Digital Pen and Paper to the rescue by gyvwpsjkko


									                                                                                                                            ANOTO CASE STORY

Digital Pen and Paper to the rescue
                                                “Digital pen and paper made a                       the fire department’s dispatcher services that
FACTS                                                                                               responds to approximately 6,000 – 7,000 calls
                                                lot of sense for us. It was fore-
Customer: Solano County Public Health                                                               a year. Solano County needed a data collec-
                                                most accurate, quick in providing                   tion tool that would be 95% – 100% accurate,
is part of Solano County’s Health and Social
Services Department, US. Solano County
                                                us with the patient information                     especially since the paramedics transport
Public Health’s mission is to improve health    we needed, portable and easy to                     such a large volume of patients.
and quality of life for people in the county.   use.”                                                  Prior to the implementation of Digital Pen
                                                                                                    and Paper technology, paramedics would fill
Challenge: To reduce the time that the          Michael Frenn, the EMS agency administrator         out a patient care form and provide a paper
county’s 160 plus paramedics, private Emer-     for Solano County                                   copy to the hospital, and to Solano County’s
gency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and fire                                                            Emergency Medical Services (EMS) station
fighters spend on the routine administra-        Michael Frenn is the Emergency Medical Ser-         respectively. A clerk at the EMS station would
tion associated with document creation,         vices (EMS) agency administrator for Solano         take that paper form and manually enter the
processing of patient care forms, and           County and also the president-elect of the          patient data into the station’s patient records
manual data entry. Additionally, there was      Emergency Medical Services Administrators           database.
a significant need to improve data accuracy      Associations of California. He was tasked with         “There were significant delays from the
and meet the compliance standards set by        the goal of reducing the time that Solano           time when a paramedic would document a
the county’s compliance and data integrity      County’s 160 plus paramedics, private Emer-         patient’s condition to the time when the pa-
group.                                          gency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and fire            tient data would be entered into our data-
                                                fighters spent on the routine administration         base. Additionally, we found that there were
Solution: A customized digital pen and          associated with document creation, proces-          numerous discrepancies in the data accuracy,
paper solution provided by IS2BE, based         sing of patient care forms, and manual data         which was partly because a non medical per-
on Anoto technology.                            entry. Additionally, data accuracy in the patient   son would be trying interpret the information
                                                records needed to be significantly improved.         on the form and partly just due to human
Benefits: Significant time savings, almost           Medic Ambulance is by far Solano County’s        error while manually entering the data”, said
100% data accuracy. The time from when          largest paramedic service provider with the         Michael Frenn.
a call occurs, to when the data is trans-       greatest number of patient transports for
mitted electronically has been significantly     the county, operating some 12 – 16 units and        Price the key factor
reduced. There is now an ability to meet        responding to about 24,000 calls a year. The        The EMS station chose Anoto Digital Pen
the needs of the county’s compliance and        next largest volume of calls the Solano County      and Paper technology for creating electronic
data integrity group.                           community service team responds to is from          patient records for the approximately 30,000

                                                Europe                             US                               Japan
                                                Anoto Group AB                     Anoto Incorporated               Anoto-Maxell K.K.
                                                Phone: +46 46-540 12 00            Phone: +1-508 983 9550           Phone: +81 (0)3-5774 1212
                                                                                                                                                                             ANOTO CASE STORY

