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									August 12, 2009, Human Resource Services
•   Gator Growl
•   H1N1 Virus
•   Effort Online Certification
•   Tobacco-Free Campus
•   Benefits Open Enrollment
•   Tips on selecting hire and termination dates that affect
•   Veteran Status Survey
•   Race & Ethnicity Code Changes
•   Process for hiring UF Retirees
•   Myufl Directory Update
•   Employment Verifications – TALX
•   New Recruitment & Staffing Website
•   Employment Updates
•   Computer Application Fees
•   Important Dates
 Gator Growl 2009
       Brett Owens
Director of University Sales
H1N1 Virus
    H1N1 Information
• Pandemics occur when novel strain of
  influenza virus emerges with ability to
  efficiently spread among humans due
  to lack of immunity
• Occurred three times in 20th century
  with varying levels of severity:
  – 1918, “Spanish Flu”
  – 1957-58, “Asian Flu”
  – 1968-69, “Hong Kong Flu”
     H1N1 Information
Historical UF Impact from Pandemics

• Floyd Hall transformed into hospital
• “Large percentage of the student body ill”
• President Albert Murphree ill and confined to bed

• 2,092 Infirmary hospitalizations & Florida Gym
  used as overflow
• ~5,000 cases among ~11,000 student body
• Opening football game with UCLA canceled
    H1N1 Information
• Global pandemic (Phase 6) declared by
  World Health Organization on June 11,
  2009 for H1N1 (Swine Flu)
• Centers for Disease Control and
  Prevention (CDC) estimates over 1
  million Americans have been infected
  with H1N1
• Equates to 60,000 Floridians based on
  6% population estimate
    H1N1 Information
• The good news – most people recover
  without medical intervention
• Can be serious illness for those who
  have an underlying medical condition
Age group with highest percentage of
  cases is people under 25
• Those over 65 seem to have some level
  of protection from H1N1
    H1N1 Information
• First lab-confirmed UF case was
  announced on May 1st
• Assume hundreds of cases have
  occurred among students, staff and
• During summer semesters, SHCC
  experienced consistent numbers
  reporting flu-like illness reaching a peak
  in July with 20-40 cases per week
    H1N1 Information
If you have flu-like symptoms:
• Per CDC recommendations, remain
   home until at least 24 hours after you
   are free of fever (100°F) or signs of
   fever without the use of fever-reducing
   medications (Stay Home!)
• Avoid contact with others to extent
• Practice good respiratory etiquette and
   hand hygiene
    H1N1 Information
For everyone at UF:
• Cover nose and mouth with a tissue
  when you cough or sneeze
• Wash your hands often with soap and
  water, especially after you cough or
  sneeze (alcohol-based hand cleaners
  also effective)
• Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth as
  this can spread germs
    H1N1 Information
Issues for Fall Semester
• Encouraging faculty to work with students
   who miss class
• SHCC may become unable to provide or
   not recommend excuse notes for all ill
• Departments and colleges should consider
   potential of increased absences among
   faculty & staff and ensure continuation of
   necessary functions
     H1N1 Information
Vaccination Program
• Many unknowns but expected in mid-October at
  the earliest
• Priority groups
   – Pregnant women
   – People who live with or care for children younger than
     6 months
   – Health care and emergency services personnel
    Persons between 6 months and 24 years of age
   – People between 25-64 with other health risks
• SHCC will work with state and local health
  departments to receive and administer
  vaccinations on campus
• Independent from seasonal flu vaccination
    H1N1 Information
Coming Soon!
• Letter to faculty discussing academic
• Letter to parents
• Campus-wide communication at
  beginning of semester
• Website to provide single point of
  information for UF community –
    H1N1 Information

Kenneth Allen
Environmental Health & Safety

Dr. Phil Barkley
Student Health Care Center
Electronic Effort Certification for
           Spring 2009
              Cost Analysis
               Brian J. Kuhl
          Accounting Coordinator
 Department/User Feedback
• Allocation Percentages are too light on
  Effort Certification Page

  – Non-Internet Explorer Browsers

  – Bridges removed boxes from totals column,
    darkening the effort percentages.

