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									Terrier times
     January 2007

Czesky Terrier
          The Cape Terrier Club
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                          Mr Jim Lankenau
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SHOW MANAGER:             Royd Frith
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COMMITTEE:                Anne Murray
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   Airedale, American Staffordshire, Bedlington, Border, Bull, Cairn, Czesky, Dandie Dinmont, Fox (Smooth & Wire),
        Irish, Jack Russell, Kerry Blue, Lakeland, Manchester, Norfolk, Norwich, Parson Russell, Scottish, Skye,
               Sealyham, Soft-Coated Wheaten, Staffordshire Bull, Welsh & West Highland White Terriers.

                                    FROM THE EDITOR ...
Hello everyone

Firstly, a very happy and healthy New Year to you all. May it be a good year.

Your committee has been hard at work since we last saw you at our Championship show in October. Now that Royd and Lindsay are living it
up in Stanford, we have made a couple of changes to the committee - as you will see in the list on page 1. On behalf of all the Club
members, I would like to thank Royd for holding the reigns so capably in the past, and wish Alwine Pretorius and Angus Murray all the best as
our new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, respectively.

Please make a note of the dates of our 4 main events this year: the AGM, Open show,
Championship Show and Seminar. We hope to see you all at these events! The
AGM will be held at my house and starts at 11h00—followed by drinks and snacks.

I would like to remind everyone that their subs for 2007 are now due. Please would
you renew your membership as soon as possible?

I would like to thank everyone who submitted articles for publication: I really appreciate
you taking the trouble to send in items of interest.

Kind regards, Joyce Goldschmidt

                                         DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
Sun 11 Feb            Cape Town Kennel Club                                     Open Show                       Milnerton Rugby Club
Fri 2 Mar             Kennel Association & Supreme Puppy                        Championship show               False Bay Rugby Club
Sat 3 Mar             Kennel Association & Supreme Puppy                        Championship show               False Bay Rugby Club
Sat 3 Mar             WC Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club                        Championship show               False Bay Rugby Club
Sun 4 Mar             Liesbeek Kennel Club                                      Championship show               False Bay Rugby Club
Sat 24 Mar            Cape Terrier Club                                         AGM                             Constantia
Fri 27 Apr            WC Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club                        Open Show
Sun 29 Apr            Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club                          Open Show
Sun 6 May             WP Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club                        Open Show                       Bellville Cricket Club
Sun 6 May             Cape Terrier Club                                         Open Show                       Bellville Cricket Club
Sun 10 Jun            Western Province Kennel Club                              Open Show
Sat 16 Jun            George Kennel Club                                        Championship show               Oudtshoorn
Sun 17 Jun            Outeniqua Kennel Club                                     Championship show               Oudtshoorn
Fri 15 Jul            Kennel Association                                        Open Show
Sun 12 Aug            Cape Town Kennel Club                                     Open Show
Sun 19 Aug            Liesbeek Kennel Club                                      Open Show
Sun 16 Sep            Western Province Bull Terrier Club                        Open Show
Sun 16 Sep            Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club                          Open Show
Sat 20 Oct            Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club                          Championship show
Sat 20 Oct            Western Province Bull Terrier Club                        Championship show
Sun21 Oct             CT Kennel Club                                            Championship show
Oct                   Cape Terrier Club                                         Seminar
Fri 26 Oct            Cape Terrier Club                                         Championship show
Sat 27 Oct            Hottentots Holland Kennel Club                            Championship show
Sun 28 Oct            Western Province Kennel Club                              Championship show
Sat 1 Dec             Kennel Association                                        Open Show
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        Life Membership is only permissible after 2 years ordinary membership and is subject to the
        approval of the Committee.
        Newsletters may only be posted to an address in SA unless the additional postage costs are paid.
        Membership runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec each year.
        The AGM is held in March.
        Direct deposits can be made to Standard Bank, Wynberg (02-53-09) Account No 07 177 4424.
        Please send this form and confirmation of payment to Lindsay Frith.

                                            Enquiries to Lindsay Frith:
              Tel: 028 341 0896            Fax: 086 672 7788 email: friths@mweb.co.za

Dear Members
As some of you may be aware, I stepped down as Chairman of The Cape Terrier Club at
a committee meeting held in December 2006 here in Stanford. My prime reason for
this was that the current committee is made up of an excellent and efficient team and I
feel that the club will benefit and continue its growth under a new Chairperson. The
previous Vice-Chairperson, Mrs Alwine Pretorius, was unanimously elected by your
committee to take over as the new Chairperson, with Mr Angus Murray stepping into
the position of Vice-Chairperson. Both Alwine and Angus are long-standing members of
your committee and possess a wealth of knowledge of dogdom together with impecca-
ble credentials for the running of The Cape Terrier Club. You are in good hands and, on
behalf of the committee, I wish them both every success. I trust that they will continue
to receive the support I have enjoyed from you the members.
I shall remain on the committee in the role of Show Manager, and Lindsay will be our
Show Secretary, having been replaced earlier last year by Mrs Joyce Goldschmidt as
Hon Secretary. I am sure most of the members are aware of the major role Lindsay
played in the welfare of the club and, once again, on behalf of our members a very big
thank you to her. In Joyce you will find the same energetic and committed secretary to
assist in oiling the Club wheels.
My good wishes for 2007 go to all and may the year be an excellent
one for The Cape Terrier Club,

