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									                                             FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Name              University                    Discipline         Site(s)          Language(s)       Topic
                                                                                                               Basotho Youth , Nationalism, and Material Culture in
Aerni, John         Washington University History                       Lesotho            Sesotho             Lesotho, 1952-1970
                    University of California,                                                                  (Re) Sounding Survival: Popular Music and Urban
Allard, Duncan      Berkeley                  Ethnomusicology           Zimbabwe           Shona               Livelihood in Zimbabwe
                                                                                                               Dancehall Politics: Contested Spaces of Urban Youth in
Callaci, Emily      Northwestern University History                     Tanzania           Swahili             Post-war Tanzania
                                                                                                               Living Politics: New Practices and Protest of the of the
Chance, Kerry       University of Chicago      Anthropology             South Africa       Zulu                "Poor" in Democratic South Africa

                                                                        Mali, Senegal,                         Cheminots into Citizens: Labor, Migration, and Political
County, Brandon     Columbia University        History                  France, Italy      Bamana, French      Imagination Along the Dakar-Niger Railroad, 1923-1974
                                                                                           Bamana,             Locally Filtered: The Case of Painting in Bamako, 1950s-
Davis, Paul         Indiana University         Art/Art History          Mali               Bambara             1990s
                                                                                                               Atlantic Markets and West African Sisters: Female
                    Michigan State                                                                             Traders in Saint Louis, Senegal, and New Orleans,
Gish, Lyndsey       University                 History                  Senegal            French, Wolof       Louisiana
                                                                                                               Moving the Nation: Citizen, State, and Urban
Hart, Jennifer      Indiana University        History                   Ghana              Twi                 Transportation in Postcolonial Ghana
                    University of California,                                                                  When Prosperity Fails: The Faith Gospel and Non-
Haynes, Naomi       San Diego                 Anthropology              Zambia             Bemba               Market Exchange on the Zambian Copperbelt

                    University of                                                                              Living Among Lions: Social Factors Underlying Lion
Hazzah, Leela       Wisconsin, Madison         Biology                  Kenya              Swahili             (Panthera Leo) Decline in Kenyan Maasailand
                                                                                                               Producing Citizens: Migrant Labor, Unions, and the
Hickel, Jason       University of Virginia     Anthropology             South Africa       Zulu                Making of Political Subjectivity in South Africa
                                                                                                               Broadcasting Peace: Radio and Conflict Transformation
Ibrahim, Hala       Ohio University            Communications           Sudan, Kenya       Arabic, Swahili     in Sudan
                    Michigan State
Kirwin, Matthew     University                 Political Science        Burkina Faso       French              Political Identity in Burkina Faso
                    Michigan State                                                                             The Children With Diamonds in Their Hands? Comparing
Mwalimu, Michelle   University                 Education                Zambia             Bemba               Zambia's Public and Community Schools
                    Michigan State                                                         Portuguese,         Antiretroviral Therapy in Context: Health Resource
Reed, Joel          University                 Anthropology             Mozambique         Swahili             Utilization Among People with AIDS in Mozambique
                    Johns Hopkins                                                                              Vulnerability, Eligibility, and the "OVC": The Local Lives
Reynolds, Lindsey   University                 Health                   South Africa       Zulu                of Policies and Categories
                                                                                                               Embodied Knowledge and Master-Disciple Relations in
Wright, Zachary     Northwestern University History                     Senegal       Wolof                    West African Islam
                                                                       Western Hemisphere
                                                                                                               Brazil Interruptus: Nationalist Projections and Women's
Allen, Andrea       Harvard University         Anthropology             Brazil             Portuguese          Same-Sex Desires in Brazil
                                                                                                               Community Television in Chile: Media, Politics, and the
Ashley, Jennifer    Brown University           Anthropology             Chile              Spanish             "Digital Divide"

                    University of California,                                                                  Industrialization in Sao Paulo's Old Republic: A Wage
Ball, Molly         Los Angeles               History                   Brazil             Portuguese          Perspective
                                                                                                               The Ecological Impacts of an Invasive Catfish in Southern
Capps, Krista       Cornell University         Environmental Science    Mexico             Spanish             Mexico
                                                                         International Education Programs Service
                                                                                US Department of Education
                                                                               Washington, DC 20006-8521                                                                    1
                                                FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Name                 University                    Discipline      Site(s)          Language(s)       Topic

                       University of California,                                                               The Chacarera: Nation, Media, and Agency in Argentine
Carlson, Julius        Los Angeles               Ethnomusicology         Argentina         Spanish             Folk Music
                                                                                                               Campesino Militancy and the Making of the Honduran
Coleman, Kevin         Indiana University         History                Honduras          Spanish             Elite (1945-1989)
                                                                                                               The Role of Monitoring Technologies in Democratic
Cross, Jason           Duke University            Anthropology           El Salvador       Spanish             Governance Reform in El Salvador
                                                                         Argentina,                            Networks of Artistic Interchange and Political
Davidson, Vanessa      New York University        Art/Art History        Brazil            Spanish             Engagement in Brazil and Argentina, 1968-1981

