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                                                                                                     FOCUS GROUP ON
                                                                                                        SMART GRID
 TELECOMMUNICATION                                                                             Smart-I-95Rev.1
 STUDY PERIOD 2009-2012                                                                                           English only
                                                                                                          Original: English
 WG(s):                All                                                                  Yokohama, 10-14 January 2011
 Source:               TSB
 Title:                Fifth meeting of the Focus Group on Smart Grid (FG Smart)
                       Yokohama, Japan, 10-14 January 2011

 This document provides information on the fifth meeting of the Focus Group on Smart Grid (FG

 1       The fifth meeting of the FG Smart is scheduled to take place in Yokohama, Japan, 10-14
 January 2011 inclusive by the kind invitation of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Additional
 information is provided in Annex A.

 2       The FG Smart is open to ITU Member States, Sector Members and Associates. It is also open to
 any individual from a country which is a member of ITU and who is willing to contribute to the work.
 This includes individuals who are also members or representatives of interested standards development

 3       The items for discussion at the meeting will be made available on the Focus Group web page: Information related to the meeting as well as the
 contributions received will also be made available on the Focus Group web page.
 The discussions will be held in English only.
 The documents will be made publicly available. In preparing documents, please use the basic
 template for the FG documents available from the Focus Group web page. Participants shall
 submit input documents to FG Smart in electronic format to TSB as follows:
 -         contact TSB at to receive a number (nnnn) for each document
 -       prepare documents with a file name as follows: FG-Smart-I-nnnn (with the appropriate file
 -      using an FTP client, upload the document to the document drop folder in the FG Smart
 FTP area, namely:
        Host name:
        Path: /t/fg/smart/docs/incoming

Contact:             TSB                                                         Tel: +41 22 730 6356
                                                                                 Fax: +41 22 730 5853
Attention: This is not a publication made available to the public, but an internal ITU-T Document intended only for use by the
Member States of ITU, by ITU-T Sector Members and Associates, and their respective staff and collaborators in their ITU related
work. It shall not be made available to, and used by, any other persons or entities without the prior written consent of ITU-T.

Note: contents of the document drop box can be read with a web browser at:
Documents will be processed by TSB and moved to the relevant read only folder:
Please note that the recovery process of the FTP server has completed. As such, can be
used as indicated above instead of
The deadline for document submission for this meeting is 6 January 2011. Please note that this is a
paperless meeting.
4       To enable TSB to make the necessary arrangements concerning the organization of the
Focus Group meeting, please register via the on-line form at
T/focusgroups/smart/ , as soon as possible, but not later than 27 December 2010. Please note
that pre-registration of participants to the meeting is carried out exclusively online. To easily
provide you with any updates concerning the meeting planning, please fill in your valid e-mail
address on your registration form.
5        We would like to remind you that citizens of some countries are required to obtain a visa
in order to enter and spend any time in Japan. The visa must be requested at least four (4) weeks
before the date of beginning of the meeting and obtained from the office (embassy or consulate)
representing Japan in your country or, if there is no such office in your country, from the one that
is closest to the country of departure.
Participants who need an invitation letter and/or a visa supporting letter for entering Japan are
advised to get in touch with the contact person in Japan, Ms. Mariko Kimura:
Ms. Mariko Kimura
        TEL: +81 467 41 2872

                                          Annex A
                                   Additional information

1.    Meeting Schedule
     DATES              TIME      MEETING                                 Venue
     January 10 (Mon) 9:00-17:00 Day 1 FG Smart MTG                       MELONDIA

     January 11 (Tue)   9:00-17:00 Day 2 FG Smart MTG                     MELONDIA

     January 12 (Wed) 9:00-17:00 Day 3 Workshop incl. half-day special tour MELONDIA &
                                                                            Yokohama Bay
     January 13 (Thu)   9:00-17:00 Day 4 FG Smart MTG                     MELONDIA

     January 14 (Fri)   9:00-17:00 Day 5 FG Smart MTG                     MELONDIA

2.    Meeting Venue

                                                      MELONDIA Azamino

                                                     Add: 1-1-9 Shin-Ishikawa,
                                                          Aoba-ku, Yokohama City,
                                                          Kanagawa 225-0003 Japan
                                                     TEL: +81-45-909-1790
                                                     FAX: +81-45-909-1789
                                                     URL: Japanese only

