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					 Package Type                       Linux Pro                Windows Pro
 Server Location                    Melbourne, AU            Melbourne, AU
 Operating System                   Linux                    Windows
 Disk Space                         25GB                     25GB
 Mailboxes                          Unlimited                Unlimited
 Mail Redirects                     Unlimited                Unlimited
 Data Limit/Month                   25GB                     25GB
 Webstats                           AWStats                  AWStats
 FrontPage Support                  No
 mySQL/MS SQL Databases             Unlimited                Unlimited
 Website Builder Tools
 Google AdWords Voucher             Free (Value $100.00)     Free (Value $100.00)
 Pricing (Annual)
 Your Cost                          $60.00      $30.00       $100.00     $50.00
 RRP                                $99.00                   $149.00

 SMS & Email                       Economy/Low Cost SMS Messages         $0.075
 Broadcasting Pricing              Advanced SMS Messages                 $0.11
                                   Email Messages                        $0.02
*All prices include GST.           Call for volume discounts.

National Sales & Support: 1300 764 614
Technical Support Email:
Suite 928, 401 Docklands Drive. Docklands.
Victoria. Australia. 3008

Phone: +61 3 9602 3430
Fax: +61 3 9602 1530

ABN: 88 101 292 237                                                                 Page 1 of 7
What Is eVersion?                                                What Does eVersion Provide?
 eVersion is a brandable white label solution that enables        As a complete package, eVersion combines a number of
 resellers to take all the functionality we have developed for    features, including:
 web hosting management, SMS and email broadcasting,
 and simply apply their own branding to the pages.                   Fully brandable web interface (ordering, billing,
                                                                      account management and hosting control panel)
 In essence, it is like combining a web hosting billing              Fully brandable email templates (Tax Invoices, User
 management software platform (like WHMCS or Modernbill),             Guides, etc)
 combining it with a web hosting control panel system (like          Simple branding via CSS file
 Plesk or cPanel), getting a merchant account with your              Reseller Admin tools including plan/pricing
 bank and hooking up to a payment gateway (like eWay),                management, & client management
 adding SMS and HTML-email broadcasting functionality with           Sub-Users
 connections to multiple delivery gateways, and investing in         Customisable pricing for individual clients
 the hardware infrastructure within an Australian data               Built in payment/billing solution
 centre...then building your website around all the above            Renewal management
 and managing the server administration and help desk                Built-in hosting control panel functions (with your
 functions your clients require.In short, to get a web hosting        branding)
 platform up and running you need to invest a lot of time,           Multiple product modules - web hosting, SMS and
 money and energy just to get it off the ground.                      Email broadcasting
                                                                     Flexibility in selecting what product modules to
 eVersion combines all the above into a feature-rich                  include/exclude
 software layer that resellers can access for no monthly             Extensive range of upgrades creating secondary
 license cost, or effort. All you need to do is add your              selling opportunities
 branding (via the CSS file), create your package                    Detailed reporting tools
 descriptions and pricing, and add a couple of links to your         Turn-key client marketing including optin/unsubscribe
 website for clients to ‘order’, ‘signup’ or ‘login’.                 automation
                                                                     Simple accounting, billing & reporting
 Whilst time and cost savings are the obvious advantage to           End-user help desk support provided by Distribute.IT
 any web host utilising the eVersion platform, the biggest            (optional)
 key is the revenue potential. eVersion at it’s core is a            Full server/network management by Distribute.IT
 comprehensive hosting platform, but it also includes
 additional revenue streams for resellers, and an ability to
 make clients ‘stickier’ by providing a suite of solutions in     For your clients, they enjoy a range of benefits also:
 the one location - such as SMS & email broadcasting,
 2-way messaging, plugin tools for database building                 Sub-User management
 (contact generation), and a suite of hosting upgrades               Full payment, billing history
 including managed backups.                                          Renewal management
                                                                     Centralised and easy to find hosting control panel
Who Uses eVersion?                                                    functions with advanced control panel access
 eVersion is a Web Services platform designed for the Web            Extensive range of upgrades available, enhancing the
 Hosting and Digital Media Industries.                                level of service they receive from you
                                                                     Access to additional services such as SMS and email
 eVersion provides a complete solution for:                           broadcasting, phonebook/contact management, and
     Web Hosts
     Web Designers
     Software Developers                                        Why Should I Use eVersion?
     Marketing Agencies                                          After almost 10 years in the web services game,
     Digital Media Agencies                                      Distribute.IT has developed a wealth of experience and
     Online Web Services Resellers                               expertise. We’ve used all of what we’ve learned to develop
                                                                  eVersion as a complete solution - where you would
                                                                  normally need to combine services from various sources
                                                                  such as data centres, hardware vendors, billing software,
                                                                  payment gateways, merchant accounts, and software
                                                                  development expertise to bring it all together, eVersion
                                                                  does it all in one neat, tidy Distribute.IT
                                                                  provides full server/service management and end-user help
                                                                  desk support as well!

