   Ventures, suggests that a
                                                                                                      well-respected and highly
  q   Have your CEO join and participate                    Having trouble convincing your CEO        visible CEO is a valuable
      in local Chamber of Commerce                    of the need of these things? ‘Ask any well-
                                                      known organisation in your community that
                                                                                                      asset for your
      events, and be sure he/she is a
      member of the largest Rotary or other           has recently run a successful campaign          fundraising efforts.
      community service organisation.                 about the role of the CEO and then have
                                                      that person talk to your CEO,’ says
  q   Get your CEO on the speaking circuit            Lysakowski.
      to talk about your organisation.                      Source: Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE,          With acknowledgement to
                                                      Principal, Capital Venture, Reading, PA.        Successful Fund Raising
  q   Have your CEO attend other                      Tel.: (877) 540 2896. E-mail:                        November 2001
      nonprofit organisation’s               s

Seven persuasion techniques
Wconvince a potential to get a donation or
 hether you’re trying
                      volunteer to join
                                                       send a letter add a note or P.S. indicating
                                                       that someone will follow up with a phone
                                                                                                      Confidence and
                                                                                                      know-how are essential
your cause, here are seven techniques to help          call.
persuade someone to your way of thinking.                                                             tools when convincing
                                                    5. Find out their relationship to your            a potential donor or
1. Keep it short and simple – Today, being             group or cause – Are they directly
   brief and to the point is essential when                                                           volunteer to support
                                                       interested in your cause? Do they have a
   trying to sell your ideas, whether on paper         family member who was helped by your           your cause.
   or in person.                                       group or who was part of the organisation?
2. Get to the point – Nothing is more                  Knowing that relationship can help present
   frustrating than having a person talk and           your case as to why the person should
   talk but never seem to say anything.                donate to your cause or join the
3. Be positive – When fundraising, present
   your organisation or cause as a success, not     6. Find some common ground – Ask how
   as an about-to-be failure that needs the            long they’ve known of or been associated
   donor’s money and help to survive. As               with your cause, and how and why they
   Harold J. Seymour wrote in his book,                got involved. Build from those ties.
   Designs for Fund-Raising, ‘sell the
                                                    7. Listen – A key to success is effective
   opportunities and not the deficiencies, never                                                      With acknowledgement to
                                                       listening. When trying to persuade others
   forgetting that money flows to promising
                                                       to your way of thinking, listen to what they   Successful Fund Raising
   programmes and not to needy institutions.’
                                                       say, and what they don’t say. You’ll be able          June 2001
4. Be as personal as possible – A phone                to steer the conversation toward their
   call is always better than a letter. If you         interests, and yours as well.             s

                                       MONTHLY GIVING

A monthly giving programme might
be the ticket for you
Harvey McKinnon,
president of Harvey
                           I floyaltygivingboostforyourway maybuildjust what a
                               you’re looking


                                                           to       donor
                                                        nonprofit’s income,
McKinnon and Associates    you need.
in Vancouver, British            Harvey McKinnon, president of Harvey
                           McKinnon and Associates in Vancouver, in
Columbia, says a monthly   British Columbia, says a monthly giving
giving programme is the    programme is a plan where you ask donors to
ideal way to build donor   make a contribution to your nonprofit 12 times
                           a year. He says the advantages of such a
loyalty and boost your     programme are many:
organisation’s income.
                           Increased annual giving: ‘On any database,
                           you’ll be able to find 3 to 10 percent of donors
                                                                                 Predictable: Organisations can depend on
                           willing to make that monthly pledge. And you
                                                                                 having money coming in through their
                           end up dramatically upgrading annual giving of
                                                                                 monthly giving programme.
                           a donor – on average, two to three times for
                           most groups.’                                         Cost effective: ‘Transaction costs for the
                                                                                 average gift are quite low,’ says McKinnon.
                           Donors remain with the nonprofit longer:
                                                                                 ‘Plus organisations don’t have to send donors
                           McKinnon says when donors give monthly
                                                                                 all the mail they normally would, so they save
                           through electronic funds transfer or credit card,
                                                                                 money on that as well.’
                           they stay longer.
                                                                                 Low attrition rate: McKinnon says one
                           Convenient: ‘It’s convenient for both the
                                                                                 programme he worked with recently had an
                           organisation and donors,’ he says. ‘And by my
                                                                                 attrition rate of just 3 percent. ‘Out of 4200
                           calculations, it will increase your income by
                                                                                 people, 97 dropped out. It’s basically those
                           about 800 percent over the lifetime of the
                                                                                 people who are dying or moving out of the
                           donor compared to what it would have been
    Harvey McKinnon                                                              country.’                                      s
                           without the programme.

