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On Love

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									                                         February 2011 • Volume 16 • Number 1 • w w w.stpe tersby

St. Peter’s By The Sea                   Pastor’s Message
Lutheran Church
Church Phone: 619-224-2894               On Love
Church Fax: 619-224-3830
                                                                        Of course this would be the title of the article in the February
Preschool Phone: 619-224-1689
                                                                        newsletter! With the heart of the month being that great
                                                                        celebration of Valentine’s Day, one seems almost bound to
Worship Services
                                                                        write about love. Of course I say that with tongue in cheek
Sunday Worship: 8:45am & 10:30am
                                                                        because Valentine’s Day is NOT a liturgical feast, NOT a holy
(Nursery Care Provided at both)
                                                                        day, NOT even a civic holiday. But it is a day (or month if you
Sunday Church School: 8:45am
                                                                        are a seller of cards or candy!) to remember all the people we
Youth (Grades 6–12): 9:45am
                                                                       love. May your hearts overflow with good thoughts for your
Evening Prayer:                                                      family and your friends and all those who need your love!
Tuesdays–Thursdays, 6:30pm
                                                              One of the wise women in my life once told me to seek “stretch marks”
Staff                                    on my heart. She meant that I should never say “enough” to the number of people I love;
Rev. Karen Marohn, Pastor                never say there is no more room for another beloved person in my life. I’ll pass on that              good word to you. Let your hearts be stretched. Let God’s abundant love filter through you
Vicar Joshua Serrano, Intern             to all with whom you come in contact. Using the image of the tent rather than the heart,               Isaiah writes that God speaks to God’s chosen people and tells them the same thing....
Janine Morrow, Office Administrator      God says: “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold              back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. (Isaiah 54:2 NIV) God’s love for us is so
Doris DeChenne, Director of Music        abundant and plentiful! We have only to spread it around.
Denise Duim, Preschool Director           On one of the Saturdays last month, your church council spent the day talking about how
Karen Thygerson,                         we can participate in God’s great love affair with God’s people. God really is at loose in the
Newsletter Designer                      world and our purpose as a church community is to join God in telling of that great love
                                         affair. We welcomed three new members to the Council. Ellen Schmeding will chair the
2011 Council                             Stewardship committee and has been elected vice-president of the Congregation Council.
Gail Bennett, Jim Grutkowski,            Diane Sherwood has joined the Council and is serving as chair of the Worship Committee.
Laurel Haas, Chris Hansen, Lisa Lepis,   Our third new member is Laurel Haas who was appointed by the council as our youth
Richard Nielsen, Ellen Schmeding,
                                         representative for a one-year term.
Diane Sherwood, Steve Silva,
Darlene Truver, Betty Wells              You are indeed loved! I pray that all through this month you will know that and will
                                         remember to share that love with others.

                                                                                                                Happy Valentine’s Day,
                                                                                                                 Pastor Karen Marohn

Vicar’s Voice                                                     News from TACO

The Focus of a Child                                              2010 Year in Review
                 The other day my son had put a piece                                    Happy February! 2011 is well on
                 of tape over one of his toys and was                                    its way! We now know our official
                 planning on writing on it. Enrique caught                               numbers for 2010. From January
                 him just in time and said, “Sebastian stop                              1–December 31, 2010, TACO fed
                 doing that. You shouldn’t be drawing                                    24,313 meals to 15,698 people. We
                 on your toys. Sebastian’s response was                                  saw the most people on February 22,
                 priceless. He said, “Mom, stop messing           feeding 220 people. The least amount was on January 1 with
with my plans.” When Sebastian begins to play and                 a total of 65 people. We had almost 9,000 hours of volunteer
pretends to work he has a singleness of mind. His focus is        work done in 2010 with almost 400 new volunteers. It’s
amazing. Nothing, not even his parents, are going to deter        been an exciting 2010 and we look forward to 2011! More
him from what he has set out to do.                               information will be in the next edition of The Taco Times.
                                                                  Contact me if you with to be added to our mailing list:
How often we get caught up in the cares of this world. How
                                                                  619-235-9445, ext 2 or
often we let things distract us from what is truly important
in life. May we as a people of faith have the single              Mark your calendars for Empty Bowls on Saturday, May 7
mindedness and focus to pursue our relationship with God          at La Jolla United Methodist Church from 11am–1pm. As
like a child playing with their toys, not letting anything, not   always, thank you so much for your support!
even our parents, distract us.
                                                                                                               Rachel Line
                                         Vicar Joshua Serrano                                   TACO Volunteer Coordinator
                                             Seminary Intern