Dean, Evelyn           Indiana University         Anthropology           Mexico            Spanish             Language and Identity Among Syrian Jews in Mexico City
                                                                                                               Cultivating Hope: Competing Models of Agrarian Reform
DeVore, Jonathan       University of Michigan     Anthropology           Brazil            Portuguese          and Landscape in Southern Bahia

                                                                                                               Changing Climate, Changing Management: Responses
Dunbar, Katherine      University of Georgia      Anthropology           Peru              Spanish             in Increasing Water Scarcity in the Peruvian Andes
                                                                                                               Cultivating Continuity: Agrarian Reform and Historical
Estrada, Christopher   University of Michigan     Anthropology           Brazil            Portuguese          Memory in Oernambuco, Brazil
                       University of                                                                           The Peruvian Legal Left in the Era of Massacre (1980-
Feinstein, Tamara      Wisconsin, Madison         History                Peru              Spanish             2000)
                                                                                                               Performance, Representation, and Identity in Guatemalan
Forbes, Jack           University of Florida      Ethnomusicology        Guatemala         Spanish             Marimbas Orquestas
                                                                                                               Peasants, Slaves, and Sojourners: Itinerant Asians in
Furlong, Matthew       University of Arizona      History                Mexico            Spanish             Colonial New Spain, 1571-1700

                       University of California,                                                               From Contraband Capital to Border City: An Economic
Galvan, Melissa        Berkeley                  History                 Mexico            Spanish             and Political History of the Port of Matamoras, 1800-1848
                                                                                                               From the Public Sphere to Spirit Speech: Negotiating
Hartikainen, Elina     University of Chicago      Anthropology           Brazil            Portuguese          Discourse on Africaness in Brazilian Candomble
                                                                                                               Of Prayers and Pilgrims: Migration and Faith in 20th-
Heisser, Christine     Indiana University         History                Mexico            Spanish             Century Mexico and the United States
                                                                                                               From Labor Conflicts to Community Relations in Peruvian
Helfgott, Federico     University of Michigan     Anthropology           Peru              Spanish             Mining, 1970-Present

                       University of South                                                                     Risk as a Social Process: HIV-Serodiscordant Couples
Hughes, Shana          Florida                    Anthropology           Brazil            Portuguese          and Biomedical Personnel in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Josten, Jennifer       Yale University            Art History            Mexico            Spanish             Beyond the Raptura: Art in Mexico, 1945-1970
                       Michigan State                                                                          Integrating Scientific, Local, and Traditional Knowledge in
Kellon, Delanie        University                 Nature Management      Costa Rica        Spanish             Water Management Decisions
                                                                                           Haitian Creole,     Of Bands and Soldiers: Peacekeeping, Sovereignty, and
Kivland, Chelsey       University of Chicago      Anthropology           Haiti             French              Violence in Haiti

                                                                                                               Musical Cartographies in the Video Age: Popular Music,
Lears, Rachel          New York University       Anthropology            Uruguay           Spanish             Visual Media, Space, and Place in Urban Uruguay
                       University of California,                                                               Law, Justice, and Morality in Colonial Mexico:
Madigan, Brian         Berkeley                  History                 Mexico            Spanish             Ecclesiastical and Civil Courts Compared, 1650-1810
                       Michigan State                                                                          Gendered Perceptions and Impacts of Fair Trade on
Meuninck, Rebecca      University                Anthropology            Brazil            Portuguese          Brazilian Coffee Farmers
                                                                         International Education Programs Service
                                                                                US Department of Education
                                                                               Washington, DC 20006-8521                                                                     2
                                                 FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Name                 University                     Discipline             Site(s)          Language(s)       Topic
                                                                                                                       Reclaiming the Discarded: Life and Labor on a Brazilian
Millar, Kathleen       Brown University            Anthropology                  Brazil            Portuguese          Landfill
                                                                                 Columbia,                             Clientelism and the Rule of Law in Latin America: Public
Moncada, Eduardo       Brown University            Political Science             Ecuador           Spanish             Security and Access to Justice
                       University of California,                                                                       Mexico's Emerging Suburbia: Housing Policy and Local
Monkkonen, Paavo       Berkeley                    Urban Planning                Mexico            Spanish             Government in Transition
                       University of California,
Novak, Kinga           Berkeley                    History                       Mexico            Spanish             Giving Thanks: A Visual History of Mexican Spirituality
                       University of                                                               Portuguese,         The Politics of Microfinance: Brazil and Mexico in
Olsen, Tricia          Wisconsin, Madison          Political Science             Brazil, Mexico    Spanish             Comparative Perspective
                       University of Texas,                                                                            Sexual Angst of Empire: Drunken Soldiers, Diseased
Parker, Jeffrey        Austin                      History                       Panama            Spanish             Prostitutes, and the Panama Canal
                                                                                                                       Social Change , Populist Politics, and Popular Memory:
                                                                                                                       The Baixada Fluminense and the Legendary Tenorio
Ralston, Tyler         University of Arizona       History                       Brazil            Portuguese          Cavalcanti, 1945-1964
                                                                                                                       Music and Citizenship in Brazil and Cuba: Theme,
Robbins, Dylon         Princeton University        Language                      Brazil            Portuguese          Counterpoint, Variation