  – “Printer Friendly Version” link was readable
 Department/User Feedback
• Need better confirmation of having agreed on
  the Effort Certification page

   – Currently, the Agree button will “gray-out” when

   – We will work with Bridges to provide a more
     obvious confirmation.

   – “Printer Friendly Version” displays the certification
     UFID, Name, and Date at the bottom.
 Department/User Feedback
• Provide department effort reporters
  with view of proxy certifier

  – Added view-only “Administration” tab to
    “Effort Certification-Admin” menu
 Department/User Feedback
• Eliminate automated emails to employees
  with 0% total effort or who are

  – Bridges stopped emails to employees with 0%
    total effort for the term.

  – We will work with Bridges to stop emails to
    employees who are terminated (have no active
    job record), as they do not have access to
    certify their effort electronically.
 Department/User Feedback
• Proxy Certifier “You are not authorized
  to access this component…” error

  – Upon request, Bridges Security manually
    synchronizes proxy roles to resolve this

  – Bridges will work to automate/correct the
    synchronization problem related to proxy
    role assignment.
 Department/User Feedback
• “Return to Search” option

  – Implemented with Spring 2009 effort term
    to facilitate navigation and reduce
    repetitive input

  – Provides similar function as “Next In List”
    by holding search results, rather than
    replacing with selected employee record
 Department/User Feedback
• Beginning August 10th, discontinued
  automated emails to employee, proxy, and
  department effort administrators regarding
  effort certification

  – Loan notification emails will continue to be

  – All system-generated emails will stop when
    the Spring 2009 term status is “Closed”.
  Reference & Contact Info
• HR Effort Toolkit page:
   –   Web Simulations
   –   Effort User Guide
   –   FAQs
   –   Department Effort Contacts List
   –   Effort Activity Definitions
   –   Proxy Certifier Request Form
• Spring 2009 term closes Thursday, August 13th at
• Core Office:
Tobacco-Free Campus
 Tobacco-Free Together
• Health Science Center and Shands HealthCare facilities to
  go “Tobacco Free Together” Nov. 1
• UF’s main campus to follow in July 2010
• The use of cigarettes or other tobacco products in
  buildings and parking lots—or in vehicles in these areas—
  will not be permitted
• The decision to have tobacco-free campuses system-wide
  supports a commitment to provide a healthy environment
  and to improve health in UF’s communities
   – Tobacco dependence is the nation’s most preventable cause
     of death and disease
• For information, visit the Tobacco Free Together web site
 Tobacco-Free Together
• Counseling services, self-help materials, and
  medicines are available to help smokers and
  tobacco users quit
• Free smoking cessation program offered by
  Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
   – (352) 392-5787 or
   – Available to all employees, including OPS
   – Groups meet for approximately 90 minutes on 6
     consecutive weeks and include education, group
     support, and medical oversight with pharmaceutical
     smoking-cessation medications offered at a discount
   – Attendance at smoking cessation programs during
     normal working hours is counted as time worked
Process for Hiring
  Process for Hiring Retirees
• Legislation passed several months ago
  redefines the required separation
  period immediately following retirement
  or the end of DROP participation before
  reemployment is allowed.
   Process for Hiring Retirees
• For FRS Pension Plan members whose
  retirement is effective on or after
• or for members who retired through
  DROP with a termination date of
  7/1/2010 or later
      Separation period is six calendar
      months (instead of the current one
      calendar month requirement)
    Process for Hiring Retirees
• For FRS Investment Plan retirees*, the
  separation period is 6 months, effective
  July 1, 2009
• For ORP retirees*, the separation period
  remains one month
• * Investment Plan and ORP participants are
  considered retirees when they take any
  distribution of the employer-paid funds.
Process for Hiring Retirees
• A university-wide policy for the reemployment of
  retirees is being developed.
• In the meantime, reemployment requires approval
  of the Dean and Vice President of Human Resource
  Services. Reemployment of employees that have
  exited DROP also requires the approval of the Vice
  President over the area.
• Employees in DROP who wish to void their
  participation (in final 3 months of DROP) must
  obtain approval from Dean and VP of college or
  unit, as well as the Vice President for Human
  Resource Services.
    Process for Hiring Retirees

    Effective 7/1/2010, retirees of any
 retirement plan who return to FRS-
 covered employment will not be eligible
 to earn a second retirement benefit.
Employees will not be eligible for their
 retirement benefits from FRS for one full
 calendar year (no 780 hour exception).
Process for Hiring Retirees

Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment (OE)
  Open Enrollment dates/times:
     Begins -- Monday 9/14/09 @ 8:30 am EST
     Ends -- Friday 10/09/09 @ 5:30 pm EST

  Benefits Fair – Friday 9/25/09
       Touchdown Terrace -- 9am to 4pm
       Vendors, Food, and Prizes!
       Exploring a shuttle service with limited
      times/routes ---- Feedback ??

