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Getting Started
The Retail (and Foodservice) Food Safety Consortium - RFSC- was founded in 2004-5 with the collaboration of five land grant universities and three science associations. Utah State U U Arkansas IAFP Rutgers U Clemson U NEHA Purdue U **AFDO**

Resources This is our project site. It explains the consortium and our objectives. It lists activiites and has some publications. Editable documents will be shared on this website (and This is our resource link site maintained by Purdue U. Here you will find a collection of links to search for retail and foodservice food safety materials. This site has been formatted in the simplest web presentation to present on mobile phones or PDA’s. It is also searchable (something that is hard to do on the FDA site). We are beginning to collect model forms, SOP’s, etc for food safety professionals to use. This is our resource sharing blog. Browse documents available for sharing.

The first roundtable was held in Las Vegas in Nov. 2006. In Sep. 2007, the Consortium received a grant from the USDA CSREES to enhance and expand its collaborations. A second roundtable was held at the 2008 NEHA meeting and the third is at the AFDO annual meeting in 2009.

Retail-Foodservice Objectives
Enhance Collaborations with Food Saftey Professionals (AFDO, NEHA, IAFP) Identify Best Practices **Collect, Develop, Disseminate Educational resources** Identify and Prioritize Research needs

YOU can contribute materials:   Provide us links to your resources. Send documents that can be shared with others (so they can edit and use them)

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