                             How to set up a monthly giving programme
                             Harvey McKinnon offers these steps and suggestions on how to set up a monthly giving
                             programme at your nonprofit.
                             1. Select someone to process the gifts. McKinnon says the first step is to find a bank or
                                supplier who will process the gifts for you. Handling the monthly donations electronically
                                through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit card is the best solution. ‘Large
                                organisations can collect cheques and send out statements, but it’s much more
                                administratively expensive. Also donors drop off quicker and, on average, will give about
                                eight or nine gifts a year.’
                             2. Give the programme a name. Nonprofits need to name their monthly giving programme,
                                he says. Having a name to identify the monthly giving programme will help with the next
                             3. Promote it. ‘Then they need to calculate what their strategy will be to promote it. And
                                that’s essentially integrated marketing so you promote it everywhere.’
                                  After that, McKinnon says the rest is easy. He says one organisation he has worked with
                             has one staff person who manages 6500 donors. ‘And they’re dealing with all the issues, like
                             address and bank information changes, and they make over $2 million a year.’
With acknowledgement to           Source: Harvey McKinnon, CFRE, President Harvey McKinnon & Associates, Inc.,
  Harvey McKinnon in         Vancouver, British Columbia. Tel.: (604) 732 4351. E-mail
Successful Fund Raising      McKinnon’s book Hidden Gold, details the process of setting up a monthly giving programme.
                             To order, call Harvey McKinnon and Associates. Tel.: (800) 815 8565.
     November 2001

                                                    DIRECT MAIL

An ‘A’ in penmanship – handwritten
notes are working
T outsourcing itsCancer Society started$100 and
   he American
                  thank you cards to
upped acquisition donors a year ago with
                                                           And although Correa would
                                                    not divulge average gift sizes, he
                                                    said the note card, with
handwritten note cards.                             handwritten addressed
      While the success of the ACS’s note cards     envelope, personalised typed
is pending, others in the sector are reaping        note, and handwritten P.S. is
hefty response rates and profits.                   the main reason the nonprofit
      Pamela Muhammad, administrative               continues the mailing.
specialist for the direct marketing department of          The handwritten P.S.
the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, said,       reads, ‘we are so grateful for
‘every time someone donates $100 (or more) to       your generosity as a
our acquisition programme we send out a             member of our Founders’
handwritten note thanking them.’                    Council ($1000 and above
      The handwritten note Muhammad is              donors),’ said Correa. ‘The
talking about is truly handwritten, not             typestyle in the note
computer-generated, or mass-produced.               looks like it came off a
      ‘In that note it basically talks about some   typewriter. So it’s not a
things that their $100 could possibly do,’ she      handwritten appeal per
said. ‘The message also conveys to the donor        se – the whole thing
that their gift of $100 or more touches so many     isn’t done in that same
lives in so many profound and lasting ways and      font.’
thanks them for their monetary gift.’                      Indianapolis-
      ACS sent out roughly 5000 thank you           based Lighthouse
cards in 2001, cards that they designed             Ministries, Inc. uses handwritten note
themselves. Louisville, Kentucky-based DNR          cards once and sometimes twice a year, said
Group, Inc. handles all of the actual writing and   President Dale Collie.
shipping. ‘It has the (ACS) logo on it and they            ‘I even personally put a note on large        American nonprofits who
mail them out for us,’ Muhammad added.              donor thank you letters in addition to the
      Muhammad believes it’s too early to           receipt-type letter,’ noted Collie. ‘I put a hand-
                                                                                                         are sending donors
calculate the effectiveness of the thank you        written note on each one of those. And there         handwritten cards and
cards, and she expects appreciable results to be    are times when I am out of the country, or           thank you notes, are
in by next campaign season.                         whatever, that we’d still like to give that          yielding surprising results.
      Life Outreach International, based in Fort    personalised message on there.’
Worth, Texas, has used handwritten note cards              Collie did not reveal response rates or
successfully for a little more than six years,      average gift sizes for the note cards, which the
according to Vice President Terry Redmon.           organisation used for three years, saying that
      LOI mails out one strictly handwritten mail   they perform a couple of times better than what
piece a year, and it typically out-performs other   normal correspondence renders.
correspondence mailings 2 to 1 and often as                ‘We’re not going to replace anybody’s
much as 3 to 1, considering the return on           direct mail; what we’re going to do is
investment. Response rates have also been well      complement it. We’re going to be that one or
above average during the three years – ranging      two mailings a year that you send out to lapsed
between 7 and 20 percent, said Redmon.              donors,’ said David Redmon, president of DNR
      As for Larry Correa, Vice President and       Group Inc. ‘We’ve gotten as high as 22 percent
chief information officer for Larry Jones           (response rates) but we never get lower than 7
International Ministries, Feed the Children in      percent.’
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, his organisation has              DNR actually guarantees certain packages,
successfully mailed Christmas thank you note        Redmon explained. ‘If you send us 24- to 48-
cards/appeals to its $1000, and above donors        month lapsed donors then we’ll pay for the
for the past three years.                           postage, the mail, the print, we’ll pay for
      ‘We use them as an appeal ... It’s our last   everything,’ said Redmon. ‘If it pays for itself          Adapted from
appeal at Christmas time,’ said Correa. ‘It drops   you owe us the money; if it doesn’t pay for            The NonProfit Times
on December 25 to get that very last donation       itself you don’t owe us anything.’
from the donor.’                                           Redmon said DNR has never lost on one
                                                                                                             September 2001
      The 2000 Christmas time, thank you note       of its guarantees during its seven years in
card mailing, which is mailed to roughly            existence, and handwritten packages will raise
100 000 higher-end donors, garnered an              any organisation’s average gift by 18 percent –
outstanding 15 percent response rate.               no matter who you are or where you mail. s