Parish Council News                                                                               Evangelism

Council Highlights                                                                                It’s What We Do
The Congregation Council held their annual retreat meeting on January 15. They welcomed           Congregation members are
new council members Ellen Schmeding, Diane Sherwood, and Laurel Haas. Thanks to                   involved in a broad range
outgoing council members Thom Lutz, Jeff Cours, Solveig Fuentes and Haylee Rea for their          of missional activities and
service to St. Peter’s.                                                                           other forms of outreach,
                                                                                                  much wider than the range
Executive Committee for 2011:                  Committee Chairs:                                  in which St. Peter’s by
Darlene Truver, President                      Christian Service: Gail Bennett                    the Sea is involved on an
Ellen Schmeding, Vice President                Education: Darlene Truver                          official basis.
Richard Nielsen, Treasurer                     Evangelism: Steve Silva                            The Evangelism Committee
Gail Bennett, Secretary                        Fellowship: Betty Wells                            is hosting fellowship hour
                                                                Preschool: Jim Grutkowski         on Sunday, February 6
 2010 Council Members                                           Property: Chris Hansen            and the congregation will
                                                                Stewardship:                      be invited to list their
                                                                Ellen Schmeding                   outreach, volunteer,
                                                                Worship: Diane Sherwood           church, and community
                                                                Youth: Lisa Lepis                 activities. We’re Lutherans;
                                                                Youth Rep: Laurel Haas            it’s what we do!

Music Notes

Music of Easter
The Advent and Christmas season behind us we are already         We are also hoping to have a string trio play on Easter
planning for Easter. I have been looking at Easter musicals      Sunday. We, do, however, need to raise some money to hire
for the kids and also a cantata for the choir. Easter is late    the string players. We are hoping to have a violin, viola, and
this year and would give us some time to prepare.                cello. Please feel free to donate to the Special Music fund.

                                    “As long as we live, there is never enough singing”
                                                      Martin Luther

Thanks again for all the hard
work of the Sunday school
teachers and the choir in
preparing our Christmas
program on December 18.
It was such a fun time and
I think a real blessing to
our kids, our choir, and our
congregation. Let me know
if you are interested in a
DVD of the program. I can
make copies.

            Doris DeChenne,
             Music Director

Special Worship
Music Fundraiser
Do you enjoy listening to
different instruments during
our services? Did you enjoy the violin at Christmas Eve?         Preschool News
Would you like to hear more wonderful
instruments being played during                                  Chapel Time
special services? Help us raise
                                                                 We are excited to share with you that during the month
funds for the special
                                                                 of February each of our classrooms will have a designated
music worship
                                                                 day to have their parents or other family members join
fund!                             We will have a fundraiser
                                                                 them for the regularly scheduled Chapel Time. It is perfect
                                 during the coffee hour
                                                                 timing as we learn about feelings, love, and friendship.
                                on February 27. We want
                                to continue hearing the          Our Chapel Time is lead weekly by Pastor Marohn and
                             lovely music played by various      Vicar Joshua, on Tuesday and Friday mornings. We are
                        musicians. We might even have            so happy to be including our families in our worship
                    the opportunity for a string quartet for     experience with the children. What a wonderful way to
                Easter. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful treat?      glorify the Lord and share God’s love for everyone!
                                the Nielsen and Smart families                                        Denise Duim, Director
                                                                              (619)224-1689 •