Kind regards
Royd Frith

                        On behalf of the Committee I would like to welcome ‘Tucker’ (Talanors Hat
                        Trick), who is the only Manchester Terrier in South Africa, to our Club.
                        (Manchester Terriers are on the Vulnerable Breeds List UK KC.) Tucker was
                        born on 6th June 2006 in Yorkshire, UK and belongs to Barbara and Michael
                        Simpson. Tucker's Sire got the Ticket at Crufts this year and his half-sister has
                        just been made up to Champion. We look forward to meeting them at the
                        shows in the Western Cape in the next few months!
                          NOTICE OF MEETING
       Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of
   The Cape Terrier Club will take place on Saturday 24 March 2007
  at 6 Avenue Beauvais, Constantia commencing at 11h00 promptly.
Unless there are any additional items which you notify by phone (021 794 3648) - or e-mail
(joyce@goldschmidt.co.za) by Friday 16th March 2005 to Mrs Joyce Goldschmidt, the agenda will be:

           1.         Notice convening the meeting
           2.         Apologies
           3.         Approval of Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting
           4.         Matters arising from these minutes
           5.         Chairman’s Report – Mrs Alwine Pretorius
           6.         Honorary Treasurer’s Report – Mrs Lindsay Frith
           7.         Approval of the Audited Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2006
           8.         Appointment of Honorary Auditors for the ensuing year
           9.         Election of Office Bearers
           10.        Election of Committee
           11.        Approval of the appointment of any new Life Members as proposed by the Committee
           12.        General

OFFICE BEARERS 2005/2006:                   Patron:               Mrs Doreen Powell
                                            President:            Mr Ted Stevens
                                            Vice-Presidents:      Mrs Eleanor Stevens
                                                                  Mr Jim Lankenau

HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS:                                            Prof Whiteman
                                                                  Mr Ted Stevens
                                                                  Mr Roger Cromwell
                                                                  Mrs Doreen Powell

COMMITTEE:                                  Chairperson:          Mrs Alwine Pretorius
                                            Vice-Chairperson:     Mr Angus Murray
                                            Hon Treasurer:        Mrs Lindsay Frith
                                            Hon Secretary:        Mrs Joyce Goldschmidt
                                            Committee:            Mr Royd Frith
                                                                  Mrs Sue Impey
                                                                  Mrs Anne Murray
                                                                  Ms Jocelin Kagan
                                                                  Mr Bert Finn

                     Please note: Only paid-up members will be entitled to vote.
               Kindly check with the Treasurer (Mrs Lindsay Frith - Tel: 028 341 0896)
                  to confirm if your subscription for the current year has been paid.
                                                    HOW TO GET THERE:
Travelling from Cape Town towards Muizenberg on the M3, take exit 14 (Constantia turnoff). Turn left into Constantia Main
Road and, at the second set of traffic lights, (opposite the Constantia Sports Fields) turn right into Brommersvlei Road. Travel
north for 1,9km. After the SA Riding for Disabled field, turn left into Klaasenbosch Drive. Go to the top of the hill. Turn left
into Avenue Beauvais. Number 6 is on the left. For further information, please phone Joyce Goldschmidt - 021 794 3648.

     Please would all members make an effort to attend the AGM
           c          snacks and drinks will be served after the meeting.
           c          a raffle will be held.
           c          for catering purposes, please rsvp to joyce@goldschmidt.co.za by
                      friday 16th march 2007


We, as a club, are fortunate to have our own gazebo to be put up at shows.
It was purchased, primarily, to be used by the committee at our 2 annual
shows. It is put up at other shows as we feel it is important for the club to
advertise itself at these shows.

At our club’s OPEN and CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWS we do need the whole
space for an office area and we can, unfortunately, not accommodate
anyone except committee

We owe many thanks to Angus
Murray and Joyce Goldschmidt
for lugging it along and erecting
it at shows.


                 A quotation from Cheryl Zuccaro - Westie-chatters website:
                 "It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart
                 with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of
                 their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog,
                 and I will become as generous and loving as they are.‛


The breed was founded by Frantisek Horak (1909-1996) in the Czech
Republic.    Also known as a Bohemian Terrier or Czech Terrier, the
breed is relatively new and was developed in the last century. Horak
wanted to breed horses and ponies from a young age and at the age of
9, he was allowed to start breeding dogs and, after WWII, he started to
breed ponies as well. Horak became a geneticist and worked for many
years at the Academy of Science in Prague. During his breeding of
dogs, he became well known for his Scottish and Sealyham Terriers,
which he used in hunting near his home. Horak’s kennel was named
‘Lovu Zdar’ which means ‘Successful Hunter’, this is true with both his
Scotties and Sealyhams and then later this can be seen with the

Horak got his first Scottish Terrier in 1932, however, he was concerned
that it was too aggressive. He started hunting with the dog and bred Scotties for this purpose. In 1934 he met a
Sealyham owner and had a conversation about the two breeds. At this point he believed that the product of this
crossing could create a better hunting dog which was capable of working as a pack and could go to ground and fit
in burrows too small for its parent breeds.

