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             SAPS initiatives to streamline applications…

                                                                                          who have also applied for the renewal of
                                                                                          their firearm licences in terms of the tran-
                                                                                          sitional provisions of the Firearms Con-
                                                                                          trol legislation.
                                                                                               It is of paramount importance that
                                                                                          the above requirements be immediately
                                                                                          implemented in order to fast track the
                                                                                          application process and to avoid unneces-
                                                                                          sary delays.
                                                                                               You are urgently required to dissemi-
                                                                                          nate this information to all Designated
                                                                                          Firearm Officers within your respective
                                                                                          provinces for immediate implementation.

                                                                                          CONDUCTING OF SAFE
                                                                                                  Applications for the
                                                                                           renewal of firearm licences
                                                                                              in terms of the firearms
                                                                                            control act, 2000 (act no.
                                                                                                          60 of 2000)
CONDUCTING OF                                 sation of competency certificate applica-       Regulation 86 of the Firearms Control
BACKGROUND                                    tions, certain processes and procedures     Regulations, 2004 stipulates that when a
EVALUATION:                                   have been revisited to ensure a smoother    firearm is not under the direct personal
         Applications for                     work flow of the applications.              and physical control of a holder of a li-
   competency certificates                        The following process may be adopt-     cence, permit or authorisation to possess
      (renewal of firearm                     ed and implemented in order to stream-      the firearm, the firearm and its ammuni-
                licences)                     line the background evaluation process of   tion must be stored in a safe or strong-
                                              applicants who applied for the renewal of   room that conforms to the prescripts of
    The Firearms Control Regulations,         their firearm licences.                     SABS Standards 953-1 and 953-2, unless
2004 provide for specific responsibilities        A minimum of two (2) interviews may     otherwise specifically provided in the
to be exercised by the Registrar. Amongst     be conducted during the background eval-    Firearms Control Regulations, 2004.
these responsibilities, there is an obliga-   uation. Both the interviews may be con-         It is imperative and necessary in terms
tion on the South African Police Service      ducted by telephone or one interview in     of regulation 86 (11) (a) that where stor-
to conduct background interviews with         person and the other one by telephone.      age of a firearm, other than a firearm li-
persons who may be associated with                At least one interview must be con-     cenced in terms of section 13 of the Fire-
the applicant.                                ducted with the applicant’s spouse/part-    arms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of
    The SAPS is aware that a high volume      ner. In the case where the applicant do     2000) for self defence is to be exercised,
of competency certificate applications of     not have a spouse/partner, such interview   the firearm must be stored unloaded.
persons who also applied for the renewal      must be with a family member.                    It is therefore a prerequisite that be-
of firearm licences are at Firearm Regis-         The other interview must be conduct-    fore the South African Police Service can
tration Centres and police stations, which    ed with anyone other than the spouse/       issue a firearm licence, permit or authori-
have not been attended to due to the non-     partner of the applicant.                   sation to a person to possess a firearm,
finalisation of the background interviews.        The above process is only applicable    such person must prove that she/he do
In order to effectively administrate the      to competency certificate applications      have the necessary safe storage facility
prompt and efficient handling and finali-     that have been submitted by applicants      in terms of regulation 86 of the Fire-