Scher, Sarahh          Emory University            Art/Art History               Peru              Spanish             State of Dress: Gender, Role, and Status in Moche Art
                                                                                                                       Resource Rebellion: Social Movements, Subsistence,
Simmons, Erica         University of Chicago       Political Science             Bolivia           Spanish             and the Bolivian Water Wars
                                                                                                                       Indigenous Entrepreneurs and Brand Piracy in
Kedron, Thomas         Harvard University          Anthropology                  Guatemala         Maya, Spanish       Guatemala's Fashion Industry
                       Michigan State                                                                                  Singleness and the State: Widowed and Unmarried
Vicente, Andrea        University                  History                       Mexico            Spanish             Women in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1821-1900
                                                                                                                       Across Mexico: Sex, Gender, and Violence Along the
Vogt, Wendy            University of Arizona       Anthropology                  Mexico            Spanish             Migrant Trail
                       University of Illinois,
Williams, Julie        Urbana-Champaign            Anthropology                  Ecuador           Quichua             Urban Indigeneity in Ecuador
                                                                                                                       Fishing for Fodder: The Transnational Environmental
Wintersteen, Kristin   Duke University             History                        Peru, Chile   Spanish                Politics of Fishmeal in Peru and Chile
                                                                                  Paraguay,     Spanish,               Corridors of Trade and Halls of Justice: Law, Sovereignty,
Younger, Joseph        Princeton University        History                        Uruguay       Portuguese             and the Bordering of the Rio de la Plata
                                                                          Central East Europe and Russia

                                                                                 Russia, Czech                         Sovietization With a Human Face: Soviet-Czechoslovak
Applebaum, Rachel      University of Chicago     History                         Republic          Russian, Czech      Cultural and Social Relations, 1948-1972
                       University of North                                       Russia,           Russian,            Faith on the Margins: Jehovah's Witnesses in the Soviet
Baran, Emily           Carolina, Chapel Hill     History                         Moldova           Ukrainian           Union and Post-Soviet Russia, 1945-Present
                       University of California,                                                                       The Transformation of Russian Energy Charter Treaty
Barknov, Boris         Berkeley                  Political Science               Russia            Russian             Policy
                                                                                                                       Narratives of Migration: Czech Nurses' Negotiation of
Bludau, Heidi          Indiana University          Anthropology                  Czech Republic Czech                  Gender and National Identity
                                                                                 Russia,                               Mapping Rule and Resistance: Kazakh Intellectuals and
Campbell, Ian          University of Michigan      History                       Kazakhstan     Kazakh                 the Russian Geographical Society, 1850-1900

                                                                                 International Education Programs Service
                                                                                        US Department of Education
                                                                                       Washington, DC 20006-8521                                                                    3
                                               FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Name               University                     Discipline       Site(s)          Language(s)       Topic

                                                                                                               Assessing the Philosophical Boom: Post-Soviet
DeBlasio, Alyssa      University of Pittsburgh Language and Literature   Russia            Russian             Philosophy in the Moscow and St. Petersburg Academies
                                                                                                               Defining Territory, Shaping Faith, Islam, and the
Derrick, Matthew      University of Oregon       Geography               Russia            Russian             Changing Landscape of Kazan's Old Tatar Quarter
                                                                                           Russian,            Imperial Russia's Education Policies Among Azerbaijani
Dobbs, Aimee          Indiana University         History                 Azerbaijan        Azerbaijani         Turks, 1864-1891

Graber, Kathryn       University of Michigan     Anthropology            Russia            Russian, Buryat     Language and Local Media in Southeastern Siberia
                                                                                           Russian,            An Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Socioeconomy in the
Greene, Alan          University of Chicago      Anthropology            Armenia           Armenian            South Caucasus
                                                                                                               Khrushchev's Gulag: The Reform of Punishment in the
Hardy, Jeffrey        Princeton University       History                 Russia            Russian             Post-Stalin Soviet Union, 1953-1964
                                                                                                               Dangers Large and Small: Local Perceptions of
Ismail, Zohra         Indiana University         Anthropology            Tajikistan        Tajik, Persian      Environmental Risk in Badakhshan
                                                                                                               Genderizing HIV/AIDS in Russia: Identifying and
                      University of North                                                                      Contextualizing Risk Behaviors Among HIV-Positive
King, Elizabeth       Carolina, Chapel Hill      Health                  Russia            Russian             Women in St. Petersburg
                                                                                                               Constructing Science: Polish Physics and the
Konieczny, Matthew    University of Minnesota History                    Poland         Polish, German         Development of a Quantum Theory in Europe
                                                                         Austria,       Bosnian,
                                                                         Croatia,       Croatian,              Imperial Population Politics and Refugee Aid in the
Manasek, Jared        Columbia University        History                 Bosnia, Turkey Serbian, Turkish       Balkans, 1875-1878