It was not until December 1949, that the first combination of a Scottish Terrier dog and Sealyham Terrier bitch
produced the first Cesky terrier - named Adam Lovu Zdar. During this breeding, Horak kept detailed records of
blood lines and in the years that followed, he worked to set the characteristics he was looking for. It is from this
that an accurate account for the breed’s history can be seen. Unfortunately, this Cesky was shot by a careless
hunter in 1950 causing a setback. Horak repeated his breeding, however, this time he used the Scottish Terrier,
Scotch Rose with Buganier Urquelle, producing six puppies, which was the beginning of the Cesky Terrier.

Horak aimed to breed for a narrower chest and moderately sized head with slightly longer legs that was suited to
digging and endurance. Additional characteristics Horak bred for were softer coats and an aggressive tempera-
ment for hunting but also a dog that could be easily handled. The dark colour of the Scottish and the drop ear of
the Sealyham were also taken into consideration. The Cesky was bred to hunt mammals such as fox, rabbit, duck,
pheasants and also wild boar. He also wanted a grooming style that was easy to maintain. The Cesky is never
hand stripped like many terriers, but is groomed with clippers. This made the coat much easier to groom for those
Ceskys kept as a pet or shown in the ring. This breed is undocked. In 1956 after ten years, the breed was pre-
sented to the public and was recognised by the Czechoslovakian Kennel Club. The FCI registered Cesky terriers in
1963 with the breed gaining increasingly popularity, particularly with hunters.

In its homeland, the Cesky Terrier is a much beloved national treasure and has been featured on postage stamps,
artwork, and literature, on TV and in movies. The Cesky became popular in several Scandinavian countries, even
though there was a ban on exporting the breed for many years. Increasingly, the Cesky can be seen in England,
the United States, Canada and Australia.

Not only did Horak’s terriers gain success as hunters, but also in the show ring. The first Cesky to gain the Cham-
pionship status was Horak’s Javor Lovu Zdar in 1964. At the Symposium held for the Cesky in 1994, 57 Ceskys
were exhibited and at a show in Sweden in 1995, 68 were entered, showing the increase in the breed’s popularity.

A sturdy low set dog, rather long in proportion to height.

                                          The Cesky’s coat is wavy with a silky sheen and should be brushed and
                                          combed out at least two times a week. He has a soft coat and it does not
                                          shed, but with any non-shedding breed, it can occasionally mat if not cared
                                          for properly.

He needs to be trimmed about every 6-10 weeks - the hair on his back and neck should be no more than 1.5cm
long. This is done with electric clippers, even for show purposes. There is no "stripping" in this breed. Most people
learn to groom their Cesky Terriers, but it can be done by a professional groomer as well.

Very agile working terrier, hardy and tough, plenty of stamina.
The Cesky Terrier is less aggressive than his parent breeds,
friendly and companionable. He is somewhat reserved with
strangers, but dedicated to his owner and friends. He usually
gets along better with other dogs than most terrier breeds,
makes an excellent house dog and is good with people of all
ages, especially children.

With small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, mice and rabbits,
the Cesky cannot be trusted to be left alone or near the animals
due to the natural instinct to hunt and kill. The Cesky can, how-
ever, be taught to get along with animals such as cats.

Ceskys are an active breed due to their instinct to hunt and should be given regular exercise to keep him in good
shape. However, this is not entirely compulsory as the breed can be self exercising if living with another dog. The
breed is also very obedient and loyal and, to keep them mentally stimulated, obedience classes could be consid-

                                                               There are two basic colors allowed in the standard of the
                                                               breed: gray-blue and light brown. Yellow and grey mark-
                                                               ings allowed on cheeks, underside of muzzle, neck,
                                                               breast, lower parts of legs and under tail. White collar or
                                                               tail tip permissible. There were three brown dogs born in
                                                               the early development of the breed, but they left no off-
                                                               spring. Then, in June 1994, another brown Cesky Terrier
                                                               was born. It is too early to tell if this dog will bring the
                                                               brown color back into the breed. Even if this happens, it
                                                               will be years before any brown dogs become available.
                                                               Right now, only gray Cesky Terriers are available.

                                                             The pups are born black and fade to gray. They may
                                                             become any shade of gray, from pale silver to dark char-
                                                             The breed is born black with white areas on the body and
can take as long as two years to lighten up to their final shade of gray. Ceskys can be any shade of grey from the
very dark charcoal colour to an almost white platinum colour and to have a rough estimate, the colour of the parents
should give an insight. The breed can also be born with a brown coat, how-
ever, this is rare in the breed. They may be unicolored with a small amount of
white (particularly on the chest), or they may be bi-colored, with furnishings of
lighter gray, tan, cream or off-white.

Height: 28-35,5 cms. Ideal weight:
Dogs: 8kgs and Bitches: 7 kgs.

It is estimated that the Cesky will live for 12 to 15 years.



