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					       Nusoft.Internet Security Fighter                                          Mail Server Series

                                                   Mail Server

                                                                     Nusoft MLS-1500, an easy-to-use, dedicated mail server,
                                                                     presents you with a one-stop mail service solution, including
                                                                     anti-spam, anti-virus, email auditing, remote backup, DNS
                                                                     service, push mail, etc. It requires no command memorization
                                                                     and IT-expertise, whether for installation, configuration or
                                                                     maintenance. To top it off, it also offers additional survivability
                                                                     with real-time high availability (HA), mailbox disaster recovery
                                                                     and more to ensure email service continuity.
                                                                    As for business operating costs, the signatures for spam,
viruses (ClamAV) and IDP as well as the firmware updates are free of charge and have no user number limit, greatly reducing
the ownership of email service. In addition, its all-in-one design accommodates Web server, Web disk and other features for
facilitating your efforts on network services.

Product Features                                                     Mail Server as Easy as 1, 2, 3
                                                                     Simple installation: Eases you through the step-by-step
Dedicated Server for a One-Stop Email Solution                       guidance of installation wizard, helping you get the job done
                                                                     in no time.
Apart from reliability and stability derived from the physical
                                                                     Hassle-free migration: Migrates your existing emails and
design, it comes equipped with features such as Web Mail,
                                                                     accounts to Nusoft MLS-1500 without human intervention,
mail auditing / archiving, anti-spam, anti-virus, DNS service,
                                                                     avoiding the risk of human errors and message loss due to
and push mail as well as supports the protocols of SMTP(S)
                                                                     domain migration.
and POP3(S), providing all the necessaries for implementing
an email system.                                                     Habitual Web Mail: Offers an easy email experience with
                                                                     its MS Outlook Express-like user interface.
Advanced Email Security Mechanisms                                   User-friendly UI: Requires no command memorization
                                                                     and IT-expertise to configure; configurations are made
Real-time high availability: Prevents any email service              through the Web-based interface and thus no software
discontinuity from hardware failures.                                installation needed.
Mailbox disaster recovery: Periodically performs backups             Effortless maintenance: Helps pinpoint the cause of a
to a storage server (e.g., NAS) and from which the entire            failed email delivery with comprehensive and detailed
mailbox is restored in the event of HDD failure.                     reportings.
                                                                     Easy archival access: Audits emails for compliance with
Multi-Domain /-Alias to Meet Different Needs                         company's policy and keeps them on a file server such as
                                                                     NAS and Samba; all archives can be easily searched by a
Multi-domain: Accommodates multiple domains to                       range of criteria and viewed in UTF-8 encoding.
provide email service to enterprises with multi-domain
needs. (Each domain is isolated from one another, i. e., ≠
Multi-alias: Entitles a domain with a number of aliases.
(Each domain alias is equivalent to the domain name, i. e., =

Push Mail Capability
Nusoft MLS-1500 proactively "pushes" emails to recipients'
handheld devices without a user-initiated connection,
effectively reducing power consumption and Internet
connection fees.

       Nusoft.Internet Security Fighter                                        Mail Server Series

Large Attachments Made Available via Web Disk                       Multi-Layered Email Service Protection
The Web Disk feature not only offers users with an individual       Anti-spam: Reaches at 99% spam-filtering accuracy
storage space but also makes large email attachment                 using Fingerprint, Bayesian, RBL, SPF, DomainKey,
available, efficaciously preventing failed deliveries due to        Greylist, Auto-Whitelist, etc.
the attachment size .                                               Anti-virus: Accurately filters out viruses and malicious
                                                                    code concealed within emails with ClamAV (free signature
                                                                    updates) and Sophos scan engines .
                                                                    Anti-DoS: Protects the mail server from email DoS
               +                =                                   attacks, dictionary attacks, etc.
                                                                    Mail notice: Periodically notifies recipients of quarantined
                                                                    emails and allows them to retrieve those without the
                                                                    intervention of the IT administrator.
               +                =


    Deployed in DMZ (with real IP)                                       Deployed in LAN (with virtual IP)

                   Internet                                                             Internet

          LAN                          DMZ                                                   LAN

                                             MLS-1500                                               MLS-1500

       Nusoft.Internet Security Fighter                                                       Mail Server Series

Product Highlights
             Highlights                                     Benefits                                      Third-Party Products

                                          Avoids business reputation damage arising             Fails to avoid being listed on RBL due to LAN
  Email security filtering                from email abuse, compromised email                   computers being exploited by spammers,
                                          accounts, computer viruses, etc.                      which leads to failed deliveries.

