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					                            Cowan Cowan                                                       Registered
                                                                                                 as a

                              Chronicle                                                       Newspaper

                              Delivering your Moreton Island news                       Volume 3, 2005

     Inside this Issue                   A.G.M. – Monday, January 2nd 2006
                                                 10 a.m. at the Fire Station
1      AGM                          An invitation to all Cowan Cowan residents to attend.
                                   This is your opportunity to have a say in village matters,
2      Vehicle Exemption
                                      raise new issues and elect next year’s committee.
                                   Could all residents who are yet to do so, please forward
3      Broadband                   your subs for 2005. Failure to do so means that you are
4      Fire Extinguishers           no longer CCRA members and are therefore unable to
                                                        vote at the AGM.
5      News
6      Large Items Bins
                                          Vehicle and Animal Exemption Applications
7      Boat Cutting
8      Sand Extraction            QPWS advise that they will be including application forms for both
                                  vehicles and animals in their forthcoming newsletter and residents are
                                  advised to complete the forms as required and submit them to Parks
9      Calcutta Ball              IMMEDIATELY.
10     Septic Systems             In the past, residents who have been tardy in making their applications
                                  have found themselves having to go into significantly more detail with
11     MI Management Plan         their applications in order to have their exemptions issued.
12     Tanga Airstrip
                                  Enquiries by your Association indicate that QPWS will adopt the same
                                  guidelines and procedures for 2006 as was used in 2005.
13     Committee Details          This may change when the new Management Plan is passed by the

                            Broadband Internet Connection
Telstra has a subsidised plan in place to allow people in remote areas access to broadband internet
services. Details relating to current plans can be viewed at > click on Broadband Plans > click on Satellite Plans.
A Federal Government subsidy (HiBIS) was available as well, but has now concluded. Telstra advise
that this scheme will be reintroduced in the New Year and it makes connecting to Satellite Broadband
very attractive indeed.
It may well be that there are other service providers who make Satellite Broadband available as well.
One Cowan resident has installed the Telstra Satellite service and it is reportedly working a treat.

                                       Fire Extinguishers
The Village fire extinguishers have recently been serviced and certified to be in good working order. Whilst
we hope they are never used, they need to be checked annually just in case. Please ensure everyone in your
household is aware of their location and use.
If you would like instruction on how to use the extinguishers, please contact Malcolm Roache.
                                        The Bad News
    Vandals hit Cowan on the night of Sunday 20th of November stealing ALL the signs from the airstrip
through to the track on the northern end of the beach closure - traffic control signs included. Stolen were all
  QPWS, BCC and CCRA signs including the new “NO ENTRY” signs on the beach. Private property was
  also damaged in the attack. QPWS and the BCC made complaints to the Police, who sent officers to the
                  Island. A suspect has been identified and the investigation is continuing.

                                      The Good News!
    QPWS and the BCC are replacing all the stolen signs with new ones, and replacing the big "Village
                Residents Only" sign with one that reads – “LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY”.

                                     The Great News!!
    Formal approval has been given by ALL the necessary Government Departments to install the High
 Visibility Beach Closure Structure and we have ordered all the materials. The QPWS will own, install and
maintain the barrier at both ends of the beach closure. To further reinforce the closure they are developing
a much, much harsher penalty regime for anyone identified to be breaching the closure. We are reasonably
                    confident that the structures will be installed for Christmas this year.

     LARGE ITEMS BINS                                      The Timber and Chain Track in the
Enquiries made to the B.C.C. City Waste                             Beach Cutting
Services indicate that they will have one large              Serious erosion of the beach this year has
items bin in the Village during the last two             caused untold trouble with the track through the
weeks of December and replace it with                      cutting onto the beach. A BIG thanks to Tony
another for the first two weeks of January.               Chapman for assuming responsibility for rolling
PLEASE BE AWARE - these big bins are for                 it up away from the damaging waves caused by
LARGE household items only (e.g.                                         the westerly winds.
refrigerators). Items such as drums and                     Unfortunately the “last” westerly of the year
rainwater tanks must be crushed flat or cut
                                                         proved not to be the case and it had to be rolled
into smaller pieces. Where possible, please
disassemble bulky items to maximize use of
                                                         up again, just after it was re-instated. Whilst this
bin capacity.                                                caused lots of inconvenience to residents,
REMEMBER – all items must fit INSIDE the                  leaving it down whilst the beach was rebuilding
bin, not overhang the sides.                             would have seen it buried in the sand, requiring
These bins MUST NOT be used for the                      a lot of work to retrieve it from under the beach.
disposal of usual household rubbish. This                     The track is now reinstated and in good
must be taken to the transfer station.                                        condition.