                                                                                           Russian,            Deconstructing the Dead: A Bioarchaeological
Marshall, Maureen     University of Chicago      Anthropology            Armenia           Armenian            Investigation of the Body in LBA (1500-1200 BC) Armenia
                                                                                                               Progress and its Discontents: The Modernization of Public
                                                                                                               and Private Cities in Poland, Lithuania, and the Russian
Murphy, Curtis        Georgetown University      History                 Poland, Ukraine Polish, Russian       Empire, 1764-1830
                      University of Illinois,                                                                  Community, Identity, and Belonging: Conversion in the
Murray, Jesse         Urbana-Champaign           History                 Russia            Russian             Russian Empire, 1810-1917
                      University of North                                                                      The View from 16th Streets: The Soviet Embassy and
Paulauskas, Michael   Carolina, Chapel Hill      History                 Russia            Russian             Détente, 1969-1979
                                                                         Kyrgyzstan,                           Technologies of Rule: Empire, Water, and the
Peterson, Maya        Harvard University        History                  Kazakhstan        Russian, Uzbek      Modernization of Central Asia, 1860s-1940s
Schwab, Wendell       Indiana University        Anthropology             Kazakhstan        Kazakh              Islamic Ethics and Muslim Authority in Kazakhstan
                      University of California,                                                                The Soviet Cosmos: Life-Cycle Rituals, Family Culture,
Smolkin, Victoria     Berkeley                  History                  Russia            Russian             and the Socialist Way of Life (1956-1985)
                                                                                                               Enlightening the Land of Midnight: Slovtsov Kalashnikov
Soderstrom, Mark      Ohio State University      History                 Russia            Russian             and the Making of Modern Siberia
                                                                                                               The Traumatic Mirror: Questions of Identity and Roanipe
Thorne, Michael       Indiana University         History                 Romania           Romanian            During the Deportation to Transnistria

                      University of North                                                                      Pleasure, Power, and the Pursuit of Communism: The
Tsipursky, Gleb       Carolina, Chapel Hill      History                 Russia            Russian             Soviet Campaign to Organize Youth Leisure, 1955-1964
                                                                         International Education Programs Service
                                                                                US Department of Education
                                                                               Washington, DC 20006-8521                                                                   4
                                             FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Name             University                     Discipline         Site(s)          Language(s)       Topic
                                                                                                               The Ontology and Ontogeny of Feature Geometries and
Weir, Thomas        University of Chicago      Linguistics               Georgia           Russian             Hierarchy in Natural Language
                                                                            East Asia
                                                                                                               Moveable Feast: The Place of Sekkyo in Meiji Buddhist
Findely, Helen      University of Chicago     Area Studies               Japan             Japanese            Discourse
                    University of California,
George, Johnny      Berkeley                  Linguistics                Japan             Japanese            Social Indexation in Japanese Sign Language
                    University of Illinois,                                                                    Thinking Globally, Identifying Locally: Re-Envisioning
Welker, James       Urbana- Champaign         Area Studies               Japan             Japanese            "Women" in Late Twentieth-Century Japan
                                                                            Near East

                                                                         Syria, Morocco,                       The Reconquest of the Word: Historiographic Conflict in
Calderwood, Eric    Harvard University         Language and Literature   Spain           Spanish               al-Andalus
                                                                                                               From Counterinsurgency to Capital Investment: The
Day, Johnny         Harvard University         Anthropology              Turkey            Turkish             Remaking of the Kurdish Problem in Turkey
                                                                         United Arab                           Imagining and Inhabiting Dubai: Everyday Spaces in the
Decker, Tabitha     Yale University            Sociology                 Emirates          Arabic              Production of a City

                    University of California,                                                                  Takism: Improvisational Practices in Republican-Era
Ederer, Eric        Santa Barbara             Ethnomusicology            Turkey            Turkish             Turkish Classical Music
                                                                         United Arab                           Diversification and Knowledge Transfer in the United Arab
Ewers, Michael      Ohio State University      Geography                 Emirates          Arabic              Emirates

                    University of California,                                                                  Negotiating Modernity: The Adoption and Adaptation of
Gordon, Lillie      Santa Barbara             Ethnomusicology            Egypt             Arabic              the Violin in Egyptian Music
                                                                                                               Constructing A Constituency for Israeli Ultra-Nationalism:
Hirschhorn, Sara    University of Chicago      History                   Israel            Hebrew              A Socio-Political History (1973-2007)
                                                                                                               Performing Civil Society: Palestinians Citizens of Israel
Jawad, Rania        New York University        Area Studies              Israel            Arabic              on Stage
                                                                                                               The Emergence of Social Complexity in the Highlands of
Mahoney, Daniel     University of Chicago      Area Studies              Yemen             Arabic              Prehistoric Yemen, 1500-1000 BC
                                                                         Jordan, Israel,   Arabic, Turkish,
McElrone, Susynne   New York University        History                   Turkey            Hebrew              Religion, Society, and Politics in Hebron, 1700-1900
                                                                                                               Whoever Imitates a People Becomes One of Them:
Patel, Youshaa      Duke University            Religion                  Syria             Arabic              Islam at the Tipping Point

                    University of California,                            United Arab                           Development and Implementation of the UAE Disability
Pineda, Victor      Los Angeles               Urban Planning             Emirates          Arabic              Act in Dubai
                    University of                                                                              The Predicament of Reciprocity at "Home" for German-
Rottman, Susan      Wisconsin, Madison        Anthropology               Turkey            Turkish             Turkish Return Migrants
                                                                                                               Sacred Narratives of the Prophet Zarathustra in Medieval
Sheffield, Daniel   Harvard University         Area Studies              India             Persian, Gujarati   and Early Modern Zoroastrianism
                                                                                                               Catch and Release: Piracy, Slavery, and Ransom in the
White, Joshua       University of Michigan     History                   Turkey            Turkish             Early Modern Ottoman Mediterranean
                                                                            South Asia
                    University of Texas,                                                                       Community Memories: Oral Histories of Post-Partition
Abbas, Amber        Austin                     History                   India             Urdu                South Asia

