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This is where you will experience a professional
and caring service, using the highest standard of
treatments available, in a comfortable and relaxed

Looking forward to meeting you...

ESPA AROMATHERAPY FACIAL                       ESPA REBALANCING                                 HOLISTIC TREAMENTS
A purifying and nourishing treatment, with a   AROMATHERAPY FACIAL
lymph drainage and pressure point massage,     For skin problems such as rashes or blemishes,   STONE THERAPY
for all skin types.                            which can be caused by stress, hormonal          What is Stone Therapy?
£32.00 • 55 mins                               imbalance, diet or an ineffective skin care      It is the use of hot stones to bring about a
                                               regime. This facial uses aromatherapy to         total balance within the body which aids the
ESPA LUXURY CONCEPT FACIAL                     soothe and calm the skin, and also helps to      natural healing process. Stone Therapy is a
Blended specifically for maturing, stressed    decongest revive and revitalize.                 Native American practise used since ancient
or distressed skin, ESPA concept gives         £32.00 • 55 mins                                 times as a healing therapy for many different
intensive care where and when it is needed.                                                     ailments. Ancient cultures believe that
This treatment includes a scalp massage.       STANDARD FACIAL                                  everything in the Universe has its own energy.
£38 • 1 hour 10 mins                           Cleanse, tone, massage, mask & moisturiser.      For thousands of years, Native American
                                               £25                                              people in particular have utilised natures’
ESPA SKIN BRIGHTENER FACIAL                                                                     material for health and well-being.
A facial that gives dull. sallow skin the      ESPA MEN’S SKIN CARE                             Stone Therapy effects the body both
kiss of life, leaving it bright, glowing,      We have developed a deeply relaxing facial       emotionally and physically; Emotionally:
healthy looking and very very clean.           treatment, incorporating the new ESPA MEN        The effects are deeply calming, soothing,
£36 • 55 mins                                  products, specifically designed to suit men’s    comforting and sedative. Physically: The use
                                               skin care needs – bringing a sense of peace,     of stones aids the therapist to work to
ESPA RE-HYDRATOR FACIAL                        whilst revitalising the skin.                    deeper levels giving therapeutic relief to
Superb for dry, dehydrated, stressed and       £38 • 1 hour                                     excessive muscle tension, energising the
tired complexions. A gentle deep cleansing                                                      body.
and exfoliation prepares the skin for a                                                         £70 • 2 hours
rejuvenating massage with botancial rescue
and face treatment oil.
£36 • 55 mins

ESPA AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE                        ESPA BODY POLISH                                 ESPA LIFESAVING BACK MASSAGE
Experience the benefits of massage, with         An exclusive body and skin enhancing             An ideal treatment for problematic skins and
individually chosen essential oils in one of     treatment which can be used in isolation to      a treat for this much neglected and hard to
the finest anti stress treatments available.     remove dead or dry skin.                         reach area. The back is deeply cleansed,
Restores lost energy.                            £22 • 30 mins                                    body brushed and exfoliated to help
£38 • 1 hour 10 mins                                                                              stimulate circulation and cell renewal, then
                                                 ESPA DETOXIFYING ALGAE WRAP                      calmed and relaxed with luxurious
ESPA HOLISTIC AROMATHERAPY                       This therapeutic, balancing and detoxifying      aromatherapy massage. Marine mud mask
TOTAL BODY CARE                                  treatment involves skin brushing, gentle         and a final application of a light moisturising
This total body skin brushing, cleansing and     exfoliation and algae wrap rich in minerals      balm
full body aromatherapy treatment is ideal to     and enzymes. Designed to ease away               £32 • 1 hour
ease away tension. Facial also included.         tension, helps boost the metabolism and
£50 • 1 hour 25 mins                             speed up the elimination of toxins. Includes
                                                 a scalp treatment for total relaxation.
ESPA STIMULATING HIP AND                         £50 • 1 hour 25 mins
A specialized treatment to stimulate the         ESPA RESTORATIVE MUD ENVELOPMENT
circulatory and lymphatic system. Breaks         A therapeutic treatment ideal for aches and
down blockages, cellulite and fluid retention.   pains and superficial skin problems using
After exfoliation with a seaweed and salt rub    marine mud rich in trace minerals. Includes a
adetoxifying massage follows using essential     full body exfoliation and deep scalp treatment
oils and marine algae.                           to ease tension.
£36 • 1 hour                                     £50 • 1 hour 25 mins
This includes lymphatic skin brushing and full   LUXURY BACK, FACE AND SCALP
body exfoliation to prepare the skin for this    TREATMENT                                          SUNLAB SPRAY TANNING SYSTEM
luxurious body wrap, together with advanced      This treatment helps to maintain and               The safe and easy way for the perfect
techniques and a oriental head massage, this     maximize the potential health of your skin by      tan in minutes.
wrap is specially designed for dry or            protecting, hydrating, firming and purifying.      £20 • 15 minute treatment
dehydrated skins, before and after the sun       It will leave your skin balanced and you a
or pre wedding.                                  feeling of deep relaxation throughout the          ST TROPEZ
£50 • 1 hour 30 mins                             mind and body.                                     Instant Self Tan. A complete line of
                                                 £50.00 • 1 hour 25 mins                            Aloe Vera based tanning essentials. The tan
ESPA FULL BODY MASSAGE                                                                              that is instant, streakless and non greasy with
A full body massage designed to ease             BIO-DETOX                                          a relaxing fragrance. Please ask your Therapist
tension, relieve stress and promote a            Re-energise and Re-balance. Combine the life       for more details.
general state of well being.                     giving properties of water with low level          £37 • 1 hour treatment
£32 • 55 mins – with hot stones £40              current to provide a relaxing treatment which
                                                 helps to re-balance and re-energise the body.
BACK MASSAGE                                     Seeing is believing
£18 – with hot stones £25                        £30 • 45 mins

