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									                                                  FAMILY MATTERS
                                  The Holy Family Technology College
                                        A Catholic Secondary School & Specialist Technology College
                                                                                                   Friday 17th December 2010

Dear Parents/Carers

Please do read the letter I have written to all parents/carers and which has been sent home
by student mail this week. I am very happy to receive feedback on any matters contained
within it.

Thanks to parents/carers, governors, friends and guests of Holy Family who came to our
Carol Concert in the Church of our Lady and St George on Wednesday this week. It was a
lovely occasion and my thanks to all involved in preparing and organising the event,
especially the RE, Music and Drama departments.

We return to school on Tuesday 4th January 2011.

Parents’ Surgery will resume the following Tuesday 11th January from 4pm to 5pm in the
Headteacher’s Office on the Walthamstow site.

The 26th December is the feast day of the Holy Family, so please especially remember us
in your prayers on that occasion. On behalf of Governors, Staff and Students may I wish
everyone a happy and holy Christmas.

Dr Andy Stone

   Headteacher:        Dr. A. Stone, BA Hons, NPQH    Deputy Headteachers: Ms. C. Hodges, BA Hons, NPQH    Mr. D. O’Neill BEd, MA, NPQH
   Walthamstow Site:   1 Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, London E17 3EA                            Tel/fax: (020) 8520 0482/4658
   Wiseman Site:       30/34 Shernhall Street, Walthamstow,
                       London E17 9RT (entrance in Church Lane)                                    Tel/fax: (020) 8520 3587/3594

 On Tuesday 7th of December Holy family’s Year 11 basketball team travelled to Fredrick
 Bremer for a match which definitely entertained. Holy Family had a very slow start to the
 game conceding 6 points before scoring. The team then started to play very well even
 through they weren’t scoring at every attempt. The first half ended on a high after an
 extravagant behind the back pass to Jameel resulted in a clever finish.
 The score ended 20-12 to Holy Family at half time. The second half started and yet again
 Holy Family had a slow start conceding another 6points before getting on the board. This
 Half Symon replaced Jericho who could only be known as the Super Sub. Symon in the
 half scored two 3 pointers and performed some sneaky passes through the opponents legs.
 The score ended 42-31 and the teams both acted in a Sportsman like manner showing
 great respect.
 Emmanuel was top point scorer, James was the player with the most assists and stats but
 man of the match had to go to Symon, who was truly the super sub.
 Well done to the whole team
                                                           James Morris

Mencap is a charity which works with adults and young people with learning difficulties. At this
time of year we look to help those in our community who are less fortunate than ourselves.
During lunch time clubs students in year 7 and 8 have have made Christmas decorations
including posters, paper chains and cards. On Wednesday 15 December year 12 students
visited the Mencap Hall at Bakers Arms in Leyton. To decorate the hall for the children's
Christmas party. Many thanks to Rowena Kahsay, Hannah Myers, Jessica Lopez, Phillipa
Bonu-Brenyah Tshai Thompson and Joshua Jardine who worked very hard to turn the British
legion hall into a more festive venue.
Students from the Holy Family College will attend the Mencap children's party on the 22nd of
December when Santa will arrive to bring some Christmas cheer.

  Father Christmas and Elves – Visits the
   Thomas Murray, Caitlin Heed, Chloe
         Stapleton, James Morris.

Santa and his little helpers came by
yesterday to raise money for Make a Wish
Foundation! They have managed to raise
£350 for the charity! Well done to them and
Thank you for helping children’s wishes
come true!

                      Netbook - Maria Fanny - Year 12.2
                     Ninentdo DSi - Valerio Falasco - 7.2
                         TV, DVD - Joseph Sandi- 7.6
                       Ipod - Nano - Daniel Cruz - 10.3

                                   HMV vouchers:-

                             Caoimhe Boylan 11.4
                              Madison North 7.3
                          Paula Hansson ( Eren- 11.4)
                              Ryan Carvalho 10.2
                                Ife Omolabi 7.1


Come for a tasty start to the day with:

Tea ⋅ Toast ⋅ Fruit ⋅ Eggs ⋅ Juice ⋅ Cereal

   Hard-dough bread ⋅ Polish bread

            Irish soda bread

         FOOD TECH ROOM L35
             Ms. ISMAIL
               It’s FREE!

After School Homework                            Homework Club.
                                                   ICT suite
     Monday- Thursday
             3.15- 4.15                         7.30am -8.30am

                LO31                               Lunchtimes
                                              From 1.20pm-2.10pm
            Mr Bashar
                                              Ms Ismail & Mr Bashar

                                                 All are welcome!


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