                                                                  eVersion presents a whole new opportunity for web hosts,
                                                                  digital media agencies and online retailers to offer web
                                                                  hosting and communication services easily, simply and

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Simplify Your Business                                            Increase Sales
 eVersion removes the need for you to manage hardware/             eVersion isn’t just a hosting billing and control panel
 infrastructure, pay license fees for billing software and         solution. It also combines value added products and
 hosting control panel software, setup and manage                  services including:
 merchant accounts, or develop your website to combine
 everything into a workable platform. With eVersion, you              Upgrade options - off-server backups, hosting package
 simply brand the interface via the CSS file (stylesheet), set         option upgrades, etc
 your product descriptions and pricing, then add the links to
 your website. Your clients will be able to order services            SMS & email broadcasting tools - allows clients to
 from your website, paying via Distribute.IT’s centralised             manage their contacts via the interface and send
 merchant facility, login to manage their services via your            broadcasts via SMS or HTML email
 branded control panel (from your website) and receive help
 desk support from our experienced team.                           eVersion will also have domain name registration &
                                                                   management, plus SSL ordering and management tools
 As a reseller, eVersion removes the need for you to               added in 2010, making it a full service platform covering
 maintain hardware (no more 3am server outages to deal             all the major elements of a clients web services
 with!!), and remove the need to manage basic help desk            requirements.
 functions. It also removes the need for you to develop a
 full e-commerce website to combine all the services.              One of the biggest benefits of eVersion is that clients
                                                                   continually return to your site to manage their services -
 From the clients perspective, you’re now providing a              they don’t go to a separate site for the hosting control
 seamless, automated and intuitive platform for them to            panel - this is all contained within your templates. So
 deal with your company. From your perspective, you’ve             return traffic to your web site increases exponentially,
 consolidated your services onto leading edge Australian,          along with clients accessing add-on tools like SMS and
 full managed infrastructure, cut out a load of costs and          email broadcasting, all contributing to your sales growth.
 freed up your (and your staff’s) time so you can
 concentrate on building sales proactively.
                                                                  Reduce Overheads
                                                                   eVersion sits on Distribute.IT’s infrastructure, so there is no
Reduce Support                                                     need for you to invest in hardware or software licenses.
 eVersion will provide your clients with a range of intuitive      In addition to this, our default hosting plans come bundled
 tools that makes dealing with your company so much                with end-user help desk support, so you can reduce your
 easier.                                                           need to employ a team of help desk staff and spend time
                                                                   managing them. By using the eVersion platform, you don’t
 Add to this:                                                      need your own dedicated server or Virtual Private Server
                                                                   therefore, meaning the responsibility of system
    The fact that DistributeIT can handle your help desk          administration is removed and managed by Distribute.IT.
     support, reducing the workload on your team from
     reactive, basic, support queries.                             In many cases, as a web host, the Director/Manager/
                                                                   Business Owner is also the System Administrator, so you
    The fact that Distribute.IT’s infrastructure is one of the    may say “SysAdmin doesn’t cost me as I do it myself”.
     most modern, and comprehensive, in Australia at               This point is false in many ways - whilst it may not cost
     present - utilising Sun & Cisco equipment, plus a high        you the price of a staff member, it costs you in your own
     speed fibre channel network linking into our SANs and         time and depending on your network, this could extend
     all load balanced across multiple data centres with           well beyond normal trading hours - the opportunity cost of
     multiple transit partners - your clients will experience      that time spent fixing network issues versus a stress-free
     greater speed of services and uptime.                         operation, or even better, more time spent growing your
                                                                   business, is enormous!
    The fact that Distribute.IT are wholly responsible for
     managing the network, infrastructure and services,            The beauty of eVersion is that you can avoid adding staff
     thereby removing the need for your staff to be on call        costs, if anything you can reduce them, whilst at the same
     24/7/365 in the event of an outage.                           time delivering better products to your clients, at globally
                                                                   competitive rates and with a full help desk and server
                                                                   administration behind you.

