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					DCORB’s 10/22 Pistol
I plan to build a 10/22 pistol.

Here are the components I am going to use:

-   10/22 bolt
-   Barrel blank (from Sportsman guide)
-   10/22 FCG assembly
-   AK pistol grip
-   Weaver scope rail across the top
-   It will have a red dot type site
-   Homemade receiver
-   I plan to make a jig and bend a sheet metal housing
-   Make my 'trunnion' that will have a quick change barrel
-   It will use 10/22 mags
-   Barrel shroud

Do not laugh at my graphic art skills, ok, you can laugh. I spent about ten minutes with paintshop
I am going to group the barrel and shroud into a module and plan to include a quick change
barrel in the design.

For the receiver, I am going to bend a U shaped channel.

Back to the FCG, I am also going to bend a U channel to contain the 10/22 fcg assembly which
will slip into the receiver channel.

I am assuming I need to chamber my barrel blank for the .22LR. I would think it would be one of
the easier chamber jobs to do. What should I use, a reamer?

Also, anyone have any tips on the barrel crown? Tools or cheap garage hack methods?

I plan to make at least two barrel lengths, a long and shorty. If my barrel take-down design
works I plan to spend my spare minutes making a fitted foam case for it.

Tonight I am going to mock up the design using paper, cardboard, thin wall conduit and wood.
This will allow me to determine measurements so I can acquire the materials for the build.

I started the mock up. I cut wood for the trunnion. Going to cut out a piece of cardboard next for
the receiver. Already determined what looks good on paper does not always work out when you
start putting pieces together.

OK, I have started!!! Not too much progress yet (because the shop is cold!)

Here are my two barrel shrouds, barrel, and a big a$$ piece of round bar that will see some Lathe
Date Posted: January 18 2008

I am going to have a 4" and 6" barrel

I sliced the 6" barrel.
Date Posted: January 19 2008

It was cold today so not too much progress

I took this:

And made this:

Sliced off a chunk to make this:
Just look at that shiny tube!

Date Posted: January 24 2008

Today is the last day of the cold snap here. I received my order. I hope to get
back to this tonight. Going to start with turning the barrel down to fit the receiver and make the
front of the receiver. So I will have to figure out how I am going to bend the tin for the receiver.
If I have enough scraps of metal I might weld up a jig or wait for the return of my AK jig so I can
add some spacers to it.

Date Posted: January 26 2008

Some progress today, cut my shorter barrel, turned the ends, and polished with sandpaper.
(Thank you Tommerr for the sandpaper)
Date Posted: January 26 2008

Got the barrel hole cut. I drilled a .5" hole using a chuck in the tail stock. And finished the hole
with a boring bar. I need some new lathe tooling, think I will order some carbide tipped tools.
Date Posted: January 26 2008

The magwell needed a 3 degree cut. I do not have a mill but do have a four jaw chuck on the

Started to drill out the shroud holes. I think I am going to make the holes a little larger still. Might
finish the holes using a reamer.
Date Posted: January 27 2008

My reamer did fit in my drill press chuck so I had to use a step drill. Finished opening up the holes
and polished the tube. I think I am going to touch up the holes with a dremel.
Date Posted: January 27 2008

Here is the jig I made to bend up my receiver. Plan is to add a spacer to my AK jig frame to
reduce to proper size. Might have to make up a frame as my AK jig is loaned out.
Date Posted: January 27 2008

OK, I am tired of drilling holes now!

Date Posted: January 28 2008

I made a bending jig and tested it today:
Everything was going good until I pressed it in too far.
Date Posted: January 28 2008

I am happy with the bends. I will use this to make a pattern for a thicker better one.

Date Posted: January 28 2008

I sacrificed my .75" round bar that was meant to bend my G3 flat. But after I saw Mr BCH's G3 jig
I figured I might use the bar for something.

Date Posted: January 28 2008

Set the parts together in order to see how ugly it is going to be:
Date Posted: February 02 2008

I accomplished two things today so far.

1) Tried the table and vertical position of my bandsaw for the first time. Made quick work of the
16 gauge sheet. I used a jig saw to cut items like this before.

2) Bent a 16 gauge receiver shell.
Date Posted: February 05 2008

I started hacking out the magwell. I am using a piece of 22 gauge tin to make a pattern before I
cut the 16 gauge piece I will be using for the receiver.
Date Posted: February 07 2008

Cut the magwell on my practice receiver and put a couple screws in the trunnion. Only broke one

It is not pretty hopefully it will look better on my real receiver.

My practice receiver (oops prototype) is only 22 gauge, it is almost like working with tin foil. The
receiver will be 16 gauge and should be a little more fun working with.

Date Posted: February 16 2008

I finally found sometime to work on my build. Made my barrel pin, chuck of metal that will be the
back of the receiver, chunk that will hold the pistol grip, and mounted the rail. I would have done
some pictures but my camera decided to stop functioning.

Date Posted: February 17 2008

My camera is toast so I gave my cell camera a try
Attempted to use a Dremel to trim the bottom of the receiver. Quickly switched over to the 4"
The pistol grip is mounted, still needs a little trimming and adjustment.
Still have some holes to drill and tap. Along with a list of other things to complete before starting
on my 16 gauge receiver.

Date Posted: February 17 2008

I just realized the barrel blank I purchased is stainless steel. So much for Parking it. I am starting
to get the urge to get one of those nickel plating kits and make the shroud stay shinny. Park and
Duracoat the receiver. And I need a cooler pistol grip.

Did not have a mill to cut the block for the pistol grip so I attacked with the drill press, angle
grinder (decided I hate using Dremels) and a big a$$ rat tail file.

Started work on my 16 gauge receiver
Some of the parts
Still a little rough around the edges but nothing an angle grinder, dremel, file and sandpaper can
not fix.

Date Posted: March 02 2008

No progress this weekend except I took a trip to the surplus store. Found these cool screws, they
are just the thing I need to mount the FCG to the receiver

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