                                                 WINGSHOOTER — 34 — VOL. 15 No. 3
arms Control Regulation, 2004. In order        (6) Where a temporary authorisation has
to enhance service delivery and ensure a
smooth administration of applications
                                                   been issued-
                                               (a) to possess a firearm in terms of sec-        IMPORTANT
for the renewal of firearm licences of             tion 21 of the Act;
individuals, it has been decided that the
Designated Firearms Officer can accept
                                               (b) to trade in firearms or ammunition on
                                                   premises other than those specified in
a sworn affidavit/solemn declaration               the applicable dealer’s licence in terms
from an applicant stating the he/she is            of section 36 of the Act;
in possession of a prescribed safe as per      (c) to display firearms or ammunition at
paragraph 1 supra instead of the Des-              other premises than those specified on      HOW TO CLAIM FOR
ignated Firearms Officer visiting the              the applicable manufacturer’s licence       SURRENDERED FIREARMS
premises of the applicant to inspect the           in terms of section 50 of the Act; or            Obtain      the    Claim       for
safe storage facilities.                       (d) to conduct business as a gunsmith on        Compensation Form (SAPS e520(d))
    In the case where an applicant is in           premises other than those specified         from the SAPS or their website or from
possession of a safe or strongroom for             in the applicable gunsmith’s licence        our website (www.wingshooters.
the safe custody of the firearms which             in terms of section 64 of the Act, and complete it. You should
complies with the regulations under the            the Registrar may in the absence of         attach a clear description of the
previous Arms and Ammunition Act,                  specific prescripts in terms of these       firearm, its condition and relevant
1969 (Act No. 75 of 1969), such safe or            regulations impose such reasonable          photographs. Also obtain a valuation
strongroom is deemed to comply with the            conditions as are necessary under the       certificate from an accredited firearm
standards set out in SABS Standard 953-1           circumstances concerning the safe cus-      dealer. Submit a covering letter along
and 953-2 respectively.                            tody of the firearms and ammunition.        the following lines (information
    It is required of the applicant to com-                                                    provided by SA Hunters):
plete the sworn declaration/solemn affir-      (12) A lock-away safe, apparatus, device             “I herewith surrender my
mation (Annexure “A”) in which she/he              and instrument for safe custody of a        firearm(s) and claim compensation
acknowledge the contents of regulation             firearm or ammunition, must to the          according to the provisions of the
86 (1) and 86 (8) of the Firearm Control           satisfaction of the Registrar comply        Firearms Control Act, 2000.
Regulations, 2004. The applicant must              with the following requirements -                I attach the completed SAPS
further provide photographic proof in          (a) be manufactured from steel of at least      e520(d) form which lists the firearms
color of the affixed safe and the location         2 mm thick;                                 and their value. Please ensure that
thereof. The signed sworn declaration/         (b) be capable of enclosing or covering         each firearm is kept in safe custody
solemn affirmation together with the               the firearm concerned wholly;               until my claim for compensation is
photographed safe/strongroom must be           (c) have an effective integral locking          finalised. Under no circumstances is
submitted together with the application as         mechanism;                                  it to be destroyed or used for any
an integral part of the supporting docu-       (d) have a hinge mechanism for the cover        other purpose.
ments that must accompany the respec-              or lid thereof which shall ensure that           Your signature.”
tive applications.                                 when the locking pin thereof is re-              Ensure that the letter contains
    The responsibility is still with the           moved, the cover or lid shall not be        full details of your physical address,
relevant Designated Firearms Officer to            capable of being opened or removed;         phone numbers and e-mail.
inspect the safes where a person (appli-       (e) have a facility with the aid or use of           Take the firearms and the
cant) refuse to sign the attached solemn           which the lock-away safe, apparatus,        documentation to the police
declaration/sworn affidavit or failed to           device or instrument may be securely        station with the copies. Get the
provide photographic proof to verify               affixed to another structure such as a      copies stamped by the officer as a
such safe storage facility or any other safe       wall or a floor, or the body of a vehi-     receipt and attach these to a form
storage facilities.                                cle; and                                    SAPS 523 (Acknowledgement of
    This directive is to be implemented        (f) in the case of a lock-away safe used        Receipt of Firearms Documentation)
with effect from 11 August 2009.                   as contemplated in subregulation (5) if     completed, stamped and signed by
                                                   such safe can only be locked or opened      the Police officer (also available on
Safes and safe custody                             with two or more keys that have to be       our website).
    Regulation 86 (1), 86(6), and 86(12) in        used jointly.                                    Members will be kept informed
terms of the FCA Regulations 2004                                                              on the latest developments in
    86. (1) When a firearm is not under            We suggest that members who have            repect of the Firearms Control
the direct personal and physical control       submitted applications for renewals and         Act and the relevant legal actions.
of a holder of a licence, authorisation or     for new firearm licences and who have not       Through the SAPS-Hunters Forum,
permit to possess the firearm, the firearm     had their safes inspected, should use this      SA Wingshooters will also discuss
and its ammunition must be stored in a         prescribed procedure to try and speed up        these and other relevant issues and
safe or strongroom that conforms to the        the process as this is a way of getting by      possible solutions with the Registrar
prescripts of SABS Standard 953-1 and          the wait for safe inspections for licence ap-   of Firearms on 23 September.
953-2, unless otherwise specifically pro-      plications.                                          Watch this space!
vided in these regulations.                                                           – Ed.

                                                  WINGSHOOTER — 35 — VOL. 15 No. 3

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