Pacifica Synod News: Bishop’s Message

Two By Two
                                We know the story…               •	 It	will	involve	both	lay	leaders	and	ordained	ministers.
                                how Jesus duplicated and
                                                                 •	 The	primary	goal	will	be	to	attend	a	meeting	or	
                                multiplied his ministry with
                                                                    gathering specifically on behalf of the bishop and/or
                                the 12 and then seventy
                                                                    other synod staff. In some situations, the person or team
                                others, and then more…
                                                                    will accompany the bishop or staff member for support.
                                men and women carrying
                                                                    In other times, the Two By Two person(s) may carry on
                                on his work and mission,
                                                                    a long-term presence on behalf of the synod when the
                                adding to and multiplying
                                                                    bishop and synod staff are unable to do so.
                                the ministry of believing,
healing, telling. They spoke of the Kingdom of God and of        •	 This	ministry	is	not	intended	to	replace	the	work	and	
God’s love and compassion. They brought healing in his              role of the Conference Deans who are elected to terms of
name. They lifted up the cross and the empty tomb, and              office and service.
then, saturated with the power of the Holy Spirit, they were
present and participatory in the birth of the Christ’s Church.   •	 The	Two	By	Two	participants	are	asked	to	serve	for	the	
                                                                    duration of the bishop’s term of office. Resignations and
After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent               replacements are bound to occur as people move, take
  them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and                   different calls or are no longer able to serve in this capacity.
  place where he himself intended to go. He said to
                                                                 •	 Stewardship	of	time	and	resources	is	a	key	component	in	
 them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are
                                                                    this ministry. For the synod staff, it sometimes involves 3
     few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to
                                                                    to 4 hours of driving and many gallons of fuel to attend
          send out laborers into his harvest.
                                                                    an important but short meeting. Local representatives of
                     Luke 10:1-2
                                                                    the synod staff, living in each region of the synod, will be
As of this writing, a small group of lay and clergy members         able to attend such meetings with much less investment
are being gathered in the Pacifica Synod to participate in          of travel time and expense.
a ministry that is being called Two By Two. The purpose
                                                                 •	 Some	of	the	specific	areas	of	service	initially	will	be	to	
of this new ministry in this synod is to bring wisdom and
                                                                    attend special congregational meetings where the bishop
counsel and to ensure presence on behalf of the synod
                                                                    or a representative of the bishop is constitutionally
and synod staff, including the bishop, at all meetings,
                                                                    mandated to be present. Delivering documents
gatherings and events where the synod staff should be
                                                                    to call committees will be another area of needed
involved. The following parameters and guidelines will help
                                                                    service. Engaging with the bishop or synod staff in
to explain what this new ministry is and what it is not.
                                                                    congregational conflict or disciplinary situations may be
•	 Eight	or	more	people	will	be	involved,	at	least	two	from	        needed. Other ways to serve will unfold along the way.
   each of the four geographic regions of the Pacifica Synod.

This new concept for shared ministry was first announced at the Bishop’s Gatherings this past autumn. Now it is ready to
be launched. More will be shared about this emerging ministry in the days to come after the persons are all in place and are
trained in their new responsibilities. Already I am thankful for those who have given this new concept for shared ministry
their time, energy and commitment.

May our ongoing life together in the name of Jesus give us joy and common witness in all we say and do.

