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									Architecture of the R/3 System

              Chapter 14
   Problems of Enterprise-Wide
• Slow response time during peak traffic
• Different time zones, systems, upgrades
• Heterogeneous database problem
• Multiple platforms
  R/3 and Enterprise Computing
• Development of “middleware” enables portability
  across platforms
   – Technologies include:
        • Db replication, messaging, XML, remote procedures
• R/3 supports:
   –   TCP/IP
   –   RFC
   –   SQL & ODBC
   –   OLE, MAPI, EDI
       R/3 Server Installations
• 3-tier C/S preferred
  – Homogeneous - same OS on one or more
  – Heterogeneous - a variety of platforms ex.
    UNIX, NT, Windows on application server
     • UNIX with Oracle, Informix, DB2 on db server
  – R/3 solves the distributed multiple
    heterogeneous platform problem with
Benefits of Multiple Application
• An alternate server can be automatically
  selected if one is unavailable
• “Load balancing” of clients to least busy
• Can optimize queries and reduce load on db
  server to improve response time
• Because it is scalable, servers can be added
  as more processing capability is needed
               C/S Scenarios
• Centralized host computer performs all tasks
  including db, applications, and presentation
• 2-tier C/S - db server is separate from “thick
  client” which processes apps and presentation
• 3-tier C/S - separate systems for db, apps, and
  presentation (preferred by R/3)
• N-tier C/S – extension using servers on Internet
              SAP R/3 Basis System
Hardware       UNIX Systems                         Data
                                     AT&T         General      Sequent
             Bull        IBM                                                 IBM
                                   Bull/Zenith    HP (Intel)     SNI
            Digital      SNI                                                AS/400
                                    Compaq       IBM (Intel)     ...
             HP          SUN

Operating   AIX         SINIX
Systems Digital UNIX   SOLARS                    Windows NT                 OS/400

                ADABAS D
Databases       DB2 for AIX                     ADABAS D
            INFORMIX-OnLine 7                MS SQL Server 6.0              DB2/400
                ORACLE 7                        ORACLE 7

                                                                         Windows 3.11,
               Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, OSF/Motif,          Windows 95,
                             OS/2-Warp, Macintosh                         Windows NT,

                                    ABAP/4, C, C+ +
     R/3 Middleware Transfer
• Front-end (presentation tier)
  – R/3 GUI uses resident OS resources to cut flow
    of data to 1-2 KB
  – whole screens are not passed but only logical
    control information and user inputs
• DB interface (between app and db servers)
  – SAP SQL within ABAP/4 environment
  – then translates queries into “native” SQL
   More Middleware Functions
• Interprogram communications
  – synchronous vs. asynchronous
     • Synchronous uses CPI-C, from IBM in the late ’80s
  – RFC/RPC libraries and DLLs to call R/3
  – SAP is closely aligned with COM from MS
• Transaction management
  – ALE -distributes db availability to several sites
     • routes data, maintains security
     • creates IDOC master which contains info about the data
     • SAP experimenting with XML for internal messaging
Application Linking & Enabling
• Allows users to set up applications and
  databases at distributed locations
• Not only routes data, but knows what data
  are needed in given situations; “intelligent
  – ALE checks for consistency of data, updates
  – uses IDOCS to send message between loosely
    coupled systems, with possibly dif. R/3 ver.
  – Asynchronous RFC means if system is down on
    target it will retry again
    R/3 Distribution Scenarios
• Initially, R/3 was designed with one
  centralized db in mind (from late ’80s)
• ALE technology was developed to enable
  different integration scenarios
  – Contained in Business Blueprint
     •   Centralized, integrated DB and application server
     •   Centralized by module on servers
     •   Completely decentralized R/3 with central db
     •   “Next Generation” architecture
  DEV                      QAS                        PRD