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Retain Ownership Of Your Clients                                  Create Linux & Windows hosting plans
 Distribute.IT’s business model is to service the technical       or, use our default packages
 support needs of our resellers. We do not sell direct to          Whilst our default hosting plans are generous in the
 your clients. Our website is testament to this fact - unless      resources allocated to each domain, we acknowledge that
 you are a reseller with a valid login, you cannot transact        each reseller may want to offer something different.
 with Distribute.IT. Ultimately eVersion is a technical            eVersion provides us with the ability to tailor hosting plans
 solution for you. Although we will provide help desk              and packages for you. This could include, smaller (or
 support to you and your clients - your clients are your           larger) limits for disk space, data transfers, mailbox quotas,
 clients, not ours.                                                etc. It could also include or exclude help desk support
                                                                   provided by the Distribute.IT team.

Globally Competitive Packages & Pricing                            Depending on your specific package requirements, we can
 Distribute.IT’s default packages include generous limits for      load these into your account and provide a custom price for
 every domain - for example our Linux Pro package includes         you.
 5GB disk space, 10GB of monthly data, unlimited email
 addresses and mySQL databases, for just $60 per annum             This flexibility means that you can be unique in your
 (wholesales price including GST).                                 service offering and provide either a low-cost or premium
                                                                   hosting package depending on your clients’ demands.
 At around $5.00 per month (or in USD terms, less than
 USD$4 per month, this is comparable with some of the
 world’s cheapest hosting plans - but our plan also includes      Security & Fraud Protection Included
 full end-user help desk support at no extra cost!                 With significant increases in online fraud, it is important
                                                                   that eVersion does as much as possible to monitor, and
 The comparable Windows package sells for $100/year, or            prevent wherever possible, security risks and fraudulent
 around $8.25 per month - again, comparable to some of             activity in order to provide as much protection for resellers
 the cheapest plans you will find in Europe or the US.             as possible.

 All sites are hosting on our high speed Australian-based          Included in eVersion are a range of monitoring systems to
 servers, so we don’t cut any corners to deliver a truly high      track for a range fraudulent activities. We also include
 speed, locally hosted platform.                                   2-way SMS and email signup security to pre-verify a new
                                                                   client automatically, making your job of vetting new clients
                                                                   and orders so much easier.
API’s & Other Free Value Added Tools
For Your Clients                                                   Distribute.IT already has PCI compliance (for credit card
 Your clients will enjoy not just a comprehensive web              payments) and incorporates a range of tools to protect
 interface to purchase hosting, send SMS and email                 credit card data, plus verify cardholder identities.
 messages, or manage their account and phone book                  Developing solutions and processes to manage these
 contacts. All clients will also have use of your email-to-SMS     important security and compliance requirements, in your
 service that comes included with the SMS module, along            own platform, are time-consuming and very costly.
 with your SMS API plugin for those clients wishing to
 integrate SMS messaging into their own website or third
 party application. As a reseller, you benefit from the traffic   Same Day Setup
 both these tools will generate from your clients.                 eVersion is essentially a software layer that requires
                                                                   resellers to do 3 steps to launch:
 Distribute.IT has an ongoing product development path
 that includes further development of free value-added tools            1. Download, edit the CSS file to suit your branding,
 for you to give your clients. As these are released, we will           then re-upload (alternatively just use the white label
 provide details on the service and how to access it for your           templates)
                                                                        2. Set up your default hosting plan descriptions,
                                                                        SMS & email plans, and retail pricing

