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									MURRIETA CITY COUNCIL MINUTES                            SEPTEMBER 9, 2008
 MURRIETA, CA                                            MEETING

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Richard H. Gibbs called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m

ROLL CALL: Present: Bennett, Enochs, McAllister, Thomasian and Gibbs. Absent: None.



Vicki Long, Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource Conservation District representative, addressed
        the City Council about working more closing with the City on projects that affect the
        residents and their organization. She indicated the District needs more information
        before taking a position on Physicians’ Hospital.


            It was moved by G. Thomasian and seconded by D. McAllister to approve the
            AYES:        K. Bennett, W. Enochs, D. McAllister, G. Thomasian, and R. Gibbs.
            NOES:        None


Gibbs:                Relayed that Murrieta resident Barbara Nugent and the “Landscaping
                      Angels” will be on NBC News segment tonight around 5:00 p.m.


D1.   Fiscal Year 2008/2013 Capital Improvement Plan

Suzanne Wellcome gave an overview of the five-year Capital Improvement Plan for 2008-2013.
She reported the total proposed budget is $135,182,753 with $17,963,951 in new funding. Ms.
Wellcome stated that all fiscal 2008/09 projects, with a few exceptions, have identified funding
sources and that the priorities are as follows: improve traffic circulation, safety, economic
development, community enhancements, pedestrian safety enhancement, enhance community
service and reduce potential flooding.

Public Works Director Pat Thomas reported on the CIP, including the priority projects from FY
2007-2008; continued projects with additional funding in FY 2008-09; continuing projects with
significant changes in FY 2008-09; new projects for FY 2008-09 including: Jackson Avenue and
Warm Springs Creek bridge, Antelope Road corridor specific plan, south Murrieta business
corridor, Veterans Memorial, priority traffic signals, ADA compliance at intersections citywide,
and Jefferson Avenue widening at Ballesteros Road. He also reported on projects with funding
less than $500,000 and unfunded projects.

Don Krampe, Murrieta, spoke about the Veterans Memorial wall and how it would gain
      national recognition.
Murrieta City Council Minutes                                                       September 9, 2008

Assistant City Manager Jim Holston gave a brief overview of the Veterans Memorial wall project.

Senior Management Analyst Brian Ambrose addressed City Council questions regarding the
impact on Redevelopment Agency funds for FY 2008-09 due to the State budget.

Christine McAllister, Murrieta, spoke about her interest on the Grizzly Ridge Park project listed
        on the CIP, saying that residents of the area would love to have the park developed.
Greg Berge, Murrieta, spoke about the wall going up on Monroe and Shosonee in connection
        with the new high school, the abandonment of Shosonee and when this project will be
        complete. He also asked about the Los Alamos bridge being rebuilt and the impact on

City Council thanked staff for their presentation and for a well laid-out budget.

The City council recessed at 6:56 p.m. and reconvened at 7:10 p.m.


PH1. Physicians’ Hospital of Murrieta

Planning Director Mary Lanier gave the staff report. She included three minor changes to the
Environmental Impact Report which include: in mitigation measure 5.10-1 the portion “a
representative of the” needs to be deleted; in mitigation measure 5.10-2 the following wording is
to be added “…a qualified archaeologist shall be retained by the project sponsor to investigate
the find, and to make recommendation on its disposition, in consultation with the Pechanga
Tribe”; and in mitigation measure 5.10-7 to reflect that the locations may be selected at a later

Mayor Gibbs opened the public hearing.

Project applicant Dr. Piconi spoke about Physicians’ Hospital; and Jerry Brown, with the
Healthcare Development Group, showed a fly-around video clip of the proposed Physicians’

Barbara Nugent, Murrieta, spoke in favor of the project, saying it is long overdue in Murrieta.
Robert Wheeler, Murrieta, expressed his concerns with the legal flaw in the change of title for
       the property. He also spoke about possible water run-off issues that may arise later at
       this location.

Tom Dodson, Tom Dodson and Associates, addressed the question posed by Mr. Wheeler and
spoke about the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that was conducted by his company. He
said that drainage will be managed and monitored at this site.

Mayor Gibbs closed the public hearing.

Action:        It was moved by D. McAllister and seconded by G. Thomasian to:

               1.      Adopt Resolution No. 08-2086 to Certify a Subsequent Environmental
                       Impact Report (SCH #2008021138);
               2.      Introduce an ordinance amending the Development Agreement between
                       the City of Murrieta and Golden City Limited;

Murrieta City Council Minutes                                             September 9, 2008

              3.      Introduce an ordinance amending the Golden City Specific Plan
                      Substantial Conformance No. 1 (Golden City Specific Plan Amendment
                      No. 1);
              4.      Adopt Resolution No. 08-2087, to approve Tentative Parcel Map 006-
                      2185 (Tentative Parcel Map 35011);
              5.      Adopt Resolution No. 08-2088, to approve Conditional Use Permit 007-
                      249 (hospital); and
              6.      Adopt Resolution No. 08-2089, to approve Development Plan 008-2608
                      (medical office building); and
              To include the changes as amended above by staff.
                      Ayes:           Bennett, Enochs, McAllister, Thomasian and Gibbs
                      Noes:           None


At 8:43 p.m. the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Enochs and seconded by Bennett. It
passed unanimously.

                                                        A. Kay Vinson, MMC


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