Most domestic dogs fit into human family life extremely well but, occasionally, a male dog
becomes a trouble-maker. He bites visitors without
provocation, urinates in the house and stubbornly
refuses to obey orders. On a family outing, it is he who
takes his owner for a walk rather that the other way
around. He stops when he feels like it and moves on
when the mood takes him. All attempts to tug him
along on his lead are vigorously resisted. At feeding
times he may ignore his food bowl and have to be
tempted with special tidbits. How does a pet dog
develop this type of personality?

The answer is painfully obvious - although the owners of
such dogs are always reluctant to accept it. The fact is that male dogs of this kind have sim-
ply been allowed to become the dominant members of their ‘pack’. Each male wolf tries to
achieve this status in the wild pack - and domestic dogs are no different. Humans have a
great advantage over their dogs in the dominance stakes because they are physically larger
but, if the animals are unduly pampered, they will make a bid for pack leadership. If they
win one confrontation after the other, they eventually arrive at the conclusion that they are
indeed now the dominant member of the group.

This need not involve actual fights with their owners. A confrontation can be won simply
because the dog manages to overrule his human companions when they wish to do one
thing and he insists on doing something else. After a long string of such ‘wins’, the dog
considers he is dominant and then starts to behave accordingly. This includes urinating in
the house and deciding what happens next when out on a walk.          This is not abnormal
behavior: it is perfectly natural for a dominant animal to take the lead when the pack is out
‘hunting’. So he finds it hard to understand why his decisions about starting and stopping
should be challenged. Additionally, one of his leadership duties is defending his subordi-
nates against attack from strangers. Hence his assaults on the postman, the milkman and
other visitors.

Some dog-trainers are able to cure these difficult dogs by a course of disciplinary training so
that they are bullied into being subordinate pack members again. But there is a danger in
too much of this kind of treatment. The outcome of undue emphasis on discipline and obe-
dience is the production of a fawning, characterless dog of an unattractively submissive
kind.     The secret where dogs are concerned is to aim at a happy medium - to balance
ultimate control with a much freedom as possible.

                 Adapted by Joyce Goldschmidt from ‘
        Why are some dogs difficult to control?’ in ‘Dogwatching’
                         by Desmond Morris .

LIKE PEAS IN THE POD ? Submitted by Machteld Schumann-Warren

The founder of modern genetics was Gregor Johan Mendel. He was the discoverer of the laws of heredity,
although he knew nothing about genes and chromosomes. His experiments were with peas in the monastery
gardens and from these experiments he discovered that when two individuals are mated which are contrast-
ing in any particular trait, one trait will appear in the offspring and the other trait will not. He called the trait
which shows “dominant” and the other “recessive”, and it is the understanding of this which can help dog
breeders considerably.
The most important genes for a breeder to be aware of are those with the dominant-recessive relationship,
which are the carriers, because the recessive characteristics of these genes can suddenly appear in future
generations, although in one or more generations they have been masked by the dominant gene and do not
show. Recessive genes skip a generation or they may skip many generations, and they will not appear unless
there is an identical recessive gene from each parent. Dominant genes, on the other hand, do not skip a
generation. A large number of the progeny are affected and only those that show the trait can carry it. There
is far less danger with the dominant genes because these can always be seen.
Clever dog breeding has always been achieved by a combination of inbreeding and linebreeding : and
whenever more vigour has been required, judicious outcrossing is necessary. The average progeny of all
these types of breeding will be equal, but where inbreeding is resorted to the extreme will be much better or
much worse. It must also be remembered that even the most outstanding stud dog will not be genetically
suitable for all bitches.
INBREEDING: Inbreeding is the mating of close relatives, that is, father to daughter, mother to son, brother to
sister, etc. This should never be contemplated unless the stock is absolutely sound both physically and
LINEBREEDING: This is similar to inbreeding but to a lesser degree. Nothing new can be introduced into the
hereditary blueprint. It consists of the mating of close relatives, although a common ancestor may only
perhaps appear in the fourth generation. It is wiser for the average breeder to play safe and to keep his dogs
closely linebred.
OUTCROSSING: Outcrossing is the mating of unrelated dogs. This is generally resorted to when some
particular feature from another strain is required, or, perhaps to correct a fault which has crept into a strain.
THE BEST MATINGS: The author found that, provided the stock is good, and that NO two dog are mated
together which have the same fault, and that the important genes are known, the following matings have
been the most successful: grandfather to grand-daughter, grandmother to grandson, uncle to niece and aunt
to nephew, son or daughter to dam’s half-sister or half-brother when the common parent is outstanding.
Brother and sister matings can be good, particularly if one parent is outstanding, but they can not add to any
new characteristic and the offspring cannot be genetically than either parent. Inbreeding father to daughter
or mother to son will show up all the existing faults, and should only be done when the good qualities out-
weigh the faults, and when the recessive genes of the ancestors are definitely known.
It seems that dog breeding is a combination of art and science, to which must be added a modicum of luck
and of course the genius and irrepressible optimism of the breeder.