TEST   SAND           QTST TRNG                   QTST

              System Landscape for SAP R/3 Implementation
          Next Generation ERP
• What is Internet ERP?
  – N-tier
  – EC, K Mgt, CRM, data mining, DSS, BI functionality
    on top of back office
  – Integrated tools include
     •   BW with OLAP
     •   APO
     •   Sales Force Automation
     •   CRM
     •   B2B
     •   SCM
                  Enterprise Application
                    Integration (EAI)
                               MS Office

             Visual Basic                          Java

DW environments
                             EAI Server                       Legacy Applications

                  CRM, etc                 ERP Applications
          NetWeaver Adoption
• SAP anticipates that NetWeaver will redefine the
  company in a global manner
   – About 3000 of more than 24,000 potential companies
     have put some portion of NetWeaver into play
   – Early stage of maturity
   – IBM and MicroSoft supporting NetWeaver
   – SAP committed heavily to grow this in 2004 and 2005
            NetWeaver Components
•   SAP NetWeaver 2004 Synchronized Release as a single
    –   SAP WAS 6.4
    –   SAP EP 6.0
    –   SAP XI 3.0
    –   SAP BW 3.5
    –   SAP MI 2.5
        •   (SAP MDM limited usage at this point)
•   All sold and shipped together and can be installed in one
    –   Still possible to run individually
    –   Ramp up was April 2004
                                                                                                            SAP MI
          SAP NetWeaver™
                                            PEOPLE INTEGRATION
SAP BI                                                                                                      SAP EP
                                            Multi channel access
                                            Portal                 Collaboration
          Composite Application Framework

                                            INFORMATION INTEGRATION

                                            Bus. Intelligence      Knowledge Mgmt

                                                                                      Life Cycle Mgmt
                                            Master Data Management

                                            PROCESS INTEGRATION

SAP WAS                                     Integration            Business Process
                                            Broker                 Management
                                                                                                            SAP MDM
                                            APPLICATION PLATFORM

                                            J2EE                   ABAP

                                            DB and OS Abstraction
            Evolution of SAP App
•   ABAP & SAP Basis      WAS and Java

•   Open SQL              Open SQL for ABAP & Java

•   RFCs/BAPIs            Web Services/WSDL

•   ALE & IDocs           XI, MDM, and XML

•   Report Writer/Query   SAP BI

•   Dynpro, SAP GUI       Web Dynpro, EP, MI

•   ABAP Workbench         NetWeaver Developer Studio

 Application Hosting Alternative
• Application Service Providers (ASPs)
  integrate and combine
   • Evaluation
   • Implementation
   • Operation
   • Service & Support

• Service offering for all kinds of outsourcing
  levels such as
   • Business Operation Services
   • Application Management Services
   • Platform Services
                       Application HostingSpending
              Applications Management Enterprise ASP

             25.0                                      2500

                                                                             $2 BILLION
             20.0                                      2000
 $ Billion

                                           $ Million
             15.0                                      1500

             10.0                                      1000

             5.0                                       500
                                                              $150 MILLION

             0.0                                         0
                    1996   2001                                 1999           2003
                              Source: G2                                     Source: IDC, 1999

• Analysts expect explosive growth in both
  sectors over next four years
• Primary Lead Market: US
• Secondary Lead Market: Europe
                     Application Hosting
 Evaluation        Implementation
                     Implementation          Continuous Improvement
                                              Cont. Improvement

Test Drive Your                              We Host Your
Solution Online                             Solution Online
                                           Financial Application
          Compose Your                      Services
          Solution Online                  HR Application Services
                                                                    We Build And Host Your
                    We Implement Your                               Business Community /
                     Solution Online                                 Marketplace Online
                                                                       Industry Marketplaces
                                                                       Enterprise-specific
   SAP            Partners + SAP AH         SAP & Partners
SAP’s Portal Play