                                          Audits messages prior to their delivery and           Requires additional equipment to archive only
  Email auditing / archiving              archives them to a file server for long-term          the regular messages to avoid wasting huge
                                          storage.                                              amount of disk space.

  Remote backups access                   Makes email backups available for browse,             Unavailable for remote access; besides, the
                                          search and retrieval simply via a Web browser.        backup access is inefficient.

                                          Offers multiple domains accommodation in a            Not available. It takes as much servers as it
  Multiple domain /
                                          single email system, together with multi-alias        actually needs to achieve the purpose.
  alias support
                                          capability .

                                          Provides comprehensive email reporting:
                                                                                                Available but not desirable. It requires
  Detailed email handling info            intuitive graphs, detailed statistics, SMTP
                                                                                                extensive analysis to identify the cause of
                                          tracking logs, queue status, and the cause
                                                                                                a failed delivery.
                                          of failed delivery.

                                          Protects your mail server from email DoS
  Anti-DoS protection                     attacks, dictionary attacks, etc., ensuring your      Not available. Email service is vulnerable to
                                          email service with reliability and continuity.        attacks and thus fails to provide reliability.

                                          Prevents any email service discontinuity              Merely provides the basic high availability
  Real-time high availability             from hardware failure using real-time high            feature; besides, recent emails might be
                                          availability .                                        lost due to the asynchronous operation
                                                                                                between the two HA units.

                                          Regularly performs email backups as well
                                                                                                Not available. Emails will be gone once the
  Mailbox disaster recovery               as restores entire mailbox in the event of
                                                                                                inbuilt HDD has failed.
                                          HDD failure.

                                          Allows individual email privilege to be
  Configurable email privilege            configured based on network policy; for               Neither individual configuration available
                                          example, you can limit email access to                nor any control over email protocols.
                                          LAN only.

  Hassle-free migration                   Migrates your existing emails and accounts            Requires manual operation to migrate emails
  (accounts / emails)                     without human intervention.                           and accounts, which is troublesome and risky.

                                          Features Web Disk to prevent failed deliveries        Not available. Sending large attachment will
  Large attachment delivery
                                          due to large attachment.                              lead to failed deliveries.

                                          Proactively pushes email messages to                  Requires an additional purchase of
  Push mail capability                    recipients' mobile devices to achieve                 equipment.
                                          business mobility.

                                                                                                                                      N OT
 Mail Server                 Anti-Virus               Anti-Spam               Email Auditing            Email Archiving            Mail Notice

 Push Mail                   Web Mail                  Web Disk                Multilingual            Remote Backups              Connection
                                                                                Support                   Access                    Tracking

  Anti-DoS                   E-Paper               Large Attachment           Real-Time HA              Web-Based UI               Web Server

        Nusoft.Internet Security Fighter                                                         Mail Server Series

                                                       Model Comparison
             Model Name                     MLS-950               MLS-1000         MLS-1500        MLS-2000         MLS-3000           MLS-5000

Hardware Specifications

        Hard Disk Capacity                   500 GB                500 GB            500 GB           1 TB             1 TB          2 TB x 2(RAID-1)

           Network Ports                 4 GbE (RJ45)        4 GbE (RJ45)         4 GbE (RJ45)    4 GbE (RJ45)        4 GbE              4 GbE
                                                                                                                  (RJ45/Mini-GBIC)   (RJ45/Mini-GBIC)

             Form Factor                   1U Rack -              1U Rack -        1U Rack -       1U Rack -        2U Rack -          2U Rack -
                                           Mountable              Mountable        Mountable       Mountable        Mountable          Mountable

      Max. Concurrent Users                  Limited              Unlimited         Unlimited      Unlimited        Unlimited           Unlimited

Product Features

        Installation Wizard


      Account Management

              Web Mail

             DNS Server

           Web-Based UI

       Connection Tracking

                     Anti-Virus              ClamAV                ClamAV         Sophos/ClamAV Sophos/ClamAV Sophos/ClamAV Sophos/ClamAV


                    Mail Report
                    Mail Notice

                  Email Auditing /
                    Archiving                    X                   X

                  Remote Backup

              Push Mail                          X                   X

       Multi-Domain / -Alias                 X

         Email Size Limits

           Mailbox Quota

        Auto-Carbon Copy

       Queue Management

              Web Disk

   Real-Time High Availability                   X

              E-Paper                            X                   X

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