 Edited by Machteld Schumann-Warren from the book: ‘Dogs and How to Breed’ them by Hilary Harmar.
                 Comments invited! Please email them to me : maschu@kingsleymail.co.za



                        Airedale Terrier
               Ch Buxton I Get Around at Kaikoura
                           De Coning
                           Bull Terrier
                   Ch Lusahn Extreme Supreme
                            Du Toit
                        Miniature Bull Terrier
         Ch Little Chili Peppers Pole Position of Galloway
                              Du Toit
                           Cairn Terrier
                      Fox Terrier (Smooth)
                      Lihanton Gold Spark
                           Irish Terrier
            Ch Czar’s Sweet Molly Malone (Imp USA)
                     Clark, Czarnecki, Bacon
                       Jack Russell Terrier
   Ch & Ch (Aus) Baylock Real McCoy of Southernbell (Imp Aus)
                       Norfolk Terrier
                   Shamanda Last of a Legend
                        Scottish Terrier
                    Ch Gladwen Black Magic
                     Staffordshire Bull Terrier
                   Ch Stablon Defiant Maximus
                          Welsh Terrier
         Laroc Diablo Via Valucis of Milkwood (Imp UK)
                            Du Toit
                  West Highland White Terrier
          Krisma Travelling Man of Ben Ruadh (Imp UK)
            Staffordshire Bull Terrier
          Ch Stablon Defiant Maximus
          West Highland White Terrier
  Krisma Travelling Man of Ben Ruadh (Imp UK)
          West Highland White Terrier
  Krisma Travelling Man of Ben Ruadh (Imp UK)
            Staffordshire Bull Terrier
            Deman Chevy Big Block
            Staffordshire Bull Terrier
             Tuscany Justin Thyme
         West Highland White Terrier
Hopecharm Chase the Wind of Macwarren (Imp UK)
                 Bull Terrier
             Panomar Klaas Oxsan
                  Du Plessis
            Staffordshire Bull Terrier
           Ch Zeracious Hero to Zero
            Staffordshire Bull Terrier
           Ch Capstone Jack A Dandy
                Airedale Terrier
           Ch Albenor Amazing Grace
                   OPEN SHOW SCHEDULE
              Cape Terrier Club Non-Championship Show

DATE:                             SUNDAY 6 May 2007

VENUE:                            Bellville Cricket Club (Also known as ‘PP Smit Sports Complex’ and ‘Midmar Cricket Club’)
                                  Mrs Stephanette du Toit
JUDGE:                            NB: The Committee reserves the right to appoint an alternative judge.
                                  Handlers: 09h30
STARTING TIME:                    Breed judging: 10h00 - Judging will be in REVERSE ORDER.
                                  Starting with West Highland White.

ENQUIRIES:                        Lindsay Frith:      Tel (H) 028 341 0896             : lfrith@mweb.co.za                    083 676 0476
                                  Chairman: Mrs Alwine Pretorius                       : basenji@iafrica.com                  072 130 9420
COMMITTEE:                        Hon Secretary: Mrs J Goldschmidt                     : joyce@goldschmidt.co.za              082 974 8210
                                  Show Secretary: Mrs Lindsay Frith                    : lfrith@mweb.co.za                    083 676 0476
SHOW MANAGER:                     Mr Royd Frith                                        : lfrith@mweb.co.za                    083 676 2282
                                  Postal (MEMBERS):               R15 per dog per class. R10.00 per additional class.
                                  Postal (NON-MEMBERS):           R20 per dog per class. R15 per additional class.
ENTRY FEES:                       (Proof of payment to be faxed to 086 672 7788 before Thu 17 May 2007)
                                  On the day (MEMBERS)            R20 per dog plus R10.00 per additional class.
Postal:          by 17 May 2007   On the day (NON-MEMBERS) R25 per dog per class, R15 per additional class.
On the day:      08:00 to 09:00   Challenges: Free for paid-up members who have entered a breed class.
                                  Child/ Junior Handlers: Free if entered in other class.
                                  The Show Secretary, Cape Terrier Club, Postnet Suite # 136, Private Bag X16,
POSTAL ENTRIES TO:                Constantia. 7848
BANKING:                          Standard Bank – Wynberg. Branch: 02 53 09, Acc no: 07 177 4424

                                  Child Handlers (8 - 11 years)
HANDLERS:                         Junior Handlers (11 - under 18 years) Proof of date of birth required
                                  Baby Puppy (4-6mths), Puppy (6-12mths), Junior (12-18mths), Open, Champion,
BREED CLASSES:                    Veteran (7yrs+)
CHALLENGES:                       Members and Brace
                                  NB:          Champions & Veterans are not eligible for BOB.
                                               Best Champion in Show and Best Veteran in Show will compete for Best in Show.
PLEASE NOTE:                      This show will be held under the Rules and Regulations of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.
                                  All Exhibitors/Handlers are personally responsible for the control of their dogs at all times and shall be person-
                                  ally liable for any claims which may be made in respect of injuries which may arise or be caused by their dogs.