       • 3rd party services
       • More than 40 partners
       • Added value for business
       • Highly Personalizable
             Growing Importance of CRM
•Based on a recent GartnerGroup survey (Aug 2000) on customer
service e-tailing sites, there are many potential areas for improvements.
Some are simple; others require significant investments in people,
processes and technology. Here are the top-10 pitfalls:
•1. Requiring a password to access customer service
•2. Lack of a customer service tab
•3. Lack of search engines for general customer service
•4. Lack of a site map
•5. Lack of internationalization
•6. Lack of agent support for new channels
•7. Lack of working channels
•8. Lack of good customer service on the phone
•9. Lack of coordination between click and brick
•10. Requiring software download for access
       CRM Has Many Components
        One to One Marketing               • Database Marketing

       Sales Force Automation              • Customer Care

                  Direct Mail              • Telemarketing

       Relationship Marketing              • Marketing Automation

  Customer Data Warehousing                • Enterprise Relationship

Customer Segmentation & Analytics          • Customer Intimacy
                 Front Office       •   Technology Enabled Relationship
     Migrating to a New Model
Prior View             Future View

• Transaction Driven   • Customer Driven
• 1-800 Access         • Multi-Media Access
• Limited              • Anytime Availability
  Availability         • Fully Integrated
• Stand Alone Units    • Technology Enabled
• Technology           • Enterprise
  Constrained            Capabilities
• Limited              • Profit Centers
• Cost Centers
                       • CRM Centers
• Call Centers
                                                  eCRM Technology Architecture
                                                                   Integrated Touchpoints

  Customer/                    MAIL                          FACE-TO-FACE                       SELF SERVICE                      TELEPHONY
  Employee      •Paper • Electronic • Fax               • Handhelds • Tablets                   • Web   • Kiosks                 • ACD       • VRU

                                           FRONT OFFICE                                                                      BACK OFFICE
               Marketing Workbench       Sales Workbench              Service Workbench
  Business     • Database Marketing      • Opportunity                • Case Management                          Order        Distribution
                                           Management                                                          Management     & Logistics
Applications   • Data Mining                                          • Help Desk
                                         • Proposal Generation
               • Campaign                                             • Dispatch
                                         • Marketing
                 Management                Encyclopedia
                                                                      • Management Analytics
               • Content Management      • Configuration &
                                           Pricing                    • Routing                                                Finance,
               • Interactive Marketing
                                         • Tele Sales                 • Scheduling                             Procurement    Accounting,            Billing
               • Management Analytics                                                                                             HR
                                         • Management Analytics       • Spare Parts Inventory

                                           FRONT OFFICE                                                                      BACK OFFICE

 Data Stores                                            DATA WAREHOUSE & OPERATIONAL DATA STORES

                               Leads                    Opportunities                     Customers                     Interactions
• Located in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ CRM Solution


  Centers, Rosemont, IL, and Philadelphia, PA,
                                Call Routing

                                      VRU                   Available CSR

  eCRMLive demonstrates the successful deployment
                                                                              Supervisory Functions

  of best-in-class multi-media customer contact
 Telephone Call   Switch/ACD
                                                                              Queue and
                                    Middleware              Case Management

      Web           Internet
 Self-service &

                       Management                 Legacy         Customer
                                                 Database        Database
                        eCRM Vendors
Vendor                    Demonstrated Functionality
BroadVision               Web Personalization
CenterCore                Call Center Furniture
CNT                       Legacy Middleware Integration
Compaq                    NT servers and Desktop PCs
Genesys                   Computer Telephony Integration, E-Mail
Grahl                     Ergonomic Call Center Seating
Avaya                     Switch/ACD, Internet Telephony Gateway,Internet Call Center,
                          Call Management Server, Telephones & Headsets
Microsoft                 Microsoft ASP
Nuance Communications     Speech Recognition
Siebel Systems            Customer Service and Support Application, Sales
Sun Microsystems          Unix Servers
Symon Communications      Reader Board Messaging
Vignette                  Web Content Management
Cisco                     Web Collaboration/Integration
Xchange                   Campaign Management
Aspect Communications     Workforce Management

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