                                                                        3. Add links to your website for the eVersion functions
                                                                        ‘signup’, ‘order’ and ‘login’

                                                                   Setting up eVersion should take up to a couple of hours to
                                                                   complete. That means you can be online offering a suite of
                                                                   products to your clients, with a range of options, upgrades
                                                                   and additional services, within a matter of minutes/hours
                                                                   rather than the months/years it would take to develop the
                                                                   same solution yourself.

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eVersion Case Study 1
 Introduction                                                                Depending on the number of domains you actually host
 This case study investigates the differences between                        within your VPS, the monthly price will vary accordingly.
 Distribute.IT’s eVersion platform, and a Virtual Private
 Server. It takes an in-depth look at a small web host (up                   For example:
 to 100 domains) - what a VPS will cost, its limitations,                    10 Domains
 management requirements, and ultimately why eVersion                              Monthly cost would be close to $100 per domain
 outscores a VPS for any client that fits within this category               50 Domains
 of web host.                                                                      Monthly cost approx. $20 per domain
                                                                             100 Domains
 Executive Summary                                                                 (Fully Utilised VPS) Monthly cost $10.30 per domain
 Whilst a Virtual Private Server (VPS) appears cheap on the
 surface, its the hidden costs and limitations that ultimately               Disadvantages of VPS versus eVersion
 render it not cost effective for a small web host when                      This could be better described as the advantages of
 compared against the basic packages and services                            eVersion over a VPS. A long checklist of differences can be
 available through eVersion.                                                 assembled as such:

 Our financial modeling, taking a VPS Gold package (up to                    1. The cost per domain is at least half under eVersion
 100 domains, $60 per month), yields an ultimate price per                      - $5.00. (even when including help desk support by Distribute.IT).
 hosted domain of anywhere between $10.30 per month
 and $100 per month. Excluding a number of additional                        2. Package limits per domain are more generous under
 services and more generous limits that the eVersion                            eVersion.
 packages provide, a domain hosted through eVersion will                           Eg: The Linux Pro package provides 5GB disk space and 10GB data per
 cost approx. $4.60 per month.                                                     month for a single domain, similar to the overall limits a VPS provides
                                                                                   for 100 domains.

 Financial Summary                                                           3. eVersion runs off redundant fibre channel network
 Any reseller that is hosting client websites on a VPS will                     meaning higher speed and higher service availability.
 incur a number of costs, including both direct expenses                           A VPS is a segment on a physical machine, meaning all the machines
 and time costs. As a conservative estimate, the following                         resources are shared, plus there is no fibre channel connectivity.
 costs will be required:
                                                                             4. eVersion includes full server management by
 VPS Package (Distribute.IT Gold VPS)                                           DistributeIT. No need to be on call for your VPS 24/7/365.
     $60.00 Per Month
      Includes up to 100 domains, 5GB disk space & 20GB data allowance p/m
                                                                             5. eVersion includes flexibility in package limits whereas
 Plesk control panel software included in above price                           VPS limits you overall and therefore restricts what you
      100 domain control panel license                                          can do for your clients.
 VPS Maintenance (Server Administration)                                           With eVersion we can create a customised package and price that suits
     $200.00 Per Month                                                             your clients’ needs. With a VPS you can do the same, although you are
      Approx. 4 hours per week managing patches, software upgrades/                restricted to the overall VPS package limits, therefore minimising the
      installations, service/server outages, etc                                   freedom you have to tailor solutions to your needs.