CATERING:                         Refreshments will be on sale
INSTRUCTIONS:                     Absolutely no cars on the field
                                  From Cape Town: Exit N1 at exit 23 (R302) Durban Road/ Willie van Schoor Rd.
                                  At 1st robot, turn left into Willie Van Schoor Rd. At 3rd robot, turn right into Bill Bezuidenhout
DIRECTIONS TO                     Ave. (Tygervalley Shopping Centre on left). ‘PP Smit Sports Complex’ is signposted here.
BELLVILLE CRICKET CLUB            At 1st robot turn right into Durban Rd. Entrance is on your left.
DURBAN ROAD                       From Paarl: Exit N1 at exit 23 (R302) Durban Rd. At 2nd robot on bridge turn right towards
BELLVILLE:                        Tygervalley Shopping Centre, into Willie van Schoor Rd. At 4th robot turn right into Bill
                                  Bezuidenhout Rd. ‘PP Smit Sports Complex’ signposted here.
                                  At 1st robot turn right into Durban Rd. Entrance is on your left.
                                  1. Faxed entries accepted with proof of payment. Reference = surname.
                                  2. Ensure entries and deposit slip are clearly legible.
                                  3. No postal orders or registered mail, please.
INSTRUCTIONS                      4. Make cheques out to ‘The Cape Terrier Club’ (not initials).
                                  5. Please include your e-mail address on entry form.
                                  6. Numbers will not be posted - please collect at the office on day of show.
                                  7. Bring fax confirmation with you to the show.


1.   Be especially patient with your humans during this time. They may appear to be more
     stressed-out than usual and they will appreciate long comforting dog leans.

2.   They may come home with large bags of things they call gifts. Do not assume that all the
     gifts are yours.

3.   Be tolerant if your humans put decorations on you. They seem to get some special kind
     of pleasure out of seeing how you look with fake antlers.

4.   They may bring a large tree into the house and set it up in a prominent place and
     cover it with lights and decorations. Bizarre as this may seem to you, it is an important
     ritual for your humans, so there are some things you need to know:
     a. Don't pee on the tree
     b. Don't drink water in the container that holds the tree
     c. Mind your tail when you are near the tree
     d. If there are packages under the tree, even ones that smell interesting or that
         have your name on them, don't rip them open
     e. Don't chew on the cord that runs from the funny-looking hole in the wall to the tree

5.   Your humans may occasionally invite lots of strangers to come visit during this season.
     These parties can be lots of fun, but they also call for some discretion on your part:
     a. Not all strangers appreciate kisses and leans
     b. Don't eat off the buffet table
     c. Beg for goodies subtly
     d. Be pleasant, even if unknowing strangers sit on your sofa
     e. Don't drink out of glasses that are left within your reach

6.   Likewise, your humans may take you visiting. Here your manners will also be important:
     a. Observe all the rules in #4 for trees that may be in other people's houses. (4a is
         particularly important)
     b. Respect the territory of other animals that may live in the house
     c. Tolerate children
     d. Turn on your charm big time

7.   A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge
     from your fireplace in the middle of the night.


First time at a dog show, I'll tell you quite plain,
I'll never, no never, go near one again.
The breeder said "show him" when I bought the dog,
I showed him alright - the whole place was agog.
They gave me a number, they gave me a pin,
But I couldn't bear to stick the thing in.
So I rushed to a shop and bought some clear glue
And stuck the card onto his back in the loo.
We arrived at the ringside to find we were first
In the dog pup class (this part was the worst),
We marched in together, as fast as was able –
Arrived at the Judge who said "up on the table"
This really surprised me, my skirt was quite tight,
And I just couldn't make it try as hard as I might.
The Judge looked quite worried, he said "listen here-
Put your dog on the table, not you my dear!"
By now I was trembling, I felt such a fool
But I said to myself "play it cool, play it cool"
"How old," said the Judge, and I heard it quite clear.
Well really! I thought and said "thirty, next year!"
The Steward, poor fellow, threw some kind of fit.
He spluttered, he coughed and his eyes ran a bit.
"I'd have that cough seen to" I said to him when he finally stopped.
"Once round the ring, dear, quick as you can" Said the Judge,
so I did, I just ran and ran. But when I arrived (out of breath, I admit),
The Judge said "Your dog, dear"- I felt such a twit!
Off round once again, I kept my head bent.
Oh, the shame, my pup crouched, he just went and he went!
The lady came running with bucket and spade,
With manure so pricey, had she got it made!
We came back to the Judge, who said with a frown
"Stand your dog". I said "Please sir, he's not laying down"
"You can take the first prize stand, he said – I said "Ta!"
What a job I had getting the stand in the car!

From ‘Westie News’ - the West Highland White Terrier Club of England newsletter.

