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					Medium Grant Summaries for Two Year Projects


Subject: Intensive Care Medicine

Partners: Nuffield Department of Medicine and Department of Intensive Care
Medicine, The Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, UK; Chittagong Medical College Hospital
(CMCH), Bangladesh; Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Aim: To provide systematic training in intensive care medicine for physicians
and nurses in both the intensive care and medicine wards of CMCH with the
goal to improve the management of critically ill patients and reduce case
fatality rates.


Subject: Infant Mortality reduction

Partners: AfriKids; Regional Health Directorate, Ghana Health Services
(Upper East Region); Southampton University Hospitals‟ NHS Trust

Aim: To contribute to a reduction in mortality and morbidity rates, particularly
amongst children in the UER of Ghana, through sustainable strengthening of
the indigenous work force.


Subject: Maternal and child health care practices

Partners: Brecon Molo Health Group; Molo, Njoro and Kuresoi Districts
Public Health Service; Molo Brecon Community Partnership; Powys Local
Health Board (Powys LHB); Molo District Hospital- Molo
Aim: The aim of this project is to provide ‟audit and evaluation‟ methods training
to community based health workers and use this to gather baseline information
regarding the training needs of CHEWs and CHWs with a focus on neonatal and


Subject: Mental Health

Partners: North Yorkshire and York NHS Community and Mental Health
Services, UK; Zomba Mental Hospital, Zomba, Malawi; Dept of Health Sciences,
University of York, UK
Aim: Reduction of disability and mortality secondary to mental illness by
integrating mental health in the activities of health surveillance assistants in
Zomba district, Malawi

Subject: Endoscopy

Partners: Mersey School of Endoscopy, Royal Liverpool University Hospital
(RLUH), Liverpool, UK; Clinical Investigation Unit, Queen Elizabeth Central
Hospital, Malawi

Aim: To develop sustainable medical and nursing endoscopy training at QECH,
in order to deliver a locally-relevant and safe clinical gastrointestinal endoscopy

Subject: Hypertension

Partners: Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi (Ministry of Health)
College of Medicine, University of Malawi; Aintree University Hospitals NHS
Foundation Trust, Liverpool, UK; University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

Aim: To improve hypertension management for diabetic and non-diabetic
patients, at QECH, Blantyre, Malawi


Subject: Epilepsy Management

Partners: The Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Essex; Lumley
Government Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone; Medical Assistance Sierra Leone
(UK); Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone (EASL).

Aim: To enable the epilepsy service of Basildon Hospital to assist the Lumley
Government Hospital in developing and maintaining a model comprehensive
epilepsy service for Sierra Leone.

Subject: Clinical Laboratory Services Development

Partners: Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Local Health Board; The Institute
of Life Sciences, University of Wales, Swansea; Ola During Children‟s Hospital,
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Aim: To establish a partnership that will build capacity in improving the accuracy,
reliability and impact on clinical management of routine laboratory diagnostic
Subject: Mental Health

Partners: Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust; Sierra Leone
Psychiatric Hospital

Aim: To build the capacity of Sierra Leone Psychiatric Hospital through training
and support.


Subject: Radiography

Partners: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Moshi. Tanzania; Oxford
Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, Oxford, UK.

Aim: To found a School of Radiography in Kilimanjaro Christian Medical
Centre in conjunction with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College of Tumaini


Subject: Infant Mortality reduction
Partners: University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, UK; Centre for Child
and Adolescent Health, University of Bristol, UK; Mbarara Regional Referral
Hospital, Uganda; Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda

Aim: To improve new-born and child survival at Mbarara Regional Referral and
surrounding Districts

Subject: Diabetes

Partners: Mulago Hospital Kampala, Uganda.; University College London
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Aim: To improve the health of Ugandan patients with diabetes by training them to
support each other in self-care