                             PROPOSED SAND EXTRACTION PROJECT
 There is a Public Notification period from Nov 17 to Dec 16 about this project. Further information can be
                    obtained on

Libby Paholski (0410 407 654) will independently report feedback from stakeholders during this period, and
 is happy to coordinate an information meeting with representatives from the island and a Port of Brisbane
                                        Corporation representative.
              CALCUTTA BALL 2005
The Ball this year was declared by many to be the ”Best Ever”!! Earlier this year, we, the “Ball Committee”,
canvassed locals for their opinions on past Balls and what they thought we could do better. Consequently,
the roasts were reinstated and we were reminded of the original intention of the Calcutta Ball – as a great
social get-together, not just a fundraiser. With this in mind, we decided to spend more on decorations and
the music – giving the 8th Calcutta Ball a much-needed facelift. We think you’ll agree that the Fire station
has never looked better and that the band, Romeo’s Apprentices, were fantastic. We made a profit of $517
– less than in previous years. This was partly due to our increased costs, but mainly due to lower
attendance than usual on the night. The CCRA Committee is yet to decide on what to do with the

A night like this does not happen without a lot of meetings, phone calls, dedication, bright ideas and
generosity in the form of goods, cash, time and effort – all precious commodities. We would like to thank
the following individuals and companies – in alphabetical order:
     Beedhams Brakes & Exhausts
     Bulwer General Store – Di Singleton
     The Butcher, Steinberg & Slaughter Families
     The “Cleopatras”
     The Combi Trader
     Dreamworld
     Jonine Baker
     Layne Beechley
     The McCormack Family
     Micat
     Moreton Bay Boat Club
     Moreton Island Rural Fire Brigade
     Moreton Island Real Estate (Phil Watt)
     Paul & Tina Morris
     Ray White Moreton Island (Paul & Pam Hagedorn)
     Sit Down Comedy Club

We would also like to thank all the punters who, year after year, trot out the most remarkable costumes
and table themes. Enormous thanks also to those who helped set up the Fire Station and clean up the
following day – sore heads and all.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Ball on November 4th, 2006. Mark it on your calendars and
remember to contact any of us with suggestions or offers of assistance. Thanks again for a terrific night,

Shona, Sharon, Rory & Bill

For personal reasons, Shona will be unable to                              MERRY
produce this newsletter in 2006. If you have
a smidgeon of computer literacy and would                                CHRISTMAS
like to help the Association produce 3
newsletters next year (you don’t even have to          From the CCRA Committee, and
be a committee member!) please contact
Darrell Butcher.                                             a safe & happy New Year
  BNY Liquid waste have been to the island recently to perform septic and/or grease trap pump outs. They
charge $350 for a septic plus $20 for grease trap if done with the septic, or $30 for grease trap only. They will
be doing 2 or 3 trips. If you would like your home to be added to their list when they next come over, please let
               Pam Hagedorn know - 3410 0041 or email to

       Moreton Island Management Plan                                          If anyone would like to receive their
 The draft plan has been completed and is now
                                                                              copy of the Cowan Cowan Chronicle
 being     reviewed    by    various   Government                              online (thus saving your Association
 Departments. Q.P.W.S. are still hopeful of having it                         printing & postage costs) please e-mail
 passed by State Parliament this year, but at this                                    Shona Di Clemente on
 stage of the game it would seem to be unlikely that                    
 this can be achieved.

                                   TANGALOOMA AIRSTRIP LANDING RULES AND FEES
 Tangalooma have requested that we inform residents that changes have been made to the above and are as follows.
 All landing approvals must be requested prior to the event.
 If you have an account, you must still inform the resort prior to every landing on the strip.
 Any pilot landing on our airstrip without previously notifying reception on 3410 6000 will be charged $100.00
 Any aircraft operator who has received this notice will have all landing rights withdrawn if they fail to advise the resort prior to
 every landing.

 Pilots need to ring reception and ask for permission prior to landing on our private strip. They also need to let us know the
 approximate length of time that the aircraft will be occupying a parking site in the shoulder area. Every fixed wing landing is at the
 following rates,
      A) Resort houseguest using the airstrip, free of charge.
      B) All others, if the landing is notified and prepaid, $20.00.
      C) If the landing is not notified, $100.00.

 Helicopter pilots need to ring reception and ask for permission prior to landing on our private strip. They also need to let reception
 know the approximate length of time that the aircraft will be occupying a parking site in the shoulder area. Every helicopter
 landing is at the following rates,
    A) Resort houseguests, free of charge.
    B) All others, $10.00 per landing.
    C) If the landing is not notified, $100.00.
    D) Landing at a Tangalooma Resort helipad will be advised of fee on enquiry. (No fee for Resort overnight guests)

                                 CCRA Committee Members’ Contact List
 Hon. Chairman :            Mr Darrell Butcher                            Committee Members: Mr Jack Beedham
 Phone -                    (07) 3262 4445                                                   Ph –    (07) 3880 2880
 Fax -                      (07) 3262 4454                                                   Mobile – 0417 350 454
 E-mail -         
 Postal Address –           9 Morgan Street                                                           Dr John Slaughter
                            ASCOT, Q 4007                                                             Ph -   (07) 3831 5965
                                                                                                      Fax - (07) 3832 3099
 Secretary/Treasurer:       Mr Pat Nolan
 Phone -                    0439 733 860                                                              Dr Ben Steinberg
 E-mail -                                                                  Ph -   (07) 3831 8751
 Postal Address -           155 The Esplanade                                                         Fax - (07) 3870 4552
                            St LUCIA, QLD 4067

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