3.    Grand Transportation

       Narita International Airport                                    Haneda Tokyo International Airport
      <N'EX> From Narita to Azamino                                    <MK Taxi> From Haneda to MELONDIA Azamino
                via Shibuya: Approx. 1hr 50min
                                                                              Approx. 50mins and cost around 10,000JPY (Toll inclusive)
                via Yokohama: Approx. 2hrs 15min
                                                                                         Advanced reservation required.
      ◆Please check the public transportation information at:          ◆For mote details and reservations, please visit the official website
           Yokohama Visitors’ Guide                                        of MK Taxi.
      JR East – N’EX: ttp://
      Tokyu Den-Entoshi Line: Route Map Only
      Keikyu Line:       <Keikyu Line> From Haneda to Azamino
      Keikyu Bus:                        via Yokohama: Approx 1hr10mins
                                                                                        via Shinagawa and Shibuya : Approx. 1hr15mins
                                                                       <Keikyu Bus Line> From Haneda to Azamino
                                                                                         Via Tama-Plaza: Approx. 1hr10mins

4.    Hotel Reservation
     Mitsubishi can offer a special event rate package at MELONDIA Azamino.
     The rates are valid during the ITU-T FG Smart Meeting period, as well as
     before and after the meeting periods. Cut-off date is December 10, 2010.
         ►Western Style Single: 8,500 JPY per night
         ►Japanese Style: 12,700 JPY per night
         ►Semi-Suite: 16,900JPY per night
     For accompanying person, we can offer a special rate. Please feel free to inquire.

     Followings are covered by the special rate:
          Service charge and government tax.
          Buffet style breakfast and Japanese style dinner

     To make your hotel reservation, please send the Hotel Reservation Form to
     Tetsuya Yokotani via E-mail:

5.    Hotel Cancelation Policy
        The Hotel requires that the reservations for ITU-T FG Smart Meeting be
        received in a rooming list by the cut-off date of December 10, 2010.
        After the cut-off date, reservation will be acceptable only upon a space
        availability and room rate may change.
        For the cancellation made after the cut-off date, the hotel cancellation policy
        will be applied as follows:

        Reservations cancelled less than one month before the date of arrival will
        incur the following charges:
            ► 30 days in advance 10% of special event rate for the entire stay
            ► 10days in advance 50% of special event rate for the entire stay
            ► Same day 100% of special event rate for the entire stay
            ► No show 100% of special event rate for the entire stay

6.    Special Attention

     For those who will check in on Sunday, January 9th, your dinner
     will be served from 18:00. However, please note that if you are not able to make
     yourself at a table by 19:00, your meal may be CANCELLED due to the
     weekend meal service policy. Thank you.

     Accommodation charges, etc. shall be paid with Japanese currency ONLY.
     No major credit cards are available at MELONDIA Azamino.

                      ITU-T FG Smart Meeting 2011
                            Registration Form
                                  10th – 14th JANUARY, 2011
                       MELONDIA Azamino, Yokohama, Japan
           Please complete the details and send this form to Tetsuya Yokotani
                           5-1-1 Ofuna, kamakura, Kanagawa 247-8501, Japan
                             Tel: +81-(467) 41-2433 Fax: +81-(467) 41-2519
VENUE: MELONDIA Azamino (Japanese Only)

 DATES              MEETING                                         NOTES                         Yes     No
 January 10         Day 1 (09:00-17:00)      FG-SMART
 January 11         Day 2 (09:00-17:00)      FG-SMART
 January 12         Day 3 (09:00-17:00)      Workshop
 January 13         Day 4 (09:00-17:00) FG-SMART
 January 14         Day 5 (09:00-17:00) FG-SAMRT

           *Registration for ITU-T FG SMART Meeting 2011 is completed via this form.
   No registration fee is required for the participation.

 Address Line 1 :
 Address Line 2 :
 City:                                                    State/Prov:
 Zip/Postal:                                              Country:
 Phone:                                                   E-mail:

Notice: This registration is required in addition to on-line registration by ITU-T HP

For making your stay easy and convenient, MELONDIA Azamino is highly

                                 Hotel Reservation Form

◆ Your Information
    First Name:                        Last Name:

(     Dr.      Prof.    Mr.   Ms.)