Subject: Environmental Health

Partners: Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, North-West Region (NW
CIEH); Zambian Institute of Environmental Health (ZIEH); Middlesex University,
School of Health and Social Sciences; University of Zambia, School of Medicine.
Aim: Improve post qualification and in service training of Environmental
Health Officers and Environmental Health Technicians and Assistants to
better deliver basic public health services to the most deprived communities in

Subject: National cervical cancer screening programme

Partners: Lothian – Zambia Partnership, NHS Lothian; Cancer Disease Hospital,
Lusaka, Zambia; Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health, Zambia

Aim: To facilitate the adoption of a national cervical cancer screening
programme to prevent cancer of the cervix

Subject: Ophthalmology

Partners: The University Teaching Hospital (UTH), Zambia; Brighton & Sussex
University Hospital Trust, UK; The VISION 2020 Links Programme at the
International Centre for Eye Health, London.

Aim: To contribute to the reduction of avoidable blindness in Zambia through
the VISION 2020 link with Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust

Project Grant Summaries for One Year Projects


Subject: Maternal health care

Partners: Gimbie Adventist Hospital, Ethiopia; Chelsea and Westminster
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Aim: To contribute towards a reduction in death and serious illness arising as a
consequence of pregnancy and childbirth in West Wollega, Oromia Region,

Subject: VISION 2020: Eye Care

Partners: Menelik II Hospital, Ethiopia; Stoke Mandeville Hospital, UK

Aim: To build capacity for eye care services in Ethiopia with emphasis on
vitreoretinal surgery and children‟s eye care
Subject: Chronic disease treatment

Partners: Gondar University Hospital, Ethiopia; Southampton University Hospitals
NHS Trust, Jimma University Hospital, UK

Aim: To reduce the morbidity, mortality and stigma associated with chronic
disease in Jimma and North Gondar by improving access to treatment and
community teaching practises.


Subject: Paediatric Oncology Services

Partners: Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Ghana;
Africa Oxford Cancer Foundation, UK

Aim: To improve childhood cancer survival rates in Accra/ Ghana by improving
diagnosis, recognition and access to medical facilities.

Subject: Blindess

Partners: Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana; Mid-Cheshire Hospital NHS
Foundation Trust, UK

Aim: To reduce unnecessary blindness in the Ashanti region of Ghana through
developing specialist skills in Low Vision Aids and Glaucoma and enhancing
existing outreach and cataract services

Subject: Mental health

Partners: The Rural Health Training School, Ghana; Hampshire Partnership NHS
Foundation Trust, UK

Aim: By 2012 a sustainable capacity building programme is in place at
KRHTS for the tutors and preceptors of two newly established mental health
programmes (MAP and CMHO) to become good educators and local teachers
of teachers.


Subject: Infectious diseases

Partners: Chikwawa District Health Office, Malawi; Scottish Parasite Diagnostic
Laboratory, (SPDL) Stobhill Hospital, UK
Aim: Improve laboratory facilities according to MoH SWAp Essential
Laboratory Service (ELS) for diagnosing parasitic infections at community
level (Chikwawa), so that validated systems of work and baseline data
collection and collation can be delivered at local, district and country levels,
thus maximising data gathering, treatment outcomes, and addressing the
poverty reduction needs of the disadvantaged and poor of rural Malawi.

Subject: Childhood cancer

Partners: Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi; Royal Victoria Infirmary, UK

Aim: The project aims to improve diagnosis, treatment and follow up care of
children with cancer at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi by
increasing survival rates in treatable cancer with improved personal information
on patients and developing expertise in treatment.

Subject: Nurse training

Partners: National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi, Malawi;
Royal College of Nursing Scotland, UK

Aim: This project will deliver nursing leadership and mentorship training for young
Malawian nurse/midwives so that health outcomes will be improved by service
users in Malawi.


Subject: Training healthworkers

Partners: Pebane Hospital, Mozambique; NHS Forth Valley, UK

Aims: To develop and run a training programme that will reduce maternal and
child mortality in Pebane district by improving knowledge and skills of obstetric
and infant assessment and examination.