BODY WRAP                                        HOPI EAR CANDLES
An Instant inch loss ready for special           Helps with conditions such as, sinus
occasions                                        congestions, earaches & headaches, ear
£35 • 1 hour 30 mins                             noise, stress, nerousness, allergies, prevention
                                                 of ear infections, snoring, hearing difficulties
FARADIC BODY TREATMENT                           and more.
Improves circulation and skin texture            £25 • 45 mins
making your muscles toned and stronger.
£15 • 30 mins • single treatment
£75 • Course of six treatments
                                                                                     The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is
                                                                                     a healthy skin. Our makeup is not just a
                                                                                     refinement of normal makeup; it is a new
SPECIALISED TREATMENTS                          EYE TREATMENTS                       technology. So effective it is recommended
                                                                                     by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin
CRYSTAL CLEAR                                   EYE LASH TINT                        care professionals. At last, a makeup that’s
MICRODERMABRASION FACIAL                        Eye lash tint £10                    good for the skin!
This treatment is for all skin types, which     PATCH TEST WILL BE NEEDED 24 HOURS
need total rejuvenation. Customer benefits      BEFORE LASH TINT                     MAKE UP & WEDDING
are fine lines, wrinkles and aged hands. Acne                                        Make up lesson £30
scarring and pigmentation marks. Sun            EYE BROW TINT                        Make up application £25
damaged skin. Deeper frown lines and lip        Eye brow tint £6.50                  Wedding make up
lines. Stretch mark improvement. Cellulite                                           At salon on the day, including rehearsal £50
and skin blemishes. Scar blending and                                                At home on the day, including rehearsal -
improvement. Congested skin with open                                                price to be quoted
pores and comedones. For more details pick
up a leaflet in the salon.                                                           WAXING
£40 • single treatment                                                               Full leg wax £20
£350 • Course of ten treatments                                                      Half leg wax £12 (ankle to just over knee)
                                                                                     Full leg wax (including bikini) £25
CRYSTAL CLEAR MDA DELUXE FACIAL                                                      Bikini wax £8
This treatment is the same as above, but also                                        Underarm wax £8
includes a face and eye mask, to soothe and                                          Upper lip or chin wax £6
hydrate and lock moisture in the skin, and to                                        Eye brows £8
improve the eye area.                                                                Full arm wax £12
£50 • 1 hour                                                                         Forearm wax £10

ELECTROLYSIS                                     PEDICURES                                      NEW TREATMENTS

STEREX BLEND METHOD                              JESSICA STANDARD PEDICURE                      NOUVEAU LASHES
This treatment is offered in various sessions.   This system combines scientific aromatherapy   The semi-permanent eye lash extensions
5 minute session £9                              with natural extracts and botanicals for an    Full set
10 minute session £12                            uplifting luxurious foot care experience.      £75 • 2 hours
15 minute session £15                            £25 • 1 hour
20 minute session £20                                                                           RED VEIN TREATMENT
30 minute session £25                            JESSICA LUXURY INTENSIVE PEDICURE              PATCH TEST IS REQUIRED
                                                 For feet with problems such as hard skin or    £35 • 15 mins
                                                 just in need of a good pamper.
MANICURES                                        £30 • 1 hour 10 mins                           MILIA REMOVAL
                                                 PLEASE BRING OPEN TOE SHOES                    £15 • 15 mins
A prescribed manicure using quality products,    GEL NAILS                                      SKIN TAG REMOVAL
for all nail types                               Full set £35                                   £35 • 15 mins
£23 • 1 hour                                     Full set with white tips £40
                                                 Overlays £20
JESSICA NAILS LUXURY MANICURE                    Overlays with white tips £22
An ideal treat using mittens to help             Infills £20
absorption of the treatment products and         Infills with white tips £23
total relaxation to hands and lower arm.         Repair (each nail) £2 with infills
£27 • 1 hour 10 mins                             Repair (on its own) £6
                                                 Removal of gel nails £13
£12 • 30 mins

TELEPHONE: 01455 442892                           Monday CLOSED
                                                  Tuesday 11 - 7 pm
email:                            Wednesday 10 - 7 pm
                                                  Thursday 11 - 7 pm                                    Friday 10 - 7 pm
                                                  Saturday 10 - 4 pm
                                                  Sunday CLOSED

                                                  Prices are subject to change without notice.
                                                  Cancellations or missed appointments of less than
                                                  24 hours on all treatments will incur a cancellation fee.

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