                                                                         International Education Programs Service
                                                                                US Department of Education
                                                                               Washington, DC 20006-8521                                                                    5
                                                FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

        Name                 University                   Discipline      Site(s)          Language(s)       Topic
                       University of California,
Baxter, Matthew        Berkeley                  Political Science     India             Tamil               Conversions in Conversation: Periyar, Ambedkar, Gandhi
                       Johns Hopkins                                                                         Legal and Social Reform Among "Ritual Prostitutes" in
Betlem, Hester         University                Anthropology          India             Telugu              Southern India

                       University of California,                                                             Rebuilding Life at the Shoreline: Muslim Communities
Choi, Vivian           Davis                     Anthropology          Sri Lanka         Sinhala             and Post-Tsunami Reconstruction in Sri Lanka

                       University of California,                                                             Language, Gender, and Reform: The Life and Works of
Clary, Randi           Santa Barbara             Religion              India             Punjabi             Bhai Vir Singh

Colvard, Robert        University of Iowa         History              India             Hindi               A World Without Drink: Temperance in India 1880-1949
                       University of North                                                                   More than Water: Gendered Responses to Ecological
Drew, Georgina         Carolina, Chapel Hill      Anthropology         India             Hindi               Change Along the Ganges River
                                                                                                             Developing Sakti: Catholicism and Women's
Etter, Connie          Syracuse University        Anthropology         India             Tamil               Empowerment Programs in South India
                                                                       India, United                         Mughal Writings on Indic Religions: Dara Shukuh and his
Gandhi, Supriya        Harvard University         Area Studies         Kingdom           Persian, Sanskrit   Milieu
                                                                                                             Defining the Nation-State: Citizenship and Marriage Law
Grapevine, Rebecca   University of Michigan       History              India             Hindi               in Post-Colonial India
                     University of                                     India, United                         Diction and Dictionaries: Language, Literature, and
Hakala, Walter       Pennsylvania                 Area Studies         Kingdom           Urdu                Learning in Persianate South Asia
                     University of Illinois,                                                                 Spatialization of Knowledge and Power at Sawai Jai Sing
Johnson-Roehr, Susan Urbana-Champaign             Architecture         India          Hindi                  II's Astronomical Observatories, 1721-1743
                                                                       Kingdom,                              From Dorasamudra to Halebid: Hoysala Temples in
Kasdorf, Katherine     Columbia University        Art History          Denmark, India Kannada                Context
                       University of Texas,                                           Urdu, Persian,         Mourning and Martyrdom in Persianate Indian: Poets,
Knapczyk, Peter        Austin                     Area Studies         India          Dakani                 Patrons, and the Shi'I Elegy, 1650-1800
                                                                                                             Serving Modernity: "American" Service and Urban
McGuire, Meredith      University of Chicago      Anthropology         India          Hindi                  Practice in Globalizing India
                                                                       United                                Millenarism and Political Islam in the Mughal Empire
Moin, Ahmed Azfar      University of Michigan     History              Kingdom, India Persian, Urdu          (1526-1705)
                                                                                                             Relocating Culture at the Edges of Kathmandu's Urban
Nelson, Andrew         University of Virginia     Anthropology         Nepal             Nepali              Expansion
                                                                                                             Creating a Classic: Nationalism, Regionalism, and Dance
Putcha, Rumya          University of Chicago      Ethnomusicology      India             Hindi, Telugu       in India
                                                                                                             Neoliberalizing Development: Transnational Institutions,
Putnam, Daniel         University of Minnesota Geography               Nepal             Nepali              NGOs, and State Space in Nepal
                                                                                                             Altering the Nation: Indigeneity, Authority, and
Rich, Matthew          University of Chicago      Anthropology         Bangladesh        Bangala             Recognition at the Margins of Bangladesh
Rudert, Angela         Syracuse University        Religion             India             Hindi               "All in One Guru": Anadmurti Gurumaa
                                                                                                             Interrogating Empowerment: Girls' Education in Gujarat,
Shah, Payal            Indiana University         Education            India             Gujarati            India
                                                                                                             Health, Hardship, and Home: Community Generated
Snell-Rood, Claire     University of Virginia     Anthropology         India             Hindi               Health in a New Delhi Slum
                                                                                                             Diagnosing India: Food, the Body, and the Healthy
Solomon, Harris        Brown University           Anthropology         India             Hindi               Economy in Mumbai
                                                                       International Education Programs Service
                                                                              US Department of Education
                                                                             Washington, DC 20006-8521                                                                  6
                                               FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Name                University                     Discipline         Site(s)          Language(s)       Topic
                      University of Texas,                                                                        The Politics and Patronage of Urdu Poetry in the
Tabor, Nathan         Austin                      Language and Literature   India             Urdu                Contemporary Indian Public Sphere