 SHOW ETIQUETTE by Alwine Pretorius
As we have members joining our club who are new to the show ring, we would like to give
you a few pointers. This will hopefully help to make dog showing a great new hobby.
        KUSA show regulations state that NO ANIMALS other than an exhibit entered for
        competition or for exhibition shall be permitted within the precincts of a show except
        registered Guide dogs for the blind, Hearing dogs for the deaf and dogs requested for
        educational purposes or by permission of the club holding the show. So, unfortu-
        nately, your other pets will have to stay at home.
        Read the show schedule carefully. Sometimes the order of judging is changed and it
        may affect the time you have available to prepare your dog for the ring.
         Make sure that you wear the CORRECT EXHIBITOR NUMBER for the dog you are
        entering the show ring with.
        Please listen carefully when the ring steward calls out the exhibitor numbers. After a
        number has been called out twice and you are not there, they may mark you absent.
        As long as your breed is being judged, stay near to the ring until the Best of Breed
        and Reserve Best of Breed have been placed.
        Check the show schedule – if there is a judge appointed for Best Puppy; Best Junior;
        Best Veteran in Show – if your dog is a winner in the Terrier Group, he will have to
        go in the ring again at the end of the show for the challenges. Reserve Best of Breed
        winners of groups compete in the Mini-Grand, if this is listed on schedule.
        Be courteous towards the judge. He gives up his time and travels - usually at his own
        expense - to show venues to give his opinion on your dog.
        If you suspect that a mistake had been made with a placement, calmly and politely
        bring the matter to the ring steward’s attention.
        It is not fair towards a judge to expect him to go over a dirty or un-groomed dog.
        Even if it is an Open Show, it is important to enter the ring with a well-presented
        specimen of your breed.
        A quiet ‚ thank you‛ to the judge and ring steward as you finally leave the ring will be
        Whether or not you agree with the judge’s placement, it is good manners and sports-
        manship to congratulate the winners.
        NO cars are allowed on a field, there is a reason for this. We are losing more and
        more venues on account of undisciplined and selfish actions by exhibitors.

                  ALL IN A DAY’S WORK...
First call:
She:      “I am looking for a Wire-haired Fox Terrier, or otherwise an Amberdal.”
Me:       “Excuse me?”
She:      ”Yes, an Amberdal. You know, those biiig terriers.”
Me:       ”An Airedale.”
She:      ”Oh, is that how you pronounce it. But anyway, I just love those unusual and rare breeds
          and I would love to give my husband a Wire- haired Fox Terrier for Christmas. We own a
          Labrador, two miniature Schnautzers and a Sharpei. (They obviously love dogs, rare and
Second call:
He:    ”I am calling re a Scottie.”
Me:    ”Right, I shall give you the names of a few breeders.”
He:    ”Actually, I want some advice. You breed Scotties, don’t you?”
Me:    ”No, I just put people in contact with breeders.”
He:    ”You see, I have a problem with my Scottie. He goes to training classes and does most of the
       things but not as smart as all the sheepdogs and German Shepherds in his class. Now they
       want to have him tested to be promoted to the next class etc, etc, etc and my wife says...”
Me:    ”Your dog seems to do very well for a Scottie. They can be trained but not with the same
       outcome as a Border Collie.”
He:    ”Oh, I am so glad for your advice as a Scottie breeder. I shall tell my wife that you had said
       that he is doing well...”
Me:    ”I do not breed Scotties.”
He:    ”Thank you so much again and I shall go and tell my wife now that a Scottie breeder has
Third call:
He:      “My Scottie drowned in our pool last night. I must get another one right away.
Me:      ”Sorry to hear about your dog. How did your dog get into the pool area?”
He:      ”Oh, He got through the fence somehow..... I really feel awful, but I need to get another
         black one.”
Fourth call:
He:     “I got your number from KUSA. I have this stunning three year old Fox Terrier male. He is a
        real purebred and I am looking for somebody with a bitch to use him as a stud dog. He is the
        long-legged, purebred South African type, not one of those ugly ones with the long faces.
        And you know, the “ experts” say that you must put a long-legged dog to a short-legged
Me:     (feeling quite faint by this time): “I am truly sorry but I cannot help you.”
He:     (at first deflated but then perks up again.) : “Oh, but remember if you come across a
        short-legged bitch please put them in contact with me. My name is ... and I live in....”
Umpteenth call:
He:     ”I got your number from KUSA. I hope you still have Jack Russell puppies available.”
Me:     ”I do not breed Jack Russells but can put you in contact with a breeder. Do you want the
        dog for show purposes or as a pet?
Caller: ”No, just for a pet, but it must be a short-legged one.”