  Long Term Care – Buy up option
      Must be currently enrolled in the plan
      To keep it with inflation -higher facility costs & care
      Buy ups range from $20-$70 based on your current plan
       Guaranteed issued – no medical application
 Open Enrollment (OE)
Health Insurance rates for Plan Year 2010
   Employee rates stay the same
   Employer rates increase in May 2010 (June Coverage)
         Individual -- from $448.68 to $473.62 /mo.
         Family – from $947.74 to $1,004.14 /mo.
         Part-time employees will have an increase based on

Update addresses before Open Enrollment begins.
   See instructions in the August InfoGator

 State Conference call on 8/13 -- as more information becomes
available we’ll share it thru the usual channels
    Tips on selecting
  Hire and Termination
dates that affect benefits
  Choosing Hire dates

When does the employee need benefits to
begin? Avoid stating on the 1st day of the

  If hired 8/1/09,and assuming timely enrollment --
  coverage for health and life will begin 9/1/09

  If your new hire expects to have coverage on
  8/1/09 for example, both the hire date and
  completed enrollment must occur prior to
  August 1st
  Choosing Hire dates

Recommend that your prospective hire
check with their benefits office.

  Find out when coverage under their existing plan

  Compare cost and consider continuation options
  under COBRA to bridge the gap until their UF plans
  can begin
  Choosing Hire dates

Start at the beginning of a pay period.
   Choosing a start date at the beginning of a pay period
   helps ensure there’s enough hours to cover any deductions
       Some plans require payment in advance -- Ex.) Both
       August (8/14 & 8/28) paychecks pay for September

       Depending on the employee’s coverage date and # of
       missed paychecks -- multiple deductions (double or
       triple) may be taken on their next paycheck
  Choosing Hire dates

Pending Visa or SSN? Consider hiring on OPS
first and then in a Benefits Eligible job.
  The main point here is …new hires only have 60 calendar
  days to enroll in benefits from date of hire

  New hires not in the UF payroll system, but who want to
  enroll will have difficulty and delays in coverage because
  they are not in the state’s system

  Employees will also be responsible to pay all premiums
  even though they are unable to use the coverage during this
  Choosing Hire dates

Allow enough time to process necessary
paperwork and ePAF transactions.
  Avoid using retroactive start dates when possible
  Late appointments create delays in the enrollment process.
  Each day its not in the UF payroll system equals another day
  your employee can’t enroll and deductions can’t be collected
  via the UF payroll
   Remember new hires only have 60 calendar days from
    the date of hire to enroll... so the clock keeps ticking
            each day they’re not in the system!
Choosing Termination dates

 Call UF Benefits as soon as your employee
 begins thinking about termination.
    We can advise on termination of coverage and continuation
    options available under COBRA

    Suggest that employees consult with their new employer –
    when will the new coverage begin?

    For the majority of our plans (not all), coverage will
    continue thru the end of the next calendar month after the
    employee’s termination date
        Ex.) Term date 8/20 ---insurance ends 10/1
Choosing Termination dates
Pick a termination date that allows enough time to
process paperwork and ePAF transactions.

   It helps to avoid:
       Under payments and disruption of coverage
       Over payments requiring refunds

   For Leave Cash outs
      Submit cash out one pay period after term
      Wait for partial pay period/check before
      submitting cash out
      Enter all used leave & wait for accrual before
      entering the termination. Once term is
      processed no other leave can be entered
Hire and Termination dates

 As a general rule, timely processing of both
 new hires and terminations actions is the key!