Subject: Burns care

Partners: Kanti Children‟s Hospital, Nepal; Alder Hey Children‟s NHS Foundation
Trust NHS Children‟s Hospital, UK

Aims: To improve burn care in Nepal by developing less conservative
management of burns, skin graft techniques and improved knowledge of best

Subject: Improving children‟s eye care services

Partners: ECWA Eye Hospital, Nigeria; Western Health and Social Care Trust,

Aim: To improve children‟s eye care services in Kano and reduce the number of
children unnecessarily blind by improving cataract surgery, reducing mortality
rates and introducing guidelines on best practice.

Subject: Infant mortality

Partners: Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Ghana; Stockport NHS
Foundation Trust, UK

Aim: Extend ABUTH‟s reach within its communities to reduce neonatal deaths
and improve newborn survival in the Zaria district of northern Nigeria by improving
training in newborn resuscitation, newborn care and continued training of hospital
and community staff.

Subject: Palliative care

Partners: Palliative Care Centre, Federal Medical Centre, Ghana; Wisdom
Hospice Medway Community Healthcare, UK

Aim: To undertake an educational programme in the Federal Medical Centre
involving all groups – nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, psychologists,
managers, social workers – in the educational programme, to develop a
multidisciplinary approach to palliative care in the Federal Medical Centre ,
including a ward / in patient area within the Federal Medical Centre for palliative
care, with trained staff.


Subject: Mental health

Partners: Civil Hospital Karachi, Pakistan; Lancashire Care Foundation NHS
Trust, UK

Aims: To develop a manual with accompanying training programme to support
implementation of psychosocial interventions (PSI) in a low resource setting by
promoting psychologically informed case management, professional and lay
awareness of symptoms and developing a culturally-adapted training programme.

Subject: Improve Standards of Clinical Care

Partners: Hoima Referral Hospital, Uganda; Basingstoke & North Hampshire
NHS Foundation Trust, Basingstoke-Hoima Partnership for Health, UK

Aim: The main objectives are to train doctors and nurses involved in the
programme in a variety of techniques and procedures, including infant
resuscitation, elcampsia and ensure that medical staff are well trained in standard
techniques, for example pulse and temperature taking.

Subject: Improvement of Emergency and Transfer Services

Partners: Mbale District Health Office, Uganda; Cwm Taf Local Health Board, UK

Aim: To reduce deaths from childbirth, serious treatable illness and injury in
Mbale region by establishing an integrated emergency response network.

Subject: Neonatal morbidity and mortality

Partners: Faculty of Medicine, Gulu University and Gulu Regional Referral
Hospital, Uganda; University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
UHSM Academy, UK

Aim: To fulfil a key requirement of the undergraduate curriculum and train all staff
working in maternity departments in newborn life support by improved tuition and
clinical expertise.

Subject: Violence and aggression management

Partners: Butabika National referral Mental Hospital, Uganda; East London NHS
Foundation Trust, UK

Aim: To build capacity of mental health professionals to practice safer
management of aggression and violence in Ugandan psychiatric hospitals,
resulting in safer inpatient care and safer work environments for mental health

Subject: Obstetrics

Partners: Mulago Hospital, Uganda; Liverpool Women‟s Hospital, UK

Aim: To support progress towards the achievement of MDG 4 and 5 through a
specific intervention focusing on the design, operationalisation and evaluation of a
high dependency unit at Mulago Hospital.

Subject: Pharmacy Software

Partners: St Francis Hospital, Katete, Zambia; 350-bedded Anglican - Catholic
Mission hospital, Government of Zambia, Zambira; Secondary referral hospital
and NHS Borders Scottish Health Authority, UK

Aim: To install an „Ascribe‟ pharmacy software system, at St Francis Hospital,
Katete, Zambia (SFH) to support consistent, reliable, efficient and cost effective
procurement of medicines and surgical supplies and to prevent “stock-outs”.

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