                                                                                              In the light and promise of Christ,
                                                                                              The Rev. Murray D. Finck† Bishop


2011 Schedule of Events
Shipmates is a social organization of St. Peter’s which
gets together once a month for fun, food, and fellowship.
The goal is to have a variety of activities and events for
our congregation, several of which are open to all ages                           You are
and family friendly. In our 2011 schedule below there’s
                                                                   St. Pe
                                                                           r’s Shi
                                                                         compa pmates req
something for everyone. Please join us!                                         ny to        u
                                                                                      celebr ests the ple
(*all ages/families welcome)
                                                               Sunday                       ate Va        a
                                                                                                  lentin sure of you

                                                               Fiddler, February 13
                                                                                                        e’s Da      r
February: Valentine Dinner                                                                                    y.

                                                               2760 Sh’s Green Resta 5:30pm
March: Campo Train Ride*

April: Wine Tasting                                                           elter Is             urant
                                                                                           land Dr
May: Quail Botanical Gardens*
                                                             each s
                                                                                 e of 4
June: Behind the Scenes at the Zoo*                                             Caesa            e
                                                                                        r sala s,
                                                                               • Prim          d & co
July: Progressive Dinner                                                               e Rib          ffee or
                                                           (with      • Aloh                                   tea:
                                                                  garlic     a Teri
August: Coronado Walking Tour*                                           mashe      yaki C
                                                        • Fres                   d pota hicken
                                                              h fish                     toes &
                                                                     of the
September: Julian Wolf Center*                                               day (w              vegeta
                                                   Only $                            ith ric             bles)
                                                                       • Pom                 e & ve
                                               Reser       32.00              odora                 getabl
October: Mystery Café Dinner                         ve           per p               Pasta                 es)
                                               Check your spot o erson, incl
                                                    s paya           n the          uding
November: Travel Tales                           Drink ble to St. P sign-up sh tax and gr
                                                        s othe                          e               a
                                                               r than eter’s can b et in Fellow tuity.
December: Christmas Party                                 Quest        coffee         e turn           ship H
                                                                 ions?        or             ed in              all
                                                                        Conta tea are cash to the offi .
                                                                               ct Gai                           ce
                                                                                      l Benn and carry. .

Women of St. Peter’s
Women’s Book Study

Back Into the Book                                              Christian Service Day
                                Book Study started up           Every Tuesday, 9:30am–12 noon in the Parish Hall
                                again in January after
                                a wonderful Christmas
                                                                                                Blankets needed!
                                Dinner in December                                             If you have any used or
                                hosted by Susan Benson.                                        worn blankets to donate,
                                Thank you so much, Susan,                                      the Church Mice use
                                for your generosity and                                        them as filler for the quilts
                                hospitality.                                                   they make for Lutheran
                                It is always a hi-light for                                    World Relief and Lutheran
                                our group at Christmas.                                        Border Concerns. Another
                                                                                               great idea is to shop at the
                               In February we will meet
                                                                                              thrift stores for blankets to
                               on Tuesday, the 15th and
                                                                donate. Blankets can be brought to the Church Mice on
                               review Chapter 5, Sloth,
                                                                Tuesdays from 9:30am to 12 noon or placed in the “Blue
                               of the William Willimon
                                                                Box” on Sundays.
book, Sinning Like A Christian: A New Look at the Seven
Deadly Sins.                                                    Christian Service Day is every Tuesday of each month
                                                                from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon in the Parish Hall. Come
As usual, we will meet for a ‘brown-bag’ dinner at 6 PM
                                                                to help with our many projects or just come and enjoy the
in the Library, 6:30 prayers led by Pastor Karen and the
                                                                fellowship. Our quilts require many different steps to make
chapter review and discussion begins at 7 PM.
                                                                them, so there will always be something for newcomers to
All women are welcome so if you are interested, please          do. If you’re unable to attend on Tuesday mornings, but
contact me. We would be glad to have you join us.               able to help sew, talk with Elaine Lauger or Rose Engleman.

                        Questions? Contact Diane Sherwood       Please keep saving your used postage stamps for the
                                                                Church Mice! Thank you.