                      University of California,                                            Tibetan, Sanskrit,
Ullery, Aaron         Santa Barbara             Area Studies                Nepal, India   Hindi              Tantric Transmissions: A History of Ritual in the Tantras
                                                                            Southeast Asia

                      University of North                                   Thailand,                             Special Economic Zones in Greater Mekong Sub-Region:
Arnold, Dennis        Carolina, Chapel Hill       Geography                 Cambodia          Thai                Cooperation, Economic Transition and Migrant Labor
                                                                            Thailand,                             Thai Captives, Warfare, and Cultural Exchange in
Beemer, Bryce         University of Hawaii        History                   Burma             Thai, Burmese       Southeast Asia

                      University of California,                                                              Writing the South Seas: Nanyang in the Modern Chinese
Bernards, Brian       Los Angeles               Literature                  Singapore         Chinese        and Southeast Asian Literary Imagination
                                                                                                             The Intersection Between Religion and Citizenship
Bryner, Karen         Columbia University         Anthropology              Indonesia       Indonesian       Constructing Civil Islam in the Classroom?
                                                                                                             The Political Economy and Archipelagic Landscape of
Calugay, Cyril        University of Hawaii        Anthropology              Philippines     Tagalog          Pre-Spanish Cebu, Philippines
                                                                                                             Hearing Overlaid Discourses in Traditional Vietnamese
Cannon, Alexander     University of Michigan      Ethnomusicology           Vietnam         Vietnamese       Music
                                                                                                             Converging Interests?: Exploring Volunteer Tourism as a
Conran, Mary          University of Hawaii        Anthropology              Thailand        Thai             Development Strategy in Northern Thailand
                                                                                                             Education and Social Change in the Highlands of
Flaim, Amanda         Cornell University          Sociology                 Thailand        Thai             Northern Thailand
                      University of                                                                          Mimicking the Global?: Changing Norms and Universal
Harris, Joseph        Wisconsin, Madison          Sociology                 Thailand        Thai             Health Care in Thailand
                                                                            Netherlands,                     The Radio as an Instrument of Culture: Music on the Air
Kimura, Amy           University of Michigan      Ethnomusicology           Indonesia       Indonesian       in the Dutch East Indies, 1925-1942
                                                                                                             Narratives of Violence, Technologies of Proof: Law and
Lim, Samson           Cornell University          History                   Thailand, Japan Thai             Society in Thailand from 1944-Present
                      University of California,                                                              Canonizing The Tale of Kieu: The Construction of a
Nguyen, Cam           Berkeley                    Area Studies              Vietnam         Vietnamese       Vietnamese Classic
                      University of                                                                          Threatening Lives: Controlling Avian Flu in Vietnam's
Porter, Natalie       Wisconsin, Madison          Anthropology              Vietnam         Vietnamese       Poultry Economy
                      University of                                         Myanmar,                         Tracing the Ethos of the Chinese in the Urban Fabric of
Roberts, Jayde        Washington                  Art/Architecture          China           Burmese, Chinese Yangon (Rangoon) , Burma
                                                                                                             Bridging the Language and Cultural Barriers: An
Siler, Cameron        University of Kansas      Biology                     Philippines     Tagalog, Cebuano Integrative Approach to Conservation and Education
                      University of California,                                                              Reinventing Siam: Intellectual Culture and Political
Subrahmanyan, Arjun   Berkeley                  History                     Thailand        Thai             Changed in 1930s Thailand
                                                                                                             Religious Relations, Transnational Narratives, and Ethnic
Swazey, Kelli         University of Hawaii        Anthropology              Indonesia       Indonesian       Ideologies in Minahasa, Indonesia

                                                                            International Education Programs Service
                                                                                   US Department of Education
                                                                                  Washington, DC 20006-8521                                                               7
             FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

                                  Applications    Applications   Fellowship by
                World Area         Received         Funded        World Area
Africa                                 80              17           $34,321
Western Hemisphere                    188              42           $31,795
Central/Eastern Europe/Eurasia         73              26           $33,572
East Asia                              91               3           $44,515
Near East                              46              15           $36,281
South Asia                             49              26           $34,051
Southeast Asia                         44              17           $33,556
TOTALS                                571             146           $35,442

FUNDING REQUESTS/ALLOCATION                                         Dollars
Total Funds Requested                                               $19,753,710
Total Program Funds Allocated                                        $4,925,225

Public Institutions                        15
Fellows                                    53
Funds Obligated                                                       $1,653,007

Private/Non-Profit Institutions              27
Fellows                                      93
Funds Obligated                                                       $3,272,218

GENDER                              Number          Percent
Female                                75             51%
Male                                  71             49%

                                  International Education Programs Service
                                         US Department of Education
                                        Washington, DC 20006-8521
       FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program


