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									Lee Marklew

Call: 1993
Education: BA (Hons) Law (2.1) Sheffield University, Diploma in Law, Inns of
Court School Of Law; Gray’s Inn

Areas of Expertise                                                    Memberships
•     Crime                                                           •     Criminal Bar Association
•     Regulatory


Lee is instructed to appear for both the prosecution and the defence in many cases of murder, rape, sexual assault,
making/taking indecent images, conspiracies to import/distribute drugs, armed robbery, firearms offences and black-
mail. He is instructed in many cases of indecency where the alleged victims are children. Lee has regularly been led by
Queen’s Counsel and he himself has led other junior barristers in complex cases where two Counsel have been

Lee practices in all areas of serious crime and has a busy prosecution and defence practice. Lee is a Grade 4 prosecutor,
an approved rape prosecutor and is currently engaged in work that includes large scale fraud, people trafficking and
serious sexual offences.

Lee has also represented Birmingham and Worcester City Councils in Trading Standards cases and has lectured Trading
Standards Officers upon aspects of their investigative work.
Organised Crime
Lee has been instructed to defend an international drugs conspiracy involving both Dutch and English police officers
[R v Bartlett]. In addition, he has also been instructed in many other conspiracies to supply drugs within the United
Kingdom. Recently he was instructed to defend one of eight defendants in a conspiracy that involved seizures of
three kilos of cannabis, half a kilo of cocaine, 4000 ecstasy tablets and 10,000 LSD tablets [R v Dakin].

Lee also represented one of six defendants for offences of robbery of ‘cash in transit’ vans in the South East of
England that involved the use of firearms [R v Smith].

In the last two years Lee has also been instructed to defend two men charged with two separate conspiracies to
traffic people into and within the United Kingdom for the purposes of prostitution [R v Jiang and R v Liu].

Lee has also successfully prosecuted an armed robbery of a branch of the HSBC Bank. Two masked intruders armed
with a firearm broke into the branch in the middle of the night and waited for employees to begin their weekly
business [R v Aslam].

In addition, Lee was instructed to prosecute a conspiracy to blackmail in a case that concerned attempts to extort
monies from the owners of a taxi business. On a number of occasions violence was used and a firearm was also
discharged [R v Khan and others].

Lee has been instructed as a leading junior in a case that concerned the armed robbery of an ‘AMTRAC’ lorry by
eight defendants, one of whom possessed a firearm and was dressed as a police officer [R v Cutler and others].

Business and Financial Crime
Lee is instructed for both the prosecution and the defence in cases of fraud. He is experienced in fraudulent trading,
fraud based upon cheque ‘cross firing’ and mortgage fraud. Lee has defended company directors for prosecutions
undertaken by The Official Receivers Office in respect of the Insolvency Act 1986. He has been instructed in
multi-handed cases where the sums lost have run into millions of pounds. Lee has regularly worked for solicitors
who sit upon the Fraud Panel.

Lee is currently instructed to prosecute a number of men who are charged with three offences of conspiracy to de-
fraud and ancillary offences of dishonesty. These men allegedly defrauded over 100 businesses and financial institu-
tions of monies upon the false premise that they would secure loans upon their behalf [R v Stevens and Stevens].

Lee also defended one of 14 defendants who defrauded the government of over £1 million by creating a number of
companies that ostensibly provided educational services to the unemployed, under privileged and disabled. The
defendants did not provide such services and created a number of fictitious customers of their services who
purported to live at addresses throughout the U.K. which either did not exist or which they had long since vacated
[R v Nightingale].

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Serious Sexual Offences

Lee is experienced in prosecuting and defending the full range of sexual offences and recently appeared for the
appellant in a successful appeal against conviction that concerned an issue relating to bad character. The trial
involved historical allegations of rape upon the defendant’s own daughter [R v Moosab].

Other cases that Lee is and has been engaged in include the following:

R v Matsveiro – A prosecution trial of a serial rapist who attacked three prostitutes. The defendant was convicted
and received eight years’ imprisonment.

R v Tustin — A prosecution trial of a man who had raped and sexually assaulted his stepson.

R v Kacheche — A prosecution trial of a Malewian national who met and ‘groomed’ young girls using ‘chat room’
sites on the internet; assaulting a number of teenage girls.

R v Doe — A defence trial of a man charged with offences of rape upon his daughter.

R v Thomas— A defence trial of a man already convicted of raping his sister and now charged with allegations of
cruelty and indecency against his step-daughter and sons.

R v Copson — A defence case involving grooming of a number of teenage girls by a young defendant who was aged

R v Noakes — A prosecution trial of a mentally disturbed man who continually exposed himself.

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Lee has ten years of experience in prosecuting and defending trading standards cases and those concerned with the
health and safety of consumers and employees within the work place. Lee also has a wide experience of prosecuting
and defending animal welfare cases.

Lee has worked upon a wide variety of cases where the principle charges have been brought under the Food Safety
Act 1990, the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, the Trade Marks Act 1994, the Insolvency Act 1986, Health and Safety at
Work Act 1974 and the Protection of Animals Act 1911. He has prosecuted and defended the directors of multi
national companies such as Lidl UK plc, Superdrug stores plc and Living Well plc. Lee also has experience in defend-
ing and prosecuting cases initiated by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [‘DEFRA’] and cases
prosecuted by the Official Receiver’s office. He is instructed by Birmingham, Worcester, Warwickshire and Coventry
County Councils where the Local Authority has had overall conduct of cases brought to them for pre-charge advice
by trading standards officers, animal welfare officers and officers from other government agencies.

Lee has experience in cases that have concerned the production and the selling of counterfeit clothing, the ‘clocking’
of cars, the adequacy of fire retardant treatment on fabrics, false descriptions in particulars provided by estate
agents in relation to saleable property and the accuracy of descriptions upon labels relating to food products.

Work In Front Of Disciplinary Bodies

Lee has appeared in police misconduct proceedings on behalf of the Police Federation.

Notable Cases:

R v Bashir and Clifford — A prosecution trial of defendants charged with a conspiracy to convert firearms.

R v Richard Harris — A prosecution trial of a defendant who stabbed his victim leaving him paralysed.

R v Joshan Mohammed — A prosecution trial of a man who sexually assaulted a student in the toilets in Coventry

R v David Eburne — A prosecution trial of a student who had shot a man in the head with a BB gun.

R v McCall — A defence trial of a defendant charged arson with intent. He tried to kill his family by disabling the
household’s alarm system and then setting a fire whilst his wife and child were asleep.

R v Drezek — A defence trial of a defendant who was one of five men blackmailing fellow Polish nationals who were
having difficulty obtaining work in and around the city of Hereford.

R v Laqab — A defence trial of a defendant who was charged with the murder of a drug dealer by plunging a screw
driver into his head.

R v Trevor English — A defence trial of a defendant who was part of a large scale conspiracy concerned with the
importation of cocaine concealed within specially constructed vases that had been made in the Caribbean.

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Notable Cases:

R v Ashley Cooksey — A defence trial where the defendant was charged with the manslaughter of a well known
disc-jockey during the course of a burglary of his home.

R v David Gill— A defence trial where the defendant was part of a conspiracy to import over a million pounds of
cigarettes from Thailand.

Lee plays team tennis for Edgbaston Archery and Lawn Tennis Society. He is learning to speak Italian.

Practice Manager Details:

James Turner
T: 0121 246 2052
F: 0121 246 7001

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