        Men of St. Peter’s
Men’s Breakfast Bible Study
You are cordially invited to attend the weekly Saturday morning Breakfast and Book Group. We are currently looking
at C. S. Lewis’ Surprised By Joy. We meet weekly on Saturday morning, 8:30–10am in the Fellowship Hall for breakfast
followed by discussion of a portion of the topic or book we have selected.

Please join our breakfast and discussion for what is usually a thought-provoking change of pace in our lives.

                                                                                                                   Dick Irby

Health and Wellness Committee

Home Safety
We take a lot of things for granted while living in our homes. Opening doors, using toilets, and climbing stairs all seem
easy. But these very tasks seem daunting to some elderly people. The rate of injuries caused to the elderly while getting
around the house is very high. They fall on slippery floors in the bathroom, their fingers are caught in swinging doors, and
they struggle with doorknobs because of arthritis. The following tips can improve home safety for the elderly:

1. Remove rugs that are not attached. Loose rugs cause falls.     7. Lower water temperature. Most water heaters are set at
2. Use non-skid wax and floor cleaners.                              an unnecessarily high heat which can cause scalding.
3. Brighten lighting. Better lighting in the kitchen reduces      8. Wet floors, shower stalls and bath tubs can be slippery.
   the risk of cuts and burns. Use at least 100-watt bulbs           Use a textured bathmat to reduce the risk of falls.
   for reading. Use at least 60-watt bulbs in most other          9. Chair cushions to raise seats. Getting in and out of low-
   rooms. Place night lights in pathways of the home,                cushioned chairs and sofas can be difficult. The seat can
   especially the route to the bathroom.                             be raised by adding a pillow or folded blanket.
4. Make stairways clutter-free and brightly lit. If necessary,    10. Lamps and lights should be moved closer to the bed so
   mark the edge of each step with bright electrical tape.            that they can be easily reached while lying down.
5. Electrical cords should be hidden. Move lamps and              11. Consider assistive devices such as raised toilet seats and
   appliances close to walls so that electrical cords don’t lie       grab bars to make the bathroom safer.
   in traffic areas where they can be tripped on. If you must     12. Reduce clutter, such as clothes left on the floor.
   extend an electrical cord across a traffic area, secure the
                                                                  13. Place necessary items such as dishes or books on lower
   cord with tape. Brightly colored tape will draw attention
                                                                      shelves, making them easy to reach.
   to the cord. Don’t cover the cord with a rug, as the bump
   will be disguised and becomes as tripping hazard.              14. If there are steps in the entrance, add a handrail to
                                                                      reduce risk of falling. Make sure entrances are well lit.
6. Rearrange furniture. Move low furniture out of traffic
   areas. Low-sitting, decorative furniture can be a              15. Steps can be difficult to navigate, even for mobile seniors.
   tripping hazard for people who don’t see well or are               Consider building a ramp with a handrail for safety.
   balance challenged. Move chairs closer together to
   make conversation easier for the hard of hearing.

SPY News

Helping the Hungry
On February 6, SPY will participate in the “Souper” Bowl of Caring. On
Super Bowl Sunday, SPY students will be standing at the back of the church
with large soup pots taking your donations for local food distribution. Put
your contribution in the pot of the team you believe is going to win the Super
Bowl. This is a perfect chance to care and remember those who are hungry as
we feast during the game.

February 11 SPY will be providing and having dinner with the Interfaith
Shelter at Christ Lutheran Pacific Beach. We will be making turkey enchiladas
at St. Peter’s and then take them to Christ Lutheran for dinner. Students
should arrive at St. Peter’s at 3:30pm to help. All Middle School or High
School Students Welcome at SPY activities.

Contact Vicar Joshua:


Used Book and Video Sale                                       Fat Tuesday
When: Get a jump start on your spring cleaning by              Save the date: Tuesday, March 8.
donating your used books, DVDs, and VHS videos to St.          Dinner at 6pm; service at 6:45pm.
Peter’s for a book/video sale. All proceeds go to the Health
and Wellness Committee. Bring donations to the Parish
Hall no later than Saturday, February 12, and leave them
on the stage, labeled “Health and Wellness Committee.”