    Zip Code:                          Country:

    Tel:                             Fax:

◆ Hotel Accommodations

Please check the applicable box and fill out the date of Check-In and Check-Out together with
the nights you wish to stay.
                              Room Rate                                   Date/Period
            Room Type                          Preference
                              (per night)                       Check-In Check-Out    Night(s)
  Western Style(Twin)          8,500 JPY
                                            Non Smoking
  Japanese Style              12,700 JPY
  Semi-Suite                  16,900 JPY
Special Requests: Please make a note of any requests for a room, special dietary (including
vegetarian), allergies, or handicaps that we should be aware of.

 Breakfast (Buffet style breakfast), Japanese style dinner, and service charge and governm
  ent tax are included in the hotel rate.
 The Hotel requires that the reservations for ITU-T FG Smart Meeting be received in a roo
  ming list by the cut-off date of December 10, 2010. After the cut-off date, reservations w
  ill be acceptable only upon a space availability and room rate may change.
 For the cancellation made after the cut-off date, the hotel cancellation policy will be applied
   as follows:
    30 days in advance: 10% of special event rate for the entire stay
    10 days in advance: 50% of special event rate for the entire stay
    Same day: 100% of special event rate for the entire stay
    No show: 100% of special event rate for the entire stay
 Payments: Japanese currency ONLY. No major credit cards available.

Preliminary Announcement of Special Event in ITU-T FG-SMART
          Workshop on Communication Technology for Smart Grid
Date: January, 12, 2011
Place: MELONDIA Azamino (co-location with ITU-T FG-SMART meeting)

Schedule (Tentative)

9:00-9:30 Opening Plenary
        Les Brown (Lantiq), Chairman, FG-SMART
        Kuniaki Motoshima (Mitsubishi Electric Corp)

9:30-11:00 Introduction of Smart Grid activities Part 1
       Hyung-Soo Kim (Korea Telecom)
       David Su (NIST)
       TBD (TBD)

11:00-11:15     Coffee Break

11:15-12:45     Introduction of Smart Grid activities Part 2
       TBD (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
       Motiro Matsuoka (NTT)
       TBD (NTT DoCoMo)

12:45-14:00     Lunch

14:30-18:00     Smart House Bus Tour in Yokohama Harbor Area
            It will take one hour from Azamino to Yokohama Harbor Area.

19:00-21:00     Reception

Contact: Tetsuya Yokotani, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

                      Smart House Bus Tour in Yokohama Harbor Area

In the demonstrations of EV and home network standardization, we are field-testing state-of- the-art
technology such as solar photovoltaic power systems, high-spec heat insulation, and high-efficiency
power supply controllers and devices in an eco-house. The Home-ICT- Femto (new communication
technology) controls and optimizes EVs and eco-houses to reduce
CO2 emissions while supporting people’s lifestyles. The Home-ICT-Femto uses “femto
communication” to allow seamless connection between eco-houses and EVs, which are expected to
become commonplace in the future.
We are testing the new technology, which also includes a home information management system, to
provide residents with a comfortable and energy–saving lifestyle. The experiments to standardize
the ICT technology necessary to realize a low-carbon society and coexistence with nature offer
suggestions to make life more comfortable and prosperous.

                                           Home information

  power monitoring

   Charging station

     management                               EV logistics

Location:              Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama, Japan
Model house:           Wooden eco-house (2 stories, 266.28 sq. m.)
Equipment:             Solar roof tiles, electric home appliances, LED lighting and
                       electric vehicle
Tested                 Unified home management system, home ICT system supported
technologies:          with femtocell base transceiver station, management system for
                       electric vehicle charging station, car-sharing system and building
                       automation system
                                                 - 10 -

Furthermore, the following three experimental demonstrations for the EV supporting Network are
being conducted at Yokohama’s Minato Mirai 21.
1. Quick EV charging
A network of charging stations to charge electric vehicles away from the home and increase

2. EV car sharing
A system that utilizes information about electric vehicles’ remaining battery life to promote electric
vehicle use in car sharing service.

3. Building energy monitoring
Centralized power supply management for multiple buildings promotes electric vehicle use and
installation of EV charging stations in office and other buildings.


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