                                 Number of      Individual
            State               Recipient IHEs Fellowships        Dollars
Arizona                               1              3              $105,791
California                            5             21              $743,547
Connecticut                           1              2               $78,404
District of Columbia                  1              1               $31,887
Florida                               2              2               $48,219
Georgia                               2              2               $49,264
Hawaii                                1              4              $113,038
Illinois                              3             20              $639,221
Indiana                               1             11              $451,646
Iowa                                  1              1               $45,390
Kansas                                1              1               $22,835
Maryland                              1              2               $42,430
Massachusetts                         1              7              $217,401
Michigan                              2             17              $575,627
Minnesota                             1              2               $68,595
Missouri                              1              1               $23,110
North Carolina                        2              9              $281,562
New Jersey                            1              3              $105,275
New York                              4             13              $411,121
Ohio                                  2              3              $128,286
Oregon                                1              1               $34,745
Pennsylvania                          2              2               $69,178
Rhode Island                          1              4              $142,059
Texas                                 1              4              $176,855
Virginia                              1              3              $102,023
Washington                            1              1               $26,949
Wisconsin                             1              6              $190,767
TOTALS                                42            146           $4,925,225

Africa                      676
Western Hemisphere          892
Central/Eastern Europe
and Eurasia                 831
East Asia                   722
Near East                   559
South Asia                  600
Southeast Asia              506
Western Europe               70
Multi-Country*              186
TOTALS                     4,765

*Note: Multi-Country designation is obsolete. Now,
principal country of research is designated.

                                           International Education Programs Service
                                                  US Department of Education
                                                 Washington, DC 20006-8521
                       FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program
        Research Sites                 Languages                   Disciplines                            Universities
Argentina                     Arabic                       Anthropology                   Brown University
Armenia                       Armenian                     Architecture                   Columbia University
Austria                       Azerbaijani                  Area Studies                   Cornell University
Azerbaijan                    Bamana                       Art History                    Duke University
Bangladesh                    Bambara                      Art/Architecture               Emory University
Bolivia                       Bangala                      Art/Art History                Georgetown University
Bosnia                        Bemba                        Biology                        Harvard University
Brazil                        Bosnian                      Communications                 Indiana University
Burkina Faso                  Burmese                      Education                      Johns Hopkins University
Burma                         Buryat                       Environmental Science          Michigan State University
Cambodia                      Cebuano                      Ethnomusicology                New York University
Chile                         Chinese                      Geography                      Northwestern University
China                         Croatian                     Health                         Ohio State University
Columbia                      Czech                        History                        Ohio University
Costa Rica                    Dakani                       Language                       Princeton University
Croatia                       French                       Linguistics                    Syracuse University
Czech Republic                German                       Literature                     University of Arizona
Denmark                       Gujarati                     Nature Management              University of California, Berkeley
Ecuador                       Haitian Creole               Political Science              University of California, Davis
Egypt                         Hebrew                       Religion                       University of California, Los Angeles
El Salvador                   Hindi                        Sociology                      University of California, San Diego
France                        Indonesian                   Urban Planning                 University of California, Santa Barbara
Georgia                       Japanese                                                    University of Chicago
Ghana                         Kannada                                                     University of Florida
Guatemala                     Kazakh                                                      University of Georgia
Haiti                         Maya                                                        University of Hawaii
Honduras                      Nepali                                                      University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
India                         Persian                                                     University of Iowa
Indonesia                     Polish                                                      University of Kansas
Israel                        Portuguese                                                  University of Michigan
Italy                         Punjabi                                                     University of Minnesota
Japan                         Quichua                                                     University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jordan                        Romanian                                                    University of Oregon
Kazakhstan                    Russian                                                     University of Pennsylvania
Kenya                         Sanskrit                                                    University of Pittsburgh
Kyrgyzstan                    Serbian                                                     University of South Florida
Lesotho                       Sesotho                                                     University of Texas, Austin
Mali                          Shona                                                       University of Virginia
Mexico                        Sinhala                                                     University of Washington
Moldova                       Spanish                                                     University of Wisconsin, Madison
Morocco                       Swahili                                                     Washington University
Mozambique                    Tagalog                                                     Yale University
Nepal                         Tajik
Netherlands                   Tamil
Panama                        Telugu
Paraguay                      Thai
Peru                          Tibetan
Philippines                   Turkish
Poland                        Ukrainian
Romania                       Urdu
Russia                        Uzbek
Senegal                       Vietnamese
Singapore                     Wolof
South Africa                  Zulu
Sri Lanka
Sudan, Kenya
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
                                               International Education Programs Service
                                                      US Department of Education
                                                     Washington, DC 20006-8521
                     FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Primary Research    Research
                Site           Site(s)                  Languages                    Disciplines         Fellows    Funds
         Burkina Faso                         French                       Political Science               1          $32,472
         Ghana                                Twi                          History                         1          $36,468
         Kenya                                Swahili                      Biology                         1          $28,104

         Lesotho                              Sesotho                      History                         1          $23,110
                            Senegal,          Bamana, Bambara,
         Mali               France, Italy     French                       Art/Art History, History         2        $77,262
         Mozambique                           Portuguese, Swahili          Anthropology                     1        $34,042
         Senegal                              French, Wolof                History                          2        $86,513
         South Africa                         Zulu                         Anthropology, Health             3        $78,248
         Sudan              Kenya             Arabic, Swahili              Communications                   1        $36,424
         Tanzania                             Swahili                      History                          1        $40,904
         Zambia                               Bemba                        Anthropology, Education          2        $52,323
         Zimbabwe                             Shona                        Ethnomusicology                  1        $57,580
Totals                                                                                                     17       $583,450
                                                   Western Hemisphere
                            Paraguay,                                      Ethnomusicology, Art/Art
         Argentina          Uruguay           Spanish, Portuguese          History, History                3          $85,387
         Bolivia                              Spanish                      Political Science               1          $20,798