 Help Desk Support                                                           6. eVersion includes a number of up-sell opportunities
     $670.00 Per Month
      Approx. 8 hours per week (conservative estimate)                          where a VPS wouldn't (unless you invest significant time
      managing phone and/or email support requests                              and cost in developing these).
 Merchant facilities & billing management software                                 Clients with hosting accounts through your eVersion platform can also
     $100.00 Per Month                                                             send SMS and email broadcasts and add services to their hosting such
                                                                                   as backups. A VPS doesn’t include these options at all, thereby limiting
      Covers account fees for merchant facilities with banks,
      payment gateway providers, transaction fees and                              your revenue opportunity from each client.
      software licenses for billing/ordering management
      (eg WHMCS)
                                                                             7. eVersion covers all aspects of client management,
                                                                                billing, renewal management, etc.
 The total of the above is $1030.00 per month.                                     A VPS will require you to also acquire billing software (eg WHMCS) and
                                                                                   payment gateway to handle your clients’ payments.
 Add to the above some further costs that aren’t included in
 this calculation:                                                           8. Developing your website around eVersion is quick
       Developing your website to incorporate the above                         and simple.
                                                                                   For a VPS you will need to integrate your website with
       services and make a functioning solution for clients
       Monitoring of services                                                      billing management software, control panel system

       Phone/telecommunication costs for help desk services                        and design, just to get started.

       Extraordinary and out-of-hours emergency
       maintenance/support costs                                             Final Comments
       Access to other products                                              Unless you like the idea of control over the system
                                                                             administration of your VPS and are willing to be on-call
                                                                             24/7/365 to support the service, we do not see any benefit
                                                                             for resellers using VPS over eVersion.

                                                                             From a cash flow perspective whilst you are growing,
                                                                             eVersion is far superior, and even if your VPS is fully
                                                                             utilised, the actual cost per domain is much higher under
                                                                             a VPS scenario.

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eVersion Case Study - Dedicated Servers
 Executive Summary                                               A number of costs have been excluded from the model as
                                                                 they are simply too subjective or uncertain, including:
 This case study analyses the costs of running a dedicated
 server, based on the number of hosted domains, and                   A cost factor for out-of-hours server administration
 compares the differences between this type of solution
 against Distribute.IT’s new eVersion platform.                       Merchant fees on credit card payments (approx.
                                                                      1.5% - 2.0% of revenue)
 We have developed financial models to analyse a servers
 true cost for up to 1000 hosted domains.                             Additional service/software licenses over and above
                                                                      standard control panel software licence costs
 Many web hosts strive to reach a point of ‘critical mass’
 with their clients, that will ultimately justify their               Excess data costs
 investment in a dedicated server.
                                                                 Also note that we have not factored into eVersion a
 A dedicated server(s) does provide a web host with some         reducing price scale for larger hosts (eg web hosts with
 advantages, most notably a certain element of control -         500 - 1000 domains will generally receive a better-than-
 control over the operating system and patch management,         list price for each hosted domain on eVersion resulting
 installed functionality and application support, for example.   in a comparative price of less than the list price of
 However what also needs to be considered are the indirect       $5.00 per month).
 costs of renting/owning and maintaining a dedicated server.
 This case study compares the benefits of a dedicated
 server against Distribute.IT’s eVersion platform.               Financial Summary

 Our financial modeling, taking our ‘Gold Rent-to-Own’           The starting point for a dedicated server should be no less
 dedicated server package, yields average pricing for hosted     than 50 ‘ordinary’ hosting accounts. Our model assessed
 domains of anywhere between $43 per month down to               the per-domain price per month for 50 and 100 domains
 around $13 per month. A domain hosted through eVersion          and then in increments of 100 domains, up to a maximum
 will cost a maximum $5.00 per month regardless of               of 1000 hosted domains.
                                                                 NB: Two servers required for 1000 domains.
                                                                 Whilst it is usual practice to consider the cost of a
 The following broad assumptions were included                   dedicated server as simply the hardware, software, data
 in the financial model:                                         and colocation, a web host that chooses to use their own
                                                                 dedicated server also needs to consider the indirect costs
      Server costs (hardware & colocation)                       of managing that service - help desk time and server
                                                                 maintenance/administration. In some cases the web hosts
      Control panel software licenses, billing software          principals/Directors may perform these functions - the cost
      licenses and merchant payment facilities costs             of that time still needs to be factored into the analysis of
                                                                 total cost, as it is ultimately an opportunity cost of building
      Help desk and Server Admin wage costs, amortised in        business sales.
      terms of Full Time Equivalent hours, based upon the
      number of hosted domains. We have taken an average         The table presented below shows the summary results.
      conservative, full time salary of $35,000 for support.     At the extremes, a small web host with 50 domains will
                                                                 find the step to a dedicated server very expensive, costing
      Data costs (at a conservatively low flat rate of $1.50     around $43 per hosted domain per month. At the other
      per GB per month)                                          extreme, a larger host with 1000 domains, and 2 dedicated
                                                                 servers, will ultimately have a cost of around $13 per
      Maximum hosted domains on a server of this kind is         domain per month. In between these extremes, there is a
      approx. 500 (on average - dependant on the type of         small ‘blip’ after 500 domains, when a second physical
      sites/services hosted) - adding more can make              server needs to be added to support growth beyond 500
      servers less reliable therefore create more support        domains.