                                    STRATEGY                                                          Fundraising Forum is
                                                                                                      edited by Richard Solomon
                                                                                                      and Terry A Murray and

Stay focused Should callers                                                                           published by Downes
                                                                                                      Murray International .
             ask ‘is this a
on bequests good time?’                                                                              Downes Mur ray
Even with the sophisticationof all planned
                              of some
    planned gift shops, bequests still account
for about 70 percent or more                      ‘Asking ‘is this a good time?’ is good
gift types. That’s why you can represent a        manners. So what if you have to call back?         DMI are fundraising
one-person development organisation and           If that call back leads to a larger gift than
                                                                                                     consultants, working with
still promote planned gifts. So what are you      you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, it’s
doing to market bequests to donors? Here’s        worth it.’                                         non-profit and non-
a checklist of ideas from which to draw:                         Peter Wylie, Principal, Margolis    government organisations of
q At least once a year, invite everyone on                   Wylie Associates, Washington, D.C.      all kinds, to increase their
    your mailing list to consider making a                                                           fundraising effectiveness.
    bequest to your organisation.                 ‘I instruct my callers not to ask ‘is this a           We offer feasibility
q Include an article in every newsletter or
                                                  good time?’ because it is an extremely easy
                                                  ‘out’ for the prospect. Instead, we ask ‘how       studies, strategic planning
    magazine about some aspect of bequests:                                                          workshops, direct mail
                                                  are you this evening?’ It is not only polite,
    Sample wording for a will that has a                                                             fundraising, mail/phone,
                                                  but provides you with the same information
    bequest to your organisation; a profile of
                                                  that you’re looking for. If it’s not a good        corporate and capital
    how a realised bequest is impacting your
                                                  time, they will tell you. We also find that a      fundraising campaigns,
    organisation and its programme etc.
                                                  lot of the time, we are told it’s not a good
q Share anecdotes about bequests made to                                                             church fundraising and
                                                  time when in reality, they want to say no
    other nonprofits and how those gifts          and just can’t.’                                   bequest promotion
    transformed the organisation.                                     Diana Chavez, Director of      programmes. In addition,
q On all pledge forms, brochures and                       Telemarketing, University of Southern     DMI has close links with a
    literature you produce, include the phrase,        California (USC), Los Angeles, California     number of fundraising
    ‘please provide me with additional                                                               consultancies across the
    information about making bequests,’ along     ‘Rather than ‘is this a good time?’ to talk, we
                                                  use ‘do you have a moment to talk?’,               globe, enabling us to keep a
    with an address, e-mail or phone number
    to call to receive that information.          because it suggests the call will only take a      finger on the pulse of
q Seek the permission of those who have           moment.’                                           international trends and
    made bequest provisions to publicise                Scott A. Nolan, Assistant Director of the    techniques. For further
    their intent among select groups of                           Annual Fund, Eckerd College,       information contact your
    prospects.                                                             St. Petersburg, Florida
                                                                                                     nearest office.
                                                  Source: Successful Fundraising,
Source: Successful Fund Raising, June 2001. s     November 2001                                 s
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