                                                                           Anthropology, History,
         Brazil             Mexico            Portuguese                   Language, Political Science     11       $340,865
         Chile                                Spanish                      Anthropology                     1        $39,420
         Columbia           Ecuador           Spanish                      Political Science                1        $28,941
         Costa Rica                           Spanish                      Nature Management                1        $30,471
         Ecuador                              Quichua                      Anthropology                     1        $32,910
         El Salvador                          Spanish                      Anthropology                     1        $41,263
         Guatemala                            Spanish, Maya                Anthropology                    2          $53,036
         Haiti                                Haitian Creole, French       Anthropology                    1          $32,030
         Honduras                             Spanish                      History                         1          $37,626

                                                                           History, Environmental
                                                                           Science, Anthropology, Art
         Mexico                               Spanish                      History, Urban Planning         11       $398,321
         Panama                               Spanish                      History                          1        $43,718
                                                                           Anthropology, Art/Art
         Peru               Chile             Spanish                      History, History                 5        $132,872
         Uruguay                              Spanish                      Anthropology                     1         $17,723
Totals                                                                                                     42      $1,335,381
                                            Central/Eastern Europe and Eurasia
         Armenia                              Armenian, Russian        Anthropology                        2          $47,568
                            Bosnia,           German, Bosnian,
         Austria            Turkey            Croatian, Serbian, Turkish   History                         1          $38,491
         Azerbaijan                           Russian, Azerbaijani         History                         1          $40,828
         Czech Republic                       Czech                        Anthropology                    1          $39,780
         Georgia                              Russian                      Linguistics                     1          $16,800
         Kazakhstan                           Kazakh                       Anthropology                    1          $45,744

         Poland             Ukraine           Polish, German, Russian      History                         2          $76,284
         Romania                              Romanian                     History                         1          $58,540
                            Kazakhstan,                                 History, Political Science,
                            Moldova,          Russian, Czech,           Language and Literature,
                            Tajikistan,       Ukrainian, Buryat, Uzbek, Geography, Health,
         Russia             Kyrgyzstan        Kazakh                    Linguistics                        15       $489,027

                                                  International Education Programs Service
                                                         US Department of Education
                                                        Washington, DC 20006-8521
                      FY 2008 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program

         Tajikistan                        Tajik, Persian               Anthropology                   1      $19,810
Totals                                                                                                26     $872,872
                                                       East Asia
         Japan                             Japanese                     Area Studies, Linguistics     3      $133,546
Totals                                                                                                3      $133,546
                                                       Near East
         Egypt                              Arabic                      Ethnomusicology               1       $31,764
         India                              Persian, Gujarati           Area Studies                  1       $25,771
         Israel                             Arabic, Hebrew              Area Studies, History         2       $73,340
         Jordan              Israel, Turkey Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish     History                       1       $37,295
                             Morocco,                                   Language and Literature,
         Syria               Spain          Arabic, Spanish             Religion                      2       $57,480
         Turkey                            Turkish                      Ethnomusicology, History      4      $134,092
         United Arab                                                    Sociology, Geography,
         Emirates                          Arabic                       Urban Planning                 3     $150,890
         Yemen                             Arabic                       Area Studies                   1      $33,576
Totals                                                                                                15     $544,208
                                                      South Asia
         Bangladesh                        Bangala                      Anthropology                  1       $14,462

                                                                      History, Political Science,
                                                                      Anthropology, Religion,
                                                                      Area Studies, Architecture,
                                           Urdu, Tamil, Telugu,       Ethnomusicology,
                             United        Punjabi, Hindi, Persian,   Education, Language and
         India               Kingdom       Sanskrit, Dakani, Gujarati Literature                      19     $698,410
                                           Nepali, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Anthropology, Geography,
         Nepal               India         Hindi                      Area Studies                    3       $85,074
         Sri Lanka                         Sinhala                    Anthropology                    1       $25,798
         United Kingdom      India         Kannada, Persian, Urdu       Art History, History           2      $61,577
Totals                                                                                                26     $885,321
                                                   Southeast Asia
         Burma               China         Burmese, Chinese             Art/Architecture              1       $26,949
         Indonesia                         Indonesian                   Anthropology                  2       $51,588
         Netherlands         Indonesia     Indonesian                   Ethnomusicology               1       $34,228
         Philippines                       Cebuano, Tagalog             Anthropology, Biology         2       $50,953
         Singapore                         Chinese                      Literature                    1       $61,767
                             Burma,                                     Geography, History,
                             Cambodia,                                  Anthropology, Sociology,
         Thailand            Japan         Thai, Burmese                History                       7      $238,443
                                                                        Anthropology, Area Studies,
         Vietnam                           Vietnamese                   Ethnomusicology                3     $106,519
Totals                                                                                                17     $570,447

Total Fellowship Awards                                                                               146
Total Obligated                                                                                             $4,925,225

                                                International Education Programs Service
                                                       US Department of Education
                                                      Washington, DC 20006-8521

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