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eVersion Case Study - Dedicated Servers
                          Average Cost Analysis                                         6.eVersion includes a number of up-sell opportunities
                                                                                         where a dedicated server wouldn't (unless you invest
                                                                                         significant time and cost in developing these)
                                                                                             Clients with hosting accounts through your eVersion
                                                                                             platform can also send SMS and email broadcasts,
                          $40.00                                                             and add services to their hosting such as backups.
Monthly Cost Per Domain

                          $35.00                                                        7.eVersion covers all aspects of client management,
                                                                                         billing, renewal management, etc.
                                                                                             A dedicated server will require you to acquire billing
                                                                                             software (eg WHMCS) and payment gateway to
                          $20.00                                                             handle your clients’ payments

                          $15.00                                                        8.Developing your website around eVersion is quick & simple

                          $10.00                                                             For a Dedicated server you will need to integrate your
                                                                                             website with billing management software, control
                                                                                             panel system and design, just to get started.
                                     50     100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000    9.Scalability - single servers restrict the competitive
                                                        Hosted Domains                    scalability by limiting the size of packages that can be
                                   Dedicated Server                                       offered.

                          Disadvantages of Dedicated Server
                          compared against eVersion                                     Final Comments

                          1.eVersion provides both Windows and Linux packages - to      If you have between 50 and 1,000 hosted domains, our
                           achieve this with a dedicated server you will need either    conclusion is simple - a dedicated server will give you the
                           2 physical machines or a much larger (read ‘expensive’)      benefit of control and flexibility, but the opportunity cost of
                           virtualised server with software licenses to suit.           investing labour hours managing that service will generally
                                                                                        make the cost per domain far more expensive than can be
                          2.A dedicated server requires 24/7/365 monitoring,            achieved by the eVersion platform. It means that your
                           support and administration. In a ‘bad’ month you might       money is spent reactively managing a service rather than
                           find that the labour cost to maintain the server/s is much   proactively growing your business.
                           higher than assumed by this case study.
                                                                                        Two of the key points to highlight that are not reflected
                          3.The cost per domain is at least half under eVersion (even   directly in the financial model are:
                           when including help desk support by Distribute.IT)
                                                                                             1. eVersion is cheaper and it simplifies your business.
                          4.eVersion runs off a redundant fibre channel network -            Distribute.IT manage the server software licences,
                           higher speed, higher service availability.                        support requests and billing/renewals where as with a
                                                                                             dedicated server you have all of these responsibilities.
                                  A dedicated server is a single point of failure and
                                  generally doesn’t include fibre channel cards,             2. eVersion gives you far more revenue opportunity
                                  redundancy, etc.                                           compared to a dedicated server:

                          5.eVersion includes full server management by DistributeIT         through a range of upgrade options built-in.

                                  No need to be on call for your server 24/7/365             through offering both Linux and Windows packages

                                                                                             through freeing up your time to concentrate on
                                                                                             sales and marketing rather than system admin and

                                                                                        To achieve all these benefits with a dedicated server costs
                                                                                        you time and resources - significant time and resources!

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