 Departments should aim to complete HR
 actions at least 2 weeks prior to the effective

Veteran Status Survey
 Veterans Status Survey
• July 1, 2009 through September 1, 2009
• MyUFL > My Self Service> UF Veterans Status Survey
• Who should complete the veterans status survey?
      All regular full-time and part-time employees.
• What is the selection for someone who served during peacetime?
      “Other Protected Veterans.”
• Is there a report that indicates who completed the survey?
       MyUFL > PeopleSoft > HRMS People Tools > Reporting Tools >
       Query > Query Viewer > UF_HR_VETS_ > (1st Folder / UFID Order)

     Veteran Status Survey
           8/10/09 Snapshot

 Non-Veteran                          4290

 Disabled Veteran                     50
                                              4229 Online
 Special Disabled Veteran             45
                                              722 Paper
 Other Protected Veteran              190

 Armed Forces Service Medal Veteran   136

 Veteran of the Vietnam Era           240
Veteran Status Survey
 Faculty Snapshot - 8/10/09

                    7%   1%
1%             4%                   Non-Veteran Active
     1%                             Disabled Veteran

                                    Special Disabled Veteran

                                    Protected Veteran

                                    Service Medal Veteran

                                    Vietnam Era Veteran

                                    Reservists - Non-Active

Veteran Status Survey
     Staff Snapshot - 8/10/09

                          5%   0%         Non-Veteran
           1%   4%
      1%                                  Non-Veteran Active
                                          Disabled Veteran

                                          Special Disabled Veteran

                                          Protected Veteran

                                          Service Medal Veteran

                                          Vietnam Era Veteran

                                          Reservists - Non-Active

Race  Ethnicity Survey
Race  Ethnicity Survey

 •   June 19, 2009     Report to Executive Sponsor
 •   July 9, 2009      Report to Vice Presidents
 •   July 24, 2009     Received Executive Feedback

FALL 2009
 • Implement Plans to Survey the Workforce
        Review report with Bridges
        Review report with Training & Organizational Development


 • MyUFL > My Self Service > UF Race & Ethnicity Survey

Myufl Directory Update
Employment Verifications
The Work Number

• The Work Number is now
  implemented for employment and
  salary verifications.
• We are conducting a “soft” roll in—
  encouraging verifiers and employees
  to use the work number as of today.
• Will require employment and salary
  verifications to be done through The
  Work Number starting September 1.
Login through myUFL
Main Menu
Main Menu
Salary Key
Employment Verification
With Income
 The Work Number
• Launching communication campaign
• Contact Information:
  The Work Number
  Employer Code : 13570
New Recruitment & Staffing
Recruitment and Staffing
Employment Updates
 Employment Updates
• Timely Fall Processing
  As always, it’s imperative to process
  appointments timely as it affects
  benefits, retirement, time and labor, I-9
  compliance, fee waivers, and employee’s
• I-9 Compliance
  Section 1 of the I-9 must be completed
  on or before the first day of employment
  and the section 2 within the first 3 days
  of employment.
 Employment Updates
• E-Verify
  Final rule still pending, but we are
  preparing for a September 8 launch.
• Veteran’s Status form for new hires
  will now be a required part of payroll
Computer Application
Computer Application Training
• Fall registration opened August 3
• Computer application now available for a fee
   – Courses offered by New Horizons—typically,
      Microsoft applications
   – $75 per day fee
   – CCH course numbers only
• Fee is listed in course title—
   – For example, Microsoft Excel – Basic ($75)
• Confirmation and reminder e-mails also provide info
  fee and cancellation policy
Computer Application Training
• Invoice will be sent at end of month to college or
  division—or, in some cases, vice president’s office
   – Invoice will request ChartField info for Expense-to-
     Revenue (E2R) transaction
   – Your decision whether to pass along to
     departments or cover as a college expense
Computer Application Training
• Charges assessed for
   – Completions (the employee attended the
     workshop as registered)
   – “No shows” (the employee registered but did not
   – Last-minute cancellations (the person registered,
     then cancelled, but with fewer than three days’
• No charge for timely cancellations
  Important Dates
• September 9th - Next HR Forum
• September 14th - Open Enrollment Begins
• UF Academy for 2009-2010
  – Applications to participate are being accepted now
    through close of business on August 28
  – This year's program kicks off September 23
  – Participation will run from October through June

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