                       E-MAIL ADDRESSES                                                   
Adams, Blanche                    lizak@new.co.za                      Jack Russell
Barlow, Ken                       anfield@netactive.co.za              Staffordshire BT
Bennett, Sheila                   jhbennett@absamail.co.za             Cairn
Broodryk, Roz                     roz@bubbleblowers.co.za              Scottish
Botha, Christine                  cbotha@sarie.com                     Staffordshire BT
Canovi, Margaret                  Margaret@colourtone.co.za            Bull Terrier
Collins Andre                     acollins@netactive.co.za             Cairn
Cork, Geoffrey                    gcork@gibb.co.za                     Wire Haired Fox
Cromwell, Danny & Roger           w.cromwell@ntlworld.com              West Highland White
d’Arcy-Smith, David & Kerri-Lee   dads@xsinet.co.za                    West Highland White
De Coning, Pat                    deconing.p@pg.com                    Airedale
De Keller, Lynn & Lily            mwkeller@mweb.co.za                  Cairn & Yorkshire
Evett, Karey                      KE@wiredcommunications.co.za         West Highland White
Demjan, Maria                     demjan@metroweb.co.za                Wire Haired Fox
Du Toit, Andre & Glenis           hrisadt@mweb.co.za                   Scottish Terrier
Du Toit, Johan & Stephanette      johan.dutoit@rsa.sun.com             Bull Terrier
Fillary, Gaye                     fillary@iafrica.com                  Wire-Haired Fox
Finn, Albert & Elna               bertfinn@gmail.com                   Wire-Haired Fox
Fox, Jim and Vee                  jimfox@intekom.co.za                 Cairn
Frith, Lindsay & Royd             friths@mweb.co.za                    Cairn
Gaertner, Olaf & Lorraine         ol.gaertner@gmx.de                   West Highland White
Goldschmidt, Joyce & Richard      joyce@goldschmidt.co.za              West Highland White
Graham, Sharon                    sharon@skyX.co.za                    Jack Russell
Greig, Gavin                      greig@iafrica.com                    Airedale
Griffin, Don & Madeleine          griffin@wol.co.za                    Kerry Blue
Griffith, Chris & Jill            griffith@pixie.co.za                 Jack Russell
Haines, Trevor & Jesslene         jesslene.haines@taxitrucks.co.za     West Highland White
Holliday, Ria                     riaholliday@yahoo.com                Irish
Howison, Ruth & Peter             howison@netactive.co.za              West Highland White
Hutchcroft, Dorothy               khutchcroft@tellumat.com             Staffordshire BT
Impey, Mark & Sue                 impey@telkomsa.net                   Airedale
Kagan, Jocelin                    clearhead@worldonline.co.za          Cairn
Le Roux-Cloete, Martina           martina@dmp.co.za                    Scottish Terrier
Lewis, Lloyd                      skipper@gamefish.co.za               Wire-Haired Fox
Louw, Ryno                        RynoLouw@mtn.co.za                   Wire-Haired Fox
MacLeod, Celeste                  anfield@netactive.co.za              Staffordshire BT
Mans, Brian & Liz                 anything@manns.cambsnet.co.uk        Staffordshire BT
McFadyen, Eileen                  Eileen-mal@iafrica.com               Scottish
Murray, Anne & Angus              armurray@global.co.za                Irish
Nagel, Joe                        staffords@kingsley.co.za             Staffordshire BT
Naude, Andre                      andre@wol.co.za                      Cairn
Naude, Nerine                     nerine@breede.co.za                  Airedale/Smooth Fox
Nel, Willem                       jw_nel@absamail.co.za                Smooth Fox
Neumann, Bill                     thehuddlestones@friendlyfire.co.za   Smooth Fox
Paulucci de Calboli, Tracy        tracypaulucci@hotmail.com            Cairn
Pearce, Liesl                     lieslgraham@mwe.co.za                Scottish Terrier
Powell, Doreen                    depowell@izone.co.za
Pretorius, Alwine                 basenji@iafrica.com                  Airedale
Roberts, Leila                    baddog@intekom.co.za                 Scottish
Rozema, Jan                       rolab@absamail.co.za                 Scottish
Ryke, Dennis                      dscontrols@icon.co.za                Staffordshire Bull
Sampson, Peter & Marie            pvsampson@iafrica.com                Smooth Fox Terrier
Scholtz, Cheri                    cherischoltz@mweb.co.za              Cairn
Sibbings, Steve                   lagoonlodge@new.co.za                West Highland White
Simpson, Barbara & Michael        winterhill@polka.co.za               Manchester
Sinclair-Smith, Mrs R             colinrose@telkomsa.net               Cairn & Fox Terrier
Thomson, Ron & Marianne           ronmar@global.co.za                  Scottish
Train, Donald                     donald@trainclan.com                 Scottish
                                     E-Mail Addresses, continued…
Van Aswegen, Louis                    lagoonlodge@new.co.za                 West Highland White
van Gylswyk, Anneke                   gylswyk@mweb.co.za                    Scottish
von Zeil, Margaret                    mvonzeil@pawc.wcape.gov.za            Smooth Fox
Warren, Mike & Machteld               maschu@kingsleymail.co.za             West Highland White

If I have left you off the email address list, please let me know!    ED

                           CLIPPERS GROOMING PARLOUR
                                  For Professional Dog and Cat Grooming.
                                           Main Road, Bergvliet
                                  Tel: 021 715 6688 /                083 264 6617

 As always, we are extremely grateful to all those who supported our Annual Championship Show.
                        With many thanks from the Cape Terrier Club to...

                                        HILL’S SCIENCE DIET
                                 PENINSULA VETERINARY HOSPITAL
                                  TIP TOP GROOMING PARLOUR
                                          THE DOG SHOP
                                            ROBERT BELL
                                      RUTH & PETER HOWISON
                                         JOCELIN KAGAN
                                        ALWINE PRETORIUS
                                             SUE IMPEY
                                             BERT FINN

                           DOG TRAINING & RINGCRAFT. . .
                  13h15pm             Beginners over 6 months
                  14h00pm             Regular Handlers

                  14h15pm             Puppies under 6 months & Toy Breeds
                                       Contact :      Doreen :      ( 021- 715 9758)
                                                      Janice :      ( 021- 696 5593)

                               TERRIER TIMES
is the official newsletter of The Cape Terrier Club and is published twice a
     year free of charge to members of the club living in South Africa.
 Views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those
                       held by the editor or committee.


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