calls that occur annually.                                                     “The digital pen is extremely good at repli-                        Partner profile:
   At first, a solution with tablet PC:s was                                 cating what a paramedic writes as a narrative                          IS2BE was founded in 2001 by the founders
also considered, but the digital pen and paper                              on a patient and can store it as part of the                           of Zoxbox, Inc. (a device vendor & system
solution was found to be more affordable.                                   electronic record which can be referred to                             integrator) & NgnCom, Inc. (a network &
Price was the key factor involved in choosing                               later. This information is not included as part                        system integrator), and incorporated in
the digital pen and paper solution.                                         of our statistical data nor interpreted as such”,                      Nevada, USA in April 2004. The company
   The digital pen and paper system was confi-                               said Michael Frenn.                                                    is headquartered in San Jose, California. The
gured by Anoto’s partner IS2BE and custo-                                                                                                          seasoned management team from Vodafone
mized to be integrated with the electronic                                  Meeting compliance standards                                           AirTouch, Verizon Wireless, Bank of America,
patient records database used at the EMS                                    Data integrity and accuracy has always been                            TIAA-CREF and LifeScan successfully made
station.                                                                    emphasized at Solano County, and periodic                              IS2BE the leader in the global digital data
   “Digital pen and paper made a lot of sense                               audits are conducted on pen and paper ef-                              market. The company provides Intelligent
for us. It was foremost accurate, quick in                                  ficiency. To verify data, the county’s compliance                       Pen Solutions™ primarily for the unique
providing us with the patient information                                   and data integrity group cross references ran-                         worldwide business and professional form
we needed, portable and easy to use”, said                                  dom records with the actual health assess-                             automation market segment. IS2BE success-
Michael Frenn.                                                              ments that the paramedics make on-site.                                fully conducted a first-in-the-market friendly
                                                                               “I liked how Digital Pen and Paper techno-                          user trial in Silicon Valley, California in Q4
The solution                                                                logy allowed us to quickly create an electronic                        2003.
The solution consists of a digital pen and a pa-                            record that could easily be e-mailed to our
tient care form with Anoto’s dot pattern. The                               compliance and data integrity group. It saved                
paramedics fill out the patient care form with                               us time”, said Michael Frenn.
the digital pen at the emergency location and                                                                                                      Customer profile:
during the ambulance ride to the hospital. The                              Vision for the future                                                  Solano County Health and Social Services
pen looks and feels like any standard ink pen,                              The EMS station has concluded that IS2BE:s                             Department was created by the Board
but contains a tiny infrared camera and pro-                                solution based on Anoto technology provides                            of Supervisors in 1992. The Department
cessor which enables it to “read” and digitise                              an attractive solution for all emergency ser-                          employs over 1,262 employees working in
words as they are written on the patient care                               vice organizations that have to struggle with                          offices throughout Solano County, US, and
forms.                                                                      balancing service delivery and technology                              is organized by seven program service areas.
   When the paramedics return to the EMS                                    supporting these initiatives with resource con-                        Public Health Services was founded in 1872
station, they dock the digital pen to a USB                                 strained budgets.                                                      and became part of Solano County’s Health
port on the computer. The patient data is then                                 Whereas the EMS station in Solano County                            and Social Services Department in 1991. The
uploaded to the patient records database in a                               now can have a digital version of the patient                          mission of Solano County Public Health is
matter of seconds.                                                          data nearly instantly, the hospitals still only re-                    to improve the health and quality of life for
   “Now, the timeframe from when a call                                     ceive a paper version. In the future, Michael                          people in our community. The organization
occurs to the time when the data is transmitted                             Frenn would like to see an integrated solution,                        promotes health and safety, and prevents
electronically is significantly shorter”, said                               enabling electronic records to be instantly cre-                       disease, injury, and premature death through
Michael Frenn.                                                              ated at the hospitals as well. He visions hav-                         individual and population-based services.
                                                                            ing a completely autonomous patient care
Performing statistical analysis                                             environment, where the emergency, fire and
The patient care form includes various types                                ambulatory systems are seamlessly integrated
of fields, such as check boxes, free text and                                with their hospitals’ electronic health record
boxed fields. Examples of data registered on                                 systems.
the form: a yes/no answer to whether the
patient was unconscious or not, if he/she
experienced chest pains and details of what
occurred during the ambulance ride. The sta-
tion performs statistical analysis on the data,
to evaluate how well they are servicing their
   Some non digital data is also documented
on the patient care form. This information
tends to be notations describing additional
details about the incident.

Anoto Group AB is the company behind and world leading in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables fast and reli-              Published in November 2008
able transmission of handwritten text into a digital format. Anoto operates through a global partner network that focuses on user-friendly forms
solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storage of data within different business segments, e.g. healthcare, bank and finance, transport     For more information:
and logistics and education. The Anoto Group has around 110 employees, offices in Lund (head office), Boston and Tokyo.                      

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