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Control system analysis - our proposal to
find the hidden potential at your mill
In many mills control systems are reaching the end of their service life and no longer
meet today’s requirements. Problems might have started to occur in the form of
reduced reliability, lack of spares and dwindling maintenance know-how.

With the aid of our CRASSULA control systems analysis         We are constantly engaged in consulting and engi-
we will help you assess your control system’s current         neering assignments in all corners of the world and
situation and make a proposal for developing it.              play a leading role in many of the world’s most
                                                              successful investment projects in our field.
Does this sound familiar?
                                                              Pöyry is a global engineering and consulting company
• Unplanned shut-downs due to problems with old               focusing on the energy, forest industry and infra-
  components                                                  structure & environment sectors. Pöyry has carried
• Old control systems are full, preventing process            out thousands of study and engineering assignments
  improvements                                                in more than 100 countries, including close to 500
• Documentation is out of date, causing delays                major pulp and paper mill projects.
  during shut-downs
• Difficult and expensive to find specialist help and           The competence and experience we have accumu-
  support                                                     lated over the years is at your service.

Project management is our core competence

• We have a long track record of successful control
  system replacement                                             UPM Shotton, UK launched a project to upgraded the
• We have unique knowledge of suppliers,                         control systems of PM1 and PM2 and recycled fibre
  technologies, solutions and approaches                         plant RCF1.
• Our services are supplier-independent
                                                                 “A key objective was to implement the upgrade without
                                                                 disturbing the mill’s efficiency, service to customers or
                                                                 product quality. To achieve this, the downtime for instal-
       CRASSULA ANALYSIS INCLUDES                                lation and commissioning had to be minimised. Another
                                                                 important objective was to simplify processes, eliminate
        Optimum control system solution                          faults and reduce the need for manual operation, while
                                                                 at the same time including group starts, help pages, ‘live’
                                                                 functional descriptions etc.
         Current status of control system
                                                                 The upgrade has been a great success and the
                                                                 support from the Pöyry team has been a critical factor in
                                                                 ensuring this achievement.”

                                                                 David Green, Technical Manager
                   Investment plan

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