Make room for new books and videos. The sale will be
Sunday, February 13 during Fellowship Hour in the
Parish Hall. Thank you for your participation!

Birthday Party
Ned Titlow’s daughters are giving him a celebration of
his 87th birthday at the Ocean Beach Recreation Center
(4726 Santa Monica Ave) on Saturday, February 12 from

                                                               Thank You
                                                               Thank you to the preschool, Sunday school, youth families,
                                                               and church members who gave gifts for the Angel Tree
                                                               project. Your generosity allowed Kendra Thompson, Lora
                                                               Thompson, Mary Lou Peterson, Melinda Wetherby, and
                                                               Janet Hook to deliver 82 gifts to the children and moms
                                                               of Julian’s Sanctuary and to the children of the Hispanic
                                                               Outreach program at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

                                                               Thanks, St. Peter’s “Angels”, for sharing your love and gifts
                                                               to make their Christmas special.

                                                                                                 Janet Hook and Committee

All Ned’s friends and acquaintances from St. Peter’s are
invited to attend. Light refreshments will be served; cake
cutting at 3:30pm. No gifts, cards only.

February birthdays
1    Nathan Griffith *          10 Mark Truver                 27 Duane Beck

1    Lindsey Haas               11 Leo Bilic *                 27 Barbara Haas

1    Brian Lepis                13 Ned Titlow                  29 Evan Smart

3    Nathan Jimenez *           15 Paul Rasmussen

4    Richard Nielsen            16 Shea Murray *

4    Ethel Ratajesak            17 Joshua Bernstein

5    Lansing Morton *           20 Amanda Nielsen

6    Bruce Tippie               21 Kendra Thompson

7    Patty Saarni-Rife          21 Cory Whitmore

8    Patty Sleeter              22 Katy McKee

9    Ade Christensen            23 Jenna Devore *

10 Caitlin Morrow               25 Sean Webster
                                                                                                      *Preschool student

    In Our Prayers
    Prayer leads you to see new paths     We keep the following members          To request prayer please contact
    and to hear new melodies in the       of St. Peter’s in our prayers: Bob,    the church office or write your
    air. Prayer is the breath of your     Ann Z., Dante, Kevin, Patty, Keith,    request on a welcome card on
    life which gives you freedom to go    Haylee, Ann R., Shirley, Phil, and     Sunday. Names of loved ones
    and stay where you wish and to        Rowan.                                 require regular updates to keep
    find the many signs which point                                              our intercessors
                                          Please keep our homebound
    out the way to a new land. Praying                                           informed of the
                                          members and those in care
    is not simply some necessary                                                 continuing need.
                                          facilities in your prayers: Diego,
    compartment in the daily schedule                                            Thank you.
                                          Earl, Ida, Frances, Della, Sally,
    of a Christian or a source of
                                          Mert, John, Dale, Gerry, and Pat.
    support in time of need, nor is it
    restricted to Sunday morning or as    Continue to pray for the
    a frame around mealtimes. Praying     safekeeping of our deployed
    is living.                            military.
                   Henri J. M. Nouwen     The names of other loved ones who
              from “With Open Hands”      are prayed for daily at church are
                                          posted on the bulletin board in
                                          the Parish Hall. Thanks to all who
                                          regularly pray for the needs of our

     st. peter’s by the sea lutheran Church                                            Non-profit Org.
     1371 sunset Cliffs blvd.                                                           US Postage
     san Diego, Ca 92107-3897                                                              PAID
                                                                                       Permit No 364
                                                                                       San Diego CA

     Change service requested

                                                    EvEnts of IntErEst
                                              February 11: spy at Interfaith shelter
                                                 February 13: Valentine Dinner
                                               February 26: synod Vision meeting


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